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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  September 30, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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fdr's and jfk's and reagan is up here as well. we expecting donald trump later on this afternoon. we'll bring it to you live. now, lets toss it to my colleague, thomas roberts. >> thank you very much, i will be looking at your instagram. great work. live this hour on msnbc, trump strikes back. we got this new twitter tyrant from donald trump that leads new questions about the candidate's temperament. this early morning tweets that's getting all the attention. trump started around 3:00 a.m. unleashi unleashing a twitter storm attacking hillary clinton. >> leathe former miss universe that's the rat hole that i am talking about. you know it is going to be so much better when he begins to focus on the real issues.
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>> meanwhile, hillary clinton is expected to react to trump's twitter comments. this is her second stop in the day. here she is moments ago leading to stop one after hitting trump over his rhetoric over the trail. >> my opponents believe what i call a strong man approach. he stood on that stage, and his convention and described a hopeless and broken nation. i am sorry, i am looking at you, i ado i don't see that. >> we begin this hour with our correspondence, nbc's jacob rascon and kristin welker and jacob let me start with you. trump having a late night, have he explain he felt the need to
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go after machado again? >> reporter: no, they have not. reporters are traveling with him and they did not answer the question. in the same way they did not give any formal response to j judge curiel, lets go through a couple of his tweets. the first one starting at 3:00 a.m., while crooked hillary was duped to used by my worst miss u, and using machado in the debate as a pair gone of vir toews shows that crooked hillary suffers from a bad judgment. she was set up by a con. and the third one, did hillary help disgusting alicia machado so she could use her on a be date. he's now doubling and tripling
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down on this. we have been talking to his supporters all day and many of them do hope that he will get onto other things. they don't want to dwell on this or talk about this. take a listen to what some of them say. >> it shows he has energy. >> no, he needs to not play into that. don't play into her stuff. >> i like when he goes after these people sometimes, i mean it is he's not a rehearsed politician like hillary, i don't care, i am it is not going to sway my vote. >> this time his supporters, even they don't believe this is good then it cannot be good. thomas. >> jacob rascon. thank you very much, sir, we go to our kristen welker. we have clinton's team responding with their own tweets.
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i think it was nine tweets under an hour. one of them being what kind of man staying up all night smearing a woman. th it really seems like this gotten under his skin and he cannot surrender the point of seeing how it benefits and move away from it. >> that's right, the clinton campaign sees this as playing right in their heads just as one of those trump supporters just said that jacob interviewed. secretary clinton threw out the debate and he took it. he's still going with it. this proves the point that secretary clinton have been trying to argue all along that he's unfit to be president. a couple new developments, secretary clinton called machado and thanked her for everything she's doing particularly as she has gotten criticized by donald trump. machado says of course, and
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under scores her attention to vote for secretary clinton. clinton wrapped up in an event at her first stop in florida. she did go after donald trump and not mentioning him by name but criticizing him for his praise of praising vladimir putin >> that's his way, one person getti getting supreme power and exercising it ruth lessly and that's why he admired dictator like vladimir putin so much. >> will this machado event turn into more votes for clinton. we are getting new polls in florida and she's leading in florida, 36% to 42%. this is one of the states that donald trump has to win.
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florida would be one of the keys for him. i think you will see secretary clinton and her surrogate is paying a lot attention to florida. president obama deployed the early voting strategy back in 2012 and it worked well for him, thomas. >> we see the margin of error around that and roughly around 3.5%. . kristen, thanks so much, let me go to our colleague, beth, it was halie jackson speaking to sarah huckabee sanders about the early morning tweets. i want to remind everybody what she says about it. take a look. >> i find the most offensive thing that's not only been said in this race was when hillary clinton calling millions of americans deplorables. that's the most insulting and offensive comment that's been made this entire election cycle. >> so sarah said that to me
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earlier this week in the studio here and brought up hillary clinton walking that back in 24 hours and she's regretting that remark and throwing all voters in alum lump category. how is the conversation within the campaign of the trump folks probably infuriating right now. >> they have made in roads. his offense around the country that he's on a telaprompter and kind of sounding like a regular candidate and then he's left with his own device, he's going to be saying whatever he wants. not only that, thomas, think of the debate where he could not control him where he's speaking and nobody is there to help and repair remarks. they can do it when he's on
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teleprompter. he was gaining in polls and probably because his message was getting more disciplined. this week and this morning, he went off the rail. >> some people say -- it seems like the campaign's job to clean up the mess constantly if donald trump is left to his own devices literally because this is not a story that had such legs until donald trump gave it oxygen. >> seriously, not to fully quote hillary clinton but what kind of presidential nominee is going to tweet about a woman about her sex tape at the crack of dawn. this is not the action of somebody that's thinking and acting rationally. his supporters and campaign is out there trying to make trump plausible again. >> is trump being trump? as we are seeing with those voters that jacob had to talk
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to, that did not interfere with their support with the nominee? >> none of the per swayables that we have seen. >> thank you to kristen welker and jacob rascon and beth. joining me now is katie. it is good to have you with me, we got focuses on alicia machado and the media. can the rnc or other republicans helping trump in this debate or is he on his own? >> this is the time of the campaign where the candidate that's driving the message. i am sure his campaign had big plans for the narrative that they wanted to spell out about hillary clinton. i am sure that the republican party did and unfortunately, he's hijacked all of that. i want you to imagine how different this week would have been when hit with this in a
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debate, donald trump has said, you know what? i treated that girl very unkindly and i am sorry and i would like to publicly apologize today. with 20 years of hindsight, i see how unkind it is to her. the story would shut down the next day. he goes out and doubles down and continue to abuse and mistreat her in a public way. he comes off like a bully and all the thing that is clinton campaign has been trying to say about him >> katie, from your direct access of working with mitt romney and the type of communication he had with facebook and twitter, how much was invested that's worthy from the campaign. >> absolutely, we took our lead from romney who was incredibly respectful. any time he said something that was hurtful, he was quick to own it and apologize but leading into a debate, you know, you would spend hours and hours of
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time to figure out what the message you want and people that comes away from your candidate or opponent. the campaign will be creating videos and talking points and preparing surrogates and go out and deliver that message. whatever they intend that message to be coming out of monday night which is about trade and a lot of hillary clinton weaknesses and benghazi and e-mails. it all god blown up by donald trump tirade and in ability to control himself. >> and using bill clinton's infidelities about this and the alleged response of secretary clinton to the woman involved. do you think it is shaky ground for a candidate with two divorces on a third marriage and a spla an affair on his own. >> this is a guy who's own background is questionable. what we found is that the one
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issue that causes undecided women and independent women to kind of rally around hillary clinton when they feel like she's being attacked from her husband's bad behavior. that's not a fair attack to make and i think it is a bad strategy for r the campaign and i would urge republicans to reject it. i don't think it is something that republicans are going to want to stain themselves with. >> five months ago, certain republicans, we have gary johnson's recent flaps, he's getting conservative to consider him and getting endorsements. he could go back to may and would you get the band together to convince mitt romney to make a run for it. >> everybody that's a romney
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sp supporter would love for him to enter. if we had a choice, i would like to mention ta evan mcmullin appears to be on the ballot this yea year, they are not the only choice we have. >> i think you are right. >> katie packer, good to have you with me. >> thank you. >> we got breaking news that we want to pass along to you. coming up, we'll have a new video that's put out. it is the video of donald trump testifying about provacative rhetorics that he has used against metroplex sans axicans . that's the image and the sound. we are going over it here at head quarters and we'll be back with more after this after a quick break. is that ice-t? nope, it's lemonade. is that ice-t? lemonade.
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hillary clint . so breaking news, this is something people have been waiting for. this is a video of donald trump testifying under oath about his provacative rhetoric about mexicans and latinos. it is been just released. we are pouring over this testimony and looking over the video. we'll have him here onset coming up in a few moment. a leading newspaper is leeile leading their non endorsement. coming in a time that hillary clinton is getting the backing of some traditionally conservative papers. the news snpeople are really sm cancelling subscriptions to the
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dallas and addrerizona papers. steve cornacki is joining me now. this plays in donald trump's anti-media narrative and the rhetoric that he says that cannot be trusted. how does this hurt him? we have been talking so much about this divide where donald trump has been running up the score with blue collar voters and losing ground in a way republican candidate have never lost ground when it comes to white suburban nights. i look at these newspapers and the reader ship and a lot of time you are talking about the types of voter who is are adverse to donald trump, su suburbanized and they get the newspapers delivered in their homes and they read the main tropical storm hermine media. those are the voters who have been turning on donald trump. at the same time, blue collar voters, hey, the media is out to get me and it has not hurt him.
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>> it remains neutral in a fashion because it does not endorse hillary clinton, radioiradiight? >> right. this is thing that donald trump has to contend with. the suburban nights that he's listen losing. republicans have been looking at him as the exception to their normal les. we are talking about a group that john mccain won and romney won, they always voted republicans and we are seeing as clinton is leading them for a long time right now. what the u.s. a today is saying sort of aligning, they say yeah, normally i am going to go with the republican but i don't think the normal rule will apply right now. >> we got the new battleground polling out today, it shows hillary clinton is ahead in nevada and florida and new hampshire. how significant is this new polling and dopol
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polling. >> if you take new hampshire and michigan, they are reached states in donald trump. if he wins it great. he's got some other pass, they're not essential to him. florida and nevada is a different story. he had been leading their to six points right now. florida is absolutely essential for donald trump. practically speaking and no path of 274 if he's not winning florida. both of those polls, florida and nevada taking after the debate this weekend. especially nevada, he has been leading the fact of the first polls in nevada and he's behind by six points. we saw the polls earlier this week, people judged hillary clinton of the winner, it does look like in this nevada poll and florida poll that there is been some movement in her direction and away from donald trump as a result of the debate.
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>> steve cornacki, we'll see you back here at 4:00 p.m. if you are following the presidential politicpolitics, y that this time around, all the rules have been off the table. after this morning's tirade about miss universe and hillary clinton. has donald trump reached a new low with undecided voters? can he get back on that message wech we'll talk about it shortly. and a new video that's been released of donald trump and being asked about provacative language and rhetoric he had used against mexicans and latinos. we have been watching and km examining this under oath video of donald trump. he joins me next. i'm claudine and i quit smoking with chantix.
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all right of the breaking news that we just mentioned before the break of this new
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video donald trump testified. he talks about controversial comments he made on the trail about mexicans. this is donald trump under oath. >> that's right, we just got this in the newsroom. this is a product with nbc and along with several news organizations filed this and get a hold on this video. it has never been played. the clip that we are about to show you is the crocks of the case, this is a multi million dollars standoff over donald trump's campaign macon fliy con with his business interest and a restaurant no longer want to do business with him. they alleged that they. >> reporter: -- the alleged that some mexicans are rapists or criminals. he was asked about his preparations and approach to
11:26 am
those controversial statements. here it is. >> with respect to the speech that you made and specifically the focus on mexicans and immigrants, did you write the statement in advance, was it written? >> no. >> and, did you plan in advance what you were going to say? >> yes. >> did you talk to other people about it? > >> no. >> did you give any thoughts to the effect that your statement relative to mexicans and immigrants would have on tenants in your current or future projects. >> no, i did not at all. >> we hear from donald trump a lot but not usually like that. i would flag a few things. number one, the brevity, this is someone that we are used to have in run-on sentences and big statements. you can see how concised he is
11:27 am
he's under oath and at times he looks quiet. the other thing that does seem consistent with the donald trump we have heard other wise is he's clear and saying he's keeping his own council. he did not speak to anyone of those charges of mexicans are rapists or prewrite much of it. that dispute is the dispute at the heart of this lawsuit, basically, does donald trump's business interests conflict with his campaign and does he think about it that way of him saying under oath in that brand new video that he does not measure it out and if it caused him business, so be it. he's suing this restaurant tour for a breach of contract. >> this had to do with the dc hotel that's already opened. >> the june testimony right here was he had the way cleared to know that he's going to be the
11:28 am
nominee and getting ready for the convention coming up next month. he's asked about preparations for this deposition, take a listen. >> what did you do to prepare for the case, the deposition? >> i would say virtually nothing. i spoke with my counselor and we proceeded to the deposition. >> so you did not look at documents or anything? >> again, he's under oath. he's speaking about his preparations, virtually, nothing. he does not prepare for a deposition and even though there is millions of dollars on the line. the we that we are seeing here, indeed, nbc tri to get the video from the trump's deposition and the judge did not release it. here, the politics meets the law in voters look at this and they
11:29 am
assess, do they see a different donald trump or do they like the donald trump they see here under oath and the argument he's making is he's putting the campaign of whatever he want to say or offers his truth above any business cost. that's the argument that he makes and as well assaying basically, he was not slinvolve in the details. >> thank you very much, i know we'll be pouring over this some more. thank you very much, joining us now from miami is trump's senior adviser, aj delgado, thank you for being with me. >> thanks for having me. >> were you able to hear the remarks, what's your reaction? >> some i could not hear the audio very well. my reaction is how this news is breaking news, there were short answers and standard ones regarding the issues that had long been already disposed of and going back to his remarks
11:30 am
from june. i am not sure how this is breaking news. if you would like to ask me specific angles on it, i woucan answer it. >> those statements that he made about mexicans and seaying they're rapists and criminals and he said no, i did not really prepare those remarks. >> does it go to the mark of donald trump's appeal. this is part of why voters love donald trump, because he speaks to us directly verses hillary clinton runs by everything by focused groups and staffers. >> does it prove that donald trump does not use facts to make a point that he came down the stairs and made a broad sweeping and generalization of all mexicans and did not think of
11:31 am
collateral damage of his businesses or those folks who work for him or his presidential campaign, does it go to speak with a lack of organization. >> a year later, we are hearing the media repeating the lie that mr. trump made a broad generalization as to all mexicans. for a thousand time, go back and look at what he said. he did not insult mexican immigrants. there was a fantastic article written in december of 2015 by bernie sanders supporting puerto rican professor named alberto, i highly urge viewers to google it and take a read. >> he did leave off with the statement of mexicans and some are good people, too.
11:32 am
>> you h yhe also says the crim came from all areas or various continents. he was not speaking about mexico. we know the votfolks that come through the border are not always mexicans. lets make sure we are not cherry pick >> that's why i said it. some are good, too. >> standby aj. >> i was wondiering what you thought. the other interesting part is a gentle donald trump in the video. he certainly seems a little different than what we see out on the stage. i am curious on a personal level because voters are assessing this candidate, what did you think? is that a donald trump you recognize or quiet or a respectful trump that you may see in different settings or does it all look the same to you? >> all of us, he does have different sides, we all have that. it is great that mr. trump was a
11:33 am
little bit more somber and in a rally he's more loud and a bit more fun. that's the side that we all have. it depends on the situation. there are many sides to him, all of which are all darn i impressive. >> would you like to see that side of him out more on the campaign trail. >> i like a little more of the vibratious one. it is great to see he's coming out swinging and he's the vibrant that america have grown to love. >> it is interesting you said that because i have had experience with donald trump and i know him in a completely different way. as a journalist now, i wonder which person is actually the real donald trump because the person that we do see at
11:34 am
rallies, is not the same person that i have known behind the scenes or even the same man we are looking at in the deposition or the person that you met behind the scenes. it is as if they are two different people. >> sadly, we only see one side of hillary clinton and that's a very rehearsed and like i said really robotic and politician for 30 years. this is why 70% of americans say they cannot trust her because they don't know her. she hid from the press for nine months. i rather see many sides of donald trump than hillary clinton >> n. now, donald trump is doing more press and donald trump is not taking invitations from the press other than fox and bill ha ha and the only thing we have to go
11:35 am
off now is looking at twitter feeds. i want to get your response on his attack on alicia machado and also going after hillary clinton for having bad judgment because of discussing alicia machado. does this prove clinton's point about temperament. how does he look like he has a temperament that she's accused of him not having that he's will to do this at 3:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. >> the media picks up on a story and hammers mr. trump and taking it out of context. you want to report that as fact. i rarely saw any journalists saying this is what he claimed. >> he heads back. >> we had a sit down interview
11:36 am
with natalie morales where we discussed this and alicia machado herself says that this is the case so, as a latina and a woman who has cuban immigrant parents who is now advising donald trump. have you had an opportunity to talk to him of this with those that maybe interested in voting for him and what this mean going forward? >> i have not had a chance to discuss it with him in particular. but, i will tell you this, as a latina, i find mr. trump to be empowering and i am embarrassed by alicia machado, i think mr. trump is a role model who cares about jobs and the economy and success. i don't see the need for us to discuss alicia machado, she's not somebody respected in our community and i wish we can get back to discussing the real issues. that's what alicia machado has
11:37 am
been trying to do. >> aj, all fairness -- we were not talking about this story if donald trump did not pick up an iphone or device at night. > >> thomas has been talking about it all week. >> that's because he attacked her on fox and friends, aj, if you are advising and went on -- >> yes, he did. >> he doubled down on that calling. >> that she had gained weight. >> no, the facts are -- >> she has been the worst miss universe. >> we don't have evidence of that and she refuted that. >> it is in a reality show, thomas. >> she refuted that happened in instagram post today. when it comes to how this is being drummed up and discussed, it is happening because donald trump continues to kind of polk
11:38 am
the bear on defending himself about this issue. you were with him in little what b havanah. >> because we were too busy discussing real issues of latina voters. that's what latina voters are going to care about and not this silly alicia machado. you look at the facts and not her history, she apparently threatened to kill or have killed a federal judge. >> no, that's not true either. she's never charged with anything. >> you are saying the judge lied. >> what you are saying is not true. >> okay, okay. >> i am saying this woman was
11:39 am
never charged aj. >> you are saying that the judge lied. >> the judge says that she threatened him in a voice mail. if they were going to bring the charges, john what the judicial system was but they did not bring any charges. >> can you admit that a judge threaten to have him kill. >> aj, i do not know the details of the case but i do know traditionally she was not processed. instead of charging people to be guilty when they are not, lets move on from this. aj delgado, thanks so much. lets see your response from our microsoft pulse question. >> here are results so far, 4% of you think no and 96% of you think no. the pulse is live, check it out. we have people walking by the pulse, that's how cool it is. and another person walking my
11:40 am
the pulse. anyway, be sure to join us this sunday for pulse of america, our brand new weekly, we take you through the biggest news stories of the day. we get your pulse each of them through realtime. don't miss our pulse of america. people will be involved with that. it is okay if they walk by the streets. >> using hollywood power to persuade you. josh sweden is joining me on his new mission of save the day when we come back.
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or dental procedures. before starting xarelto tell your doctor about any conditions, such as kidney, liver or bleeding problems. to help protect yourself from a stroke, ask your doctor about xarelto. there's more to know. xarelto. a busy day in florida for hillary clinton, moments ago here she is arriving in for fort lauderdale. we have a new tweet about donald trump about his over night
11:44 am
tweets. for those few people knocking me for tweeting at 3:00 in the morning, at least you know that i will be there to answer the call. >> donald trump is going through michigan today trying to vehicle votes in that battleground states. director of the block buster film, "avengers" is convincing you to get out there and vote. take a look of the latest of "save the day," jesse william. . >> if you are not registered to vote, you cannot sit in a jury, you cannot choose your mayor or district attorney, you cannot decide which measures will help your family or community which will put them at risk. this government was designed to be changed, you can make that
11:45 am
change or you can take what little they give you. democracy is not a sham, it is a job. it is our job. it took two god damn long to get it slide. you say vote because there are still people who don't want you to. >> l jo . >> joining me now is josh wheton. why is this so important to you and to folks like jesse. >> there is so much repetitive of the campaign. it is an important choice, what we forgotten is that we are part of that important choice and we need to pick our president, pick a senate that's going to listen
11:46 am
to our needs and do its job. we need to, you know, all the other items that jesse was talking about, the local stuff that'll affect our communities. if we don't take an active part in that then it is somebody's e decisions then we cannot complain. the main trust of our save the day is to just get people to be apart of democracy. >> we know other than jesse, we were able to get some other big names to be apart of the "save the day." i want to show a brief portion. >> you only get this many famous people. an issue that matters of all of us. a disease. >> racist, a coward that damage the fabric of our society. >> do the math. do we want to give weapons to a man's signature move is firing things?
11:47 am
>> firing things? >> the campaign and the effort here is to get out to vote. as you look at that in full context and it runs about two-minutes, it seems to be an an ti-trump. is that accurate? >> i think he's a threat to democracy and he's a scary monster and i am not shy about that. i am not going to vote against donald trump, i am voting for hillary clinton. that's the radical opinion i have. she's a really good politician and cares about the right thing and i have been watching her career, i am a fan and i am excited for her presidency. but, the fact the matter is, enough people vote, i think it is going to hurt donald trump's stances. that alone tells you something. the fact that the gop is constantly trying to put up laws that's making it harder to vote and talk about voter's fraud.
11:48 am
clearly, they want to stop people from being heard. i am not shy about that. >> joss, when it comes to a lot of people thinking of the too much money influenced in politics, we know there are big ticket events in hollywood for hillary clinton campaign and some luncheons that costs $30,000, what's your feeling about too much big money flowing in from certain people, donald trump's big message is i don't need the hollywood elites and players. that kind of works against folks and hillary clinton and what you are trying to do to get people to support her. >> well, what i am trying to do is very public, obviously, everything what we do are out there for people to see. we are clear that this is us telling you how refeel about this process. it is not dark money sneaking u.
11:49 am
i don't think there should be super pacs. i think there is so much money. i literally hope it does. like if we could get clinton in the white house and citizens united take the money out of politics and out of that campaign, i think it would be great. >> is sarah michelle gellar and yourself will do a movie of "buffy the vampire"? >> well, it sounds good to me. i am just asking. we talk about the millenials. joss whedon, thank you, you are a good sport. >> i want to take look at our last question today. donald trump tweeting about the miss universe message.
11:50 am
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back on the campaign trail, here is corral springs, florida, this is where hillary clinton will be taking to the rally state there in roughly 30 minutes. it is the nominee's second appearance there in the sunshine state today. we expect her to be bringing up the tweet fest of donald trump's over night. he was talking about there is certain people talking about him with his 3:00 a.m. tweets, but at least he will answer your call. it is one of five states considering expanding legal access to the drugs. the pending legislation is likely to draw more young voters to the polls. nbc's jacob soboroff, are they going to pass it on all five
11:55 am
places? >> reporter: if the election is held today, it sounds like it will pass. hillary clinton is leading in that same poll. i want to show you something, right now in the state of marijuana, medical marijuana is legal if you have your license. all of this product, the pineapple express or the tong. you can get if you have a card. >> how is that going to affect november's election and hillary clinton with young voters that we know she's leading with but is not doing as well as president obama with the same group. that's why we came here to find it out. take a look >> what do we got to do? >> we got to put these things on and make sure we don't spread any bugs or airborne pathogens to a secure environment. >> take off your shoes. >> this is very walter white.
11:56 am
>> it is. breaking green. >> breaking green. >> so david, you own a retail store where this stuffer is all sold. >> a lot of it comes from here. >> should we hand sanitize? >> hey, what's up? >> these are the actual buds on the plant that people are going to buy or smoke or do whatever they wish. all of this marijuana, under the medical marijuana law of nevada currently is completely -- >> it is legal in the state of nevada. if it is legalized here, all this stuff could be sold to anybody under those rules, too. >> hopefully. >> this comes from the facility that we were just at. and this is your store. >> are you going to vote on the ballot of november? >> which way are you going vote? >> lealization.
11:57 am
>> what about for president? >> that's a tough one, i mean. >> are we talking about politics or weed >> you think you will vote for weed and not for president. >> bernie if he was still up, i would vote for him. >> are you not going to vote for president? >> no. >> you will vote for weed but not presidency. >> i got to ask you how come? >> personal pretrial conference. >> are you democratic or republican? >> democrat, you are not going to vote for hillary clinton but you will vote for weed. >> yeah. >> thomas, let me introduce you to andre who's here to purchase some marijuana legally, of course, andre, what are you going do on the november ballot, are you going vote for legalization? >> absolutely. >> and about the president of the united states, did you make your pick yet? >> gary johnson.
11:58 am
>> can i ask how old are you? >> 28. >> did you vote in 2008, who did you vote for? >> barack obama. >> the last election, gary johnson. >> why johnson over hillary clinton who's trying to get young voters at this point. i think it is the anti-establishme anti-establishment. he's along the line of bernie sanders. >> did you support bernie sanders in the primary election? >> yes, i did, i did. and i knew gary johnson was running but i thought bernie sanders may have a better chance to win, clearly he did not make it. i am still open to hillary clinton, my mom tells me i should be voting for her. she says that she will will be voting for her despite what i say. johnson had some great ideas of legalization of marijuana. hillary clinton, i don't know if she does or not. she was saying something that
11:59 am
resonates with me so i am going to give her an opportunity. >> thank you very much, if your mom is watching, you are in big trouble. thomas, i will send it back to you. >> i thought you are going to say he's going to be in trouble with his mom for being in the shop. bra now, just a few days, clinton's running mate -- they go head to head of tim kaine and mike pence. it is their only one on tuesday, we'll have non-stop coverage along with new jersey -- and long wood new jersey, that's in virginia, that's going to wrap our coverage, i am thomas roberts in new york, and kristen welker is picking things up, too. >> great show and happy friday
12:00 pm
everyone, i am kristen welker in for kate snow. we start with the breaking news. in this video he was asked about comments about mexicans coming to the united states. >> when mexico sends their people, they're not sending their best, they're not sending you, they're not sending you. >> they're sending people that have a lot of problems and they're bringing those problems with us. they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crimes and rapists and some i assume are good people. >> you probably remember that speech. after those comments, two celebrity chefs, withdrew on deals to operate restaurants at trump's hotel. he


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