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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  October 1, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is, and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar. a very good saturday afternoon to you. i'm richard lui at msnbc new york headquarters. donald trump on defense. new polls showing his poor presidential debate cost him.
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clinton expanded her lead nationally and in battleground states. now trump wants to turn the tables with a new line of attack on the clinton's marriage. just overnight, trump blasted hillary clinton as an enabler of her husband's infidelities in a late-night phone interview with "the new york times." trump accused clinton of attacking the woman her husband mistreated. when "the new york times" asked about his own marital infidelities with marla maples, trump said he did not want to talk about this. this is after attacking miss universe alicia machado's weight. he called her disguting. and said she had a sex tape. >> i mean really, who gets up at 3:00 in the morning to engage in
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a twitter attack against a former miss universe? i mean, he hurled as many insults as he could. really, why does he do things like that? his latest twitter meltdown is unhinged, even for him. >> jack is in manheim, pennsylvania, where trump will speak tonight. it is october 1st. the trump campaign not wanting to deal with gender. that is playing a big role this week. what might we expect today in some of his messaging? >> richard, it's been interesting to watch how the campaign is playing with this because he has yet to bring this up in a rally. he hasn't talked about bill clinton and hillary clinton in the '90s beyond mention of
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impeachment. he hasn't talked about alicia machado either during a rally. it's always in interviews or surrogates going after machado. in "the new york times" article he went further than he'd gone calling hillary clinton an abuser of women, but still saying it's something i'm still considering. whether i want to really go into that. in other words, there's been no campaign statements no mention of this at rallies. in talking about thinking about talking about it, he's talking about it. when we talk to voters about this issue, whether it's talking about alicia machado is a distraction or not, or whether going into hillary clinton's past is a distraction or not, most voters agree they would rather talk about immigration. national security. they would rather talk about issues that are of utmost importance. his campaign manager this week said, i would not advise him to go there with bill clinton and
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hillary clinton. there is not a consistent message and they've still yet to bring it up in campaign statements and in rallies. >> that advice not often heard as we have just seen throughout the last couple of weeks. drill down on those sex tapes, if you can. donald trump saying that he's evidently found some on the former miss universe? there's adding this to the discussion here. buzzfeed finding that donald trump himself making an appearance in a playboy softcore porn video back in 2000. any reaction along the lines to that line of issue, if 2 you will? >> the only reaction has been from the clinton campaign which said in a funny or interesting turn, the only video where anybody appears is donald trump. in this video you're talking about, he's breaking a champagne bottle against a limo. i think it is. that's his only appearance. it might have been the most
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startling thing about that tweet storm is that he invited his followers and americans to check out this sex tape, he said, with alicia machado. it doesn't appear any actual tape like that exists. only that she was part of a reality tv show in venezuela that had something that didn't rise to that level. there doesn't appear to be a reasonable strategy here except that trump wants everybody to think that hillary clinton was conned in bringing up this miss universe person, that she is really a person with a bad past. >> the very latest for us. jacob rascon with the trump campaign in manheim, pennsylvania, ahead of a rally there. thank you for that. let's get over to kristin welker covering the clinton campaign. most of the response so far on all of this has been on the clinton side. at least out on the rallies, right? >> it certainly has been. the clinton campaign thinks that
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they threw out the bait. donald trump took it and he's really kept it going. much to everyone's surprise, even they didn't expect this to be a story five days later, but it is. secretary clinton out on the campaign trail, as you played at the top, slamming donald trump for that 3:00 a.m. tweet storm. we woke up today to a clinton tweet storm, slightly different in terms of the content. this is from one of secretary clinton's east coast staffers who wrote, "it's 3:20 a.m., as good a time as any to tweet about national service. there are hundreds of thousands of @americorps applications than spots. horrible. let's expand it from 75,000 annual members to 250,000. that's what secretary clinton was talking about yesterday on the campaign trail. clearly, her campaign poking fun at donald trump for that middle of the night tweet storm. this all comes as it appears secretary clinton is getting a boost from that first debate.
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we have critical battleground polls which she opened up a lead, including florida, michigan, nevada and new hampshire. up seven points in michigan and new hampshire. from the clinton campaign's perspective, their strategy is working. she will be back on the trail in key battleground states, ohio and pennsylvania this week where i anticipate she will continue to talk about themes including college affordability, education and jobs. >> thank you so much. kristin welker following the clinton campaign for us. thank you. in an exclusive interview with telemundo's morning show, alicia machado reacted to trump's latest attacks. >> the point here is he's a mysogenic guy.
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>> joining me is dr. devi bell, crowned miss america who is now a veterinarian. donald trump was a judge when you were competing. >> yes. >> what interaction did you have with him? >> of urse, there was no interactions with any of the judges as i was competing. there is a tradition at that time, whatever hotel the contestant who won was staying in, she would get upgraded to a high roller suite. i was staying in a trump hotel. he volunteered to escort me and my family and the friends with me to my high roller suite. he was very lovely. he was very gracious. he asked if there was anything i wanted in my youthful ignorance what i asked for was pizza because what is starving at the time. he called a friend and got him out of bed and asked him to make a pizza. that was my interaction with him. >> his commentary about weight and repeatedly doing so, and it's part of the campaign as we
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start a new month here. what is your perspective on the way he is reacting to, well, her body? >> there's a long list of emotions i feel. let me just say, it's frustrating. i'm exasperated in 2016 this is what we are talking about as it relates to women and their value in society. it seemed as if we moved forward. we saw women of all sizes, all colors, in all spectrums of our industry. broadcast news, in hollywood. we saw round women. that was great. it seems like this has drug us back 20 years in the conversation about our standards for women and our narrow view of beauty. i just want to mak this point, richard. it is a dichotomy and paradox that in this historic election, where for the first time a woman is the candidate for a major political party and could possibly become president, that this is the conversation we've had all year long about a women's size that was in a
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pageant. it's ridiculous. >> what do you want to say to donald trump? >> well, i don't know i have anything to say to donald trump. this is what i have to say to women, young girls specifically. we are not a number on the scale. we are not a number of fat cells in our hips, thighs or anywhere else. nor should we be reduced to that. our leader should reflect who we are in our value in this society. it mice hope as young girls, and i have a 6-year-old daughter i'm raising, as they begin to form their identity, they will understand that. and they'll make civic choices based on people that value them, their intellect, their value to society, what they bring and their talent, and not the number on the scale and size of the dress they wear. >> could secretary clinton respond way she hasn't already? >> i'm not here to give political advice. she is trying to win a presidential election. she is getting out information i frankly think is valuable information.
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as a woman, i want to know how the candidates look at me. as an african-american, i want to know how they see me. i never grew up in a neighborhood where there were killings and gangs going on. most of my friends didn't either. i need a candidate that knows there are many nuances in the different demographic groups in our society. th is gd information for vote to use in making their decision. >> so great to have you. i appreciate you coming in on saturday to give us your perspective. >> thanks for having me. >> debbye turner bell. could ivanka trump be the key? >> donald trump understands the needs of a modern work force.
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as a supervisor at pg&e, it's my job to protect public safety, keeping the power lines clear, while also protecting the environment. the natural world is a beautiful thing, the work that we do helps us protect it. public education is definitely a big part of our job, to teach our customers about the best type of trees to plant around the power lines. we want to keep the power on for our customers.
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we want to keep our community safe. this is our community, this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live. together, we're building a better california.
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>> no. he needs to not play into that. don't play into her stuff. >> i like when he goes after these people sometimes. he's not a rehearsed politician like hillary. he's just defending himself. i don't care. it's not going to sway my vote. >> there you have it. three trump supporters in michigan. that happened yesterday. reacting to donald trump's continued attacks on former miss universe alicia machado. women voters are fast growing in number, fast growing in influence and now fast growing in the headlines as the voter participation project called them the key majority of the rising american electorate. unmarried women, for instance, they total 59 million voters in 2016. that's up nearly 7 percentage points from the last election. married women, 58 million this year. up nearly 3% from the last election. when one nominee points to a miss universe can't date's weight, many women listen.
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women who are single, young or mothers of daughters. one of the realities here, the majority of women feel society judges them by how they look. 71% says a recent "new york times" poll. donald trump's comments might push women away. our nbc news post debate poll of independent women voters show 80% do not believe trump has the personality or temperament to be president. joining us now jason johnson, politics editor at the root and professor at morgan state university. and emily tisch susman. great to have all three of you here. michael, you saw the numbers. it's now just six weeks until election day. we are right in the heart of october. what do you think is the strategic benefit when you look at trump and what he's doing right now, sounding these alarm bells inside the campaign? >> i don't think there is any
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strategic benefit at all whatsoever to what he's doing right now. any day he spends commenting on miss universe 1996 is a day he's not talking about jobs and trade and the other issues the american people actually care about. he is driving away the very people he needs to try and win this election. let's faceit. there are not enough white men left in america to win an election. you have to get support from women, from minorities, from the people that he's pushing away from his cause right now. >> emily, i want to move to perhaps what they are trying to do to mitigate some of the issues michael is pointing to. that's a new ad. it features ivanka speaking directly to working women. >> the most important job any woman can have is being a mother. it shouldn't mean taking a pay cut. i'm ivanka trump, a mother, wife and entrepreneur. donald trump understands the needs of aed mo earn work force.
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my father will change outdated labor laws so they support women and american families. >> "the washington post" saying the ad was one of the top performers so far in their focus groups. that's according to the trump campaign. is this enough to balance out what's happening on the other side? her father out there making other comments? >> other comments is a nice way to put it. very generous way to put it. it's almost like the campaign is running independently of their candidate. the campaign is trying to reach out to women, as michael was just saying. you can't win an election based on angry white men. they know they need to bring women to the fold. trump is going to make any ground at all, the group he needs to make the most ground with is independent and republican women, suburban women, they find him revolting and distasteful. they are trying to put these ads out there and trying to promote ivanka as much as they can. she is an appealing figure. childcare is rising as an incredibly important cause in
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the united states. childca childcare, paid leave. that's one of the only policies they put out was on childcare. it doesn't really cover most of the people they are trying to reach out to. there's debate whether it only covers married women, it doesn't cover fathers, adoptive parents, same-sex couples. it doesn't reach out to the group they are trying to reach out to. it pays lip service. >> she is a surrogate, not the candidate. >> not the candidate. you can't stop when the candidate keeps feeling threatened when women come after him. >> or has been said anyone coming after him. jason, reflect on what's been said. trump spoke by phoneesteay to "the new york times." i'll quote a little bit. hillary clinton was married to the single greatest abuser of women in the history of politics. hillary was an naubler and sh--n
11:20 am
enabler and attacked the women. "the washington post" said they found no instances of that to be true. there is more to both of these articles and the reporting behind this. you get the gist here. it seems like they are definitely going to go straight on on this very topic to try to combat this issue of him not being able, at least to date, attract white women. >> honestly, this is a failure from the start. this is about as effective as donald trump's outreach to the african-american community. i haven't been touched by that one either. the issue is this, it's not just that you can't win by only attracting white men. the problem is donald trump doesn't have any credibility to attack bill clinton. when you make an attack in a campaign, it's got to be your record is clean. hillary clinton doesn't attack donald trump for being corrupt because she's got the same problem. donald trump was accused of spousal rape by a former wife,
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accused of sexual harassment, made horrible sexual comments. bill's behavior is problematic and worthy of criticism, he is wasting valuable time he needs to be talking, shoring up his voters, getting people registered. if he says anything about bill clinton's behavior at the town hall, it's going to blow up in his face. regular voters want to hear about jobs. >> it appears secretary clinton and her camp are ready for those sorts of problems should they come up in the coming debates. michael, we've seen some of the surrogates out there supporting donald trump so far. one has to ask the question, we look at the republican party and those that are, if you close in ranks behind him, we've got rudy giuliani, newt gingrich, both of which is as well known by this panel today have their own headlines related to women that aren't necessarily positive. you put all three of them
11:22 am
together and your hands go up in the air. >> leaving aside any personal morality or mirtal failings in the past, this issue isn't winning a political issue. house republicans tried it in 1998 following the impeachment vote on then president clinton. it is not appealing. they lost seats. that was when it was arguably more relevant than it is today. this next presidential debate is going to be a town hall debate. it's going to be very difficult to try to do this successfully. i don't think it's a good thing or a winner for the campaign. >> they are forgetting this is a presidential campaign. he's trying to win. win the point of the day, win the tweet of the day. get someone else on something. it's a presidential campaign. the only person who is being judged right now is donald trump. the people he needed to win over, going into that debate, are republicans and independents who do not think he is
11:23 am
temperamentally fit to be president. >> has donald trump forgotten this is a presidential campaign? >> this is the problem. he has fallen for every trap hillary clinton laid for him. he's like a character from "home alone" or bugs bunny. he fell down the stairs, slipped on the banana feel, fell out the door and caught on fire. he is so thin-skinned, i think he hired ben carson to be his dermatologist. every time a women criticizes him, he acts like an angry 15-year-old boy. it's a waste of time. there is not enough time for these personal attacks. >> his campaign, leaders probably wish he would listen to foghorn leghorn and say, oh, no you don't. instead it keeps on going. stay around. coming up, we are going to talk about third party voters. next -- it's one of the most powerful hurricanes in recent history. hurricane matthew now a category 4 hurricane churning in the caribbean.
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thanks for staying with us. we are closely monitoring hurricane matthew, the strongest hurricane in the atlantic since 2007. two weather-related deaths have been reported. the category 4 hurricane claimed its first fatality in colombia where heavy rains and flooding battered the area. the storm is expected to turn north over the weekend, putting jamaica, haiti and cuba in its path. rafael miranda is tracking the hurricane for us. rafael, thanks for being with us. based on the storm's movements, what does this mean for the united states? >> unfortunately, it's too early to tell whether we could see a landfall here in the u.s. right now we are focusing on the caribbean because that's where we can tell the storm is headed. after that it becomes uncertain. take a look at the latest satellite image. you see the storm wobbling in the caribbean. moving a little bit of a loop. before making that northwesterly turn. jamaica will be first hit as
11:28 am
well as haiti. the winds, again it was a category 5 storm. now it's down to category 4. packing winds 140 miles per hour and higher gusts. the movement drifting to the south around 2 miles per hour. eventually later today, will take a northwesterly track. through tomorrow and tomorrow night, it's headed toward jamaica and haiti. looks to pass in between the two areas. haiti will see the worse effects between heavy rain and winds. landfall monday night into tuesday morning for southeast cuba. we watch and wait. it's not until early to middle of next week that the storm is emerging off the southeast coast where it may take a turn closer to the coast. it may head out to sea. hopefully heading out to sea. we'll have to wait and see. these are the tropical storm force winds moving into kingston jamaica. western haiti around early monday morning through the day. by monday afternoon, tuesday, tropical storm force conditions moving into cuba, southeast cuba
11:29 am
heavily populated there. we could see anywhere up to two feet of rainfall which could be devastating, especially for haiti, watching out for flash floods and mud slides. you can see these are the spaghetti models we track. the trend has been farther and hopefully will continue. this is a storm to watch throughout the next few days. >> thanks for looking through that spaghetti for us. >> the politics of pot. the impact marijuana on the ballot could have on the presidential race, not in one but several battleground states. boost it's about moving forward not back. it's looking up not down. it's feeling up thinking up living up. it's being in motion... in body in spirit in the now. boost. it's not just nutrition, it's intelligent nutrition. with 26 vitamins and minerals
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monday. we may feel matthew's impact in the united states by the middle of next week. donald trump set to hold a rally this evening in pennsylvania. trump trying to rebound from a week in which he struggled in the first debate. then he went after former miss universe alicia machado. post debate poll numbers show he is falling behind clinton nationally and in battleground states. to one of those key states. that is nevada we are talking about today where hillary clinton now up by six percentage points. there's cause for concern among young voters. clinton is trailing president obama's support with nevadans by 10 points. nevada is one of five states that will vote on full marijuana recreational legalization this november. this means turnout for younger voters could be up from previous
11:34 am
years. we went to las vegas to see how the pot vote could tip the scales. >> we've got to put these things on and make sure we don't spread bugs or airborne pathogens. take off your shoes. we'll put on the crocs. >> this is very walter white. >> it is. breaking green. >> so david, you own a retail store where this stuff is sold. the weed in your store comes from here? >> a lot of it comes from here. >> should we hand sanitize? these are the actual buds on the plant that people are going to buy and smoke or do whatever they wish. all this marijuana, everything around us under the medical marijuana laws of nevada currently is completely legal. >> it's legal in the state of
11:35 am
nevada. >> if recreational marijuana is legalized here in november, all this stuff could be sold to anybody under those rules, too? >> hopefully. >> this comes from the facility we were just at. >> yes, sir. >> this is your store. >> this is my store. >> are you going to vote for marijuana? it's on the ballot in november. >> i am planning on it. >> for legalization or against? >> legalization. >> what about president, vote for president? s. >> that's a tough one. are we talking politics here or weed? >> you think you'll vote for weed and not for president? >> yeah. >> both of them aren't really my first choice. bernie sanders, if he was still out i would vote for him. >> full recollection rational legalizations on the ballot. are you going to vote for it? >> yes. >> are you going to vote for president? >> no. >> weed but not president? >> not presidency, but marijuana, yes. >> how come? >> just personal preference. >> are you democrat, republican? >> democrat. >> you're not going to vote for
11:36 am
hillary clinton but vote for weed? >> yeah. another week, another score of campaign claims. some true, some not so true. one group who sent dozens of fact checkers, politifact. donald trump saying wednesday on the stump in wisconsin. >> she even gave up 20% of america's uranium supply to russia. to russia. you know what people do with uranium, don't you? it's called nuclear. 20%. could have never done it without her. >> john, what do your fact checkers tell you? >> mostly false. this has come up before. there are a couple of things essentially what this involves
11:37 am
is russia was buying a canadian-based firm that owns capacity in the united states. so where does it begin to fall short? first of all, this deal was ultimately subject to government approval, but he puts way too much emphasis on hillary clinton. there were nine federal agencies that had to weigh in on this. none of them could kill the deal. only the president could rule against the deal. the third thing here is that he was talking about the uranium supply. well in fact, his company controls 20% of production capacity, but the reserves are larger. so we came in at mostly false. >> mostly false. hillary clinton, her daughter out there, chelsea. that campaign trying to get more energy behind millennial voters. when she was out there, she had made a statement, chelsea did, about gary johnson who's been losing at least -- at least
11:38 am
gaining ground with millennials. she said johnson wants to get rid of the public school system. that true? >> we rated this half true. he is a libertarian. libertarians love the free market. therefore they love vouchers. but if you take a look at what gary johnson had said, yes, for sure he wants to get washington out of the public education system. he has said that states and localities should play a stronger role. so that's not killing public schools. he is totally in favor of uchers. it's a mixed bag. come in at half true. >> we are looking at both campaigns, but it's that what you said on the internet from blogs and one of the theories out there right now claims to evidently have evidence that hillary clinton had an ear piece during the debate. >> yes. here is what we've got. this is a recycled claim.
11:39 am
people said this about george w. bush in some previous debate. these people will say they've got photographic evidence. we took a look at four photographs, blew them up, ran them by photographic expert and no, sorry, not there. >> not there at all. the video will prove that. sum it up for us here. as you look at the last week, who's been more consistent with truth? >> well, it's been a mixed bag. i think if you go ahead and include the debates, you'll find hillary clinton is more on the green side of the truth-o-meter than trump is. just running from memory, looking at the debate itself, trump had three false statements, she had three true statements. that gives you an idea where the balance lies. >> your job is secure, at least
11:40 am
until november. thanks john green for stopping by. we'll talk again in a couple of weeks. >> pleasure. we are just three days away from the vice presidential debate. we want you to tune into msnbc for all day live from longwood, virginia. ♪ using 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the framework... wire... and plants needed to give my shop... a face... no one will forget. see what the power of points can do for your business. learn more at for over 100 yearsaking like kraft has,al cheese see what the power of points can do for your business. you learn a lot about people's tastes.
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pretty far back. that makes you more proud to be an american and more proud to be a veteran. i served in iraq in tikrit in 2009. when i took the ancestry dna test, i mean a few results came up that were really shocking. 11% of me comes from the part where i had served. we all come from such different backgrounds that you never know. get the deeper story of you at ancestry. get started for free at >> i'm having an aleppo moment. >> i'm giving you the whole world. anybody in the world you like. anybody. pickney leader. >> gary johnson, leader of the libertarian party admitting to another aleppo moment. embarrassing moments aside, johnson and jill stein in our
11:44 am
latest poll get nearly 1/4 of the young vote. and nationally 1 percentage points put together. with the race so close between hillary clinton and donald trump, any point shaved from third party candidates counts for the two candidates, democratic and republican. will voters say yes to johnson or stein on the phone to pollsters say something different when they are at the voting booth in november? it was first brought up, that question, in california in 1982. then tom bradley polled well before voting day, but then lost, shocking many experts. studies from that election, posited that pollsters did not support a black governor and behind the voting curtain, they could not support bradley. there is ralph nader in 2000. polls leading up to the election had him garnering five to six
11:45 am
percentage points of the popular vote. actual vote counts from november gabe him less than 3 million votes. that's about half of what he was expected to get based on those polls. joining us now, returning jason johnson politics editor at the root, michael steele and emily tisch-susman. i want to start this with you, emily. when we look at some numbers here. drill down to nevada and look at florida, as well. we'll discuss that very same third party numbers and how soft or strong they might be in these states. nevada 7 percentage points to gary johnson. in florida when we look at florida, you add both stein and johnson together. that's eight percentage points. are these numbers for third party candidates a little bit softer than they are for the other candidates? >> they could honestly could be a spoiler as you've been allu alluding to.
11:46 am
people supporting johnson and stein do so as protest votes. they are largely bernie sanders supporters. their candidate did not win in the primary. they want to support them as a protest. ironically, the, particularly the johnson position is the opposite in many ways of where sanders' platform is. things like college affordability, college debt, raising the minimum wage, johnson is really totally on the opposite side of that. he loves citizens united, more corporate money into elections. he seems very confused about the role of the federal government in college affordability. the sanders' supporters did their job. those things were inserted into the democratic platform and fully embraced by clinton. they did their job. now they are supporting them as a protest vote. >> the bradley effect.
11:47 am
is that phenomenon specifically which seems to be consistent with the nader situation, as well. did you see this affecting the third party candidates this cycle? >> not really. the bradley effect is really racial. it's the idea that -- >> the idea of it. >> yeah. the idea that people will say something publically that they are not going to do when they get to vote. i agree. there is a great poll about two weeks ago out of north carolina where they interviewed third party voters, jill stein and gary johnson, and over 73% of those voters said they would prefer another four years of barack obama to hillary clinton or donald trump. i think in a lot of instances, if you ask a gary johnson voter do you know who his vp is? they do not know. they are disaffected millennials and will probably vote for
11:48 am
hillary clinton. >> gary johnson is still winning endorsements. we've got the "chicago tribune" and five other newspapers. because of his inability to answer basic questions with the press and on-air nationally here, he looks potentially to be a future victim of the nader effect here. >> i think the frustrating thing for a lot of republicans who aren't comfortable with donald trump is that the libertarian ticket isn't flipped. governor bill weld has a socially liberal profile people are looking for. it's a shame that the fecklessness and foreign policy blunders of governor johnson are leading people's perception of the libertarian ticket when they have the lower half of the ticket a really appealing candidate who could win a substantial number of republicans who aren't comfortable voting for donald trump. >> i think it's worth noting
11:49 am
johnson has more newspaper endorsements than donald trump. >> let's look at this also. we are looking at bill weld on a friday during his interviews on msnbc, it appeared like he was hedging his bets here. this is similar to the question i'm asking about third party supporters. are they more prone to change their minds, even the presidential candidate for the libertarian party here? >> that would be something. i know he had said hillary clinton is well qualified. we would welcome that. we would welcome his vote. >> all right. thank you all three. appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> join us tomorrow for "pulse of america" a weekly show that allows your voice to be heard. we'll take you through the biggest news stories of the day and get your take on what is being said. don't miss that tomorrow 3:00 p.m. eastern on msnbc.
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all anyone wants to talk about is donald trump. >> donald trump? isn't he the one that's like, you're all losers? s. >> today is a saturday, ladies and gentlemen. we are hours away from the season premiere of "saturday night live" where el alec baldwin will make his debut against kate mckinnon's hillary clinton. it could be the most pivotal point in the 2016 presidential race when it comes to humor. could it have an actual impact on the outcome of the race? nbc's hoda kotb took a look how "snl" affected presidential candidates over the decades. >> a short promotional video was all it took. fans of "saturday night live" are fired up to see alec baldwin
11:54 am
play donald trump opposite kate's hillary clinton. >> i don't have a mean bone in my body. just ask anyone except those close to me. >> the campaign has already given plenty of fodder to the late night show that has spent decades turning politics into punchlines. skewering anyone seeking the highest office in the land. it all started with chevy chase playing the role of gerald ford. from nixon, carter and reagan, to more recently bush, gore and obama. >> both the clinton campaign and the trump campaign are definitely going to be watching on saturday night to see how their can't dates are portrayed. they may not have any say how they come off, but they certainly care. >> snl impersonations have become iconic. dana carvey's george h.w. bush framed the perception of the
11:55 am
president. phil hartman mocked the president's waist line. >> are you going to finish these fries? >> will ferrell's portrayal of george w. bush could be summed up in one word -- >> strategry. >> they brought tina fey to play alaskan governor sarah palin. >> i can see russia from my house. >> it helped define palin's image. >> we are not afraid to get mavericky in there. >> what tina fey achieved was take questions about sarah palin's readiness or gaps in her knowledge or some of the things she said as a v.p. nop nominee and turn them into waterer cool conversations. that's where campaigns are won and loss. >> palin joined with a head-turning appearance. >> live from new york it's saturday night.
11:56 am
>> this campaign has seen both major candidates appear on snl. >> keep them coming. >> hillary clinton serving up drinks as a bartender. >> donald trump. >> donald trump? isn't he the one that's like, uh, you're all losers? >> last november, donald trump hosted the show. >> they don't have my talent, my money or especially my good lux. >> now with fewer than 40 days left until election day, the question is, what impact will baldwin's have on the race? >> if snl clos chooses to make donald trump a darker character, for some younger voters, that could push them away from him. >> it will all play out live from new york on saturday night. >> that's right. set your alarms. it's t-minus 8 1/2 hours. that was hoda kotb with the
11:57 am
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good afternoon, i'm milissa rehberger. donald trump on the attack. donald trump accused hillary clinton enabling her husband's infidelities. trump says clinton is married to the single greatest abuser of women in the history of politics, and he didn't stop there saying clinton attacked the women her husband, quote, mistreated. trump told the "times" this would turn off women voters, threatening to use this line of attack going forward. when asked about his own marital infidelities with marla maples, he said, this was never a problem. this coming down on the attack of alicia machado's weight. calling her disgusting and claiming she has a sex


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