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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  September 27, 2016 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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debate last night. "the 11th hour with brian williams" is live, and it is next. regardless of what you backing down. also, tonight, the formal miss universe attacked by trump for her weight is speaking out. after all that drama after the debate looked like who separate conversations in two screens, both campaign is retooling their strategies ahead of the next debate. "the 11th hour" begins right now. good evening from new york, 41 days until we elect our next president and of the most bizarre presidential debate in modern history. double trump doubled down today and again tonight. he had hinted that mhis
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microphone may have been t tampered that tampered. today in florida, he went after his opponent, hillary clinton. >> i didn't want to do anything to embarrass her, i watched her, she was stuck in the past. for 90 minutes on issue after issue, hillary clinton, defended the terrible status quo. she's responsible along with barack obama, they created a vacuum of getting out of iraq which they should never been in in the first place. anybody believe me, i was against going into iraq? we'll get rid of that crooked woman. she's a crooked woman. she's a very, very dishonest woman. >> for her part, the people who
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covered hillary clinton on the trail, today talked about how candidates often wear a victory or a loss on their faces and in their demeanor and many noted a newly buoyant and confident hillary clinton today on a rally today. when talking to reporters, she could not resist on saying "when you blame the microphone, it must mean you did not have a good night." i want to bring in robert costa, more on that in a moment and it outlines strategies ahead for team clinton and trump. with us tonight our nbc contributor and president of cdo, maria and radio host,
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charlie. welcome to you all. you came to us and you routinely quote two groups of people. republicans and officials inside the trump campaign. what do you have for us tonight along the lines of reaction of what we witnessed last night. >> brian, what a 24-hour especially in the republican party. a sense that trump had momentum and now privately many people close to trump, his allies, they are hopeful but they are trying to think ahead in the second debate. you see this attack on the moderator and lester holt, you see them talking about the question is on hillary clinton, not enough was brought up about the foundations and her e-mails. one thing i have heard tonight is that roger ales, he's been discussed and may be in part of the process a bigger way.
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some people are reluctant to have such a reluctant rule. >> the candidate himself thinking he may have not had his best outing or between the inner circle or as we used to call them party regulars. >> based on people that spoke to trump this evening or afternoon, they say he's not rattled by this. he believes he had bounced back. he had an an ttenna. he's aware of where he stands and he wants to see himself come back. he knows the stakes are high. >> robert, as you know charlie out in milwaukee has been transparent and forthright with us as a dependable conservative republican living in the time of donald trump. charlie, i am curious to get
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your reaction last night but to hear what your listeners were saying and telling you today. >> well, it is interesting, i thought that she may have not won the debate but he definitely lost it. today, when i was not tweeting and i went back to watch the video and i was really, really struck by how she surgically dismantled donald trump and that his performance was worst than any initial impression. my audience says, a lot of trump supporters thought he let them down. it was a slap in the face that he did not do basic operations that it was an act of -- but, i think the biggest question is does donald trump is donald trump so deep in the bubble that he does not realize how badly he performed or how skillfully she went after his strengths.
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she went after his strength and her demeanor in some way masked how absolutely brutal and how she's going to be weaponized many of the debates. his comments on taxes and bir birthrism. i don't think he fully realizes how much damage was done. >> speaking of that very thing, i want to roll instances here. the first was the first mention we heard of this former miss universe from hillary clinton. >> you called women pigs and slobs and dogs. one of the worst things he said
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was about a woman in a beauty contest. he called this woman miss piggy, then he called her miss housekeeping because she was latina >> donald, she had a name. her name is alicia machado. you can bet she's going to vote this november. >> she gained a massive amount of weight and it was a real problem. we had a real problem, not only their attitude. we had a real problem with her and hillary clinton went back in the years. this was many years ago and found the girl and talked about her like she was mother teresa. >> a lot of people noted hiss initi hiss -- tonight, natalie morales, interviewed the former miss universe, here is a portion of that. >> you have said he bullied you
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and he called you miss piggy and what else did he called you? >> miss piggy and miss housekeeping and miss eating machine. >> all to your face? >> yes, all the time. that was really normal for him. >> how did it make you feel? >> when you are growing up and the most beautiful woman in the world, that was horrible for me. >> did you think he's racist? >> yes. >> yes. absolutely. absolutely. >> what's the proof that you think he's racist? >> you know -- i listened of a few comments from him when he was my boss.
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but, i don't want to talk about it because it is something too much rude for the black community and i respect a lot. >> so not just against latinos but blacks and african-americans as well >> yeah, he does not like them. he's trying to make distractions and now he's in "the churches." h it is ridiculous. >> more of that interview we'll air that tomorrow. mar maria, this is hard to watch. we are back here again at an uncomfortable point in the campaign. what do you make of it. >> donald trump, he was trying to do yesterday was basically expand his base. he was trying to convince women voters that he was the candidate for him and he was trying to cob vince perhaps, blue collar
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workers because of his position on trade that he was a candidate for him. and instead, what he found was hillary clinton being able to double down and remind the american people that he was sued not once but twice for housing discrimination and he was sexist. what this young woman said, the former miss universe admitted that the height of her most beautiful moment, she felt uncomfortable and having body issues. as an 18-year-old young woman for anybody hearing that, that's -- instead of giving him the opportunity to expand his base, he contracted it. it made a lot of individuals not comfortable. americans don't want to vote at the end of the day for someone that's racist and sexist. he's trying to bring us back instead of hillary. you have not had a candidate went on fears. you talk about ronald reagan.
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he won because of aspirations. that's with our differences. >> robert costa, do you see a pattern here? lets call it the gold star model? >> well, we have seen donald trump tangled with private citizens and that's such a different dynamic, brian th, th we see a political battle. those are some of trump's difficult moment whether it is judge curiel. trump comes out of the private sector and these kinds of messy public that's central to his career whether it is rosie o' donnel. this is a different spectrum he's in and he's adjusting weeks left until the election. >> charlie, all i can think of
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to say was that we have been watching two different conversations in a split screen and really, the last thought unuttered was to two different nations and constituents, you were talking of the subgroups with your republican listeners, do you siee the wider picture? >> yes, we have used the word bizarre and people described this as surreal. part of the conversation is what hillary clinton is doing is she's coming up with an issue and she's going to weaponize this issue of miss universe. >> what she's doing is moving this debate into the culture, this whole issue of women, self image and looks and all of those things and you know she was prepared for it. what struck me was that donald trump not only unprepared for this but he showed that he was prepared for it and what he
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could have done would have been to say, i apologize if i have been disrespect ornamentation ivanka or talk about the other women of his life. he could not resist taking the bait. calling in the show and doubling down on this, you would think somebody would say look, hillary clinton, laid this out there. this was a trap and this was done with malice and premeditated. this was part of a plan going after election. this election was decided by white women and suburbs of milwaukee and suburbs of cleveland. she aimed that as a laser beam and he just walked into it and he does not understand that she's running a different campaign. she's coming to the culture and some of these issues are going to be they're not traditional politics and they transcend a lot of the political stuff that i think guys like us, think that the presidential campaign is
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normally about. >> maria, your group signed up give or take a quarter million new voters, give me the 30 seconds version of what your advise be? >> he has to give some hope. if there is some irony here right now that, brian, the muslim families and latino americans, will be the one that'll seal his faith. when ere talking about cultural issues. donald trump went down the road of calling mexican-americans rapists and when he's basically doubling down on birtherism, he's the one that brought it on himself. you cannot walk away from it and lay it on the floors of hillary clinton. she's addressing these things. this election is not about
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issues, it should be, who are we as americans and how are we going to identify our future. >> thank you to all three of our superb guests, robert costa and kumar and charlie sykes. we'll continue with our coverage up next.
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history was made at the
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presidential debate last night. the first woman candidate aspect of it was the least of it. more to the point, it was the first time we have seen or heard anything remotely like this. >> i have a feeling by the end of this evening, i will be blame for everything. >> why not? >> no wonder you have been fighting isis your entire adult life. >> you have supported the war in iraq before the invasion. >> i did not support the war in iraq. >> when i did an interview with howard stern, very likely, i said who knows, i spoke to sh n shawn, and i had numerous conversations with shawn at fox and i had a better temperament than she had. >> donald was one of the people that rooted for the houses crisis. he said back in 2006, "gee, i hope it does collapse so i can
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go in and buy some and make money." well, it did collapse. >> you are wrong, wrong. >> that's called business. >> lets start the clock again, lester. >> did you ask me a question? >> last night is now history and to talk about where we may be headed. we are glad to be joined by doris goodwin. you are supposed to be smarter than the rest of us and someone spent her entire adult life studying history in the presidency, what should we make of this, how do you process what we witnessed last night? >> it is interesting when you think of what has made candidates stumbled in the past, is usually when they make a gap and something that brings up their temperament and it happened over and over again lals nig last night. he sighed and sort of made
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facial expressions just like gore did in that disaster debate. when asked certain questions on first view, he was not prepared. there was worries about, the most extraordinary thing to me was when he was asked about zero taxes. he's the messenger that a lot of people feel that the system has been rigged. how can the messenger say it was just smart of me not to pay taxes. of course, as we have been talking about, there was worries about how he felt towards women and he let himself be baited to that. she seems more dynamic than energetic like he did. it was a whole bunch of things that came together to make it a difficult performance for him. >> doris, you heard me say as we came out of the debate last night, and needing something to say said that it occurred to me those were two separate concurrent conversations of two
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different audiences. some have further theorized of two nations. has there been another time when americans felt the way so many of us do that we are almost two countries under one. >> i think it is a really troubling thing about where the country is at right now. there were two very different stories that are being presented about where america is. one is we are in a terrible place right now and things have never been worst for the african-american communities. the other store line is things have gotten better and great hope and possibility of the future. people are feeling those real feelin feelings. i heard somebody talking today saying hillary was smiling all the time or smeirking all the time. somebody has to bridge those
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gaps right now. we did see two stories of what america is about now. we see differences in policies and issues but not differences in a story of who we are as americans and where we are. >> you got an opportunity to revisit the structure that many people see as the eppi center o that. that's the white house, writing an extraordinary piece for "vanity fair." >> the interview of barack obama of doris kearns goodwin. here we are and because time and space have become compacted, i am about to ask you, where do you place him among president, write the first draft of where he will fall in history, at least contemporary american presidential history. >> well, you know just the demeanor he show inside the interview that i had with him
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which is a confident person but not arrogant. he did much to get us out of the economy and health care, there was a certain dignity to him and what he said in the interview that was so interested to me is that could i have done better? yes, there were things i could have done better, suppose i had the charm of fdr or the genius of someone like lincoln or someone like lbj or maybe there is thoughts that i could have had in syria that i could not think about. that's a man speaking of confidence but yet aware of himself from the outside in wechlt lo we'll look at the dignity and the sense of the temperament of him being stable through an incredibly tough time. i think history is going to record him very well >> but, it takes 50 years to really know. >> i knew you are going to add that. just a few seconds, he's granted
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historians like you kind of regular visits and conversations because he started from a background of loving history, correct? >> i think that's right. it is a great thing when somebody likes the past presidents, i spoken to dead presidents all my life and suddenly i got a chance to speak to a live one, that's how my fellow historians feel as well. >> doris goodwin, what a treat to talk to you again. any time of the exit interview of barack obama on "vanity fair," doris, thank you. another break, and we have news over seas and we have to pass along right after this.
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we have learned late tonight confirmed by the prime minister office, the former israeli president has died at the age of 93, president shimon peres. he was a man of vision and relent less energy and always the optimist. he founded israel's nuclear program and he led the army of israel and he led talks with palestinians that ended -- and now all three men are gone with
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the word and the confirmation that shimon peres suffered a stroke have indeed died at the age of 93. our broadcast returns tomorrow from new york, from all of us, i am brian. the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. lets play "hardball." good evening, i am chris mathew, up in new york. last night, 84 million americans watched the greatest long island drama, there was a winner and a loser. trump refused to release his tax returns for his birther claim and his attack


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