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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  October 3, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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now that i work there, i value dothe food even more. i feed it to yoshi because there are no artificial colors, preservatives and it's made with real chicken. i'm so proud to make dog chow natural in davenport, iowa. that does it for us at this hour, i am back on the road tomorrow from the site of farmville, virginia, now, for news with my colleague, thomas roberts. >> hi, halie, see you tomorrow. >> this hour on msnbc, the hits keep oncoming for trump. we have 36 days left. breaking news in the last hour, you will watch on msnbc the news about the new york attorney general serving the trump foundation with a seize and decease order. this comes on the hill of negative headlines including news he may have dodged paying
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diamondbac taxes for 18 years. and other headline sexual harassments on the apprentice show. we'll have that story breaking shortly. hillary clinton in ohio slamming donald trump moments ago, this is her first campaign appearance in ohio in 29 days. you may have heard that he long refuse todd release his tax returns which every other nominee for presidents have done for decades. does not look like he's paying a dime. he's been dissing america. he makes disparaging comments and he called our military a disaster. well, it is not but it might have been if everyone else failed to pay taxes to support our great men and women in uniform. >> donald trump tried to shift
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the attention this morning pivoting to hillary clinton and her old e-mail troubles. >> hillary clinton only experiencing cyber security to violate federal law, engineering a massive cover up and putting the entire nation in harm's way. >> all right, we have a lot of permission to pass along and developments the last hour. our correspondence contributors are standing by. jacob rascon is in colorado and katie hunt is in toledo. how important ohio is, some folks are saying she does not need ohio potentially? >> reporter: hey, thomas, she devoted a significant chunk of her speech here in toledo, ohio from the weekend and the new york times about donald trump's taxes. well, you must have to be a genius to lose a billion dollars
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in the casino industry and she tied it into the idea that her campaign had been pushing that he plays by different set of rules by people. now, this is the something that the clinton campaign has been focused on for the entire campaign. every time there was a transparency issue that was raised, there were grumbling from her aids saying why are you talking more about his tax returns and we are starting to get an idea why. they are very, very ready to take advantage of this news, this is part of a broader across the board push from the clinton campaign. it involves this from the tv ad. take a look. >> when he had to turn them over, shae shthey showed he didy any federal income tax.
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>> it makes me smart. >> when i saw donald trump say he thought it was smart to get out of paying tactixes, i felt e i was being called stupid. >> reporter: voters graded donald trump on a different curve than politicians. here in ohio talking to once republican source who's been doing focus groups here, people of independent voters who watch clinton ads and laugh it up. donald trump is a businessman and this does in fact proves that he is being truthful, he's the kind of businessman who's not going to spend an extra penny. that's part of hillary clinton's challenges here in ohio. this is the state moving down the list, probably second hardest after iowa which a lot of operatives will say this potentially is done for trump. a lot of these white working class voters who have backed down democrats in the past in
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tole toledo. this is an area that voted overwhelmingly for sharrie brown, the democratic senator focused on trades. this is a big part of it, thomas. >> standby for me. we know that hillary clinton telegraphed that line of trump campaign being a jegenius. clinton went onto talk about the fact that if this is true then he has contributed to pell grants or military or vet cares in the last two decades. but, there is another story that seeming to dominate over the last hour. nbc katy tur is on the phone discussing the breaking news that has to deal with the new york attorney general. >> reporter: hi, thomas, eric sneiderman -- he ordered
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soliciting money from people. the foundation or the attorney general was enlightened by this by the washington post about tr foundation for some time. and the trump foundation regarding alleged cases and of charity donation to a political organization. in doing so, they realized that the trump foundation did not have the proper paper work to be taking donations at $25,000. when you do that, when you take that sort of money into your foundation, you have to have a lot of rigorous auditing that goes along with it and filing to make sure that you are not profiting your foundation. the trump campaign had not done
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this. the attorney general now is after trump campaign giving them 16 days to refile and offer the correct paper work. this does not apply to donald trump, giving out the money that may already be in the foundation. it is only money that's taken in. it is only applied to new york. this is direct consequence of donald trump's soliciting donations for iowa. he raised quite a bit of money for that. now, the attorney general want s everything to be put forward. that's still ongoing, they do not have further to report on
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any specifics. >> alread >> all right, we know since 2008, he had the foundation filed information about this that received $4.3 million. we know the trump campaign has put out a statement from this. this is from the press secretary of the campaign, while we remained concerned of the political motives behind the investigation, the trump foundati foundation cooperates fully. this is a legal matter. >> do we know if ag is going to seize any charges. >> they're not saying whether they are going to seek any charges. the investigation is ongoing. donald trump has clashes with the new york's general in the past. he called sneiderman sneiderman -- sneiderman has endorsed hillary clinton.
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the trump foundation, if they do not comply, a court order could potentially ask donald trump to reimburse everybody that paid into the foundation and reimburse all of those that put forward in the foundation. >> katy tur on the road and on the phone for us. thank you very much, i want to bring in jacob rascon for us in colorado. this is where he's holding a rally today in loveland, colorado. has any of the information suede their opini swayed their opinion? >> reporter: i don't know anything that he would do. many do admit he had a really
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bad week last week. the statement that trump and his campaign put out. they did not deny and as you mentioned from the new york times. mr. trump is a highly-skilled businessman who as fiduciary responsibility to his business, his family and his employees to pay no more tax than legally required. he's the only one knows how to fix it. on sunday, trump's surrogate says this is a good story for trump and it shows a come back. another one calling trump a genius because how he's able to come out of this and how he's able to use the tax cut to his advantage. lets talk to one of the trump's supporter. first in line is peter miller. we know that a lot of times when we talk to trump supporter, they pivot to something that hillary clinton did. is it fair criticism on its own that looks like trump did not pay taxes possibly for 20 years
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when you and i and most americans we paid taxes. >> i understand how that can be screwed by the media that he maybe a failed businessman or maybe he did not perform well in his business endeavors. the thing that we need to be looking at this debate is bill clinton is rapist. >> reporter: all right, he knew he had a minute, that's how he wanted to use his time. we hear some clapping going around here. i would point out that on saturday as we talked to dozens of supporters, most of them said they didn't want trump to go there and they did not like that he went to miss universe, they don't think it worked well for him. thomas. >> clinton folks were pushed
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back by that category right there that is untrue. >> the other big headline today comes from the ap about donald trump of inappropriate behavior that happened on the set of the reality show, "the apprentice." trump's practices and behavior, it is good to have you with me, this is 14th season on nbc with "the apprentice." what are contestants and crew are alleging, take us through the report. >> we are interested in the working environment on the set of "the apprentice." so we wanted to talk to casts and crew about the working environment. we spoke to nearly two dozen people who said they were uncomfortable some of the sexual
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language that trump used onset talking about the size of female contestants' breasts and talking about their rear end of a camera woman and as well as asking male contestants to sometimes rank which of the female contestants they may want to sleep with. >> so there are other contest tans and crew folks that went through the process on "the apprentice" and having different characterization. i want to play how she felt of their time on the show with halie jackson. >> never not once. it was a professional environment through and through from beginning to end. i lasted a long time on "the
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aparenten apar apprentice." he was professional the whole entire time >> the trump folks put out a statement saying he's out landish "the apprentice" was one of the most successful prime tv shows of all times. we know that mark burnett was the ep of that show and questions were reported to him. the pr company did not respond back. do you have other potential story lines with behavior from that set that ru sittiyou are s on. did you reveal everything you know in this report? >> i think we are all going thomas hock looking for stories on all of the candidates right up until the election. this story was particularly to work on just because so little
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had been heard from the crew of "the apprentice." for us, we felt this was an opportunity to shed some lights on that particular show. we certainly did talk to contestants and crew who felt that he was a great mentor and you know a compassionate leader >> all right, thank you very much. >> once again, the questions about this story, were sent to the apprentice, and they forwarded the questions to the pr firm. they have not responded to those allegations. more scandal around the set of " "the apprentice" as well. trump's senior adviser sarah huckabee will be with me next. >> before we go, "saturday night live." boy, they did not disappoint
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what kind of tweeter wakes up at 3:00 in the morning. or 3:30 in the morning? this guy wants to be president of the united states of america? all right, we have vice president joe biden hitting donald trump from those 3:00 a.m. tweets. this is the nominee battling the new controversies that started early in the month.
11:20 am
we have a desist order to the trump foundation and trump is facing these allegations that he acted inappropriately while hosting the abc show, "the apprentice." the article comes days after a bomb shell reports released about trump taxes. lets get straight to the trump campaign and speak to sarah huckabee sanders. she's joining me from farmville, virginia. that's the site of the vp debate tomorrow. we know in the last hour, katy tur breaking the news about the cease and desist order of this foundation operated without proper paper work and over $25,000 limit. what's your response to that? does this prove that the trump foundation was in anyway acting inappropriately.
11:21 am
>> i don't think it proves anything other than hillary clinton got a lot of allies in high positions that are willing to do anything for her. i cannot speak to an ongoing legal investigation. i cannot really get into the details on that. >> but the clinton foundati foundation -- do you think the same type of scrutiny of the clinton foundation should apply to the trump foundation. >> i think there should be more scrutiny in the clinton foundation. two things that are not comparable and not on the same scale. that's not even remotely in the same ballpark as even the allegations that one of hillary clinton's allies is making against donald trump. i think it is ludicrous to try to compare the truth. hillary clinton broke the law and lied about it and tried to cover it up and not some alleged
11:22 am
scandal. >> she was not charged anything. >> sarah, you can say she broke the law but she's not charged by anything and she's been cleared by the ag and fbi. right now, the ag of new york says they broke the law because they operated above the $25,000 threshold in the millions of dollars, some of those were used on golf properties and paintings of himself a. we can agree to move on because now there is the other issues of the ap story that says trump made demeaning comments or sexes comments and talked about their brep bre breasts and which ones he would like to have sex with. and now of the battle how donald
11:23 am
trump treats women. >> she called millions of trump's supporters deplorables and we learned in the last few days that she called millions of young women, bernie sanders, people living in their parents' base basement. how are you answering my questions that has to deal directly with your candidate and i appreciate you try to pivot to talk about hillary clinton. but, these are questions about your candidate. if you are not prepared to answer questions about your candidate, i will ask you to come back. >> i have to talk about these things because you guys are not. the media ignored all these offensive things that bill clinton have said about women in the last several weeks. >> okay, so --
11:24 am
>> we completely ignored them. >> why don't we remind everybody what your candidate said at a rally about hillary clinton and bill clinton about the loyalty of the nominee. take a look. >> oh, all right, they're saying it is not cued up right now. basical basical you know what, who could blame her, the crowd cheered at that, do you think that statement or rhetoric, also reply from the audience is deplorable behavior or is that all good? >> i don't think that should be the focus of our campaign, i think when we are talking about the economy and talking about national security, we are winning. the problem is, hillary clinton is the one trying to bring up these attacks when she talked about it on the debate stage. the biggest platform that she had, she wanted to talk this and make this an essential point of
11:25 am
the campaign. >> so you support those types baseless allegations about hillary clinton has stepped outside of her marriage and you support the crowd cheering the way it did. we got that on fact. >> that's not what i said. it is basically is. it is a yes or no question if you think it is deplorable or not. some people would look at that especially if parents that have kids is a deplorable thing to say and attack them like that and the crowd that cheering him on. i think that takes our political considerations conversations from a new low. i think your sensibilities probably feel the same way and now we have this tax story that revealed -- >> which is why i think is so important, if you ask me to come on, you have to let me answer
11:26 am
the question. i did not say i thought that was the direction but hillary clinton is the one that began this conversation not donald trump. you guys continue to ignore the offensive things that she have said about millions of americans and the way she's victimized many women in her career. >> sarah, you have to admi admit -- within 24 hours, hillary clinton put out a statement regretting that remark that she stepped outside of bounds and felt that was not worthy of her campaign. whether or not you accept that apology -- >> only to follow it up with attacking millions of young women who supported bernie sanders. anybody that does not support hillary clinton, she had utter content and disgust for particularly women. that's a big problem. that shows us the heart of who she is. that's one of the big things we should be talking about. we ignored that in the cycle and
11:27 am
the last couple of weeks. i hope to see you down there, i am heading down there in the show and hopefully we'll pick up this conversation tomorrow, thanks for your time, sarah huckabee sanders. >> today we have been asking our microsoft question, of donald trump avoiding taxes for 18 years. the results so far, check them out. 3% of you say yes and 97% of you say no. there is still time for you to vote. coming up our candidate ron paul is not supporting donald trump or johnson. so who is he backing? he's joining me next. like peanut butter and jelly. yeah. ham and cheese. cops and robbers. yeah.
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who's the former texas congressman supporting in this election cycle? it may surprise you to know it is not the libertarian ticket, instead, it is green party nominee doctor jill stein. the position and former politician ron paul is joining me now, sir, it is good to have you with me. >> thank you, it is good to be with you. doctor stein is pulling lower than gary johnson. for you, what makes her qualified for the highest office in the land? >> well, i think there is a little bit of missed information because i have not endorsed anybody. i have mentioned her name because i have to look for bits and pieces in all the candidates to come up and try to put it together and have a liberrian message. liberty is all chopped to pieces. liberals defending some parts of liberty and concerns of other parts and progresses are pretty good too on foreign policies.
11:32 am
i work with progressives and we talked a lot about foreign policies and all sorts of things, on occasion, gary will say something good about the economy and donald trump, i find him talking about the bubble that the federal reserve created. all those things if you put them together, you come up with a libertarian message. that's my goal so i have not literally endorsed anybody. has anyone reached out to you from jill stein. you have given her compliments and try to alert people to her in terms of what they should be looking. who's reached o ut to you and gaining that real lock of the endorsement? >> well, i have, you know in a way made the statement that you know, people if they are unhappy with the two major candidates. that's the case for a lot of people. that's the majority people when that are unhappy. i said if the independence who don't know what to do and who should they pick, i say if you tend to lead towards progre
11:33 am
progress -- you can vote for the green party. certainly you can s certainly, i think she's best on foreign policy at the moment. on gary johnson, he does not come across of a libertarian message. if he wants to express himself. i am voting for the principles that creates the libertarian message and that is nobody can commit aggression. individuals cannot nor the government. unfortunately, there is no not -- this individual represents liberty and if you vote for this person, you will be voting for liberty and truly expressing yourself. >> when it comes to gary johnson, the hardball moment with chris mathew where he could
11:34 am
not name a foreign leader where he admired and william weld had to help him out and be the savior of that moment. do you think those are disqualifying moments for gary johnson and william weld when it comes to the libertarian ticket and what the nominee should represents? >> it does not build confidence in the individual but should not be disqualified. when that is done, the politician is embarrassed, i would like to ask the interview of who's the president of switzerland. most people don't know. but, it should not disqualify you. it does raise eye brows and put question marks out there. >> well, these were not weird questions, aleppo right now with the terror crisis right now and asking your favorite living or dead foreign leader, i mean, you
11:35 am
can say margaret thatcher or anybody that comes to mind but nothing was really there. we have will i didn't meaniam w what is your message to him about the past party nominees or if they are acting as spoilers. >> no, i don't think they'll be spoilers. those people who won't be voting republicans or democrats are going to be small. some people are going to stay home. others saying i hate hillary more than trump. that's where all the votes are going to go. i think if you have an alternative party and another choice, there is no true democracy because even if the libertarians were doing what i would like or the progressives in the green party deserves to be on. we are squeezed out. the monopoly has it and the base are controlledf republicans and democrats. they control the legislatures
11:36 am
and we cannot get on ballot. we identi it is difficult to get your message out and get into the debates and i am -- i am so annoyed that the process in the last several years because of the democrats and the republicans, well, we have to spray on america and go over and occupy countries and rebuild nations and we are going to teach you have to have american type s of elections. the cia failed and did not get their guy in and they go ahead and get rid of that guy. >> former congressman, ron paul, i have to go. thank you very much, we have william weld is coming up here in a few minutes. >> thank you sir, william weld, is joining me after the break. stay tuned.
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you just heard ron paul talking about why he won't support our candidates. willi william weld is joining me now. you heard ron paul the reasons why he has not yet affirm support for your ticket and he talked about jill stein and talked about it on fox business this morning saying he has not yet sold on your ticket and saying that folks should check out on jill stein on her policies. >> well, i always like ron paul, he was a trailblazer for libertarian ideas. he's saying taking a little bit here and there and i think that's probably right. i am one who tends to share the views that doctor stein may have regarding the environment, perhaps, not all of them but environmental forces is for the
11:41 am
government to be involved. it is so huge that you cannot rely on any one individual's business to do it. >> your running mate had some problems answering questions in the situation with "hardball" chris mathews, and you tried to throw him a lifeline there reminding him of the former of mexico. has your confidence in gary johnson waivered about his ability of being commander in chief. >> it is not a lot easier to think of active foreign leaders who greatly admired and things that are helping the united states these days. i did think of the leader of
11:42 am
myanmar. it is stutough to think of too many. i am quite taken with ping of the head of china. that does not mean admiration is necessary. beyond that, i don't think gary's forte is pop quiz on television or what congressman paul calls it snap quiz. and i think on that one, gary just did not know what he was referring to. >> a lot of folks would not character that as a go-you question. i do need to ask you about the information on donald trump's taxes and the allegations based on "the new york times" story of donald trump not paying any
11:43 am
thing towards taxes. because o f the ticket that ru you are on, do you think donald trump has anything to answer on? if he has not paid taxes for 20 years, if that's true, that's quite something. that's a long stretch of time. >> and do you think that he owes the american people any answers? >> well, i think he should answer to whether or not he paid any taxes the last 20 years. he can say that without releasing his entire tax return. that's a yes or no question. and, you know the fact that he had that big loss back in 1996 does not necessarily means he paid no taxes but it would cover a long period of time. i don't think there is time limitations being carried forward. it could be the allegation about the 20 years is true. >> right, because they can kick it to the next year and next year. >> right, william weld, thank
11:44 am
you, sir. our pulse question has been about that tax issue and whether or not or not you think of this new report out of the times with trump could have avoided paying taxes for 18 years. does that make him the best candidate to manage the economy? so far, here is what you think? 3% say yes and 97% say no. check out the pulse on h a persona. i founa new credit card with 0% interest for 15 months. you just shop, compare, and save, and it's all free. go to lendingtree right now and start saving.
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welcome back, we have breaking news on battleground in the polls. what are we focusing on and what are these numbers revealing? >> these are in pennsylvania and north carolina and ohio. >> these were taken after last week's debate. it shows hillary clinton is ahead in three states. she's up in florida by five points and ahead in north carolina and pennsylvania by four. the one state where she's down
11:48 am
is in ohio. of course, hillary clinton is campaigning there today. donald trump polls a five point lead in ohio. there is also thomas, talking about the poll polooza. >> this is bad news for donald trump. he has to win all for states. right now he's ahead in one of the four and clinton is ahead of three of the four. >> talk about electoral map and how folks are putting together the number that demonstrates there is a map that says clinton does not need to win ohio, it would be a luxury. >> that's right, one o f the reasons why is where donald trump today campaigns in colorado, there was a new poll today that had clinton up by 11 point in colorado. if you put colorado and virginia c and -- donald trump has to run the table in the four states, florida, ohio, north carolina,
11:49 am
and pennsylvania. and thomas, that is a really tough tight rope to walk to be able to win in all four states and familiparticularly with the polling shows that hillary clinton has the advantage right now >> you just talked about virginia. the vice president debate is tomorrow. the prelaunch attack on the eve of that debate. we got a clip of this new ad out. the ad does contain strong language, take a look. >> after being paroled for murdering a 17-year-old girl. tim kaine defended him. >> so this is an ad that fits with the theme hitting against clinton along the order of trump pence. this is the day before the debate. republicans launched wily-horton
11:50 am
style attack on tim kaine. the tweet is deleted. how unusual for the rnc to put something like that out. >> thomas, it has been unusual. seems like normally the republicans would want to go after hillary clinton and her record. after all, it is hillary clinton verses donald trump in the presidential contest and not tim kaine verses mike pence. the rnc tweeting out the line of willi horton-style attack. >> and even the creator of that pad which was tough talking about how michael furloughing and went on a killing spree ended up kind of racializing politics and people ended up condemning that ad later on. it was effective at the time of
11:51 am
george bush and his campaign. it is really odd to see someone wanting to highlight that and promote that the way the rnc did this morning. as you mentioned, they deleted the tweet. >> mark, thank you, appreciate it. we are interested to see how the states coming back on that polling based on the debate last week. mark, thank you, we'll have all day coverage for that have t presidential debate of the vice president. coming up, former trump adviser, roger stone, he's a major announcement for wednesday, they cla they -- a major october surprise. a long time clinton's friend and adviser joins me next.
11:52 am
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i don't even think she's loyal to bill, if you want to know the truth. and really, folks, why should she be, right? >> there we have donald trump hitting hillary clinton over the weekend over a campaign stop at the battleground state of pennsylvania and calling into questions of clinton's integrity being married to bill clinton. joining me now our policy director with hillary clinton's 2008 campaign. it is good to have you with me. you know hillary for 22 years. how do you feel about donald trump's comments? >> obviously, these are the diskdi disgusting and desperate tactics
11:56 am
of someone in his melt down that's becoming of our political discourse, i would note that he had that sort of unhinged melt down on his taxes going live. i think you have seen over the last week that donald trump is just temperament unfit, he cannot handle the fact that he lost his debate and he's striking out and it is ridiculous accusations. i think women of america and men and women of america can see that he's incapable of dealing with a situation where he's not doing well. >> donald trummay categorize that somebody that's giving up performance like this of someone choking the pressure. this puts hillary clinton's marriage and her personal life front and center for the next debate stage. do you think that secretary clinton needs to have a force full response to extinguish
11:57 am
donald trump if and when he goes down on this attack >> really, what she's going to try and do with this next debate is what she did last week is not making this election about her and accusations of donald trump charging at her but really making it about the people of how they are doing in this election. he could say anything he wants about hillary clinton, it is not going to faze her. he's going to try to bring her into the gutter where he's hanging out these days, she's not going to do this. she's going to make this about the issues she cares about. she was just in ohio talking about corporate -- people like donald trump who don't pay their taxes, she's going focus on the issues that matter. >> we know the debate is coming up making the writer's job at "saturday night live" pretty easy. they were all about this over
11:58 am
the weekend. i need to ask you about roger stone putting out this mysterious tweet. did clinton campaign, is the clinton campaign ready for an october surprise? >> you know i think we should ask ourselves how roger stone knows about the wiki leaks daily schedule. most people would find it interesting that the trump campaign has its fingers on the pulse. new york times and others have said really connected to russian hackers. russian hackers who donald trump asked to do more hacking of american e-mail systems, particularly, hillary's. i think anyone who's looking at that should see what's really going on here which does not seem like the trump campaign is putting the best interest of the
11:59 am
count best of the country. >> neera, thank you for being here today. >> good to be with you. >> if you think according to the "times" and the fact that they reported he lost a billion dollars in 1995 and maybe not paying taxes for the 18 years. 3% of you say yes and 97%ay no. check it out on i am winging my way over in virginia and where i know you will be there as well. my colleague, kate snow. >> good afternoon to all of you, i am kate snow. a rough week for the trump campaign and it is not getting any better this afternoon a cease and desist letter, the democrat ordered the trump foundation charity to stop fund
12:00 pm
discriminati fund -- team trump fights back against new outrage over his tax retu returns and allegations on "the apprentice." brand new polls shows that he's up in some stage. the battleground state of colorado and that's where he is today and that's where our katy tur is today. katy, a lot to gdigest today an taxes and "the apprentice" and now the new york attorney generals asking for a cease and desist on donald trump. they're saying that the trump foundation did not have the proper paper work to receive money, more than $25,000 to the foundation, now, this is in p s response to reporting to the washington post has done. they pointed out that the foundation did not have


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