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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  October 3, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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discriminati fund -- team trump fights back against new outrage over his tax retu returns and allegations on "the apprentice." brand new polls shows that he's up in some stage. the battleground state of colorado and that's where he is today and that's where our katy tur is today. katy, a lot to gdigest today an taxes and "the apprentice" and now the new york attorney generals asking for a cease and desist on donald trump. they're saying that the trump foundation did not have the proper paper work to receive money, more than $25,000 to the foundation, now, this is in p s response to reporting to the washington post has done. they pointed out that the foundation did not have that
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proper certification and new york attorneys general is following suit -- why is this matter? well, that certification allows for rigorous auditing to make sure the foundation and donald trump himself is not profiting of other people charities and is not doing things like self dealings. there are questions surrounding cases of self dealings for donald trump's foundation, regarding to two self portraits of $40,000 and tim tebow's football helmet. it could be that donald trump used and bought it for himself. there is questions surrounding a political donation given to an organization that collected to -- pat bonnie denied any of it there. this was all stemming from a
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larger investigation. the new york attorney general is doing at the moment on this investigation. the trump campaign responded, they are worried of the patterson politics that played here. >> sneiderman has endorsed hillary clinton and is a democrat. beyond that they'll comply and file the necessary paper work. >> katy, forgive me if you hit on this. did you talk about "the apprentice" report. >> reporter: no, i have not spoken on that. donald trump spoke in inappropriate ways of women in the crew of "the apprentice" and rating them everything from their looks and how attractive he found them. they spoke to a number of people that supported this allegations that donald trump was somehow involved in this and i spoke into a crew member of the apprentice who confirmed the
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contents of that report that they heard instances where donald trump was talking about how he would, yo pt i don't wan say it on camera. comments he made on women about this set, the trump campaign denies this and any priority of this case. nobody from the apprentice has spoken out on camera about this quite yet. >> katy tur is covering a whole lot of news today. thank you very much. now, lets get over to the clinton campaign. >> within the last few hours, the brand new clinton ad airing nationally on cable. >> you work hard, you paid your taxes. why didn't donald trump pay his? he claims he's worth $10 billion but a new report shows that he
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may not have paid any federal taxes for almost 20 years. >> he did not pay any federal income tax. >> that makes me smart. >> if he thinks that is smart, what does he think of you? >> new numbers it , it is not g for trump. the election ils fiv election i today. >> reporter: i would say the campaign feels at this point optimistic but determined this is still a very, very close election. it is much closer than they would like to be and part of the problem appreciabespecially her.
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sources i have talked to say that in the electoral ohio that's favored to trump, he could win by as many as five points. her ground game here, they feel pretty good about. they feel that donald trump does not have much of a ground game here in ohio. this is one example. the question really is how is the day-to-day of the campaign play into the state of the race here in these battleground states. the clinton campaign has had a good few days and donald trump has a series of potential problems and questions about whether or not he has paid taxes. there were questions on why they were not focused on his tax returns and failure to release his tax returns and what does it mean? hillary clinton seize on it immediately here in toledo.
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>> in the debate, he said it was smart to avoid paying taxes. >> his campaign bragging, it makes him a genius. >> here is my question, what kind of gius loses $1 billion in a single year? > . >> he's taking corporate excess and made a business model out of it. he abused hs his power and gain his system, it is trump first and everyone else last. >> the question of course, whether or not voters are going to buy into this form of argument. i talked with some republicans who looked at focus groups. they say that trump is not graded on the same curve as hillary clinton or other politicians. people see him as an entity and separate from the political system. that's the unrelying problem for
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hillary clinton, kate. >> maybe big bit of news in ohio, lebron james endorsing hillary clinton. the king himself indeed. i am struggling to come up who's a bigger endorsement in ohio, i am drawing a blank but it does not look as though lebron james is going to be appearing with hillary clinton on the trail today. today she's got one more stop in akron in his home tun. town. >> we'll reach out to him more and we'll let you know what we find out. >> we appreciate it. there is so much more to break down on that bomb shell report on new york times on donald trump's taxes over the weekend. i am joined by our msnbc contributor. j josh, it is good to see you. >> good to see you. they get a hold of these 1995
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tax pages, they see a million dollars lost. they say tax experts hired to analyze mr. trump's 1995 record says that tax rules especially to wealthy filers would have allowed mr. trump to use his loss to cancel out an equivalent amount of taxable income over an 18-year period. i need you to break it down for us, how does it work? >> if off business that loses a whole bunch of money in one year, you can end up with a negative amount of income. you get to take that loss and apply it to the income that you earned in the past and income that you will earn in the future. trump was able to do that. i want to indicate how enormous this loss was. he did not lose much money in
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1995, the number that you see in '95 returns and including what he carried forward. he lost a lot of money in 1991 and 1992. >> so it could be a sum of many years. >> that amount is still $900 million worth of these losses. the total amount for all individuals was $49 billion. >> we can show it on screen. we have a full screen from your article today. total net operating losses for everyone. >> the whole country, there was nearly $50 billion of this sort of loss to apply income at avoid paying taxes. donald trump has 2% of all of that. this is not an ordinary thing that rich people do. the structure of this is ordinary, it is about a million taxpayers out there this year will have some sort of operational loss. it is thousands of dollars. >> it is the scale of this.
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>> the conceptual scale of this extraordinary. >> it does no t mean that particular business in that year was doing really, really badly, does it? >> depends. these can be real losses. he almost bankrupt in 1991 and 1992. this was a time when owning casino licensing in atlantic city would have been profitable business. that did not speak well for him. >> even if ru not losing money in real economic sense. the main way this works is if you have a building, the older your building gets, it is less desirable. the irs lets you deduct a little bit of values every year on a fixed schedule even if you are investing some where in new y k york. you get to say you have a loss even though you had a gain.
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in theory, that's suppose tod t wash out fch. if you don't sell the property, you have to realize that gain. he would not have to pay that tax when he dies and leaves it to his children and now they have to pay a 40% tax on whatever he leaves them. >> then he can just this tax savings forever for his kids and their kids >> everything he did that we know was so far legal. >> as far as we know. we have only seen three pages of his 1995 taxes. we have high information and we don't know of other years. there is other people speculating. when he lost all this money in 1991 and 1992, a lot of it is loaning money he did not get back. did he properlyly account for that. we have no reason to believe based on what we have seen now that he used an illegal strategy there. that's something that we could
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look into it for more debt if we have the full record of it. >> josh barro, senior editor, it is great to have you here to explain it with us. >> steve cortez. a member of donald trump's national hispanic adviser. nice to see you. >> thank you for having me. can i first talk about the developing story that katy tur is talking about the new york attorney general ordered the trump foundation to cease and desi desist. even if this is just a matter of paper work and not filing papers and nothing was fundamentally wrong with the foundation, what does it say about the folks surrounding donald trump if they cannot get the most simple paper correctly. >> well, sure, i will be the first to admit, it seems like
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there were some sloppy paper work and clerical work around this foundation. part of the reasons why is because it is so -- this is a t tiny entity, this was really a very small charitable vehicle. i think what the press is continuing to try to do is create between the clinton foundation which is a massive organization and i would argue it is a verse fund that -- it is a paper entity. they need to fix it quickly. there is no equivalent. >> the attorney general of new york is looking into trump foundation and not looking into the clinton foundation. th's a fact >> that's correct. sneiderman appears to be highly partisan if you look at his
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record. i think when they look at the clinton foundation and look at tens and tens of millions of dollars of some of the worst governments in the world, i think they'll know that typically where there is smoke, there is fire and something really stinks. >> lets talk taxes now. once upon a time blasted people for not paying enough taxes. he's talking about hedge funds on wall street. take a look at something he said not too long ago. >> they're energetic and smart but a lot of them, it is like they make a fortune and they pay no taxes. it is ridiculous. >> that's last summer. it is ridiculous for these managers not to pay taxes. now, we found out that he may not have paid taxes. is it ridiculous for him, too? >> he's talking about hedge funds of carried interests. i like that he wants to close
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that unfair loophole. to get to his taxes. first, he paid an enormous amount of taxes and hundreds of millions of dollars over his lifetime. his property tax alone because of his property and regarding income tax, this is significant. has he paid income taxes? we don't know. i suspect that he has and he's more than made up for that law. >> he had a terrible time in the early 1990s, most real estate people did and many went bellied up. the fact he's able to rally and get off the map and became a multi billionaire. that's a wonderful story of a come back. the new york times want to act of some bomb shell. if you read his books, he gives out all his details and lays everything out. a >> steve, let me ask you, you mentioned carry interestinteresp
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pla plans -- he also says in the plan that the plan says they want to close others interest loopholes. what does it mean? >> which loopholes is he going to close? >> primarily, the tax code, albert einstein that we can agree is a smart man. the hardest thing to understand in the world is the u.s.'s income tax code. it is a busineyzantine -- there many, many special interests carve up. >> but getting rid of the things we were just describing with josh barro of the decisive carrying loss. >> that's a loophole, you should not pay tax on money that you did not earn. lets say you are a mom and pop
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who decided to open a small restaurant and you spent a lot of money on food and it does not work. you can take that loss as a net operating loss. you take it into your next adventure where you make money until youing make it on the water mark and you don't pay taxes on it. so were the positive numbers and so are the things he has done since. i give him credit. it is rarely just a one way trip to the top. look at steve jobs fired from apple and went onto become the best capitalist of our lifetime. donald trump has had incredible highs and lows. i give him credit that he gotten rich not just once but twice in his lifetime. he knows how to get america off the map and not just him and back to growing. >> steve ambassad cortes, thank
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being with us. >> lets get over to chris jansing, he's talking with the white house communication, press secretary, josh earnest, who i believe she's with you now. >> it is about a 30 second walk. the president is in his office right now. not everyday your son gets to meet the president of the united states, that's about a year and a half ago. everything here is politics or baseball and you see all the royals here. you are right, kate, josh earnest earnest, is here. >> well, i think part of it is the president of the most valuable and circuit of modern american political history and of his wife michelle obama. >> influence with the segment that's going to make a difference in this election.
12:19 pm
african-americans and young people. >> no coincidence that he's going for his first big event in this final push to a historically black college in florida. >> yeah, the biggest swing states of all and the place where the president won twice and the president's message is people have to not under estimate the significance of this election. the outcome of this election is every bit as important. >> his legacy is at stakes. lets talk about some of the things and the things that donald trump has talked about. the iran deal where she says it is the worst deal ever in the history of the world. what are things that the president is worried most about. >> you need two of them. the other one that i would add to the list is our country made enormous progress over the last eight years. our economy was hemorrhaging $800,000 a month.
12:20 pm
the unemployment rate has been cut in half and we are seeing a strength in economy and the question really is are we going to go back to the policies that got us in to this mess in the first place or are we going to build in the smart tax policies that only benefits the wealthy. speaking of taxes, his folks have said over the last 24 hours that he's a genius at the tax system. that's what we need. >> uh-huh. >> well, listen, what i can say about the republican nominee, the president is putting place a strategy that focused on making sure that our tax code is fair and working effectively to benefit those in the middle class. that's going to be our best shot to sustain the next generations of america. the president putting in his blood and sweat and tears and making sure of our economy is going to pull back. he does not want that blood sweat and tears to have gone for
12:21 pm
nothin nothing. >> reporter: i have been around office and the president for a couple i don't haof years now, message be more pro-hillary or here is why this guy should not be president. >> it is going to be for hillary. and so he's seeking firsthand that she's a tenacious candidate. she served this country incredibly well as his secretary. >> is that a recognition that she needs showing up in that area. >> he's seen firsthand how tenacious she is and a hard worker. and that's why he's enthusiastic about the prospect of her exceeding him in the oval
12:22 pm
office. >> reporter: his legacy is at stake? >> the game in our country over the last eight years ensuring of our reputation around the world and rebuilding an economy that benefits everybody and including everybody in the middle. those issues are at stake and that progress is reversible if we have a president that comes to the office and vows to reverse all that. he wants to build on that progress and advance our interests around the globe and improve the economy for the middle class and create jobs. that's the strategy that president obama has put towards in the last eight years. those working hard to supporting him should be engaged and passionate about this election. >> reporter: nuts and bolts, one or twice a week. >> we could add some dates that the president scheduled at the end of the year. >> reporter: places where he had done well in 2012. >> right, there is a lot of
12:23 pm
those both in 2008 and 2012. we'll go to communities where the president can make a strong case to young people and african-americans and humaispan and humans. >> reporter: we want to say thank you josh for that. we are pointing out that was a painting your grandmother made for you. >> yes, my grandmother passed away 15 years ago, i keep that paining. paining is a hobby. i don't think she will imagine that an oil painting of her is hung in the west wing. >> reporter: we are 30 seconds away from the president. josh earnest, thank you very much, he brought up the first lady, kate. i happened to run in her chief of staff and i asked if thomas is going to be out there. apparently, they like to tease the president about this. her ratings are higher than his which are historically at a high level for him. at this point in the presidency, she told me that the first lady is considering to go out once a
12:24 pm
week over the course of the month that she feels that she has a stake at this, too. we maybe seeing more of the first lady than we may expected and certainly seeing a lot of the president and one more thing not just out there doing rallies. he will be on social media and he sent out a fund raising e-mail today and with that push of the millenials, we'll see a lot of stuff going out at the white house. >> a really special opportunity to talk to josh earnest live. up next, we'll track hurricane mathew making land fall as a category fall. where is it headed and when could it be here in tust whu.s.e come back. ...with this idea of four towers that were fire escapes... ...essentially. i'll build a little model in photoshop and add these... ...details in with a pen.
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we are tracking hurricane mathew, it is expected to hit jamaica and haiti. al roguker is worker overtime f us. what's the latest? >> we are watching this and it is going to be a long time. we'll talk about this in to the coming weening weekend. right now category four storm west of prince, 140 miles power winds. earlier today it was 130. we talked to doctor rick nab. he said that we could expect these fluctuations over the next several days. it is moving north at 6 miles per hour. land fall probably some times around tuesday afternoon with 130 miles per hour winds. the east side of the hurricane is the worst. our friends in haiti is going to take the brunt of this.
12:29 pm
we are going to see effects of this in cuba as well. the bahamas change and then, this gets interesting. we are just off the south, north carolina coast, the uncertainty, the eastern coast of florida and a good portion of the carolinas and you can see right now we have hurricane warnings and watches up for a good portion of the caribbean. we are continuing to track this. here are the effects, by late tonight, coastal haiti could see a surge of 7 to 10 feet in jamaica. up to 20 inches of rain in eastern cuba just on the borderline there at guantánamo. wednesday, 10 and 15 storms surge and 15 inches of rain in the bahamas. the major hurricane forced winds
12:30 pm
have r sma very small. we have tropical storm forced winds. the models we look at the national hurricane center model and the european model and the u.s. model. thursday morning, they're all fairly close. by the time we get to friday morning, again, still fairly close, right along the florida coastline. we get interesting now as we move into saturday morning. look at this, the u.s. model, kate, has some where near the shoreline of the north carolina and south carolina border. the european model of 12 hours slower and the national hurricane center model brings it off the coast. as we move into sunday morning, we are parallel to the new jersey new york coastline and the european model still is down here. we got a dui v die divergence o
12:31 pm
model. we have to be weather aware the next several days. we are going to continue to watch it hour by hour. >> can i put you on the spot. do you have a favorite model right now or is it too early? >> i think it is a little early. i don't know -- i think if i have to put my money right now, if it had been three years ago, i would have gone with euro, right now the u.s. model they made a number of real big improvements, computer wise and software wise, my money is on them. >> all right, as al says, just be ready and be watching msnbc and the next few days and on the "today show." i appreciate you staying up all day with us. mark murray is coming up to break this down, you will want to see this. we'll take a closer look at why the trump foundation is being
12:32 pm
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we are still following the development of the trump foundation associated with the donald trump. eric sneiderman's office ordered the foundation to stop solic soliciting contributions after report that the charity did not have the proper authorization to seek public donations. for more, i want to bring in our msnbc, our editor, beth is with us. >> they were talking to him as this happens this afternoon.
12:36 pm
it is a long article and a lot of quotes in here. trump has now caught a lot of attention to himself which i think at the end of the day, he may regret. putting bernie off and putting donald trump in the same sentence is something. go back in time, they have a relationship, the attorney general and donald trump and not a really great man. >> eric sneiderman is a democrat here in new york. by definition, a powerful democratic guy who was probably looking at higher office and is going to run into some jumbling with donald trump. that comparison is a little extreme. we know that he was that man managed thousands and thousands of people and lost their money right around the same time of the 2008 and 2009 financial crisis. all thesose people were left wi
12:37 pm
nothing. that's not being alleged here. this foundation that trump has been managing for many years lacks the proper paper work to solicit money from new york. basically, he's saying the foundation must stop raise ing money and that's extraordinary. >> the office is still relatively in its early stage of investigation of the trump foundation. there are a lot of allegations that made it appears that there was some improper conduct there. they admitted it was wrongfully done and paid a fine for it. and this was the reporting of the washington post that's been out of head for this. they broke the news about the pam bondy. that was relooking at all these things that's making donald
12:38 pm
trump a powerful candidate and his ability to manage and the control of a lot and a lot of things and then you look underneath, things are not what it seems. it is just gets to the heart of what donald trump's appeal is. he's supposed to be the rich guy and the powerful guy, the guy that makes things happen. all of this is drip, drip and little by little and his money are not quite what they seen. >> as we heard from steve cor z cortez, they believe this is politically mow vaccinated. >> eric sneiderman is a democrat. beth, nice to see you. >> donald trump is making a big push in colorado and holding two rallies today. hillary clinton with a double digit lead in colorado. with what's being called a brutal last seven days, can trump recover any grounds in that state and vice president, joe bididebiden, came out swing
12:39 pm
donald trump hitting hill on his 3:00 a.m. twitter rant and among other things. >> what kaind of leader tweetin and disgusting alicia m, so she can use her debate or 3:30 in the morning? this guy wants to be president of the united states of america? so we know how to cover almost anything. even a wreck 'n' wash. [dad] see, the carwash isn't so scary. [boy] that was awesome! [dad] yeah. [burke] covered. november fourteenth, 2015. talk to farmers, we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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we continue to track hurricane mathew with maximum sustained winds of 130 miles per
12:43 pm
hour. lets turn to nbc gabe gutierrez, gabe, what are you experiencing, paint us a picture. >> reporter: hi there, kate, we are seeing rain here throughout the day. we are expecting much more later tonight. the rain really picked up. we are just going to settle right outside prince here. there are more than 200,000 people lost their homes 50 years ago. that is country and now having to deal with this, there are fears of massive mud slides and 40 inches of rain is expected in parts of the country and south western part of sea and huge surf and heavy rain in the south western part of the country. >> hurricane mathew brought heavy rain to some parts of
12:44 pm
jamaica and it is expected to head north to eastern cuba. millions are watching this. it is concerns that it could make its way, here, it is catastrophic impact. the rugged mountains really and it could be devastating the next 24 hours. >> gabe gutierrez in haiti. >> it has not been rebuilt enough to sustain the kind of damage we are talking about. gabe, thank you. after a rough week, donald trump is looking to get out on track. he's headed to colorado tonight for two events there. he has tom work to do. new polls showing that clinton is ahead in colorado with an 11 point lead raising much of trump's gains in other polls. jacob rascon is joining us now in loveland, in colorado.
12:45 pm
what's the reaction of that crowd? do they think that trump had a bad week? >> reporter: that's a startling trump. that was hillary clinton leading back to most of the summer, up until the debate, he reraerasedt lead. his hard core supporters are in line waiting hours and hours agreed he had a bad week. i never seen trump so out of touch with his most hard core supporters. most of them tell me they don't think it is good for him to go after alicia machado or bill clinton from the '90s. they want him to get back to messages they care about like national security and benghazi and immigrants. they recognize it seems that he's at he's best when he's focused on those and very disciplined. i have yet to meet somebody who says because of something that
12:46 pm
trump did, they'll not vote for him, those that waited in line. more than ever before, i am seeing hard core supporters disagreed strongly of the direction and they really want him to change. >> jacob rascon in colorado, waiting for him to come. right back after a quick break, you are watching msnbc, the place for politics. i'm a smoker for life." i wanted to be a non-smoker and i did it thanks to chantix. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse or of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you have these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening.
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as we look towards the vice presidential debate, that's tomorrow night. trouble ahead for trump in some key battleground states. mark murray is joining me now with the numbers. we were joking that these numbers keep oncoming out in the middle of the afternoon and our show is scrambling to keep up with these new numbers and some of them are not good for trump. >> the totality is that these polls are good news for hillary clinton and bad news for donald trump. some of the races are close. these new polls, you had hillary
12:50 pm
clinton with a five point lead in florida and that's significant because florida is a must-win state for donald trump. you also had hillary clinton in polls of a three point lead in florida, that is significant, because it's a must-win state for donald trump. you also have a lead in north carolina and also a four-point lead in pennsylvania. and then in ohio, donald trump is actually ahead by five points. that is the one good poll for him in this foursome. but what i will say is if you put colorado and virginia in the clinton category and clinton column donald trump has to run the table in all four states in the quinnipiac polling case. and donald trump is head just one to four, and that is a very difficult place for him to be. >> and clinton is down in ohio. >> clinton has under-performed in ohio, the good news for the
12:51 pm
clinton campaign, ohio is actually a luxury instead of a necessity. hillary clinton if she just wins in one of those states, florida, north carolina, and holds onto pennsylvania then she holds up getting past 270 electoral votes. ohio is actually about the 320th electoral vote as opposed to the number to get you to 370. >> and colorado, 11 points up for hillary clinton? >> it is, and jacob was just saying some of the polls we had seen was showing it in a closer race. but i'll tell you the numbers are consistent with the polling we ended up seeing out of colorado in july and august. and kate, bottom line, all the polling numbers we see puts you into where the race was in mid-august, after the democratic
12:52 pm
convention and the controversy over the khan team. so the race was similar after the first debate, and then donald trump ended up having a controversy himself with the former ms. universe, machado. >> >> there is a new poll out showing over 40% of people don't know who mike pence or tim kaine are. let's go devil's advocate, why should we not write off tomorrow's debate? >> because one of these people will be a heartbeat away from the presidency. it will be a heartbeat for people to get to know them better. few people know who pence and kaine are, at this stage of the race, that is bad news regarding the sarah palin pick and the controversies you ended up having with dan quayle as well
12:53 pm
as geraldine ferraro. >> they're not ruffling any feathers right now, thank you. a vote to end a 52-year-old civil war did not go as the polls predicted. a little bit like the brexit vote in england. we'll tell you what happened in columbia and why you need to know about this coming up. scap. ...essentially. i'll build a little model in photoshop and add these... ...details in with a pen. i could never do that with a mac. i feel like my job is... put out there just enough detail to spur the audiences... ...imagination to fill in all the blanks. this windows pc is amazing, having all of my tools... ...right at my finger tips is incredible.
12:54 pm
we've been hearing so much about how you're a digital company, so you can see our confusion. ge is an industrial company that actually builds world-changing machines. machines that can also communicate digitally. like robots. did you build that robot? that's not a robot, that's my coworker earl. he builds jet engines with his human hands. what about that robot? that is a vending machine, ricky. john, give him a dollar.
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12:56 pm
big political news out of columbia. voters there rejected a historic peace agreement on sunday between the government and leftist rebels that would have ended a 52-year civil war. the referendum failed by a small margin, the voters said no. just last week, secretary of
12:57 pm
state john kerry had hailed this agreement in columbia when it was signed. more on the latest. marianna, this was a surprise to a lot of people should it was, kate, and the vote against the peace agreement sending shock waves across the region, as you mentioned, the no-campaign won by less than a percentage point. the agreement included a ceasefire and included the rebels turning in their weapons and demobilizing the areas they occupied. but critics of the agreement said the rebels would have gotten too much in return. they would have gotten five seats in the house and senate and no justice for war crimes claimed. these were hard concessions for colombians to make. it's hard for them to forgive and forget, if you will.
12:58 pm
and also it's important to know why you and i are discussing this today, kate, why is this important? columbia is the biggest ally, especially in the war on drugs. and latin america is the largest growing segment in this america. no latin american can be looking at this without fresh wounds. >> the opposition argued this is not the right deal. but what happens now? they don't want to go back to war now, right? >> they don't, they just have to go walk to the negotiating table, kate, this implied the involvement of pope francis who even got both sides to the gotiation table. it's anyone's guess if they can
12:59 pm
come up with a new agreement that will suffice everybody's interest. >> marianna, appreciate the update. >> thank you. >> i will see you tomorrow in virginia, site of tomorrow night's vice presidential debate. looking forward to that. msnbc special all-day coverage, we'll telecast. >> good afternoon, everybody, i'm steve corma kornacki, the d continues, cease and desist, donald trump's charitable organization immediately told to stop all the funding, now the
1:00 pm
attorney general in new york state is blowing the whistle. we'll tell you why, straight ahead. also straight ahead, trump's taxes, he has refused to release them all year, now "the new york times" has pushed to release part of them. hillary clinton is pouncing. >> yesterday, he bragged it makes him a genius, here is had my question, what kind of genius loses a billion dollars? should he is not denying the records are his, but the question is, who gave them to the times in the first place. and the debate bounce, it is real. a whole bunch of brand-new polls from key battleground states, hot off the presses. they paint a picture that the clinton campaign is probably happy to be seeing. we'll take you through all of them just ahead. but we do begin with our top stories, breaking this afternoon, the attorney general of the state of


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