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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  October 6, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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st. john's is flowing out towards the atlantic. those waters are running high already. matthew dumping, six, 10, 12 inches of rain, flooding downtown jacksonville, prance even the stadium where the jaguars play. big concern here. so flooding is not just going to be a coastal concern with surge, it's going to be an inland concern in this area of florida. much more coastal concerns south of here. but this first coast of northeastern coast of florida, a unique position with all these threats coming in here. and, again, it's this time tomorrow night we will see the closest approach and the biggest impacts from hurricane matthew. and by the way, a little trivia, bryan, hurricane warnings up here for the jacksonville region, first time since hurricane floyd threatened in 1999. first time we could have a direct effect from a major
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hurricane in 118 years. so, yeah, this hurricane matthew has already been deadly, can still be deadly, cause catastrophic danger and this will be one for the history books. >> well, mr. paul goodloe, i'm not going to be the one to delay your departure. our audience has just seen the last live report from paul goodloe from that location in jacksonville beach, paul, hatha you very much. we really wanted to talk to you and get you on the air, be safe in your travels. i know your professionalism will guide you. have a good night, we'll probably be talking to you tomorrow. one of the good guys in the business as we are joined by another good guy in the business, meteorologist bill karins. i couldn't wait to talk to you, because i am watching this path, this grayish-black line we've super imposed over the core of the storm. last night hurricane hunters
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were flying at 10,000 feet. you have 130-mile-per-hour winds buffeting your aircraft. but now it's in the range of really good ground radar. >> every five, six minutes, we're getting a new image of what the core of the storm looks like, the rainfall in it. we can track the eye better, more clearly instead of satellite. we see every little wobble and chip. is this a trend? that's what i'm doing. >> the bad news is, it appears to have kind of made up its mind the last few images. >> it did. and it is headed toward the coast. we don't know if we're going to get the official landfall tonight, but it is heading to the coast. it was 140. it's now down to 130 as of the 8:00 p.m. advisory. this pressure is still amazingly low with this storm. but they had some, the inner eye wall itself kind of is trying to reestablish itself, sometimes you get new eye wall.
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the center is a little decentralized. and the winds have come down, that's great news. they were predicting 145, now they're predicting 130 to 125. that doesn't sound like much, some roofs may hold at that, and some may fly off at that. that's good. some other trends. west palm beach southward, you can see on the radar, i've even taken off some of the areas to the south. we're mostly focussing further to the north. west palm beach will not get worse than what they're seeing now. there are power outages, 50, 60-mile-per-hour gusts, there are some trees down. but they won't have the devastating blow that jacksonville beach, and daytona beach. they can let out a cheer and be happy. but that's not going to be the case from ft. pierce northward. now that we know we're not going to get the high population centers with that direct
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landfall, we're still very concerned with what's going to happen with the storm surge. we've pretty much cleared you from west palm beach southwards. this is tonight during the overnight hours, 5-7 feet of storm surge, very damaging for the coastal areas. similar with what you dealt with when gene came on shore. because the water can't escape as easily with the winds coming onshore, this is going to be the story as we go throughout tomorrow morning and the day today. looking at some of the predictions from hilton head savannah. a nine-foot surge. it could make landfall by the space coast because of the angle of approach and the orientation of the winds to the coast, when the eye is the closest, so this red coloring in here is the possibility of a 10-foot storm
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surge from daytona beach, flagler, even into the georgia coast. we don't want to forget everybody in south carolina. you're 24-36 hours away from your worst damage. it's going to rain a lot, you're prone to flooding. you've had a very wet september. so the additional rainfall and storm surge, we're not done. it's nice, brian that we can sit here and say to the people in west palm beach and ft. lauderdale that things look better for you. this ask sti this acan still be catastrophi. >> let's talk about fire. when you have a hurricane, the reason hurricanes don't happen off newfoundland, they love hot water, and right now, that water's really hot down tlehere.
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>> that was one of the things we were concerned with, earlier this morning we were predicting a category 4. and i didn't take off the table a cat 5. because the fresh ipressure was dropping. we didn't know what the inner eye structure would do. the science isn't good enough yet. this could be really, really scary, thankfully, the eye became less organized in the last 12 hours, which is fantastic, now we're barely a category 4. and looking at the radar trends, i know the lightins aren't on or there. the southern eye wall's exposed. if you're going to get a really strong eye, this could wrap all the way around. you notice there's a ring around that. there's almost like two eye walls trying to fight against each other. we thought this one might dissipate and this larger one would take over. it hasn't quite happened yet, but sometimes this littler one
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can be absorbed by the bigger one. we'll see if that happens. regardless, if that's occurring, it's not strengthened. that's better news for the folks in vero beach, indian river, maybe it would be around the 100 to 120-scale. >> people will remember katrina, you're saying this is unusual because it has very low pressure at the center. >> if you were to tell me that we had a pressure, you know, when you talk about storms, the lower the pressure, the more intense the wind field typically is. and if you were to tell me we had a 930 millibar pressure, 930-940-range storm i would say easily cat 4, and i'd be very scared. we still are. i'm not trying to say, i don't
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want to minimize it, because up to this point, we haven't seen the extreme damage. it doesn't mean we don't wake up tomorrow and see daytona and the storm surge moving in. i'm happy to tell the people from west palm beach southward that they were spared the worst. >> we're going to talk to craig melvin in melbourne, florida. and as we do, can you give limb -- him a personalized forecast? >> you're setting me up perfectly here. here we are now. there's the eye of the storm. there's ft. pierce. this is 1:00 a.m. in the morning. this is when the eye would be the closest and the strongest winds closest to the ft. pierce to sebastian area. here's melbourne area.
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this would be almost in the eye at 5:00 a.m. so if we back the clock up to say, about 1:00 a.m., to about 4:00 a.m. is when the peak winds and wind damage would be occurring in the cocoa beach, palm bay, melbourne area of florida. craig melvin, i don't know whether that hurts or helps, but you may actually see that rare event and be in the eye of a hurricane. but it sounds like you've got high, high winds to live through between now and then. >> reporter: winds have already picked up here a bit, brian, just, we've been here three or four hours. the winds have picked up consider bring. the rain has started to pick up. we are roughly an hour south of orlando. this is main street, brief elie or not. virtually a ghost town. this is a familiar scene all
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over town. boarded up businesses. a number of sandbags as well. so many sandbags, in fact, that earlier today, town officials, city officials actually ran out of those sandbags. we also, we've also seen a number of vehicles positioned in front of these businesses for one of two reasons. moving the cars to higher ground to prevent the flooding. we're a few blocks from the beach, also, as we mentioned, using the sandbags. they don't have sandbags, so some folks have said that they believe that the cars have been put in front of the businesses to try and protect some of these boarded-up businesses. i talked to one of the cops working the beat tonight, and we should note that fire and ems, police, as you might imagine, they are out in full force. the only folks by and large on the road tonight have been those officers. i talked to an officer a short time ago. he said so far, it appears as though people have heeded those,
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those dire warnings. they have listened to those officials who have been begging them over the last day or so not to come out or to rather get to higher ground here. so mandatory evacuations. we are on one of the barrier islands, but they did strongly encourage folks to get the heck out of town. and, again, at this point, it looks as if people did. i want to show you, here, this is the ole fire and grill. as you know, when tv news crews descend on towns like this, it becomes very important late in the evening to be able to find a spot to eat. we only had cliff bars. lo and behold, our producer managed to find this spot. best we can gather, the only restaurant open in all of melbourne florida, and there are a handful of folks holed up in ole. i'll let you go in first. they've got and lot quieter now,
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because they know this is live television. how are you, sir? thanks so much. you're live on television. brian williams. first of all, why decide to ride out the storm here? >> i live over in satellite beach on the beach side, and it's not really safe over there. they put out the warnings, and we decided we going to go with the warnings and do what they say and prepare out here, hang out, out here. you know, we have a metal structure between two buildings, and this is the safest place we thought we'd be, with my family. so we're here. >> a few blocks from the ocean, though. not concerned about their storm surge? >> i'm definitely concerned. i'm a true floridian, we're prepared, we have the hurricane glass and we're here. >> 2004, there were three hurricanes. >> yeah. >> that either circled nearby or actually made landfall. you remember those three, you think this is going to be worse than those? >> it definitely looks scarier,
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and we're prepared here. >> folks who have been coming in tonight, what are they saying about the storm? >> they're all definitely nervous and trying to figure out what's going to happen. a lot of people worried about the power and water and what's going on. tomorrow, and what the recovery's going to be and stuff, so. >> that's the big thing, brian. they'll just mention there that the strong winds haven't really shown up yet, the strong rain hasn't shown up yet, but a lot of folks are bracing for what they're going to wake up to here. >> craig melvin, thank you. a couple notes. i'm worried about that nice dodge challenger protecting that business. number two, the ole in new york to us looks like as good a place as any. number three, you are going to get some serious weather there, and you also may see the eye of the storm. so just assure me, everyone, everyone with you is going to be okay when those winds pick up,
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because they're hours away from really getting your attention. >>q we are going to be heading o safe land, very, very shortly. >> all right, craig melvin. and to all the customers, the brave customer and proprietor of the ole bar, our very best wishes as they go through the night. >> brian says hello, guys. >> hi, brian. >> more of our live coverage of this category 4 hurricane named matthew coming up the kohlcoast florida when we come right back.
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this group, many of us have dealt with storms in the past, charley, francis, gene, wilma, this is like none of those. >> public officials have led the way in telling the public just how seriously to take this
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storm, from florida on north to georgia and south carolina where governor nikki haley has briefed the press and used no uncertain terms in telling people of the danger. some of the most flood-prone land in the 50 states along the coastline of south carolina. some of the most beautiful country in our country, but also very vulnerable. so at the local level, sheriffs, deputy sheriffs have made the case. mayors, governors and then some. just about all of these spaghetti strand predictions of the path of this storm bring it kind of skipping like a rock over an area from melbourne, florida, through the outcropping that we call the space coast. and then on up into daytona beach or right by daytona beach. let's go to ron mott who says he
7:19 pm
is in no way in direct danger of this storm. how have conditions deteriorated since we spoke? >> reporter: well, we spoke about an hour ago, brian. things are, let me just say, a little more spirited out here. we getting obviously a lot more wind, because i don't have any hair, it's hard to be a good indicator for how windy it is right now. but you can see these palm trees behind me, they are all facing southwest at this point, because the windstorming in off the ocean. we can tell you, high tide, brian, next high tide is 12:20 a.m. so after midnight. the ocean is that way. we are flex to the pool here. i won't be surprised if at the end of all this, there may be a fish or two in this swimming pool. it's going to be a while before they're frolicking in the rivwa again. we still have power on this side of daytona beach. well, we just lost some light. we're not going to have power all night here in this area, brian. right now we are still powered
7:20 pm
up at the hotel. i can tell you, earlier, i talked about the mayor going around door to door by himself. i was surprised by that, by himself, trying to warn people to take this very seriously, brian, because their is unprecedented to have a category 4 hurricane skirt the coast like this and affect so many communities. we're still anticipating the worst of the storm to start making its way through daytona beach, maybe 1:00, 2:00 in the morning. with high tide coming, we might start seeing our first localized flooding. we said just after midnight. and there's another one shortly before 1:00 in the afternoon tomorrow. as you mentioned, brian, these beautiful beaches here at daytona are very flat. and there's very little in the way of dunes to keep that water from rushing into property. so we do anticipate from where we are, perhaps we'll see two, three of water on this pool deck level. and all these signs that lead
7:21 pm
out to atlantic avenue are probably going to take on quite a bit of water as that water's looking for the path of least resistance, which will be those roads. fortunately, a couple hours ago, we were out in a suv we've equipped with cameras to see what things were like out there on the roads, support akd traffic. we did see some police officers stationed at various intersections, stopping every car, making sure the drivers know they are not to be out here and to head for some shelter, asap. and we do believe because there's very little traffic out there, people have heeded these warnings. we didn't see a lot of vehicular traffic, so perhaps that's an indication people did listen and get out of dodge yesterday. >> ron mott, you see the weather where ron is. he's in daytona beach. this is just the first yellow band. he's in that upper calling card of this storm. the upper reaches of this storm. then ron's going to go into a
7:22 pm
period of just what shows up on the radar as green, just regular rain. maybe even some clear spots. then the hurricane force winds start arriving. they will blow backwards from our normal weather pattern in the united states, they will blow from east to west. it's one way of knowing when you've gotten through it, when your winds shift to coming out of the northwest as that counter clockwise circulation continues. ron mott in daytona beach. tammy lightner rode out this storm in the bahamas. she's one of our few correspondents who can tell us what it's like to be in the teeth of this. tammy, we've watched your reporting throughout the day. you are back with us on live television. so tell us, for floridians who are anxious and perhaps nervous, they're going to come awfully close to the center of this storm, we watched this storm pass up and over where you were.
7:23 pm
what's it like? >> reporter: brian, if what we experienced here is any indication of what they are going to get in florida, they are in for a big shock. i mean, it was extreme damage. this is a little bit of the after effects. now this street was flooded just a few hours a the water has already receded. but take a look at the trees and the debris, and look at this. come one over here, dwayne. look at this tree. this is not a little tree. this is enormous, and this is one of the smaller ones that we've seen. brian, we've got and chance to drive around a little bit after the rain let up. it's been coming and going for the last few hours, but after the wind let up also. and every single street looks like this but times ten. there are trees down on top of houses. there are power lines down. there are roads that are completely washed away. and we've just gotten word that there are still some people trapped in their homes. now some local residents that
7:24 pm
live on the south side of the island, keep in mind, the south side of the island was the first place to be hit. that was the first place that the hurricane came up. and that got the brunt of it. people were calling in to the radio stations today, saying they are trapped in their homes. they needed to be rescued. my understanding is that they did get some storm swells over there, surges. about 8 feet. and some of these people, they took cover in their attic, and they still can't get out. we tried to get over to the south side of the island, brian, and it was just too difficult because of the rain, because of the wind. so i'm guessing those people are still waiting for help right now. >> wow. lots of damage in one of the most beautiful places on earth, nassau, the bahamas, tammy lightner with our cameraman, dwayne scott, thank you both, having ridden it out. and, again, first-person testimony for what people can expect out of this very powerful storm. we cross the 10:00 hour east coast. we are two hours away from high
7:25 pm
tide in daytona beach florida. and no one is looking forward to that, because it's going to time i itself perversely with the arrival of the storm surge. water is going to get packed up against the coastline of florida and up through georgia and south carolina where the coastline takes a bend. where the water has no place to go, except up into those rivers and marshlands and estuaries. and that's what we're fearing most. most of the deaths, most of the injuries from storms come from the storm surge and not a result of the winds and damage from the winds per se. our thanks to tammy lightner. another break in our coverage. we'll get the latest tracking data on this storm right after this. [ crowd noise ]
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i wrecked the subaru. i wrecked it. you're ok. that's all that matters. (v a lifetime commitment to getting them home safely. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. . welcome back. we're talking about this category 4 hurricane, which has left its kind of birthplace in the caribbean and is crossing over the atlantic, aimed at the coast of florida. it's very important to remember what this storm has done prior to this and the many dead that are left in its wake. we are reading from the associated press about the situation in haiti. as you look at the aerial photos just in today, this is an associated press count of the death toll. at least it 283 people died in just one part of haiti's
7:30 pm
southwest. the region that bore the brunt of the storm. that is according to emmanuel pierre, an emergency minister coordinator, and what he told the associated press. they're saying the overall death toll in haiti is not clear. shortly before he spoke another, the civil protection agency had put the confirmed number of deaths at 122. so we have a disagreement here on the number of deaths. there is no disagreement on the amount of work that haiti will require all over again. many of the same places of that country still crippled after the massive earthquake of six years ago. and now this has happened. poorest nation in the hemisphere. and just incredibly resilient population. terrific people, but they have their work cut out for them now. mother nature has dealt them
7:31 pm
another very cruel blow. dave price, our friend from wnbc, channel 4 here in new york city is down in pierce, florida tonight. dave stuart, i'm sorry, stuart, florida. dave, place us, for folks who don't know the florida coast, where are you, what are you near, and obviously conditions and when they're expected to deteriorate? >> reporter: well, brian, we're about 45 miles south of satellite beach, the space coast. and we're about, oh, let's say another hour and change from the ft. lauderdale area, where right on the water and again, this is part of that east coast trip that so many people take each and every year as they drive down that ride on 95 and visit so many stops in route to their trips to south florida. and it is one of those areas being cruelly teased tonight by
7:32 pm
hurricane matthew. we see fits and starts of high winds and heavy downpours, and surprisingly, to many, there are periods of calm, where some people come outside the hotel where they are in some cases, if you'll excuse the use of the term refugees tonight, at the they are coming out and saying look, it's over, it's past, or it's not so bad. of course it is going to be bad, and conditions are going to continue to deteriorate over the next several hours. so a rough go. so often, brian come down here and make people, make these hotels and resorts a place to an enjoy. right now these are places of last resort for so many people who could not or did not get out. >> dave price, thank you, dave, and if it's okay, we'll be checking back in with you. you're in one of the locations, sadly, that's, again, on just about every route map, every prediction has the eye of the
7:33 pm
storm moving over you or to the east of you. but certainly, too close for a lot of the folks there. dave price, thanks. we want to bring in one of the true veterans of this place, a guy who has covered the space program for over 60 years, and not only that, but every manned spaceflight launch. to a lot of us, he was the eighth mercury astronaut. jay barbie airy. and jay found himself part of the evacuation, has moved 70 miles inland. jay, good to talk to you, old friend, and i'm probably like you. i'm thinking about what should be national monuments, places like the vehicle assembly building. all that equipment out there that has never truly been tested in high-strength, hurricane winds but is out there on what
7:34 pm
we call the space coast, jutting out into the atlantic, and probably feeling very exposed right now. >> caller: well, they have it pretty well secured, brian, as you know, where you and i covered john glen's return mission on the shuttle flight, that building is the largest building east of the mississippi. in fact, i think there's one in the whole country larger. it's even larger than the pentagon. but anyway, it will withstand these winds without any problem. they've got everything secured. all the rockets and all are back into holding buildings where they're secured. so they don't, they don't look forward to anything that they can't handle there. but then i live 30 miles south of the vab building, and anyway, on south merritt island. and craig melvin was just 7 miles from my home a while ago
7:35 pm
when you had him on, and i live on merritt island, between the two river lagoons and directly across from satellite beach, and what bill stearns was saying earlier, it appears that my house is probably bull's eye for hurricane matthew coming in. we hope not. i hope i have a roof when i can return. but that's where it looks like it's coming in. and you had dave on, he said he wasmiles, that's about right, down at stuart. so we will be taking the brunt of things tonight, but if you could talk to our meteorologist, there, mr. stearn and tell him, could he keep that off the coast for a few more miles? because we kind of love our home. >> we are processing a lot of requests and prayers here tonight, jay, and we are, we keep looking at the path of this thing, hoping and praying for the slightest jog to the right, the slightest twitch to the
7:36 pm
east. so far, it hasn't really been satisfying. tell me, how close is your house to either ocean or bay water? >> caller: well, i'm on, i'm on the intra costal water way. and in the rear of my home, it is the banana lagoon, which directly across the river is satellite beach. so i'm physically, about 6 miles from the ocean. and they, this will be going right up, it appears, picking up, coming right in and going recei right up the rivers. so i do have a couple of boats secured down in docks on the intra costal waterway, but we're just hoping that we can survive and keep our home there, because it's been there for a long time. and we're, we love it, and so we've done all we can do. and we're over in orlando now in
7:37 pm
our niece's house, because we had mandatory evacuation yesterday. and they ran us off the island, so we came over here. and so, anyway, we'll see how it comes out, but we'll just have to watch here in the next couple hours. >> all right, jay, well, it's a sorry excuse to get to talk to you on live tv no less. i'm grad you're in orlando. it looks like orlando's going to get less of this storm than feared, but you'll get all the thunderstorms and wind and rain you can handle up there, enough to close down disney world for only the fourth time in history. correspondent jay bar brie. the manned space program went away, but he's still with us and would love to return to his home in florida, post hurricane matthew. 10:37 east coast time. another break for us. a status report on the storm after this. you both have a perft driving record.
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. this is the live radar loop, and this has caught our eye, of course, after we were schooled on this matter by meteorologist bill karins will be coming up in a few minutes. there's a lot of blue sky south of the eye wall in this storm. as bill and others have described it, the eye wall in a storm breaks down and then goes through a renewal process every so often. but we're going to talk about what's happening at the center of this storm in just a second. we want to go quite literally to the center of forecasting this storm. our correspondent chris jansing remains inside the national hurricane center. and in the setelevision busines especially, you know this, the 11:00 p.m. update when we are
7:42 pm
covering a major weather event like this becomes crucial. people are watching late local news because they're concerned. if you're in new york, your grandmother lives in florida, you're worried. if you're in florida you're especially worried. it usually comes out minutes before the top of the shower. and it starts in that room behind you. >> reporter: it's pretty intense. this is what at the call the forecast planning hour. it happens three times a day. all the stuff that comes out of here that we see on our screens at msnbc that you can get by going to the website comes from these scientists getting together at those three times. and they just had a meeting. and there you see jack bevin, 19 years of experience. he's taking all that information he got on a conference call. they talked to nine different offices of the national weather service, all of them in florida.
7:43 pm
all of them in the path of this storm and took all that information. this is where the science meets art, where they look at what that new update is going to be at 11:00. there's also some new tools that they have, both for themselves and for us. and if you take a look at the map, that map that you're seeing right there is something that they just started using this year. it's called the storm surge flood map. and if you look at the yellow, the yellow is the part where the surge could be three feet or higher, where it's orange, six feet or higher. what a lot of people don't know, brian, because they hear a lot about the wind, and when you look at the scale, it's based on wind, so a category four storm based on miles per hour of the wind, but nine out of every ten people who are killed in a hurricane are killed because of water. two kinds, obviously, flooding that largely comes from what's coming from the sky, from the rain that comes from the system, but the other part of that is
7:44 pm
storage surge. so that's why maps like that are very important. again, brand-new, but all the information that they're gathering right now, and i've heard him really pounding away on the keyboard, putting together that forecast, that new update, that as you say, will come out just a few minutes before 11:00 eastern time, brian. >> all right. chris jansing. her golf whisper is because of very important work as she pointed out is going on in that room. to our viewers, chris showed us that 19-year veteran in the corner. you think you have a lot of responsibility in your job during the day, and maybe you do, but that man, that public servant, that forecast and his colleagues make predictions in that room that brief, that presidential briefings are made ever, that national guard deployments and evacuation orders are made of. billions will either change hands or not in the business world, amusement parks and so
7:45 pm
on, based on what comes out of that room. it really is a life and death business. and not just anyone can do it. but, again, hats off. it has taken this storm to get a close-up view of the national haurk s hurricane center, but i'm glad. bill karins is standing by at the map. we're going to take a break and come back and explain that area of blue in the southern eye of this storm and what it is we're looking at right after this. please stay with us. constipated?
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we're back. 10:48 eastern time, to set the scene for you here, we're about to go to the weather map, meteorologist bill karins to track what has just happened in this thing, but first, let's go where it's happening. bill karins just said miguel almaguer is as close as his location is going to be to the heart of this storm right at this very moment. and miguel, if it isn't really pounding you from the north wind and rain band, it is really close to where you are now. you're part of the good news in west palm. they're not going to get the storm so many feared but they are going to get knocked around, and power's going to go out for a lot of folks.
7:50 pm
>> reporter: yeah, we've seen that in this area, we've seen power go out closer to the beach, and we expect that to happen all across this area. feels like we've been hit by violent bursts at times. we'll be standing in the rain, we'll get hit by a wind gust, the temperature cools a bit. and i'll step out of the way as our photographer pushes down the street. this area is completely deserted, what police have called for. we haven't seen anybody out in the last hour or so. it's probably good new the. it's difficult to see, but the rain is still lashing out, still flying sideways here. it's a clear indication when you look at the palm tries that the wind is still whipping nand this area. police have been coming out in the last couple hours, doing quick drive-bys, making sure that the businesses are still in tact and that those who have electricity are safe inside. we've been told that the power outages will likely continue as the rainfall and the wind
7:51 pm
continues to blast theis area, though it does sound, it does feel as though we have missed the brunt of this storm, which is very good news for this community out here, brian, we've only seen a handful of cars. earlier in the day there were dozens, people out here taking pictures, that has all gone away, so that is a piece of good news here. >> miguel almaguer happy to report that that may be as bad as it's going to get. to bill karins, our meteorologist at the wall. that's what good news looks like in this storm. >> it is. >> now tell us about this area of blue, around the southern eye wall that we lay people have noticed. >> okay, so we were tracking the eye over the last couple days, and then during the day today we started getting an outer eye, almost like a dual. so you have this one on the inside. and we'll point it out a little
7:52 pm
better. this has been all along where the strongest winds were located. a small eye, only about 8 miles across. then over the last 12 hours, this outer eye wall has been developing. and as happens, this will begin to shrink. it's starting to close in, and kind of dissolving this, by the time we wake up in the morning, this one will probably be absorbed into this northern wall. we'll be left with this big eye. so we're going to have a bigger eye, which means the hurricane force winds will be more spread out from the center. that's why it's not as intense, that's why we've seen it go from 140 down to 120 miles per hour. there are thousands of people right now from ft. pierce southwards down to west palm losing powers because the core of the wind. we take this and draw a line like this. this is the general direction that the storm is going. this is who is going to deal with theis core, from an area o
7:53 pm
sanford florida, to daytona beach, to titusville, to cocoa beach, that is the general gist of it. and we take all that rain and storm surge and push it northwards up towards the coastal areas. we are going to get the new forecast very shortly. it come out any minute now from the hurricane center. we're still watching the worst from daytona beach all the way to hilton head, including the brunswick, georgia area and sava savann savannah. we'll keep watching this. that was the forecast path from the 5:00 a.m. advisory. what was interesting, remember when the storm took a right northward shift? >> yep. >> if you watch closely, when it reboots here and comes back to this star here, it goes like this and then kind of jumps. >> yep. >> that's because the position was supposed to be right here. it's been a little further. so i wouldn't doubt at all if they're forced to adjust this
7:54 pm
path a little further off the coast. every mile's going to count. every mile's going to be beneficial to all our friends up the coast. we're going to get the storm surge, devastating and catastrophic. it's how much of that core 130-mile-per-hour winds make it to the coast. that's the uncertainty we don't know. >> we saw when hurricane sandy came up the coast by new jersey and new york it differed by one degree, that meant catastrophic damage for so many different people. >> yeah, the hardest forecast has already happened. because of the angle of approach and the angle of the florida coastline, the ft. lauderdale and west palm beach, the last 24 hours was, because west palm sticks out a little bit, and it was like, this is going to be so close for west palm, a huge population center. it was just far enough to the coast. we haven't had reports out of the freeport area, but freeport
7:55 pm
went right to the eye of this like nassau did. what was better for west palm was worse for freeport and the bahamas. but unfortunately, the ang of the -- angle of the storm and the andle of t angle of the coastline, i think we're up to 4,000 days i saw someone tweet out. this may not make landfall. we could have a multi-billion dollar disaster on our coast and not get the technical landfall. meaning the eye of the storm crosses over the coast. >> but it will be a power sander. >> yeah, you've been watching and saying this doesn't look like much, the reporters standing out in the rain. this is what we're waiting for. what started around ft. pierce to indian river county all the way northwards, we're now into main event time. >> okay. because he goes back to alan
7:56 pm
sheppard, please protect jay barbree's house in florida. i promised him. bill karins, thanks. we're going to fill a brabreak, when we come back we should have a look at the all-important 11:00 p.m. advisory from the hurricane center. audi pilotless vehicles have conquered highways, mountains, and racetracks.
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we are back in 15 seconds, we'll be in the"the 11th hour." for those who would have tuned in to in to rachel and lawrence tonight, prime time has given way to the coverage of this breaking story, a category 4 hurricane approaching the florida coast. we have just received in a bulletin form the national hurricane center report for 11:00 p.m. meteorologist bill karins is at the map, he'll take over. >> i'm still digesting it myself. category 4, that's no surprise. the aircraft flying in, the hurricane hunters, haven't seen any drop-off in the pressure. the motion pretty much is still remaining parallel to the florida coastline. that's the current conditions. now, the all-important path. i wa


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