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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  October 6, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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888-777 for up days from the states. this will send you life saving information. >> if you know somebody that's making a bad decision, call them. >> don't let them pester them to do whatever you can, be a pain in the rear. if you know anythione that's mag a bad decision, pester them to get out and evacuate. saving every life in the state is our number one priority. >> to the west, you have done a great job. anything more you can do or any more we could do to make sure let us know. >> the next hurricane center is going to be this afternoon at 5:15. after this, i will be heading back to the state of emergency
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operation center in tallahassee and i will spend the night there and we'll decide in the morning. this is going to start hitting a little later tonight and slowly move up here. >> when we have a slow moving strong, we'll get a lot of rain and flooding. we are going to have storm surge and we'll have an unbelievable amounts of water. we'll be glad to answer any questions anybody has. >> you mentioned the national guard is assisting people with evacuating. where are they located and where do team need the most help? >> we have done the same thing with national guards and food and water and high water vehicles and we preconditio precondition -- if something is needed quickly, we are able to get support quickly. that's what we have done around the state. i have somebody for all the east
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coast county, i have somebody from my office that'll be coming over here tomorrow and they'll be staying here through the illustration efforts. if there is an issue, we can get them resolved quickly. we have national guard members coming to our eoc around our state. >> this is john calhoun and he will be able to get resources quickly around the state. earlier today, i was in martin county and they think people are not taking this serious enough. in martin county, they asked 17,000 people to evacuate. i was talking to mayor courier a while ago increasing their efforts. hesitate told me he was down on the beaches and he's saying, i don't think he's on the beaches. there is still people down there. >> it did not make sense. >> i think we should still have
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people not to take it seriously enough. over 100 people died in haiti already. >> so we don't know what the numbers are yet. but over 100 people lost their lives in haiti. >> we are going to have 140 or 150 miles per hour winds. >> what people start to see what's happening because it looks like the bad area is palm beach county. and if you watch the news, you will see how bad it is. my biggest concern is people taking it seriously enough. >> i don't know to lose their live. >> any questions. >> thank you, everyone. >> thank you, everybody. you have been listening to governor rick scott, i am kate snow with you here in new york as we track hurricane matthew. the governor is saying 1.5 million floridians are under
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evacuati evacuation. millions lost power. he's worried that some folks near palm beach, north of palm beach, martin county is not taking the storm seriously. this is a storm that could be historic for the base coast of florida. it is bearing towards florida's east coast at this hour. we are tracking it live. the massive category four storm right now. governor rick scott is telling people in evacuation zones to get out now. earlier, he had stronger language saying this storm will kill you. devastating to catastrophic winds that called cause severe damage. >> matthew killed one, at least to 114 people. our team is up and down the
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coast, we are in the michelle obama ma-- bahamas. >> lets begin with dylan dreyer. >> lets talk about the storm track and where it is headed exactly. you heard the government mentioning martin county and people needs to be aware. >> it is not like it is trending further to the east. it is trending closer and closer to florida this tire sbientire . we have a chance of seeing category four storm. there is nothing that's going to break this storm apart. >> making it a category four hurricane in city only 205 miles southeast of west palm beach florida. >> watch as it gets closer to melbourne florida.
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that's the soerntcenter of the . if it makes direct land fall, it is not going to impact florida any difference than it stays right there. we are going to continue to see the e if he cans of this category four hurricane. so here is the break down of what we are going to see as we go through the roastest of this afternoon. we'll see rainfalls continuing to make sheer way on shore. that could produce seven to 10 inches of rain along the coast. we are looking at seven to 11 foot storm surge. >> as that water is getting pushed add shore. >> same goes the same to south carolina, here is the break down for our storm search. only about one to three foot
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storm surge and seven to 11 feet of water on top of your average high tide for this area and for the airline na coastline. we could see it. rainfall could be up to seven or 10 inches of rain. our kens are regular flooding, and the wind is on top of that. >> it could blow roofs off buildings and we measure power outages in weeks and months. >> lets check in with nbc mariana, she's out in belbourne florida. >> storm surge is a big concern. i see people behind you are still on the beach. >> reporter: that's right, kate. that's what governor rick scott is referring to when he says
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some people here are not taking the storm seriously. we had rain ability half an hour. the locals behind me are seeing the wave and they are dadsing whether or not to evacuate. it is really coming down to the minutes here. imt y you want you to talk about those waves. they are expecting additional 10 feet of water just to flood this area. >> i want to show you viewers at home. this is a small in gauge we are holding. >> we are proceeding 10 miles per hour but i want you to look at me now. imagine the 150 miles per hour wince. that's when governor rick scott says we may expect this. we are going to walk over this boardwalk here, we have been
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hanging out sometimes during the day so you can see how many locals are still out here and some of us including my producer. people are still hanging out here and i have jasmine here who i want you to meet. sir, are you concern of your pets at this point? >> no, part is smart. >> reporter: are you going to put her in the shelter? >> no, she stays with me. >> reporter: lets talk to some of the folks out here. >> i live there here? >>. >> narrator: the government says the storm will kill you. i don't live right off the beach. i live right off the beach. >> are you worried about your property. i want to look a little bit. again, people, locals are coming
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in and wanting to see the beach and we had children and teenagers out here. >> i think locals should heath governor rick scott's calls to start evacuating this area. >> lets get to msnbc blake mccoy, he's in lauderdale. >> the rain has picked up here in the nest several hour and the wind as well. just after 3:00 here on the east coast and in broward county. all roads are closed here. >> that does not mean you are going to be out. >> they say after 3:00 p.m., the storm shelters here in broward county, we are going to stop excepting people. they have been sounding the alarm all day.
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we reached to that point, where ever you are, you need to take shelter here at nbc. the ocean is right now is really turning. the waves have been picking up all day. earlier this morning, we saw some great surfers and wind surfers out there on the water. >> some people may call them brave or some maybe called toll li lets go down tonewscast.
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>> what do you see. >> we know there are people trapped on the island. people cannot get out of their homes and i don't know how many people are tracked. you. this side is where the cruise ships going in. a lot of tree and even just since we spoken with you, more trees down. this is six or eight and this is right in front of the hotel. if you can go straight across, we have air conditioners that are blown off different roofs and we have power lines that went down earlier this morning on top of the cars. if you go there to the right, you can see there is a two huge trees that toppled down five on
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six cars there outside of the mcdonald's. this wind is just led up. rehad relent less winds the next 24 hours. t taking the roof times and it is launched them at project timtim tile. the things that we have seen flying here, our roofs are coming by about 100 yards away. >> they are telling everybody to stay inside obviously. we'll keep on monitoring the situation as people needing to rescue on the other side. >> tammy leitner. after the break, i am going to be joined by the mayor. that's what hurricane matthew looked like yesterday. look at this shot from space. i am going to talk to scientists tracking this storm.
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. nasa, the bahamas is taking a direct hit now. right now, hurricane matthew us exec expected to hit miami beach around 8:00 p.m. tonight. joining us now is the mayor of miami beach, mr. levine. >> thank you. >> you are starting to feel the rain and not under a mandatory
12:18 pm
evacuation and folks who know miami beach, we know it as a great place to visit and a fun party town, what are you telling folks who live there? >> well, we have been preparing our people for the last couple of days and making sure they have water, food and medicine of the next two or three days. and our people are listening, they are inside and bunker down. the worst is yet to come as far as strong winds in the area. we take it seriously. it is something you never know what's going to happen. we must be vigilant and that's what we tell everybody immediately. >> the governor of georgia were on a while ago talking about a mandatory evacuation of their coastline. why would you not do that on miami beach. would you consider that at all? >> we work with the national hurricane center and they made it clear to us, all the tracks
12:19 pm
pointing to us not hitting miami directly. we take all the preliminary stages to make sure we have the ability to go to the next level of safety and security. >> it is good to say that right now, it is crucial. we all come together because there are folks that are in path of this hurricane, unfortunately. >> we are looking at a shot right now hollywood florida. the layest tratest tracker is o bottom of your screen right now. it shows the track of matthew going up the coast and looping around, obviously, it is early. are you concern or anyone is telling you to be concerned about what happens if it dips around and go back to miami? >> sure, we are concerned of our floridians that's in the cap of the storm. we'll be vigilant. we have our working states and
12:20 pm
local authorities to make sure that our city is prepared. you do not want it to happen. we'll be prepared the same way we prepared hurricane matthew of the initial approach. >> what about power, what's the situation of miami beach, do you have aboveground? >> we have a combination, we have not had any significant power outages on miami beach. that could change. the the worst of the winds is going to happen throughout the evening. we are all on standby. of course, if people have any issues, they can call 311 to let them know immediately if there are any power outages. our big concern is flooding. we are doing everything we can and we have an emergency generator to make sure that any way possible to alleviate as much water as possible that we expect to come in. >> the mayor of miami beach, phillip levine as we are looking
12:21 pm
pictures there at west palm beach. thank you your time mr. mayor. appreciate it. i want to bring in doctor scott ron right now in maryland. if there is anyone who understands the science of what we are looking at now, it is you. thank you very much for being with us. your assessment of this storm in terms of history, we are talking about this could be one of the big ones to hit florida in the east coast. >> this is the strongest hurricane. we had a long drought of this powerful hurricane, we are waking up to the fact that these things do happen and we are faced with ununfortunafortunate. >> is there anything we know about this hurricane in particular that helps you understand the strength of it and the potential damage that it could cause. i know we have been talking to
12:22 pm
our meteorologists of being the eye being relatively small in size. >> yeah, the small eye is typical of one of the storm strongs. around september 30th, we saw the storm wrapping intense precipitation and rain band that you can see in the visualization that's showing from our global precipitation. >> can you explain that to us, what does it show? >> the mission has a couple of instruments that's basically providing an x-ray and a cat scan of the storm. so it shows us where the heavy rainfall is and near the eye of the storm as well and some of these rain bands and show us the deep pretrial conferensence of . the big peek kind of near the eye, that's the most intense activity? >> correct. >> usually we see those deep
12:23 pm
cells during the process. at that point on the october 2nd. >> to e mame, it looks unusual, goes up the coast and loops to the east and coming back to florida. is that a standard track for a hurricane this time of the year or not? >> i don't think i would call it standard? we do occasionally see these storms looping around and we saw one in 2012 with hurricane nadine. and a lot of times the storm does not get picked up by the mid latitude flow which would take it to the north and east and getting pushed back to the and previously back otentially west. >> can i be geeky with you a little bit.
12:24 pm
can you be a science teacher for us again, please. what do we understand of this graphic hurricane? >> i am afraid, i cannot see the graphic. >> all right, well, they did not put it up anyway. it is all right. oh, it is up now. you cannot see it, but it shows an over lay over the hurricane itself of what looked like mountain tops, blue peeks rising up out of the body of hurricane matthew. >> yeah, i am not sure, if it is what i am looking at, the blue peeks are the precipitation ice within the storm and the upper part of the storm where temperatures are below freezing and as that precipitation falls down the surface, it will melt. >> understood. i knew you can make it clear for us. >> nasa research meteorologist, thank you very much for being with us. >> back with more from our storm center. you are looking live at melbourne, florida.
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heading west out of charleston, you notice that both sides of the highway are going in the same direction. they opened that up yesterday. you remember when they opened the eastbound lanes to come running westbound as well. you can see a lot of traffic leaving charleston and coastal carolina and heading to higher land, getting away from the coast, mandatory evacuations under way because of hurricane matthew. just before the break, we checked in with miami beaches' mayor, now, lets head up to saint augustine, that's south of jacksonville. it is the oldest city in the
12:29 pm
nation, nancy shaver is the mayor there, she joins us now. good afternoon. >> good afternoon no. >> late last night, st. john county expanded their mandatory evacuations, are people leaving are they heathing your warnings? we certainly hope so. big message that we give to people that this is not a boy scout trip. if you think you are going to cook your way out of this, it is not the case. >> this is a dangerous situation and everyone needs to leaf. >> i ha leave. >> i have been to your beautiful city in saint augustine, you have beautiful beaches there. how are you making sure that you are clearing the beaches and people getting off that water?
12:30 pm
>> we have done that, essentially every emergency staffs are sweeping localities to make sure that people do not do some foolish kinds of things. >> yeah. >> we are doing everything we can. >> what's your biggest concern as you think forward to the next 24 or 48 hours. >> honestly, the biggest concern for all of us is the next probably six hours, people need to leave the evacuation zones. we know we'll be able to manage the environment and it is going to take however long time, we know that and we know we'll lose power. we'll cut-off water supply at 8:00 tonight. we are putting a cure few in place and hopefully, those measures make everyone safer and also help encourage people to go west. >> where are people going? are they heading towards shelters or going to homes of loved ones? >> all of the above.
12:31 pm
we started shelters and we have eight after shelters and we are encouraging people to go to hotels if they can or if they have families or friends in the area to basically get out and dodge. it is a very dangerous city right now. >> mayor shaver, i was looking it up, i don't know if i found accurate information on wikipedia, your last major hurricane was in 1964, that's hurricane dora. >> that would be right. people do not have memories that are that long. >> is that your concern that people don't remember what it is like? >> humans are as you know better than i do, humans are people that don't expect this kind of catastrophic event and they also expect it to be withstand it or get through it, a bit of adventure in that. this is not an adventure, this is life-threatening and people need to leave. nancy shaver, the mayor of saint
12:32 pm
augustine, florida. thank you very much for being with us. >> thank you. joining me now, we'll switch back to bahamas. our meteorologist and live storm media. brett, it is nice to see you. i see something is standing behind you so i cannot tell what the damage is like there. how did you fair? >> reporter: well, it is okay, we are here on paradise island. a lot of the docks here are destroyed and just to give you an idea, some of the correspondence are talking about these roofing tiles. the wind is significant here. outside we had gusts near 100 miles per hour even though of the eye of the hurricane, it missed us by 15 miles.
12:33 pm
you can see a lot of damages here. >> brett, i am sorry, somebody was talking to me. so we had some reports out of nasa, our tammy leitner were saying there were people in the bahamas who maybe trapped and not able to move around. have you been able to get out enough to see whether people are doing well or anyone is trapped in their home? >> reporter: we have seen photos that there were some storm surge flooding on the southern end of the island. there were some roofs taken off. we are right across. we are near the atlantis resort. we'll check on the southern into nasa. we know they're requesting vehicles like jet skis and high profile vehicles to do some rescue. >> brett adair, our storm chaser, paradise island in the
12:34 pm
bahamas, thank you for checking in. we appreciate it. after the break, the southeast braises the storm, we'll be checking back with dylan dreyer with the latest of your forecast. stay with us. care of heown? or is it a lifetime of work that blazes the path to your passions? your personal success takes a financial partner who values it as much as you do. learn re at you knowt, guys? tre's a lot of tree branches and dry brush over here we should probably mo t bonfire over there.
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. taking a look at west palm beach florida as hurricane matthew approaches the line there. lets go down dave, is it wet where you are right now and what are they expecting? >> reporter: they are small bands followed by dry weather and cloudy conditions. what they are expecting here is what everyone is expecting along eastern sea board of florida is over the next 24 hours. that's devastation. remarkably for us, kate, we are at morton county in between melbourne florida to the north and west palm beach to the south
12:38 pm
of us. the roads are quiet here. for people who have been used to seeing this kind of storm over their lifetime, hurricane activities that is, they are heathing the warnings here. >> this is a hotel behind me. normally at this time of the year, people are coming down but not so today. it is booked. people from the area evacuated and begun to move in land and those cannot find their way further west to this point. >> you have been through a lot of hurricanes yourself, it sounded like a generator next to you. i wanted to ask about -- the governor is concerned that people are not taking it seriously enough. what are you seeing as you talk to folks? >> reporter: well, we talked to the folks, if you will. those who'll say, i am going to hunker down and ride this out.
12:39 pm
those who say i have been here all my life and hurricanes, i will get through this one. for the most part, we run across a lot of people who heating the council. at this point, with so many models beginning to converge, what we know is this, this storm is going to roll on in, there is going to be sustained heavy rain, wind and flooding and debr debris. this is going to ride up the coastline and while the damage may come and goes in one part o f the state, it is going to continue to turn all the way north and eventually into georgia and the carolinas. i think a lot of people are beginning if they have not already taken this seriously. we have not come across a hotel in land that had vacancy. many people that we spoke to, this one? i am taking it seriously. those who have been able to get out, they have done so.
12:40 pm
for those who cannot, hotels like this one are going to be a very uncomfortable home. that's a generator that you hear here. hotel has one and satellite truck around us so we can continue to broadcast. the rain and the thunder roaring in, this is nothing near of what is going to begin in this area as we head into the latter portion of this evening and apprehe heading into our over night. >> dave price, thank you very much for checking in. really appreciate it. i want to go back to dylan dreyer who's here with me. we saw dave. well, didn't see a lot of rain there. we have seen a lot of rain coming down in fort lauderdale when we had blake mccoy. >> exactly. that's west palm beach right now. look at the winds picking up as well. the reason why evacuation orders
12:41 pm
need to be heated, every model is saying that this storm is making a b line for the east central coast of florida. here is the storm right now and it is moving to the northwest. these are the bands that i was talking about. you see the oranges and the reds, those are already areas of torrential downpours and within some of these bands, you can see tornados spin up. we have a tornado threat before the eye of the storm getting close. the storm is so intense. winds right now is at the center of the storm at 140 miles per hour. it is not looking like it has any reasons to weaken as it gets closer to florida. the national hurricane center is keeping it as a category four storm, very, very close to the coast tomorrow morning. land fall does not make it that much of a difference. the category four storm is going
12:42 pm
to skirt along the east coast and close enough to produce hurricane forced winds which extends 60 miles per hour from the center of the storm. it is close enough to produce devastated storm surge and we are looking at a category two storm close to the coast of georgia and south carolina. that's going to have its own impact of flooding and damaging win as well. lets break it down. as we go into tonight, the bahamas is dealing the 10 or 15 storm surge, up around 15 inches. then we get closer to midnight tonight, damaging wind gusts felt down west palm beach florida, 60 to 95 miles per hour gusts is possible. that's enough to take out tree and keeping powers out weeks at a time. as we get into early tomorrow morning. that life-threatening storm surge is basically a push of water, getting thrown on shore causing coastal flooding. we could see wind gusts excess
12:43 pm
of 100 miles per hour, causing more damage. along the coast, we are looking at wind gusts up to around 80 miles per hour. rainfall can be as high as 15 inches in parts of georgia and south carolina. >> to break down the storm surge, miami, fort lauderdale. that's what is causing the coastal flooding. the carolina coast could see about three or seven foot storm surges as well. we could see high amounts along south carolina and north carolina and an excess of 10 or 15 inches of rain. here in the white area where we could see 74 miles per hour, those are higher.
12:44 pm
those hurricane winds just staying right along the coast through melbourne and daytona beach and jacksonville and savannah and charleston. these are winds upper 60s and 70 miles per hour. with higher gusts. tomorrow morning is when we'll get hit with the brunt of this storm, some where near melbourne or a little to the north. this is a serious storm. >> yeah, i am looking at florida and your models. i mean that the east coast is under threat. even though the west coast and central florida, orlando is starting to shut down. >> disney world is shut down today. florida is not that wide and you can see how massive the storm is looking at the radar. a threat of tornado needs to be taken seriously as well >> daylan thank you very much. >> think of the boaters and they have been shut down. we'll check in with the coast guards coming up.
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we are tracking hurricane matthew at this hour as florida awaits for the brunt of this hour. it is a category four storm. winds could reach to 145 miles per hour. there is a small chance it could be worse than that. rick scott said that it could be catastrophic, the impact, he's activating the national guard. >> based on a continuous strong track of florida, i have activated 1,000 members of the florida national guards. that will means 25,000 members are not ak vaccina ak vaccinatc. guard members making sure those who wait until the last minute
12:49 pm
to evacuate can do so as safely as possible. >> it is hard not to think back of hurricane katrina when it devastated new orleans. >> you may remember joint task force katca katrina. >> russell is on the phone with us >> this storm matthew is a real bad boy. >> you retired in 2008. you are speaking -- and watching this, what should people be doing? >> they should be moving to high grounds. the elevation is about non put. you can get storm chairs up to 1 2 or 14. many of the cities, melbourne
12:50 pm
and lauderdale that has access canal, all those things is to surge which means a flood, which means the lights are going to go out. if you live in a community like that, you need to get out of there and get out quick. it will also create surge of a 145 miles an hour wind. >> we just heard from governor rick scott activating national guard there in florida. during katrina, you had weary police officers there that you told to keep their guns pointed down. you reminded them they're in an american city, not someone like iraq, and you refused to forcibly remove thousands of residents who refused to
12:51 pm
evacuate. when you think back to this time, can you foresee us needing to use a national guard in this storm, or is it too early to know? >> absolutely. the governor is doing the right thing. as a matter of fact, you can tell the governor that he needs the governor, in miami, the national guard, you need naval access and the national guard don't have boats and ships. because that is the worst case scenario if that storm went to a little bit of. maybe we need the marines and army to come in to help us. >> they called you the john wayne dude that came down here to get stuff done. hopefully they won't have to call on you again, sir. general, thank you for being with us. >> bye. >> goodbye. coming in the next hour, we're going to get an update on
12:52 pm
this storm. we're monitoring it so closely, we'll bring you all the very latest information. we'll take a quick break and be right back. the spider recently had geico help him with homeowners insurance. water completely destroyed his swedish foam mattress. he got full replacemen and now owns the sleep number bed. his sleep number setting is 25. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance.
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looking at live picturepict lot of rain. west palm beach is on the left side, melbourne, florida on the right side. a direct hit over melbourne or just south of there. joining me from skype in miami is nicolino tangemi. nice to see you. coast guard, boats. posts are closed down. what can you tell us? have people gotten things out of the way? >> you can never be too prepared for a storm, especially of this size. we are encouraging all the boaters. number one very most important thing is just simply stay off the water. for those that still have a little bit of time to prepare
12:56 pm
their boats, we're encouraging everybody that if their boat is trailerable to get it out of the water, secure your boats in the port. marina operators can certainly assist with that. but also importantly is to ensure that life jackets and emergency position indicators or radio beacons are also removed from boats. a lot of times a storm like this can kick those things free and put them in the water and signal there is possibly someone in the water which signals a false distress call. in the immediate aftermath of a storm, our resources are a little bit limited, and we need to focus on only those cases that are true search and rescue cases. >> you got inlets all along the coast, you have intercoastal waterway bridges. we heard in palm beach, miami-dade counties they've closed down all those bridges. what can you tell us about that? is that common? is it sort of standard operating
12:57 pm
procedure to shut down that whole area? >> yeah, it actually is. we have a poor condition known as zulu, and when we have some gale force winds that are expected within 12 hours, we are like a seasalt port operations. we work closely with our federal, state and local partners, and the department of transportation to secure those bridges for the safety and for evacuation routes. so we work very closely, and that is kind of a standard operating procedure for us. >> and just to ask the dumb question, nobody should be out on the water right now, right? everybody should be on dry land. >> again, the safest place is on land. your life is so valuable it's not worth risking it by putting it on a boat. >> nicolino kamgemi, thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. as we continue to monitor hurricane matthew, a category 4 approaching the coast. i want to show you a video
12:58 pm
coming in from the bahamas right now. of course, that area was hit already by this storm. watch the roof. wow. come right off of -- i can't tell if it's a house or a business, but that roof peeled off. we were hearing earlier from tammy leitner talking about the devastation in the bahamas. she's in a pretty sheltered area in a hotel and hasn't been able to get out yet to see the kind of damage. look at that. you can just tell from this video from the bahamas they're going to have a lot of damage. hopefully minimal casualties. hopefully not a lot of people hurt. we'll continue to check in in the caribbean. we're also going to check in with all of our reporters up and down the coast of florida in this next hour. that's going to do it for me this hour. my colleague steve kornacki is going to pick up our coverage right now. >> good afternoon, kate. i'm steve kornacki in new york and picking up her coverage of hurricane matthew, the course of the storm picking up this afternoon. a category 4 storm, it is headed
12:59 pm
for florida's coast. it has rapipped through haiti, cuba and now florida. the weather service in at least one florida city is calling it catastrophic destruction. governor rick scott has signed a declaration in florida. people in south carolina, they are fleeing the storm's path, some evacuees filing into the shelters. and some chilling war ining wore sheriff of martin county, florida, saying not enough people are heeding the evacuations that are now in effect. >> people don't seem to get it and are not leaving. i've already checked. i'm not saying it to be
1:00 pm
theatrical. you know me. i don't lean towards bravado, but i checked with my captain and i asked him, do you have body bags? are you prepared for mass casualties, because if people do not leave and we have 140--mile-an-hour wi140 140-mile-an-hour wind gusts, we will have casualties. daily, the bottom line is this is headed toward the u.s., what condition will it be in and what will happen when it does? >> it's in a category 4 condition. all models are indicating it is making a beeline for that east central coastline of florida. there is not a single model steering it in any other direction besides this way. the outer bands of this storm already making it on shor


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