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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  October 6, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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with another hour of breaking news on hurricane matthew which is gaining muscle and on a life-threatening collision course with florida's east coast. at this moment, the powerful category 4 hurricane is battering the bahamas with winds up to 125 miles an hour. you can see those images now that have been at least 25 deaths in the caribbean linked to matthew. after the bahamas, florida, georgia, north and south carolina will be in the cross hairs. some 11 million people under hurricane warnings. states of emergency have been declared in those states, florida, georgia, and the carolinas. and right now, in florida, the governor has called upon an additional 1,000 members of the national guard for a total of 2500 guards men to help with evacuations. >> evacuate, evacuate, evacuate. if you need to evacuate and you haven't, evacuate. this storm will kill you. time is running out.
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>> our reporters are following the latest developments from the state of florida as well as the bahamas and i want to go to the bahamas first. nassau, feeling the fury of this hurricane, our tammy leitner is there experiencing the storm unfold before our eyes. here'shigh-rise. you can see how strong these winds are. what have you been seeing? >> reporter: stephanie, from up here, i'm going to hold on to you, dwayne, so you don't go over. the winds are just incredible and that's nothing compared to what they are down there. we're told they could be about 110 miles an hour minimum and they've been picking up. we've been out here for the last seven hours and every hour, we've seen this storm get worse. you can see the trees are just bent there. the air-conditioning units on the buildings across the street
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have blown off, the roof tiles from our building have all fallen off. they've been actually hurled through the sky and they've gone through the ceiling of a roof below us. extremely dangerous. they've got everybody at this hotel huddled down on the first floor. a tree over a five cars and we're hoping everybody is inside right now taking cover. you can see how dangerous this is out here. >> talk to us about windows. i know we're talking roof tiles. clearly not seeing any cars in the streets. are you seeing any windows blown through yet? >> reporter: you know what, most of the windows of the buildings and the houses we've seen are boarded up. the few that are not boarded up, i'm looking at right now, but they're protected. they're not on the water side where the water is coming in and we haven't been able to go over there to see the damage because it's just extremely dangerous but what we're looking at, we've seen some of the boards come off the windows but right now, these
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buildings look in tact which the exception of a few air-condit n conditioners that have blown off the top. >> i know the airports closed yesterday. emergency vehicles couldn't get to you right now. in your hotel, about how many people have stayed? >> reporter: stephanie, the hotel is completely packed and it's weird because at the beginning of the week, there was nobody here, but i think as the days went on, people realized that they couldn't get out. either that or they didn't think it was going to get as bad as it is. i've spoken with a lot of people in the hotel. some of them are locals. some of them are from the united states. we have spoken with a couple from california from sacramento. they were on their honeymoon and this is what happened to them. everybody in this hotel and the other major hotels, they're in lockdown pretty much. they told people, do not go outside. we need you on the first floor and evacuated everybody from the
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higher floors. as you can see, these winds are just extremely dangerous. stephanie? >> it looks like it's getting worse. get inside. that's our own tammy leitner in nass nassau. i hope residents of florida and the carolinas are watching. if you are being called upon to evacuate, please do it now. let's bring in nbc meteorologist bill karins following matthew's path towards florida. i know we've been talking about it throughout the morning but tell us how serious this is. you said to me earlier, this is the worst the state of florida will have seen. >> it's one of the most serious forecasts i think i've ever given. we're trying to save lives at this point. we need people to get off the east coast of florida, especially anywhere near the beaches and you're susceptible to storm surge because that kills the most people. that's the bottom line. what we look at there, they're in the stronger corner of the storm. so the worst damage has occurred in nassau that's going to
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happen. you look at the radar here. the storm is going to start pulling away from nassau and the bright yellow and orange and red, that's the eye and that's leaving the island. it's starting to exit. so the conditions where we had the live shot with tammy should be kbroproo improving. the circle around the storm here. that's what we have to continue to watch. this is what we want to avoid especially talking about extreme damage possibilities. we want to watch the spiraling bands. moving into freeport and this evening around miami, ft. lauderdale and northwards. let me show you what we're going to deal with. 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. tropical storm force winds arriving in west palm beach and ft. lauderdale. the hurricane center. these are the winds you want to avoid right here. as we take this through the evening, that's 7:00 p.m. the hurricane winds over the top
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of freeport nailed as bad as nassau. ft. lauderdale, definitely tropical storm force winds around 7:00 p.m. and same for west palm beach. that's when we start getting bad and by the time we go through this evening, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00. the eye of the storm just off west palm beach in the hurricane winds. and the weak side of the storm. this is the northeast quadrant of the storm. instead of the 140-mile-per-hour winds, maybe like 100 to 120 for west palm beach. still a ton of disaster. that's a lot of destruction. that's windows being blown out of the high-rises. a lot of tree damage and maybe roofs being blown off the homes and through this evening, we take the eye, may not get landfall. we may have the eye off shore with the eye wall on the coastline in the northern portion where the worst storm surge will be at 2:00 p.m. as we wake up tomorrow morning, this is just a nightmare scenario. we're talking a category
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possible 4 storm on the coast for 24, 36, maybe 48 hours. this is another one of our computer models just to show you, many different ones. this one targets the west palm beach area around 9:00 p.m., stephanie. it's incredible. even to be giving a forecast like this for this high of a population center, for this duration of time, i mean, the damage pictures are going to look the same in west palm beach as they will in jacksonville, florida. >> we showed it a moment ago. we have new video, really inside the eye of the storm. >> incredible. >> explain this to me and how we even get it. >> you can get this too. this is the hurricane hunters. usually they give under the circumstances a normal video. this is 360 degree video. they put it on the facebook page so you can search for the noaa hurricane hunters and move it around. they go through the eye right there. there's hardly any visibility. you can see the rain really picks up and eventually, they punch out of the eye and then all of the sudden, it gets clear and just flying around in the
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clouds. i just retweeted that on the twitter account. it begins to clear up a bit and then went through the eye wall and now, but what's fun and different, is you can go, it's a 360 video and spin it around. see the pilots in the cockpit and look at the front of the plane's window and the side of the window. it's neat stuff they're doing and these are brave people and amazing people that they're out there doing missions at night and doing it during the daylight hours and punching. they have families too. they're sitting there punching through 150-mile-per-hour winds with an airplane to help us out and to give us better forecasts. so thanks to them. >> we want those pilots to stay safe. thank you, bill. take you now to florida where blake mccoy is in ft. lauderdale. we heard from governor scott who said he's deploying another 100 members of the national guard. he was very, very serious. he said people will die. heed his warnings. evacuate. and walk us through, the last time you and i spoke this
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morning, we saw wind surfers. >> reporter: exactly. there are 1.5 million people under evacuation orders. i'm in ft. lauderdale right now under a voluntary evacuation for low lying areas but you can still see some people walking down the streets, coming out to take pictures and to take a look at the ocean. so this is exactly what the governor is warning against. he says, this storm is going to be serious and if you're not taking it seriously, you need to. and as we've seen tammy and bill talk about, the images coming out of the bahamas and haiti are just incredible and we need to heed those warnings. take a look at the ocean right now. the waves are really picking up. the concern here in west palm beach in particular with the storm surge that could come with this. all of this sand could end up on a1a. the main highway in west palm beach. that's what happened when tropical storm sandy made.
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most northeast viewers knew it as super storm sandy but it was a tropical storm here. they're warning people, if you live near the beach, to get inland. let's talk about airports for a minute. west palm beaches airport closes here in about 15 or 20 minutes. it's ceasing operations. it's 10:30 this morning. in miami, most of the flights are cancelled and orlando is planning to shut down its airport at 8:00 p.m. tonight. when airports don't close often. when they're closing, pay attention. stephanie? >> when airports are closing, pay attention. when your governor are saying people will die, get out, please get out. we'll head up further north along the coast to melbourne, florida, msnbc's marianna atencio is there. what is it like where you are? >> reporter: hey, steph. so i'm in melbourne, florida. and i just want you to look at what the atlantic ocean is doing
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right now. we are still hours away from this storm and when you look at the ocean, you can get a sense of why governor rick scott was so concerned in that press conference this morning when he talked about 5 to 9 feet of storm surge. this beach town, this fishing town i'm located stands in matthew's direct path. it's expected to make landfall here tonight into tomorrow morning. this stretch of shoreline, it stands right in its path and i want you to look at businesses like the one behind me, steph. it is not protected. this is not what we've seen in the rest of melbourne but the owners here saying they did not have the resources to board up. this is a local hangout and i want you to talk to one of the locals here. this is jimmy cobac. you haven't decided whether to leave or not. >> no. i need to make that decision real quick and you guys and governor scott, i think, have convinced me it's time to go.
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i think i'm going to head to the other side of the state. >> reporter: when the governor says this storm will kill you, why haven't you done it before is this. >> i grew up in virginia beach and i've been through a few of these but nothing to this magnitude. we went through isabel. lost power for a few days, ten days, and i don't want to experience that again. so time to go. >> reporter: you just bought a property here? >> yes, in july. good thing it has storm shutters and get to be used. >> reporter: thank you so much. residents still making up their mind here but when you drive through town, it's eerie and few cars. businesses boarded up and some not protected here in melbourne, florida, and matthew is expected to make an impact here to tomorrow night. >> thank you. we'll turn it now to the phone where the st. augustine florida mayor is with me. your city is under mandatory
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evacuations. how's that going? >> yes, it is. i think it's going quite well but i cannot say enough how important it is for people to get out. this storm will kill you, as our governor has said. the storm surge is likely to be the piece of the storm people don't think about. they think about wind and rain and people laying in supplies. it's not a boy scout adventure. people need to really get out of town. just drive west. we have a very, i'm sorry, go ahead. >> local residents there. have you seen people saying, i'm going to stick it arouout? >> as i was driving into the emergency operation center, i spoke to a gentleman who had just finished his shop. he said, i have $50,000 worth of tools in it and i'm staying. and i tried very hard to convince him to go but was not
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successful. i think people should remember, stuff, you can replace, lives, you can't. >> what are you going to do personally? >> i am going to be at the emergency operations center here for the duration of the storm to do what i can to be helpful in communicating and to make any kind of policy calls that have to be made during the course of this very dangerous storm. >> clearly, you know st. augustine and the region well. have you seen anything like this? >> absolutely not. and what's been very frightening about it is my daughter is a marine biologist and watching matthew from its inception has just been terrifying and now we are hours away from the impact of this incredibly dangerous storm. >> mayor, please stay safe. we wish the best for your community. >> thank you so much. >> all right. we've got much more breaking coverage ahead. we are live in the strike zone
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up and down florida's east coast where the state is preparing for hurricane matthew's potentially historic direct hit. it could be a category four or five hurricane hitting a massive amount of the state of florida and potentially georgia and the carolinas. right now, you are looking at a live shot of the bahamas where hurricane matthew is hitting right now. the wind gusts are between 100 and 125 miles an hour. is that ice-t? nope, it's lemonade. is that ice-t? lemonade. e-t? what's wh these people, man? lemonade, ad the sign. lemode. read it. ok. delious. e-t at a lemonade stand? surprising. wh's not sprising? how much money min saved by switching to geico. yo, ice-t! it's lemonade, man! how much money min saved by switching to geico.
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last night, i requested president obama to declare an emergency decoratiolaration in county and assistance for needs of our communities. >> that is florida governor rick scott. earlier this morning, we are expecting a briefing on
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hurricane matthew from the white house. in just about 30 minutes, president obama is scheduled to le leave for chicago. as of now, no change to his schedule. when that happens, we'll bring it to you live. back to nassau, bahamas, where the eye of hurricane matthew is. the eye of the storm. nbc's tammy leitner is there in the high-rise hotel just in the center of nassau. tammy, give us an update. >> reporter: the winds are kicking up. conditions are getting worse. earlier this morning, we were seeing people out on the street but we have not seen anybody in at least two hours including police, emergency vehicles. dwayne, if you can go ahead and give them a shot out there. these winds, i think, you said stephanie, upwards of 120 miles an hour. you could just see they are picking up anything in their sight. we drove a couple miles away to some of the neighborhoods earlier and there were roads
7:20 am
washed out and this was hours ago. you won't see anybody out on the street right now because most people are taking cover in shelters. we know that most of the shelters are full as well as the hotels. stephanie? >> earlier, we saw tiles from the roof of your hotel falling. you had mentioned some air-conditioning units. what's happening now? i mean, those flying tiles could be very dangerous. >> reporter: you know what? we've been seeing debris flying by and actually in our direction and in every direction for the last couple of hours. you're getting a live shot there down on our roof. those red roof tiles, they've been coming off every, i don't know, five minutes or so and a couple of them have gone through the roof below us and every 20 minutes or so, we would hear an explosion assuming were transformers. it doesn't look like there's any power right now. we lost power a short while ago
7:21 am
and pretty much losing everything on our balcony there. the fence has gone over. the tables. nothing is steady out here right now. stephanie? >> hold on. the hotel you're in, and you said the hotel is packed with both locals and tourists who haven't been able to leave, the balcony behind you, we're seeing debris has fallen, furniture gone and no power in the hotel. how long do people anticipate they'll be there and do you have the resources? >> reporter: we have power in the hotel. running on generator right now. but we have heard transformers and we've seen the power go out across the island. so it's unclear if they have power in other places. most of these large hotels have transformers. they've got everybody on the bottom floor of the hotel. it's a very safe area, probably a little bit safer than where we are, but we're kind of tethered here to the railing and we're not going too far, so we want to give you an idea of just how
7:22 am
strong these winds are, and what is going on. >> i feel like the winds -- >> reporter: there's a lot of destruction, stephanie. >> tammy, do you feel like the wind is picking up? earlier, it was at 125. that was about half an hour ago but as i look at you, it looks like it's getting significantly worse. even the trees below you seem to be getting swayed much harder at this point. >> reporter: yeah. it is. it's actually, and i'm having to hold on to dwayne, the camera guy. you can probably see me reach out every few minutes because the winds are picking up. this is incredible, how much they've picked up in just the last 30 minutes. you can see how unsteady the camera is. it is picking up these winds, anything in front of it and throwing it down the street. >> i know you can't see it from the balcony you're on but the other side, people can see the ocean, what is the water side
7:23 am
like? >> reporter: so what we can see from our hotel when i went over and looked, the swells are really picking up but one of the big dangers here, stephanie, they're talking about 15 foot surges and what this means is the ocean water can get up to 15 feet and that's much higher for the people around there. the island is relatively flat and i was talking to the prime minister yesterday and he was telling me, if these surges happened, they will take out most of the houses here on the island. so we're holding out hope that doesn't happen. >> how much longer is it expected to be this severe, specifically, where you are in nassau? >> reporter: we know that, i think we're getting hit with the worst of it, but we were told it could go on for another couple of hours, so hopefully this damage won't go on for another couple hours. >> tammy, we'll take a break and come back to you. shortly, we're covering, of course, hurricane matthew. poised to wreak havoc on the
7:24 am
east coast for unprecedented 48 hours. we are live in the strike zone at this hour. this morning, florida's governor underscoring the dire nature of this life-threatening weather event. >> if you need to evacuate, and you haven't, evacuate. this storm will kill you. looking sharp, len. who's the lucky lady? i'm going to the bank, to discuss a mortgage. ugh, see, you need a loan, you put on a suit, you go crawling to the bank.
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you're watching msnbc and right now, we are showing you live images, look at the waves picking up. serious, serious winds as the state of florida is preparing for hurricane matthew to make landfall in the next 12 hours. it is intensifying this morning and it is now a significant threat to the southern u.s. coast. the category three storm with wind speeds of 125 miles an hour. and it could strengthen to a category four before it hits the
7:28 am
florida coast later today. more than a million and a half people ordered to evacuate and over the next 48 hours, it's expected to tear across the state of florida, georgia, and south carolina. this storm is expected to make landfall just north of miami. tonight, officials have warned the historic damage from days of wind and rain could be in store more than 2,000 national guard members at the ready and florida's governor, rick scott, this morning, warned those in the evacuation zone must get out now. >> there are no excuses. you need to leave. evacuate, evacuate, evacuate. are you willing to take a chance to risk your life? >> hath ematthew devastated par haiti. flooding roads and bridges. the hurricane responsible for at least 65 deaths there.
7:29 am
i want to bring in nbc meteorologist bill karins tracking the storm for us at the msnbc weather center. this is serious. what can we expect? >> this is about as dire of a forecast. we'll tell people in the amount of destruction we expect but looking at it come late saturday and sunday, it will be incomprehensible. one area down in west palm beach is the same as jacksonville, florida, equally as destructive. here's the storm itself. it's now clearing nassau in the bahamas and their weather will be improving. the eye is a little bit tighter and smaller. and new update from the hurricane center at the top of the hour. there's a good chance this bumps up to a category four at this time and already watching. if you just saw in miami, the rain bands come through, that was the extreme outer bands of the storm so the rain bands more frequent on the coastline there of south florida over the next couple of hours. things quickly get worse and we watch the winds picking up.
7:30 am
here's, again, that tyimeline ad the eye. these are the winds that need to be avoided if you want to avoid power outage and the catastrophe and about 9:00 to 11:00 p.m., dangerously close to ft. lauderdale and the storm surge start moving in north of the coastline and overnight hours, that's when the eye should be making landfall or right along the coast. the worst damage to ft. pierce about 2:00 a.m. and melbourne to 5:00 a.m. right over the top of the kennedy space center at 6:00 to 8:00 a.m., daytona beach, the eye between 11:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. here's another one of our computer models. we like differing ones to get a consensus of the opinion. here's the eye. look at how close it is to west palm beach and that model brings the hurricane force winds and the southern eye wall close to ft. lauderdale. miami, the forecast continues to look a little bit better view. a little too early to let your
7:31 am
guard down. here's all the computer models, major models we're watching and the center lines, that's the eye. the circle around it would still be like this for the hurricane force winds but they are looking and trying to move the storm along the space coast with the possible landfall early tomorrow morning. that would be the area right over the top of kennedy space center itself and possibly up will towards new smyrna beach and the storm all day tomorrow. by 8:00 p.m., the center of the forecast is going to be somewhere close to over the top of st. augustine, flagler beach area and amelia island and the strong winds after dark with the areas to the north. one of the biggest problems you get with landfall and hurricanes, or ones like this along the coast for this long is the storm surge. here's the latest storm surge forecast. this area of yellow, 5 feet higher than the normal water levels at high tide. west palm beach in the surge.
7:32 am
this is a total of 5 to 7 is the orange and once you get to the ready, 10 feet above normal. the area from daytona beach southward and that could be some of the worst damage there and right along this little hook, even though the storm isn't quite as strong, stephanie, by the time it gets to georgia and south carolina, the angle of approach, a lot of little nooks and crannies here, a lot of rivers. that's water pushed in there. so bad storm surge to charleston. this storm will go in the history books. looks almost avoidable now with one of the worst hurricanes this country has experienced. >> carlos represents south florida including parts of miami and the florida keys. he's on the phone with me now. congressman, thank you for joining me. we've heard from governor scott just a short while ago and said there's no excuse for those in the danger zones not to evacuate. are you finding that most residents and visitors are in
7:33 am
fact getting out? >> good morning from miami where we are observing the first signs of hurricane matthew. for those of us who have gone through this drill before, we know that the clouds that accompany these storms are low, fast moving and ominous. still a community traumatized from hurricane andrew and most are taking the threat seriously. this is an area where there are a lot of people moved in and not experienced the effects of a major hurricane. so that's why authorities are trying to, without alarming people, really push them to follow these evacuation orders and take all the necessary precautions because we remember what it's like to see complete communities devastated. people who lost their lives, lost their homes. this is very serious.
7:34 am
most of our residents and visitors take it seriously. there are always exceptions, regrettably. >> 25 to 35-mile-an-hour winds already sweeping across the florida coastline this morning. from your swenlconstituents, whe they telling you? how are they preparing? >> even though in miami-dade county, we do not expect hurricane conditions, we are expecting tropical storm conditions which, still, pose a threat to safety and to the livelihoods of everyone here. so most people are home. i'm actually just driving back from the emergency operations center. the streets are fairly empty. some people are making final preparations, but again, i'm very pleased to say that for the most part, it looks like people are taking this seriously. again, there's a lot of trauma here from the past, and we're reminding as many people as possible that this does pose a threat to those further south from where the eye of the storm that's supposed to maybe make
7:35 am
landfall or maybe get very close to the state of florida. >> congressman, please stay safe and i do hope your constituents are listening to both you and governor rick scott. and they are taking precautionary measures in getting out. time is, of course, running out for those along the florida space coast. officials throughout the state urge evacuations ahead of an extremely rare possible category four hurricane. it is just hours away. traffic is beginning to build as well as wind. we're going to be right back with more. narrator: adventure can be found anywhere but the best place to start is ithe forest. kubo: i spy something beginning with..."s" beetle: snow. kubo: no.
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7:39 am
you. earlier, we were just inside and things do look to be clearing up a bit. that is inside the storm, that video, of course, from the very brave hurricane hunters. i want to take you now though to our own miguel almaguer. west palm is expected to get hit hard beginning about 11 hours from now. this is a community with many, many senior citizens who have been called upon to evacuate. migu miguel, what are you seeing? >> reporter: stephanie, the weather here is certainly beginning to turn more ominous. over the last couple of hours, the wind speed is picking up. and the folks in the area are definitely heeding the evacuation orders but not everyone is leaving. i want to show you some palm trees beginning to sway here. it's going to be a windy day oth over the next several hours. they have not told people to
7:40 am
mandatory evacuate yet but many heed the warning to leave here. we're expecting the brunt of the storm to really come in over the next 24 hours, potentially hitting us later on this evening and intensifying overnight into tomorrow. folks in this area are battening down the hatches. residents putting up ply board over the next day or so. many businesses seem boarded up, at least those right here by the coastline. it seems as though the storm will first affect this area and then move its way north up the coast. so they are bracing for the first impact. >> miguel? excuse me, i have to interrupt. governor rick scott is now giving an address. let's take you there. >> i just finished a briefing with the meteorologist. if you're watching and living in an evacuation zone, you need to leave mow. if you're in an evacuation zone,
7:41 am
this is not something to take a chance with. leave. there's no excuses. the roads are open. you should get out. evacuate, evacuate, evacuate. our number one priority is protecting everyone's life. we don't want to lose one life. our number one priority is to protect everybody's life. matthew is strengthening near the northwestern bahamas. it's forecast to be a category four as it approaches florida. it's located about 250 miles southeast with winds of 125 miles per hour. on the forecast track, the eye of matthew should move closely to the florida peninsula tonight through friday night. these are hurricane warnings. it's watches along the entire east coast. tropical storm watches are in effect for florida's gulf coast. remember, this is serious. 125-mile-an-hour winds. it's expected to strengthen. only a small deviation in the forecast track to the left or to the west could bring the core of
7:42 am
a major hurricane on shore. within the hurricane warning area. with a small deviation to the right, could keep the winds off shore. a small boon could mean a lot, the difference between life and death. that's why we have to prepare for a direct hit. so if you're in an area that's still vying, evacuation zone or island, there's no reason to wait. if you wait, that's when lines happen, that's when we have problems with fuel. this is life and death. again, protecting life is our number one priority. the impacts of hurricane matthew could be as follows. heavy rain. expected to produce rainfall of 4 to 8 inches and even up to 12 along the east coast and the keys, 1 to 3 inches. think about this. if you look at prior storms, when there's a band that goes, it could be way more rain than
7:43 am
that with flash floods, things like that. beach erosion, strong currents. possibility of tornadoes. hurricane force winds. storm surge. think about this. the storm surge of 5 to 9, not inches, but feet, 5 to 9 feet. feet. from sebastian to the florida/georgia line. upper keys to deerfield beach. these are heights aboveground, 5 to 9 feet. think about that. on top of that, waves crashing. so you'll have storm surge, and on top of that, significant waves crashing. do not surf. do not go on the beach. no one should be on the beach doing anything. remember, all of these are projections, and it can get worse. we are preparing for the worst, we're hoping for the best and no
7:44 am
one should be taking any chances. based on the continuous strong tracks with florida, i am announcing and activating additional 1,000 members of the marble guard. 2,500 members are now activated and another 4,000 ready if needed but we have 2500 activated now. i have directed the national guard to help with evacuations and with sheltering. national guard members also to make sure those who wait until the last minute to do so as safely as possible but don't take a chance that somebody will be there to make sure if you wait for you to evacuate. last night, i suspended all tolls in the affected area of the state including the entire florida turnpike, alligator alley, central florida expressway authority and miami-dade expressway authority. again, there is no reason not to evacuate. about 1.5 million floridians and visitors are under evacuation orders. right now, we're very focused on
7:45 am
palm beach going north. this is the first big area that will be hit and conditions will arrive in just a few hours. this is game day. this is when we'it's going to h. intercoast bridges locked down. if you're on the east coast from palm beach northwest, likely see winds between 100 and 150 miles an hour. just think about that. 100 to 150 miles per hour. these catastrophic levels can completely wipe out homes and destroy neighborhoods. you're going to lose power if you're on the east coast. there's no question, you will lose power. you're going to lose power. we just don't know how long. i've been talking to the utility companies. just got a conference call with the goal that they preposition assets around the state and then if they know of any needs, they tell us as early as possible. we'll stay with them every day to make sure we share resources
7:46 am
as much as possible to get everybody their power back as quickly as we can. we are going to lose power. millions of floridians will be without power. go inland to a friend home. shelters, find accommodation. airbnb making rooms available for free. visit florida and expedia. west coast of the state, call friends on the east coast and offer them a room. if you're concerned about safe routes, visit this nation is tracking all the different evacuation routes. we have people ready to go make sure without evacuation routes are open. again, no excuses. get out. floridians and businesses go to
7:47 am or download the florida evacuates app to enter the location and see shelters available in their area. as of last night, 58 shelters open. today, 84 more will open. we have doubled the number of available shelters. no one wants to sit many a shinr but way safer than the homes we're sitting in. it's not the best accommodation but better to protect your life. we have individual gas stations that have seen temporary outages of fuel but they are quickly refueled. plenty of fuel in the state right now. the current fuel supply in the state will last for six days even if all the ports are closed. remember, take the fuel you need. leave leafuel for the next pers so everybody has a chance to get as much as they need. we're evacuating hospitals along the east coast and no report issues at this time.
7:48 am
back in 1992 under andrew, i was running the hospital company and evacuated two hospitals and the hurricane turned south and hit one we had evacuated. we had 154 patients and all windows blew in because of andrew. we'll do everything we can to evacuate the right facilities but just remember, this can change on a moment's notice. last night, i requested president obama to declare an emergency declaration in 26 counties and requested direct federal assistance to meet pre-landfall community needs of the community. including food, water, and tarps. that's what we need now. we'll need more later. i hope the president proves it as early as possible. this morning, i'd love to get it done early today. we'll continue to make request to the federal government for assistance. text "flprepares" to 888777 for
7:49 am
updates from the state emergency response team. " "flprepares," one word, for the emergency response team. this could be life-saving information. if you think someone is making a bad decision and not evacuating, call them. please with them to do the right thing. don't let a family member to do the wrong thing. let them know, this is dangerous. just think about the winds, the storm surge, the waves. the potential tornadoes. our number one priority, keep everybody safe. to the press, i want to thank you. you've done a great job. i've given you information out. anything more you can do to let people know the risk and the severity, please do. our next briefing from the national hurricane have at 11:15. i'll be glad to take any questions that anyone has. >> thanks, everyone.
7:50 am
>> thanks. >> that was governor rick scott in the state of florida urging people to evacuate. as he has said, this is a life and death situation. get out. the number one priority for the governor of florida is to keep floridians safe. he does not want to see one single person injured. he's urging people to go to if you know people that live on the other side of the state, call them. go stay there. hotels, airbnb offering rooms for free. he cannot stress with more of a serious tone how serious this is and he has said over and over, power will be lost when this hits land, it's expected 100 to 150-mile-an-hour winds. i want you to look at this image right now. this is nassau. these winds are about 130 miles an hour so it is going to be potentially that serious. this region has not seen a storm
7:51 am
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hurricane matthew is gaining strength. this new video showing the damaging winds at the bahamas taking place right now. it could become a category four storm with winds over 130 miles an hour when it strikes the florida coast in less than 12 hours. south carolina coast, preparations and evacuations well under way as people are clearing out following governor nikki haley's warning and st. augustine, people doing best to prepare as the storm takes dead aim for their region and south carolina coastlines, florida's governor rick scott has just issued a dire life or death warning. >> don't take a chance. a small movement can mean a lot. that's why we have to prepare for a direct hit. so again, if you need to
7:55 am
evacuate and you haven't, evacuate. this storm will kill you. time is running out. >> this isn't a storm we've seen before. let's take you back to nassau in the bahamas which right now is feeling the fury of hurricane matthew. our own tammy leitner is there at a hotel. she's in a high-rise building. give us an update. >> reporter: things are getting worse. the wind was coming in one direction earlier and mow it's coming in three different directions and it's almost as if somebody is throwing handfuls of pebbles at you. it hurts. that's how fast the wind is. i want to show you what happened to us just a short while ago. we got hit with debris from up here and i'll show you where it came for. you can see that building over there. it's a financial center about 100 yards away and possibly the sheet metal on the top of the roof there. it blew off, basically just peeled off like you would peel open a can of tuna and it blew over here taking out a couple of
7:56 am
trees on its way. now, also, take a look out there. give them a shot of bhawhat's gg on and how windy it is. we are on the side of the island here in nassau that is extremely touristy. this is where all the cruise ships come. this is where all the shops are and the tourists come. so on the other side of the island, the southern side, we spent a good part of the day there yesterday where a lot of locals live and also where matthew was coming up and that will be the first place that was going to get hit. while we may not be seeing a ton of damage to these businesses and stores right now, on this side, i'm guessing on the other side, they've got the brunt of the damage and as soon as it's safe to travel, we'll go and check on those people on the other side. stephanie? >> thanks. that's our own tammy leitner in nassau. i want to take you now to nbc meteorologist bill karins with the new hurricane update that just came in. >> we just got the brand new update here. looking things over and adjust
7:57 am
some of the graphics. it's up to a category four. we thought it was intensifying and now the winds start to pick up. so no longer category three. it's now category four. 140-mile-per-hour winds. northwest at 14th. that increase in full speed is anticipated. everything is on schedule. nothing has changed as far as the current initial conditions as it pulls away from nassau. the updated path and the track and start analyzing this. now we get into the crunch time here. so here we are. thursday at 8:00 p.m. this is tonight, this is just a little bit stronger at 145 miles per hour. this is coast, west palm beach and the melbourne area. they have the storm paralleling the coastline from west palm beach up to the melbourne area and right to the top of the kennedy space center. 145 to 145. 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. tomorrow. strong category four hurricane.
7:58 am
with that western eye wall over the south of west palm beach and ft. lauderdale. this would be all through the space coast. the tmelbourne area, new smyrna beach, all are going to be decimated by the storm with the path. let's move it further to the north and see what the update has for you. we're at the space coast at 8:00 a.m. 145 and with that path they come at with now, the last one is further to the coast and had it weakening down to 110 when closest to jacksonville. they still have this at a category four just off the jacksonville coast. this is horrible news for people in the georgia area. just got word they evacuate the coastal sections of georgia for good reason here. st. augustine, flagler county, flagler beach to daytona beach. worst case scenario forecast for you and it does weaken slightly. further to the north, we take it now. saturday, 8:00 a.m. as this white line right in here. that's where near the savannah
7:59 am
area and headed to beaufort, beautiful hilton head is highly impacted kben. again, with this turn, the strongest winds off the coast and down to category two, i don't think we'll get the horrible one but the storm surge is horrendous in the area and deal with the high winds too. so again, just got the brand new update in there, stephanie, and again, it looks equally as bad as we thought it would. >> equally as bad. the storm being upgraded to category four as we wait for it to hit land within the next 12 hours. the east coast of florida is preparing evacuations in georgia, carolinas, and florida. governor rick scott with a dire warning urging floridians to get out and be safe. that wraps up for the hour. you're watching "msnbc live." our coverage continues with my colleague, tamron hall. tamron?
8:00 am
good morning. i'm tamron hall coming to you live from our msnbc headquarters in new york. you see behind me, many vantage points of a massive storm we're following. the breaking news at this point is expected to be an historic storm along the southeastern coast of the united states. we're talking florida to south carolina and the remnants may even go further. national hurricane center is just projection for hurricane matthew. the massive storm is supposed to make landfall on florida's southeastern coast tonight and could hit as a category 4 storm. just 30 minutes ago, ft. lauderdale shuttered all of its operations. miami national airport is open but 90% of its


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