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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  October 5, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> hold on -- >> it's my time. >> ours is an insult driven campaign? if donald trump said all the things you said he said and the way you said him, he still wouldn't have a fraction of the insults that hillary clinton leveled when she said that half of our supporters were a basket of deplorables. >> six times tonight i have said to governor pence i can't imagine how you can defend your running mate's position on one issue after the next. in all six cases he's refused to defend his running mate's case. >> flip the ticket? mike pence struts his stuff in a striking departure from donald trump's bromance with vladimir putin. the small and bullying leader of russia is dictating terms to the united states, where all the united states of america -- the greatest nation on earth, just withdraws from talk about a
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cease-fire while vladimir putin puts a missile defense system in syria. be prepared. hurricane matthew taking aim at the east coast and the governor of florida issuing this warning today. >> everyone in our state must prepare now for a direct hit. be prepared for a direct hit. people have less than 24 hours left to prepare. evacuate, and shelter. good day, everyone. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. donald trump and hillary clinton looking ahead to their second presidential debate this coming weekend. clinton today in chappaqua giving tim kaine's debate performance a thumbs up before boarding her campaign plane heading to washington. in that vice presidential debate, the running mates traded political attacks. >> donald trump during his campaign called mexicans rapists and criminals, women slobs,
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pigs, dogs, disgusting. >> senator, this insult driven campaign, that's small potatoes compared to hillary clinton calling half of donald trump's supporters a basket of deplorables. >> did donald trump apologize for taking after somebody in a twitter war and making fun of her weight? did he apologize for saying african-americans are living in hell? deapologize for saying president obama was not a citizen of the united states? you will look in vain to see donald trump ever taking responsibility for anybody and apologizing. >> joining me now is kristen welker, and katy tur. kristen, in trualking to the people last night, they think tim kaine opened up new attack lines and set the stage for hillary clinton. >> they feel like he did what he
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needed to do. yes, he was aggressive out of the gate. no one is disputing that. they feel as though he raised and reminded voters about some of donald trump's most controversial stances, you just played a number of them. they also feel like he put a bright spotlight on the fact there is daylight between pence and donald trump. the fact that pence essentially didn't defend some of what tim kaine has said that donald trump said. they feel as though he went on the attack and it was an effective way of highlighting donald trump's more controversial instances, particularly when it comings to things like immigration, his comments about women and the muslim ban. as you point out, it also puts pressure on secretary clinton for this upcoming second debate on sunday. her top aide saying she will prepare just as vigorously for this second debate as she did the first debate. this will be a town hall style format. she will have to adjust to that. i'm told her former top state
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department aide will stand in as trump. he is, of course, a bulldog. he's aggressive. no stranger to pulling a punch. that's what she needs, her campaign says, in order to get ready for donald trump. >> at this hour mike pence in harrisonburg, virginia. he'll have a rally, a victory rally. clearly winning points on style. katy tur, i want to pay a bit of some of their arguments last night. >> we have a tax code, senator, that actually is designed to encourage entrepreneurship -- >> why won't he release his tax return? >> we're answering the question about the business thing. >> i do want to come back on that. >> his tax returns showed he went through a very difficult time but he used the tax code the way it's supposed to be used. he did it brilliant limly. >> donald trump supports our troops.
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donald trump supports our veterans. >> he didn't pay his taxes. >> this is about syria -- >> it's about our troops. >> i understand why you want to change the subject. i understand that. >> there were treats like flip the ticket from eric ericsson, republicans including the never trump republicans all praising mike pence for what they believe being presidential. >> mike pence showed everything that donald trump did not show during his first debate. he was composed, calm, he didn't let senator tim kaine get under his skin. he was able to deflect criticisms and turn them, pivot to more friendly territory. in doing that he created something of an alternate universe where donald trump doesn't insult people, which is frankly not true after being on the campaign trail with him for 16 months. he also did say that donald trump did not say that south
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korea, japan, saudi arabia should have nuclear weapons, even though donald trump did say that on two occasions. he was quite different from trump on subject of russia and putin. he called putin a little man. donald trump called putin a much stronger leader than president obama. governor pence that done so in the pence as well. he talked a bit about syria, saying they would need to take action, military force against potentially against the assad regime or russia if it was found to be human violations going on. that's not something we heard donald trump address on the campaign trail. so far governor pence did show a markedly different quality in his debate because he was frankly more prepared than donald trump was for his first debate. the governor, we're told, started preparing on day one when he found out he was going to be donald trump's running mate.
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repeatedly going over policy positions, brushing up on international issues before meeting senator tim kaine, also doing mock debates with scott walker. donald trump did not do any of that going into his debate. the question is how is he going to use this and use his running mate's performance to prepare him for his next debate on sunday. a much different sort of debate. a town hall setting where he'll be standing next to hillary clinton and able to interact with the audience. we have not seen donald trump do that on such a large national scale so far this season. >> as you point out, it's a town hall setting, kristen. the advisers to hillary clinton think she's good at that. clearly not as good as her husband, bill clinton, in 1992 and '96, the master of town halls. you were with her at haverford, pennsylvania at a semitown hall
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where she did interact with people in the audience. did it effectively. >> she did, andrea. throughout the course of this campaign, frankly, we have seen a loser hillary clinton when she is engaging in this town hall style format. she tends to have more genuine moments or moments that i think the audience would describe in that way. we saw that yesterday play out. when one of the people got up and asked a question and said i played you in our school's mock debate and i won, and mrs. clinton said well that makes us two for two. that got a big life. that's the type of exchange that the camp thinks she does well in. >> thanks very much. president obama was supposed to be campaigning in florida
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today, instead because of the hurricane, he is at fema headquarters. let's watch. >> hitting enough land, building strength on its way to florida we anticipate that by tomorrow morning it will already begin to have significant effect in florida. then has the potential to strengthen and move on up the coast during the course of the day. so, i want to make sure that everybody is paying attention to your local officials. if there is an evacuation order in your community, you need to take it seriously. we anticipate that not only is there still a chance that the core of the storm strikes florida and some of the states further north, but even if you don't get the full force of the hurricane, we are still going to be seeing tropical force winds,
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the potential for storm surge and all of that could have a devastating effect. so everybody needs to be paying attention and following the instructions of your local officials. if you get an evacuation order, just remember you can always rebuild, you can always repair property, you cannot restore a life if it is lost. we want to make sure we minimize any possible loss of life or risk to peoe in these areas. i also want to make sure that we say thanks to the folks at the national weather service and the fema team for the outstanding work they're doing here. craig, in case folks are not aware, comes from florida, is intimately familiar with the dangers of hurricanes, and just so happens he has family in areas that could be affected by this storm.
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this is personal for him. you know he's going to be working around-the-clock to make sure we're preventing any potential loss of life and trying to minimize as much as possible the impacts of this storm. but this will be a serious storm. even as we prepare for the hurricane at home, i want us to keep in mind that haiti, one of the poorest countries in the world, already suffering from a range of previous disasters, has been hit really hard by this storm. we anticipate they're going to need substantial help. there may be similar needs in places like the bahamas. so, i would ask that people who are willing to contribute and willing to help to visit the center for international disaster information. the website is
9:12 am you can find out how you can help make life a little bit easier for people who didn't have a lot to begin with and now are getting hammered by this storm. and last point for everybody in the potentially affected states, even as you are waiting to get instructions from your local officials, now is the time prept you have to evacuate. even if there's not an evacuation order, it makes sense to figure out what kind of plan do you have what supplies do you have, and if you need help trying to figure that out, go to that will give you some real clear instructions about how to make sure that you are securing your property and keeping your family safe which is obviously the priority for all of us.
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so, this is something to take seriously. we hope for the best, we want to prepare for the worst. i would urge everybody in the affected states of florida, georgia, south carolina, north korea to pay very close attention to your local officials and the broadcasts coming through over the next several hours. all right? thank you very much, everybody. >> some timely warnings from the president at fema headquarters. nbc meteorologist bill karins closely tracking this powerful hurricane. and nbc news' blake mccoy is in florida. bill, tell us about the latest forecast. >> we just showed the president. there he's going through his two terms without any major landfall of a hurricane in our country. president bush dealt with over a half dozen of those, particularly back in 2004 and 2005. we talk about the wilmas, ritas, ikes, katrinas. this could be the first major
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hurricane to hit our country since wilma. over a decade ago. hurricane warnings are up in florida. the storm has gotten its act together quickly today after being interrupted by the mountains of cuba. now we will see a bit of intensification, hopefully not too much. it should get up to about 130 this evening, and stay as a low-end category 4 by the time we get through thursday morning. again, tomorrow morning, the worst of it over the top of nassau. everyone in nassau, i don't know if there will be many safe locations with a category 4 over the top of you. they'll deal with that destruction. then we'll watch our coastline. the timing of it starts thursday night through thursday night into friday morning. that's when the closest approach will be near ft. pierce, indian river, vero beach. the space coast could be very close. if i had a greatest fear where i think the greatest damage would occur, that's the single point.
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this forecast cone, we are so close to this being a billion dollar disaster, on the other hand we're close to this being a minimal impact storm. because it's paralleling the coast. if we shift this 20 miles off the coast, the hurricane winds mostly stay over the water. if we shift it to the west, we're talking about the eye of a major hurricane going up the east coast of florida. this is one of our computer models sewing you what it could look like with a tiny shift. before, it was further west, now it's a bit further east. potentially going up the coast. that's one of our computer models. we have many. we'll track many in the next 24 hours. the bottom line is we're preparing for the worst. still hoping these lines come true, and that we kick this storm off the coast for a glancing blow. all of these lines pooling up along the coast, every time that reoccurs, it's looking worse and
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worse. take the evacuation orders seriously. i'll be more than happy to say it's out to sea tomorrow if it does. we can't count on that. >> wow. what a difference 20 miles could make. >> huge. >> bill karins, thank you very much for those warnings. of course stay with us as we continue to track this storm. now blake mccoy, you have been following the preparations in florida. hopefully people are taking this seriously. >> they are. especially within the last 24 hours. the governor has been sounding the alarm to get ready. with a forecast like that, you can see why there's been a run on supplies, all up the florida coast. at this home depot in miami, no more water left. a lot of people have been coming to get lumber to board up windows. this is r.j. tamayo, he's the manager here at the home depot. what supplies have people been coming for? >> plywood is flying off the
9:17 am
shelves, generators, flashlights and batteries. >> you're out of generators and larger batteries now. you are expecting more before the storm hits? >> today we're getting emergency loads through the back. i don't have the specific time but they are coming. >> you're telling people to keep checking back? >> absolutely. we want to be here for the community. >> the governor has been warning people to have at least three days worth of supplies. once that power goes out, like we expect it to in the neighborhoods because of flying debris, it will be some time before the power can be destroyed. the bucket trucks can only go in after the winds have subsided to below 35 miles per hour. andrea? >> we'll get a live update from the bahamas where the monster storm is expected to make a direct hit. how did last night's debatd
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>> six times tonight i have said to governor pence i can't imagine how you can defend your running mate's position on one issue after the next. and in all six cases he's refused to defend his running mate's -- >> no, no. don't put words in my mouth. >> yet he's asking everybody to vote for somebody that he cannot defend. >> two running mates, two different missions. tim kaine trying to force mike pence to defend donald trump's controversial statements. mike pence definitely dodging those attacks, trying to turn the argument back on hillary clinton. now at this critical moment in the race what do voters take away from the sparring match? tom brokaw joins me now to break it down. tom, you have probably moderated more debates than anyone, except our good friend, jim lehrer. did last night change anything?
9:22 am
>> i think both candidates handled it very, very well. here are two minute who have given their lives to public service. they have a personal history and a political history in terms of where they are in the political spectrum. i did think that senator kaine could have been more effective if he looked directly at the governor and said i'm going to read you a statement that donald trump said two or three times in the last week. you tell me whether you agree with it. these are his words. but instead he interrupted him a lot. he was looking, as you can see in that exchange, primarily at the questioner. for his part, what i thought that the governor did effectively was to play it low key. not to take the bait. keep it going. but in the final naanalysis, th is the junior varsity. when i was 15, i played on a really good junior varsity basketball team. we had a great record. the varsity did not have such a
9:23 am
good influence on that. we had to wait until it's our turn. so i don't think this will have much of an impact on what happens sunday night. and watching the path of this hurricane, going right up through florida, up north carolina at a time when those two states are very much in play and both sides are working hard. how much of a distraction will that hurricane be from those political efforts? >> in fact, i was thinking the same thing. because the president was supposed to be in florida today for hillary clinton, instead he was at fema headquarters in washington. of course if the power is out, people in those communities, may not be able to watch the debate on sunday, listen to the debate. may not have any focus other than just taking care of their homes and property. and lives. so, you're absolutely right. there's early voting already this doesec afft a lot of things in critical states. >> these -- this whole campaign
9:24 am
has been fimlled with unexpecte moments. when trump was doing well, he would shoot himself in the foot, arm, leg. when hillary clinton was doing well, her husband comes out and says obamacare is crazy and whacked out. so she will try to make sense of what he was talking about. i think in part all of this reflects the absence of depth of commitment to either win of these candidates. they're very passionate supporters of donald trump, and passionate supporters of hillary clinton, but that middle band will make the determination here. it's sliding from left to right, left to right, back and forth, almost every week. >> couple other story lines. if the takeaway from last night is in some way that the advisers around donald trump get him to sit down and really rehearse and prepare and do his homework,
9:25 am
showing what rehearsals could do for mike pence, maybe that will have impact on sunday. though it's harder to predict in a town hall setting where real people other than moderators will be asking the questions. and the other thing that really was striking was the disconnect between mike pence and donald trump on vladimir putin. on syria, on military engagement. wanted to share with you a little bit of what michael chertoff, former homeland security secretary had to say on "morning joe." >> what i do know is for people who care about security, we are at a time where there's a lot of risk out there. it's not just terrorism. it's a very aggressive russia. it's a more aggressive china. and what you need is the ability to make steady, good judge. when people go in the voting booth and reflect upon temperament and upon what people have said about our friends, and what they've said about our adversaries, it's clear that secretary clinton has a sound approach to the world. frankly, mr. trump seems to
9:26 am
embrace our adversa and is disdainful of other friends. >> you know, mike pence last night was laying out a scenario which could put u.s. military involvement to save aleppo against russia as the protector of the assad regime. it was a much more aggressive stance than we've had even as the white house tries to figure out what military steps to take. i'm not sure whether he was laying out a new donald trump position or really just separating himself from the top of the ticket. >> you know, andrea, those are very critical issues that we're dealing with here. it might have been effective, for example, for last night for senator kaine to have senate let me tick off the republicans who will not support your candidate. republicans like brent scowcroft, who has actually changed his registration, the most highly regarded national security adviser in the last four or five administrations.
9:27 am
any other number of republicans who have stepped away from drummen on thedru donald trump on these issues. the country is divided on whether we need to change the country domestically, do we need to fix the economy that is unfair to the working class in this country. we have two huge international issues not getting the kind of attention they deserve. one is what's going on with the new cold war between putin and this country. of course the refugee crisis in the middle east which is of epic proportions. what will be the result of us standing back from it. all those syrian refugees get out of those camps at some point and become enemies of the united states? these are the kinds of questions that are not getting the atte attention they deserve. >> i keep thinking tom, a year from now or longer, we'll look back on this campaign and say what we re we talking about
9:28 am
talking about miss universe, not talking about cyberhacking, our foreign democracy. this may be one of the moments where we are all missing the boat. >> you know, we only have about a month to go before this election. but one day or another, it will seem like a year to go, another time it will seem like 24 hours to go. these elections have a time sequence all their own. they operate in a climate all of their own. so, as you heard me say a thousand different times, i'm always reluctant to predict in any way what is likely to happen. what we've seen in the last couple months alone is a volatility of this election. and i think in about two weeks a lot of the country will sit down at the kitchen table or the coffee shop or in the office and start having heart to heart talks with their partners in life, their husbands or wives, partners in the office and come to some conclusions about what
9:29 am
they want for a president in the next four years. that will be the test. when they begin that process. it's not yet completely underway. >> tom brokaw, thank you so much as always. coming up sh, how putin bec the third wheel in last night's vice presidential showdown. it's me, arty! come see what i collected from the creative galaxy in my idea box. would you help me make art? ♪ each one of our journeys ♪ keeps us young hey, i have an idea!
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reagan duncan: vote yes on 55. what areou doi getting your quarter back. fountains don't earn interest, david. you know i wk ally. i was being romantic. you know what i find romantic? a robust annual percentage yield that's what i find romantic. this is literally throwing your money away. i think it's over there. that way? yeah, a little further up.e. what year was that quarter? what year is that one? what year wa'98hat quarter? that's the one. you got it! nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. ally. do it right. let's get out of that water. he loves dictators. he has kind of a personal mt. rushmore, kim jong-un, gadhafi and saddam hussein. >> joining us now is david
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ignati ignatius, columnist for the "washington post." it was quite a debate when you look at the syria/russia part of it. mike pence splitting with donald trump's past comments. listen to this, because he took a much more aggressive stance towards potential military involvement by the united states in the syrian conflict than anyone has previously. let's watch. >> the provocations by russia need to be met with american strength. and if russia chooses to be involved and continue to be involved in this barbaric attack on aleppo, the united states should be prepared to use military force to strike at the assad regime to prevent them from this humanitarian crisis taking place in aleppo. >> striking military targets there would potentially involve an engagement between the united
9:34 am
states and russia. and how do you game that out? what are the next steps? >> well, that's precisely what the pentagon has been trying to think through now for the last year. with russian air defenses, with russian military thick on the ground in northwestern syria what would it mean to enter that conflict and in support of the syrian opposition. it was fascinating to see mike pence sail right through the usual cautions and caveats and just threaten the use of military force against the syrians, which would inevitably mean in that aleppo area, confronting the russian military as well. tim kaine was much more cautious, talking about human assistance, major humanitarian effort. that's more in line with what i think the obama administration is considering. it was fascinating to see a
9:35 am
republican ticket, if you will, move from donald trump's basic position, the series of let's leave it to the russians, to pence's much stronger, more traditionally republican threat of the use of military force. >> the real question will be, perhaps this doesn't get addressed until the debate on nday, is this the researpublica ticket or mike pence carving out his own area in 2020 or his own future. here is kaine going up against pence a fact check, if you will, on what pence and trump have said about vladimir putin in the past. >> governor pence said inarguably vladimir putin is a better leader than president obama -- >> that is absolutely inaccurate. >> and i just think a guy -- >> i said he's been stronger on the world stage -- >> you said leader. >> >> i think it's inarguable
9:36 am
that vladimir putin has been a stronger leader in his country than barack obama has been in this country. >> so, you got disconnect there as well, david. >> the conversation, the argument really about putin and what trump has said about putin, pence's comments are an additional footnote to that. i think that's going to be a big issue in the next debate, maybe the next two debates. russia's presenting a much more significant challenge to the u.s. around the world. but especially in syria and in ukraine than anybody could have predicted when this campaign started. trump's easy talk early on of how he would sit down with putin, putin was a guy he could get along with, positive comments about him being a strong leader, those have come back to haunt him at a time when our military essentially all of
9:37 am
our national security experts are warning of serious confrontation, really a new cold war. trump will be pressed in the next debate hard, you could hear tim kaine sharpening the knifes to go after him. he'll have to answer in a clearer way than mike pence did. mike pence expressed strong positions himself, but in terms of what he said, you just played the clip, he said vladimir putin was inarguably a stronger leader for his people than barack obama has been. they're going to have to explain what they mean by that. >> david, tom brokaw and i were talking about unexpected and unanticipated events, talking about hurricanes, but we don't know what will happen in the next few weeks as the national security council assesses options in syria what if aleppo is about to fam? we're talking about a humanitarian disaster, a genocide, if you will? there have been much less dangerous moments which have
9:38 am
involved barack obama deciding to go into libya to save bengahzi. >> as our presidential campaign moves towards the finale, we have an unusually dangerous, unpredictable international situation. i'm told by u.s. intelligence officials that aleppo is on the verge of surrender, on the verge of collapse. the russian assault, militarily on aleppo, has been designed to break the will of the population there by brutal violence. the use of the worst kind of anti-personnel incendiary weapons. if aleppo falls, that's a big turning point in this war it will force decisions by the united states, by the obama administration. it will force the two candidates to confront much more directly what they would do in a serious situation that is going to get worse and worse. you can see that already.
9:39 am
no question. the next president takes office, that will be a continuing, festering, dangerous problem. we'll need to hear about it sunday night. >> you will hear attack lines, hillary clinton will say he's too risky to be a commander in che chief in a dangerous setting. she will say he brought us to this pass, to this divide. >> i think this crisis is forcing them to say in more detail what they do. >> david ignatius, thank you very much. great to see you again. >> thank you. coming up, four days to go to that next presidential debate. why the stakes are higher than ever for donald trump and hillary clinton. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports." yeah, well ge is doing a lot of cool things digitally to help machines communicate, might want to at least mention that. i'm budingworld-chang. with my two hands.
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donald trump called me late
9:43 am
last night from nevada to congratulate me on the debate. that really meant the world to me. it truly did. some people think i won. but i'll leave that to others. i can tell you from where i sat, donald trump won the debate. >> mike pence in harrisonburg, virginia after winning style points for his debate performance even if he got failing grades from the fact checkers. joining me now is jeremy peters, abby phillip and wesley lowery. welcome all. jeremy, the donald trump world, does donald trump embrace the declared victor, mike pence, at least on style? and ignore all the tweeting, flip the ticket? we got the wrong guy? he failed to defend his leader,
9:44 am
and separate himself from donald trump? >> i think, andrea, the trump campaign was in such dire need of some type of positive publicity over the past week. it's been dominated by trump's self inflicted wounds, his poor debate performance. this was a much needed bonus for them regardless of the fact that now mike pence knows exactly what it feels like to be paul ryan, any one of these supporters who go on cnn all day and have to defend what in many cases is the indefensible, that is donald trump's totally offensive, outrageous and often false claims. >> the hillary clinton campaign, abby, she's arrived in d.c. she has a fund-raiser with julianna margulies, another fund-raiser later then heading back to chappaqua for serious debate prep.
9:45 am
this was john podesta moments ago. >> himllary did a lot of town hall debates, she's used to the format. she likes it. she likes answering questions from individual citizens. she listens hard, relates to people. that's a format that donald trump is not as used to. >> abby, the clinton team didn't get any kind of a bump or reset out of this. but if it fails to move the needle, they still are now primed to go after donald trump on sunday. >> that's right. i think they'll approach this not all too differently from the last debate which is that she's going to prepare for hours, as she's doing today and will continue over the next few days. and she's also been kind of doing a little bit of this prep on the road. she had earlier this week sort of a town hall meeting with, albeit, some very favorable
9:46 am
questions. looking back at the last time she was in a kind of town hall center at the commander in chief forum, there's an acknowledgment that she sort of allowed herself to get a little anxious or annoyed by the kind of tenor of questioning. so i'm sure the campaign is working on preparing her for the likelihood that some of these voter questions might be very tough. they might be as tough as you might expect from questions coming from journalists. it's about pacing her answers, preparing them in a kind of very structured way to prosecute a case against donald trump and not get bogged down in any kind of aggressiveness that might come from the moderator or questioners. >> in fact, it's very likely that she will get questions that are tougher than she got on her listening tours, through those primary states. they would carefully screen people who asked her questions. it's most likely it will come
9:47 am
up. wes lowery, one issue that did come up last night is the whom question of policing, the use of force, black lives matters. i wanted to play some of that sound for you. >> when african-american police officers involved in a police action shooting involving an african-american, why would hillary clinton accuse that african-american police officer of -- >> i can't believe you're defending the position that there's no bias. >> we have got to do a better job recognizing and correcting the errors in the system that do reflect on institutional bias in criminal justice. what donald trump and i are saying let's not have the reflex of assuming the worst of men and women in law enforcement. >> wes, you could not be further apart than these two campaigns in the way they address this whole issue. >> of course, i mean, what i
9:48 am
think has to be pointed out to begin with is this question was not about biased in policing. this question was not about police shootings. this question was specifically about whether or not police officers are being asked to do too much in our society. it's a question about mental health funding, a question about drug treatment. the kind of things that police officers say all the time. that we are often thrust into situations that we're not prepared for because of the breakdown of the rest of our safety net. it was a great question that neither candidate began to answer. rather they pivoted to what has been talking points from each campaign. the trump cane talking about this idea of law and order. on the other hand, you had candidate kaine talking about this idea of riding policing bias without much discussion about how would go about doing that, and pivoting on stop and frisk. not at all what the question was
9:49 am
about. you're right, it shows the deep differences between these two campaigns in terms of the rhetoric they're using. at the same te it portrays how either campaign is on this or many issues really getting into the deep and depp depths of po but sticking to basic level talking points. >> that's a good point. thank you, wes, abby, and jeremy. right now a live look at the road out of charleston, south carolina. evacuations underway, bumper to bumper ahead of that hurricane. coming up next, a live report from the bahamas. , 80% of recurrent ischemic strokes could be prevented. and i'm doing all i can to help prevent another one. a bayer aspirin regimen is one of those steps in helping prevent another stroke. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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and the u.s. is now bragsing for the impact of hurricane matthew, a monster storm prompting states of emergency and evacuations in the south. in the next 36 hours it will take aim at the east coast of florida as a category four storm. we don't know exactly whether it will be a direct hit or veer
9:53 am
east over the ocean. in any case, the hurricane is barrelling through the caribbean. it's killed at least 11 people already. hard to know what's happened in haiti. some of the hardest hit areas are cut off. the full extent of the damage not yet known. tammy lightner is in the bahamas where they are bracing for a direct hit. it is the calm before the storm. the sea is turbulent but the sun is out. people preparing there in nassau. better prepared than in a place like haiti. the poorest country in the hemisphere. >> reporter: as you mentioned we'll get a direct hit here. that's not happened in 80 years. let me give you an idea the extent of the damage that can happen here. behind me are houses all along the water here. the water has already come up. residents say it is not normally this high. this is a church. they have already boarded the windows. andrea, i'm 5'7" and they are
9:54 am
expecting storm surges up to 15 feet. that would completely cover this church. it would cover the houses and it would do extreme damage in this area. they have evacuated about 1500 visitors from the islands. they have evacuated some of the local residents from the southern islands. a lot of people i have spoken to here say they are not leaving. they are going to hunker down and wait it out. >> tammy, dramatic evidence of the possible damage from this storm. thank you. turning back to politics, as the presidential candidates prepare for their next debate senate candidates are looking over new numbers in this hour. mark murray with the breaking news. you have some real turmoil here. florida, first of all. marco rubio, neck and neck. >> this poll has him leading by four. others have him with a larger lead. it shows if the democrats win florida decisively in the
9:55 am
election you could see rubio would be in a tough race. >> north carolina. dead heat. >> it is a dead heat. tied 46-46 between incumbent republican richard burr. >> he's a ranking leader. >> democratic challenger deborah ross. other polls show ross with a slight lead in the states. democrats feel good about the chances there. >> ohio, one reason they believe that donald trump has a shot is the strength of the republican candidate killing ted strickland. >> rob portman has run an amazing race. don't under estimatehe t role of john kasich on portman's chances. it could be at the end of the day helping out donald trump in ohio. >> pennsylvania, i don't know if this is a canary in the coal mean or what but pat toomey pulling ahead. >> this poll has him ahead eight points over katie mcginty
9:56 am
contradicting the other polling that has her with a slight lead there. we want to see if this is an outlier or part of a trend. >> the implications of the polls if they were to hold up for control of the senate? >> i think you would look at these polls and it shows it could be a coin flip. democrats still have a lot of pieces on the puzzle. >> al gore. we have confirmed he will be engaged. they weren't always cozy. again, al gore endorsed hillary clinton. but likely to campaign for her now. >> a sign of how united the democratic party is. >> could be impactful with climate change advocate and millennials. thank you for that. more ahead here on "andrea mitchell reports." we'll be right back. gary, gary, ga... i am proud of you, my man. making simple, smart cash back choices... with quicksilver from capital one. you're earning unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purche, everywhere. like on th new laptop. quicksilver keeps things simple, gary. and smart, like you!
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because buzzed driving is drunkriving. ♪tonight, throw manwi on the menu... and throw those table manners out the window. ♪make tonight a manwich night and that does it for us. remember to follow the show online on facebook and twitter. hallie jackson is next here on msnbc. hallie? >> thank you. hi, everybody. i'm hallie jackson in d.c. two big stories this hour.
10:00 am
first, bracing for a major hit. millions of people in florida and south carolina under mandatory evacuation orders with hurricane matthew barrelling toward the southeast coast. later this hour we are expecting a briefing from the coast guard. that's going to happen at any minute. we'll bring it to you live. president obama speaking at fee ma in d.c. warning folks to get ready for the strongest hurricane to hit florida in more than a decade. >> we anticipate that by tomorrow morning it will be having a significant effect in florida and has the potential to strengthen and move up the coast. >> there is a political storm brewing, too. with just 34 days until this election a new poll out about 45 seconds ago shows hillary clinton with a two-point lead in the critical swing state of ohio. interesting numbers. all of it as trump makes a push to turn nevada today.


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