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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  September 30, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> that is a nice gas mask too. it was a fun experience. thank you to all the people who put on the virtual reality helmets. we were breaking down stakes and thanks to our partner on that vr. that will do it for this hour. "meet the press"dale we chuck todd starts now. >> if it's friday, more proof when donald trump gets in a he can't stop digging. an overnight tweet storm about miss universe. the libertarian factor. i will ask gary johnson's running mate and whether they will be this year's ralph nader. the snl factor and the thin line between politics and parody. >> in my plan the lock box would also be camouflaged.
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>> this is mtpdaley and it starts right now. >> put your straight faces on. welcome to m tr"mtp daily" it'sa vu all over again. or john mcenroe, you cannot be serious. or jack buck, i don't believe what you just saw. this is the ongoing chaos we will hear from the candidate himself when he steps up to the podium to talk to supporters at rally in michigan. we will keep an eye on that for sure. trump will be taking the stage since his tweet storm that started at about 3:00 and went on until about 5:30. did crooked hillary help
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disgusting check out sex tape and taste alicia m become a citizen so she can help her win the debate? we fact checked this and machado has a checkered past, but on this one, that's not the point. the republican nominee for voters urged americans to check out a sex tape. and the panic over the debate performance. don't believe sources said. if they don't name the sources, the sources don't exist. here's the irony, he cited his own sources multiple times. 2012, he said an incredibly credible source said obama's birth certificate is a fraud. hillary clinton called it a
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machado melt down and pathetic. this is deja vu breathing into a story when it showed signs of flaming out on its. perhaps the only good news for trump is that his tweets and talk are attracting attention away from a blew block custer that examines how the foundation lacks the proper identification to solicit donations under new york law or a deposition in june in his washington hotel. trump fought against these video releases and the judge ruled to unseal them today. transcripts have been out, by the way. and perhaps the other bit of good news is that he has been here before. everything is united or mostly against donald trump. guess what. his supporters just don't care. this is a story we will examine very closely on "meet the press" as well. let's jump into this day on the
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campaign trail. in michigan with the trump campaign and is the teleprompter up? i see that. is he going to stay with the teleprompter? >> hey, chuck. i think i might have lost your audio for a second, but i heard you talking about trump's appearance that should happen any time. it is running on time. in 20 minutes or so we expect to see him on stage and they can talk about the twitter tirade. they made light about it in a tweet a couple of hours ago saying at least you know i was awake at 3:00 a.m. referencing that hillary clinton's primary run. it has been a dramatic day of developments in the fact that as you said, a republican nominee for president is going after this former miss universe after a day they turned away from him. when you talk to others, i have to tell you, a lot of them do
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not like the language that donald trump used to talk about machado and women. i have been in touch with a lot of operatives and one of whom called it instanity that he would continue to go after the news cycle that turned away from that story line. instead he decides to bring it up himself again. the question is, will that push back from supporters do anything to dissuade him from the topic? we are about to find out. chuck? >> thank you, halle. i am joined now by an nbc news analyst. he ran george bush's super pac. you never have been shy about twitter and donald trump. have you run out of ways to describe what trump is doing to himself? >> yeah. i joke like he was built in a lab to lose the election. he is picking every constituency he needs for the voter who is take him from 45% to the general
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election and he is offending them. i never thought i would say i am surprised by trump, but i am surprised by trump. >> there is an aspect when he looks like he is unredeemable, he realizes and he looks into the abyss and he rallies, but he waits so long. i guess it's when he is personally attacked, he has to get in the last word? >> he has to counter punch. there has been a half hearted attempt to do a competent campaign or semi competent. he is doubling down on failure. i think he is in love with this poor woman. he has an obsession here. it's hurting him and the clock is ticking fast and furious. there is no time for this stuff. he had a debate which was vital for him to get outside of the cul-de-sac he is in with non-college educated white men
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and he used the debate to do none of that. i have given up on trying to have any strategic view. it's all ego and the moment and the moment is a childish feud. >> you know what, go advise hillary clinton then. how do you deal with this? this is fish in a barrel, but it's not like it's worked that well before every time she thinks he has done something that will create a flood of moderate republicans and supporters. it never happens. p it's like a political zombie, but he is animated by the frustration people have with politics. as imperfect as he is, there is high voltage in that sentiment. that keeps him flopping around. llary has to take the energy out by admitting part of all this experience she has is experience of learning from her
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mistakes. she has to let the energy out of that, but she seems almost as stubborn as trump about not being able to admit her weakness. she has the advantages, but the race is closer than you think it would be with a guy like trump. >> that's what is remarkable. trump has done at least 15 things that would have ended other candidacies. i might be being conservative with 15. legitimate ways that candidacies would be over and he would be chased out and have to quit. whatever. it doesn't kill him. this 40%, the question is every time an arizona republic or cabinet member said i can't be for trump and i will be for clinton, it never moves the needle. >> you are right. they have a huge pain tolerance. after trump loses, i think there will be a lot of discussion for a campaign that tried so hard to
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lose. we treated it a little morely than it deserved. we can't know the answer to that until election day. his problem is how do you get the 42 to 47 or 48. >> shouldn't that be the other lesson which is what would an effective trump been able to do? >> the power of the no more politicians big change in this election is so strong, it has been enough to take imperfect trump and bounce him around. you can imagine what it would be with a candidate who is qualified in saying not this amazingly self destructive. >> from your perch out in the west coast, always good to see you. >> thank you. >> let me bring in the panel. "washington post" and also with "the washington post," chris
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alyssa. political director for bush 43. she knows a little bit of finances. >> she knows about money. >> a bunch of state polls out today. they are good news for clinton. there is not a convention bounce side, but pretty good news for clinton. michigan is out and i believe it notes debate. nevada and clinton up. that was the most significant poll of the day. we had michigan 42-35. then we had new hampshire with her lead an identical 7. and then mason-dixon that has clinton up four. that has a much tighter screen for likely voters. if she is up four in mason-dixon, it makes democrats feel really good. there was a debate bounce and it went to clinton. >> when i watched the debate, i thought it was not that interesting. she did well and he did fine.
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it was adequate. it's what happened after the debate. >> the haley barber. bad went to worse. >> i don't think there would have been a bump had the day proceeded after the debate that he just sort of said you know, i should have been nicer to her in my comments and i shouldn't have called her fat. we would have moved on. >> he can't handle not winning going away. look at iowa. he barely lost. it was a good showing and instead he had to say no, ted cruz cheated. >> when he was behind in the polls, he said what's wrong with you? are you stupid? you should not say that. what's remarkable about this is that this is not the first time that this happened. the khan thing was a total disaster that you could see coming 100 miles away. if you ran a pta campaign, that
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would not work. yet he is really repeating the same thing. what does that tell you? he can't help himself even if he know what is the right thing is, he is incapable of walking away from something where he believes he has a valid point whether or not it's good for him politically. >> i'm at a loss. it's the same story every day this week. like we said, it's the same story. >> the khan story. >> it did start with the debate itself. 84 million people watching. he was incoherent. he was not speaking in complete sentences and not making sense. >> i want to pause you there. if you read the cyber question, those are cyber in the transcript. not a single complete sentence. >> he didn't make any mistakes. he missed opportunities, but he
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didn't make any grave errors. he didn't attack her. i don't think so. >> saying that not paying taxes is smart? >> that was a real mistake. >> well -- >> that doesn't make for him a massive error, but he -- >> they haven't judged him negatively for that in the past. that's part of his charm. he's a smart business guy. >> a group of undecided voters in north carolina during the debate and when he said that makes me smart, they gasped. there was a real reaction there. >> again, he was okay for 15 to 20 minutes, the problem is the debate was 100 minutes. go and look at the transcripts of the machado attacks. he walks into it. he walks into it and his response is not that's not true. he keeps saying where did you
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find that? that's the worst possible answ. >> it came across like a disney villain. >> not knowing that would have been coming and how to react even if you were surprised. >> here missed opportunities for sure, but i look at this post debate handling of this by the clinton campaign and they deserve props. she set that up perfectly, but more importantly than that, they had the miss universe rate to go. they had the ad done. >> two outlets. >> it was rate to go. that's what it is telling here. that's what good effective campaigns do. hillary clinton for all of her failures as a policy leader is running a very smart campaign. >> as a democrat said to me, they just need a candidate to be as good as the campaign sometimes. the frustrations with her, but
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she had a good week. it's amazing what confidence does. she looks lively on the trail. she looks like it. >> from the beginning of the debate towards the end. she clearly felt as though i have this. >> these big moments have a huge impact and you are seeing it in both directions. >> that's right. let's pause here. you will get a lot of time on the show. stick around. this sunday on "meet the press," we will have a discussion on trump's character and temperament. could gary johnson get donald trump elected? bill well joins me live. your h. or the freedom to choose what doctor you want to see. so if you're on medicare, consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like any standardized medicare supplement plan, you'll be able to stay with the doctor or specialist you trust... or look for someone new -- as long as they accept medicare patients.
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an editorial in the toledo blade asked where is hillary. since clinton stopped at a chipotle 18 months ago, she has not returned to the toledo area.
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the last time she set foot in the state was a labor day rally with tim kaine. since then, clinton has personally left the state campaigning to family members like elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. trump has been up in the polls. they have trump up five points throughout the month of september. the "wall street journal" said it may provide reverse coat tails. portland's campaign is setting up a well organized ground game and running well ahead of the former governor. back to the original point. why is hillary clinton staying out of ohio. they think she can get to the white house without ohio. keeping the strong democratic states if she holds on to the leads of michigan and virginia
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and florida and nevada, it is a realistic path without ohiome. we will talk to bill weld. one thing to keep in mind, don't be surprised if it ends up getting back closer to what the polls say. terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you.
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wopen up a lot of dawn. tough on grease...yet gentle. dawn helps open... something even bigger. go to, dawn saves wildlife. >> it's time to rebuild michigan and we are not letting them take your jobs out of michigan any longer. >> donald trump and michigan. right now he is reading off of the teleprompter which the folks are very, very happy about. the campaign is laser focused on a group of voters to be the least enthusiastic about the candidacy. they brought out the heavy
2:21 pm
hitters to talk college affordability and woo them away from third party candidates. the survey monkey out have a combined 23% among voters under the age of 30. clinton is sitting at 49% and trump at 26. wow! look at that. nearly one in four voters are looking third party. you know what that means. we could see a third party spoiler. joining me now is half of the libertarian ticket. former governor of massachusetts. good to see you, sir. >> thanks. always a pleasure. >> let me ask about the state of your ticket here. and your ticket mate. do you believe you can with stand more of what gary johnson called aleppo moments.
2:22 pm
>> oh, sure. the fact that the candidate may not specialize in pop quizes on tv, that doesn't go to the fundamentals. one of the reasons he is frustrated with himself for the aleppo incident is that he actually has been talking about what needs to be done in syria and what went wrong and he is a student of the policy there. i regard the guy as a deep thinker and not a lynnial thinker. he was a strong governor for two terms new mexico. i think he would be a strong president. pop quiz or not. >> i want to ask you about the spoiler effect. are you concerned that you could play a spoiler effect and it would be especially if it elected donald trump.
2:23 pm
we are over 15% and over 20% in several states. we are very competitive in the inner mountain west. northern new england and the pillar of states and we are polling well. that's without us spending any money and without the country having focused on us. we will get to the magic 15% that will get gary johnson if not in the second debate, at least to the 30 and the world will be watching. you said you are well past that point. if you saw support start to fate in the debates and this idea of a binary choice takes hold, then does that mean you would start being concerned?
2:24 pm
i think he is in the wrong place trying to be president of the united states. that's two nights ago. i do not view the other two candidates the same way. i think highly of mrs. clinton and think she is very well qualify and thought she did a great job in the debate and kept her game face on and it was a nice smile and not a pressed lips smile. mr. trump was out f kroof contr they don't think mr. trump has a chance to win the whole thing, it's an irrational year. >> for you were playing a role in that, what would it mean for you? >> that would be a bad thing, but i trust myself not to be
2:25 pm
pointing out weaknesses. at least through the debates, our ambition at a very minimum is to have mr. trump in third place among the three major tickets. i know there is supposed to be just two, but we are probably in 30 place by most people's estimation. we top the get in 30 place so we don't have to worry. >> you seem generally concerned about the threat of a trump pedestrian. >> that's for karn sure. >> for you thought you guys were standing in the way of that, but you wodn't win yourself, what would you do. >> you play it as it lays and there is a lot of hypos in there that is in the form of a pretzel. i would have the interest of the united states always upper most, but i do not think those interests are advanced by me
2:26 pm
saying i renounce my candidacy and i will go back on anything i said. i am having the time of my life. we get to say exactly what we think. it's not like when i was a republican and i was carrying all that social conservative stuff even though i didn't agree with it. now i agree with everything. >> why would gary johnson make a better president than hillary clinton. >> i think he's got a very appealing policy mix. the number one issue would be fiscal policy. gary and i both balanced our budgets and moved our states in more conservative directions. the next positive has to do that. we won't have the strength to do all the wonderful things that the senator and clinton will promise it will be for free. there is actually no such thing
2:27 pm
as government money. there is only taxpayer money and johnson and i were reelected by wide margins in the first term and that suggests that the voters at the end of the day appreciate responsible fiscal stuartship. >> do you believe he is more qualified? >> i'm not sure anyone is more qualified than hillary clinton. that's not the end of the inquiry. we were two term governors and gary is very, very solid. at this point we overlapped as governors and i thought highly of him when we served together, but having spent the last several months, i don't just like the guy, i love the guy. i think he is very solid and deep. i think his insight that it pays to have restraint about military incursions for the purpose of regime change before we spill american blood and put boots on
2:28 pm
the ground and countries where we don't just like what they are doing. it's valuable and i'm not sure it's characterized with either bush or the obama administration. we wouldn't be streaming about how stupid they are. >> i would love to be there for a debate and talk about how the government can make a big difference on black lives matter. we need training there a& it worked.
2:29 pm
training worked and it would be a pleasure to lean into that one. >> bill is the former massachusetts governor. you guys are always in a good mood. governor, thanks very much. >> why something happening tomorrow night may be the biggest event of the weekend. the return of "saturday night live." >> we are almost out of time. i will instead ask each candidate to sum up in a single word the best argument for his candidacy. governor bush? >> strategery. his cash rewards d from bank of america to earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. at places like the batting cages. ♪ [ crowd cheers ] 2% back at grocery stores and now at wholesale clubs.
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mar. >> after shimon peres's funeral, after getting clinton on board the flight was easier said than done. take a look.
2:34 pm
you can't make it up. traveling with hillary clinton and they were getting a big kick out of that. perfectly in character. oh, man, coming up, we have the caricature versions of presidents. sarah fagan shares that and he would have been just like obama. hurry up. let's go. here's susan lee. >> thanks as stocks end the week, the s&p gaining 17 and the nasdaq up 42 saying last month's numbers are about the weakest performance. they were slowing and rising
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live from new york this saturday night, a new season getting a late start, "saturday night live" gets under way not a moment too soon. they waited for the debates. snl changed the way we think about politics. sometimes it's hard to differentiate what happened on the campaign trail and what happened saturday night. who could forget this classic. >> governor dukakis. >> i can't believe i'm losing to this guy. >> tomorrow in the snl season
2:39 pm
premier, is revising her role and alec baldwin will step up and play donald trump. in monday night's debate, it gave the writers too much color to play with. the panel is back. sarah, i will start with you. you were most recently involved where snl had an impact. you were talking about how you take a debate performance and it's about sometimes amplifying a victory. you guys took what was considered a draw and some people thought you lost and amplified to to a victory. >> "saturday night live" is such an important part of our culture and it has been around for so long, i think they contributed to this fact that people look at politicians differently than they used to. what also happened was they made fun of bush on his reading and
2:40 pm
how he gave speeches and it contributed to people thinking he was not as smart. >> he has never shaken that. as far as the caricature. >> among party electorate, that is true. they don't pay attention to other news. they watch comedy central and that. if there was a program, you have comedy central and this. it's in part, a small part of how we have donald trump. it's a challenge to get them to play the clip so we should play some of them. >> you may think you know the location of the lock box and maybe you do. or maybe that's a decoy or a dummy lock box. only the chairman of the joint
2:41 pm
chiefs, myself, and tipper will know for sure. >> we are almost out of time. i will instead ask each candidate to sum up the best argument for his candidacy. governor bush? >> strategery. >> we know what gore said. >> this goes back to the beginning of "saturday night live" and gerald ford with the tripping. ford was an athlete and he was a great physical specimen. probably the best to ever told them. >> that's the downside of this. it's fun and we love it, but there is a downside to the way they do comedy. tina fey did sarah palin too effectively. >> nice segue.
2:42 pm
>> hillary and i don't agree on everything. >> anything. i believe that diplomacy should be the cornerstone of any foreign policy. >> and i can see russia from my house. >> gene is right that "saturday night live" has been part of the conversation, but i'm 40. there was a long period of time where "saturday night live" was not super relevant. it went through a trough. the 2008 campaign, barack obama, john mccain, sarah palin pushed it. i would be like they are at their most relevant now when th are doing political stuff. they do more political stuff than ever before. >> in an election year, you wait for the season opener to see what they are going to do. >> how could you do it before the first debate with a candidate like donald trump? it's like the great snl.
2:43 pm
>> it can make it cool when trump did it. look at what larry david did for bernie sanders. you talk about negatives. that's huge. bernie sanders became cooler to a lot of millennials. >> and sanders. >> he has a brother named larry. >> 84 million people watched the debate and i'm interesting to see the ratings. it's 11:30 at night and my guess is it the be quite large. >> the refresh. >> you will probably play it. >> that cold open will be within a day viewed a million times. it's to sarah's point, this is comedy, but why does hillary clinton do between two ferns. to make her look more fun and more personable. >> these candidates are now also
2:44 pm
using it and contributing to their own downfall. george w. bush would never have done those shows. they were not presidential. they feel like they have to. >> they have to do it. i hear that hillary clinton of years ago wouldn't have done this. i think she has been told. >> it was fascinating the way she was wanting to do the two ferns. >> one quick defense of snl. they have good years and don't say i will never forget them. one of the all time greats. ross perot 92. no doubt. >> that was funny. >> apparently gene and i will play the old guys here. >> remember when they did abraham lincoln? whoa, that was good. >> you are sticking around ahead
2:45 pm
of the lid and get back to serious stuff and preview the vice presidential debate. who will play snl and tim kaine? after this. "or something"? you don't just graduate from medical school, "or something." and we don't just pull smoked chicken, bake fresh foccacia and hand-slice avocado. there's nothing "or something" about it.
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i'm obsessed with something that happened to me on a plane waiting for take off. while i was twittering, i
2:47 pm
stumbled on a jewish online magazine. it is filled with peres's stories from the fall of the british empire to now housing a top soviet diplomat. it was what peres said about america that struck me. america was lucky and smart. lucky because we had friends to the north and the south of us, canada and mexico and oceans to the east and west. or as he said it, fish. no enemies as neighbors. and smart because we are givers. think of the plan. he said we are a generous people who reached out to the world partly out of selflessness and partly because giving and making friends is smart. it reminded me that when peres died this week, israel lost a leader, america lost a friend and the world lost a brilliant and imaginative mind. if you have about a half hour of time this weekend, read this full interview. we'll be right back.
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it's not something you do now and then. or when it's convenient. it's using state-of-the-art simulators to better prepare for any situation. it's giving offshore teams onshore support. and it's empowering anyone to stop a job if something doesn't seem right. at bp, safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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her ideas is not the problem. it's our willingness to work together. if i work as senator, i will govern and do that. >> i am running because verge o an era of growth and opportunity. and if we produce a plan, which i have in my road map for indiana, i think we can take indiana from good to great. >> there you go, tim kaine and mike pence, no strangers tonight debate stage, facing off four days from now in virginia. tim kaine, home field advantage there. will this move the needle in other direction? let's bring in the lid. the panel is back. we know already the vp debate is not going to be a game changer, hard stop. the vp debate does help with a bad news cycle. and guess who's in a bad news cycle right now? it's donald trump. he needs -- mike pence -- look, one good news cycle can suddenly just stop a period and you start to turn a change. >> and mike pence has been
2:51 pm
flawless in this campaign. he has defended donald trump and talked practically about conservative policy, he's made no mistakes on the campaign trail of any magnitude that anyone's the covered. >> he's also compared to trump, so i agree that he hasn't made mistakes, but you get my point. is that he's -- he's not going -- he's -- >> i would venture to bet he's caused the least amount of news compared to other vp nominees in recent times. you're right, trump takes up a lot of oxygen, but mike pence has done a good job as a vp nominee. >> and he explains him away with a smile on his face. >> there are two people that are quite good at pivoting off of things, self-inflicted wounds that people have given to himself. one is mike pence and the other is kellyanne conway. not perfect at it, but if you read a kellyanne conway or a mike pence interview, you're like, huh, so that's how you answer difficult questions and try to move things over here.
2:52 pm
i actually think he has done himself -- i always hear on twitter, mike pence will never be -- he's too associated with donald trump. he can make an argument if trump loses, look i went into this with my eyes wide open. i do and did believe that a republican president is better than a democratic one and i think he's acquitted himself relatively well here and i don't think he's did himself any harm. >> but don't want to underestimate tim kaine. >> tim kaine is experienced at this, very good at this, very solid. gave that kind of speech at the convention, he'll do that kind of performance in the debate. and i -- you know -- >> more than 20 million people in the debate watch this, i think they're going to come away and say, how come that's not our choices. because you may get a lot of that conversation. >> there's a solidity to both of them. part of the reason that trump is so watchable is the unpredictability. you have no idea -- for both of them, there's a solidity there, where neither of them -- mike
2:53 pm
pence is never going to be an "f." you can argue, he might not be an "a," but he's never going to be terrible. and i can say the same thing about tim kaine. these guys have been around and done this a lot. >> we've been talking about donald trump, i'm going to shift gears from the vp debate, but we've been talking a lot about donald trump's problems. they have a new ad out today, a hit on hillary clinton, that had he not done his tweet storm this morning, might have been an ad that more people might have seen in the news coverage. here it is. >> why aren't i 50 points ahead, you might ask. >> maybe it's because the director of the fbi said you lied about your e-mails. >> that was classified material in the e-mails. >> or maybe it's because your policies have allowed isis and terrorism to spread. or maybe it's because you call americans deplorable. >> you could put half of trump's supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. >> why aren't i 50 points ahead, you ask. >> do you really need to ask? >> here's what i ask, why didn't
2:54 pm
that ad get aired a week ago? you know, ten days ago. >> it's a great ad and it's the message that donald trump needs to be talking about if this election is about hillary clinton, donald trump has a shot at winning it, if it's about donald trump, it's much harder path for him, obviously. >> it was very clever the way they looped in deplorables in there, they sort of touched points, but without getting dragged down in details where they mess with fact checkers. >> that's right. but we're kind of grading it on a curve. it's not rocket science, this ad, because that stuff was all out there, and one would have thought a week ago they would have capitalized on it with an ad like this. it seems to be coming away now. >> do you know how many he said deplorables or basket of deplorables in the debate? zero. >> you know the only person who brought up benghazi? hillary clinton. there is a message that she has been here too long. she has not changed enough. he seems to be, based on everything we know up through the first week, incapable of
2:55 pm
consistently -- and that's the important thing, consistently delivering that message. he's talked about it in the first ten minutes of the debate. they never talked about it again. >> i think that's -- i think that's right. and he has -- he's going to have to course correct in these next two debates, despite what we've seen on twitter, in the last 24 hours. i think he knows that. he must. >> i don't think he does. i mean, i, frankly, think what you see is what you get. this is what we got from month after month after month. >> some time, we'll put a montage together of all the times so many people have said, well, if he just does "x." eugene, chris, sarah, thank you. tune into msnbc for all-day coverage of the vice presidential debate this tuesday, october 4th. it will be leading up to our live telecast of the debate itself, 9:00 p.m. eastern. we'll be back with one more story you might have missed. stay tuned.
2:56 pm
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in case you missed the it, it's election night. well, at least at the washington nationals game. tonight, it is election night. nationals fans are going to tough tou choice on a night when the weather may be a little lousy, and you know, attendance or turnout could be a little low. no, they don't have to decide between rooting for the nationals or the marlins because of some quirky home field issue. they have to simply choose between a democratic donkey with the nationals logo or a republican elephant figurine with the nationals carpet on there. by the way, it's a binary choice. there's no libertarian choice. there's no porcupine to pick
3:00 pm
from tonight. that is tanl most associated with the libertarian party, that spiney rodent. this game is in washington, d.c., never, ever voted for a republican president, so we're assuming they had to stock up on a few more donkeys than elephants, but you never know. by the way, there is something at stake tonight. home field advantage during the first round of the playoffs. so, now, i am a journalist, so i'm not going to take sides, but one week from today, i would like to be at nationals park for game one. that's all we have for tonight. we'll be back on monday for more "mtp daily." "with all due respect" starts 15 seconds left. >> it's 3:00 a.m. and your children are safe and asleep. but there's an android phone in the white house and it's blowing up. something is happening in the world or on tv or on twitter. your vote will decide who does the subtweeting. whether it's someone who already knows the world's beauty pageant winners, knows the ratings and the fake online polls, someone with insomnia and


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