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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  September 27, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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battle ground states. i will is where you can go to get voter registered in every state. alternatively, you can watch the rachel maddow show during one of our patented clip and save moments. if you are not registered by the deadline in your state, none of us are going to listen to you whine about it. don't suffer in silence. check your registration. that does it for us tonight. >> now it's time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell. >> a quick quiz before you go. who, who among these o'donnells am i not related to? okay? >> okay. >> nbc news kelly o'donnal, nora o'donnal. hunky actor chris o'donnell or america's sweetheart, rosie o'donnell. who among those o'donnells am i
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not related to? >> oh, god, i'm going to say rosie? >> all of them. i am not related to any famous and capable o'donnells. >> did we go back far enough? come on. >> i think if you go back 1,000 years back in the bog the lines will cross somewhere in ireland. none of us have any trace of being related, and rachel, that is going to turn out to be a relevant point for what is to come. and thank you for helping me make that point. >> i'm on the edge of my genetically predetermined seat. >> well, david fahrenthold is going to join us about his latest piece about the trump foundation, and the former president of mexico, vicente fox will join us. and after that first clinton versus trump debate, a former senator has endorse the hillary
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clinton. >> one down, two to go. >> did she have a good debate or what? >> i really enjoyed it. >> if i were donald trump, i wouldn't participate in another debate. >> the first presidential debate was moderated by lester holt and heckled by donald trump. >> i tell you what, if this choice isn't clear, i don't know, my lord. >> she's serious. she does her homework. i would say that the other guy doesn't have the preparation, the temperament. >> i think my strong eest by fa is my temperament. i have a winning temperament. >> what in the hell is he talking about? >> i think donald trump choked, actually. >> he did not seem to me acutely aware of how some of the things he was doing with his face might look. >> the microphone in the room wasn't working.
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>> somebody complaining about the microphone is not having a good night. >> this is the last word on campaign 2016. >> america watches presidential debates to see someone fall on his face, just get wiped out, humiliated, like on one of those humiliation reality shows. the kind that donald trump used to run where he fired people. that's not the way you and i watch debates, but that is what draws a huge audience to a presidential debate when it gets a huge audience. the possibility of somebody just collapsing on stage, utter humiliation, live in front of the whole world. the whole country. and that is why 84 million people watched the class president debate the class clown last night. they watched because there was the possibility of real humiliation. and that possibility existed only on one side of that debate. there was no possibility that the chas president would be
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humiliated on the debate stage. the presidential debate is usually a debate between two class presidentes. people who use the same rules in debates and variations on the same general style. a relatively gentlemanly affair, because it's always been gentlemen on that stage until last night. and so, 84 million people watched and waited. that's 20 million more than watched the last presidential debates four years ago, but it is less, much less than watched the first time the class president debated the class clown. the first time someone from show business found himself on a stage, debating the president of united states. >> governor reagan, again, typically, is against such a proposal. >> governor, there you go again. >> president jemmy carter and
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his challenger ronald reagan only had one debate and 80 million people watched. that's 4 million less than what watched last night. since the reagan/carter debate, we added 100 million people to our population but only 4 million viewers to the debate last night. only 26% of the country watched the debate last night. 36% watched when ronald reagan, the former actor took the stage against the president of united states. and, as the country bears witness every day now to the rank and competence and ignorance of donald trump, it is hard to remember how incompetent the former actor ronald reagan was rared by much of the electorate and news media. ronald reagan was a man of slim education going against an annapolis graduate.
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and people tuned in for the possibility that the hollywood guy would fall flat on his face. in the history of televised presidential debates, ronald reagan was the first nominee to take the stage with about half the country thinking he might simply be unfit to be president, and he might prove that. he might prove that in spectacular fashion on live tv. the possibility that the hollywood actor would be utterly humiliated by the scientist is why america tuned in, in huge numbers. it didn't happen. most observers thought ronald reagan held his own on the debate stage with president carter, and the rest is history. ronald reagan won the presidency, because he wasn't a clown. because he was smarter and a better politician than his sharpest critics gave him credit for. so in 1980, when america tuned in to watch the class clown debate the class president, the class clown didn't show up.
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governor reagan showed up. but last night, the huge audience that tuned in to watch the clown debate the class president was not disappointed, because the class clown showed up with all of his clownish impulses on full display. >> i have a feeling by the end of this evening, i'm going to be blamed for everything that's ever happened. >> why not? >> why not, yeah. why not. >> no one who ever thought that ronald reagan was stupid could have ever imagined ronald reagan saying something as stupid as that. why not blame your opponent for everything. that was the wise guy talking. the wise guy's favorite retort is why not? this country is full of stupid wise guys like that whose best line is "why not"? that's all they can come up with. they all sound like that guy we
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heard on the stage last night. why not blame hillary clinton for everything? well, because you won't sound like a serious person if you do that. but donald trump has not spent one waking moment of his life as a serious person. he has no idea how serious people think. he has no idea how serious people sound. when is heard a presidential candidate's retort on the debate stable being "why not? sk" "never. the weise guy -- wise guy has to say something. it doesn't have to make sense or be smart, but they have to hear their voice pushing back against the other person, so trump, the wise guy said "why not" about
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blaming hillary clinton for everything. after which, everything he might try to blame her for appears as ridiculous as his impulsive, why not. the two words he couldn't stop himself from saying, because the wise guy had to say something, and that was the best he had. and that is donald trump's problem. not that he didn't do enough homework. because there is no amount of homework he could possibly do that could change who he is. that could stop him from the irresistible impulses that pass through a wise guy like donald trump. nothing in debate prep could stop donald trump from saying this. >> maybe he doesn't want the american people all of you watching tonight to know that he's paid nothing in federal taxes, because the only years that anybody's ever seen were a couple of years when he had to turn them over to state authorities when he was trying to get a casino license, and they showed he didn't pay any
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federal income tax. >> that makes me smart. >> there were several options for donald trump there. that makes me smart was not one of them. he could have said, i've paid a lot of taxes, believe me. he wouldn't have to specify what year. he wouldn't have to specify whether they were local property taxes. he wouldn't even have to specify whether they were just sales taxes like on jet fuel for his plane. he could have just said i've paid a lot of taxes. and he was offered more than one opportunity to say that, and instead, he said in response to hillary clinton citing the public evidence that he pays no taxes, he said nothing. nothing to challenge the idea that he pays no taxes. everything he then said presumed that to be true. that he pays no taxes. that makes me smart. well, it might make him a very
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smart income tax filer with very smart accountants for someone with no plans to ever run for president. but if donald trump has paid no federal income taxes for deckads as the evidence indicates, that is not a smart choice, and that is one of the reasons that donald trump is hiding his tax returns three claims are under audit even though there is absolutely no proof that there is an audit of donald trump's taxes going on. the exquisite donald trump irony of the statement "that makes me smart" is that saying those words in that debate in that moment, in fact, could not make him more stupid. the single stupidest debater in the history of televised presidential debates. and the only one to ever say
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that makes me smart in a presidential debate. lester holt asked donald trump a question that the trump campaign had to see coming for five years. >> mr. trump, for five years, you perpetuated a false claim that the nation's first black president was not a natural-born set sen. you questioned his legitimacy. in the past couple weeks you acknowledged what most americans have accepted for years, the president of the united states was born in the united states. >> sidney blumenthal works for the campaign and very close friend of secretary clinton. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. donald trump went on to speak 412 words about president obama's birth, and he never came close to answering lester holt's question. >> i'll let you respond. it's important, but i just want to get the answer here. the birth certificate was presented in 2011. you continued to tell the story
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and questioned the president's legitimacy in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, as recently as january. so the question is, what cahangd your mind? >> well, nobody was -- >> and trump spoke again, but he did not come close to answering that question. so it remains incumbent tonight on the next debate moderator to follow up, to ask donald trump exactly the same question, word for word, that he refused to answer last night. can you tell us what took you so long? what you saw last night is that donald trump has no answer to that question. and perhaps, as important, no one in the trump campaign has been able to come up with one, been able to write an answer to that question for donald trump, because it is an unanswerable question. the truth is that a pathological liar relentlessly told a racist lie for five years and lied about it in detail to the point
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of lying about sending investigators to hawaii, lied year in and year out and suddenly, recently, because his presidential campaign adviser said he had to do this to keep his campaign alive, he bent to the will of those advisers and said president obama was born in the united states. and nothing more. no apology, no explanation of why he told the lie for five years. pathological lying is the donald trump illness that no one in his campaign can cure. donald trump's campaign staff will have to live with the shame of their choice for the rest of their lives. the choice to work very hard to try to elect an incompetent, ignorant, racist, pathological liar to be president of the united states. the choice to work for donald trump is unlike any other choice made by a campaign professional
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in the history of politics in the united states of america. it is a choice of this hate-filled campaign to put the most dangerous man in the history of american politics in the white house, in possession of the nuclear codes, a campaign to leave that dangerous, emotional, rage-filled, childish, ignoramus in a position of having six minutes or less to decide how to respond to a potential nuclear threat to this country, including the possibility of a false alarm. which we have had more than once. in the history of our nuclear weapons poised for launch at any moment. a man with a truly sick set of ideas about the world and about people that no one on his campaign staff has been able to change his mind about. >> earlier this month, you said she doesn't have, quote, a
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presidential look. she's standing here right now, what did you mean by that? >> she doesn't have the look. >> so, he meant by that, exactly what he said. she doesn't have the look. this was a likely question that a competent campaign staff would have prepared donald trump to answer with deflection, because there's no other way, and instead, he insulted hillary clinton and women everywhere over something imaginary. over something somewhere deep in his disfunctional brain, something donald trump calls the look. if hillary clinton doesn't have the look, then margaret thatcher didn't have the look. and dear ra gandhi didn't have the look. go golda my year didn't have the look. after inzirsing that hillary
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clinton didn't have the look, he went on to say she didn't have the stamina, which hillary clinton handled masterfully. >> he tried to switch from looks to stamina, but this is a man who has called well pigomen pig and slobs, and someone who has said pregnancy is an inconvenience to employers. >> i never said that. >> of course he did say that. all of that. >> pregnancy is never, it's a wonderful thing for the woman, a wonderful thing for the husband, it's certainly an inconvenience for a business, and whether people want to say that or not, the fact is, it's an inconvenience for a person that is running a business. >> so yeah, he said it, and hillary clinton wasn't finished. >> and one of the worst things he said was about a woman in a
7:18 pm
beauty contest. he loves beauty contests. supporting them and hanging around them, and he called this woman ms. piggy. then he called her ms. housekeeping, because she was latina. donald, she has a name. her name is alisha machado, and she has become a u.s. citizen, and you can bet, she's going to vote this november. >> okay. >> and here from the poisoned mind of donald trump and presumably his campaign advis s advisers, here was his response. >> hillary is hitting me with tremendous commercials. some of it said in entertainm t me ment. some of it, someone who's been very tough to me, rosie o'donnell. i think everybody agrees she deserves it and nobody feels sorry for her. >> she deserves it, yeah. that is what every man guilty of
7:19 pm
spousal abuse always thinks. i've talked to prosecutors who've handled these cases. i've talked to people who've represented these guys. that is what they do to women they once loved. mothers of their children. she deserves it. donald trump believes that. about every abusive thing that he has about anyone. about any woman. she deserves it. and what he said last night in those words. he shamed every person associated with his campaign, including his children when he said everybody would agree. those were his words. everybody would agree. she deserves it. he has said repeatedly that
7:20 pm
rosie o'donnell deserves every vile thing that he has ever said about her, and he believes that. everybody would agree with that. he believes that, because presumably, everyone in his family in his campaign office, on his campaign plane, his campaign manager, all of them, everybody, they all agree with that. and it should be presumed by the news media that they do, that kellyanne conway and ivanka trump and every other woman working hard to make donald trump the next president of the united states agrees with that. she deserves it, that they all agree with the verbal abuser. that she deserves it. and if they don't agree, then step forward now and tell us that now. if ivanka trump and the trump children do not agree, that she deserves it? then tell the 84 million people who heard your father say that
7:21 pm
last night, that you don't agree. if kellyanne conway does not agree that she deserves it then tell the 84 million people who heard that last night that she doesn't agree. tell the 84 million people that no one deserves it, or live the rest of your lives with the shame that donald trump deserves for everything he has said about rosie o'donnell and other women. live with that shame. because donald trump said everybody agrees with him. and that means you. we'll be right back. ♪
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from the largest newspaper in arizona. the arizona democrat has made their choice, hillary clinton. a maris poll shows donald trump at 42%, hillary clinton at 41%. coming up, david fahrenthold will join us with the latest expose of the trump foundation and presidentva sinte fox will join us. i love that my shop is part of the morning ritual around here. people rely on that first cup and i wouldn't want to mess with that. but when (my) back pain got bad, i couldn't sleep. i had trouble getting there on time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a sleep aid plus the 12 hour strength of aleve.
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time off the campaign trail to get prepared. but just trying to keep track of everything he says took a lot of time and effort. and i said, yeah. you know what? i did prepare, and i'll tell you something else i prepared for. i prepared to be president of the united states, and i think that's good. >> joining us now, president of research and strategies and a former pollster for obama's '12 program. and a contributor to heat street, an adviser to evan mcmullin. and rick, my point in the earlier segment was, i don't think i care about what debate prep could have done for donald trump, because it couldn't get the poison out of him. and the poison was going to come out no matter how many index cards you had him memorize. >> there is no better drum. if you bring a hyena puppy in your house, it's still a hyena. this guy's always going to
7:27 pm
brakbrak break. after theminutes of prep, he was pure hot cray. the whole thing went downhill. >> i didn't have a moment of surprise watching her through this debate, especially having watched her through the 2008 debates, all the way to the end with president obama. and then in the primaries this time. and so she was prepped and, but doing homework is who hillary clinton is. it's very consistent with who she is, what we saw on that stage. >> well, i mean, she's prepared. she has, she's, she knows the issues. and she's prepared to be president. i've got to go back to trump here for a moment. and, again, just as someone who does campaign for a living. i'm confused what the strategy going into, it's not about one debate but about strategy. so what do you have to do,
7:28 pm
right? trump has to do a couple things. he's got to do better among women, right, he's got to do better among college-educated white folks who are uncomfortable with trump and his lack of depth and better with non-white voters, right? on all those accounts, i don't know how he expanded his tent. he attacked a woman for her weight. and it was a twofer, because she also happens to be latino, and he called her a housekeeper, and he went after secretary clinton for stamina. i mean, there was nothing in that last night that says from a strategic standpoint they were thinking about what it is he has to do to improve his position in the electorate. it was quite stining to me. >> so he went on fox news this morning to do repair work on that bad performance last night. and here's what he said about
7:29 pm
that latina woman. let's listen to this. >> that person was a ms. universe person. and she was the worse we ever had. the worst. the absolute worst. she was impossible. and she was a ms. universe contestant, and ultimately a winner who they had a tremendously difficult time with as ms. universe. so hillary went back into the years and found a girl, and talked about her like she was mother theresa, and it wasn't quite that way, but that's okay. hillary has to do what she has to do. >> so rick, he really knows how to fix a problem. >> there's nothing i think women love more than being told that they're fat or housekeepers. this is a sure-fire winner for most women. this is a guy who set the dumpster on fire and then poured tires on top of it this morning. it's a remarkable exhibition. i can't imagine kellyanne conway
7:30 pm
wasn't laying on her hotel room surrounded by mini bar bottles. he has a knack for emphasizing what he did wrong. >> they think they had a win here. >> she's serious. she does her homework. and she's got a vision to put people back to work and make sure the economy's working for everybody, and not just a few. and i would say that the other guy donald have the preparation, the temperament or the core values of inclusion and making everybody, you know, have opportunity that would take our country forward. >> that's not something where
7:31 pm
the trump campaign has, has a version, a surrogate version like that that they can go to. >> no. the president, we entered into an election cycle where it's been a long time, lawrence, that we've had a sitting president who had the popularity that can go out on the road. he's 54% to 58% job approval right now, and his favorables are remarkable. and his wife's favorables are probably even better, actually. so hem going ot there, talking about her, typically for millennials and minority voters, and those low-turnout propensity voters. that is gold. and that is where they can use him the most, but also i do want to caution a little bit here. we make a big deal of debates. but how many voters out there, you know, were really introduced to donald trump? he is neck and neck in a lot of
7:32 pm
polls right now. and he is exactly what he has been for the last several months, and we have not moved the needle. i don't think anyone is saying they're going to support donald trump because he has the best answer to the issues. >> that is a necessary note of caution. by a lot of scorecards, john kerry won all three of his debates. thank you for joining us tonight, really appreciate it. >> coming up, we're going to have former president ever mexico, vasinte fox will be here, david fahrenthold has a new dig into the trump foundation. this is an astonishing piece of news that could involve a violation of tax law and the trump foundation. the networks a we're talking within a 1% difference in reliability of each other. and, sprint saves you 50% on most current national carrier rates. save money on your phone bill, invest it in your small business. wouldn't you love more customers? i would definitely love some new customers. sprint will help you add customers and cut your costs.
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this morning on fox news, donald trump reacted to the bad news of last night's debate. >> i thought it went well. i had hostile questions, but that's okay. he didn't ask her about the e-mails at all. he didn't ask her about her scandals, about the benghazi deal that she destroyed. i don't know if you saw that in the room, but my micro phone was terrible. i don't want to believe in conspiracy theories of course, but it was much lower than hers and crackling. and she didn't have that problem. he gave me very unfair questions at the end, the last three, four questions, but, you know, i'm
7:37 pm
not complaining about that. >> a poll released by cnn, done scientifically shows 62% of voters say hillary clinton won the debate. with 41 days left for the campaign war room, war room is joined by a veteran of rand paul's political war room. as we know, there are some junk polls out there on websites where anyone can just go on and vote about who won. and so the trump supporters flood those websites, and he does well on the junk polls. but the only one that is real is that cnn poll, and that's about as clear an audience verdict as you could get. >> well, the first thing the trump campaign should do if they're going to be responsible and not commit political malpractice is level with donald trump and tell him you didn't have as great a performance as you're publicly saying, we need
7:38 pm
to do better next time. they need to force him to two preparation. there were so many errors he made that were completely avoidable if he had just done the preparation necessary for an important interview. he needs to do 90-minute prep sessions, full-length, so he has the stamina to go toe to toe with hillary clinton for the duration of the debate. last night he was like someone who needed to run a mile who had only trained for a 400-meter dash. so there really are so many little things that he thought he could coast through, but he just didn't do it last night. >> and he had rudy giuliani traveling with him tonight on his campaign stop where he had a big rally. but last night, let's listen to what rudy giuliani said right after the debate. >> if i were donald trump, i wouldn't participate in another debate unless i was promised that the journalist would act like a journalist and not an incorrect, ignorant fact checker. the moderator would have to
7:39 pm
promise that they would be a moderator and not a fact checker. >> alise, there's giuliani saying as clearly as he could, i think trump lost the debate tonight. >> and i hope that giuliani is getting that message across to donald trump, because he needs advisers around him telling the truth and not being sycophants, because he needs people to say, hey, you need to do better. you aren't going to be able to win if this is your performance against hillary clinton and you show up looking utterly unprepared. i showed up in north carolina doing focus group, and a lot of the complaints i hear, trump voters want to vote for him, but they feel he doesn't do basic homework that he needs to fulfill in order to make them be able to go to the, go and cast their ballot for donald trump in november. >> thank you for joining us. >> >> thanks for having me. coming up, vasinte fox joins us with his reaction to last night's debate. [ piercing sound ]
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we will build the wall 100%. who is going to pay for the wall? [ crowd shouts "mexico" ] >> they may not know it yet, but the answer is mexico. >> that is donald trump saying something to his supporters that he did not dare say last night in the debate. he's also lied since the debate, bragging about how he did talk about immigration. >> very big moment, very important moment, talking about a lot of very important subjects, including jobs, including immigration. >> one thing i got out, i think really the best was immigration. illegal immigration. >> talked illegal immigration. >> but donald trump did not talk about illegal immigration or the wall at all last night. even though, apparently, in his dream version of the debate he did. joining us now, via skype from
7:44 pm
mexico, president vicente fox. welcome to the program, and i'd like to get your reaction to last night's debate. were you surprised that donald trump did not mention those things about mexico last night? the debate that he always does at his rallies? >> good night, america. gentlem yes, i was surprised, because he has been using for the whole year's time, maybe now he's learning a little bit that that's an absolute wrong and crazy idea. talk a little -- [ audio breaking up ] >> i think it's not relevant, but he wore the blue, color of democrat, and she wore the red color of republicans.
7:45 pm
this could be some crossing, but more important impression we got in mexico was the beauty apartmeand the beast. she looked so presidential, elegant. and he was clumsy and helpless. this is very important message that we perceived in mexico. almost everybody here agrees all news and media agrees that hillary took all the advantage and won the debate. but now she must work harder so that she makes sure that she will get a solid victory. because one of the problems we envision in this great nation of united states is governance.
7:46 pm
you need the capacity of having strong support from people and from the rest of political actors. and yes, the world of trade was something else that he spoke about, that mexico taxes u.s. imports into mexico. that's an absolute lie. what we have is a sales tax exactly as the sales tax that you would have for imported products or for regular products. so he lied there on a very suspicious way in trying to come out with his side of the story. something else but what's very important is about guns and gun control. it's clear, all worldwide statistics show that those countries that exercise control
7:47 pm
over arms possession and have a real control over them are the ones who have much lower crime rates. and he is still owes an apology to mexico, even though that he didn't mention that, what we have is a very strong reaction on hispanic, all mexicans in united states to go to vote and to make sure that they will stop all this crazy ideas that could affect mexico. and so this is what we saw on the debate. >> former president vicente fox, thank you very much for joining us tonight. and please join us here in the studio in new york whenever you're in town. really appreciate you joining us tonight, mr. president. >> lawrence, thank you very much, and we'll be there. >> coming up, did the trump foundation break the law? david fahrenthold has the story once again.
7:48 pm
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breaking news from israel. former israeli president shimon peres has died. he earned the nobel peace prize for efforts to create peace in the middle east. he was 93. we'll be right back
7:52 pm
7:53 pm
are you confident that the trump foundation has followed all charitable rules and laws? >> well, i hope so. i mean, my lawyers do it. >> donald trump is much less confident tonight that the trump foundation has followed the law, thanks to david fahrenthold who has been the trump foundation his focus.
7:54 pm
one question is why people filled the trump foundation up with money when donald trump has been contributing nothing. >> jeff:i joining us is david fahrenthold. why have others been filling up the trump foundation with money? >> for at least 2.3million of the money coming in, it was money owed to donald trump himself or to one of his businesses by someone he did business with. and he said no, don't pay it to me, pay it to my foundation. >> and the tax challenge there is you can do that as you put in your article. it's called assigning the income, but when you do that, you have to pay the income tax on it yourself as if it was received by you before it was passed to the foundation. >> that's right. you have to, if it's income due to you and you control where it goes, then it's income. can you take a charitable deduction. it may or may not wash out, but you have to assign the income and pay taxes on it. what we don't know is whether
7:55 pm
trump paid taxes on that, that, 1.19millithat, 1.1 that, 1.19million, the foundation hasn't answered the question. >> the trump foundation said oh, those taxes were paid by donald trump before the income was assigned. then you asked if you could see those tax returns to prove that those taxes were paid, and what was the answer you got? >> absolutely not. that was the answer. and for the other, that's only $400,000 of the 2.3 million. >> there's a new answer tonight from boris epstein, the person you were talking to about this. he has yet a third answer to the comedy central money. let's take a look at this. >> there was no issue here.
7:56 pm
comedy central paid trump productions. trump productions paid income tax. were trump has followed all applicable rules and regulations on taxes. >> and david, i can tell you, if trump productions is like other so-called production corporations in hollywood, they never pay any taxes at all. those are strict pass-through corporations where all the money is then in effect passed through as income to the person who runs it. >> the interesting thing is, if you look at the tax forms, comedy central is listed as the donor. it could be that they didn't do the paperwork right, but that's the case. you mention the earlier that they had changed their story. this was an interesting part of this. when i called and said tell me about the examples, they actually said that never happened. and they had this long explanation of how trump avoided that. and i said are you sure it's never happened? and they said you prove us wrong. and i said here are some
7:57 pm
examples, and they said oh, that was an exception. i know we said never a minute ago, but that's an exception. >> and so on the trump foundation. their records indicate that the money came directly from comedy central, not from trump productions which is boris epstein's third story about this. >> they recorded the full $300,000 coming in. if near wthere was any tax comi it wasn't shown on the forms. >> thank you for the latest scoop, we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. but it's a manufacturing job. yeah, well ge is doing a lot of cool things digitally to help machines communicate, might want to at least mention that. i'm building world-changing machines. with my two hands. does that threaten you? no! don't be silly. i'm just, uh, going to go to chop some wood. with that?
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flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. ♪ he may not have prepared, but it also looked like he didn't. meanwhile, hillary was so prepared, my new nickname for her is preparation h. >> stephen colbert, who normally tapes his show around 6:00 p.m. waited late last night, went live after the debate last night. msnbc's live coverage continues now into "the 11th hour," brian williams will be joined by robert costa of the washington post with reporting on the trump campaign's new plans and the interview with the ms. universe winner who became part of that debate last night.
8:00 pm
"the 11th hour with brian williams" is live, and it is next. regardless of what you backing down. also, tonight, the formal miss universe attacked by trump for her weight is speaking out. after all that drama after the debate looked like who separate conversations in two screens, both campaign is retooling their strategies ahead of the next debate. "the 11th hour" begins right now. good evening from new york, 41 days until we elect our next president and of the most bizarre presidential debate in modern history. double trump doubled down today and again tonight. he had hinted that mhis microphone


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