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tv   With All Due Respect  MSNBC  September 29, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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so if you made your spouse or loved one mad for missing something, blame the campaign. but a little more than a year from now will be the 70th anniversary of the original "meet the press," and that's one day we won't forget, i promise you, all day long. that's all for tonight. we'll be back tomorrow with more "mtp daily," be "with all due respect" starts right now. previously on game shows with gary johnson. >> geography, 16. >> this city had been its nation's business capital and was once the end of the silk road. gary? >> what is aleppo? >> you're kidding. [ echoing: no ] >> it's time for celebrity family feud. >> name one foreign leader that you respect and look up. anybody. >> mine was shimon peres. >> no, no, no. i'm talking about living. pick any leader -- >> the former president of mexico. >> which one? >> i'm having a brain -- >> well, neighbor anybody.
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>> fox? >> who's your favorite leader. get him off the hook. >> fox, he was terrific. >> any foreign leader? merkel. >> fine. can't argue with that. >> at this hour, donald trump is dealing with two fights and neither of them is with hillary clinton. one of them is with himself, and that contest is being fought inside his very own head, but tonight we're going to start with a slightly more public fight, the one within trump's campaign. today cnn reported that trump aides on a conference call told campaign surrogates that trump is upset with some of the things including in a "new york times" story, based on anonymous advisers is describing some inside the campaign as being unhappy with his debate performance from monday night. also, nbc news' katy tur will join us later in the program.
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she tweeted that sources have told her that not only does the trump campaign feel he was unprepared for the debate, but that trump's adult children are upset with the campaign's direction and its effect on their business dealings. the campaign responded via e-mail to katy tur's tweet, saying that the children are, quote, happier than ever before, and that, quote, the business continues to be tremendously successful. trump in turn responded by e-mail, saying that it is hard to be unhappy when we are doing so well. trump's campaign manager, kellyanne conway went on "the view" today and was asked if she expressed any unhappiness with trump's comments about the miss universe winner, alicia machado. >> in the past, he's called her an eating machine. i feel uncomfortable with it as a woman, but i'm curious how you felt about those comments? >> well, i don't discuss people's weight and their looks. >> did you reprimand him for that? and say, listen, why are you calling women fat and why are you calling women fat pigs?
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>> yes, i did? >> what'd he say? >> hold on, he gave that woman a second chance. this was 20 years ago. she has a troubled past that i won't get into. >> so what? that has nothing to do with her being fat or skinny. >> john, on a scale ofne to godzilla, how much disarray do you think is actually happening behind the scenes in team trump? >> probably not godzilla level, but it seems it's relatively high based on the reporting that comes to us through our various people in our teams. i think there's, you know, look, this has never been a happy group. and it's obviously had more turnover, even than a normal presidential campaign. and mr. trump, his children have -- they're not -- never that comfortable with anything that resemble a traditional campaign. and no matter what, there's a certain level to where he can be pulled back towards a more traditional focus, but in the end, he spawns chaos amongst them because of the way he behaves. >> there are three sources of
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friction within the trump campaign, as i see them right now. one is trump's performance himself, not just in the debates, but in general. it just radiates friction as people react to his unhappiness and his weakness. and his performance. and people are disheartened by and freaked out by the unprofessionalism in certain parts of the trump campaign. it's unprofessional and they look at unprofessional as disorganized. and finally, there are still factions within the trump campaign. there have been leader changes. the lewandowski era is over, the manafort era is over, but they left people behind and those people are not in every case pleased with the new campaign. >> when you saw stories taking pot shots at kellyanne conway for being on television too much, those are emanating from inside the house. when you see shots about the lack of debate prep, that's coming from inside the house. there's more leaking happening now than the entire months prior. for a long time, that operation
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had problems, but it didn't have a lot of leaking. it now has a lot of leaking. >> you had a bout of leak right before manafort's departure. >> that's right. that may be indicative. >> it is clear that trump does not like stories like this. no candidate does. >> and he pays a lot of attention to "the new york times". >> it's a problem. it's not godzilla, but it's currently a problem. >> it's a real problem and we'll see in this next debate, what happens in that era. for the past year, the several tension has been between the donald's penchant for reflexive, emotional outbursts and message discipline. last night on "the o'reilly factor," trump was presented for what would normally be a golden opportunity to fly off the handle about colin kaepernick. but instead, trump indulged in something quite unusual for him, a modicum of restraint. >> personally, if it was me, i would not be happy if i was the family attorney. i don't think i'll tell you what i would do. >> would you fire him?
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>> i would not be a happy camper. i'm not going to tell you what i would do. but -- >> that's unlike you. >> you know what, bill, if i'm in that position, i wou be a lot different than the way they're treating them. >> it's not like you to tell me what you would do. you usually -- >> let's keep the headlines down to a minimum. >> yeah, let's keep the headlines down to a minimum. even bill pointed out that trump's response to that question wasn't very trumpy or declarative or clear. and trump went on after that to make a point of mentioning kaepernick's first amendment right to protest. trump's people have been pointing to another instance in which the candidate supposedly exercised restraint in not racing the subject to have bill clinton's infidelities at the debate. in this moment, in the wake of trump's attack on alicia machado, they're trying to drive a message about clinton's purported corruption. so talking about machado and clinton mentioning the not making it to her bus or minivan on 9/11 and this restraint we
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just saw in him answering the kaepernick question is kind of in conflict. what's your read on trump's internal capacity to control himself and exercise message discipline going forward? >> he knows he has to do it. he understands conceptually how it's done, in the kaepernick thing. although acknowledging he didn't want to do it is acknowledging the fourth wall. but it shows he knows the concept. but the data overall suggests, not gonna do it. >> it's like every fiber of his being resists, wants to flee from, wants to light on fire the notion of motion discipline. he wants to speak his mind in any given instance. and many times he the gets in trouble. either he says something that's offensive or takes the campaign wildly away from what they're supposed to be talking about and the message they think is a winning message. and i think, he's never been before able to restrain himself. i don't think he'll be able to consistently restrain himself in the future. >> i find it hilariously random that he exercised it on this
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particular question. yes, you would make enemies either way -- >> what do you think he would actually do if he were the owner of the 49ers. >> he would probably fire him. >> have him run over by a car or something. it's not like he was trying to -- yeah, i'll tell you, i would handle it really differently if i was him. >> i never thought i would hear donald trump in the context of -- on fox news, defending the first amendment right of an nfl player to, you know, protest during national anthem. >> with o'reilly baiting him. >> but it shows him, top of mind for him now is, i've got to show discipline. i can't say something that is going to clearly make headlines. trump comments on nfl player. >> who also happens to be a racial minority. it's like, let's not do that. let's not go there. he held himself back last night. >> the other thing i'll say is, he keeps going on fox news. you know, come on this show. go on, you know, "meet the press," whatever. he just keeps going on fox news. and i'm telling you, it is -- there's nothing in it for him. >> he seems to not understand that we have now an abundance of
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information outlets. there's a lot of cable institutions -- >> trump, we're waiting. >> we're not letting you go. >> we'll fix the lineup. >> we'll give you the whole hour. yesterday in council bluffs, iowa, trump unveiled a new catchphrase, sort of on message. the phrase is follow the money. an attempt to portray hillary clinton as a corrupt politician in league with richard nixon, trump is pushing the hashtag follow the money, pumping out press releases and painting clinton as a crooked washington insider beholden to donor and other special interests. yesterday, trump held a rally where he continued using this follow the money attack, but also added this. >> the american people have had it with years and decades of clinton corruption and scandals. corruption and scandals. and impeachment for lying. impeachment for lying. remember that?
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impeach. they're tired of the lies. they're tired of trivial politics. they're tired of being talked down to, looked down upon, and treated like second-class citizens. and they're phenomenal people. you are phenomenal people. the clintons are the sordid past, we will be the very bright and clean future. >> all right, so, john, is talking about impeachment a way to reinforce this message about general corruption that the campaign wants to emphasize or is it a distraction that's going to undermine it? >> i believe, and again, i do not know the answer the to this question, but i believe it's much more of a distraction than an effort to focus, only because the word "impeachment" in every memory's mind, who has any memory of this, means sex. the whole thing was lying about a sexual relationship that he had. for most people, that is an invocation of the lewinsky
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scandal. and i think that immediately starts to drag you away from the issues around e-mail, the issues around money, the issues around the foundation, around all the stuff that trump would ordinarily be trying to drive. >> i think he's become as good as talking about the issues you just raised as he is as anything else in framing her and reinforced by press releases and surrogates. and i think the clinton campaign would acknowledge those are things can hurt her. and for all of the attempts for the clinton people to say trump's worse at everything, he can't be tied to washington the way she can. if he could do the impeachment and the sex stuff the way george walker bush did against gore, in a very elliptic way, bush used to say, when i am sworn in, i will raise my right hand on the oval office and restore honor and dignity to the oval office. but trump won't be oblique. he'll start saying explicit things and it will overshadow the other message. if he can stay on the money
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thing, it's one of his best chances to win. if he talks about impeachment, he's just going to mess it up. >> you think about the way that barack obama handled this. the notion for clinton fatigue, for those old enough to remember the clinton years, is a real thing. and barack obama exploited it to his great benefit in the democratic primary in 2008. so it's a real thing. and trying to tap into that is right -- smart, politically. not right, but smart politically. and impeachment just equals sex for most people. and he was -- i agree with you, he was -- once he starts talking about impeachment, he's one step away from talking about monica lewinsky, jennifer flowers, paula jones -- all those things -- >> and get more graphic than that. >> yeah, but he's not going to be able to be subtle and nuanced and elliptical. >> we're on day two and a half of clinton corruption, follow the money. i wonder how long it will go. i wonder if this is the message the rest of the way or not, because he's going -- as i said, he's as good at this as anything
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he is going after him. >> up next, we have drama. or maybe not. what the hillary clinton campaign is up to after this. don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments. flonase gives you more complete allergy relief. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. ♪
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i'm milissa rehberger, with breaking news on the commuter train crash in new jersey. investigators say they will recover the train's event recorder tonight and examine footage from cameras on the train. there are still expected to be major delays for the evening rush hour. investigators have identified the one person killed as a 34-year-old mother from hoboken. now back to "with all due respect respect". in the iowa caucuses back in january, donald trump lost and hillary clinton won, albeit by just a hair. the people in the hawkeye state are headed to the polling place again. it's beginning of early voting in iowa and they take it seriously. in 2012, 43% of the ballots were cast before election day. today, hillary clinton spoke at
3:16 pm
an iowa democratic party early vote event in des moines and making a pitch directly to those early voters. >> we've got a bunch of active iowans here. are you ready to go to the polls? well, luckily in iowa, you can start today. lots of folks don't have that opportunity across the country. we have, what, 40 days, 39 days left and each and every one of you have the chance to make sure that we keep our country on the right half. we have 40 days to win an election that's going to affect the next 40 years of our country. and you, every one of you, can make the difference. >> so it's not just hillary clinton. tomorrow, tim kaine's wife, ann hot holten, will be in iowa to continue the push, and chelsea clinton will be in wisconsin. next week, bill clinton will take a bus tour across iowa -- or ohio, i should say, a week before that state's early voting
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process begins. donald trump, for his part, visited iowa yesterday for a rally. those are just a few of the battleground states where early voting has already started or will soon start. mark, when it comes to this rather important and often overlooked subject that is early voting, which side has the edge? >> it's not knowable. there's always a lot of bluster and it's difficult for the press to get at what's going on in terms of the operations. i'll tell you two things each side has going for them. they have more surrogates who can draw big crowds, a more sophisticated sense of the mechanics of how a campaign can influence early voting. second, in the wake of the debate, the media coverage is slanted towards clinton. there's more optimism and enthusiasm on the clinton side. today, let's wait for the next round of polls, maybe that will switch. but that's an advantage for her. on the trump side, there's no doubt the republican national committee is doing more than any national party has ever done probably to try to carry the ball on things like early voting. is that the same as being tethered to a candidate? no, but it is strong. and in some states, republicans
3:18 pm
have more of a tradition of voting early, because it takes a little bit more involvement to turn out and do that. >> i don't disagree with anything you just said, except when you said the coverage has been slanted towards clinton, she's had more positive coverage? >> slanted in her favor. >> in 2012, voting dramatically favored democrats. the obama people had an incredible ground game. they were taking people, identifying voters, carrying them to the polls and putting them in front of a polling machine or getting them to accepted in their vote. this time, it seems like the field operations are surprisingly equally matched. the clinton campaign has a more traditional structure and a lot more offices. the rnc is doing a lot and i think they have focused a lot on registration and early voting. and we won't know until after election day whether they match the clinton campaign, but they're closer than people think, i think. >> i agree with that. all right, it's going to be a mystery for a while, though. earlier in the program, we talked about the inner workings of the trump campaign and the
3:19 pm
chaos and finger-pointing that's there, so now let's look at what's happening across the river in brooklyn. in 2008, the obama campaign was known as no-drama obama. hillary clinton's campaign was really the opposite. her operation was saddled with the worst political buzz words you can imagine, infighting, shake ups and strategy and tactical disputes. this time around, though, there's been a whole lot of nothing coming from brooklyn. especially compared with the trump campaign, which seems to be as leaky as leak soup and has, of course, and has saw voters head to the exits. you'll see damaging background quotes and leaks. but even two weeks ago in clinton's campaign was fighting off a bevy of negative stories, the press was getting no finger-pointing or back biting of the candidate. that would be an extraordinary development for any campaign in tough s, but it has posly stunning for a campaign with a clinton at the top. john, why has there been so
3:20 pm
little finger-pointing, back byting, recriminations, candidate-blaming out of brooklyn? >> three reasons. one, she's ahead. >> but that hadn't happened -- >> i understand. but largely, she's been ahead for the large arc of the campaign. the favorite for most of the campaign and never really behind. number two, robby mook are guys who deeply have internalized the notion of being a no-drama campaign. >> they came in putting a premium on this. >> and an heir from the clinton world. and there's this infusion of the obama people, the actual obama people who also, obviously, embodied the no-drama ethos of the obama world. that combination of humans, the right kind of clinton people, the old obama people, and being ahead has introduced an atmosphere of peace, calm, and discipline. >> those are all -- i'll add some reasons to it. number one, there's no one in the top tier of that campaign who has a better personality and a disruptive force the way mark penn was eight years ago. >> correct. >> another reason is that you've
3:21 pm
got nobody in this campaign who's trying to get famous. you know, they reluctantly do television interviews, there's not a person in there that anybody else looks at and wants to gain revenge on. and despite hillary clinton's reputation and conduct at times, particularly years ago, she's treated the senior staff pretty well. so they're not inclined. th're in the bunker with her, even when things are bad, to work with her. it's a huge advantage and unlike any clinton campaign i've ever covered. >> and she's learned some lessons from 2008 and acted on those lessons. coming up, behind the scenes at trump tower where trouble may or may not be brewing. we'll hear about that after this. lin that lasts lin that lasts even longer than 24 hours. i want to trim my a1c. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® provides powerful a1c reduction. releases slow and steady. works like your body's insulin.
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donald trump's campaigns has had its ups and downs. our next guest has seen all of it. joining us with new reporting on the current state of the campaign is the wind-swept nbc news correspondent katy tur in bedford, new hampshire. katy, thanks for joining us. >> reporter: hi, mark. >> tell me this story as you've observed it of trump from the end of the debate to this moment. how do you see the arc of his performance and attitude? >> reporter: i think that he was pleased in the immediate aftermath of the debate. he went around the room. he said lester holt did a good job, that he was fair. once he started seeing the reviews come in, though, he started lashing out at the press more, saying that lester holt was not fair, saying it was
3:25 pm
rigged. and then we heard talk from the campaign that the preparation wasn't near as good as it should have been. that he really should be doing some more traditional prep going forward. and that he didn't focus enough during the prep sessions. that they were just, you know, talking and telling old stories. they were just shooting questions at him, instead of really trying to focus in on issues and focus in on ways that hillary clinton might be thrown off her game. so i heard from a number of sources within the campaign saying that going forward, they're going to get a little bit more traditional. they are going to do, you know, mock debates, have them stand behind a podium, potentially get a debate coach in to talk to donald trump, find ways to get under hillary clinton's skin, ways to turn the conversation back to ground that he finds more favorable. and then i got from him after that, some tremendous pushback from the campaign, saying that none of this was true and that my sources were made up. somebody called one of my
3:26 pm
sources snuffleupagus. so it's been up and down within the campaign. and that's because, i think, donald trump has started pushing back hard on his aide aides, sa we can't have this narrative out there. >> to be clear, we both have snuffleupagus as one of our sources and he is highly reliable. >> glad he's not just mine. >> never steered us wrong. tell us what you know at this point how secure steve bannon and kellyanne conway are in their jobs? >> reporter: listen, i think they are very secure in their jobs. i had heard the kids were not happy with them, but that is not to say that they were less happy with them than they were with paul manafort or they were with corey lewandowski. we do know that the kids had no love lost for corey lewandowski, that he was somebody that they wanted out for a while. the frustration that i was hearing was more in line with them not being able to keep their father on track when it comes to things like debate prep. that and, you know, worries going forward about how this might be affecting the business.
3:27 pm
because win or lose, they have the business to inherit. and they want to make sure that their business is going to be in just as strong a place as it was before this campaign season started. so, once that story came out, and that, i had been hearing from people for quite a while, that got a tremendous amount of pushback, as well. not only from the campaign, but from the kids. donald trump sent a personalized message to me, saying my sources, even if they do exist, are long-fired and that they have never been happier. the kids have never been happier. this is the happiest they've ever been with how things are going. so, listen, i think the trump campaign wants to portray themselves as having it together, as any campaign would want to do. they don't want to show any infighting, especially when it comes to the family. they want to seem like they are a united front, a family that doesn't have any real issues behind the scenes. >> okay. katy tur up in new hampshire,
3:28 pm
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secretary clinton, the trump campaign is signaling that they're poised to get personal about your husband's past, about your past. how will you respond in the debates and what's your response today? >> he can run his campaign however he chooses. that's up to him. i'm going to keep talking about the stakes in this election. i'm going to keep talking about my agenda. so, you know, i'm not going to comment on how he runs his campaign. you'll be able to see, we have two more debates, what he says and what i say. >> that was hillary clinton speaking to the press on her plane in chicago late this afternoon. right now we're going to washington for the room where schlapp's is in, to talk to the head of the american conservative union, matt schlapp, and former white house communications director under president obama, anita dunn from
3:32 pm
our nation's capitol. i'll ask you a joined set of questions. does it make for strategic or tactical sense for donald trump to talk about bill clinton's sex life? >> no, i think there's a lot of hillary clinton scandals that many of us the republicans and donald trump supporters would have liked him to focus on more at the debate. and we think those are fair game. i think the extent to which there is a general, you know, feeling of -- that's clintons constantly get into scandals, that's okay. but focusing on bill clinton is a mistake. >> anita, let me ask you this, that barack obama did a pretty good job in 2008 of making political hay of clinton fatigue, things that people didn't like about the clinton years. is donald trump on to something when he focuses on clinton corruption and the bad old days. not bill clinton's sex life now, but the specific question of, the clinton years were bad, we don't want to go back that way. >> you know, i think that he misses a very fundamental point, which is that many vors,
3:33 pm
probably the majority of voters in this country feel that the clinton years were actually very good on the issues that voters care about. they feel it was a time when the economy was growing, when manufacturing jobs were being created, when the middle class was actually rising instead of falling back. so i think that it's a mistake for donald trump to make this a race about the past. i think that the person who wins the presidency is the person who makes it about the future. and he is making it about everything except voters, their issues, and what comes next. >> anita, have you heard of any polling data, private polling data since the debate, that would give you insight if the debate had an effect on the race. and if it said so, what would it say? >> if it was private, i would have a problem sharing it on television. but i think what you saw in the debate and what certainly the public polling has suggested is is that you're going to see a shift towards secretary clinton, but it's still a very tight race. democrats cannot get come place sent off of one good debate
3:34 pm
performance. there's still a lot of toops campaign to be held here. >> if your candidate performs in the second debate the way he did in the first debate, will you like mr. trump be satisfied with that performance? >> yeah, i actually think that we're not going to see a big change in this race after the first debate. i think whether you had the most voters -- >> matt, i've got to stop you, i apologize, i'm going to stop you, because i'm certain you were either personally dodging my question or misheard me. was he good enough in the first debate or does he need to get better? >> yes. >> they was good enough? >> he needs to get better. let me answer the question. the first 30 minutes, i think, on the economy, he was the strongest. and i think he owned that part of the debate when most people were watching. i would like to see him do it for 90 minutes. but he owned the most important issue in this election, which is what are we going to do to create jobs and get this economy going. >> so do you think it makes sense for donald trump the day after the debate to go back to commenting on the weight of a former miss universe? was that a smart move for him in
3:35 pm
terms of how the deal with the fallout from the debate? >> yeah, i think it was a smart move for hillary clinton to bring it up at the end of the debate like that? and everyone was talking about it in the next -- you know, the next day. and i think it's a mistake, obviously -- anytime hillary clinton can get the trump campaign talking about trump versus some american out there, you know, it gets it off the basic of this campaign, which should be about the economy, fighting terrorism, and disrupting washington. every day trump's not talking about that is a day he loses. >> anita, you follow senate races pretty closely. do you agree -- two-part question. first, do you agree that senate candidates in a lot of the battleground states look surprisingly strong? >> i think that republicans from the beginning of the cycle, by and large, their incumbents have nope they were going to have very, very tough races. these are people who got elected in 2010 with a midterm electorate. and many of them got elected in states that are blue in presidential years. so i think that the republicans, by and large, have gone into this cycle, knowing they were
3:36 pm
going to have tough races. a lot of them are showing resilience. but let's face it. we have a huge number of extremely tight races out there. and right now, you know, senate races tend to tip one way or the other. and if you thought they were going to tip one way, you would have to give a slight edge to the democrats. >> but do you think it's possible that hillary clinton could win the white house, but republicans could keep the senate. that's possible, right? >> i believe it's possible. i think it's unlikely, mark. i think that when hillary clinton wins the presidency, it will help tip those senate races. let me go back to one thing that matt said, because i couldn't agree more. which is, you know, debates are important. the post-debate is even more important. and if donald trump lost the first debate, which, you know, i suggest he did, he has decisively lost the post-debate contest here. and it's just, really, impossible to imagine who over there besides donald trump thinks this is a good idea. >> matt, because you're coming back for another block, i'm going to ask anita one more
3:37 pm
question before we go to break. you've done a lot of debate preps with a lot of candidates fwh including a t the presidential level. you thought that hillary clinton did well the other night. what do you think that she did not do well on that she needs to improve on for the second debate? >> the second debate will be very different from the first debate. voters get to ask their questions, it's a town hall debate. the unwith thing i would like to see more of, and she'll have the opportunity in the town hall to do this, is the piece where she connects directly with people and connects her programs where this people thinks this country needs to go. a town hall is a very different kind of debate. i think it will also present some unique challenges to donald trump. >> all right. anita dunn, thank you for being on the show. matt schlapp, stay with us. coming up, we'll invite the head of clinton's super pac to join this conversation. if you're watching us in d.c., you can listen to us on the radio, bloomberg, 99.1 f.m.
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as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help rht away foan erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card. and we are back with matt schlapp, chairman of the american conservative union. he's in washington, d.c. also in washington, guy cecil, co-chair and chief strategist of the pro-hillary clinton super pac that is doing lots on her behalf. guy cecil, for a while, republican donors, megadonors, were not doing much to help donald trump. i know you monitored it closely. what's your view of just how much they're giving now as to compared how much you've raised and will raise the rest of the way. are they getting close to
3:41 pm
parody? >> not close to parody yesterday, but there's no question that there have been increases. in fact, there was just a report this week that the ricketts family was raising about $70 million into a c-4 that actually doesn't disclose its donors, because they want to provide a home for donors who are too embarrassed to publicly give to donald trump, but want to figure out a way to support him. so, we intend to, as i've said on this show many times, be on the air all the way through the end of the election, and we're also expanding our operation on the ground in several states, as well as online. >> what state -- guy, what states are those? >> we actually have field operations on the ground now in florida, in nevada, and we'll be expanding to ohio starting on tuesday. >> one more for you, guy, and we'll switch back to matt. you went off the air with much fanfare with paid television ads in virginia. any chance he'll go back on tv
3:42 pm
before election day in those two states? >> well, right now we don't have any plans on going back on the air in virginia, but we had always planned, in fact, we've had a buy planned in colorado going up on october 4th. it's something that we actually reserved earlier this year, in large part because in colorado, most of our voters vote by mail. and so we'll be on the air during the vote by mail period there. >> matt, hillary clinton today rolled eed out a few more names some prominent republicans who are saying they're going to vote for her. senator warner from virginia yesterday came out and endorsed her. give us a sense right now of what the state of republican unity is behind trump and will he be able to consolidate enough of the republican vote in order to win this election? >> yeah, john, the last polls that i dived into shows that donald trump is in the nine out of ten romney voters' territory, which is very high, and where it needs to be, quite honestly, to win, much less than it would be
3:43 pm
at 75% and hillary clinton was lagging a little bit with obama voters. i think if you especially look at virginia, where john warner is from, it's tough sledding for donald trump. there's no question with the d.c. area and so many people involved in the government, one way or the other. i think virginia is going to be a tough state. if he wins virginia, he's going to be the president. but i'm not surprised, people like john warner, who has made a career out of not endorsing republicans he thinks are too outside the mainstream, and that's what john warner's message is. i think it will have zero impact. as far as other republicans, i would say this. they're not all 100% wild about donald trump, but most republicans i talk to around the country, including conservatives, when it's comparison between donald trump and hillary clinton, it's getting easier and easier for make their decision to be for drmp donald trump. >> matt, is there a question you want to ask guy? >> i want to compliment guy. i think it's very smart for him to go back on the air in colorado. i think colorado and nevada look
3:44 pm
like they're going to be trump territory and i would love to hear his take as to why he thinks i'm wrong? >> as someone who won a race in a tough election cycle in colorado, the number one reason you're wrong is when you look at voters that only vote in presidential elections in colorado, the president has an approval rating of plus 30. hispanic voters' turnout increases by about 25% and african-american turnout increases by about 30%. so whether you're looking at the fact that colorado has an above-average number of college-educated voters, whether or not we'll see significant increases among the latino vote or the fact that the president has a significantly higher approval rating in a presidential election cycle than in a mid-term election cycle, all signs point strongly to colorado. and in fact -- >> can i task -- >> sure. >> can i ask a quick follow-up? >> sure. >> why is there such a big difference between barack obama's approval ratings in colorado and hillary clinton's terrible ratings? >> well, i would say first of all that the disparity between barack obama and donald trump's is actually bigger than that of
3:45 pm
the president's and hillary clinton's. but as you well know, and has been true in history, there's always a disparity between people that are running for office and people that are in office. and in fact, the trail of history -- of hillary's career has been that when she's in office, her approval ratings a improve significantly. that was true as a united states senator and it was true as secretary of state when she had approval ratings that ranged in the 60s and 70s. and i think at the end of the day, when voters are making a determination about somebody who has a forward-looking plan for the country versus someone that demagogues, insults muslims, ridicules women, and is consistently racist against african-americans, the people of colorado, virginia, florida, north carolina, and others are going to choose hillary clinton, because that's the choice on the ballot. >> guy, that's an excellent speech. now you'll ask matt schlapp a question. go for it. if you have one. >> i would just ask why he
3:46 pm
thin thinks, according to the story that republican donors have decided they need to form a c-4, because they're embarrassed to publicly be associated with donald trump. >> as you know, a c-4 is a nonprofit under the irs. something the clintons know very much about and they've actually sustained their whole lifestyle under setting up their own c-3 under the irs. supposedly for the benefit of society. there's nothing wrong, you would agree, to contributing or running to a c-3 or a c-3 and what's really great about a krrk-4, it underlines the message in america, we still have a first amendment. you can spend -- >> i think whatever you guys both think about these c-3s and c-4s, you both agree that cp3o is pretty cool. >> thank you both for coming in. spirited and enjoyable discussion. coming up, we'll talk about hillary clinton's millennial problem with two reporters who have looked closely at what's behind it and how she might
3:47 pm
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this next segment involves brooklyn. for the clinton campaign, the kids right now are not all right. and brooklyn's problem involves a subject that millennials hate, because it's not all about them. that subject is math. team clinton has been dispatching surrogates to support young voters, many include bernie sanders, a group she's had considerable trouble consolidating. our man, steve acino, and sasha victorberg took a close look at the voter s they're calling bernie pendants. who they are and where to find them. >> i'll start with my friend, sasha. tell us, sasha, where hillary clinton could have the most trouble with bernie sanders supporters. >> yeah, so he did well in the primaries. not really among traditional democrats who voted in the democratic primaries, but among independents who had the
3:51 pm
opportunity to vote and we sort of looked at what we call the bernie belt, these states stretching from maine to washington. he won in the primaries. every primarily and caucus, except for new york. these states have something in common, overwhelmingly white, fairly small, with the exception of michigan, and they're states with very high turnout already. and that poses a challenge. that means hillary clinton can't decide she's going to get to her win number by going out and finding african-americans or latinos and registering them and turning them out. she has to go out and win these voters over. keep them from going to a third party or to keep them from sitting on the sidelines. >> so who are these bernie pendants and where will they matter the most? >> bernie pendants are, as sasha said, people who are not affiliated with either party, who voted in democratic primaries or caucuses in the primary. so, we looked particularly at new hampshire, because it was a
3:52 pm
place where bernie sanders won by quite a bit. his margin there over hillary clinton was 22%. and so he said, how many were there? who are they? where are they? and so we mapped these mid-range, no-party affiliation people throughout the state who had voted in the democratic primary and found there was a lot of them. 27,000 of them. it's about 13% of what we expect to be the democratic voters in this next election. >> sasha, what are the me thinking challenges to try to reach out to this group for hillary clinton? >> we see hillary clinton's broad persuasion message focused at soft republican, center-right independents. you know, rolling out endorsements from people like john warner. that's not something that these sanders holdouts, young voters want to hear. >> i got a dispute that i was at a hackey sack tournament over the weekend, where is warner going to go? anyway, go ahead.
3:53 pm
>> next jen, the tom stoddard super pac has done some research with project new american. and what it shows us isn't surprising. that they care about climate change, they care about college tuition, which is free college, which is the thing that clinton brought sanders to talk about yesterday in new hampshire. and so she's going to have trouble running on two sort of parallel channels. if she wants to trot out endorsements from george h.w. bush, for example, i'm not sure, it might not appeal to the millennials, it might alienate them. >> the thing about that event, it was in durham, which is a college town, bernie sanders and hillary clinton have been visiting college towns. one out of five voters we expect to turn out in the general elections are these bernie pendants, independents. >> they matter in new hampshire, potentially in maine, maybe if wisconsin and michigan become battlegrounds, but do they matter in the bigger battleground states? florida, north carolina, ohio? . >> there has been some
3:54 pm
progressive groups that have been trying to track them, and as sasha said and others, a lot are younger voters. bernie sanders did a lot better among younger voters than hillary clinton did. so they've been tracking them throughout these battleground states. and in a lot of states, including florida, ohio, north carolina, the margin by which -- it's not that hillary's losing this group, it's that she's not winning it by as much obama beat romney among this group in 2012. so the margin by which we think hillary clinton is -- that the number of sanders holdouts for hillary clinton are not voting for hillary clinton, that's larger than her margin in these states. so it could make a difference if she can't consolidate them. >> so sasha, last question. we've seen michelle obama, barack obama, hillary clinton up in new hampshire with bernie sanders, this all happening this week. how much progress, if any, is the clinton campaign making with these voters that you guys are talking about? >> you know, the polling from next gen what they call the sanders holdouts went from 20%
3:55 pm
of millennials to 15% of millennials. so that's some gain for the months of july to august, which was the democratic convention, when elizabeth warren and bernie sanders had very high-profile speeches, in addition to the obamas. but, you know, i think that the fact that they're still doing this as we approach october is a bit of a surprise and suggests that they have work to do. and i don't think that they expected in the last two woox of the campaign, they might be forced to sort of go to a hard-left message to appeal to what they thought was a core part of the democratic coalition now. >> all right. sasha issenberg, often somewhere, steve acino here. it's the reality, david plouffe told us the other night when he was here, that this is the biggest problem that hillary clinton faces in terms of get elected and that's a guy who says she's going to win. but still, biggest problem she faces. you guys are smart to focus on it. thanks for doing this segment as you have become stars of our show every week. we'll be back with more of our election coverage right after this. but today there's entresto®- a breakthrough medicine that can help make more
3:56 pm
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3:59 pm
about that, obsessing over it, actually, all week long, and we think they may have found the answer. [ sniffing ] >> wlahat was all that sniffing? >> i don't know. maybe it's the cold weather. >> today's not cold! [ sniffing ] >> he was definitely sniffing. [ sniffing ] ♪ >> sniff? what do you mean "sniff"? >> sniffing, with his nose. [ sniffing ] >> he probably had a cold. >> no, he didn't. i asked him. [ sniffing ] >> so what are you saying? >> i don't know, what if -- >> drugs? do you think he's on drugs? >> i don't know! [ sniffing ] >> the sweater! the sweater made him sniff! see, i told you he wasn't a drug addict! >> make sure to check out bloomberg to listen to our culture caucus podcast.
4:00 pm
this week, the great thes pooen rory o'malley plays king george in "hamilton" gives a review on how hillary clinton and donald trump performed in the first presidential debate. >> rory o'malley is great. >> a little pro-clinton, maybe. >> but he is really good. >> i'll be back tomorrow, same bad time, same bad channel. see you tomorrow. sayonara. >> "hardball" with chris matthews is next. >> he can't get over pinpoint let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews back in washington. well, there's a well-known rule in politics, when you're in a hole, stop digging. one guy doesn't seem to know this well-known rule. his name is donald trump. he can't stop saying that he won a debate that voters by two to one give to his opponent. he can't stop talking about a


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