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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  October 6, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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city, so now eryone know.. we have some othe freshest jue in town. see what the power of points can do for your business. learn more at midnight hour has arrived on the east coast. notable, if you are in florida, because this is the hour that is going to bring that overnight high tide, and a lot of people were worried about the kind of perverse way that nature can bring a storm. it's not good. by the end of this storm we are all going to have honorary degrees in meteorology. this smile of blue inside a very violent storm eye. >> it does make some different
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shapes. but i want to give you the wind gust reports first, we got in from the national hurricane center, wind gusts of 55 miles per hour in stewart florida. that is north of jupiter, forth of west palm beach. we have been watching this inner eye wall, and outer eye wall, the potentially eye wall replacement cycle which tends to indicate a strengthening hurricane, but as you look at this radar loop just in the past hour we've already seen some changes. it looks i can loo tlike the in getting absorbed by the outer ring. this is about 60 nautical miles wide and that was taken by hurricane hunters. what is also interesting is it's a double-edged sword, whether or not when the storm comes closer to florida whether we are looking at the larger eye wall or the smaller one. inside the smaller one we are seeing the more intense winds.
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the outer maybe 10 o to 15 miles an hour less. but it's wider, you are impacting a larger area if it were to continue in this northwest direction. watching the radar, we have noticed a little bit more of a northerly north westerly jog. but officially it is to the northwest at this time. the storm will do its wiggles as it gets closer to florida. let's take a look at the track, pause since 11:00 p.m., we have seen some big changes. in fact it's important to note because now the track is pushing the storm just a little bit further to the east. hopefully it will stay that way, but regardless whether or not the actual center of the storm comes on land or gets close, we are still going to see that damaging effect in terms of storm surge and we are also watching closely because it's a long event. here we are working our way into the weekend and we'll still be talking about this on saturday as it comes up to that very narrow area here through jacksonville florida and right along the coast for savannah georgia and charleston, south
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carolina. with that said any time you have a storm out there that is large in size, the wind can push that water on shore. that is one of the biggest dangers with storms like this. jupiter to daytona beach, 5 to 7 feet. the number has gone up, daytona to georgia, 7 to 1 fee1 feet. we've got large areas here for that water to build in. this is coastal georgia, you have all the inlets and they act like a funnel. when the water is push not guilty here it can pile high in a smaller area. and just the shape of where we are looking at florida/georgia line. let's take a look at hilton head to myrtle beach in south carolina. dangerous storm surge 5 to 7 feet, less in some areas further to the north. north carolina you are looking at the storm surge threat going forward with our powerful hurricane, still a category 4.
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here is matthew on the radar right now, and bill was pointing out earlier the wiggles and w wobbles we see here. the past movement of the storm does show that that we've seen the line move a little bit further down and shake and work its way further off to the northwest. let's take a closer look at this line, and you will see where we are seeing some of the areas where we are getting some of the unfortunately some of those movements to the south and to the north. but again, the outer band, it looks like, is absorbing the inner band at this time, so that is some good news. hopefully that will continue, because we'll get the less intense winds in the center on the flip side as i mentioned, it does potentially mean a larger area for damaging winds. but when you are talking about category 4, we'll take anything, i think, a little bit less than the most intense 140 miles or 130 mile per hour winds. >> we were saying earlier the difference in one degree, if you take this thing off the coast one degree, that can make such a
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difference to lives, property, business, that kind of thing. >> that is so true, with the latest track that we have seen, we have seen it shift a little to the east. we are hopeful that that will continue, don't let your guard down the threat continues for the heavy rain and the storm surge and even the damaging winds. it's important to note this is a category 4 storm. so even when you start talking about, well, maybe we won't get the most intense part of it, what if you get the winds that are 70 miles per hour, we are seeing the winds at 55 gusting in stewart florida. so it's happening while the storm is still a distance away. >> stewart, florida we talked to dave price earlier tonight. and craig melvin has joined us again from melbourne florida. importantly from the safety of a vehicle. craig, we are looking at the radar loop, vis-a-vis where you are. you are kind of in a dent in the yellow area of storms, and it's -- in a very short time, you are going to get all of this storm you can handle there.
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>> i just hurt bonnie mention the wind, briean, and we are in downtown melbourne, we are coming up on some evidence, rather, of the wind here. this is something that we haven't seen so far tonight. get a little closer. this is a stoplight at the corner of, oh, downtown melbourne, you can see the stoplight came crashing down to the ground. the winds have picked up consider blably considerably. let's get to the overpass. we have seen the palm trees whipping in the wind, and that's been the case for the past hour or so. the rains, believe it or not, haven't intensified dramatically. still no one out on the streets by and large. you also notice that the power
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for the most part, if you look around, these places all have power. all around this here, left side and right side, they all have power we are. florida governor, rick scott, 45 minutes ago, top of the 11:00 hour said that there are about 100,000 households, just north of 100,000 households state-wide that do not have power right now. naturally that is a figure that is expected to rise considerably over the next few hours as the worst of this storm rolls into melbourne. but right now not so bad. you can also probably see a little bit more debris as we make our way -- we are going to go from downtown melbourne just over the causeway pack back to barrier island community where we were. you can see more debris littered through the streets here. this is something that this was not the case just an hour ago
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and i think you can probably -- i'll shut up so you can hear it. that's the wind on this causeway. we just made the trip over, you know, 15, 20 minutes ago. that wasn't the case as well. so it's things are starting to get markedly worse here in this community. the atlanta intracoastal water way as we approach. a number of shelters, naturally open. that has been the case for some time. a number of shelters for animals as well. also open. as this is -- one of those big suburbans and we've got a bunch of equipment, which is -- we've got three people in, which is a good thing right now. again, as you can see -- >> i'm just thinking if we had a
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55 mile-an-hour gust where we did, if you -- you are probe going to get at least 55, 60, the bulk of this is still a ways away from you. i don't know how those lights are going to stay on. 55, 60, you start, you know, furniture becomes a projectile. you can lose windows. it's hard to keep your footing about you. that's some real wind. >> it is. and you can -- you can hear it really starting to pick up now outside. i'm going to roll down just so you can -- >> yeah. >> and you can see these trees as well. we've seen a number of these palm trees lose pretty much lose all of their bark over the course of the last few hours, as well. but i would venture to say you are probably right in terms of the wind. this isn't a fraction of what we are going to get five, six hours
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from now when the worst of this thing is expected to roll through melbourne, florida. >> maybe it's because i have this giant storm in the radar wall next to me, and it looks so imposing. but man, take out your device, look at where you are in relation to where this thing is headed, and just good luck, drive carefully, be safe and you rented the right vehicle. we'll be back in touch with you. we are going to go on north up the coast. jacob soberauff is on the interstate in 75 in georgia, headed toward florida. jacob, this conversation is going to shift to georgia very quickly tomorrow after day break because of georgia's particular coastline vulnerables, and they are the next state up. >> we are just hearing president obama has signed an emergency --
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>> you know what? we lost jacob kind of amazed that hasn't happened to us more tonight. atmosphere is tricky, and we have a whole lot of people trying to use a narrowing data pipe, and we have power outages already. we'll take a break, regroup, we are going to be back with the latest position of this storm right after this. >> whoa. now, this is the strongest, we've had. that was the strongest we had all night. that had to be 55 miles an hour coming right at me.
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in order for us to savely evacuate off the beach side we
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are going to be going over the bridge as soon as we are done with this report. you can see on a 1 a, it's a ghost town. the wind has picked up. we've had a significant deterioration in just the last 15, 20 minutes. matthew is a massive storm with heavy rain, heavy winds. it has been coming all this time. no secret, no surprise, even though some people refuse to evacuate. >> dave mcdaniel of our nbc station. this just reporting, it's going to become pretty much impossible to be out in the teeth of this thing. nbc news correspondent gottie schwartz. that little area that jets out from the coast line of florida. what is it like there? i need not tell you that titisville is on at or near every route map on this storm.
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>> absolutely, brian, i just heard you talking to craig melvin about that radar. i wanted to pop it up on the ipad that we've got here. that is the eye of the storm, that little blue dot right there is us. and that eye is barrelling straight towards us. right now you see we are in this small pocket. it's not really raining. in fact the wind has died down a little bit. so we jumped out of the car. we are going to give you a quick little tour before the winds start picking up again. as you have been hearing in other places, this is also a ghost town. you've got boarded up doors, boarded up windows, boarded up store fronts. they are taking these screws and putting them straight into the concrete here. so a lot of these are very, very effectively put up. and then you've got other store fronts, there is just glass exposed. we have also seen a lot of these store fronts start to put up what appear to be some sandbags. in this area of titisville, we
9:17 pm
are expecting a storm surge of about a foot, two feet. we are kind of protected by the indian river, that is the river that separates us from cape canaveral. we are going to see if we can take you down to a marina and show you some of that. this is how so many people in florida feel tonight. we saw this sign and had to stop and take a look. it conveys the feeling for so many people are hunkered down in this town and the people that have also decided to evacuate, decided to heed those warnings. we are going to see if we can move down to the marina and show you what the water is doing. we've got about an hour, maybe an hour na of before the eye of this storm and this storm starts whipping up the winds. it will be very dangerous here, and we'll probably retreat back to the hotel. >> that is going to be, you are right, you are in that kind of northern dent of that storm
9:18 pm
system. that we were talking about earlier. get back in your vehicle, stay in touch with us. thank you for that. and cal perry is here in the newsroom. >> we are taking a look at how some of the local authorities are acting tonight. we've had the stern warnings to get out of the area and get off the coast because help will not arrive. martin county, florida, this is just north of palm beach florida if this looks like an election graphic, it's because i'm using an election graphic. they have put out this video from a police car along the shore where the winds have now reached over 70 miles an hour. the sheriffs office in martin county is telling all of their officers once those winds reach 70 miles an hour they need to go to their safe zones where they are not going to be coming out. because when they do it looks like this, this is why they are asking people to get out of their hoemmes and not risk the
9:19 pm
lives of their first responders. they don't want their officers out because it becomes very, very dangerous for them. a little bit further north we were talking about this earlier, there is a satellite sitting on the launch pad inside the vehicle center that is a $1.2 billion satellite, there it is, it is the goesr satellite, it is supposed to take us into the next century when it comes to predicting storms. this satellite could be damaged or destroyed by this storm. this is a major concern amongst folks at nasa, they don't want to lose the satellite, because in the future this is the satellite that is going to track hurricanes, brian. >> that is the original chicken and egg proposition. we heard jay barbery, 60-year veteran of covering the space program sounded very confident, cal, that the vehicle assembly building, largest structure east of the mississippi was going to be fine. all i think we know about it is
9:20 pm
that it was built to 125 mile-an-hour wind tolerances. i don't think it has ever been tested by a cat 4 or a cat 3. i do not think we have had a storm come up the area, they like to call the space coast, of this intensity. >> everything changed after hurricane andrew. after hurricane andrew in 1992, nasa decided to retrofit for lack of a better term all of these buildings, including the vehicle assembly building which i have now pulled up on the screen. vehicle assembly building took major damage in 2004 by a storm that was 100 miles south of the kennedy space center. it ripped off, let's see, more than a thousand panels. causing more than $100 million worth of damage. and one of the concerns here when you talk about the financial cost of these storms, is everything at the kennedy space center is very valuable. everything is worth a lot of money. these things take a lot of money to put together, including the structures themselves. so as we look at where this
9:21 pm
storm is wobbling a little tick to the east, to the west, certainlily th certainly this is a concern. >> cal perry in our newsroom. memories of andrew still fresh in florida and still awful after that terrible storm. another break our coverage coming up in the midnight hour includes the latest position of this storm and the latest on the various predictions as to its path. jay knows how to keep his wh snning. nice shos dad... theyon't make 'em in adult sis? this is what the pros wear. lookt the lines... uhhh. look at the other line... mm...mhh... that's why he starts his day with those two sops... in deliciously heart healthy kellogg's raisin bran. ready to eat my dust? too bad i already filled up on raisins. by taking steps towards a healthy heart,
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moving at 17,000 miles an hour at an altitude of 249 miles, by the way, there are a number of apps on a clear night that will tell spectacular
9:25 pm
sight to watch it streak across the sky. that is the international space station. one of their over flights today, one of their orbits of the earth happened to include daylight in over florida and the approaching storm. aviators know storms by the tops of the clouds, and this one has some very high tops. jacob when we last checked was trying to talk to us in a moving car in the state of georgia because georgia had an added distinction added to it tonight from the white house. jacob? >> that's exactly right, brian. president obama, we just found out, signed an emergency disaster declaration for the state of georgia, particularly, the coun the counties on the south georgia coast. why that is important, is that
9:26 pm
area of georgia in addition to the first coast of florida has not seen a storm of the magnitude of matthew in 118 years. so that would mean if you think about it, nobody that is living today, in either of those areas, has ever seen a storm in their lifetime that could be like the storm that might hit the area just to the east of where we are driving now and where our eventual destination is this evening in a couple of hours, jacksonville, florida. we have been in florida quite a few times throughout the course of this election season, and one of the places that we were not too long ago was mayport georgia. a small community just out on the coast, the atlantic coast, it's home to naval station, the third largest naval base in the entire country and that is right up against the atlantic coast. so tomorrow when and if this storm makes its way up to jacksonville, as many suspect, and many are worried about, that naval station, which has already
9:27 pm
taken preparations by moving vessels, moving aircraft, could be hit quite hard. and in fact i have been told by people on the base, and again, that is the general direction in which we are headed that essentially only mission essential personnel are left on that base right now. we are heading south on 75, and it's been a constant stream over the course of this drive, even though we are some 200 odd miles north of jacksonville of cars heading northbound on the 75 into what you are only assume is the general atlanta area. so as we continue to progress, i am sure we will be continuing to see more weather as we head south and certainly more folks heading north. >> jacob, thanks. meteorologist bonnie snyder has joined us. a little bit of a travel log. some of the most beautiful coast line in this country is georgia
9:28 pm
and south carolina. it is marsh land. >> it's very pristine. >> and yet that water is going to get pushed up in there where they can't handle it. >> we are going to be seeing that. it's interesting we mentioned barrier islands in you go further south into florida at jensen beach, five miles north of stewart. that is where we are getting 71 mile per hour wind gust there and the coastal areas of jensen beach. we are starting to see some of those stronger wind gust come through. we mentioned the one at stewart 55 miles per hour. >> when you look at this eye, obviously even since your shift started since we have been here, it is getting demonstrably closer to the coastline. fort pierce getting some good winds and all our friends in melbourne are about to see what this storm can do. what story does the eye tell you? >> it tells me something very important. the potential is that the storm might be weakening, and that is
9:29 pm
because i believe this storm went three what we call an eye wall replacement cycle. an ice skater when they want to go faster, they pull their arms in tight. when you see the eye wall that is smaller, when the arms are out or wider, perhaps we are seeing some weakening. let's take a closer look at the eye wall. one of the reasons we see that it has occurred. you can start to see a merger here between the two bands of rain right here. that shows that perhaps we are seeing that. and that's a good sign. the only negative thing i mentioned earlier is that it does mean that the area where we are seeing some stronger winds not the strongest that we could potentially see, but strong winds might be a bit larger. we are looking at right now just the beginning of those really heavy rain bands coming into fort pierce. they are about to hammer melbourne. and of course we are seeing some of the outer bands, some of the rain coming in all the way inland to tampa. so that is a reason why we still have the hurricane warnings up for orlando. and then certainly daytona beach
9:30 pm
because the movement continues to be to the northwest, and eventually daytona beach really likely to see as the storm whether or not it hits the periphery of florida or makes land fall, most of models are saying it will stay to the east. we are going to see the long trek of the storm paralleling the coast. still a category 4 storm. right now 60 miles to the south east of fort pierce. so let's take a closer look. here is the storm and here is the latest conditions and track. the movement as i mentioned to the northwest. still a powerful category 2 or category 3 storm going into the weekend hours. eventually a category 1. it would be nice to see it further to the east. the track a little bit to the east. we still have that cone, though, covering most of melbourne, jacksonville, daytona beach all the way into coastal south carolina and coastal georgia. storm surge still a concern. whether or not the storm makes landfall, that piling up of water is so important to be aware of.
9:31 pm
that's why we saw these ee v evacuations. as brian mentioned some beautiful areas, hilton head, down through savannah, brunswick, we could see a lot of storm surge here, partially because of the way the land is structured with all these little rivers and inlets here. the water can tend to pile up quickly, and we've seep that with other storms. always we go to the north we are still looking at the storm surge threat a little bit less for north carolina but i am concerned about north carolina, because some of the computer models are showing that we could see a lot of rain there. just because the storm looks like it's moving away, please be on alert in both of the carolinas. this is the previous track, this line here, notice how to jogs to the south and it wiggles a little bit, very important to note because typical of hurricanes we could see a little bit of a movement further to the west. right now the storm is moving to the northwest, but again it's so
9:32 pm
close now, it's less than about 75 miles, at least the center is, to florida. we are going to see the wiggles as we go through. right now still a category 4, and that's why we have the warnings. and of course on the latest advisory some of the watches were extended a little bit further north. the tropical storm warning goes into north carolina. but the warnings for hurricane warnings remain for savannah all the way down through west palm beach. looking at the rain amounts i mentioned some of the threat that we are facing. ten inches plus. some pewter models say even more than that for coastal sections of the carolinas, including right here into southern north carolina. right along the border with south carolina. heavy rain bands here, depending on where you live, if you went 10 or 15 miles inland, what a difference it's going to make in terms of the wind that you will experience and the rainfall accumulations, particularly for north and south carolina, maybe not as much for west palm, we are looking at some heavier bands particularly in the carolinas. and brian, that has to do for a
9:33 pm
couple of reasons. one is the way the land mass is shaped with that curve right there over georgia. but it's also the angle at which the storm is moving. as it's moving to the northwest, it's moving like this parallel to the coast line here of florida but if it's moving in that direction all that water piles up right where that bend is. eventually it will turn away, but unfortunately we are looking at the storm surge threat and the heavy rain threat for the carolinas and georgia. i wanted to let you know what is ahead. >> we were talking about warm water is the fuel for a hurricane, the water temperatures are 86 degrees off the coast of floor floor. it makes a sense a quarter to a third of this storm over land that it loses its fuel on the back end of its cycle, of course it would reduce in strength. >> that is true, but we have to remember that we are coming over the gulf extreme, we have some of that warmer water to give it a little injection there. but you are right, as much as these rain bands interact with land, potentially we could see
9:34 pm
some weakening. we are seeing the torrential down supports, the gust of 55, 54 miles per hour. that is just five miles further off to the east. so hopefully we will see the trend of weakening, but i'm still concerned very much about the storm surge, the rainfall amounts and even the wind damage. i don't want people to look at the track and think, oh, it's no problem, it's still close enough to cause major problems. >> we've still got, as bonnie mentioned, craig melvin, kerry sanders in melbourne. we will try to show you what this looks like to be in if we can have their safety assured and get a live shot from both of them. in other news, fort lauderdale airport says they will open 11:00 a.m. friday and the indians beat the red sox. a quick break for us. we are back with an update on the progress of hurricane matthew. a category 4 right after this. remember when you said men are superior drivers?
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we are trying to establish contact with all our correspondents up and down the coast who are in the path of this. ron mott is in the northern half of the area that is getting weather right now, daytona beach. hey, ron. >> hey there, brian. you know, you try to take the good news that you can get out of these storms, along with the bad. because there is going to be plenty of bad. i thought that 11:00 eastern update had some good news. the new forecast model tends to show the eye a little further east and well out over the ocean. if it remain that is going to be good in terms of getting really strong winds here. by the time that eye reaches daytona beach it's going to be right around high tide. if you look out at the ocean now
9:39 pm
we had high tide about 15 minutes ago, the first one of the day at 12:20 eastern time. if we pan down to the right you can see where the light ends, where the sand, the beach ends and we get into some of that dark area, that is sea grass and a little bit of a dune there. i don't suspect that we will see any water up into the streets getting anywhere near land i at avenue. to push it into the roads and inland into some of the inlets out toward the intracoastal water way. around the lunchtime hour, and that one could be a lot more interesting, especially if we see winds topping 100 miles an hour at this point. now, we still have some pretty decent breezes back here. you can see the stand of palm trees blowing pretty decently at this point. i would say we've got a sustained 25 knot wind at this point. we do expect obviously that is
9:40 pm
going to be intensifying over the next four, five, six hours. we are expecting the eye to be out over the ocean when it gets to date tone that beach right around 1:00, and depending on how big that eye wall is at that hour, if it's just 40 miles or so, that's great news for us, if it's 60 miles, that's not as good news for us here in daytona beach. one thing i have noticed looking at some of the radar loops over the past couple of hours, all those outer bands of the storm that have been in this area for about four, five, six hours, the green that you see, as that storm is circulating making its way north, those outer bonds are a lot weaker than the bands closest to the center of the storm, and so they tend to hit and then quit. they don't have the energy to make it back around to rejoin the fight. so what that may mean is as we get into the 6, 7:00 a.m. hour, we may see a smaller footprint from matthew, but a stronger
9:41 pm
footprint and that is where the real danger comes in. you've got a lot more spends intensity around that sigh when the outer bands have given up the fight and gone on their way. >> i will hang on to any shred of good news where we can get it in this storm. it's just been relentless, and there is so many million people having a really nervous night, and in for a nervous day tomorrow. ron mott in daytona beach florida right there on the beach. first of two high tides that are going to be impacted by this storm. as you heard ron say, unfortunate unfortunately it's at the lunchtime hour where they can have all the storm they can handle. the good news at this hour seems to be that the path of this storm is at least off from the shore. it's not quite the i-95 storm we were fearing. the good news from this storm seems to be it may never make a formal landfall. the bad news seems to be that it's like the effect of a car wash, or a power sander.
9:42 pm
on the floor floor coastline on up through georgia and south carolina. it's going to hit a lot of preponderan population centers, and a lot of delicate shoreline that cannot take the influx of water this storm surge is going to bring. and, yes, that outcropping from the florida coastline, just above that big band of yellow weather right there on your screen, that is where all of the infrastructure is that tells the story of the history of the american space program. and while it's hardware and the humans have been evacuated off of that spit of land we are none the le the less worried about it. as we approach the 1:00 a.m. hour on the east, another break for us. switch to sprint. things abo the network.rint? 'd all the networks are great now. we're talking within a 1% difference in reliability of each other. and, sprint saves you 50% on most current national carrier rates.
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we mentioned earlier in the course of covering this category had hurricane, everyone is going to know a little bit more about weather and those who didn't already are going to know a little bit more about the geography of the florida coastline. titisville is due west of cape canaveral. gottie schwartz is back live there. >> you are talking about that barrier island. you think that that would protect the area that we are in right now. i'm about to show you something right now, the reason you are
9:47 pm
not seeing anything is we've got this tank of an suv that is blocking us. if you bear with me for a second we are going to go run out to this marina, and i'm going to show you what the ocean is doing, what the sea is doing. but then we might lose you, because it's pretty hairy out here. so come this way, you see out here the boats have been rocking back and forth, and in fact just a little while ago we saw over here this sail started unfurling on this boat. this is not the ocean proper, this is an area that is protected by islands over here, and this hurricane is still about 100 miles away. so we are starting to see those wind gusts, we are starting to see the rain really pick up. and you can see it. it's bringing the water back and forth, back and forth. this area is expecting to see a storm surge of about possibly a foot, two feet, but along the coast we are expecting to see
9:48 pm
storm surges as high as ten feet. >> all right. in titisville, florida, a good representation of what happens. you can already hear the wind starts to make a noise in those boast masts, and the rigging, and they will be singing by the end of the night. just quickly to the radar again to show you where titisville is. look for the knowledge on the coast line in florida. that is -- okay. right up there under the 3:00 a.m. where it says melbourne. this is still -- this is projected radar. so it's not an actual depiction of what we are looking at now. if we can go to live radar. outstanding. so he's just inland from that notch in the coast n liline aboe
9:49 pm
word melbourne. he's not in the worst of it yet. the fact that we call them barrier islands is not going to mean much when this thing get spooled up. they are really in for the teeth of this storm before the night is out in melbourne, florida. those boats and that marina will be rocking back and forth. another break for our coverage. we'll be back with more right after this. ♪
9:50 pm
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this is just a traffic cam, it's a locked down black and white traffic cam. nothing fantastic, except for what it doesn't show, any cars on i-95. that's just about at titisville in florida. no minivans, no kids asking their parents when they are going to get to disney world or universal. just nothing. that shows a state that has taken evacuation warnings very, very seriously. we also received this in from adrienne witset, a reporter -- he is live, okay. live chance to talk to adrian, he's with our nbc station wesh. we have been watching from where you are, and we have every reason to think things are going to deteriorate in a big hurry in
9:54 pm
not too much time. >> i would say, brian, this about 30 minutes, that is what our meteorologists are saying. that is when we are going to start seeing the really, really big impacts from hurricane matthew as it enters into southern brevard county in melbourne. and it's supposed to go on for a number of hours. what we see here right now is just wind gusts coming through, about 55 miles an hour is what i'm being told. they are supposed to ramp up possibly even into the triple -- the triple digits in the next couple of hours. we are about four miles away from the coast. you talked about people evacuating. we hope that everyone is away from the barrier islands here in brevard county. because if they are not, they've got storm surge that could go as high as 15 feet. the tide is set to be high right now. it's supposed to start right around midnight. so if that storm surge comes into those barrier islands in
9:55 pm
the atlantic beach, melbourne beach, paradise beach, they might see 15 feet rollover and just flood out parts of the city. so where we are, we probably won't see that much flooding, but we, of course, will see the storm. we are going to see the wind. we are going to see much more rain. and even just in the last 20 minutes from where i'm standing, we've had transformers blow. we were just doing a live shot for wesh, and it blew right over my right shoulder. we've seen others, the high school which is a primary spot as a shelter for the eoc, and for the fire department and police officers and sheriffs deputies, it's right next door. they lost power for a while. they now just have emergency lights. so this thing, as you mentioned, is rapidly deteriorating right now and it's only going to get worse, bribe. >> adrian, thank you so much. while you spoke, we watched more wires arching over your
9:56 pm
shoulder. we got an update from brevard county, it's too dangerous to respond to emergencies, live power lines are down. as they say, that is what happens. cal perry, anything that you are picking up on social media that we should note about as we approach the top of the next hour. >> in brevard county, police are now staying inside. we are starting to see that effect across the state. one of those concerns is the downed power lines. it's also dark out. you can't see what is under that water. as the water rises there is that message from the emergency department there. >> they won't put ambulances out in high winds, because they will tip. >> keep in mind the national guard is there to deal with what happens after the storm, not while the storm is going on. they want to remain in place. there are 130 shelters right now open in florida. we've got some photos coming off social media. a lot of people spending the night in middle schools. a lot of people spending the night in high schools. you heard that from adrian there, not where you want to spend a thursday night. but it's safe.
9:57 pm
that's where people are right now. i did want to mention lastly, so 3,500 national guard members in florida. they are passing out the word that that is the place to be. try not to stay home, hotels are booked. stay where you are now. too late to move. >> if you are a kid with the right outlook, it's the adventure of the lifetime. >> it's the sleep over in a middle school. >> let's take a look at the radar right now since it looms so large in the wall next to us. we are ult tra cognizant of the occur certi cursor. whether it shows any movement to the east or west. we pray for east and sadly it still continues to trend northwest. all of our correspondents in melbourne, florida, know exactly what is coming, ditto daytona beach. to our viewers we should be honest about a few things here.
9:58 pm
a nighttime storm event is very hard to capture. as you've seen, it's hard to capture on live television, it's hard to capture on video. number two, you have to platoon your resources. we've got correspondents that have already been going for 24 to 36 hours. they've got to go down at some point for tomorrow's coverage when the sun comes up. in many of these places, sleep will be impossible. because of the pounding, the noise, and just the anxiety of the storm arriving. it's the event you are there to cover. so a lot of these things will conspire. communications can become impossible. we try to park satellite trucks insi inside an alcove, where the truck won't rock in the winds, where we can tried to avoid rain fade, where the outgoing dish is concerned, but in torrential
9:59 pm
rains and a hurricane, in 80 mile-an-hour wind gusts, even a well-equipped and stabilized satellite truck without rigors may prove no match for this weather. we are going to stay on top of this storm all evening long. as you've heard our meteorologists say all afternoon into the evening, this is going to be going on as a daytime event tomorrow. hopefully as a vastly downgraded weather event. the higher percentage of this storm that is chewing on the coastline, we hope that will reduce the energy this storm has to gather from the ocean. sadly, ocean temperatures are very, very warm. and sadly, this storm is going to churn up and around some major population centers. before, as we've heard, it is going to take a right turn out
10:00 pm
into the open ocean. or we have been told for thewee. so ari melber will take over our coverage as we continue our coverage of the category 4 hurricane matthew. >> good evening to you. more than 2 million people across the southeast have been ordered to evacuate today. at least 95,000 homes and businesses are already currently without power, the storm


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