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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  September 28, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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msnbc's live coverage continues into "the 11th hour" now. brian williams has mark happen person and mike mckinnon to react to the breaking campaign news tonight. and what donald trump really believes debate performance. "the 11th hour" with brian williams is live and it's next. tonight donald trump still brews from the debate, but fighting back on the trail and weighing in again tonight on the former miss universe who is waging her own battle against his campaign. another aleppo moment for gary johnson. his candidacy could have a serious impact on this race, but did he just seriously impact his own chances? and hillary clinton struggling to connect with an important part of the electorate brings a big name back on the stage. "the 11th hour" begins now. hello and good evening from our new york headquarters. today hillary clinton said something that all candidates
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would have to agree with, not subject to political interpretation. she said the next 40 days will determine the next 40 years. that might be an understatement, in fact. tonight the debate over the debate is still being waged between the candidates. on the trail in both wisconsin and iowa today, donald trump remained defiant. also defended his debate performance. >> the new post-debate poll that just came out, the google poll, has us leading hillary clinton by two points nationwide. hillary clinton is an insider who fights only for her donors and for herself. i'm an outsider and i'm fighting for you, believe me. i am fighting. we wa we won every single on-line poll, hundreds of thousands of voters, and then you sit back and hear how she did so well in the debate. i don't think she did well in the debate at all. honestly, i truly believe this,
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hillary clinton is incompetent. i really believe this. >> some numbers of our own here tonight. our latest msnbc survey shows 52% say hillary clinton won the debate, just 21% say donald trump won. and behind the scenes, the headlines speak of trouble, second-guessing within the trump campaign. tonight the "new york times" is out with new reporting for their part that the campaign will shift strategies before the next debate. that will include a lot more prep time before their candidate faces hillary clinton again. our own team has been on this story all day. hallie jackson is with us from wisconsin where trump held his last rally tonight. and hallie, chuck todd said today between the people ka katy tur spoke with, no fewer than 70 individuals in and around the trump campaign has talked about trouble. that's never a good sign for a
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traveling campaign. >> reporter: it can't be, brian. they're all acknowledging multiple sources to nbc news that trump has work to do before the next debate. what does that mean? they are looking into bringing in professional coaches for trump, maybe bringing him off the trail before the debate, making sure he reviews tape. they think he can be a fast learner, they're not counting him out, but the mood not great right now when it comes to how he did in the debate. trump himself, though, defiant as usual. here's what he told nbc news, this statement given to rogue warrior katy tur. your sources, if they even exist, are probably sources that have been fired long ago and have no knowledge of what is happening in the campaign. hard to be unhappy when we are doing so well. if the numbers start to slip again and again in the coming
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week, i think you will see a change in his attitude. >> we saw the so-called top line of our new poll who won the debate as it goes into the kind of cross tabs, the smaller numbers, is there trouble for him this week? >> reporter: yeah, the good old cross tabs. listen, here's the thing. you know what this election is going to come down to. women. particularly suburban women. trump and clinton going after them. 27% in our new poll said they have a worse opinion of donald trump after the debate. that is a red flag. when it comes to independent women that he actually has to win, 87% said they don't believe trump has the temperament or personality to become president, and one in four say the same thing. i spoke to charlie sykes. he's one of our nbc guys. he's a prominent radio host here in wisconsin, and he said the biggest problem he had with trump was before the primaries. he couldn't consolidate these republican suburban women, and
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that could be a real concern for him nationally in the next 40 days. >> hallie jackson in wisconsin for us tonight. hallie, thanks. let's bring in our panel in this very studio. msnbc political analyst nicole wallace, veteran of both the white house and campaign trail, head of communications for the bush white house 43. mark halpern. and the stylish mark mckinnon. thank you all for being with us here tonight. mr. halpern, i'm going to begin with you because i watched your broadcast tonight and i watched you talk about, a, the unforced errors in the trump campaign, and b, the kind of traveling bubble that can take over a campaign that prides himself for being unlike other campaigns. >> it's written by steve banon,
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dave bossy, the campaign manager is part of that right movement that looks at press coverage on channels like this and says, this will pass. this is a succession of liberals. it does not define this campaign. right now i think donald trump is in the position president obama was in four years ago. that is until the debate, people are in limbo. people are going to point to unhappiness in the campaign, his forcefulness in the debate. he can tread water, he can get back, but what nbc has been reporting is, will he actually change? the reason people speak out is they're worried he will not change, he will not take seriously that he needs to prepare for the next debate. >> if you were to receive a phone call tonight to join this prep team that we believe includes, but is not limited to, giuliani, christie and ailes, what would your advice and counsel be? >> i would get most people out of the room. i would get a couple people who are trusted tenants and knows
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what need to be done. what you want to do in this next debate -- the advice i would give both of them, i would tell hillary clinton do more what you did and i would tell donald trump, do more what she did. and that is, prepare, prepare, prepare. he didn't like to do it but did it six months ahead of time and did it every week. you can't wing being president, so you can't wing the debate. it's a big task to do in a very short period of time, but that testifies the importance of just getting rid of all the layers and layers of people and advice and just get focused. >> nicole, it may be defeatism and it may be wishful thinking by the democrats, but i've heard other people say this is a 70-year-old man who has run a business empire. you can argue about the margins. used to doing things his way. things like facial discipline and a split screen may not -- you may not ever get there.
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>> i agree with that. the most troubling sign to me -- two things you know from doing campaigns. one, the one that leaks the most almost always loses. and two, when the people around the candidate at the most senior level which is where i'm hearing these sorts of stories. i'm sure this is where you're hearing them. if they can't get to the candidate through any means other than the media, there is a candidate problem. not a performance problem. he doesn't have to fix his performance. this is more structural. they need to fix the man. and i don't think 40 days is enough time to change, as you said, a stubborn billionaire. >> how is it you're able to talk about leaks on a campaign staff trying to get to the candidate? oh, yes, i remember, the mccain-palin. we all read the book. >> who wrote that book? >> there is trouble on another front. tonight it was the alternative guys, the libertarian party candidates making news in a hardball college tour in new hampshire that aired live here on msnbc.
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chris matthews asked the libertarian canned gate, former new mexico governor gary johnson, a question about the world and its leaders, and it did not go well. >> who is your favorite foreign leader? >> who is my favorite -- >> just name anywhere in the country, any couldn't -- continents. >> mine is shimone paris. >> i'm talking about living. africa, anywhere, name a foreign leader you respect. >> i guess i'm having an aleppo moment. >> i'm giving you the whole world. anyone you like. anybody. >> the former president of mexico. >> which one? >> i'm having a brain freeze. >> who is your favorite foreign leader? get him off the hook. any foreign leader. >> merkel.
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>> merkel. >> save yourself. can't argue with that. >> chris matthews is with us from manchester, new hampshire having hosted that broadcast tonight. chris, i was watching in realtime. i saw it happen. i guess american viewers could call two things on this. number one, how many people do you know who could answer that? number two, the guy is running for president and has some history on not being able to identify foreign objects or people. what was it like to be in that moment? >> well, you know, he was very nice about it. if he were just a regular guy in a restaurant or somebody you bumped into at the subway stop, fine. he didn't know. he didn't seem to have a comprehension or recognition or even memory or awareness of any world leader outside the united states. maybe that's the american condition. we are somewhat an insular and the way we think about things in our world view. he's running for head of our
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government, chief executive of the united states, commander in chief, and you would think he would have some sense of the other world leaders that should be joining. if he were to be elected on a long shot, he doesn't know who he would be meeting. that's extraordinary. not any sort of list of angela merkel, recently prime minister of britain, netanyahu, and some african leaders. i didn't ask him a trick question, name your favorite nigerian poet. i asked him to name any world leader he liked or respected anywhere in the world. i reminded him of the continents in the world and he couldn't do it. but he was very nice about it, and as we saw, he sort of called his own situation quite well saying another aleppo moment, reminding us that he didn't know what aleppo was, the city in syria, that he was asked about a couple weeks ago. i think it will hurt him. this could have an impact, i
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believe. it wasn't the only mistake he made. i asked him about something on "60 minutes" on how she would respond to nuclear warming. he said, she'll push the button, just like that. she's a hawk. and i said, do you want to reconsider what you said about hillary clinton and her being trigger happy or whatever, being a happy trigger? and he said, no, she'll shoot, she'll shoot. whereas governor weld, bill weld pointed out, you know, i think she is competent to be president. so you have one part of the ticket saying, my god, dr. strangelove is running for president and the other fellow said, no, she'll be adequate to the job. so they do have their differences and i thought that was a profound charge against hillary clinton that she would be trigger happy with a nuclear situation. i thought that was the headline tonight. >> chris, you reference this in your first answer, and that is this is the year, we're told, of
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the outsider and taking down traditional institutional walls, though people are quick to argue when you're looking for a commercial airline pilot or a brain surgeon, no one walks in asking for an outsider. why would he in a president? but having said that, this calls for a judgment on your part. is it disqualifying? >> well, i don't like to do that. that's concluding. i'm covering this campaign like you are from now until the end, and i don't make a conclusive statement about who was out of the game. i think anybody will make a judgment. let me put it this way. a lot of people will think so. in fact, most people will think so if they give it some thought. because you usually have -- we all have this in our lives. for you it was cronkite. we have models. we have ways of looking at any position. we look at world leaders going back to, you know, israeli or churchill or whoever, charlamagne, but in the current
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times you do look around the world if you read the papers, and you decide, you know, i like this person. i like someone else. usually british leaders, or or canadian leaders, justin trudeau. or golda meir, you're always thinking of world leaders, aren't you? if you were running for president, wouldn't you keep up with the competition, and not just putin but the world in which you would be joining? and i have to ask this tough -- this would be a tough question. if you are elected, when will you ask for the list of world leaders from your team? when will you say, who else will i be dealing with here? will i be dealing with teresa may, milan, merkel? would you just coldly say, who else will i be dealing with?
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it is so pathetic you would be president of the united states inaugerated and wouldn't know any of the world leaders to start with. i think people have to grasp this before they even think about voting for him. >> fascinating hosting in new hampshire tonight. we're broadcasting it on this network tonight. chris matthews, thank you very much. >> great to be with you. >> mr. halpern, again, same as last round, you get the first question out of this. you can perhaps deliver judgments. is it disqualifying? >> it's great news for hillary clinton. i've been looking at the numbers. it's a back of the envelope process, but i believe the closer gary johnson gets to 10% in the battleground states, the better chance hillary clinton has to win. his popularity ceiling is too low for him to win unless this is effectively somewhat of a three-way race. i don't think it's disqualifying because most people will not hear about this because he's not getting a lot of coverage. the problem is people won't take him seriously in the media.
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if he's not taken seriously in the media, he won't get coverage. if he doesn't get coverage he won't get to 5, 6, 9, 10% which is the only way donald trump can win in the united states. >> it's an embracing show. i recommend people watch it. what do you think of the overall effect? >> i disagree with my colleague. i think people will hear about it. people heard about aleppo. this just compounds it like another wave. the irony is they took so long to get in the spotlight, and as soon as they did, they melted. then tonight he just went into the microwave, so i think it's going to have a real ripple effect. it is a critical moment, as mark said, it is that 8 or 10% vote that could really swing this election, and i know the clinton campaign recognized that johnson was taking votes out of her. so they had a strategy to really start going after him right now, and this really helps. >> and nicole, you were communications director in the white house. you'll forgive the phrase "back
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when the world mattered," for good or ill. of course it still does, but it's been a bit diminished because of the bizarre path of this campaign. >> absolutely, and i'm here on the record that i was here for the aleppo comment. that was disqualifying. i think it's sad, though, because i think this is a year where the millennials don't feel they have somebody, and i think the libertarian ticket could have represented something real for them. i think this could have been a year where someone strong could have made it to that 15% threshold, could have been on the debate stage. i'm not sure exactly who it would have hurt more, but this is the year when that idealogy could have represented something meaningful to the electorate and he's blowing it. >> let's get some flashcards. >> i think this rein forces the notion they don't look beyond
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letty muñoz-gonzalez: simply by maintaining the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. ryan ruelas: no new education cuts, and no new taxes. reagan duncan: vote yes on 55. sarah morgan: to help our children thrive. if a candidate regularly and flippantly makes cruel and insulting comments about women, about how we look, how we act, well, sadly, that's who that candidate really is. >> first lady michelle obama, a
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powerful weapon in their arsenal taking a shot in philadelphia today on donald trump. that was no doubt a veiled reference in the controversy of trump's comments about lisa akado. back with me is our panel. thank you, panel. >> it's late. >> mark halpern, mark mckinnon, nicole wallace. it is late. we're going a little late tonight beyond our allotted time. before we start this conversation, we wanted to bring you up to date on a broadcast that happened tonight. donald trump appeared live with bill o'reilly, went there again, commented again on this same topic. >> i bet you if you put up and added up all the time i spoke to her, it was probably less than five minutes. i had nothing to do with this person, but they wanted to fire her. i saved her job because i said, that's going to be ruinous. i did that with a number of
8:23 pm
young ladies where i saved her job with the staff herself. and you know what happened? look what i get out of it. i get nothing. i saved her job because they wanted to fire her over putting on too much weight. it is a beauty contest. they know what they're getting into, it's a beauty contest. i said, don't do that. let her try and lose weight. >> nicole wallace, this is the thanks he gets. have at it. >> well, so i went down to wake county, north carolina today to interview women, undecided women, moms. we're doing a series called the mom boat, it starts tomorrow. i would say there's two hurdles for undecided voters to get there with donald trump. one is this insult about a woman's weight, a beauty pageant contestant's weight. another is mocking and insulting a disabled person. they had all watched monday night's debate with their teenage children, all three of the moms, and they all said they
8:24 pm
were so troubled. now, interestingly, they all said if he apologized that they had the capacity to forgive him but that they just weren't sure he was someone who was capable of feeling any remorse. but these two things. and let me tell you something, other than you two, i don't know anyone who hasn't struggled with their weight. so insulting weight is universal. every person, man, woman, child, can relate to sort of the self-loathing of having extra weight. so this is not a right-left thing, this is not a woman thing, this is an insult that cuts. >> and, mark, in terms of public policy and our public discourse and debate, i have watched two issues just go so fast in the last few years, and that is gay marriage and body image. they are -- it's kind of among the things you know, among the things to know you can't speak in the terms your parents used. >> yeah, it's a generational
8:25 pm
thing for sure. the thing that i was struck by in the debate that nobody has really commented on is when the issue was brought up -- you know when you've done something wrong and you can't deny it, you say, where did you hear that? right? you're guilty, and so his first response was not to deny it, but where did you hear that? >> who told you about that? >> and then to see him double down and double down and double down. gosh, that was 10 years ago, a different time, and i should have said it then and i apologize now that i said it then and i certainly don't think it now. but there has to be some contrition. >> they have a strategy. they know they're vulnerable in this question of women. there was a debate in the trump camp about where to go. she had on the air all the insults he's put toward women, they had little girls looking in the mirror. there was a debate inside the
8:26 pm
campaign. they were going to go there, if you will, and talk about bill clinton's infidelities and hillary clinton's treatment of the women with whom he philandered, for lack of a better word. now trump has aired out both sides of the debate, and i think that would have been more damaging to him, but the fact he'll talk about it won't let him off the hook. he keeps digging and digging and digging. >> this goes back to rehearsal and putting in the homework. if he had done that, he would have had a better response than "where did you hear that"? >> this will come down to whether we can disqualify him because we don't think he has the temperament and the fitness to be president of the united states. i don't know if he could have said anything else that would have played into their strategy than what he said. when donald trump sits on the plane flipping around, he walks
8:27 pm
fox news. "fox & friends," this story broke out on "fox & friends." "fox & friends" this morning didn't mention this story, okay? so if you're in that bubble of conservative media like often trump himself. megyn kelly is an exception on fox, but like rush limbaugh, wait they're telling the story, they're going after her. they're going after her past. fair game but it doesn't solve trump's problem. >> that's going to do it with my panel. all of you, i appreciate you being here tonight. another break for us. when we come back, the political weapon that is michelle obama on the stump in this campaign. did you say 97? yes. you know, that reminds me of geico's 97% customer satisfaction rating. 97%?
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when making life or death, war or peace decisions, a president can't just pop off or lash out irrationally. we need adults in the white house, i guarantee you! >> the first lady of the united states has an approval rating higher than the democratic nominee, higher than the republican nominee, higher, even, than her president, the incumbent president, her husband, barack obama. so it will be so interesting to see where michelle obama goes as this campaign enters these next and final 40 days.
8:32 pm
today from michelle obama, pittsburgh and philadelphia correspondent kasie hunt has been following along. she's back now in washington. casey, we're going to see the math at work and a woman at work. >> she essentially has no peer in terms of being able to be a powerful advocate for hillary clinton. she is in many ways not a political figure. she's not a politician by trade, unlike everyone else that's bakely going out for hillary clinton. she makes the case in very personal terms, and frankly, she makes a positive case for hillary clinton that might even be better than the one hillary clinton makes for herself. take a look. >> there were those who questioned and continue to question for the past eight years whether my husband was born in this country. yeah. and i will say this.
8:33 pm
hurtful, deceitful questions deliberately designed to und undermine my husband's presidency, and questions that cannot be blamed on others, cannot be swept under the rugby an insincere sentence at a press conference. hillary is one of the few people on this entire planet, and clearly the only person in this race, who has any idea what this job actually entails. who has seen the job from every angle, the staggering states, the brutal hours, the overwhelming stresses, and yet she is still willing to do this for us! no one in our lifetime has ever had as much experience and exposure to the presidency, not barock, not bill, nobody. and yes, she happens to be a woman. >> you heard a little of michelle obama's own experience in there saying she actually has
8:34 pm
knowledge of what this is about and she still wants to do it. watching michelle obama the last few times i have, whether she ever wants a future in politics, she actually doesn't like it, so it would be unlikely in that regard. >> she twoewent to princeton, harvard law and the college of incredible knowledge. how does this work in the east wing where the first lady's offices, political and otherwise, are headquartered? do they go to the planner and say, what days can you not campaign for the ticket? how do they decide when she'll travel? >> it's a combination of when she's available and the campaign would like to see her out there as much as humanly possible. there are some people out on the trail for them and they have to be pretty careful, but michelle obama, i think they want her out
8:35 pm
there as much as possible. she's really someone they can try to solve this obama coalition problem. they have from the beginning had trouble figuring out how to turn out particularly latin american voters. i talked to millennials again. there were some who supported hillary clinton. i talked to several who didn't plan to vote at all. they didn't like hillary clinton, one called her a liar, but they showed up and waited in line for several hours to see michelle obama. they are getting to her. they are able to talk to an audience that otherwise isn't willing to listen. the question is can she get to enough of these cities in time. >> we thank kasie hunt for all her hours todayme. i happen to know the highlight of her day was scoring h.c. steak in philadelphia.
8:36 pm
kasie hunt from our washington bureau. when we come back, some surprising endorsements in this campaign for president. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect? i can't say that either.
8:37 pm
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and even senator ted cruz endorsed me the other day, and i know the people of iowa like ted cruz, but he endorsed us the other day, and i thought that was very good. >> donald trump in iowa touting ted cruz's endorsement for the first time at a rally today. but here is the front page of the arizona republic today. the editorial board endorsing hillary clinton, a democrat for president for the first time in its 125-year history. you want to talk hot in the desert. cincinnati inquirer also endorsed clinton, the first democrat for nearly a century in that publication. dallas morning news, first democrat in 77 years.
8:40 pm
houston chronicle also going for hillary clinton. there are others. today former gop senator john warner, world war ii veteran, senator of the arms committee endorsed hillary clinton. host of the hugh hewitt show and eddie glom, jr., who happens to be chairman of the department of african-american studies. gentlemen, welcome to this conversation. hugh, as honest brokery as you can, aggregating has spread more news to more people, do these endorsements specifically still matter? >> not a lick, brian. i think of arizona where john mccain is ahead by a dozen points. i think of cincinnati inquirer
8:41 pm
in ohio where secretary clinton hasn't been in six weeks that's locked down for trump. texas is going to go for donald trump. and i know you mentioned earlier in the program john warner endorsing or earlier tonight on the show john warner endorsing the greatest generation of donald trump, greatest demographic. so yes, subjectively speaking, i'm glad there are editorial writers, i'm glad they're still employed. it ain't nothing like the day of the chandlers running the l.a. times and picking nixon. >> professor, i'm so happy you made it from princeton to our table tonight because i wanted to ask you about this theory there are two completely separate conversations going on in this country, and the other night's split screen was nicely indicative of that. >> absolutely. you know, these endorsements of secretary clinton, they, in fact, reflect, i think, a problem. and that problem is that, you know, republicans, at least these republican publications
8:42 pm
find her acceptable. and this might be good as she reaches out to western pennsylvania, white suburban women out of philadelphia and the like, but i think this might deepen the suspicion of the left of her. i don't know how this is going to motivate black voters, how it's going to motivate millennials, how it's going to motivate disaffected bernie sanders voters. it's clear donald trump moved between being a lunatic and an adolescent. there was nothing inspiring, i think, for those of us on the left that we heard from hillary clinton during the debate. >> ain past generations, senior democrats would say to people on the fence in very blunt language, where are you going to get a better deal? what's holding you back? >> i just don't find that to be a motivating response. >> it doesn't work. >> it doesn't work anymore. part of what we forget is the democratic primary was a battle
8:43 pm
over the soul of the democratic party. and there were passions on both sides. and so it's not enough to just simply say to those folks who supported the political evolution of bernie sanders, they weren't followers of bernie sanders. bernie sanders was the result of their energy. it was the result of their energy. so to say to them to fear a trump presidency is a sole motivation for them to vote for hillary clinton is to simply kind of dismiss what was really going on. so what we need from hillary clinton is not a kind of strategy about appealing to m l millennials and saying you need to vote for me, we're going to get this bad guy. we need vigilance around climate control, we need passion around what was going on in charlotte.
8:44 pm
we need from her something that says she's more than just a democrat. >> you get to know people really well even through the magic of television, because i'm convinced the camera is part mri. i know you had a problem with trump's john mccain incident, i know you had a problem with judge curiel. i'm judging you have a problem with this miss universe dust-up which does not seem to be going away. where do you stand? and your listeners hear you out on this. vis-a-vis donald trump right now as of now tonight. >> i'm voting for donald trump. i'm voting for donald trump because of the supreme court ada federal court vacancies. i tell them i wish donald trump would debate the way i would debate. there is an old pnemonic we used to learn, every good boy does fine, to get the scale down. i wish he would learn egypt,
8:45 pm
libya, reset button, syria, the server and the supreme court. he simply would not listen to any other argument secretary clinton makes and return again and again to the seven subjects, the most important to me which is the supreme court. i want to know the professor stuck in a good poke there at donald trump calling him a lunatic, put me in mind of howard dean's cocaine tweet. i will tell you, i think that there is not very well hidden a revulsion in middle america that goes back to the estimable matt dowd, who is really thinking about me? who is talking about me? and he mentioned the big banks, et cetera. you know my home town of lauren, you know where i'm from. there is a reason the first lady was in philadelphia today, because they are not locked down there. there is a reason donald trump was in wisconsin and iowa.
8:46 pm
iowa is on his column and wisconsin is going that way. i think it's because elite opinion makers -- and that would include everyone on this wonderful show tonight including your great panel beforehand -- are not talking in terms or about stories that are animating the people in warren and youngstown and niles and pittsburgh and grand rapids. >> and because you invoke princeton, the rules of debate allow me to give you a few seconds for a rebuttal. >> what's interesting is we can say the republican party has failed the very people he's talking about. so when we ask the particulars, what are the particulars of the policies that donald trump is putting forward? will those policies affect middle america? will those policies change the circumstances of everyday working, ordinary people, blue collar white workers in this country? i don't think so. when we look at the details, it's just business as usual with a different kind of branding, a different kind of belicosity,
8:47 pm
right? so what we have to ask is has the republican party, the republican party hugh is going to double down on with donald trump and trump isn't, hasn't exactly benefited white working class folk. when we look at the staggering wages, when we look at the state of the industry, when we look at middle white america, it's suffering. what trump has said up to now in my mind doesn't speak to the circumstances at all. >> i'm going to have to play moderator and get to the next session is. professor hewitt out in california, thank you as well. another break for us. we're back right after this. use is approved ly to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.
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here's a number for you. our latest wall street journal
8:51 pm
marist poll, 65% support hillary clinton, but 30% support donald trump. jacob soboroff went to las vegas to ask this question. good evening. >> good evening, brian. an interesting statistic. when you and i were here in february for the nevada caucus, it was interesting to see how important the latino population was to this caucus. 70% of nevada are latino and they helped him to victory here. latinos polling here is different than anywhere else, so what is happening? i talked to a spanish language radio broadcaster on keno, an
8:52 pm
affiliate out here. i asked him an impolite question, can i come on your show, who are these latinos for trump? sure enough, he let me go on the show. they called in. here is what he had to say. >> not many people like hillary clinton. the latinos are not on board with hillary clinton. the millennials are dis disinterested with hillary clinton's campaign. >> who are the 30% of latinos who are for donald trump in the state of nevada? >> caller: good morning. i want to tell you why i'm going for donald trump. illegal immigration is not a big issue for me. my big issue is jobs and creating and having a better economy. >> you think donald trump is better suited to that than hillary clinton. >> if they were possibly
8:53 pm
deported, i have some relatives that could be, and i would not want to see that. >> your main issue is yobz ajob the economy, correct? >> reporter: jobs and the economy, brian, and that was something that was echoed from other callers that called in, and quite a bit of other callers did call in, latinos for trump. we heard from a man who can't vote but he was encouraging his sons to get out and vote. i guess the common denominator was they were primarily looking for a common interest, not necessarily for latinos as a whole. what that means, coming in november, i'm sure we'll see many more trips by the candidates. in fact, we have a presidential debate coming out here as well. >> jacob, thank you for the intervening of the radio host,
8:54 pm
because so many people are going to have problems with this 30% number. people can't get their arms around it. >> reporter: it really is an extraordinary number, brian. again, 30% of the population of this state is latino, and everyone associates the latino vote here in nevada with the folks that propelled hillary clinton. in fact, some of the folks that propelled bernie sanders to such a good showing out here as well, but there is a large, conservative population of latinos in this state who, just like conservatives across this country, are trying to figure out what to do. 30% according to our poll are voting for donald trump. >> you can see at least one pyramid on the strip in vegas. we want to let everyone know that jacob is reporting from the road. much more of it will be appearing tomorrow morning on "morning joe." another break for us. when we come back, what this campaign season has done to all
8:55 pm
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last thing before we go tonight, new poll numbers, but not those kinds of poll numbers. these are the kinds of numbers that can go by too quickly right now without us noticing because they speak to life in our country right now during this campaign. with 40 days to go until election day, a new monmouth
8:59 pm
poll shows 70% of voters say this 2016 presidential campaign has brought out the worst in people. it's something both parties agree on, and for some people it's bad. 7% of respondents told pollsters they've lost friendships over this year's presidential race. and a marist poll was conducted on something else in the headlines. 52% of americans say professional sports leagues should require their athletes to stand for the national anthem. more white fans than black feel this way, and more veterans than civilians think this should be something mandatory. in media news, in this very building, in fact, "snl" begins its new season this coming weekend, and video released today revealed exactly who they got to play trump.
9:00 pm
>> there you have it. back to the campaign, the real donald trump heads to new hampshire tomorrow, hillary clinton heads to iowa, proving what we said back in the dead of winter, it's all about iowa and we've got two scoops for you tonight. right here at the top of the show, we've got two scoops and hot fudge and sprinkles. here we go. the first scoop is an advanced look at what appears to be another bombshell story that's due to hit the presidential campaign tomorrow morning. we've got exclusively an advanced look at a little piece of it. we do not yet have the whole article. if this sounds familiar at all, that's because this is the second time we've been able to do this in just a couple of weeks. just over two weeks when investigative reporter kirk eichenwald published this cover story in "newsweek" magazine. it was a big deal everyw,


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