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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  September 29, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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train. and as for this terminal, there's a lot of structural work to do as the investigation gets under way. our coverage continues right now with our friend and colleague, craig melvin right here at msnbc headquarters. >> thank you so much. we continue our coverage right now here as we follow breaking news from hoboken, new jersey, this hour, where that new jersey transit train, transit train 1614, crashed into the station at the height of the morning rush. just before 9:00 a.m. at this point we can tell you at least one person is dead. more than 100 others are hurt. many of them critically, we're told. the ntsb launching an investigation. they spoke just a few moments ago. >> right now we're going to hit the ground running. i have a team ready to get on the plane with me right now. we have others on their way in cars and trains. so we may have another news briefing later this afternoon. if we do, we'll let you know. regardless, we will hit the
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ground running and let you know what happens. >> over the past few hours, we've heard from several of the passengers talking about the horror that they witnessed. >> i was in the first car, about ten seats back. >> if you can just describe what happened. >> it was just -- we were driving, riding along. i was talking with the person that i rode in with. suddenly, everything just stopped really harshly. got dark. i noticed things falling from the ceiling. there was just a haze of smoke and then everything was dusty and dirty. people started -- i think a few started crying. a few started screaming, but not screams of -- it didn't feel like they were screams of hurt. it was more screams of shock. i'm fine i had nothing -- you're seeing the extent of it here. i'm incredibly lucky.
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>> new jersey's governor, chris christie, will update us next hour. he did speak a few moments ago with msnbc's brian williams. >> right now we have one confirmed fatality. one confirmed fatality, a female, yet unidentified as a fatality. other than that, we have some folks in critical condition and serious condition, but the only confirmed fatality is that one woman. >> your folks are telling you there's no reason to suspect anything intentional, untward here. are you zeroing in on perhaps a medical event that befell the train operator? >> there's no evidence that it was anything other than an axe deputy. in my previous job as u.s. attorney, i used to say to my folks all the time, don't jump to conclusions. let the facts draw you to the conclusions. >> right now we are awaiting a news conference from the new jersey transit. that is set to begin any moment
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now. when that happens, of course, we'll bring it to you live. first, though, rehema ellis at hoboken medical center. what's the scene there? >> reporter: i'm about a half a mile from the train station, the crash site, craig. what officials are saying is that they have 22 patients. they're listed in stable condition. we talked with one young man who was on that train. he was able to walk off the train. he said he thinks it was adrenaline that made him do that because now he says he has a serious back injury. his back is paining him. he described sitting in one of those seats, they call it a flip-up seat. it collapses so there can be more room at certain times for passengers to stand he says when this crash happened, he went flying out of his seat, as did everyone else who was sitting in one of those flip seats. he hit the ceiling and that's how he injured his back.
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there were others who told us at the time they were there, they were on the platform and watching all of this. and the train just didn't stop coming. it slammed into the waiting area where passengers are preparing to board the train. one man said he heard it and then he saw it. he said it was a big, loud boom. his first thing was he was frightened with all of the reports of bombs goes off, just not so long ago in chelsea, but he said his fear was that it was a bomb. then afterward he said it got very silent. it was eerily silent. then he heard people screaming and crying. he saw people who were bloody, they had cuts. some were actually crawling on their hands and knees to get away from the crash site. luckily, 22 people who made it here, all of them, we're told, were brought here on stretchers. 22 of them are in stable condition. they are being treated. some have been treated and have
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been released from the hospital. craig? >> rehema ellis for us there. do stand by, if you can. i want to bring in tom costello right now. tom, of course, covers transportation for nbc news, msnbc. tom's on the way to the scene. tom, at this point, again, preliminary reports suggesting this was some sort of accident. that this was something, perhaps, caused by operator error. you made a point earlier that, i think, perhaps bears repeating. scenes like this, train accidents in this country seem to be more commonplace than they were a few years ago. is that the case? >> i he don't know if they're more commonplace but i think it's worth noting we've had some high-profile cases over the last ten years or so resulting in quite a few deaths. in every case, the lack of positive train control ended up being a contributing factor.
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according to the ntsb, in fact, would have prevented the accident had it been in place. we know on this particular line of track going into hoboken station, that's a concern sources close to the investigation tell me that, in fact, they have recovered surveillance camera video from inside the train station. as you would expect post-9/11, there is plenty. there are plenty of cameras all over train stations these days, especially in the hoboken area. by the way, i'm on a train myself. that's what you hear behind me. they recovered the train station surveillance video camera. the train itself had an outward-facing camera, out of the cab. no inward-facing camera. so, they're going to be looking at that video surveillance coming from the outward-facing camera from the train. not clear whether they have that or not. it's also worth repeating here, they're going to be looking at a whole host of things. yes, they'll look at the track,
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the signals, the human performance, as you heard from the ntsb, was there a medical issue, was there a distraction, was the engineer on some sort of phone device, which would be illegal, of course. then they'll be looking at speed, braking, lack of braking, all of that. and just to repeat, if you hadn't been tuned in earlier, this particular train, the locomotive is in the rear, the engineer is in the front. they'll be doing surveillance and -- investigation from top to bottom. >> tom, you're cutting out just a little bit. so, if we lose you, i'll just move on here. really quickly, what are your sources telling you about this train engineer, about the man or woman driving this train? >> all we know is this engineer survived. i don't know if it's a man or woman. clearly, the ntsb as well as other authorities, railroad authorities, et cetera, will be closely talking to him and they'll ask him a whole series of questions which are not unique to this crash, we should
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stress. this is in every crash. they'll ask, have you been drinking at all? do you have a drinking problem? do you have a drug problem? do you have any marital problems? any problems at home? how much sleep did you get last night? are you on any cough medication? i mean, all of this is part of the narrative and part of the investigation so they can come up with a basic understanding of all the human factors involved. >> tom costello -- >> by the way, one more thing, craig. they're going to be -- sometimes -- those of us who are a bit older forget, social media. they have to check the cell phone, any indication whether the engineer may have been using his cell phone or his device he may have had, was it used. again, it's illegal, prohibited. we've seen terrible crashes where people were distracted on their cell phones. they'll be asking although questions as well. you can imagine they are try to subpoena or ask for the official records from whoever is his cell phone provider. >> our man on transportation,
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tom costello breaking some news there. sources telling him that surveillance video from inside that hoboken station has been recovered. tom, thank you. tom on a train, as perhaps you heard in the background, on a train, headed to the scene. u.s. senator bob menendez from new jersey also on a train headed to new jersey, headed back home. senator, thank you for your time. folks on the ground there, a number of officials there, obviously. what are they telling you about the investigation moving forward? >> well, i've spoken to the federal railroad add minimum strar, sarah, who is on her way to the scene. many of her inspectors are already at the scene and as you reported, the ntsb is flying out and will be there this afternoon. what she's told me is they had 250 passengers on the pass deck
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valley line. they had one unfortunate confirmed death. as i understand it, wasn't a passenger on the train, but a rider waiting on the platform they have nearly 100 injuries, some critical. there's very significant structural damage done at the hoboken terminal, including a support column. and that track fifve, where thi accident took place, is right over the p.a.t.h. tunnel. a real concern for the integrity of the floor and ceiling over that p.a.t.h. tunnel that had so many thousands of riders going back and forth between new york and new jersey. so, probably, you know, looking at in addition to the fatality and the injuries, a significant transit disruption for at least the next foreseeable days. >> senator, we've heard a number of folks, ntsb official there at the end of last hour, tom costello last hour, talking
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about ptc, positive train control, this technology we know, we know this is the kind of technology that would prevent an accident like this from happening. why is it not standard? why isn't every train -- certainly every train that goes -- that travels around some of the busiest areas of this country, why aren't these tracks at least outfitted with this positive track control technology? >> well, as on the senate train committee, i'm in favor of the positive train control and getting it out earlier. my understanding is in this particular case, new jersey transit has made zero progress on installation of positive train control. the most recent status report, new jersey transit gave to the federal railroad administration, which covered the first half of
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this year, says that they have zero locomotives equipped with positive train control, zero track segments equipped, zero radio towers installed. so, that's a real problem. you know, they have a deadline that they're going to have to meet under the law, but i would have thought they would have been further along in the installation of that whole process. >> that is certainly going to be a question that comes up, i'm sure, over the next few days and-n and around your state. senator menendez, safe travels to you, sir. keep us up to date, please, sir. >> thank you. >> let's bring in msnbc medical contributor dr. john torres, who's at jersey city medical center. dr. torres, first of all, the scene there, can you set it for us? >> patients coming in, sodium are walking in, the walking
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wounded. you can see ambulances driving in a patient that's a little more serious. we had a press conference with the ceo and chief medical officer. they're telling us the majority of these patients are walking wounded. they said about 40 of them. they triaged them in the cafeteria, which is standard for this type of situation. you want a large area, can you get a lot of providers in there to triage them. some already coming out we have talked to. they talked to us about their injuries and what actually happened on the train and what they saw on the train. then they have more serious ones. they say eight are serious, three a little more serious. one they're calling critical. the other two they're saying serious. they don't know exactly where they're going to go with those. one is in the operating room. one is going into the intensive care unit and the other one was still being treated. right now still a dynamic situation. luckily we've gotten through the golden hour. unfortunately, there was only one fatality but everyone else was taken care of. the majority of the patients here at jersey city medical center and they were brought here in a timely. fashion and taken care of very
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well. >> dr. john torres with us in jersey. a look above the scene and you can see dozens if not hundreds of emergency medical personnel, medical responders assembled outside the station in hoboken. a number of folks transported to area hospitals. at this point we can tell you at least one person has died, roughly 100 others injured, some critically. some the so-called walking wounded as well. this transit train, 1614, crashed just before 9:00. that news conference that we mentioned a few moments ago, that new jersey transit news conference that was set to happen any moment, we're told that the news conference is being pushed back now. that news conference is going to happen at 2:00 eastern. it will happen in conjunction with the news conference with new jersey governor chris christie, who's expected to give us an update at the top of the hour. when we come back here, though, on msnbc, hallie jackson is in
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michigan. she is in one of those battleground states that candidates are expected to speak, expected to talk about what we've all been talking about for the past few hours. we'll go to her in michigan on the other side of this break. a live look there in iowa where hillary clinton is expected to take the podium shortly. is that? nope, it's lemonade. is that ice-t? lemonade. ice-t? what's with these people, man? lemonade, read the sign. lemonade. read it. ok. delicious. ice-t at a lemonade stand? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money marin saved by switching to geico. yo, ice-t! it's lemonade, man! fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. for over 100 yearsaking like kraft has,al cheese you learn a lot about people's tastes. honey, what do you want for dinner tonight? oh whatever you're making. triple cheddar stuffed sliders. sold!
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hi, everybody, i'm hallie jackson in michigan. we're head to campaign stops by hillary clinton this hour in iowa. moments ago, donald trump landing in new hampshire as we take a live look of clinton's rally in des moines. trump up in new hampshire. tomorrow he'll be in this state, michigan, for the fifth time since the convention. suburban detroit, where i am, packed with potential republican votes and he will need every one of them to try and win the white
10:19 am
house this fall. clinton has led every poll here by at least four or five points. i want to get to our political team out in the field. nbc reporters in two more battleground states trump's trying to win. we have katy tur, who is in bedford where trump is scheduled to speak at 3:00. kristen welker is also in des moines. katy, let's talk about trump's strategy. do we expect him to address the train crash in hoboken? >> reporter: we haven't had any indication he will address the train crash in hoboken. if you take past occurrences like these as precedent, he often will tweet something about it and say something at the beginning of his remarks. we've got no indication from his campaign he'll say one thing or another either way. >> one of the new pieces of reporting i know you have is a list of talking points sent around to surrogates about how to address what has become trump's latest controversy, about miss universe. and sure garogates have been instructed to go after bill
10:20 am
clinton's indiscretions. what can you tell us? >> reporter: what's interesting, when i talk to the campaign, they say donald trump will not himself be going after hillary clinton on the subject of bill clinton's affairs. they say he's taking the high read on this. they say they'll be focusing on job creation and that's what's going to appeal to suburban women. it looks like they're leaving the dirty work, if you will, to their surrogates. we've gotten ahold of a campaign memo, talking points memo, that lays out how they to want go after hillary clinton if the subject of machado is raise in interviews. they're to say hillary clinton is no champion of women, she's not a feminist, that's laughable. she herself enabled bill clinton and went after the victims, they're calling, of bill clinton's infidelity, monica lewinsky, paula jones, gennifer flowers, stuff like that. on one hand they're saying to their candidate, don't do this,
10:21 am
this won't help you, they're having their surrogates get involved in it in a very dish what some may call on the hillary clinton team an exploitive way. >> stand by because i want to bring in our colleague kristen welker who's on the phone from des moines where we expect hillary clinton any minute. what is the strategy from team clinton if donald trump and if his surrogates, as we've seen them do, continue to go after former president bill clinton, as we take a live look at stage? >> reporter: we just landed in des moines and we're actually headed to the event right now. hi a chance to talk to some of secretary clinton's campaign officials on the plane who essentially said let the trump team try that, it's going to backfire. let me read you the official statement from brian fallon. after his disastrous debate performance and attack on miss universe, donald trump is trying to deflect by going after hillary clinton on her marriage. while roger stone and david
10:22 am
bossey may want to dredge up staled attacks from the 1990s, as many republicans have warned, this is a mistake that will backfire. he can try to distract against his demeaning comments against women, but if they think it's going to throw hillary clinton off her game and what matters to move this country forward, he is wrong. so, that is the stance the campaign is taking right now. and some of clinton's top surrogates point out traditionally female voters aren't won over by this type of argument. the clinton team hoping to capitalize on what they see as a win. our new online poll shows 52% of voters believe secretary clinton did win and, in fact, 27% of voters say their opinion of trump changed for the worse. today we are in des moines, in iowa, where early voting is under way. that's the big focus here. secretary clinton's message will
10:23 am
be get out to the polls, go vote. the clinton campaign is going to be carrying some folks to the polls to make sure they're voting early and that they register their vote in this race, hallie. >> kristen, as we talk about the polling, not just in battleground states but after the debate you're talking about, donald trump continues to struggle with women. katy, i want to bring you back into the conversation here. we know 20% of women, according to our new polling, now have a worse opinion of donald trump from after the debate. can you see it there. 61% for him had no change in opinion. 51% for secretary clinton. his campaign manager, kellyanne conway was asked on "the view" within the last couple hours, or the last hour, she acknowledged she reprimanded trump for going after former miss universe machado who the clinton campaign has been putting out in front of the media. wh what. >> reporter: she republic re manneded him, and then quickly
10:24 am
tried to turn the tables onto hillary clinton. it was an interesting interview because "the view" is a show about women, by women, for women. they went after her pretty hard why she was supporting donald trump, how she could support trump county because her mother was a single mother that raised her. she pushed back and said, that's why i'm supporting trump. she pushed back at this idea that he's not a champion of women. she tried to reference the fact he's employed women at his company and promoted women at his company. but definitely facing a lot of pushback from the women on "the view" who say that his words against women, his words in the past, calling rosie o'donnell a fat pig, rating women on howard stern by their looks and the size of their breasts wasn't necessarily a message that speaks to women. isn't necessarily something women out there want to vote for because they see him as someone who's a misogamist. that's what hillary clinton is trying to do, bring up the machado stuff by saying donald
10:25 am
trump only cares about women by their looks. there's reports coming out of the woodwork now so that's something hillary clinton is trying to capitalize on and the campaign is forcefully trying to push back. as you said, he has a pretty big gap, a gender gap right now, that he's had since the beginning of this campaign and has had no success in trying to bridge. >> katy tur, thanks so much. kristen welker on the phone with us from des moines, just landing there, headed to hillary clinton's rally in iowa. as we look ahead to that live event in a bit. you can see it on the left side of your screen. on the right side of your screen a couple live events, news conferences from new jersey governor and new jersey transit about the story we have been following all morning, that train crash in hoboken. you heard nbc's tom costello report some breaking news just moments ago that there is apparently, according to his sources, surveillance video of bhapd that investigators are now looking at. we do expect to learn more. not just from officials in new
10:26 am
jersey but from the campaign trail as well. will hillary clinton address what happened? that is a question we will look to as she begins her remarks any moment as her motorcade makes its way to this event. we'll be back in two minutes. there are two billion people who don't have access to basic banking, but that is changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now a person is able to start a business,
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on the left side of your screen, a live look at des moines, iowa, where democratic nominee for president, hillary clinton is expected to address supporters. we are also expecting, perhaps, she will spend some time talking about the situation that has been unfolding on the right side of your screen. that is a podium where at the top of the hour we're expected to hear from representatives of new jersey transit. we're also expected to hear from new jersey's governor, chris christie as well, who last hour told brian williams that one person died in that wreckage you see there, twisted metal.
10:30 am
hundreds of others have been hurt. some of them critically injured as well. over the last few hours we've been hearing from people who were either on that train or on the platform when it plowed into the platform just before 9:00 a.m. this morning. a number of those witnesses have said the train itself did not slow down. we're told, according to tom costello, our man who covers transportation for us, surveillance video has been recovered from the scene. ntsb investigators are, as we speak, on the way to hoboken. they will undoubtedly be looking at the video and talking to the train engineer. we know the engineer is alive. at this point we do not know what kind of condition he or she might be in. investigators undoubtedly wanting to talk to that person as first order of business. tammy leitner at the hoboken train station.
10:31 am
can you tell us, there have been some conflicting reports about whether people were still trapped in that train or perhaps in rubble at the station. do we know whether that's true? >> reporter: we are hearing everybody is out of the station. the one thing we don't know is whether the station is structurally safe at this point. it's 100-year-old station. let me give you a live look, step out of the way so you can see all of the emergency crews working back there. now, keep in mind, we've spoken with people that were on the train. we've spoken with people on the platform as well as rail workers. all of them said the same thing. this train did not slow down. it came barrelling into this hoboken station here. normally a train would come into the station at 3 or 4 miles an hour. that was not the case this time. passengers on the train described a sudden impact that they did not have time to brace, even though it became apparent
10:32 am
very quickly that the train was not going to stop. the roof collapsed on the train. some people kicked out the emergency windows and climbed out that way. other people crawled out of the train. at one point, people weren't sure whether they should leave the train at all because there was water pouring in from the ceiling and electrical wires hanging down it was a chaotic scene right from the top. i'm told from people on the platform and people on the train that immediately the passengers that were not injured started helping those passengers that were injured, a lot of people with scrapes, cuts, bruises, other people trapped in the debris. just a very chaotic scene. back to you guys. >> tammy leitner in hoboken. rehema ellis is at hoboken medical university. one thing that's been striking over the last few hours to hear these stories of commuters turned rescue workers, people who saw random -- random
10:33 am
strangers in trouble and decided to risk, in some cases life, in other cases limb, to get them off that train. a number of those folks have been taken to area hospitals. you are at one of those hospitals. what is the scene like there? >> reporter: there are it 22 patients brought here, victims of that train crash. they're listed in stable condition, we're told. just a short while ago we were told some have been treated and released. we saw one woman, a 24-year-old woman, she was on her way to work in the wall street area. she is five months pregnant with her second child. i wanted us to play this video of what happened to her. her story of how people were helping people. she was one of those folks who was helped. listen to this, craig. >> what were you thinking at the time this was going on? >> i thought we were going to die. we weren't going to get out. >> the baby is okay? >> the baby is okay. >> how old? >> five months. >> reporter: how about you, did
10:34 am
you get stitches? >> i got staples in my head. it's on my head. it fell right on my head. >> how much stitches? >> four staples. >> reporter: she says she thought she was going to die because she said the ceiling of the train fell down onto her head. she talked about how the train seemed to speed up as it approached the station and it frightened her and then, of course, the crash. she said someone picked her up and passed her to someone else. she has no idea who those people are but she would like to say thank you. she hopes there were other people able to get out safely, because of the kindness and generosity of other passengers helping one another to get off that train. craig? >> amen to that. ra meem thanks. we'll check back in with you. we're waiting on two things. left side of your screen, hillary clinton expected to
10:35 am
speak to supporters at a rally in iowa that's going to kick off any moment. hallie jackson saying the motorcade has left the airport. hillary clinton headed to that rally. right side of your screen, chris christie, governor of new jersey, and a number of other transit officials are expected to give us an update at the top of the hour on what has happened today in hoboken, new jersey. that train crash where at least one person has been killed. roughly 100 others hurt. when we get an update, we'll bring them to you live here on msnbc. right now we'll take a quick break. approve this message.
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to two live events. on your right, a press conference in hoboken where reporters will presumably learn more from investigators about that train crash we've been covering all morning long. on the left side of your screen, a live look at the rally hillary clinton will be depeattending is moines, iowa, trying to win over voters in that key battleground state. as we continue to wait for clinton to take the stage, we're going to dive a little bit more into the political world. donald trump not being discussed by top republican in the senate, mitch mcconnell, who within the last hour said he will not talk about the republican nominee, he wants to focus on the senate himself. donald trump deciding to go after hillary clinton's former husband for his indiscretions. bengie sarlon has a lot of reporting on this. can you find it on i want to talk about this new
10:40 am
strategy. how do other republicans think this is going to play for trump? >> well, we talked to quite a few republicans about this new pivot from the trump campaign, talking explicitly about bill clinton's various sex scandals. we mostly heard the same thing from all of them, which is that any republican who has professionally looked at this question, who has held focus groups or conducted polling to see whether it would move voters in their camp, concluded the same thing. it's a dead end. we talked to tim meller and katie packer, who used to be with the opposition research group, they conducted polling on this before the primaries even began. they concluded every time they showed it to swing voters, especially women, it just didn't do anything. so, there's a little puzzlement here. some republicans i talked to were somewhat interested in the idea that perhaps as a dweefense move, just to get the topic away from trump's feud with the former miss universe, there may
10:41 am
be some value in dangling this shiny object but no one seemed so gung ho about it. >> is there any strategic upside other than changing the topic? could this really move the needle? if not, why is the trump campaign directing its surrogates to focus on this? >> right now it seems to be more of a defensive move. msnbc news did obtain the official campaign talking points related to the clinton scandals and they seem to be mostly in the context of trying to turn the tables whenever the machado story comes up. there are a number of conservatives, some who are quite close to donald trump, who have argued for years that republicans have made a mistake not talking more about the scandals. sometimes the argument is while they were a total bomb when they tried to impeach clinton over it in the 1990s, times have changed. it's possible millenials who are too young to remember those scandals might have a different interpretation when they look at them today. so far this doesn't seem to be that kind of concentrated effort to go on offense.
10:42 am
it seems to be more about buying a little time while hopefully the trump campaign can get to more favorable territory than dealing with the current stories. >> how worried should the clinton campaign be worried about this? >> publicly they're putting up a brave front. they're openly predicting these attacks will fail, they'll backfire. they don't want to get off their own favorite topics and engage donald trump on this. hillary clinton was asked about trump bringing up the various scandals around her husband. she said she was going to focus on economic issues, foreign policies, the overall campaign message. she doesn't sound too eager to get into a point-by-point rebuttal. >> thank you. i want to go to mark murray who will break a few things down for us. i want to take a look at hillary clinton getting ready to take the stage. kristen welker saying she's on
10:43 am
her way there, getting ready for that. she's been going after, as you know, the young vote, millenials, people who were big fans of bernie sanders, people who she has not been able to bring in her corner just yet, partly because of the third-party factor, people like gary johnson. we have to talk about gary johnson and the moment he had last night that seemed to be fairlily -- potentially damaging to him. i want to play that sound bite and talk to you about it on the other side. >> who's your favorite foreign leader? >> my favorite -- >> any continent, name one foreign leader you respect or look up to. anybody. >> mine was shimon peres. >> i'm talking about living. any continent. canada, mexico, europe, over there, asia, south america, africa, name a foreign leader that you respect. >> i goes i'm having an aleppo moment in the former president -- >> i'm giving you the whole world. >> i know, i know. >> anybody in the world you like? anybody? pick any leader.
10:44 am
>> the former president of mexico. >> which one? >> i'm having a brain -- >> name any. >> fox? >> who's your favorite foreign leader? get him off -- >> fox. >> demarco? >> okay, fine. >> an awkward moment, to say the least. as you know, i'm in suburban detroit where the detroit news just endorsed gary johnson which is sending shock waves through the community. how damaging is this to johnson and should the detroit news rescind its endorsement? >> i'm not going to get into where newspapers should be endorsement but it was absolutely a cringe-worthy moment and damaging. you can see the polls showing gary johnson and jill stein performing better than expected would come down after that debate held on monday night where neither person was on the stage. just the choices were hillary clinton and donald trump. so, this was damaging for gary
10:45 am
johnson. the reason why is so much was made fun of about -- you ended up rick perry on his big oops moment because he couldn't name a third -- he was able to name the first two but couldn't nape the third one. here you have a situation where gary johnson couldn't name a single world leader he admires. when you're talking about does somebody have the chops to be commander in chief and be in foreign policy and have a good view of the world, that kind of answer just doesn't cut it. >> and does this latest gaffe to you, mark, say something more broadly about the state of third-party candidates in the political climate? >> yeah, you know, i will say -- we kind of go back. we've had some strong or notable third-party candidates in the past. of course, you ended up having ralph nader in the 2000 election, you had ross perot. normally these candidates who are third-party folks don't have a big governing experience. gary johnson is an exception. he's a former two-term governor of new mexico.
10:46 am
but jill stein has no experience whatsoever in the federal government or in the -- in a top stayed wide office being able to hold. one reason why is these third parties don't normally end up having house seats up. don't end up winning senate seats for the most part. that becomes difficult to have the experience, the knowledge to be able to be in the throes with the rest of the folks. >> nbc political editor mark murray joining us from washington. thank you. we're in suburban detroit, in michigan, where donald trump will be tomorrow for the fifth time in the convention. it's a key state in his rust belt strategy. now we're looking ahead to a different state, battleground iowa, where hillary clinton will be on the first day of early voting there. you're taking a live look at the podium where she will be speaking at any moment. we are continuing to follow the latest in politics and the latest on a train crash in new jersey. we have just learned there will
10:47 am
be another press conference from the hospital within the next 15 minutes. we will have the latest information for you here on msnbc. another live event we're looking to, one from new jersey transit officials, one from governor chris christie happening in hoboken. a lot happening this hour.
10:48 am
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to compare side by side. and the best part is... the banks come crawling to me. everything you need to get a better mortgage. clothing optional. lendingtree. when banks compete, you win. okay! ...awkward. we are back with some breaking news. as we look ahead to hillary clinton taking the stage in iowa, we are getting new reactions from clinton herself online. sending out a tweet. the minimimages from the trail derailment are horrifying. my prayers are with everyone. >> the event unfolding of the train crash affecting the campaign trail today as well. we are waiting to see in about an hour from now if donald trump
10:51 am
will react to what happened. both of these candidates live in new york and are familiar with it. i want to get over to nbc's kristin welker who's in demoines. do you think hillary clinton will echo the statement when she tweeted and get up on stage with des moines. >> reporter: i would not be surprised if she responded to the tragic event in new jersey. as you pointed out, she has tweeted about it. that's an indication that she had been been briefed. this is about energizing the voters here in iowa. one of her top aids telling me that her message is to be get out to the polls and go vote. this is a state where donald
10:52 am
trump is leading. the state's population of working class voters, this is a top battleground state for hillary clinton, it is one of the toughest. donald trump needs it in order to win the clinton campaign wants to stop him. i am told by her top officials that they are targeting voters who are not following the campaign or voters who are uncertain on election day. they are busting some of these voters to go and vote after today's event. they are organizing round game in full effect today. halie, we are seeing it play out as this election gets under way with early voting, halie. >> and nbc's kristin welker there? des moines. one of the topics we are discussing is the idea she's
10:53 am
going after young voters and millenials. we mentioned earlier in the show of the destroy news where i am today have endorsed gary john n johnson. joining us on the phone is nolan finland. thank you for getting on the phone with us today. >> good to be with you. the first question is did you watch gary johnson with chris mathew last night when he was asked about his favorite foreign leader? >> oh, i have seen the clip. did it make you second guess that endorsement and rescind it after watching that that? >> of course, not. >> that's all you would be doing through the election season. we interviewed johnson ourself. >> did it worry you that he did not have a grasp of foreign to be able to answer a question like that? >> as i was trying to say, we
10:54 am
interviewed ourselves rather extensively and we asked a lot of questions about foreign policy and his views on the world, we found him to have considerable depth and a good grasp for the issue. he caught in a moment and did not handle himself as well as we would have liked to see. you don't want your candidate to step on each other the same day. it is what it is. we'll stand by our contention that he is the most acceptable candidate and the race are judged by our values. we have spent a lot of time with him and feeling comfortable with him. >> you know i got to ask, of the survey monkey tracking poll had him trailing. he's not going to end up in the white house and win in november. why endorse a candidate who does not have that shot, what kind of
10:55 am
message are you trying to say? >> if this is all about picking winner, we'll go to the racetrack. we are a candidate based on who reflected our values most closely and who we thought would be capable and honorable in the white house. we found the other two candidates extremely lacking in those areas. and, gary johnson, was the one who best reflected the qualities we are looking for in a president. >> you write in the editorial that we are certain once the weight of leadership on his shoulders that he will meet that responsibility in reference of what you wrote about gary johnson whach johnson, what did you hear in the interview that gave you that confidence, nolan, as you put a weight of leadership on his shoulders to meet the responsibilities. >> he seems to understand
10:56 am
americans in this world. we got the feeling that he would responsibly lead america. >> all right, nolan. >> he's not a guy that's going to jump in the fight. >> i got to interrupt you here. we got to go this breaking news. we are going to the press conference to chris christie, we'll listen here. >> we have just taken the tour of the damage inside. obviously, an extraordinary tragedy, we pray for the family of the one fatality that we had confirmed for her and her family. we now have revised total injured, we have 108 injured in this accident. all of those have been evacuated to local hospitals where they are receiving the care they need. we pray for their recovery.
10:57 am
the engineer who was operating the train was also critically injured. he's at a local hospital and cooperating with law enforcement officials in the investigation. what we know is that this train came in at a high rate of speed into the station, and crashed through all the barriers and bringing it right to the interior wall of the hoboken terminal. extraordinary reaction from ems along with civilian passengers who assisted ems and local police and state police in evacuating the train as quickly as possible. and, helping with the triage of passengers who are injured and get them immediately to local hospitals for them to seek health care. there will be others we'll speak
10:58 am
to today about the specifics, commissioner hammer and from mta about this specific of commuting of both this afternoon and tomorrow. we'll address that specifically. both governor and i come from a law enforcement background as the lieutenant governor. when i was your attorney to my prosecutors and agents is, don't jump to conclusions. we'll not speculate of the cause of the accident. we are in the midst of the investigation, i was called by the white house today as well. they have not only dispatched the federal railway administration and ntsb but released any resources to deal with the victims or what's happening here at the hoboken terminal. a number of you earlier today from the time that the incident happened this morning, the
10:59 am
governor and i have been in communication in the state of new york. we have a number of new york citizens who were on that train as welcoming here to new jersey. we are going to work together to make sure that the investigation is seem leamseemless and coordi if there are steps to be taken. for the people of our state, you can be sure that we'll be working together to make sure that occurs. again, we pray for the victims and their families. we are on the scene, we are going to continue to monitor what's going on. we have engineers that are examining the integrity of the building right now. we have no estimate when the terminals will be opened except to say the structural build tlg is fine.
11:00 am
the past train will be able to use the terminal. as for the transit portion, we don't have an estimate on that. we'll need some time to do that. i want to turn this over to our governor cromell, we'll come back and take questions. governor. >> thank you very much, first, i would like to thank you governor christian estros chris christie and his entire team for their outstanding response of this tragedy and thank you for being here and all first responders. we know what happened and we don't know why it happens. the train obviously came in at too high of a rate of speed and did not stop going through the barriers. when you see the destruction up close, the silver lining is that there is only been one fatality thus far because the destruction is


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