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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  October 3, 2016 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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about having the best temperament. it's like getting a forehead tattoo that says i have excellent judgment. >> msnbc's live coverage continues with "the 11th hour with brian williams." and it is next. the 11th hour begins now. >> good evening from our headquarters here in new york. donald trump has been at it again tonight. this time portraying himself as the comeback kid while speaking to a rally this evening in
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colorado. it has been a bad run for drurn ever donald trump when you consider this. since last we met at this hour, there has been a 3:00 a.m. twitter outburst, his attack on hillary clinton's fidelity, his attack on her health, accusations of ugly behavior from contestants, worst of all, the new york times report over this past weekend. quote, records show trump could have avoided paying taxes for nearly two decades. trump addressed that last one tonight striking a new tone about his business dealings in the '90s when he says, the bottom fell out of the real estate market. >> the unfairness of the tax laws is unbelievable. it is something i've talked about for a long time despite being a very big beneficiary. i must admit. >> during the early '90s, as company were collapsing one
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after another, the media and powers that be said donald trump could never make it back. my understanding of the tax code gave a big advantage over those who didn't have a clue including my competitors who lost everything they had. never to be heard from again. now, they're gone. i'm here. and i'm ready to turn things around for our country. hillary clinton has never created a single job in her life, or added a single dollar of value to the american economy. >> for her part as they say, hillary clinton is grak hold of this report on trump's taxes, it the key stone of her stump speeches in ohio today. >> while millions of american families, including mine and yours, were working hard, paying our fair share, it seems he was contributing nothing to our nation. imagine that.
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not fair, nothing for pell grants to help kids go to college. nothing for veterans. nothing for our military. in the debate he said it was smart to avoid paying taxes. yesterday, his campaign was bragging it makes him a genius. here's my question. what kind of genius loses a billion dollars in a single year? this is trump to a t. >> hillary clinton in ohio earlier today. we have invited some friends to join us in the studio. our panel tonight, our political analyst, nicole wallace, a veteran of the white house and the campaign trail. rob costa. msnbc political analyst and political reporter for the "washington post." and co-managing editor of
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bloomberg politics, co-host of "with all due respect." john, i'll begin with you because it is your first welcome. >> i'm wondering why it took so long. >> in the mail. you were border line incredulous on your broadcast tonight as to just how bad a week this has been for donald trump. >> yes. we quoted here, from liberal with a number of republicans saying the same thing. conservatives, moderates saying worst week in a presidential campaign in the history. all the things were bad. we know the bad things. you made a list of badness. but it is particularly bad in the context of, right before the worst week in presidential nominee history, he was in the best place he's been. he's never been ahead. not for one day has he been ahead. in the hours before the debate, he was the closest to being even. just poised to pull even and then went on this spree of
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largely self-inflicted, self-sabotaged wounds. and almost no place can you find a point where the things he did or said could never any rational universe be seen in anyone's prism advancing anyone's cause. >> you wrote today about the vice presidential debate which will have just ended by this time tomorrow night. what do you think is going on? inside team trump? team peninsula and team kaine are drilling. >> both teams are in prep. this debate is about the top of the ticket. it is about trump and clinton. you see the trump campaign starting to acknowledge privately that they have to do something to change. something has to turn in the way they're managing this campaign. trump doing debate prep. a smaller group around him. today in colorado, i wouldn't call it disciplined but more straightforward in how he
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addressed the tax issue. trying to turn taxes into something he can call a success in referencing his business career. >> can i bring in some polling numbers? >> please. >> as we get to you. let's see. clinton up, as we go through the battlegrounds, clinton up 11 in colorado. up 5 in florida. up 1 or 3, depending on the poll you follow in north carolina. trump up 5 in ohio. clinton up 4 in pennsylvania. that has been a moving target as well. national polls showing cbs has clinton 45-41. cnn/orc has clinton 47-42. is that about where you put it? >> yeah. we haven't saenld round of polls this robust since the debate and i agree your assessment. i think this is the worst week he's had since the worst week he had over the summer which is when he went to war with the gold star family, the khans. we've talked a lot over the last ten months about the republican
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freakout. it is weeks like this that make republicans nash our teeth. i would say interestingly, we've talked at different points with a campaign overhaul. the campaign will concede, it is not a campaign overhaul. they need to take this away from their candidate. they view every meltdown as starting with, or being evidenced by his twitter outrages. and they always come when he's had a misstep or he feels defensive about something and he goes and he digs himself a bigger and deeper hole and that is why he is where he is. it is now manifested in the polls. always the same people around him have a little more strength and ability to reform him. this is now in a cycle where it is getting too late to swing all the way back to near even. >> this is one of the key points. another reason this has been such a bad period. the horrible week, with "the new york times" story, several more days where he'll be on defense. he might may good defense or bad defense but it is an defense
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until probably the debate on sunday and there are not very many news cycles left. we're 35 days out. when you're behind, nationally in the battleground states, you have a narrow path, you have to be out gaining new votes. every day he is on defense. he is not moving a single step closer to the white house and the chock is ticking. football, basketball, baseball. this is a time management challenge. in the campaign, this is about managing time. >> and the lag is in the states. so you've seen these. the states are still a little tighter than national numbers but they'll tighten up next. so this running out of time is a reality. >> nicole brings up, having covered trump a little bit. there is nothing he cares about more sometimes than the polls. he loves to though a pile of polls in front of you before you start an interview. look at the numbers. do the same about people about
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"the apprentice." he reacts to polls and the polls show him behind. >> cnn/orc has him, 73-24. why do you think he hasn't released his returns? these% said it is because he's being audited by the irs. 57% think he is trying to hide something. you went there on your broadcast. how much does this stick? among all of houston pay federal income tax. >> i don't think if it fundamentally changes the structure of the race. there's a lot of people who are asking two questions. so he's this really great businessman and he lost a billion dollars at the height of one of our great wombs in our memory, the 1990s. and he hasn't played any taxes. it is hard for voters tuning in. they kind of heard about the tax return thing and now this is
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what they're learning about. and then there's us. after this revelation, he's not willing to bring out his tax returns. if he's not willing to do it now, what else is in there? >> what does this campaign do about that? that's the next frontier. >> yeah. they're trying to make lemonade. i think rudy and our friend the governor of new jersey sort of veered into the ludicrous by saying this is a very, very, very, very good story because it shows his genius. if writ that many veries, they would have put it out themselves. they're going to talk tough trying to figure out where it came from. "the new york times" reporter was on many programs today talking about how the stamp came from trump towers. there is a little intrigue there. i think of the two attacks that he lost a billion dollars and he didn't pay any taxes. i think the one that will bug him more is that he is a cruddy businessman. so hillary clinton hit that point i think in the clip we
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showed. how genius can you be if you lost a billion dollars? that resonates. >> in the casino business. >> that's why he was in colorado saying i'll go to the board room for you trying bolster his bona fides. >> and these polls are a moving target. we knew they were on the move post debate. we knew everything was dated as it came out. nbc news has been in the field. that breaks tomorrow morning. a new national poll. now they're on the move perhaps on this tax question. >> and we'll see more numbers this week. talking on top republicans. i'm hearing the key moment now is not so much this week. what happens on sunday in st. louis? it is a town hall forum. chris christie, the new jersey governor, has thrown him question after question trying to get trump to master this. it is what hurt george h.w. bush did in 1992.
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looking at his watchful your performance matters. not just your answer. >> nicole knows this. a real presidential campaign would regard a town hall meeting the hardest debate. you have real voters asking what is unanticipatable. they get in your physical space with your opponent. those are tricky things on master and a normal campaign would build a replica of the set. would poll neighborhoods. do focus groups from which the questioners would be drawn to find out what is on their mind. to have people ask similar questions. i don't think any of that, even though the trump debate is gearing up, i don't think that's taking place. >> they have to to get him to a place where he answers the birther question the last time he answered it last time. they have so much work to do. >> how do you prep though for the vaguories of human people with names?
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>> let me do something i don't do very often. let me stick up for donald trump. that's his strong suit. being unprepared length itself to the under predictable. that wouldn't be the part that would make me nervous. the ground to get him off the defensive about calling a woman fat for being, whatever happened to miss machado. miss universe. getting him off the offensive and all the holes he's dug is the work they're doing. they haven't gotten to the point where they can counsel him. >> speaking of the phrase, what did trump use, severe vetting. imagine the vetting going on among those who will be selected to ask questions of the candidates. we'll fit in our first break. coming up, alec baldwin making his debut. as you might have heard on "snl," on the same night the candidate himself made some
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comedy and real life really collided saturday night. while most of the oxygen was taken up by alec baldwin's important trail of donald trump on "snl," the real life donald
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trump was at an event in pennsylvania. a particularly offscript and boisterous event as it was. >> our jobs are fleeing this country. they're going to mexico. >> and who is going to pay for the wall? >> they're going. >> here's a woman who is supposed to fight trade deals in china. >> it is pronounced gina. >> he is supposed to fight all these different things. and she can't make it 15 feet to her car. give me a break. >> i have a great temperament. >> the best temperament. she's the one with the bad temperament. >> she has bad temperament. she could be crazy.
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they could be crazy. she should be in prison. let me tell you. she should be in prison. >> veteran republican nicole wallace, those two events were separated by three hours saturday night. >> i'm a big enough geek, i watched both of them. political nerds do. >> what do you make of them? ? or a more serious note, you've been teasing me for being in therapy all year. >> no jury would convict me. this is why. >> the republican angst about, no matter what happens, this is trump's gop. it is not a matter of separating ourselves. it is about winning over the people who are drawn to that. if he wins, he takes over not just the gop but the country. so the fact that comedy and reality -- i think the reality. you said this. i'm going to sell you out. you said the caricature is more than the character. that's true.
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i mean, he is putting on a show that has rallied almost half the country. and the gop will never be the same. >> so this will be the gop of donald trump. what do they do the day after the election if it doesn't go their way? >> a little unclear to me. the extent to which over throw will clearly be a large number of people who vote for donald trump in november. some will vote for him because they vote republican no matter what. however much loyalty they have to trump or trumpism. to me it depends on the margin. a margin of hillary clinton winning 363 electoral votes and beating trump by 8 points, 9 points, it strengthens the hands of these want to turn away from populism and nativism and things that trump has done. there will be a genuine civil war for four years if trump
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loses narrowly. if he loses narrowly, blood shed and chaos. if he loses by a lot, trumpism could be put down. >> do you see an exile government? do you see if it is not a narrow loss, let's say, do you see a couple guys named bush and mcconnell going to winter green for a sum that first week afterwards and reassembling the old club? >> if he wins or loses? >> if he loses. >> tlith will be a real divide of the populism in the sgas the elected leadership in congress. if donald trump loses, you have mcconnell and ryan as they come out of the gop. they're still holding on to the reins of power. this whole mass of trump voters are outside of power and they'll be there roiling through 2017 saying we're not being represented. >> nicole? >> well, i think it is on ryan and mcconnell to innovate their
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way. it is not an option. you can't just throw out the millions of people that will vote for donald trump. i mean, he prevailed over 16 opponents who were far more qualified than he was. everyone of them. temperamentally or by experience. ben carson had a more appeasing temperament. you can't just say, we'll go back to our free trade. the base of the republican party has turned, i mean, they're done with the way things always were. i think if he loses massively or narrowly, people like my parents who have been behind him for a year will never come bag to the ryan/mcconnell wing unless it changes. >> if the republican party could produce a class of politicians who embody donald trump's populism without his xenophobia, nativism, the anti-globalism.
8:23 pm
a more aspirational kind of pop at this. . i don't know if it is possible. but if it were possible, it would be a very potent thing. >> isn't populism an existential threat to the party's system? >> it is. if trump loses, this trump populism is not going into elected leadership. i think he becomes the media network. something other than the elected ranks. >> outfox fox? >> breitbart, right wing. >> and palin it was canary in the mine. >> do they not want power? >> when they have power, when they're in the freedom caucus, how have they handled it? not so well. they fumble power. they're still developing a power structure. >> we promise our viewers every night at this time to bring you the latest news and the latest news tonight in part came from a debate. kelly ayotte, who as you may
8:24 pm
know, is in quite a senate race, will run the quote and then i'll read you the fix. the reaction she put out after that. >> i would tell a child to absolutely aspire certainly to be their best and to be president ask to seek to run for the presidency. absolutely. >> would you, again to the question, would you tell them to be like donald trump is this would you point to him as a role model? >> well, i think it is there are many role models that we have and i believe he is, he can serve as president. so absolutely. >> this is a xat for a new hampshire senate seat. everyone who thinks the presidential won't affect every election this year is crazy. here is the statement from senator ayotte. i misspoke tonight.
8:25 pm
while i would hope that our children would aspire to be president, neither donald trump nor hillary clinton have set a good example and i wouldn't hold up either of them as role models for my kids. well, white house communications director, what has happened? >> this is where we are. this is exactly what they expressed. that they wouldn't hold either of these people out as ethical or moral examples but most people that are having to run in these tight races are having to distance themselves either with words. she has endorsed trump but i think showed the put some distance. >> if you're nicole's mom, two mentions tonight. two mentions. john, rob, nicole, thank you very much. a final note about what may happen overnight tonight when we come back. hey look, it's those guys.
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we're back and also a moving target. last thing before we go, it hats to do with a phrase we dust off at this time every four years and for good reason. in a few hours time, that 4:00 a.m. eastern time, julian assange and wikileaks are saying they're going to make a major announcement following on the organization's tenth anniversary. because he is an avowed critic of hillary clinton, because things like russian hackers seem to be involved in this election cycle, it has been theorized the democrats have every reason to worry because october surprises
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can be just that. they come before an election and can sway the results. peace is at hand in vietnam comes to mine as an example. as does george w. bush's dui arrest, as does the bin laden video. there have been several. it is, after all, october, and the election in the 11th hour. the tax man cometh. let's play "hardball." good evening. you know those old polaroid photographs? you shook the picture and you see it slowly come into view before you. is thatter what we're seeing with donald trump? day after day some the real man reveals more and are month of himself. we watch him on stage or read his tweets and see what he says on fox. and gradually the picture comes


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