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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  October 3, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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reaction from capitol hill. let's start on the phone with katy tur en route to pueblo, colorado, where trump is set to speak in four hours. you are breaking the news of this cease and desist order from the new york attorney general. what can you tell us? >> reporter: the attorney general has served the cease and desist to the trump foundation in direct reaction to the fundraiser he held in january of this year which solicited foundations from folks to raise money for veterans instead of going to the fox news debate in iowa. the problem the attorney general has with the foundation at the moment is that they were doing it without proper certification. they are taking money and soliciting more than $25,000 without the proper paperwork to do so. they are not goeng for the proper audits, filing proper financials to make sure there is the proper oversight over the foundation. the attorney general sent the cease and desist order. it's for this year alone. this is a year where there is
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evidence that he was soliciting donations. it doesn't mean the trump foundation can stop handing out money. it means for the moment they have been asked to stop soliciting money. it applies only to the "new york times." the attorney general has been investigating. they have been investigating the trump university. trump has clashed with the attorney general many times in the past. repeatedly calling him a partisan hack saying new york attorney general eric schneider man has it out for him and the investigation into trump university and into the foundation. as we said, this is breaking news. we'll have more for you as it develops. >> stick with us. i want to clarify. this doesn't mean the trump foundation could no longer give money away. in new york state it has to stop collecting money? am i understanding that correctly? >> exactly. he can still hand out money he
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raised for veterans. they are not stopping from doing that. there are things that could happen. he could pay all the money he had received through the foundation for the veterans charity, specifically everybody raised this year. back to those who donated it. that's a little bit over 11 million. they do expect it to register. >> i know you have reached out to the trump campaign. are you hearing from the attorney generals office like on the record about the cease and desist? are they talking at all? >> the attorney general's office is saying they are looking into the foundation at the moment.
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they believe this is part of the ongoing investigation. the attorney general's office says they are the sole regulator of charities in the state. when clear misconduct is brought to their attention they take action. that's the on the record statement for now. we know they have been looking into the investigation for a couple of months now since the washington post has been unveiling improprieties or alleged improprieties. evidence of self-dealing. they allege donald trump bought two self-portraits of himself using foundation money. as of now it seems they have checked the portraits. no evidence to suggest he gained the portr to another charity. the trump campaign hasn't clarified that. there are questions surrounding a political donation to a super pac associated with pam bondi, the florida attorney general. a $25,000 donation. the trump foundation was fined for that. it breaks irs charity tax code.
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they were fined $2500. donald trump paid the fine and redeposited $25,000 into the foundation to repay that. the donation that was given to the super pac. both donald trump and pam bondi have denied impropriety in the case. >> headed to the rally in colorado. i would like you to hang out. we have a lot to talk about. i want to turn to kasie hunt covering the clinton campaign. the issue of the trump foundation is one we have seen hillary clinton go after donald trump on before. just within the past week. do you expect this to be something we could hear the clinton campaign bring up in the context of the campaign? >> i have asked the clinton campaign about the breaking news from katy. we haven't gotten a response back. it would be inside the pattern to have them use this as
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something they are criticizing donald trump for. they are still more focused on his tax returns. of course came out in the "new york times" over the weekend. they have a new tv ad up on cable and we now know hillary clinton herself is expected to talk about it at the top of her remarks here in toledo, ohio where we are driving down the road. of course in her motorcade, this all important swing state. the challenge for hillary clinton is despite rough days for the trump campaign, she's still lagging here. her aides say this is a state that's potentially harder than they thought. voters are grading him on a curve. willing to forgive the statements he makes. they are not treating him in the same way the way they are considering a typical politician. that's the landscape for her. >> as you were talking we received a response from the trump campaign about this. i want to toss it back to katy
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tur. what are we hearing from team trump? >> the trump campaign has e-mailed a statement saying while we are concerned about the political motive behind the investigation, the trump foundation nevertheless intends to cooperate fully with the investigation. this is an ongoing legal matter. the trump foundation without further comment. this is another thing on top of what's already been a very bad seven days for donald trump's campaign. first the alicia machado stuff and the debate not going well. reviews that she handily won the debate. the idea within the campaign he needed to do more debate prep. then the late night tweets. then over the weekend the "new york times" reporting on a 1995 tax return that donald trump declared the loss of nearly $1 billion that could have potentially allowed him not to pay federal income tax for 18
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years. also in the spin room i asked him directly if he paid any federal income tax now, if he was doing so presently. he refused to answer the question. we are a little over a month out from november 8. donald trump's campaign is trying to find a way to get their candidate back on track after an extraordinarily rocky week. only continued to be so with the news that the trump foundation is now being served with a cease and desist order from the attorney general's office in new york. one that the trump campaign -- you know, they have taken issue with the office in the past, calling him a partisan hack. nevertheless, this is another bad headline on top of a week's worth of already pretty bad headlines. >> day seven. we are showing on screen a copy of the cease and desist letter to the viewers. coming in to the msnbc and nbc newsroom within the last seven minutes or so. you can see it. interestingly, you read that the trump campaign said it was
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concerned about the political motives here. that's been a line that we have heard before from team trump what it has come to issues with the trump foundation and this investigation from the investigation office. when it comes to the allegations that this is essentially the a.g.'s office playing politics how does the clinton campaign nd a attorney general schneiderman combat those kinds of accusations or spin from the trump campaign. >> look, they are able to simply take what the a.g. is putting out there and frankly ignore the fact that there are criticisms that it might be politically motivated. for the clinton campaign this is particularly helpful, considering that there have been questions around the clinton foundation as well. the fact that this has been ongoing and raised questions helps them push back against
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issues they faced with the clinton foundation. obviously there are different sets of potential ethical issues that are around raising money. they're not exactly identical. for a lot of voters it is a relatively easy connection for the clinton campaign to i can ma. both the clinton campaigns and democrats seize on this and use it in exaggerated ways. the portraits of trump himself that was potentially purchased with foundation money. you have done some reporting on that may or may not be on board legally with the irs. it does help the clinton campaign at the end of the day. >> it's one thing to have the discussion here about this new cease and desist order against the trump foundation. another to see what voters. yay cob, looking in the e-mail,
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a new poll from monmouth showing hillary clinton holding an 11-point lead in colorado. you are out there. what are voters telling you about the breaking news? have they had a chance to talk about it yet? >> i was going to start with the poll last august and july. by debate time last week trump was beating her in an average of polls. this shows what a week it was for trump. no. we haven't been able to talk to voters about the news. i want to bring one in. let's have dallas horton in here. big trump supporter here. many hours early. last week you would concede far from trump's best week. >> the first half of the debate was okay. the second half, he didn't do as well as he knows himself he could have done. >> after that you had the
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machado news, all of that. if you were advising trump was this a good week? >> it could have been better. he had a lot of good rallies. when he goes out, stays on the teleprompter he has a good week. but the debate, if i had been there and they asked me about her i would have said it was 20 years ago, i met the lady for five minutes, i don't remember what i did or didn't say. now i'm going to turn to the camera and tell the people, i'm going to secure the border. she's going to let 400,000, 500,000 new ones come in. i'm going to do something for jobs. i would cover all his positives and how big she failed. talk about trump failing and losing a billion. how many zillion did she lose for the country by messing up the five countries over there? >> plenty of advice on what she
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should have said, should have done. newt gingrich said clinton can't beat trump. only trump can beat trump saying he's stepping on himself. >> trump knows it himself. he'll win the election if it gets back inside and tell them over and over how much better his program is for the nation than her program is. then the business, she lied under oath. that's perjury. that's a criminal offense. our justice department slid over the top of it. then she tears up e-mails she was told not to tear them up. but she did it after the fact. there is another felony that gets prison time. anybody but her would be in a trial headed for prison. i'm very unhappy. it's rigged big time for her. >> thank you. appreciate your time. one of many trump supporters who
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would if they could give him advice. he's got to change course. say the most hard-core supporters. >> i want to stick with the breaking news we brought at the top of the hour from katy tur that the attorney general's office in new york is issuing a cease and desist order against the trump foundation. it can continue to give money away. according to our reporting it can no longer now solicit money in the state of new york because of what the attorney general is doing. the trump campaign responding saying it is going to abide by the rules, by the laws and cooperate with the investigation. still saying it is concerned about the political motives here. remember, the attorney general, a democrat, eric schneiderman tangled with donald trump before. notably when the two went toe to toe over trump university. donald trump got in a twitter spat, if you will,ith schneider man. coming up i 20 minutes, we'll have david fahrenthold who has
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been the center of a lot of this reporting. kelly o'donnell joins me in washington. thanks for being here. one of the things when we talk about the breaking news with the trump foundation, i have to ask if we expect to hear from top republicans about this. they have been silent about what we have been discussing which is donald trump's very bad week. >> we have heard from the official surrogates and few others. there is very little upside for republicans wo their own races to run or supporting an office holder in their home state. very little upside to credit size trump. you could offend his voters and little upside to defend him on issues like this. talking about taxes most said release your tax returns. it is the standard. most office holders do that. we spoke with mitch mcconnell before he left washington. he doesn't want to talk about donald trump. a lot of avoidance for other republicans except the surrogates and the party
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chairmen trying to get trump elected. >> thanks so much. i appreciate you being here. i want to get over now to somebody who has been involved in donald trump's personal finances before. his former accountant. cpa of donald trump's from 1988 to 1996 we brought you on to talk trump's taxes. i want totartith breaking news about the trump foundation and a cease and desist area. what's your reaction to this? >> this is something that quite honestly happens more than you think. there is a requirement that you have to register with the state of new york under the attorney general. once you are registered there is an ongoing annual requirement. as you file form 990 with the irs there is info you need to do. if you solicit over a certain
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amount of money you have to have a certified audit that accompanies the report every year. normally when something like this happens the attorney general gives you a certain amount of time to file the necessary reports or do the registration or submit the audit. the question will be if he has not had a certified audit. how many years will they ask him to go back and do a certified audit. how quickly can that be? he may have had the certified audits and just not fulfilled filing them with new york. >> i want to talk a little bit about this "new york times" report that came out over the weekend. as you are familiar regarding donald trump's $915 million loss essentially, how does a guy -- explain this to us. you have seen his finances. how does a person running on his business record who bills himself as a business genius
10:17 am
claim a loss of nearly a billion dollars in a year. how doesn't that contradict the message he's running on? >> first focus on tax loss. tax loss is different from cash loss. >> explain the difference for people who aren't as familiar with tax law. >> sure. so the tax laws allow you to do certain things or deduct certain things which may not be an outlay of cash. you build a $500 million building. you get to depreciate that building. there are some parts of the tax law depreciate on an accelerated basis. if you borrow $500 million to build a building and you dpreech
10:18 am
yat, you are not doing an outlay of cash. it's a tax election. that loss flows through to his personal return. how does that flow through? so every entity that he owns is either sort of like an s corp. or llc. these are entities that don't pay tax on that level. there is only a one-time tax. that income or loss flows through his personal return. >> okay. >> think about the time period involved here. the time period involved is when donald trump was absolutely at his height of building buildings, making big capital investments. funds were borrowed or whatever. slay in year one you have a tax loss from accelerated depreciation or other means. that flows through to the
10:19 am
personal return. if that loss is more than the income he had in that year, the difference can either be carried back three years to get refunds in these years or carried forward 15 years. now you have a loss that goes to the personal return. now we go to the next year. let's say the next year we have more flow-through losses. they get added to the other flow-through loss that we didn't use. hence, you have the carry forward. >> that's how it -- right. all right. >> we don't know if this $915 million is a carry forward of many, many years and so forth and how much got used up. >> right. questions that could be answered. i'm sorry. >> go ahead. >> to your point these are questions that still need to be answered from the trump campaign and from others. i appreciate you being with us here. >> sure.
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>> i think you are live from philadelphia, my hometown. thanks so much. >> take care. >> i want to get to the microsoft pulse question which revolves around this "new york times" report that shows trump could have avoided paying taxes for 18 years. do you think he's the best candidate to help manage the economy? hit us up at pulse. we are also collecting your thoughts on social media. we have a lot more coming up next. in addition to an interview with david fahrenthold, the washington post reporter breaking a lot of news. also looking ahead to hillary clinton's rally set to begin really in 15 minutes. we'll bring that to you live. we'll see if she addresses the news we broke on msnbc about the trump foundation. we are also going to talk about the new report alleging donald trump made sexist comments about contestants and employees on "the apprentice." up next we ask a contestant turned trump supporter about the charges and what she saw on set.
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happening now, joe biden speaking in orlando, florida. let's listen in to the vice president's remarks. >> -- who never missed a mortgage payment, who relied upon the equity in their home to get their kid to college or be able to retire without having to rely on their children. robbing them of their peace of mind. what did he say? he didn't deny it. he said, that's good business. i'm serious. stiffing hundreds of small business men and women who worked on his project he said, maybe i didn't like the quality of their work.
10:25 am
can you imagine? can you imagine ronald reagan saying those things? can you imagine george h.w. bush or george w. bush? it is absolutely -- absolutely beyond my comprehension that any president of the united states would ever utter publically any of those sentences. what type of leader? this isn't just a talking point. you have to think about the character of someone. what type of leader awakens at 3:00 in the morning -- [ laughter ] >> no! no, no. i'm being deadly earnest. you don't have to be a psychologist or psychiatrist. what kind of leader awakens at 3:00 in the morning and tweets "hillary helps, quote, disgusting alicia m. become a u.s. citizen so she could use her in a debate"?
10:26 am
or 3:30 in the morning. this guy wants to be president of the united states of america? >> that's vice president joe biden on the campaign trail in battleground florida playing the role of attack dog. going after donald trump for his 3:00 a.m. tweets on friday for his comments about his businesses. the vice president doing what hillary clinton has often done on the campaign trail invoking ronald reagan in front of the democratic audience to draw parallels there. we'll continue to monitor the vice president's remarks and watch what hillary clinton has to say when she takes the stage at her rally in a couple of minutes. in the meantime, donald trump's campaign denying allegations that the republican no, ma'am nae used sexest -- nominee used sexist language to talk about employees and contestants on "the apprentice." a trump spokeswoman calls the report, quote, outlandish, unsubstantiated and false
10:27 am
fabricated by publicity hungry, disgruntled former employees. joining us a trump supporter earn elmore, a season 3 contestant on "the apprentice." thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> you have been there. you have been on the set. you know the vibe and atmosphere. is there a way some of the allegations could be realistic? these allegations that there was inappropriate conduct happening? >> shut not. i was there. i lived through it. donald trump was nothing but a professional, a mentor. it was an environment of nothing but professional conduct. these mmen are untrue, motivated by political aspirations or fame. i was treated with dignity and respect and everyone around me was. the trump organization during his campaign trump employed so many women. kellyanne conway, hope hicks, he's known to support women and
10:28 am
says nothing but positive things in their regard. >> on "the apprentice," a show donald trump ran, was there a moment when there was a comment made about a woman's appearance, her body at any point in the season you were on? >> never. not once. it was a professional environment through and through beginning to end. i lasted a long time on "the apprentice." i spent a great deal of time with donald trump, my colleagues and people behind the scenes. he was professional the whole time. i was there. i saw it. >> that this story is a headline, how much does it hurt him with the voters he needs to win over? i'm thinking of suburban women specifically. suburban white women that may be looking at the a.p. article reading quotes about donald trump making comments about their appearance, their bodies. that's got to hurt, i would imagine. >> i would caution them to be careful about what they read and consider the source. "the apprentice" was the number one rated show on television and
10:29 am
employed several hundred people over the years, many of whom are supporters of donald trump and say wonderful things. you don't hear people like us making the news. >> fellow trump supporter and former speaker of the house newt gingrich is openly, publically pleading with your candidate to change his rhetoric telling the "new york times," quote, he got himself to the edge of the mountain. he can get himself to the top of the mountain, but to do that he has to be willing to make real change. do you agree mr. trump has to change the tone or focus of the campaign to win? >> he should listen to people like newt gingrich who have been here for a great deal of time. donald trump has great, smart, brilliant advisers. he's listened to them all the time. he's prepared in the next 30 plus days we'll take the path to the white house. >> thanks so much. being with us live here. we want to add nbc which broadcasts "the apprentice," referred questions to executive producer mark burnett.
10:30 am
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hillary clinton just took the stage in ohio. her first visit to that state since september 5. >> do we have other uaw members here? [ cheers and applause ] >> it's a great day to be here in ohio for a lot of reasons. one is i am so thrilled that lebron james has endorsed me and joined our campaign. [ cheers ]
10:34 am
i have got a lot of wonderful endorsements over the last year and a half. i'm grateful for each and every one but there is something special about this one. it is a real honor in part because of twhy he chose to endorse me. you know what an amazing athlete he is. mvp, winner of championships. he's also -- lebron is a dedicated advocate for children. this afternoon, i will be in akron where he's done so much for the kids in the community. it's a deep personal commitment i share with him. we both believe every single child should have the chance to live up to his or her god given potential. i could not be prouder to have lebron joining our team as we
10:35 am
head into the home stretch. one thing i know, i will say it. i know it for sure. i hope to be elected president. but i know here in ohio lebron will always be the king. i was listening to kenyetta introduce me. i really appreciated what she said. toledo is the kind of place where people work hard, look after one another and, yes, pay their taxes. right? [ cheers ] >> you recognize that we all have to do our part? we are all in it together. it matters. we believe honest work deserves honest pay. we believe everyone should have the right to join a strong union that will always have your back. it's personal for me.
10:36 am
i'm the granddaughter of a factory worker from scranton, pennsylvania. he went to work in the same lace mill every day for 50 years. he believed, he passed it down to my dad who passed it to me if he did what she was suppohe was do he'd have a good life and his kids would have a better life. that's the american dream. that's what we believe in, we have to keep going generation after generation. because of my grandfather's hard work my dad made it to college. then after serving in the navy during world war ii he started his own small business printing fabric for draperies. as a young girl i would sometimes go to his print plant. it was a long building, no natural light, no windows. but he had long tables where he'd roll out the fabric. then i would watch him work with silkscreens, if you have ever seen it. he would take the silkscreen, put it down, pour in the paint.
10:37 am
take the squeegee, go down to the end of one table and over to the next table. all the way back. if there was a second color to be added he would do that. sometimes let me help with the squeegee. that was my favorite part. i know he worked hard. he worked really hard. he believed in hard work. he passed it on to me. he provided a good middle class life for us. so i am proud to stand with hardworking families all over toledo, ohio, and america who should have the same chance i did to share in the american dream which should be big enough for everybody. you know, fighting for kids and families has been the cause of my life. as kenyetta said, when i went to
10:38 am
work for the children's defense fund all those years ago. it will be the mission of my presidency. i want to focus on what are called kitchen table issues. you know, the ones that keep you up at night like the cost of child care, college, prescription drugs and so much else. that means we've got to create more good jobs. with rising incomes. that means we've got to have good schools in every zip code. that means everybody willing to work, and i say that clearly. you've got to be willing to work. if you're willing to work you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. that's the basic bargain. now, i don't know about you. you wouldn't think that the theme of my campaign getting an economy to work for everyone, not just those at the top would be controversial.
10:39 am
yet this is one of the defining debates, not just of this election but of our time. i will say most american companies -- most -- are run by honorable, patriotic people who care about their employees and communities. but there are still too many powerful interests fighting to protect their own profits and privileges at the expense of everyone else. and they are aided and abetted by the rules and incentives in the economy. who actually encourage people at the top. to take advantage of consumers, workers, small businesses and taxpayers. that makes it tougher for the well meaning ceos to take the high road. and it gets even harder when we
10:40 am
don't aggressively enforce the rules. when we don't enforce trade rules that allow other countries with lower wages and standards to get an unfair leg up. when we don't enforce rules on wall street which exerts enormous pressure on publically traded companies to boost share prices in the short term. over building real fall. investing in workers, plant and equipment over the longer term. let's be honest. the tax code rewards corporations for outsourcing jobs and their profits overseas instead of investing in the united states. it is riddled with loopholes. it tilts the playing field further against small
10:41 am
businesses. they can't afford lawyers and lobbyists. with all the pressures pushing in the wrong direction. it's more important that we have an election about these very issues. because what i know will happen if we have an election where we have an agenda that actually would begin to level the playing field. we will rebuild the middle class. we will make work pay. we will create greater opportunities for a great percentage of americans. now i know how hard it is. i think we are on the cusp if we win the election to get these things done. right? that means pursuing reforms to unleash the enormous positive
10:42 am
potential of american private sector. we have unmatched talent, innovation, entrepreneurial spirit. so when we work together we can all benefit. i believe corporations that benefit from everything america has to offer should feel some sense of responsibility, not just to their biggest shareholders. but to their workers. to their customers, to their communities and, yes, to their country. to the united states of america. we have been moving off track for decades. i don't need to tell you. you know it. you lived it. you have seen it. it is time to get back on track. you can ask anybody who's worked
10:43 am
for me or with me, who's served with me when i try to do something i will get up every day and work my heart out for you. so let's begin by making it clear that for most businesses, america is the most important asset on their balance sheet. this country of ours. this system of ours, the rule of law. the opportunity to get an education and go as far as your hard work and ambition with take you. we created the biggest engine of economic growth in the world, the american middle class. when the middle class thrives, the country thrives. when it doesn't, we don't. right?
10:44 am
i'm going to use the white house and every tool at my disposal as president to make the case that patriotism is profitable. standing up for america, investing in america will pay off. now we have always had innovators and entrepreneurs who build great companies and create real value. we should not and we will not respect those who get rich by cheating everybody else. so today i want to send a clear message to every board room. every executive suite across america. if you scam your customers, exploit your employees, pollute our environment or rip off taxpayers we will find ways to
10:45 am
hold you accountable. but on the other side, if you do the right thing and you invest in your workers and your communities and our country's future, we'll stand by you. that's the choice. our goal is to make it easier for everyone to do better. now to understand why this is important, consider the recent examples we have seen of egregious corporate behavior. look at wells fargo. really shocking, isn't it? one of the nation's biggest banks. bullying thousands of employees into committing fraud against unsuspecting customers. secretly opening up millions of
10:46 am
accounts for people without their consent, even their knowledge. misusing personal information and then sticking customers with hidden fees. it is outrageous that eight years after a cowboy culture on wall street wrecked our economy we are still seeing powerful bankers playing fast and loose with the law. then in a category by himself there's donald trump. [ booing ] you may have heard he long refused to release his tax returns the way every other presidential candidate has done for decades. you can look at 40 years of my tax returns. i think we need a law saying if you are the nominee of the major party you have to release your tax returns.
10:47 am
a lot of us were wondering what he was hiding. it must be terrible. well, the "new york times" discovered, at least part of the answer. back in the 1990s trump apparently lost a billion dollars in a single year on bad investments and failing casinos. how anybody can lose a dollar let alone a billion dollars in the casino industry is beyond me. right? it's just hard to figure. but as a result it doesn't look like he paid a dime of federal income tax for almost two decades. while millions of american lies, including mine and yours, were working hard, paying our fair share it seems he was contributing nothing to our
10:48 am
nation. imagine that. not fair. nothing for pell grants to help kids go to college. nothing for veterans. nothing for our military. you know, he's been dissing america in this whole campaign. he talks us down. he makes disparaging comments about our country. he calls our military a disaster. well, it's not. it might have been if everybody else had failed to pay taxes to support our great men and women in uniform. i saw a newspaper article. a gentleman named steve kraus who owns the glass city cafe in toledo summed it up well. he said, i would feel guilty if i didn't pay anything. it's flat out cheating the
10:49 am
government. my friend bernie sanders was right yesterday. he said trump reflects a distorted view of the american people and what this country is all about. [ cheers and applause ] you know, trump represents the same rigged system that he claims he's going to change. the whole story tells us everything we need to know about how trump does business. after he made all those bad bets and lost all that money. he didn't lift a finger to help and protect his employees, the contractors he hired or the people of atlantic city. they all got hammered while he was busy with his accountants trying to figure out how to keep living like a billionaire a all the while using his political connections to collect hundreds of millions of dollars
10:50 am
in government subsidies and extra tax breaks for his companies. in other words, trump was taking from america with both hands and leaving the rest of us with the bill. [ applause ] now, he says he's the one that could fix things but that's like letting the fox guard the hen house, right? here is what i really -- stunned by, i get stunned everyday in this campaign, here is one of the many things that i am stunned by, he has put forward a tax plan that would cut his own taxes even more, it would be like you are paying zero and you expect us to pay you to stay in business, all the rest of us in america? he opened the loopholes wider and according to new independence study, he would
10:51 am
actually -- listen to this people. this is a real shocker. his plan would actually raise taxes for millions of middle class families. [ crowd boos ] >> you know people that would hit the hardest are single parents whose lives and challenges he does not care about or understand. now, many have likely already spent years paying more than he did and now he would make that even worst. what does he say about it? well, y'all see the debate last monday? [ cheers ] [ applause ] well, in the debate, --
10:52 am
chanting hillary, hillary, hillary ] >> then you all know that in the debate he said it was "smart" to avoid paying taxes. yesterday, his campaign was bragging it makes him a genius. here is my question, what kind of genius loses a billion dollars in a single year? [ applause ] he's taking corporate excess and making a business model out of it. he abuses his power and gains his system and puts his own interests ahead of the country. it is trump first and every one else last. there are a lot of principles law-abiding business leaders are horrified by all of this. not a single ceo of a company
10:53 am
supports trump campaign. >> right. [ applause ] think about it. i have been endorsed by successful people, warren buf t buffet, mike bloomberg, mark cuban. i loved what cuban said when he endorsed me. look, i have been successful, he's actually is a real millionaire. he used profit sharing to help his employees, not bankruptcy and fire people and when he sold his first company, he shared the profits with his employees and 300 of them became millionaires. that's the kind of business practice i want to see more of in our country. [ applause ] [ cheers ]
10:54 am
here is what we got to do, we got to reverse the broader trend he represents. it is time to rewrite the rules and make this fair for everyone. today, i want to share my plan for protecting taxpayers, consumers and small businesses and workers. we are going to crack down on the worse corporate uses and empower companies willing to take the high road and invest in good jobs in higher wages and stronger communities. first, lets start with protecting taxpayers and making sure we have more fairness in t the. it is wrong that corporations and the super wealthy plays by a different sets of rules. a wall street money manager should not be able to pay a lower tax rate than a teacher or a nurse. >> that's hillary clinton in toledo, ohio. you heard her going after donald trump, using the strategy that
10:55 am
her campaign has been viewing. what kind of jegenius loses a billion dollar in a single year referencing the "new york times" article that came out over the week. her husband, bill clinton is also on the campaign trail today and earlier this hour, vice president joe biden is also hitting trump and all of this is super surrogate monday is happening at the white house. dr d democrats are wondering to get behind clinton campaign as well. that's where we are finding chris jansing, this is aiming at millenials group. talk about this tax issue playing with young folks. >> reporter: look, halie, you heard her saying the name of bernie sanders, this is the kind of things he talked about and we also know that hillary clinton is under performing with
10:56 am
millenials, that's why we are here with the white house and we are talking about ways the president is going to get involved. behind me you see the folks and music. this is the south by south lawn festiv festival. it does speak to many of the issues they care about. if you take a look, it is colorful and the screen up there, there is a stage underneath. president obama is going to be with leonardo dicaprio talking about climate change. the biggest push by this president is getting out college campus, first of the last big push that he's going to do. he's going to historically black college in southern nflorida. they're telling me this is first or one or two aearances every week through this month, big push for the president to help hillary clinton.
10:57 am
halie. >> chris jansing, live in washington, much more on msnbc, after a big hour of that big breaking news on the trump foundation and hillary clinton hitting trump on that tax story. stick around. former candidate and congressman ron pal joins thomas roberts to talk on this election. we'll be right back. on stuff you bought from that airline? let me show you something better. the capital one venture card. with venture, you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase... not just...(dismissively) airline purchases. every purchase. everywhere. every day. no really! double miles on all of them! what's in your wallet?
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now that i work there, i value dothe food even more. i feed it to yoshi because there are no artificial colors, preservatives and it's made with real chicken. i'm so proud to make dog chow natural in davenport, iowa. that does it for us at this hour, i am back on the road tomorrow from the site of farmville, virginia, now, for news with my colleague, thomas roberts. >> hi, halie, see you tomorrow. >> this hour on msnbc, the hits keep oncoming for trump. we have 36 days left. breaking news in the last hour, you will watch on msnbc the news about the new york attorney general serving the trump foundation with a seize and decease order. this comes on the hill of negative headlines including


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