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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  October 5, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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>> that's going to do it for this hour from me. we continue to track hurricane matthew. up next, my colleague steve has so much going on. you have so much going on too. >> we are juggling a lot. good afternoon, everybody. live here in new york, we are 34 days and counting until the big day. election day topping the agenda. a win for mike pence is what the polling said that viewers saw. is it also a win for donald trump? >> mike pence did an incredible job. i'm getting a lot of credit because that's my first so-called choice. that was my first hire as we would say in las vegas. he's a good one. >> the republican ticket is from behind. we have numbers on who was helped and who was hurt.
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most importantly who watched. what all of this will ultimately come down to. who is winning in the race for 270 electoral votes. we have a wlizard of new polls coming in over the last 48 hours. we have the big board fired up and ready to go. headed straight for south florida, this could leave massive introduction. >> we are preparing for the worst and hoping for the best and not taking any chances. >> in south caroline a evacuations have just begun. we are awaiting the latest on the storm's path and keep a close eye on that. we begin with our top story, the vice presidential debate and the fallout from it. vp candidate mike pence and the
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republican tim kaine squared off for 90 minutes for the first and only time in the campaign. before that debate yesterday, we said that mike pence had perhaps the biggest challenge in front of him. he was there to stop the bleeding in the trump campaign heading into that debate. trump was coming off a very difficult week nationally falling behind and losing to hillary clinton in battle ground states. on the other side, tim kaine had that reputation coming into last night as a mr. nice guy. he was supposed to play the campaign more the attack dog role keeping focused on the controversies and inflammatory statements. the big question is did the vp hopefuls prish what they set out to do? we had polling. cnn put the polls out. you have the bottom line question. who won the debate. this is the only polling we have on it. 48% said mike pence and 42% said tim kaine.
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cnn said that it might be screwed a little bit in the democratic debate. look closer inside here. who did a better job defending their running mate? tim kaine there the viewers said he did a better job defending hillary clinton than mike pence did defending donald trump. who had a better grasp of the issues, closer here, 48 and 41 for kaine and the question is watch them for 90 minutes, which did you like more? who was more likeable? fair or not, this is human nature. mike pence did score a win there last night. it looks pretty decisively and maybe it had to do with tim kaine's aggressive posture. he was sent there by the clinton campaign to play the attack dog
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role. trump is out on the campaign trail in the silver state of nevada. trump fell behind in nevada. he was leading and that's part of the damage from the first debate. he fell and behind he is there now. katie is there in henderson and trump just finished talking. what is his message today after this debate? >> right now he is criticizing hillary clinton and taking the entire speech and put on a friendly subject for him and that includes jobs, factories, moving jobs overseas and also obamacare and he is using bill clinton's comments on the affordable care act and calling it craze tow his advantage. he called the act crazy and he praised parts of it saying it's good to have more low income in the country and access to health
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care and he did krit ice is the premiums in the affordable care act and called the success and setbacks of the affordable care act crazy. donald trump is taking that comment and trying to say that bill clinton was speaking honestly by calling the affordable care act obamacare crazy saying that he is having a moment of truth. that's why he is going to replace it. take a look at how donald trump spoke about it a moment ago. >> they are always telling me just apologize. just apologize. i think that president obama should apologize for obamacare. and i think that hillary clinton should apologize for pursuing
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obamacare and she wants to make it even worse than it is right now. >> the beginning of the speech, donald trump addressed the debate last night and spoke about governor pence doing a good job and he deserves a lot of credit for it. picking governor pence for a running mate and it's an example of the hires he would make if he were in the white house. it was early familiar of him talking about himself for 30 minutes before announcing governor pence and producing governor pence a few months ago and also somewhat like the self congratulatory he sent out after tragedies or when he takes credit for predicting various things, either the orlando attack or the bombs in new york city. that was one moment that was picking up on social kbleed right now. other than that donald trump used the speech pretty much on prompter to stay on friendly
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territory and talk about health care and talk about job creation and to talk about how he believes hillary clinton is bad for this country and it would be an extension of president obama and how he will protect this from change that will take away the jobs and make the country in some way unfamiliar to them. >> all right, katie. in henderson, nevada, meanwhile, what about the clinton side? hillary clinton taking time off getting ready for the next presidential debate that is four days away in st. louis on sunday. her daughter, chelsea along with bernie sanders among those campaigning on her behalf. we are also learning about another new surrogate clinton is about to add. that would be former vice president al gore. he served for two terms with bill clinton and he is vice president from 1993 to 2001. casey hunt is following the
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clinton campaign. kasie, this is an interesting development. hillary clinton is running for senate in new york and a lot of people who remember that remember bill clinton was very much by his wife's side and very much absent by al gore's choice from the campaign in 2000. gore is being enlisted by the clintons. >> it's like the cast of characters for the election couldn't get any more interesting and you throw wrench in here. they have had historic all fraud relationships when they served in the white house when al gore was bill clinton's vice president. they had somewhat notoriously back and forth. it wasn't always 100% pleasant and when bill clinton was leaving office, he had been dealing with all the scandals
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and questions about whether or not al gore wanted bill clinton and he said al gore would have won if i had been out there more. they seem to be putting that to rest for now. al gore plans to hit the trail for hillary clinton. this is about millennial voters. al gore developed a reputation as somebody who pushed on climate change and that's an issue that they believe resonates with younger voters and the challenge hillary clinton had has been motivating the younger voters to get out and vote. her tam pain believes if they show up to the polls, most will vote for her and polling data backs that up with young minority millennials. they are not showing the same enthusiasm that she showed for president obama. this is part of why they want al gore on the campaign trail. clinton taking time off the trails to do prep for the next debate. the format is different. it will be town hall stale and
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they will be taking questions from the audience. the team said she feels comfortable in that environment and donald trump doesn't have as much experience so they feel good. it paid off in the first debate and they will let them do the talking for them on the trail. >> kasie hunt in new york. a great backdrop there. thank you for that. the speech writer for george w. bush and senior editor for the atlantic. thanks for taking a few minutes. donald trump wants it to be a victory lap. he said look, he wants credit for picking pence. i remember mike dukakis a day after he delivered that line and he said you saw my first decision in action. maybe trump is channelling into that, but do you think they did get a win? >> somebody got a win, but i'm not sure it was the trump campaign. mike pence was reminding
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republicans of the older republican party. a different republican party. tough on russia and tax cutting limited government republican party. he was in a position as the leader of that party and maybe even more important leader for that party in the future. when this was over, they put all of this behind us and never mention it jen. >> let's put this up on the screen and that is the theme of what you wrote today. he pretends that trump never happened. you are saying on question after question last night when one of the controversial or inflammatory statements was raised, mike pence act as if it was invented out of thin air. is that a viable strategy and can they wipe the slate clean out of the election? >> a lot of republicans will try. there is something to be said for it. here's the problem. donald trump became the nominee because the rank and file republican party rebelled against the leadership.
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the message that mike pence was offering last night. the message that was rejected in primary after primary. republican primary voters were looking for something different. leaders want to go back to something old. i don't know that it's going to be more stable in the next cycle than the last. >> in terms of that basic divide in the republican party, talk for a is second about that. what does trump represent and what does pence represent? >> trump represents some bad things and good things. a non-donor driven party. donald trump is changing now, but when he was winning the primaries, they said protect entitlement and socialecurity and immigration and a less activist foreign party. the donors are around those who said big cuts in entitlement and more immigration and activist
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foreign policy. maybe the correct answer is a plenty of both. that devoid has not been closed. mike pence was saying let's pretend we are one big happy family and none of this happened. i don't know that the party will allow that to be true after january. >> turning to the republican story that is just beginning on november 8th. joining us from washington in the atlantic. appreciate the time. >> thank you. >> the other big story that is developing. hurricane matthew is a category three storm bearing down in the bahamas and headed towards south florida. being blamed for at least 11 deaths. the storm was a category four whurn it hit the island and now residents from florida to north carolina are bracing for the worst. nicky haley ordering evacuations for her state coastal areas and looking live at interstate 26 in
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south carolina. both sides headed west. you can see they reversed directions on half of the highway. something they have never done before. florida's governor may be issues evacuation orders as well. >> protecting life is the number one priority right now. there will be massive destruction that we haven't seen in years. again, this is a deadly storm approaching our state. >> and for the latest on hurricane matthew, let's go to dylan drier. what does it look like? >> it's a category three hurricane. winds up to 120 miles per hour. i want to point out the difference between a three and a four is only about 10 miles per hour. if they were higher, it would be a four. don't look so much as the number, but the wind speed. that is important to note.
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they have winds up to 120 miles per hour. it could increase and making it a category four as it makes its way towards nassau. look what happens friday morning. just off the east central coast of florida and perhaps a category four storm. melbourne, florida is the area where we have to focus on because that's where it is further to the west where it could possibly make landfall. after that they are offshore of savannah, charleston and some have it making landfall between georgia and south carolina. there is wiggle room on where the storm will go. it is close enough to cause impact for the southeast coast of the united states. it is moving through the bahamas and we can see a 10 to 15-foot surge and that will lead to flooding.
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15 inches of rain and 7 to 10 along the coast of florida. as for wind, they only extend the hurricane force winds about 45 miles outside strt of the storm. this is that melbourne area and it goes further to the west. we are looking at hurricane force winds along the east central coast of florida. the wind with the rain and the coastal flooding and that storm surge could make for entering impact into friday and the weekend. >> dylan drier keeping eye close eye on that. more to tell you about the storm. american airlines has just announced that all flights into miami, fort lauderdale, and palm beach tomorrow have been canceled. president obama who postponed a hillary clinton event in south florida was briefed on the storm earlier at fema headquarters in washington. >> if you get an evacuation
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order, you can always rebuild and prepare property. you cannot restore a life if it is lost. >> nbc's blake mccoy is live in miami. the message the president gave telling people like the ones around you to take any warning about this, that message they are receiving. >> absolutely. here at this home depot, we have seen people coming all day to get lumber and board up the windows and they have been looking for flashlights and batteries. flies are so low, they have brought out the christmas decorations. this is a battery operated virgin mary candle and other led candl candles. people are desperate for anything battery operated. they know how bad it can get when the power goes out. this is the store manager here at home depot. you are out of a lot right now. are you expecting more? >> i received the sandbags and
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full truck loads. i sold out within 30 minutes moving out of the building. all the flashlights and batteries are flying off the shelves. >> are you surprised how many people showed up? we're on the southern end of where the storm is expected to hit? are you surprised? >> people are taking it serious. they want to be prepared and ready. we want to be here for the community. >> that are is what governor rick scott has been saying as well. right now as dylan was saying, it looks like theying going to get the brunt of the storm. anyone who remembers way back to hurricane andrew in 92 remembers that miami was not forecast to be hit that hard either and it took a quick turn at the end and got a lot of people off guard. they don't want to be caught off guard again. even though we are where they are expected to hit, they are
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changing hour by hour. >> thanks for that and we are expecting to get an update on the storm at the top of the hour and later in the show, we will go down to south carolina for a check on how those evacuations are going. up next, we are going to turn back to politics. the latest polls in the key swing states. we will go over the big board. this is the question, the bottom line question everyone is asking. the road to 270. who has the better path right now. we will show you each candidate in the fight for 270. these goofy glasses. yeah. well, we gotta hand it to fedex. they've helped make our e-commerce so easy, and now we're getting all kinds of new customers. i know. can you believe we're getting orders from canada, ireland... this one's going to new zealand. new zealand? psst. ah, false alarm. hey! you guys are gonna scare away the deer! idiots...
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>> where it stands right now, what donald trump have to do to win this race. first of all, he has to lockdown all the states that mitt romney won in 2012. the red states. the one in question is north carolina. if you average the polls together in north carolina, donald trump is losing right now in north carolina. look. if donald trump can't win north carolina, you basically say this is ball game. he is not going to win the election. he has to come from behind and win north carolina. if he does that, he has to win all the states you see in kbra. these look like toss upstates. in florida he has fallen 3.5. that is not insignificant. hillary clinton will win floater. she is well on the way. she has this thing. he has got to win.
1:25 pm
he is playing from behind. in ohio, clinton up by two. is that the start of a trend or out liar? that's the key question because he leads the average of all polls. that's probably the single best piece of news for him on the map. he would need iowa and florida and nevada. even if he does all of that and there are a lot of ifs in there, he still is short of 270. even if he does that, he needs to pull a rabbit out of the hat and win one of the solid blue states. could it be colorado? a new poll has hillary ahead by 11. could it be pennsylvania? that has been a stubborn one. getting over the hump is a hard thing with philadelphia and the philadelphia suburbs. lots of problems in that area for donald trump. could it be new hampshire?
1:26 pm
could it be wisconsin? maybe of those four is the best for him. at this point you would have to say a long shot in terms of flipping it. clearly when it comes to the race for 270, hillary clinton is in the driver's seat. donald trump needs to make a lot of things happen in the last month plus. that's i look at where the map stands. senior politics editor at the "huffington post." we went through where the electoral map stands. did you see anything in the debate last night and do you see anything in the reaction to that debate today that is going to change what we went through? >> not really. i think historically they had a few one-liners that happened and they haven't really moved it that much. i know the conventionalism is
1:27 pm
that pence came out better, but not factually better. the day after has been more advantageous for the clinton campaign and a lot of discussion is where pence departed for donald trump and denying that they said it. the discussion for the clintons came in and i think on the whole, that works to clinton's favo whether you are talking about kaine or the distance between trump and pence. that's the worst conversation on the whole for the republicans than it is for the democrats. >> the other piece of news, bill clinton and his name coming back into the news. this started with bill clinton talking about obamacare on monday. let me play in flint, michigan when he was there. this is what he said on monday. >> you have this crazy system where all of a sudden 25 million more people have health care and people busting it 60 hours a
1:28 pm
week lined up with the premiums and the coverage cut in half. it's the craziest thing in the world. >> craziest thing in the world. that caught headlines. bill clinton addressed the controversy in youngstown earlier today. this is what he said now. >> i strongly supported that bill and it's given more than twice as many people more insurance and it repeals the most insidious thing. the preexisting conditions. but there are problems with it. there are problems with it. and everybody knows it. the republicans want to repeal the law. hillary's idea is recognize what the problem is. >> you see donald trump is trying to jump all over this and bill clinton said it's a good, but a flawed law. is that helping donald trump in the message of just repeal it? >> i think it is to be honest. a lot depends on the exact words
1:29 pm
one uses and when bill clinton talks about this being the craziest thing, that's a ready made republican sound booid. that doesn't necessarily mean people are going to flip their opinions of the affordable care act, but the tendency to sort of get it in the discussions and he gets carried along in the slower conversation and ends up in these moments that can be paired back to a sound bite that is not helpful for democrats and did not impress the obama white house. >> bill clinton's vice president al gore is also in the news. looks like he will be out there for hillary clinton. the calculation is that al gore with the appeal for millennials, i am thinking about it. 16 years since al gore ran.
1:30 pm
it has been years since he had that documentary, an inconvenient truth. does that mean going millennials at this point? >> probably not. i think i read in the "new york times" many have no idea who ralph nader is and that is associated with the 2000 election with al gore and george bush. with the environmental activism, i think it does help with those non-millennial third party voter who is are reminded that there are consequences. i can't necessarily see in my head al gore whipping up this enthusiasm for hillary clinton. she has surrogates and he gets added on and you have to compare it to where donald trump is on his. it's not like a negative. i just don't know if it will deliver the vote that it is being forecast to thrive. >> the irony, the election for
1:31 pm
people who do remember it. he refuseded to use him in the stretch of that campaign. bill clinton had high ratings, but there was a lot of personal disapproval with the conduct with the monica lewinsky scandal. >> that's part of the complicated relationship. that keeps clinton off the trail in 2000. with retrospect they have come to see the mistake. i agree with sam's point and to amplify that a little bit, one of donald trump's attacks has been the idea that hillary clinton is immeshed in the establishment as a career politician. i don't think bringing gore out is some ka taft rory. it does seem to feed into the idea of a democratic establishment that has hillary clinton at heart. >> thanks as always for the time. >> and shifting gears and taking a look at a live picture that is
1:32 pm
myrtle beach, south carolina. the earth cam bringing in images. evacuations are under way in coastal areas as hurricane matthew approaches the southeastern united states. we will head live on the ground to south carolina right after this break. stay with us. approve this message. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do y treat women with respect? i can't say that either.
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now to hurricane matthew. describing the devastation as catastrophic. it is now a category three storm and heading towards the united states. could be making landfall sometime tomorrow. that could affect millions of people from florida up to north carolina. msnbc is live in charleston, uth calina. i am not seeing behind you, is that the interstate that they are routing traffic in the same direction because of the
1:36 pm
evacuation order? >> reporter: exactly, steve. what you are seeing are all the lanes of interstate 26 east and west heading west. this is a historic effect and the first time they put this in place here in south carolina to alleviate traffic and they were expecting it because of the evacuations. this has been successful. i want to show you and tell you why this is so important. this community in 1999 was really threatened by hurricane floyd. a massive evacuation and families were waiting in the cars for hours. ten years before that, hurricane hugo hit the carolinas and almost 30 people died. they were taking no chances and it claimed 25 lives in the caribbean. the other side of interstate 26, you can see the plan that authorities put in place, two years clearly a success. i want to show you some of the
1:37 pm
folks who are responsible from the south carolina department of transportation. all that group of folks are part of 200 to 300 people responsible for putting this in place. how are you feeling wating this historic event take place? >> the traffic is moving the right way. we haven't had major issues. good to see everything moving. >> are you evacuating or do you have to stay put? >> we are staying put. if the storm comes and gets too urgent, some will be deployed out and others will move back in. >> okay. >> as you can see, many of them have the plan that has worked. you can see military planes are
1:38 pm
flying overhead, but everything teams to be working as planned here in south carolina. >> down there in charleston, thank you for that. turning back to the presidential race, 69.9 million is the number of people eight years ago who watched joe biden and sarah palin debate and it's the all time record for the vice presidential debate. how did this one stack up? did it threaten the record for most or fewest numbers. the most important number of the day. we will answer that.
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1:42 pm
but i'll leave that to others. what i can tell you from where i sat, donald trump won the debate. >> mike pence a short while ago in harrisonburg, virginia. he is declaring victory pretty much in that debate and certainly the polls we show say that mike pence won. even if he did win, how many people watched him win? that is our most important number of the day today. 37.4. you can guess what that means. 34.4 million viewers tuned in last night to watch tim kaine and mike pence in the vice presidential debate. that is an estimate and not the final number. it might go up or down, but it's about 37.4 million. to put that in perspective, how does that compare to the presidential debate we saw between trump and clinton. not even half.
1:43 pm
84 million watched trump and clinton. this was the all time record for the political debate. 47 million more watched the presidential debate than last night's vice presidential debate. think back to 2008. remember this one. joe biden and sarah palin. 70 million watched that one. high viewership for a vice presidential debate. last night didn't come close. you go back to 1996, remember this one. you probably don't. jack kemp the remember and al gore the democrat. 26.6 million viewed that one. more than 10 million more. at least you are not kemp and gore. here's a big baseball game. the al wild card. the blue jays and the orioles and the ju jays with the walk off home run. the only thing that happens in playoff games for you.
1:44 pm
8.2 million people watched that blue jays game last night. there was some competition here and the vp debate did beat the baseball game and that includes canadian viewers. we don't know how many might have watched the vice presidential debate. 34.7 million people watched that debate and it's a big number. we have seen bigger. coming up next, months after buffalo bill's coach rex ryan campaigned for donald trump, a new report said a republican presidential nominee is a sore subject in the locker room in the presidential election. is it threatening to tear apart the players in the league. we are tracking hurricane matthew at the top of the hour. the national weather service is expected to give an update. you are looking like a direct hit for florida. stay with us. touches sticks with them.
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>> mike pence did an incredible job and i'm getting a lot of credit because that's my first so-called choice that was my first hire as we would say in las vegas. i'll you he's a good one. >> declaring victory after the vp debate. we showed you numbers earlier and here's another from the poll. the question, did this debate
1:49 pm
make him more likely to vote for one of the two candidates. in the presidential debate, hillary clinton got a boost and it's the reverse in the vp debate. 29% said they are more likely to vote for trump and 18% saying they are more likely to vote for clinton is what we are getting after the debate. msnbc contributor and columnist. looks like the republicans did get some kind of win last night. >> the headline is that people who might have been undecided said there is a grown up on the ticket from the republican side. the problem with this is and it shows how transparent this whole thing has become. kaine got criticized for calling bull. you have to be able to do that. he looked like he was jacked up on red bull, but pence has to wear it when they talk about putin. you can't deny after what he
1:50 pm
said and what trump said that they are both a couple of putin fan boys even though trump walks his way back from things he said about putin in the past. >> you are saying that kaine had no choice but to do it. he is the only vp nominee he had. to play that role, that's not the tim kaine i know. do you think that came across to people and that role was force and unnatural for him? >> i don't think most of the country knows him well enough to other than who the real tim kaine is. they can say no, i don't know that guy. 40 or 50 million people who watched this thing last night clearly this election has replaced baseball. i don't think they could have known that kaine was going against him. a lot of people who came in the debate couldn't have picked him out of a police lineup.
1:51 pm
>> you mentioned putin. that has been coming up a lot. donald trump addressed it in his rally and this is what he had to say. >> ever see hillary clinton when she wants to talk about putin? they say donald trump loves putin. i don't love. i don't hate. we will see how it works. we will see. maybe we will have a good relationship. maybe we will have a horrible relationship. maybe we will have a relationship right in the middle. i can say this. if we got along with russia and russia went out with us and knocked the hell out of isis, that's okay with me, folks. that's okay with me. >> when he brings it around to the isis question. is there a market for that? >> i think it is, but i just think it might be in the slower thinking precincts. does he really believe and see a future with us standing shoulder
1:52 pm
to shoulder with vladimir putin on anything? it was remarkable watching pence continue to deny it. if you want to think that way and you think he is a stronger leader than the president of the united states, you have to wear it. >> this was from the report that took a poll of nfl players and saying that donald trump campaign divided locker rooms and there is a racial aspect to it. they took an informal poll and you can put this up. 20 of 22 black players say they are from hillary clinton. 21 of 21 white players say they are for donald trump. this is the bleacher report. all sorts of athletes don't want to be named and how this question has divided them in ways they haven't seen before. >> why should nfl locker rooms be any differently than a dinner party you go to or a saloon or
1:53 pm
any subway car you are riding? this is a divicive race. ironic to me in the national football league is that two people coming at this from completely different places and completely different lives. colin kaepernick and donald trump, both of whom are unhappy with the country have divided locker rooms in different ways. race is always going to be the third rail in this country. i was quite surprised when rex ryan spoke with trump. it's one thing for lebron james to endorse hillary clinton. he's a player. ryan is a coach. he has to coach the game on the field and his locker room. i have a feeling that this was a completely unpopular thing with some of his african-american players. >> that is what it sounds like. they had a real problem with rex ryan endorsing donald trump like
1:54 pm
he did. thanks as always. the hurricane keeping an eye on this. we got an update from the national hurricane center on hurricane matthew. dylan will be here to walk us through it next, but first kate rogers is up. >> higher today and the dow climbing 112 points and the nasdaq rallying 26 points. that's ynbc first in business worldwide. was just a bottle.
1:55 pm
that no one would ever notice me. but i knew i could be more. that one day, i would make people smile. [woman speaking indistinctly]
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1:58 pm
interstate 26. they took the unprecedented step of directing all lanes in the same direction heading west away from the coast. we got a 5:00 p.m. advisory in the hurricane center, dylan drier is back at the big board. take us through what we learned. the storm is category and moving towards the u.s. we are talking about 10 miles per hour difference. when you get into theing it things, you need to know it's 120 miles per hour right now. it could go up to 130 miles per hour possible. i'm trying to advance this and here is the center of the storm. nassau and the bahamas is here and about to move into that area. what we are looking at is if it strengthens to a category four, it could hit near melbourne, florida. that could be a significant impact and seeing hurricane
1:59 pm
force winds moving to the west. 120 mile per hour winds. let's take a look at the national hurricane center and what was just updated at 5:00. it is still a three. it's expected to be a four as we go into perhaps tonight and perhaps into tomorrow. we are looking at the possibility. i don't know if you have bad luck. >> bringing in the curfew. >> here are the hurricane warnings. that's issued when the hurricane conditions are expected in the next 36 hours which is what we will see in melbourne. here's what they have to be concerned about. it will be close enough to produce hurricane force winds and close enough to introduce a storm surge. that leads to coastal flooding. up to ten inches of rain and that leads to regular flooding.
2:00 pm
beach erosion and a lot of concerns here. here's what has changed. it's looping it back around. there is a possibility it could make it full circle and go into next week. way too early to determine if that's going to happen. that's the latest change. >> i want to figure out if it's me or the board. >> it's you. >> for the updates, that's going to do it for this hour. mtp daily ha trks prks dal tp d. >> team trump declares victory, but could they have spoken too soon? what looked like a win for pence last night might be turning out to look different today. >> some people think i won. but i will leave that to others. >> plus the increasingly bitter relationship between the u.s. and ruia.


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