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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  October 5, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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direct hit. nasa is looking for heavy rain as early as tonight. our reporters and meteorologists are all out there for you. they're in places across the u.s. and in the caribbean, lets start with msnbc's blake mccoy, he's in miami. the governor is telling people to start preparing now. >> reporter: that's right, people are listening. supplies are flying off the south here in miami. this is the flashlight and rain gear section at the home depot. you can tell there is no flashlights left here. other supplies that are in high demands and batteries people are looking for and lumber to board up windows and bottled water. they moved into their emergency operation mode which means they are sending relief trucks to all of the stores along florida east coast to start restocking them. we are waiting for a lot of
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supplies here. the major concern that people are being told to watch out for with this storm is high winds which could be damaging, of course, the strong currents. people are bring in their boat out of the water and power outages. once the power goes out, it is going to be quite some time for crews to be out there to repair it. the governor is warning people to have three days of worth of supply in their home. the last major hurricane to impact florida was wilma. a lot of people don't have the emergency supplies at home. it is been quite a bit of time since they had to prepare a storm of in magnitude. we are waiting for update fs fr governor. evacuations order is in order. >> blake mccoy in miami >> in south carolina, governor nikki haley has ordered
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evacuations from charleston and beaufort. this is interstate 26 heading out of charleston, westbound lanes are packed at this hour and people are driving on that coast. for more, lets turn to nbc mariana, tell us the latest? >> reporter: well, kate, the latest is what you can see behind me of people evacuating charleston and south carolinas and low country. you can soo e the traffic behind me and people are heading west trying to get out as fast as possible. that historic lane reversal that we have been telling you about. we are going to see here to my right hand side of those cars starting to go westbound for the first time ever. that's set to take place any second now and actually it went into effect at 3:00 p.m. i have here james law, james is
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a spokesperson of the department of transportation here in south carolina. mr. law, when are we going to start seeing these cars going west for the first time to help folks evacuating. >> we should see traffic in both westbound lanes. >> how much will that help people trying to get out and evacuate with their families >> the amount of vehicles and cars that we can handle so it will be a tremendous help. we put this plan in place two years ago. this is the first time that's been implemented. we have been practicing it for a number of times. at least once a year. you know, it is all brand new. we got our fingers crossed. >> reporter: they have their fingers krotscrossed. mr. law, the historic storm that people keep on mentioning here is flloyd, that generated a massive traffic jam.
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that happened in 1999. >> since that time, we had been looking at it and putting all the assets in place and we got a good plan, we'll see you about ten minutes whether it works or not. >> reporter: we hope to bring you images live. it is taking longer than expected because as you can expect, we have seen law enforcement officers putting cones out and trying to reverse the traffic for the first hour now. in charleston, in south carolina, authorities really trying to avoid massive traffic jam so folks can get out of here safely >> mr. law, another historic storm that people keep on referencing is hugo as category five. 27 deaths here in hurricane. how should people be preparing for r matthew and how serious should they take the storm?
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>> you should take it seriously. all information they were getting and we are getting, says the storm could be a big problem. well, it is going to be another hugo? we hope not. we need to get many people off the coast. >> reporter: even though most of the folks we have been talking to have not been evacuating, we have to take it seriously. >> you are seeing behind me, that first vehicle, historic event here in these lanes that are traditionally going east. that was law enforcement vehicle and we are expecting normal traffic to be heading west in a couple of seconds now. >> it looks like it is working and traffic is moving in the westbound lanes. as the hours go on, we'll check back with you mariana to see if it was moving.
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i remember the traffic jam trying to get people off the coast. the bahamas, that's where we find nbc's tammy leitner. what are you hearing from residence? >> we are in the direct path. this island is first place hit. take a look at the sky, it is getting dark and ominous and all the houses on this side of the island. this side is hit the hardest. you can see a long string of houses behind me and we have been speaking with residence all day. the people that are staying here, they're getting supplies of food and water and gassing up their cars and people that are leaving. they are boarding up their houses just like this year. this is actually a church but this is what they are doing. they are putting boards all over the windows and doors.
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sandbags and trying to protect their house in case it does come through as bad as they are expecting. >> i spoke to one man awhile ago. you live basically across the street from the water. what is the worse scenario for you here? >> total property loss. if it gets to the heights of what they are saying and prickinpric predicting. a lot of the homes in this southern area would be under water. >> you are looking at a live picture of matthew coming in here to the bahamas. this is the first site of the island hit. a lot of people already left and some people are staying and sticking this one out. >> tammy leitner, stay safe. for more, lets go to our dylan
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dryer. >> after that, it is looking more and more like this is going to impact the east coast of florida. i will break it down for you in just a second. to give you the latest updated information. it is a category 3. winds are at 120 miles per hour. it is moving northwest. >> the center of the storm is moviing northwest about 20 mile per hour. we have warnings in effect all across the bahama the storm continues to exit. i want to focus on florida here. because areas across the east, central coast of florida are under those hurricane warnings. hurricane conditions are imminent within the next 34 hours. that's about 48 hours. that's why it has not been upgraded just yet. it is strengthen to a category four hurricane as it continues to move through the bam bahamas.
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we are looking at winds up to around 115 to nearly 130 miles per hour. friday morpg, ning at 8:00 a.m. it is just off the coast and perhaps as little as 45 to 50 miles per hour off the coast. we could be seeing a land fall in florida. that's kind of our question marks right now. what is it going to do after it interacting with florida. the model is indicating that it looks like it is curving away from the coast, although some models having it continuing to make land fall some where near the coast of georgia and south carolina. it is going to pull toout to se and there is some speculations that this thing could loopback around. that takes us all the way to next week. we still have a way to go before we get to that point. lets break down in the bahamas. we are going to see up to a 10
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to 15 storm surge as it races through the bahamas and the rest of the day and the night and early tomorrow morning with up to 15 inches of rain possible. that could lead to flood dui y.d >> a storm surge of up to three to five feet possible along the coast of florida. >> here is the center of the storm but close enough to possibly producing those hurricane forced winds. it all depends on how close this eye gets to melbourne itself. it will be our landing zone and winds perhaps as high 60s and upper 70 miles per hour. we'll have your heaviest rain and still close enough to impact the coastal flooding. the beach erosions and all the concerns that you have along the coast when we are talking about significant storm surge. saturday morning, here is the center of the storm, close to charleston, south carolina and
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close enough to produce damaging winds and possible storm surge and the coastal flooding in addition, perhaps up to 10 or more inches of rain. right now it is still very important that eastern florida, south carolina, georgia, and maybe even south southern parts of eastern parts of north carolina needs to prepare as well >> wow, a lot of information. the best case scenario in that cone of unpredictability is they're going to get a lot of rain even if they are off the coast a little bit >> yes, exactly, the rain is going to wrap around. all of that water gets pushed on shore so coastal flooding and areas right along the immediate beaches will have to deal with beach erosions and coastal flooding as well because of the storm is so close and the water gets pushed on shore. dylan dreyer, we are gng to
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check back with her. we are going to turn to politics up next. window are waiting for donald trump. hillary clinton prepping for sunday's debate. donald trump campaigning in nevada holding that rally. the one in henderson is about to begin this hour. we are waying for thiting for t. polls in nevada showing clinton is in the lead. lman: goet it, marcus. go get it. gilman used his cash rewards credit card from bank of america to earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. at places like the batting cas. ♪ [ crowd cheers ] 2% back at grocery stores annow wholesale clubs. and 3% back on gas. which helped him give his players something extra. the cash rewards credit card from bank of america. more cash back for the things you buy most. [baby talk]
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president obama is expected to make a statement about the agreement in paris. we'll bring to you.
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we'll also continue to monitor hurricane matthew all hour, right now we are going to switch to politics. the day after the vice presidential debate. hillary clinton is off the trail and ready for her second debate with donald trump coming up this s sunday. the nominee is out on the road campaigning in nevada today. katy tur is with the trump campaign. did he just take the stage right now? >> he just taken the stage right this moment and about the address the crowd. we are expecting him to talk about the debate and talk about how he felt about governor pence's performance. a few minutes ago stop at a school, a catholic school. he talked about how governor won on style even though style does not matter. he got a tremendous review from him and -- donald trump is here in nevada. hillary clinton has a slight lead but it is very much at the
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top at the moment. we are seeing volunteers registering voters as they come in the door here in nevada. this is something that we have been seeing more of lately with this campaign and have been sporatic up in last week or months or so. they're trying to get every last vote to make sure they get the turn out that they need to win in november. it is going to be about turn out and enthusiasm. can donald trump turn out more of his bases supporters which are white men without a college degree. >> katy, lets listen for a moment. lets see if he's addressing the debate right now. >> we are going to win back the white house. [ applause ]
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how many of you watched the vice presidential debate last night? [ applause ] mike pence did an incredible job and i am getting a lot of credit because that's really my first so-called joys that's my first hired as we would say in las vegas. he was a good one, he was phenomenon and cool and smart and he was -- i mean, you take a look at him, he was meant to be doing what he was doing. we are very, very proud of governor mike pence. [ applause ] [ cheers ] thank you, mike pence. i would argue that mike had the single most decisive victory in the history of vice presidential debates. last night america also got to look firsthand at my judgment and that was judgment. you need judgment for people and
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deals. we don't do deals loo i cike th deal. we don't do deals like that. 1.7 billion in cash. we are in las vegas. who ever heard of things like what's going on -- unbelievable. well, mike led out big and bold solutions for america. his opponent talked about small and petty distractions. hillary clinton has been there for 30 years and has not fixed anything. [ applause ] >> she goes around, we'll do this and that and all these things. it is all wonderful. the problem is why didn't she do it? she just made things worse. promising to create in order to
12:20 pm
get elected 200,000 jobs, manufacturing is down more than 40% and jobs have left. it is just the opposite. she failed over seas producing deaths and destructions. he unleashed isis and stabilized iraq, syria and libya and put iran on the path of nuclear weapons in less than ten years now. they'll have no nuclear weapons. one o f the dumbest deals ever made whether it is countries or any kind of a deal you can think of. one of the dumbest deals ever made. at home, hillary clinton failed latinos and african-americans and producing more poverty in the inner cities. did you see that? where ever you go to the inner cities, nothing happens, it never happens and it is called give me your vote and then they
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don't come back. four years later, they come back. she's merely the vessel for the global special interests bleeding our country dry. they are bleeding our country. i am running to represent americans and we are going to make america rich again. [ applau ] i am going to end illegal immigration. stop the massive in flow of refugees, keep jobs from pouring out of our country. re-negotiate our totally disaster trade deals and massively reduce taxes and regulations on our workers and our businesses. [ applause ]
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my agenda is very simple, it is called jobs, jobs. >> jobs are all even. the problem that we face as a country and it is going to take bold action to turn things around. we need change. we need change. right now we owe $20 trillion debt. $20 trillion debt. it doubles under president obama. our infrastructure is of that of a third world country. the homicide rate last year, experienced the biggest single year increase in more than 45 years. does anybody know that? biggest increase in homicides in 45 years. our police, our under staff and
12:23 pm
under supported and hillary clinton basically accuses our police of all being racist. [ crowd boos ] >> our border is wide opened and drugs and cartels are pouring into our country on an hourly bas basis. thousands o thousands of refugees are being admitted without ways to screen them and making it eligible for wealth care and free healthcare even as our own veterans, our great, great veterans die while they are waiting online for medical care. >> donald trump out in henderson nevada starting off talking about last night's vice presidential debate and taking credit for having chosen or hired mike pence. lets go back to katy tur who's out in hernderson.
12:24 pm
we see in that shot on the left side of the screen, the teleprompter that donald trump is reading off. >> the pool camera had been asked to not show the teleprompter. >> reporter: they are the one responsible for getting that head on shot. that goes live to the network. >> if he was able toll see the tell la prompter? his shot. >> the reason why this is relevant is donald trump spent a year railing against politicians who used telaprompter, he even said at one point that you should not be allowed to use a
12:25 pm
teleprompter as you are running for president. >> the issues is he's asking us to give a tight shot of em which is the ability to get a large view of the crowd. regardless of that, we all have our own cameras here and we all get various shots of the crowds during these speeches. it is an interesting contradiction that the trump campaign had behind the scenes >> all right, katy tur out in henderson, nevada. hillary clinton has no events today. she's getting ready for debate night round two on sunday night. kasie hunt has been covering the democrat this entire year. 34 days. who's counting? >> we are not counting.
12:26 pm
she's off the trail. i have to imagine she's working very hard. what is she up to? >> that's right, kate. >> reporter: they are focusing now on debate prep. they feel like the preparation that they did for that first debate with donald trump really paid off. she came away from that in their view with a win and they don't want have any risks this time around. the format is different that time. it is going to be town hall style. there will be moderators there. but, the questions will be largely come from the audience and so the clinton team feels as though this is potentially a strength for her and felt like she had a lot of experience in these kinds of settings. john podesto is talking to people outside clinton's home today. this is something that she feels comfortable with. she's used to taking questions from voters and they believe that donald trump is less comfortable in this format.
12:27 pm
you see her doing a little bit of this on the campaign trail. yesterday, she did an event with daughter chelsea clinton and she took questions from voters who were there giving her a chance to practice this format. it would of course, be difficult to bring in a studio audience to rehearse something like this. you will see preps proceed. she's got a few fundraisers but no public events. our first glimpse will be on that stage in st. louis. >> kasie hunt. thank you very much. >> back to tracking hurricane matthew right now. millions of residence are bracing for the impact of category three storm. >> eastern cuba is on its way now to the bahamas. we got new video from cuba, the hurricane destroyed dozens of homes there. most of them are close to the
12:28 pm
waters. look at those streets. for the latest o f the storm. i want to bring in rick nabb, rik, you p you put out the forecast at an hour ago. give us the latest track from where you are sitting. >> yeah, full forecast updates coming by 5:00 p.m. eastern and the hurricane is category three, maximum sustained winds of 120 miles per hour. it is headed to the bahamas and a horrible set of hazards for them to deal with winds and storm surge. it will be approaching florida tomorrow night. today and tomorrow tonight are the preparation periods for folks inside florida because the winds and the bad weather will start arriving tomorrow and the core of the hurricane will be approaching us tomorrow night.
12:29 pm
we could see the direct land fall, the core of the cat three our four some where in the hurricane warning area in south florida. people got to be preparing today and tonight. >> we'll put our server here at my home. we are talking about evacuation instructions and if they tell you to leave or if you are in an unsafe spot, you go. >> and so rick, in terms oof --i was asking dylan earlier, what is the best case scenario for florida and coastal residence? >> well, a track further offshore perhaps to the east or to the right of our forecast on the right side of our cone, still bad for the bahamas but better for florida. it would not be eliminating the hazard. the worst case is the core, making land fall in the core
12:30 pm
area thach area. that could be followed by many community, up and down the entire east coast of florida and potentially experiencing the direct impact. >> rick knabb, thank you very much, i want to go to the white house and president obama speaking in the rose garden about the paris climate. ten months ago in paris i said before the world we need a strong global agreement to reduce carbon solutions and to set the world on a low carbon course. the result was the paris agreement. last month, the united states and china, the two worworld's t largest economy formally joined together. today, they are officially crossed the threshold for it to take effect. today, the world needs a moment. if we follow through this
12:31 pm
commitment, mystery may well skbr judge it as a turning point for our planet. it took a long time to reach today. one of the reasons i ran for this officer was to make america a leader in this mission. over the past eight years, we have done just that. in 2009, we had chaotic weather and establishing the principle that all nations had a role to play in combatting climate change. >> we set nationwide standards to limit the amount of carbon and plant pumping into the air where our children breathe. from the cars and trucks that we drive from which we live and work. we change fundamentally where we consume energy. these actions would kill jobs and instead, we saw these carbon
12:32 pm
levels of the longest streak job creations in america's history. we drove our carbon pollution to its lowest level in two decades. >> we lead our example with our announcement with china two years ago. that achievement encouraged dozens of other countries to set more ambitious climate targets on their own. that in terms paid for it >> the idea that no in addition and not even one as powerful as ours could solve this challenge alone. all of us have to solve it together. the agreement alone will not solve the crisis. even if we meet every target and body of the agreement will only get to part of where we need to go.
12:33 pm
make no mistake, this agreement will help delay or avoid the worse consequences of climate change. it will help other nations rachet down other time and setting bolder targets and allow each nations to evaluate the progress of all other nations. by sending a signal that this is going to be a future, a clean energy future, it opens up the flood gates for businesses and scientists and engineers o unleash and high-tech investment at a scale that we have never seen before. this gives us the best possible shot to say the one planet that we got. >> i know diplomacy can be easy and progress on the world's stage can sometimes be slow. >> together, with efforts, with strong principle american leadership and optimism and faith and hope, we are proving
12:34 pm
it is possible. i want to embarrass my senior adviser because he has worked tire lessly, he and john kerry and the epa, everybody on their teams have done an extraordinary job. america should be as proud of them as i am of them >> i want to thank the people of our nation moving quickly of the agreement into source. >> folks who have not yet submitting their document takat to enteernerring. and in the coming days lets face down dangerous use of high opholic car gobon echlt.
12:35 pm
>> that's our most mission to make sure our kids and grand kids have at least a beautiful planet and more beautiful than the one that we had. today, i am confident that we can get the job done. thank you very much everybody. president obama at the white house in the rose garden talking about what he calls for an historic day talking about the paris climate agreement. the reason why he's talking about that right now because that agreement needed to be sat fied. that happens today, they were able to cross that marker with the eu, canada and nepal. their instruments of ratification. basically, the paper work got done. all the nations needed to ratify the agreement have gotten into that point. this agreement quote will help
12:36 pm
delay or avoid the worse consequences. >> lets go to juan allen at the white house. >> this was a significant agreement for the white house. they have been fushing for this and wanted to make sure it would be ratified enough by the country to take force. >> reporter: this is something he has been pushing for seven and a half years. when you talk to the president, he thinks this is one of the most significant aspects of his legacy that he's done something that unites the world around the globe of saving the planet. >> it is very interesting that this is happening on a day of hurricane happening in the caribbean y caribbean. beach erosions, perhaps the most practical sample of what the president was talking about as a
12:37 pm
threat that our climate faces >> it is now ratified about 60 or so is designed to stop. >> the united states is vowed to cut greenhouse and gas submission by 25% or so over the next decades. >> that's a significant reduction and that's a big factory if this could happen. this is not an agreement that has the force of law. there is no sanctions around station that don't carry out the terms of agreement. >> united states, for example, one of the big aspects of house. and trying to put the out put of cold plant and power plant. >> it will be doubling as the court goes through its business. that's a significant barrier to the united states. but feeling agreements under this agreement.
12:38 pm
>> it is. >> it will come together. by the nation of the world, watching each other and monitoring each other and trying to do this. >> for the president of the united states, this is a huge milestone and part of his leg y legacy. in china joined to ratify the agreement. this is the day that he will remember as the day he saves the planet. a huge mild stone but a lot of variables and a lot of hurdles before it actually happens and before, in fact, the commitments are compare arried out. a huge mild stone on an important day when a hurricane is bearing down in united states >> ron, just to remind people. but, the limit that was put in the agreement it was to limit global winning to two degrees celsius. i just want to know in the
12:39 pm
political climate that we are in, i was just refreshing my memory and looking up donald trump's position on the paris climate agreement. he said quote, "cancelled" and stopping all payments of u.s. tax dollars to un bloebl warming program. >> it is set to go into effect, could donald trump undo this agreement if he were elected president? >> as president just ignore it and which requiring for the united states, for example to get the epa to enforce new regulations on cold power plants and automission and so forth. yes, a lot is at stakes at this election, this is one other huge thing that's a mistake and that's why the president is pushing so strongly in it and
12:40 pm
clearly donald trump and the republicans do not. we are still tracking hurricane matthew, we'll bring that to you. but, up next, mike pence and tim kaine faced off in their one and only debate. especiallily playing defender in chief for the next commander in chief. more on that coming up next, you are watching msnbc, the place for politicpolitics. on this side of the road is virginia... and on this side it's tennessee. no matter which state in the coury you live in, you could save hundreds car insance bywitching to geico. ok, i'm in virginia... i'm in tenssee... virginia... tennessee... and now i'm in virginessee. see how much you could save on car insurance. or am i in tennaginia? hmmm... but the best place to start is in the forest. kubo: i spy something beginning with..."s"
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or fill a big order or expand your office and take on ever comes next. find out how american express cards and services can help prepare you for growth at six times tonight, i have said to governor pence, i cannot imagine you how you defend your running mate one issue to the next. >> that was just one of the tense exchanges in last night's vp debate. while many analysts declared mike pence was the winner. a new poll today showing hillary clinton up to two-point.
12:44 pm
nbc's kelly o'donell joining us from richmond, virginia. after last night's debate. what are you hearing from both sides and from the clinton campaign today? >> reporter: well, they are looking for signs to show that there is growing strength behind hillary clinton in places where she has needed it. ohio has been a state that's been on the list of worry spots for the clinton campaign. donald trump has had a lot of polling strengths there and the demographics. bill clinton spending time there with his history of being able to connect with those white working class voters overtime. now, in terms o f the vp debate of the fallout or after glow depending on your point of view. the democrats who were ally of tim kaine saying he was feisty. >> they agree that highlighted
12:45 pm
areas where donald trump and mike pence were not on the same place. so mike pence was in that difficult spot. at the same time, pence is saying to me, now he's gotten through that with good reviews. >> even as donald trump is preparing more and aids saying he's doing the work required. these kinds of settings requiring years and decades of experience. the clinton team feels that she's well prepared for that
12:46 pm
kind of format and round two with donald trump. >> kate. >> all right, kelly o'donell is down in virginia. thank you very much. another major topic at the vice presidential debate was about donald trump's taxes. here is how mike pence respond ed to a question like that. >> why won't hwe release it? >> his tax return shows that he went through a difficult time. he use his tax code the way he did and he did it brilliantly. >> josh barro, our senior editor has been digging in of taxes since 1995. he joins me now. i want to get this right. you have been digging in and you wrote about his enormous loss
12:47 pm
and you look at one particular tax loophole that he may have used to get there. the tax loophole would allowed trump to claim losses on his return that were ultimately bornborn by creditors and not by him. was it legal at the time? >> it was not a law that congress set out to make. it was a loophole in the true sense of the words. there is an error of drafting the law. he would have been able to walked in the loophole. they lost a ton of money and donald trump lost some of that money and people who loaned him and his businesses money also lost money. they did not get it back. >> you're only allowed to deduct losses to the extent that you had money in the first place.
12:48 pm
normally, -- because of the specific rules of corporate form. if trump had the losses in that form, if business would have had the big loss and the bank would have taken it and trump would taken a piece of that. >> trump could take credit for the entire loss including the amount of money that the bank lost. that could mean he's taking losses on his taxes of hundreds of thousands of dollars. what could he have done with that? on what we see on that return. he reported the enormous loss and he could carry that forward for another 15 years using that paper ls to offset real income. >> and not pay taxes. >> this is sort of a theory, we don't know this is what he did. it sounds like a likely theory to explain what happened. >> right, first of all, there
12:49 pm
was litigation over this. the irs tried to adisallow this strategy. >> congress had to go to pass the new law to 2002 to stop people doing this in the future. it is possible. it is possible that trump did really lose $900 million. >> this as what mike pence said is a bona fide loss. we have seen trump's taxes over a number of years and the largest income he reported on a tax return is under $100,000. we know he made no money in 1978 or 1974 or no money in the early 1990s. so the question is, if trump managed to lose nearly a billion dollars in 1995, when did he make that money to begin with. we did not see a tax return with a bunch of money coming in that would have been in possession for events for him to turn around to lose. how he could have a $900 million
12:50 pm
loss without having it or earning it in the first place. >> who was in congress? >> senator florida governor rick scott holding a briefing on hurricane matthew right now. the state needs to be prepared for any change in matthew's path. >> we have to prepare for a direct hit. we will likely start seeing impact in the next 24 hours and last through this weekend. this is a slow moving storm. people will have less than 24 hours left to prepare and find shelter. this can mean the difference between and death. >> that's the governor of florida speaking out again today. much more about that throughout the afternoon. we are waiting for the 5:00 p.m. eastern advisory from the national hurricane center.
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obviously we are keeping you updated on hurricane matthew. happening in florida and the carolinas. let's turn back to politics. he is the national spokesman for ted and lieutent governor of florida. nice to see you. >> thank you. >> you worked for ted cruz. and pence had a good night which a lot of voters echoed last night. the clinton campaign put together this video that mike pence said and what they did say those things. he's a sharp guy and he's the governor and former congressman. he used to be a talk show host
12:55 pm
and they serve him well. he had the constant interrupting of the moderator and mike pence. it didn't serve him well at all. the clinton campaign wanted to pin mike pence into the corner and make him have to answer for everything that donald trump ever said and mike pence was smart to stay out of that corner. what overwhelmed the debate was tim kaine's constant interrupting. there are no vice presidential debates so the clinton campaign is simply moving on. donald trump would be well served to watch what pence did last night and follow that path to the next presidential debate. >> mike pence is looking ahead to 2020 and positioning himself for that and the effect on down ballot races and the way he was able to thread the needle might be the way others are ready to do that. did you read that? >> a lot of people might have
12:56 pm
concerns about donald trump and when you see the trump-pence ticket, it does well overall. mike pence is clearly an asset and when governor pence endorsed senator cruz, he is someone who carries stature and he is a strong communicator. he strengthened that trump-pence ticket by being there on the ballot. >> i think i misspoke. i have florida on the brain because of the hurricane. >> california. >> you were lieutenant governor of california. >> forgive me for that mistake. good to have your perspective. >> thank you. >> you are looking at live pictures of florida where all traffic -- this is florida? this is not. oh, boy. i'm really miss messing up today. south carolina where the interstate is moving westbound. those are folks evacuating off of the coast of south carolina. we'll be right back after a quick break.
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>> that's going to do it for this hour from me. we continue to track hurricane matthew. up next, my colleague steve has so much going on. you have so much going on too. >> we are juggling a lot. good afternoon, everybody. live here in new york, we are 34 days and counting until the big day. election day topping the agenda. a win for mike pence is what the polling said that viewers saw. is it also a win for donald trump? >> mike pence did an incredible job. i'm getting a lot of credit because that's my first so-called choice. that was my first hire as we would say in las vegas. he's a good one. >> the republican ticket is from behind. we have numbers on who was helped


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