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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  October 6, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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matthew is already destructive category four storm on track to be the most catastrophic hurricane to strike florida since hurricane andrew, 1992. we have updates expected from florida and georgia and north carolina. it was florida's governor warning for all people to get out. this storm will kill you. our theme is tracking every detail of this development storm from florida to the bahamas. update from the hurricane center and nbc news meteorologist, dylan dreyer, explain this track. >> there is no indication this is going anywhere besides the coast of florida right now. evacuations are happening and the storm is eminent. here is the center of the storm right now. you can see how small and tightly wound the eye wall is. when the storm is getting closer and closer, we are not going to see that big eye of the storm where you get crystal clear and calm conditions and blue skies. it is a tightly round storm. it is extending out from the
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center of the storm. you can see the rain band extends for many, many miles outside the center of the storm. we are seeing some of the heavier rain bands affecting most of florida right now and torrential rain bands. you don't get rain showers, you have torrential downpours. lets break down where the storm is right now. it is sitting 180 miles from the northwest and moving to the northwest. winds are at 140 miles per hour and keeping it at a category four storm. we have hurricane warnings and effects along the coast of georgia and florida. and stretching into the coast of south carolina. hurricane conditions are expected within the next 36 hours. the storm is not looking like it is going to weaken. this number does not mean all that much, even if it were to go down to category three hurricanes, we are looking at winds up to around 125 or 145
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miles per hour. it is tvery strong. that's going to be the main issue with the storm. because it is not just hitting and deteriorating. it is hitting and staying right along the coast and eventually it will wrap around back out to sea. i want to point out the storm surge real quick, not so much for miami. we are looking at west palm beach florida of a three to seven foot storm surge. we could see seven to 10 feet of water in the west palm beach area. it is the coastal flooding. >> let me ask you to standby quickly. we want to get to georgia, governor deal is getting ready for what is expected for hurricane matthew. >> it is not something where we should jeopardize anyone's life because we did not heath the warning. there are a total of 30 counties that are under our emergency declaration, i will not read all of those county names to you.
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they are the coastal counties and counties that are joined them and counties that appeared to be in the wake of the hurricane as it moves into our state. a state of emergency also includes a suspension of certain transportation rule and regulations to ensure the uninterrupted supply of an emergency or disaster related material supplies and goods and services to those areas that's affected. it was made clear in my executive order that there should be no price and during this emergency, that's something that's already against the law in georgia. any instances veriable, as you can see i have heads of the aej agencies that are involved in
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our preparations. at this time, i am going to turn the microphone over to our head of georgia emergency management of agency and ask him to bring you up to date as to situation that now exist and as we may predict it will exist in the near future. jim. >> thank you, governor. >> we are listening to the governor of georgia, nathan deal, talking about the counties that's under an emergency effects there. lets go back and listen to the preparedness efforts in place for that. >> we have prepared for a number of days and continue to prepare for the approach of hurricane
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matthew. we are expecting category two hurricane to arrive, sometimes the tropical storm forced winds arriving late friday and over night saturday. we'll continue to move the resources of the entire state agency efforts of our emergency management and other agencies we are working with. those personnels as close to areas that we can to then assist with response that's necessary. to that end, governor mentioned the mandatory and voluntary evacuations. we have sheltering available in multiple different locations. the georgia emergency management and homeland security website lists those locations. there are about 3,500 shelter opportunities for individuals returning to one of those sites. a few minutes ago, i-16. the contra flow has begun on i-16 away from the coast and
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towards dublin, georgia. i will pass that information now with the rest of that over to the commander of georgia state or colonel. >> thank you. director. when you talk about contra flow, that means you get to drive on the wrong side of the road legally but only on the road that we tell you you can do so. i-16 is the major artery in our state that is running from east to west. >> we are listening to evacuation preparedness measures in place now. there are specific counties that are east of i-95 that's being told to evacuate heand as we ar hearing there. dylan, that's what is so unpredictable with hurricane matthew. >> the national hurricane center
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upped the value of the storm surge. you have your normal high tides and this hurricane pushing all the water on shore and tackling on seventh or eleven feet along georgia and it is all water that's going to flood low line coastal areas which is there are a lot of right along the coast. we are looking at that perhaps, three to six foot storm surge that'll lead to coastal flood. >> we are calling it cat 2 storm. by the time they're feeling of any brunt of matthew will be downgraded. >> it depends on how it interact ws the coast of florida. the land itself would start to help the storm deteriorate. if it stays out over the water in offshore by 10 or 20 miles, its got that fuel to keep the storm strong. either way, you run to cooler water off the coast of georgia, it should help to weaken the storm >> all right, dylan, keep us posted. we'll hear from florida's
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governor again in 30 minutes. that's governor rick scott continuing to sound the alarm to give people enough time of dire warnings to evacuate because their lives are at risk. >> you need to leave now of evacuation zone. if you are in vevacuation zones get out. time is running out. the roads are opened. you should get out. governor scott, very affirmative in his message of lives being at risk. blake mccoy is at the national airport and schools are closed for the weekend. you are seeing people, how seriously are they taking these warnings? >> reporter: well, it is a voluntary evacuation here in fort lauderdale, 1. 5 million floridians are under some sort s of evacuations. we are not seeing a ton of
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people evacuating to be honest with you. the people we do out here say they are prepared and they had stocked up on food and water. this couple is here visiting from hollande a and you have be to florida many times before. this is your second time. what have you done to prepare? >> food and water and beers. >> reporter: you are staying at an apartment here near the beach. >> we are going there and we'll see tomorrow and tonight what happens. >> reporter: you are planning to go home tomorrow. >> saturday or sunday. >> reporter: well, good luck to you. so they're visiting here for the holiday from holland. the airport is closed. they have not report how it will be tomorrow. >> we know search and rescue
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team is activated and more than a thousand national guard troops have been added according to governor scott to enhance forces there for any after math from matthew. blake, thank you very much, i want to go to the forth of you sam champion is there. the national weather service is warning parts of florida could be unin hhabitable for months. >> reporter: here is the deal. i was just in the truck trying to do the math on any category four or five that has made land fall roughly here, palm beach. if you look down the stretch, that's palm beach down there. that's a barrier island. we got off the island because we are going to across the bridges. we are on, the connected part of florida. juno beach is connected to the
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main line, that's why we are here. north of jacksonville, we were not able to find category four or five that ever made land fall since we were keeping records in the 1850s. that means this stretch of florida that's most impacted by matthew has really never dealt with a storm like this before. and that's what makes it so critical. you were live a moment ago with folks in broward county and dade county and what's interesting tom, when you look at the map of florida, if you look that the peninsula, notice the curve to the southwest of the coastline, basically, it follows that line all the way back around to the keys. the keys start to lay pretty far to the west. this storm is approaching from the southeast and florida in that direction moves back to the southwest. it is because of the approach of this storm, the you are kcurve will leave broward not as
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affected by the storm. off the coast of juno here by about 10:00 or midnight tonight is will be closer to the coast. according to hurricane center, this thing will make impact near the space coast of florida and it will kind of bounce or drag along the north florida coast all the way to jacksonville. thomas, if you will, allow me to talk a little bit from the coastal flooding problem. you heard the number going up from seven to eleven feet. that's not where we are here. here, we are talking about the three or five or six range. we are at the dry part and even if i show you the beach, i don't want you to freak out because there is probably ten people on the beach that's all gathered around where the tv camera is. if i look up and down the beach, there are not crowds like this up and down the beach. these folks are here because
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they see the tv cameras and we basically told them don't stay here very much longer. from where the high water mark is where those folks are standing, that's this much water. more than normally is on the beach right here. the higher amount, that 11th foot, that unsurvivable amount of water, we are talking about north of fort pearce. when this storm starts to make its term west ward to make connection of florida as it is forecasted, that's where the eye and the north right quadrant of the storm pivots and pushes the strongest wall of water in. we are most concerned of that kind of water. there are a lot of inlets from there and all the way up to st. johns river in jacksonville. that means this is a strong force full push of big water. this is the kind of thing where we just got to get people out of the way. let me briefly go over the rainfall here. sorry, tom. we got those winds, hurricane forced along the coastline and
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right about here. rainfall, we are looking about probably seven or eight inches of rain from the coastline here all the way north, it will be a little bit more when you get from the space coast up to jacksonville because of that pivot, thomas. >> sam, when we talk about how florida and the coastline absorbing this saturation and what hurricane matthew is going to bring with it, this is the combination of the rain and storm surge and the unpredictability of the winds. >> absolutely. and the category of this storm. when we go on the scale and we go one to five, five is it. this severe stotorm is going toh four. i talked to forecasters who are afraid it will go to five and others don't believe it will. the category and the strength of this storm is so unnerving. the fact that now hurricane forced winds going 60 miles away
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from the center as of the last updates. if this storm is actually 20 miles off the shoreline here, ten miles off the shoreline and does not come on shore here in juno beach, you are still getting a field of hurricane forced winds about 30 miles per hour inlet. >> when was the last time you saw more crowds that were engaged in being out and walking around and maybe not heathiing e warnings. >> every time we cover a one or two that's move booging by the . floridians have seen a lot of those in the years past. we have not seen a storm this big or have had the impact. floridians who live here for a long time are not familiar of what we are about to see. people at a one or two are always towards the coastline and they want to see the waves and
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they want to say they're here. we have been telling people that i don't want you here and get off the coast of florida and get in land and get on the other side of 95, get west if you want to go visit your friends on the west coast. certainly get on the other side of 95 and get off this beach. i will go tell them again but you can only tell them so much. >> sam champion, thank you very much. >> the i-95 corridor, everything east of that path that goes up and down from florida to north carolina, there are serious warnings and preparedness measures in place to help millions of folks yet to safety. i want to go 104 miles north of sam's location, melbourne. that's where our nbc mariana is live. with know there is been an evacuation where you are over the last 24 hours.
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>> reporter: tast righat's righ mandatory evacuation, i want you to take a look at this boardwalk, we have been here throughout the morning, this was crowded with people taking photos as conditions have worsen. you can see it is pretty bare right now. we have new information coming out from the national weather service. sebastian about 40 miles south from where i am standing now. they are preparing to receive catastrophic wind impact could make those areas uninhabitable for months or weeks. we have some families here, i want to talk to some folks. >> hey, how are you doing? >> how are you kids? >> good. >> reporter: what are you still doing out here? >> we came to check out the surfs and the waves. >> reporter: we just saw a downpour a couple of minutes ago. are you ready to evacuate?
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>> we are staying. we are in pompeo, our house is stays and we have been this through our whole lives and ready. >> reporter: thank you very much. stay safe, kids, good luck out there. >> as sam was say, floridians, they pride themselves in having been through hurricanes before. hurricane matthew is shaping up to be a bigger threat than we imagine originally. lets take a word from these folks. you girls were in the car as it was pour zg ying and you just g out. >> we are packed up and ready o roll. we are going to in land and houses secured and we are going to bug out. >> reporter: did you expect this hurricane to be this bad. they're talking about uninhabitable. >> very scary, we have been here 16 years and have not seen that bad. thankfully, it did not have any property damage and nobody got
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hurt. that's good stuff and we got to get out. >> reporter: i don't want to keep you here, stay safe and thank you very much. thomas, people are scared and nervous, we still see one person surprisingly out here as conditions keep worsening, they're talking about, you know, a big threat to life property here. we are talking about flood and storm surges that could go up in 10 feet here in melbourne beach florida where we are located now. >> thank you, we are expecting to hear from the governor of florida, rick scott and we are expe expected to have an update. lets talk about that because there is that fear that's heading up away from florida and into north carolina. warnings from the governors, they are crystal clear. >> if people do foolish things, it could be loss of lives and
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and that's what we do not want to have. >> that's the biggest fears that millions of people have in harm's way of a deadly storm. we track this historic storm named matthew, we'll be back after this. ge is an industrial company that actually builds world-changing machines. machines that can talk to each other digitally. hello? they don't talk to each other like that, ricky. shhhh, you'll anger it. heooks a little ticked off now. [music] jess: hey look, it's those guys. shawn: look at those pearly whites, man.
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welcome back everybody, we are having a powerful category of hurricane matthew. fort lauderdale airport had been shut down and orlando international will be closed at 8:00 p.m. we expect governor rick scott will be giving us updates here from florida. he's giving dire warnings about people leaving. he sent out a tweet earlier, if you choose to stay and ride out the storm, your life is at risk. >> this is the resort area and the atlanta resort, look at
11:24 am
this. tourists are hunkering down and guests have been posting pictures from the condition there. we have boarded up ground level doors over night to help keep folks safe. nbc's tammy leitner, hurricane matthew has been wet and unpredictable. what is it like right there? >> reporter: we have new information, we have confirmation that people are trapped in their homes on the southern and eastern side of the island. we have spoken with the national, emergency management. they put out a call for help that people off road vehicles come and volunteer their vehicles. they have not been able to get rescue crews to the other side of the island. lets give you a look at what we are looking at here. we are experiencing 120 miles per hour winds on this side of the island.
11:25 am
this is where the cruise ships normally comes. this area is a little bit protected. when i was referring to the south and east side of the island, a lot of the locals are living over there and a lot of the houses are right on the water. not very protected and people that have been living there for decades, often the house haves been haves -- a lot of these people did not want to leave and boarded up their home. a lot of people chose to stay in their homes. rescue crews are going to have to get over there to see how many people are trapped and if they can get them out. >> tammy, with that type of call for help going out for folks to go out and help others, what's the concern for people trying to go out format few right nofor m. when is this storm can allow people to feel safe.
11:26 am
>> not yet. we are going on hour nine and ten of incredible winds and rain just surging through. we are not at a point where people can go out in their cars yet. we have not seen anybody out on the streets. as far as getting to those people trapped on the other side of the island. they have to wait a little longer, hopefully, help will get to them eventuallilyeventually. >> tammy leitner is reporting there. you and your crew stay safe. >> joining me now is mayor of fort lauderdale, thank you very much and you have been listening to the governor, is fort lauderdale ready for the worse case scenario of matthew. >> yes, we are wrapped up and prepared and our team have done a fantastic job and our neighbors are cooperated with public safety professionals and
11:27 am
there is been focus on being resilient of this upcoming storm. i have been here since the '60s, this is by far one of the most imposing storms that i have seen. although it looks like it is going north of us. it is -- >> right now with the emergency and the hours left for florida to be impacted by this. what still needs to be done in the surrounding areas of you are trying to get ready? >> we closed our beaches and did what we need to do with our marine industry. you know here on out, we are telling people you got to ride the storm out. if you are here, you ride it out in doors and spend quality time for family and friends, get off the island and the beach and stay away from the area. this thing is a tremendous storm
11:28 am
and as i am looking at the wind numbers. we are going to get a tropical storm winds around 3:00 and some forced winds after that. they just think it is going to be another one o f those. this one is so immense and it concerns all of this. >> andrew would be one most comparable to this. what do you think of some folks in florida that may not be taking this warning seriously? >> well, i think the fact that we have gone through decades without having on the east coast or florida. some think that this is just another practice drill and you
11:29 am
know we get all worked up and it is going to swerve off. i am trying to explain to our neighbors that even if it does not touch the ground here in florida, the width of this and the width of the wind band and the rain band and storm surge, we are going to feel the effect. there is no way to say that we will not. i tell people to brace themselves and get in doors and make sure you protect your property and protecting your families and ride this thing out. we'll get through it but follow law enforcement recommendations and our directions that we issued. we have been up front and i say 99% of the people have fully cooperated and prepared for the storm. >> we expect to hear from the governor, coming up. thank you for your time, you and yours staying safe. >> fort lauderdale mayor, thank you. keep us in your prayers. >> we will, sir.
11:30 am
>> dylan, you are talking about the eye and the concentration of it. its gotten so much smaller. >> it won't expand. if it were to expand, that means the eye wall is its strongest twins. if it does start to expand, that means that even if the storm stays, i am sure you are going to see the e if he cans along the coast because that's where you will get the 145 miles per hour winds. you can see we are seeing the outer bands of rainmaking their way into the area. the torrential downpours is just the taste of what to come. the winds is still at the bulk of the storm that we are waiting on. winds are currently 140 miles per hour right in that eye wall, right around that eye of the storm. it is moving to the northwest at 14 miles per hour. it is a strong category four storm and it is not running into anything expected to weaken the storm. it is not running through cold water or moving into land.
11:31 am
as it brushes the coast of florida. it could draw ten or 20 mile to the west. it is skirting the coastline here and during that whole time, it is wrecking the coast with the hurricane forced winds of the torrential downpours and storm surge as well. it is going to make its way out to sea. in the meantime, we have a lot to focus on. lets talk about your storm surge. you have your regular water level and high tides and we are going to add one to seven feet of water. here is where we are looking at our biggest danger zone for coastal flooding. seven to 11 feet of water on top of the normal high tide. all of that gets pushed on shore. that goes for florida and south carolina where we still have the three to seven foot storm surge as well. we could see flooding because of the torrential downpours. we have a lot of rain and water
11:32 am
that comes from the sky, short period of time. that's why we could see flash flooding as well. isolated 10 inches or more along the coast of south carolina and even the southern coast of north carolina as well. here is ethe eye of the storm ad look at how they scrape along the coast of florida here. melbourne and daytona beach and jacksonville and into south carolina as the eye of the storm stays oh so close to the coast. that's our major concerns. your flash flooding and those gusty winds that could cause significant damage. >> we know that governor rick scott has been sounding an alarm on this. he's asking the president additional generators and pumps to help with power outages and flooding once the storm begins. people know about this and tracking this but it is the after math of electricity, not
11:33 am
just for days but weeks. >> with a category four storm, you look at the bullet points, we well-structured homes could lose their roofs. >> dylan, thank you very much. >> matthew is visible. take a look at this. time lapse taken from the earth's atmosphere. we have state of emergency in effect as we inch closer to matthew reaching florida coastline. the governor is making clear that if you have not gotten out now, go! >> these catastrophic levels can wipe out well built homes and destroy neighborhoods. we are back with a member of our national hurricane center after this. nd of magic. i'm beowulf boritt and i'm a broadway set designer. when i started designing a bronx tale: the musica i came up...
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stay with a co-worker and ride off the storm. >> it is pretty scary. >> the island of the bahamas. look at the picture for the impact of that country. floridians are trying to scramble and get to safety there. this is a video from i-4 corridor. residents and visitors have been trying to make the mass exit out of town. people are currently in evacuation zones. i want to take you to miami. that's where we are going to speak to rick knabb, changes have been based on this 2:00 p.m. update. what has developed more definitively from the last time from matthew. >> we are going to get an update of our full forecast at 5:00 p.m. eastern time. we are providing immediate up
11:38 am
dap da updates of the motion. this is an awful track that takes it near or directly over the east coast of florida and to georgia and south carolina with multiple hazards. we are going to get hurricane forced winds on land and strong b winds penetrating some instance in land. we have hurricane watches and warnings up. we have prototype storm surge watches and warnings. this is the hazard that here is your assignment. if you live in eastern parts of florida along the coast and georgia south carolina. if you are told to evacuate, you need to do that immediately. in central northern florida, your time is running out tonight because the weather is going downhill tomorrow morning. >> beaches have been forced to closed and evacuated. is that enough? >> well, there are about a million and a half florida residents that's been under some
11:39 am
sort of evacuation structures today. whether it is storm surge or in land areas due to mobile homes. emergency managers with the decision support here have identified who needs to evacuate for very good reasons. if people are heathing those, in central florida, there is time to do that. get out if you have been told to do so. >> i know you are concentrated on what's taking place in matthew. you are watching a formation of nicole, is this a big worry about a one/two punch. >> nicole, no immediate threat to land. we have plenty of time to watch that one. we are focusing the east coast here on matthew for now. >> okay, rick, we'll let you get back. rick, knabb.
11:40 am
i am joined now senator bill nelson. >> we know that the president has signed an emergency declaration for florida. tell us what does it mean? >> it brirnngs additional resources. fema already positioned in most of these six emergency operation centers that i have been in the last couple of days, up and down the coast. there is already a fema person in their eoc. i have been listening to your commentary and it is well been said. when you take nine to seven feet of a storm surge, you add that to the high tide, that's why they are getting mandatory evacuation orders on the barrier island which is what we call the
11:41 am
beach and other low lying areas like where the kennedy base center is, there is a population south of the space center. that's all ready mandatorily evacuating and if people don't listen, the middle of the storm occurs tonight. emergency crews cannot come get you because you are going to have to ride it out and if you got that kind of wall of water coming at you with 140 miles per hour winds, that's going to be very difficult. >> senator, thank you very much. we are expecting to hear from florida's governor coming up shortly. 3500 national guard troops have been activated and 1,000 activated. that's more than half of florida reserved troops. we expect to hear from the governor. he sent out this tweet. there is no reason to leave. if you choose to stay to ride out the storm, your life is at risk. we know there is only so much
11:42 am
that emergency response personnel will do in the moment that this storm is hitting and trying not to put their lives in danger to help save those that were forced to evacuate with hours on their side to do so and refuse to leave. i am joined by abc tom costello. i know you will be speaking coming up with the head of fema. what is the gofrt doing nvernme right now for preparedness in matthew. >> reporter: as you know, fema was kind of pillared following hurricane for the slow reaction and response and the director of fema took a lot of heat for that. michael brown, he has been in the head of fema for several years is processing a forward le leaning and aggressive position. let me read off some statistics for you. fema has a free position federal
11:43 am
staging area in virginia. they got 137,000 meals and 193,000 liters of water. and 1200 gallons of fuel. pushing into the zone itself, down in georgia and, they also prepositioned 225,000 of supplies and meals. the list goes on and on. knowing they got a major storm on their doorstep is trying to preposition the sources. we have covered hurricanes, you don't want to put all of those resources into the storm zone but in a position they can responsible quickly as soon as the storm passes. i was trading e-mails with somebody at nasa. they are concerned of a
11:44 am
devastating flow to the space center and it looks like they'll get hit hard there on the eastern shore of florida. >> back to you. >> tom costello. >> thank you very much. >> we are giving live look here. some folks are still walking up and down at the promenade. florida is among the states waiting format few a matthew. >> first, major hurricane expected to make land fall since hurricane hugo there. back in '89. our live coverage continues after this. you were financially secure - it was glorious. how do you know that? i work at ally - it's my job to know about finances.
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stand firm. just it. [click] nd move only when you hear t click that says theye buckled in for the drive. never ve up till they buckle up. we continue to track the devastating hurricane in
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history. florida, they are bracing format few. walt disney world, they are taking action in the wake of the storment they are going to close by the end today and they are not opened until friday. disney world have only closed four times since it has been opened. we are seeing power outages in florida. we heard there are more than 7,000 power outages in miami-dade county. 4,150 in broward county and palm beach county 1,000 of power outage. the governor is warning folks that what people staying home could face. >> you are going to lose power, there is no question, you will lose power. you are going to lose power, we jou just don't know how long. >> joining me now is dave
11:49 am
m mcdermott, what preps have your company put out there getting folks backup running. >> there is no surprise. hurricane matthew is going to be a monster storm. with that said, you know based on our current forecast and intensity and our historical model, we anticipate major damage to our system and as many as two and a half million customers will experience power outages and some of them are extended outages. >> we know that additional, national guard members that's now added 1,000 which takes the number of folks activated up to 35 and the governor has reached out requesting for the president to send additional federal resources. that does include generators and
11:50 am
palms. for people thinking it is a couple of days without power, would you say there could be areas without power for weeks. >> it is likely vary to areas. >> we have an army of respiration workers lined up and they are fully equipped and high alert and our work force for hurricane is more than 15,000. >> that includes the special lis ists from across the country and from as far north as massachusetts and texas and oklahoma to the west and other area. they are ready to hit. dave, you stay safe because we know the florida power team and other folks are going to be very busy. >> thank you, sire, we appreciate it. >> dave mcdermott, spokesperson
11:51 am
for us. >> soon america joins that list. when it does, it will be the first hurricane to hit the u.s. in some 4,000 days. back with more, after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ look out honey... the ghly advanced audi a4. ♪ ♪ ain't got time to make nopologies... ♪
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lets get you right to governor rick scott giving us an update. we are going to have a lot of power outages. it is not going to turn back on in one day. expect to have a lot of floodings especially near. lets go back to evacuations. there is a lot of people that never been through this and are still waiting to evacuate, there is no reason if you are in an evacuation zone and at the island and know your prone of flooding, if you are in an evacuation zone, get out right now. >> based on a continuous strong
11:55 am
track activated of 3500 members of national gauards. that's half of our village troops have been activated. that's how serious it is. protecting lives are our number one priority. >> stop and think about this. we should not be putting people's lives at risk because you made the decision not to evacuate. i have directed the national guards to focus on resources and assist of helping people evacuating safely and sharper operation is. in the immediate after math of the storm, they'll be involved in recovery efforts and search and rescue mission. the conservation commission also has high waters. around 1.5 million people are under evacuation orders. 1.5 million people.
11:56 am
more records aare manager order evacuate right now. check with your local news if you are unsure. >> tolls in the affected area. >> athere is no reason not to evacuate based on worrying about whether you have to pay a toll or a problem with evacuation zone. we'll do everything we can to keep these roads clear. >> if you are on the east coast, you are going to lose power and millions are going to lose power. utility companies are going to do all they can to turn powers on. you are going to lose power. >> go into a friend's house or a shelter or find accomodation. >> partners like air b&b, are making room available for free.
11:57 am
you can go to for listing of hotels. >> you need to go to a shelter. the shelter may not be the most desirable place to be but it is safer than many homes. if you live on the west coast, call friends in the impact ed areas and offer them a place to stay. as of last night, there were 58 shelters opened and today there is more than 80 have been opened and the number will continue to increase. tha we'll continue to add shelters as it is needed. >> it maybe the safest place of life and death. in addition to d.o.t., extra road ranges and record crews, d.o.t. are working together to
11:58 am
alternate work westbound routes and including u.s. 90. we are doing everything we can to make sure it is cleared up quickly as possible. we called extra people from highway safety. they'll be out there more road rangers and d.o.t. and we'll monitor all the routes. >> all sites have been cancelled and for our hollywood airport. flights will be cancelled after 8:00 p.m. tonight at orlando international airport. if you are concerned of safe routes, please visit fl you can see traffic patterns and accidents. anything you need to pick the best route, you can find it on fl >> no excuses me. get out. floridians can go to
11:59 am
floridaevac floridaeva >> we are going to see field shortages. we have plenty of fuel in the state around now. we'll get it around the state as quickly as we can. >> on the alligator issue, we resolved that issue. we'll do everything we can to get them fuelled. >> if you are going to get fuel, take what you need and don't fill up if you don't need. leave some for the next person making sure everybody has the fuel they need. our hospitals along the east coast are evacuating. today, we did not report any issues with those but we are evacuating hospitals. you can text flprepare to
12:00 pm
888-777 for up days from the states. this will send you life saving information. >> if you know somebody that's making a bad decision, call them. >> don't let them pester them to do whatever you can, be a pain in the rear. if you know anythione that's mag a bad decision, pester them to get out and evacuate. saving every life in the state is our number one priority. >> to the west, you have done a great job. anything more you can do or any more we could do to make sure let us know. >> the next hurricane center is going to be this afternoon at 5:15. after this, i will be heading


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