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tv   First Look  MSNBC  October 5, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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i was listening to the avalanche of insults coming out of senator kaine. >> hold on a second. >> it's my turn, senator. >> i apologize. >> i forgive you. >> pardon the interruption the spotlight might have been on vice presidential candidates the tim kaine and mike pence. hurricane matthew has left a trail of destruction in haiti. and now it's heading for the bahamas and the united states. bill clinton called president obama's health care crazy. obama launched his own attack and may have overshot the
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landing. good morning, everybody. it's wednesday, hump day, october 5th. i'm betty nguyen alongside alex witt and louis bergdorf. evacuations are set to begin today on the east coast of the united states as hurricane matthew barrels through the caribbean. the governor of south carolina has ordered more than a million to leave the state's coast beginning at 3:00 p.m. today. reversing four lanes of one of the state's main thois facilitate that. the tell tale signs of a major stores as inland hotels fill up and walmart shelves are empty. president obama has cancelled plans to campaign for hillary clinton. this asthma enthusiast's magnitude begins to take shape slamming haiti with intense winds and massive flooding and
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the navy is sending the "uss george washington" for relief efforts. let's get more on matthew's latest track and its timetable. bill karins, take it away. >> the bottom line overnight a better forecast for new england. aetter forecast for virginia. and a better forecast for north carolina. south carolina is even is likely better but i won't give you the okay yet. florida forecast is the problem. that's where we'll have the most destruction. here's the new update. it did drop down to a category 3. mountains of cuba did do a little bit of weakening. the hurricane center brings it back up to a cat 4 over the bahamas. hurricane warnings just north of miami around fort lauderdale, west palm beach. hurricane watches have been extended up to the florida-georgia border back down the space coast. miami, key largo, keys under a
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tropical storm watch. let's get to the brand new path. they do increase it up to a category 4 through the bahamas and then friday at 2:00 p.m. they have just off the coast of west palm beach about 2:00 a.m., 130 mile-per-hour wind. this is a very close call for florida. possibility we could have a major hurricane rake the coastline from fort lauderdale northward all the way up the coast and especially thursday night into friday. that 24 hour period when it goes right along the east coast of florida. this is a little further off the coast it won't be that bad. if it shifts just a little bit even closer, even if it takes this path or shifts towards the coast that would be like a landfall hurricane for 24 hours right along the east coast of florida. that's the new up date from the hurricane center. the better part of the forecast up here along the coast they bend it out to sea. that's a good update for the cooler carolina areas. again still in that cone. we'll analyze this more and dig deeper into the new update.
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okay. keeping you so busy. now to politics. vice presidential nominees tim kaine and mike pence went head-to-head. it focused on policies and volleys about the behavior of their running mates. kaine hammered pence on trump's statements while pence down played trump's words and focused on clinton's controversies. >> there's a reason why people question the trustworthiness of hillary clinton and that's because they are paying attention. i mean the reality is when she was secretary of state, senator, come on, she had a clinton foundation accepting contributions from foreign governments. hillary clinton had a private server in her home that had classified information about drone strikes, emails from the president of the united states of america were on there. >> you don't get to decide the reits and wrongs of this. we have a justice system that does that.
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a republican fbi director did an investigation and concluded. >> we're moving on now. 250,000 people. >> if my son handled classified information the way hillary clinton did he would be court martialed. six times tonight i said to governor pence i can't imagine how you defend your running mate's position on one issue after the next. and in all six cases he's refused to defend. >> don't put words in my mouth. >> and yet he's asking everybody to vote for somebody that he cannot defend. with the fullness of the heart the mouth speaks. >> yeah. >> when donald trump says women should be punished or mexicans are rapists or criminals or john mccain is not a hero he's showing you who he is. >> senator, you whipped out that mexican thing again. look -- >> can you defend it? >> there are criminal aliens in this country, tim, who have come in to this country illegally who
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are perpetrating violence. >> you want to take a broad brush against mexicans. >> and he said many are good people. donald trump tk to twitter during the debate to offer his thoughts in real-time. most of them were compliments of pence and sharing the campaign's rapid response. he also shared his supporters insults of tim kaine. reposting kaine looks like a fool. cane looks like an evil crook out of the batman movies. tim kaine pushed mike pence on the subject of russia trying to create a wedge over donald trump's praise over vladimir putin. he called out pence for agreeing with trump's unfavorable comparison with president obama. >> governor pence said inarguably vladimir putin is a better leader than -- >> that's absolutely inaccurate. >> and i just think -- >> i said he's been stronger on
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the world stage. >> no, you said leader. >> i think it's inarguable that vladimir putin has been a stronger leader in his country than barack obama has been in this country. >> the battle of aleppo and about syria i truly do believe that what america ought to do is establish safe zones so families and vulnerable families with children can move out of those areas. work with our arab partners real-time right now to make that happen. secondly, i just have to tell you the provocations by russia need to be met with american strength. and if russia chooses to be involved and continue i should say to be involved in this barbaric attack on citizens in aleppo the united states of america should be prepared to use military force to strike military targets to the assad regime. >> pence took a bolder position on how he would address the
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bombing by russia and the assad regime in aleppo suggesting u.s. military force is the answer. >> hillary clinton says how dare he like putin, how dare he. what are we doing, folks? what are we doing? if we can get along with russia and other countries. if we can use these relationships to knock the hell out of isis, which very, very costly in terms of -- in terms of our men and women and in terms of money, okay. >> well pence's statement diverges from pence's position. last night mike pence was asked about a recent "new york times" report that shows donald trump could have avoid paying taxes for 18 years. that moment turned. >> line of attack for senator tim kaine. >> donald trump is a businessman. not a career politician. he actually built a business.
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those tax returns that were, that came out publicly this week showed that he faced some pretty tough times 20 years ago. but like virtually every other business just like the "new york times" he used net operating loss. we have a tax code that encourages entrepreneurship. >> why doesn't he release his tax returns. >> we're answering the question about the business thing. his tax returns showed he went through a very difficult time but he used the tax code just the way it's supposed to be used and did it brilliantly. >> donald trump started this campaign in 2014, he said if i run for president i will absolutely release my taxes. he's broken his first promise. second, he stood on stage -- designee didn't break his promise. >> he stood on the stage last week and when hillary says you haven't paid taxes he said that makes me smart. it's smart not to pay for our military, our veterans,
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teachers. i guess all of us who do pay for those things are stupid. >> do you take all the deductions your entitled to? i do. >> governor pence had to give donald trump his tax returns to show he was qualified to be vice president. donald trump must give the american public his tax returns to show he's qualified to be president and is breaking his promise. >> well the vp nominees were asked about religion, specifically about the struggle to balance their personal faith and public policy decisions. >> i try practice my religion in a very devout way and follow the teachings of my church in my own personal life but i don't believe in this nation of first amendment nation where we don't raise any religion over the other and allow people to worship as they please that the doctrines of any one religion should be mandated for everyone. for me the hardest struggle in my faith life was catholic church is against the death penalty and so am i. but i was governor of a state.
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and the state law said there was a death penalty for crimes if the jury determined it was heinous. >> with regard to when i struggled, i appreciate and i have a great deal of respect for senator kaine and your faith. i do. for me i would tell you that for me the sanctity of life proceeds out of the belief that ancient principle that where god says before you you were formed i knew you. so from my first time in public life i sought to stand with great compassion for the sanctity of life. >> alex, betty, now from the department you had one job the republican national committee prepared statements declaring mike pence the victor. the problem is they released it 90 minutes before the debate began. the rnc posted and i temple
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about the five questions tim kaine was not asked again an hour and a half before the debate started. and while campaigning for his wife on monday former president bill clinton described obamacare as the craziest thing in the world. he tried to walk that comment back at a rally in ohio yesterday saying the law did a world of good. donald trump seized on the initial remarks. here's what clinton said on monday followed by trump's attack. >> people getting killed in this deal are small business people and individuals who make just a little too much to get in these subsidys. you have this crazy system where 25 million more people have health care and people out there busting it sometimes 60 hours a week wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half. it's the craziest thing in the world. >> whatever argument he was make being do you wish he used different words than crazy and craziest thing in the world. >> of course. >> of all people, maybe he's not
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a very good surrogate. i don't think so. president bill clinton came out and told the truth about obamacare. he's absolutely trashed president obama's signature legislation. can you imagine what he went through after making that statement? he went through hell. but you know, honestly, there have been many nights when he's gone through hell with hillary. >> still ahead, yahoo! for sale. and now reports the troubled company let the government secretly gain access to user accounts. new video showing the aftermath of hurricane matthew's path through parts of haiti. bill karins is tracking the category 3 storm. he'll have the latest on the brand new track when we come back.
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yahoo! is facing allegations it built a custom software program to search all of its users incoming emails on orders of the u.s. government. yahoo! complied with a classified demand thought to have come from the n sarch or fbi last year. the news agency says it has not known what officials were looking for or what data was handed over only the government wanted the company to search for a specific set of characters. now the report which cites two former employees and a third person with knowledge of the events the decision to obey the directive was made by the ceo marissa mayer. it led to the departure of chief information security officer in june of last year. yahoo! did not confirm nor deny the report instead released the following statement to cnbc. yahoo! is a law-abiding company
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and complies with the laws of the united states. verizon which is in the process of acquiring yahoo! declined to comment. microsoft and google bottle cnbc they never engaged in this type of action and the news follows yahoo!'s disclosure last month that information was stolen on 500 million customer accounts back in 2015. let's get more on hurricane matthew. let's bring in nbc meteorologist bill karins. bill, this is worrisome for a lot of people along the east coast. >> look at the new data and things have changed. yesterday at one point we thought this could affect from florida up through the carolinas into areas of the mid-atlantic, maybe even new england. we pretty much eliminated new england from this. your weekend forecast and columbus day looks fine anywhere from about, i'd go anywhere from delaware, maryland northward. virginia you're looking much better but i won't eliminate you at this point. let me get to the forecast path. the thing that's changed is that the trough, this little storm
2:19 am
syem coming through the ohio valley no longer looks like it will pick the stourm and accelerate it up the coast. it will miss it. the storm will be right along the florida coast near the south carolina coast and may do a loop deloop, lingering off the southeast coast. the immediate concern is what's going to happen today in the bahamas and then tomorrow right off the coast of florida. as we get closer to this one of the important things are we is going to get a landfall in florida or not of a major hurricane. remember the right side of the storm, all of this area here is the stronger side of the hurricane and it's also where the stronger winds and heaviest rains will be. on the left side is the weaker portion and the drier portion. as of right now the red solidline is the forecast line. these are the different computer models. a couple are safely off to the east. this is a glancing blow for the coast of florida. more of our major computer models are right along the coast and a few of them come close to
2:20 am
crossing the coast and making landfall. that's a different ball game bringing the highest and strongest winds along the coastal areas. a lot of our computer models are taking the storm system and bending it away from the coast. so, again, we haven't eliminated any direct impacts for north carolina, south carolina. you still need to prepare for the worse. florida, the time is ticking. we're 36 hours away from when those hurricane force winds arrive. still ahead, it was one of the biggest moments in the wild card game between the blue jays and orioles and it involved beer on the baseball field. we'll have those details coming up next in sports. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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welcome back. time now for sports. if you can pull yourself away from the vice presidential debate you caught a wild night in toronto. let's go the game. toronto slugger jose batiste java gave the jays a one run lead. trumble answers in the fourth sending a homer out to put the o's ahead. then game is tied where it remained 2-2 into extra innings in the bottom of 11th, runners are on the corners.
2:24 am
>> buck showalter authentic to the mound. base open. this is where buck has to rely upon all that experience on how to set up the rest of this inning. the jimenez pitch. deep right field. yes. >> that's all she wrote. a 443-foot homer out to left field. the jays have a 5-2 win and eliminating baltimore from the post-season. one fan likely spent the night avoiding the police. let's go to the bottom of the seventh. o.'s outfielder kim is nearly pelted with a can thrown from fans while catching a fly ball in left field to end the inning. police later were seen combing through the section but it's unclear whether the perpetrator was cut. blue jays head to arlington where they face the texas rangers on thursday.
2:25 am
there will be some special treats waiting at globe life park for the playoffs. the rangers announced this week four new concoctions at the concession stands like this tamali wrapped hot dog or this burger covered in cheese sauce. and the never ever quit sandwja. ing tonight syndergaard will be on the mound for mets as he faces madisface s madison bumgardner. tim tebow will face more advanced competition. he turned pro baseball player is 4-14 with a home run and two
2:26 am
walks in three instructional league teams. we'll see if tebow has the stuff to make it all the way. >> i'm thinking of the never ever quit. >> with everything on it. >> first time i listened to sports and got indigestion. still ahead more from last night's vice presidential dict including a clash on the iran deal and finding common ground on policing. >> and senator ayotte is facing a new line of attack after she called donald trump a role model. >> we're following hurricane matthew's path. bill karins will have much more on that when we come right back. we're not passive aggressive. hey, hey, hey, there are no bad suggestions here... no matter how lame they are. well said, ann. i've always admired how you just say what's in your head, without thinking. very brave. good point ted. you're living proof that looks aren't everything. thank you. welcome. so, fedex helped simplify our e-commerce business and this is not a passive aggressive environment.
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on the economy there's a fundamental choice for the american electorate. do you want to hire a president in hillary clinton or one of your fired president in donald trump. >> up use that a whole lot. i think your running mate used a lot of pretty dumb lines. >> when congressman pence was in congress he was the chief cheer leader for the privatization of social security. >> governor pence i'll give you and opportunity to respond. >> well, thanks, lynn. there they go again. okay. >> donald trump can't start a twitter war with miss universe without shooting himself in the foot. he loves dictators. he has a personal mt. rushmore, vladimir putin, kim junk on, moammar gadhafi and saddam hussein. >> did you work on that one a long time because that had a lot of creative lines in it. >> proxy war, tim kaine and mike pence go after the top of the ticket. we'll have the battle's biggest moments. plus -- >> we don't do voluntary or
2:31 am
mandatory any more. an vac situation an evacuation. if we tell you we realize things will still the same we're looking at a 3:00 evacuation, that's what it is. >> the other big story we're following hurricane matthew on the move after pounding haiti. bill karins is tracking the storm as the southeastern u.s. braces for impact. and the government's spying program. more widespread than first thought with sources telling nbc news that yahoo! has been secretly scanning customer's incoming emails. good morning, everyone. it is wednesday, october 5th. i'm alex witt alongside betty nguyen. evacuations are set to begin today on the east coast of the united states. as hurricane matthew makes its
2:32 am
way through haiti and into the bahamas. the governor of south carolina has activated the national guard and unless there's a dramatic change evacuations impacting about a quarter of the state's population are set to begin around 3:00 p.m. today. airlines are issuing travel waivers and president obama has cancelled plans to campaign in florida for hillary clinton. matthew is leaving haiti behind but not before bringing intense winds and massive flooding. matthew just made contact with the eastern tip of cuba, almost 53 years to the day after hurricane flora killed 2,000 people on that island nation. now the storm is affecting the dominican republic and the bahamas before it makes its way to the eastern seaboard. let's go to nbc's bill karins to get e very latest. where is it now? >> we just got the new update. there's been some changes overnight. some forecasts have improved and some have gotten much worse. let's start with what we know. the storm clearly over areas of the open water now.
2:33 am
no longer being affected by the mountainous areas of cuba. it weakened a little bit down from a category 3 from a category 4. it's heading towards bahamas over the warm water over the next 24 to 36 hours and because we're only 36 hours away from possible hurricane force winds in bahamas, hurricane warnings for nassau and freeport. because those hurricane winds could arrive as early thursday, late afternoon thursday evening we have hurricane warnings in effect from north of miami around fort lauderdale up through west palm beach and indian river to severe jo beach. hurricane watches extend all the way back up to jacksonville area. let me take to you the new path. today the storm will start to get re-organized. should be over the warm water. hurricane center has it going up to a category 4. here's the forecast path. it is right along the east coast of florida. the greatest concerns at this time are from areas right along west palm beach, fort pierce, melbourne, daytona beach.
2:34 am
the storm may curve. we're not ruling it out but forecast has trended a little bit more offshore instead of direct impact into charleston and myrtle beach and savannah and wilmington. i'll take you through what our computers are saying, what still could change and maybe get a little loop de loop after everything is done. we'll be watching. it's unclear to what extent vice presidential debates shape the race but that did not stop tim kaine forgoing after mike pence for comments his running mate made during the course of the 2016 election and well before. pence tried to downplay trump's words and shift focus on clinton's controversies. >> i just want to talk about the tone that's set from the top. donald trump during his campaign has called mexicans rapeists and criminals. called women slobs, dogs, pigs, disgusting. i don't like saying that in front of my wife and mother. look for donald trump apologizing to john mccain for saying he wasn't a hero.
2:35 am
did donald trump apologize for calling women slob, pigs, dogs, disgusting. did donald trump apologize for taking after somebody in a twitter war and making fun of her sfwhaigt did he apologize for saying african-americans are living in hell. deapologize by saying barack obama is not a citizen of the united states. >> he says ours is an insult driven campaign. dual just hear that? ours is an insult driven campaign. to be honest with you donald trump said all the things you said. he said and the way he said them. he still wouldn't have a fraction of the insults that hillary clinton levelled when she said that half of our supporters were a basket of deplorables. >> is vice presidential nominees clash on tern nuclear deal with mike pence pushing back at tim
2:36 am
kaine's claim that the u.s. stopped teheran's nuclear program. >> she worked a tough negotiation with nations around the world to eliminate the iranian nuclear weapons program without firing a shot. >> eliminate? >> absolutely. without firing a shot. >> it didn't stop the nuclear weapons program. >> yes it did. >> you guaranteed that iran will some day become a nuclear power because there's no limitations once the period of the time of the treaty comes off. he keeps saying that hillary clinton started the deal with the iranians, prevented iran from getting a nuclear weapon. >> that's what israeli's joint chief of staffs is saying. >> that's not what israel thinks. you wouldn't know that. i know you boycotted prime minister netanyahu's speech. >> i visited him in his speech. >> governor pence and senator kaine found a bit of common ground when it came to issues of
2:37 am
race and policing. pence also argued there have been too many attempts to politicize recent officer involved shootings. >> the way you make communities safer and the way you make police safer is through community policing. you build the bonds between the community and the police force. build bonds of understanding. and then when people feel comfortable in their communities that gap between the police and the communities they serve narrows and when that gap narrows it's safer for communities and safer for the police. donald trump recently said we need to do more stop-and-frisk around the country. that would be a big mistake. that polarizes the relationship between the police and the community. >> let me say at the risk of agreeing with you, community police cigarette a great idea. it's worked in the hoosier state. and we fully support that. donald trump and i will make sure law enforcement has the resources and the tools to be
2:38 am
able to really restore law and order so cities and communities in this nation. we ought to stop seizing on these moments of tragedy. we need to assure the public we'll have a full a complete and transparent investigation whenever there's a loss of life because of police action. but, senator, please, you know, enough of this seeking every opportunity to demean law enforcement broadly by making accusation of implicit bias every time tragedy occurs. >> people shouldn't be afraid to bring up issues of bias in law enforcement. >> i'm not afraid to bring that up. >> if you're afraid to have the discussion you'll never solve it. >> let's look at the swing state polling and how the presidential race might be impacting other races after being a tie in north carolina two weeks ago, hillary clinton leads donald trump 45% to 39%. gary johnson is polling at 9%. governor's race democratic challenger roy cooper now leads incumbent by 4%.
2:39 am
and there's a dead heat in the u.s. senate race with senator richard burr under pressure from debra ross. in pence, hillary clinton leads by 10 points, 50-40. same poll has the nature race there even. katie mcginty tied with pat toomey with toomey closing the gap. and senator ayotte is fighting off attacks. she said she considers donald trump a role model for kids. speaking yesterday she repeated her claim she misspoke on monday night's debate but her opponent in that tight senate race in new hampshire there was a new web ad using the senator tease own words against her. >> as i said, i misspoke. i'm sure all of you at one point in your lives have misspoken. i misspoke. and certainly i hope that all of our children aspire to run for president.
2:40 am
but i would not hold out either donald trump or hillary clinton as good examples and i wouldn't hold them out as examples of role models for my children. >> would you tell a child to aspire to be like donald trump? would you point to him as a role model? >> absolutely i would do that. >> she gained a massive amount of weight. and it was a real problem. >> donald trump called you miss piggy. >> yeah miss piggy. >> how did that make you feel? >> so sad. >> but here's a woman and she can't make it 15 feet to her car. >> recent polls show ayotte is in a dead heat for that senate seat. still ahead tech companies rush to get ahead of privacy questions after it was revealed that yahoo! helped the u.s. government scan its customers emails. we'll have all the fallout. we follow hurricane matthew and the devastation left behind in haiti. we still don't know the extent
2:41 am
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welcome back. yahoo! is facing allegations that it built a custom software program for the u.s. government to search all of its users incoming emails. according to reuters yahoo! complied with a classified demand said to have come from the nsa or fbi last year. the news agency says it's not known what officials were looking for or what data may have been handed over. only that the government wanted the company to search for a set of specific characters. let's get more on this. turning now to business and cnbc for the latest on this from london. nancy, this is worrisome for yahoo! users, obviously, so what more do you know about this government search? >> reporter: extremely
2:45 am
worrisome. no doubt about it. what we know coming from the company, their latest they are saying simply that we are a law-abiding company and that we complied with the laws of the united states. is that message we're hearing from yahoo! but yet it is unsettling for users who keep in mind just a few weeks ago heard about a data breach around yahoo! and comes in the midst of a take over from verizon. potentially some questions surrounding this as well. we should note other tech companies including google, facebook, twitter and microsoft have all come out to say we had no such program, that we did not give up any information about communication at the request of the u.s. government. but expect we'll continue to hear more on this one throughout the day. also in the world of tech as if you thought the space for high end smartphones was crowded enough now google is getting in the game. they have unveiled a highly-anticipated high end smartphone that's the pixel and the pixel excel and it's priced from $649 a set and you can put
2:46 am
in your pre-orders now and also some big announcements there about google assistant being available on that phone that's all part of the push into a.i.. we're getting more information about google home as well. we need to watch that one. back to you. >> thank you. you may have been following kim kardashian's robbery in paris closely and you may have been getting a hard time from friends and family. you're not alone. the celebrity's case came up at the supreme court yesterday during an appeal case about a bank fraud conviction. justice steven beyer brought it up. he pressed the defense attorney quote, even if kardashian's thief if there is one believes all the jewelry is insured indeed over insured so it's not a theft. a decision on the case is
2:47 am
expected in july. we'll let you know if ruth baden ginsburg brings up brad and angelina jolie any time soon. we'll take a look at hurricane matthew and its move through the tropics when we come right back. a to earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. at places like the batting cages. ♪ [ crowd cheers ] 2% back at grocery stores and now at wholesale clubs. and 3% back on gas. which helped him give his players something extra. the cash rewards credit card from bank of america. more cash back for the things you buy most. vitamin enriched to revive skin from bank of america. and fight 7 signs of aging your old school dance moves might show your age, your skin never will olay. ageless.
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let's get back to our big story this morning. hurricane matthew devastation in the caribbean and state of emergency in place in florida, south carolina and parts of georgia and north carolina. get to bill karins. he's got the latest on all this.
2:50 am
where do things stand? >> great concern for the coastline of florida, carolina coastline a little bit less but we're not out of the woods yet in that area either. let's show you our computer models. each much these lines represent a potential path with the storm. this orange line you see here is the official forecast path. usually the hurricane center will take an average. all of these are different computer models. this is from the united kingdom. this is the canadian model. this blueish line here or turquoise line is ours. we're getting shifts in the track. a lot will update every six hours a couple every 12 hours. 8:00 a.m. friday great concern around the space coast. that's where the storm could be dangerously close possibly close to a landfall. if we're going to get destruction on the east coast of florida this is the most likely time as we go through the early morning hours on friday.
2:51 am
difference in time go to. some of our computer models are up here to the north. others down to west palm beach. we get an average. they adjust it asness. times there could be dramatic shifts. as we get through friday, friday looks like the worse. thursday night and all day friday right along the coastline thereafter. by the time we get to 2:00 a.m. saturday we start to bend the storm away from jacksonville and away from savannah. georgia coastline very close call. you're on the weaker side of the storm. it takes a turn away from you destruction may not be that bad. 2:00 a.m. and during the day on saturday what has changed significantly is yesterday all of these lines were coming right up here through myrtle beach, through eastern north carolina. looks like a direct blow for eastern north carolina yesterday. now we're bending some of these lines and slow the storm down. the forecast has improved up here. we're not ruling it out. one of our models takes it to eastern north carolina into
2:52 am
charleston. these are the things that we'll be watching. again storms that parallel the coast of florida all through the southeast are the most difficult to forecast. we got burned badly in '99 from hurricane floyd. we thought that would be a category 4. it stayed off the coast. as we get closer hour after hour we'll get better with the specifics. >> we've seen reports from haiti where relief groups are mobilizing after the catastrophic damage from hurricane matthew. at least three deaths have been attributed to the storm but that number could be higher since officials have not been able to access some areas. joining us from london, our foreign correspondent matt bradley. what can you tell us about this? >> reporter: as you know, haiti is no stranger to hardship and disaster and this week really looks no different. hurricane matthew brought with it 145 mile-per-hour winds. it made landfall yesterday morning and about to hit the u.s. we think thursday or
2:53 am
friday. now as you mentioned some of these areas have been washed out and some communication has been severed so we still don't know the extent of the damage. but there's conflicting reports on number of casualties. it's said that about 11 people have been killed so far. that's the maximum number. five are in haiti. of course this storm is of a fli -- afflicting jamaica and cuba. there are already three u.s. navy ships steaming through the affected area. one is a hospital ship. they are bringing with them almost 200 marines helping in the rescue effort. the u.s. government has offered $400,000 in initial rescue assistance but that may be going up. now, of course, alex, haiti can't get a break. this country is still affected by the earthquake in 2010 that killed a quarter of a million people and displaced tens of thousands of people. now on sun they are having a presidential election. so, alex, it's hard to see that
2:54 am
election going forward with the amount of damage we're projecting. >> i had forgotten about that election. thank you. the road to peace in syria appears to be veering further away from any joint solution between the u.s. and russia at least for now. secretary of state john kerry again criticized moscow for siding with the syrian regime while secretary kerri held out the possibility for re-engagement. he painted a bleak picture of president putin's attacks on the embattled city of aleppo. >> my government is absolutely convinced that we are correct in the pursuit of the goals of syria, that we are pursuing, but we acknowledge in sorrow and i have to tell you with a great sense of outrage that russia has turned a blind eye to assad's deplorable use of these weapons of war that he has chosen,
2:55 am
chlorine gas, barrel bombs against his people and together the syrian regime and russia seem to have rejected diplomacy in furtherance of trying to pursue a military victory over the broken bodies, the bombed out hospitals, the traumatized children of the long-suffering land. >> according to the "wall street journal," president obama has little desire to step up direct military action against assad. the report says arab governments are now watching america's presidential race to plan for how the next administration will address the long running civil war, assuming the obama white house will not alter its current approach. up next, we'll get a check on the stories in the day ahead. this is lulu, our newest dog. mom didn't want another dog. she said it's too much work. lulu's hair just floats. uhh help me! (doorbell) mom, check this out. wow. swiffer sweeper, and dusters.
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2:58 am
one of the things i noticed was how much the candidates were writing frantically while the other candidate was speaking. and i was curious what that was. we obtained a close up of what tim kaine was writing. i hate you, i hate you.
2:59 am
that makes sense. pen pennsylvania, okay, good. >> some debate notes from steven colbert. before we toss it to "morning joe" let's check on the stories you'll hear. officials in detroit will discuss threats made against city police officers. a manmade threats on social media late last month about bombing the funeral of a slain office per. president obama will meet with officials at fema today as residents along the east coast prepare for potential hit by hurricane matthew. the agency has already deployed crews to florida, georgia and the carolinas. the president had been slated to campaign for hillary clinton today. and on the campaign trail donald trump will make two stops in nevada today following last night's vice presidential debate. tim kaine will be in philadelphia. pen pennsylvania is scheduled to make stops in virginia and pennsylvania. and while clinton is off trail today her surrogates will be out in full force. her husband is in ohio while chelsea makes two stops in iowa,
3:00 am
senator bernie sanders will attend two events in wisconsin. they are all over the place. i'm alex witt alongside betty nguyen and louis there's a fundamental choice for the american electorate. do you want your hired president in hillary clinton or fired president in donald trump. >> you use that a whole lot. i think you're running mate used a lot of predo lines. >> when governor pence was in congress, he was chief cheerleader for privatization of social security. >> a chance to explain. >> there they go again. >> donald trump can't start a twitter war with miss universe without shooting himself in the foot. he loves dictators. a personal mt. rushmore. >> did you work on that one a long time? that had a lot of really creative lines in it. >> good morning. it's wednesday,


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