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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  October 2, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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alex witt at msnbc world headquarters. here's what's happening. new and widespread reaction to "the new york times" report on one year of donald trump's tax returns. >> the reality is he's a genius. he took advantage of something that could save his enterprise and did something we admire in america. >> all of us will do what we can within the law to avoid paying taxes. don't hate the player. hate the game. >> just a sampling. hear more from the trump camp and clinton reaction ahead. nearly a week since the debate, what do the polls show? the latest from an expert in the field. and bracing for a hurricane as matthew spins its way near jamaica. the question this hour, will it track toward the u.s. let's get right to that
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exclusive report from "the new york times." records obtained by "the times" show trump declared a $916 million loss on his 1995 income tax returns, a tax deduction so substantial it could have allowed him to legally avoid paying any federal income taxes for up to 18 years. we can't know if he actually did avoid paying. trump tweeting out this morning, "i know our complex tax laws better than anyone who's ever run for president and am the only one who can fix them." here's what some of his key supporters said this morning. >> the reality is he's a genius. what he did was he took advantage of something that could save his enterprise and he did something we admire in america. he came back. people who are poor take advantage of loopholes and pay no taxes. those are loopholes also. >> there's no one who's shown more genius in their way to maneuver around the tax code, rightfully use the laws to do
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that. this is a guy who when lots of businesses went out of business in the early 1990s, he fought and clawed back to build tens of thousands of more jobs. and this is actually a very, very good story for donald trump. this is an incredible comeback story that he came from near insolvency in the mid'90s to where he is today, which is a multibillionaire. as americans, we hate taxes, and i think all of us will do what we can within the law to avoid paying taxes. i would say don't hate the player. hate the game. >> the trump campaign issued a statement shortly after the report posted last night which says in part, "the only news here is that the more than 20-year-old alleged tax document was illegally obtained. mr. trump is a highly skilled businessman who has a fiduciary responsibility to his business, his family, and his employees to pay no more tax than legally required." new today, bernie sanders is responding to leaked audio from a fund raiser in february which allegedly captured hillary clinton saying his supporters were livering in their parents'
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basements. >> during the campaign, we have our differences. secretary clinton and i do disagree on issues. but what she was saying there is absolutely correct, and that is you have millions of young people, many of whom took out loans in order to go to college, hoping to go out and get decent paying good jobs saying, you know what, they're unable to do that. >> at this hour, clinton has just landed in charlotte, north carolina, a trib she postponed last week in order to pay her respects to the family of keith lamont scott, who was killed by police nearly two weeks ago. let's talk more about the report on trump's taxes. katie, what more are we hearing about all of this? >> we are hearing from donald trump's surrogates. they're trying to spin this as a good thing for donald trump, that it makes him smart, a genius to be able to bring his business back from the dead and that not potentially not paying federal income tax for 18 years is not a bad thing. but still it's not been a good week for donald trump.
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it is only getting worse. an anonymous tipster sent this report, this tax return to "the new york times" in a letter showing that he could have avoided paying federal income tax for about 20 years. now the campaign is crying foul and the candidate is trying to change the subject by attacking clinton's marriage. >> thank you. >> reporter: this morning an october surprise for donald trump. "the new york times" reporting he declared a $916 million loss on his 1995 income tax returns. why is this important? according to the paper's tax experts, it was a loss so big trump could have skipped paying any federal income tax for up to 18 years, and that would have been legal. the question of what trump did or did not pay remains unanswered this morning. he says he won't release his tax returns because he's being audited. >> do you pay federal income tax now? >> the returns will be released as soon as -- >> do you pay tax now?
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>> reporter: the trump campaign issued a response stating the businessman has paid hundreds of millions of dollars in city, state, and federal taxes over the years and that, "he has a fiduciary responsibility to his business, his family , and his employees to pay no more tax than legally required." a point trump made when hillary clinton raised the same charge in last monday's presidential debate. >> and they showed he didn't pay any federal income tax. >> that makes me smart. >> reporter: the clinton campaign quick to pounce, calling it a bombshell report and saying "he apparently got to avoid paying taxes for nearly two decades while tens of millions of working families paid theirs. he calls that smart. now the gig is up. why doesn't he go ahead and release his returns to show us all how smart he really is?" trump didn't address the tax story last night in pennsylvania instead mocking clinton for stumbling to get into her car at the 9/11 memorial.
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and accusing her without evidence of cheating on her husband. >> hillary clinton's only loyalty is to her financial contributors and to herself. i don't even think she's even loyal to bill, if you want to know the truth. and really, folks, really, why should she be, right? why should she be? >> reporter: if trump ultimately refuses to release his returns, it will be the first time since 1980. mitt romney got to lot of heat. clinton did it this year showing she and her husband have paid about 34%. alex? >> about five weeks to see if he ends up releasing them or not. thank you very much, katy tur. to the clinton campaign. kelly o'donnell, good sunday to you. what is the purpose of today's
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visit to charlotte? >> in many way, alex, this is a rain check visit hillary clinton had first wanted to visit after the shooting death and at time of some unrest in the city. the mayor there, a democratic mayor, asked that both candidates stay away for a bit of time until things could settle down. so hillary clinton today is making good on her desire to go and meet with faith leaders. she was invited today. she's attending a church service. then also plans to have kind of a small group meeting with african-american young men to talk about some of the issues that are facing their communities and also looking for ways to try to build trust between law enforcement and african-american communities and places where we've seen these episodes of encounters with police officers that have resulted in the death of people who had not been charged or people who did not have a weapon on them and all of the sort of civil unrest and the emotion that's behind this. so hillary clinton taking time today to make this visit in
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person. her campaign says it is in line with all of the things she's been trying to do on the campaign trail to meet face-to-face with people who have issues like this that reflect much more broadly on our society. alex? >> okay, kelly. what about this? the clinton campaign also reacting to that leaked audio from a fund raiser back in february. what is this all about? >> well, it was an instance where hillary clinton was describing the millennial generation as sort of the children of the great recession and referred to many of them living in their parents' basement and that, of course, is a reflection of if you couldn't get a job, perhaps you go back to mom and dad's house and you lived there. well, there are opponents of hillary clinton who have now made this sort o of #basementdwellers and putting it in the same category of her earlier comment about the basket of deplorables who are donald trump supporters as she described them, saying this is an insult to the young voters she is trying to attract and at the same time the type of voter that has been a bit slower to respond to her. they were so much behind bernie
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sanders. she's having a bit more difficulty getting them to support her candidacy. but her campaign manager today said this is being misunderstood. here's robbie and how he interpreted what hillary clinton had to say. >> nay completely mischaracterized what she was talking about. she was talking about young people she met who were us from that itted they graduated from college and went into an economy they couldn't find the job they wanted or expected. >> folks laughed when she said that at the fund-raiser. it made it seem like a pejorative. >> i didn't hear it that way at all. she's reflecting what she's hearing campaigning. >> is it a reflection to the campaign trail, an insult to a group of voters, kind of an awkwardly funny line? hard to know but one of those things that pops up on the campaign trail. it is october, alex.
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candidate and their staff have to defend comments. >> bernie sanders agreed. he said, look, it is the reality and she was right on. jeremy peters, reporter for "the new york times" and msnbc contributor. amy, senior correspondent for "the hill." good to see you. jeremy, given what your paper is reporting regarding donald trump's taxes, how was it sent and how can you verify the docume document? >> i would encourage people to jo go online and look at the back story that sue craig has posted. she checks her mail every day, snail mail, and found donald trump's tax returns and the lengths to which she and the rest of "the times" investigative staff went to verifying these and knowing they're bulletproof.
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it's important to note the trump campaign and their threats for legal action against "the new york times" has not denied the substance of this. they have not denied he maybe didn't pay taxes for almost 20 years. >> anything to this thought this 1995 return could be the single worst tax return reveal for donald trump for a couple reasons? it shows he lost $916 million. and it also insinuates that he would haven't to pay income tax for the next 18 years. was this return cherry-picked specifically? >> i can't answer that specifical specifically. i know in terms of what kind of political impact this has, it's been so hard to make a dent in either of these candidates despite revelations about them both. perhaps the most politically astute observation donald trump has ever made is he could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and
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shoot people and wouldn't lose supporte supporters. it's true in the sense of the polls, his favorability ratings have been steady and low basically since july twift when he announced his campaign. people know they don't like him, know they don't like her. but they like him less. >> who knew that outrageous statement might be prophet sncc. >> amy, what do you think this reveals? >> i think it reveals a guy who has said he would run the country the way he'll run his business that that doesn't bode too well for him. this is a statement he keeps making. in the last debate he said this was kind of smart for him not to pay his taxes. i think with these undecided voters that are still out there, this doesn't sit too well with them because they don't want someone who's evading the law and evading taxes.
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they want somebody stand-up. on hillary clinton's side you have trust issues. this doesn't bode well for him and the people he wants to court the most. his own supporters don't seem to mind. as jeremy said, he could do whatever he wanted and they'd still support him. for the undecided voters it hurts him. >> doesn't bode well in terms of weight carrying forward like the romney 47% comment to that extent? >> i think the difference is the romney 47% played into a caricature of him as a cold-hearted businessman, country club republican, somebody who didn't care about the concerns of average americans. that's not how people see donald trump. his supporters see him as the anti-romney, that despite his immense wealth and business success, that he's looking out for them and he would shatter the system that has kept them and held them back from financial success. it's much harder even though the
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hillary clinton campaign will try, to tar donald trump with this perception he is anti-working class. >> does this qualify in your mind as an october surprise? >> that was the first thing i thought. it's october and here we go. this is the first of in i'm sure. you'll see donald trump talk about his supporters, hillary's supporters potentially might not like. i think we'll see a lot of these things coming up and it will be a long month. >> i'm curious, jeremy, a different report is qualifying as trump's ties to cuba, how they may shake up the race in florida. can you talk about that? >> the cuban vote is interesting in how it's played out not just in this election but the cuban population has gotten younger
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and more and more kids are starting to vote. it's not as reliable of a republican constituency as it used to be. and it's in florida, the closest of swing states. there are a million cuban-americans in florida right now. you've seen this bitter struggle between hillary clinton and donald trump over allegations that he conducted business in cuba in violation of the emba o embargo. a very sensitive subject for older cubans but maybe not for the younger cuban generation. it could be a larger picture of what's happening inside the cuban community and how that demographic is changing and becoming less republican. like so many minority groups have. asians, hispanics. it's quite striking. >> with the younger generation.
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the question on the hillary clinton audio, could that hurt her? are the len yams paying granular attention? do you think bernie sanders explained it away? >> it's already hurting her. that's why you've seen her court the millennial vote aggressively. senator elizabeth warren, bernie sanders in ohio, a swing state, to make the case for hillary clinton. they need that support. this is part of the coalition, the obama coalition she needs, the one that supported him so aggressively in 2012 and 2008. she needs that voting bloc. it's key. any little thing she says or said kind of hurts her in that way. that's an issue that will keep coming up and something i'm sure that donald trump will keep bringing up that she's obviously not in an outsider year that she's not the person they want. >> what about the other sound bite i want to play for both of
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you from trump's rally last night? talking about hillary clinton not feeling well during the 9/11 ceremony. listen to this. >> here's a woman. she's supposed to fight all of these different things and she can't make it 15 feet to her car. give me a break. give me a break. give me a break. give me a break. >> jeremy, what are you hearing about the trump campaign and how he'll try to attack hillary clinton's stamina and perhaps her husband's past? >> you know, the people that trump has around him, you know, from his campaign ceo steve bannon to, you know, dave bossy, the chairman of citizens united, which, you know, made the video to the supreme court case that gave us unlimited campaign expenditures by corporations, these are life-long anti-clinton
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political operatives. is it going to endear donald trump to the suburban women he needs to win? remember how he's doing historically speaking with white women. these are people who will decide the election and having donald trump belittle the health and stamina of a 68-year-old woman i don't think is something that women are going to like very much. is it going to make that much of a difference with his core supporters? no, of course not. they love this stuff. i think that's where it's coming from, this gut impulse to destroy the clintons. that's what he's doing. >> we're out of time. amy, i'll presume you agree with everything jeremy says. >> oh, yes, and then some. >> thank you both so much. a week of stories about donald trump and former miss
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universe elisa machado. whether the cuban story might hurt him in the sunshine state. qo :é @d888888@888jj
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rudy giuliani defending donald trump's income tax practices after a "new york times" report that trump declared a $916 million loss on his 1995 income tax return. the paper's tax experts say it was a loss so big trump could have skipped paying any federal income taxes for up to 18 years,
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which we should point out would have been legal and we can't know for sure if he avoided paying. one of the founders of latinos for trump joins us. welcome back to the brad cast. good day. >> thanks for having me. >> let's look at how you think this latest trump tax issue may play out in florida, where you are, when it comes to supporters? what do you think? >> i can tell you that as a business person this is quite typical of a business owner. i think the average voter may not even understand what we're talking about. but mr. trump pays taxes. that needs to be clear. he pays real estate taxes, employment tax, corporate taxes. we're talking about his personal income tax return, and most people aren't going to understand how somebody who's not salaried hasn't paid taxes. so i think that -- i understand why he's not, you know, reporting his income taxes because he's under audit. i understand that as a business person. i do also understand the other side and why they're concerned about seeing that.
9:25 am
to me honestly i would just let them see them already and get over the debate and move on to things that are more important to us, to people like me and let him get back on topic. >> you make a good point. because he could have gotten out in front of all this and put all these questions to bed. the irs says you can release those taxes even though you're being audited. i have to ask you, you make your assessment of what he's done as being okay because he's a businessman. you're a business woman. have there been years where you have not paid any federal taxes? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> okay. and you did that through -- how did that happen? >> it's completely legal. you take losses, especially in real estate, which is way more complicated than my business, where i work in the service industry. sometimes you end up having a lot more overhead and paying taxes and employment taxes and things like that and you take a loss, you don't draw a salary typically when you own a business. i don't draw a salary. so that's why the average american doesn't understand this concept. most americans draw salaries so it's very clear what you earn
9:26 am
and what you have to pay. so this is a very different situation. >> and taxes are taken out for you. but -- >> exactly. >> do you agree that the appearance of all of this is damaging? >> of course, because, again, this is something that the average american doesn't understand. unless you've had your own business, you don't know a schedule c, an s korp, a c korp, an llc. it's legal but they're painting it out to be something mischievous that he's done and that he's lying. you know what, i think we should get back on topic and talk about the 30,000 e-mails that we're still missing from hillary. >> what about the report that mr. trump may have explored business opportunities in cuba while american companies were barred from operating there? you're cuban-american. what is your reaction? what about your community? >> well, you know what, that's something that happened a long time ago and i know back when ""the herald"" first reported it there was a lot of talk about it. now, like you actually just mentioned, a lot of the younger cubans don't really understand anything about the embargo and
9:27 am
so it hasn't affected them. and i can tell you that it hasn't affected hiss base of supporters. we still think that he's the anti-establishment candidate. we still think that for much more overriding big reasons like security, economy, things like that, we're still supporting him. i am worried about how it affects those that are undecided and the independents and i think those are the people mostly talking about it, although all the people that have asked me about that situation are all the people who are very strong hillary supporters. i have yet to get a question about that from anybody who's undecided or independent. the polls show he's doing well. >> what about the battleground polls showing your state there, florida? as you know it was a dead heat. it's now inching back to clinton. she's now four points ahead according to the mason/dixon poll. in terms of swinging the pendulum back in trump's favor, how hard is that going to be? >> i think that, again, he has to get back on topic. he has to talk about the things that matter to us, especially to the latinos that are supporting him. the security, the border issue, that's a big thing for us. the economy, getting jobs,
9:28 am
bringing back jobs, renegotiating those contracts for trade. those are the things that we care about. those are the reasons we're supporting him. automatic this other side stuff, him supposedly name-calling, you know what, the same can be said about hillary. she's done much worse to women who unfortunately were in relationships with bill clinton in the past. so if he just hit ts her with that instead of continuing to talk about machado and things like that, i think you'll see that pendulum switch back over in his favor. >> all right. we'll see. that debate is a week from tonight. we'll see where he will hit and how hard. thank you very much. good to see you. hundreds of millions of dollars spent, but the presidential race is virtually tied in many battleground states. a look at why hillary clinton is not further ahead. you're here to buy a car.
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residents in jamaica and haiti are preparing for 140-mile-an-hour winds, heavy rains and flooding from hurricane matthew. coming up, we'll check in with our meteorologist and find out the impact the storm could have on the east coast of the u.s. let's go to politics now. donald trump is fighting off a new report today which suggests he did not have to pay taxes for a whopping 18 years. rudy giuliani defended his friend on mete the dreet the p" this morning. >> he paid hundreds of millions to-dollars in state taxes. >> how do we know without him releasing his return? >> because if he didn't, he'd be in jail. he'd be sit beg hind bars if he didn't pay taxes. >> howard dean, former vermont governor, current msnbc contributor, and susan del per, is io. susan, as a republican who's not
9:33 am
supporting trump, what is your reaction to the tax story? >> it definitely gives hillary clinton something to run with. donald trump could have mitigated a lot of this if he just put the first or second page of his tax return out earlier. but hillary clinton has not made a great argument as to why we need to see donald trump's tax returns. this is the beginning of that. i think you'll hear the clinton campaign ask what is in his returns, who does he owe money to, for example, does he own foreign businesses lots of money, will it affect him that way. so she may be on to something because until now the public really has not shown much interest in donald trump's tax returns. >> something she's already put ought there. howard, critics certainly have declared the end of trump's campaign several times now, he keeps bouncing back. >> yeah. >> could this story be the real campaign killer or do you think he'll recover as he's done so many times before? >> all i can say is i made a
9:34 am
career of being 100% wrong between june of 2015 and 2016 predicting trump's demise. so i am not predicting. >> along with everybody else. >> i'm not predicting trump's demise. i agree with susan, i think it's very interesting this hasn't been a big deal before. it's obviously a big deal now. and i don't understand why trump didn't release his tax returns. one of the things that fascinates me is your previous guest talked about all the terrible things hillary clinton had done to women who had affairs with bill. that's just not true. that's more made-up stuff. if we don't counteract that, that becomes the truth in a lot of people's minds. i think that's one of the problems we're having in the campaign, we're not out there calling out these sort of crazy conspiracy theories and we need to do that all the time. we have to get better at that. >> governor, don't you think just to that point, though, if we're -- if that's what the campaigns are talking about, that definitely hurts donald
9:35 am
trump. i mean, he wants to be talking about the issues. so i don't think any of the trump surrogates should be talking about anything to do with bill clinton and whatever relationships he's had and whatever she did to protect her family. i think that definitely does not help donald trump and that the clinton campaign will only react to it because it helps her. >> i think that's -- >> go ahead. you can answer. >> i think that's true. i think that's true. look, trump is running eventually a campaign that i'm not hillary clinton, and that i'm, you know, an independent or whatever i am or a person who's going to knock over the table. at some point you have to say what you stand for. the trouble is his knowledge base is so tiny and there's nobody in his campaign as far as i can tell that knows anything about anything, and they don't care. this is i'm mad at everybody and i'm going to kick the door down campaign. i don't think that's a winning campaign, attractive as it may be to a lot of people who feel like they've been left behind.
9:36 am
i don't think there are enough americans -- >> i was going to say when donald trump is doing well it's when he's going after hillary clinton on trade, on the economy. that's when he's doing the best, not when he's talking about these other issues that really no one should really focus on. >> and i'm also kind of wondering, howard, how important is it really if trump avoided paying taxes for so long? do you think this has an impact on a trump presidency, or sit just the headline of the week? >> no, i don't think it's a good thing. look, rudy also said that poor people exploit loopholes too. that is just, first of all, not true. it shows how out of touch they are. they're in touch emotionally with people who are angry but the actual ability to do anything for these working people who have been left behind is zero because trump is in a different universe. he doesn't pay taxes. he has losses of $900 million which he can survive. he by the way screwed all the people who worked for the casinos that went broke that gave him those big losses.
9:37 am
the reality of donald trump in terps of working class people in this country is appalling and atrocious. it's just a very screwed up year. but i do not think that this is a small matter. a guy who doesn't pay taxes, standing up for working people who pay a lot of taxes and are really struggling, it's just not going to fly. >> you know in the first debate trump did not, as many expected him to do, attack hillary clinton with her husband's infidelity and congratulated himself on not having done so, but "the new york times" reports today that clinton is preparing to face that line of attack in the second debate. why would trump do that? who would he hope to reach with that? do you think there's any voters out there who are going to say, oh, yeah, this 20-year-old story about the candidate's spouse, that's how i'm going to influence my vote? >> there is no reason for donald trump to attack hillary clinton on those types of issues, especially during this debate, which is a town hall setting. so he's not going to gain any votes. i think he does things like throw away that line just to
9:38 am
show his base, yes, he's ready far fight if he has to, but that will really hurt him in this next debate. everyone basically on the review said donald trump did pretty well the first half of the debate because he stayed on message, he stayed on issues. it was when he was kind of flailing around on cyber security and other things and didn't take advantage of clinton's weaknesses that he didn't do well. so to bring this up come the next debate would be a huge mistake. >> so this morning my colleague chuck todd asked clinton's campaign manager why the democrat is not further ahead in the polls. here's his response. >> i think it's a reflection that the presidential campaign process is competitive. our country, fortunately or unfortunately, is very polarized right now. people fall into their different camps, and people are concerned and they want to see change. >> do you think, howard, it also brings into question how good of a candidate hillary clinton is? i mean, a candidate.
9:39 am
>> well, look, i think that hillary clinton is going to be a better president than she is a candidate and she said that herself. she's not barack obama. she's not her husband, who's i think the most talented politician we've seen in this country since frank lip roosevelt, but she does know what the hell she's talking about and is determined to get stuff done. most importantly for me she knows how to work with republicans and has relationships with republicans, and she showed that when she was in the senate for eight years representing the new york. she signed on to some bills that really moved the ball forward for the american people is what's really important. >> all right. howard dean and susan del percio, great chatting with you both. thank you so much. the story that made headlines this week, the former miss america about how donald trump treated her when he was a judge in that contest. and do you need a hero? has found an action series based in harlem.
9:40 am
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9:47 am
-- jamaica, and cuba. raphael miranda has more. this is a big one. where is it going and is this a threat to the u.s.? >> this is a major hurricane and it may be a threat to the u.s. but not until later this week, towards friday or the weekend. right now where we'll see the first effects that will be haiti, jamaica, and cuba, where the hurricane warnings are in effect. we've been watching this all day. it's been wobbling a bit, about to take a turn to the north. it has weakened but a very dangerous storms with winds of 140 miles per hour. you can see the motion very slow, basically drifting to the west around 3, but i've noticed a northerly turn over the past couple minutes so that will continue to be the track throughout the ron artest of the day and to tonight. conditions will deteriorate in haiti. we're expecting rainfall of anywhere between 1 and 2 feet with even higher amounts watching out for devastating mudslides and flashflooding in
9:48 am
hai haiti, also in jamaica and cuba, as this storm threads the needle between those countries and making landfall potentially in cuba tuesday morning before heading to the bahamas wednesday and thursday. then friday the storm still just offshore, so we'll be tracking this one for days. why we're concerned in the northeast all the way down to florida, these are the computer models, the american model and the european model taking a dangerous hurricane close to the u.s. east coast so we'll be watching this friday into saturday. will it hug the coast? that would be the worst-case scenario making landfall or will it go back out to sea? hopefully the out to sea snare joe plays out but time will tell. we have several more days to pinpoint the forecast and we'll watch matthew closely. >> thank you for that. as the questions keep coming about donald trump and his conduct toward a former miss universe, we'll get perspective on the story from a former miss america and the message she has for women watching the campaign.
9:49 am
join us later today for "pulse of america," our brand-new show. it allows your voice to be heard. we'll take you through the biggest news stories of the day and get your pulse on each of them in real time.
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that was a sarcastic remark pointing out that bill clinton has, you know, quite a pass, that hillary clinton has done quite a job on attacking the people who are victims of bill clinton, and not only that, she poses as a feminist and she's taken money from countries that stone women. >> former new york city mayor rudolph giuliani defending the idea donald trump could go after hillary clinton's treatment of the women linked to her husband. this after clinton dropped a bombshell on the debate stage about derogatory comments trump made about a former miss universe, a story still make headlines nearly a week later. joining me is dr. debbie turner
9:53 am
bell, crowned miss america in 1990, now a veterinarian and a broadcast journalist. just looking at you, it is obvious why you were crowned miss america. my goodness, you look beautiful today. >> oh, thank you. >> let's talk about donald trump. he was a judge at your miss america pageant. i'm curious about your experience with him. >> yes, of course as a contestant i didn't have any interaction with him at all but when i won it was the tradition at the time the contestant who won the pageant, whatever hotel they were staying in, they would be upgraded to a high roller suite. i was staying in a trump hotel. he found out about what somehow and volunteered to escort me and my group, my family and friends, to my high roller suite. and he was very kind and very gracious. he asked me if there was anything i wanted or needed and i was young and skinny and hungry so i asked for pizza and he called a friend of his that owned a pizzeria, got him out of bed to make a pepperoni pizza for me. so he was very gracious and my interaction with him at that time 26 years or so ago was very
9:54 am
positive. >> why do you think he was so kind to you. >> oh, i don't know that i can answer that question. i mean, he was -- he was just very gracious to me and to my family. so i can't answer that question. but i do know that at that time we had, you know, a very positive, benign experience with him. >> okay. what about your reaction, debbie, to the trump campaign, possibly using this tactic, going after hillary clinton for her so-called attacks on her husband's accusers, attacks that her supporter howard dean said in my last hour that were not correct, not factually correct? >> alex, i would like to see the conversation elevated right now. we live at a pivotal time in our society and our history. there's a lot at stake for the future of this country, for our children. i'm raising a 6-year-old daughter to be a confident young woman, young african-american woman in this society. and there are a lot of variables that will influence how she sees herself and the world around
9:55 am
her. and what i find ironic is at this historic time when for the first time in our country's history a woman is a nominee and candidate for a major political party to become president of the united states, that this is the kind of conversation that we are having and it's really unfortunate. i would love to see us elevate this conversation to talk about the value that we all bring to this country and that just because we disagree with one another, we don't have to demonize one another for those disagreements. so it's frustrating. it's exasperating. and i can only hope that at some point enough people, enough smart people like you will realize there's a better conversation to be had. >> look, i completely agree with you. i would love to be talking policy. i would love to be talking things and potential laws that will be enacted that could help us in any number of different ways. that said, how much value do you put on the personality, the
9:56 am
temperament, the moral compass of a presidential candidate? i think it's important to know what the candidate's views are of the groups of people that represent this society. as a woman, it is important for me to know what the candidates think of me and my potential and ability as a woman and whether or not i am reduced to a number on a scale or a the size of the dress or the color of my hair or the width of my nose. that's an important piece of information for me to have. it's important as an african-american to know how the candidates feel about the cultural segment of the population in which i am a group. and to understand that no matter what the group is, we are not all the same. all women are not the same weight. all african-americans don't have the same experience in this country. so it's important for me as a voter and for young women as potential voters and voters to
9:57 am
understand that they need to find a candidate that can represent the many facets of who they are and not be painted with a monolithic, homogeneouhomogen stereotypical brush. >> then the alicia machado conversation with this week, do you wish hillary clinton had not brought it up or do you wish that donald trump had kept the conversation going for five consecutive days thereafter? >> you know what, there's a saying, it is what it is. it's already been brought up so, let's not go back and litigate whether or not it should be brought up. let's talk about what it's developed into. it's almost a full week since the debate. and we're still having this conversation about a remark made by a candidate about a former miss universe some 20 years ago. what i wish is that we could take this conversation and pivot it to something that's a little more important and that's just little bit higher. to get to the question i know you want me to answer, that is,
9:58 am
it brings up good information. the more important thing that we as americans, we as women, we as african-americans can do is vote with all the information. even though this has been an unfortunate conversation to have for a whole week, it has brought information for voters to use on which to base their decision. >> debbie turner bell, still doing the miss america crown proud. thanks for your insights. >> my pleasure. thank you. understanding donald trump's tax returns. i'll ask a senior adviser to the campaign about a new investigation into that and more.
9:59 am
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