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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  October 6, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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into the open ocean. or we have been told for thewee. so ari melber will take over our coverage as we continue our coverage of the category 4 hurricane matthew. >> good evening to you. more than 2 million people across the southeast have been ordered to evacuate today. at least 95,000 homes and businesses are already currently without power, the storm threatening a 300-mile stretch
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from palm beach to jacksonville. matthew is expected to bring sustained winds of up to 130 miles per hour in some area. state and low officials are prepared of this her vein, if he though he called this storm a monster just tonight. >> i traveled as far as the east coast urging people to prepare and get ready for hurricane matthew. it's here. we're starting to see the impacts and it's a monster. our number one priority is protecting every life in the state. >> storm surges of up to 11 feet predicted, officials expecting those surges to be even more damaging than the devastating winds in some regions, warning that some areas may be uninhabitable for weeks or even months. bonnie schneider has been
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following every track tonight. bonnie, what is the latest? >> the latest, ari, is this still is a powerful storm, hurricane matthew with maximum weeks of 130 miles per hour, the movement northwest at 13, so close to the coastline. let's look at the warning center in place. some have changed and expanded. we have hurricane warnings all the way up through coastal georgia and south carolina. we're watching out for the force of the wind and the water. i'll get more into that in a minute. it looks like we've got new information here. the main thing to note is that the line for the storm is actually a little further east than it was originally. so that is some good news. this a compilation of the many computer models that we use to forecast matthew. it been really fascinating and frustrating because they haven't all been showing in the same direction.
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one of the the thing we look for is whether they're tightly packed like this. the forecast is a lot more confident in the next 24 to 48 hours than it does as we get into the five-day period. looking at the radar pictures, a couple things to note. we believe that matthew has undergone what is called eye-wall replacement cycle and the storm could be weaker. maybe it will go down to a category 3. the negative side is when the eye wall replacement occurs, this is what's left of the inner eye wall, the outer eye wall absorbs the inner eye wall and tend to relax the strength. when you think about an ice skater, when they go really fast, they pull their arms in tighter so they could go faster. when the eye wall replacement
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cycle happens and the outer band absorbs the inner band, we see the storm weaken but not by much. they continue to pummel melbourne and right here we have stewart and outside of it jensen beach. jensen beach reported a wind gus of 71 miles per hour right along the coastal area. stuart, florida reported gusts of 51 miles per hour. not hurricane force yet but it's just a matter of time. let's take a look at the current position of the storm. it still 50 miles east southeast of the beach. we're watching for the storm track to have the potential for rain, storm surge and flooding. we mentioned the 7 to 11 feed, it's right through this region here through coastal georgia and in through south carolina.
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part of reason is because of the bend that we naturally have and the angle at which the storm is working its way toward that area. eventually it will turn we hope sooner than later because as it does, it pushes that water up in this direction. that's why this area is going to be looking at a large storm surge potentially from hurricane matthew. the storm continues to pummel the islands of the bahamas. that's something we've been watching. it going to bring unfortunately a lot of wind and rain to the area. you do see that loop that's occurring down through potentially the bahamas again. as we were looking at this well into advance, it shows that the storm would weaken. i don't want anyone to focus on that. that's important to note as well. overall the areas we were saying earlier, the computer models are saying for the most part the storm stays offshore, which is very good news but we can't rule out something might change and
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the storm might jog to the west. some positive indications that things might look a little bit better, but they were so dire before that it still makes it catastrophic, particularly on the east coast. >> in the projection models, you also show lower speeds over time. walk us through that. is that the natural progression? what does that tell us about the modelling for this event? >> it's unfortunate. the longer you have a storm and it takes days to work all the way from outside of port st. lucie to jacksonville that, is a threat that's particular with this storm. another thing that's unusual about this one and making it so dangerous is that it's coming on the periphery of some large population centers. it's not just hitting one space and then dissipating over land.
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it's kind of riding the coast. that's one of the reasons that matthew is unusual and particularly dangerous. >> all right, bonnie schneider. thank you and we'll coming back for updates. i want to turn to titusville florida. how do things look there right now? >> ari, you guys were just talking about that radar. i want to show you where we are in relation to that radar. this is the hurricane churning toward us and this is us right here on the outer bands. i wanted to show you that because i want to give you a sense of what it feels like to be out here, right now we're being sheltered. you might lose me for a second. the wind out here is very, very temperamental. so i apologize if it gets hard to hear. the winds may pick up very
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strongly here in a quick second. but this is what the ocean is doing -- >> gadi, thank you for your reporting but we're having some audio issues. we'll try to go back to gadi schwartz when we get that fixed. >> when we were out here 20, 25 minutes ago it was far calmer. if you pan up here, we've illuminated some of this rain, these droplets. almost looks look a blizzard the way they're flying all over the place, not sure which way to go. it picked up dramatically. you can see our favorite stand of palm trees. those fronds are going to get a workout tonight.
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one of the things from the 11 p.m. advisory that's pretty new for daytona beach is the new update showed the eye when it it it gets a beam to daytona beach later on today is going to be further east out over the water. the question is how large will the eye be at that point and how strong will the winds be at that point. we just went through high tide in the midnight hour here along daytona beach. we checked over the railing back here. we did not see any breaches of the dunes. the first high tide test, good news for daytona beach. the next one unfortunately is right at the time as we were expecting that eye to be right off the coast here. we could see eight, nine, ten, 11 feet surges. that means water will get into homes and business, especially in the intercoastal water way, this weert has to find a place
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to go and will go to the path of least resistance. folks hunkering down in those homes, be careful. around the lunchtime hour, you might see water creeping into your home. if that eye stays well off the coast here, maybe 10, 15 miles away, we could see wind speeds upwards of 100 miles an hour. if it gets any closer, it's anybody's ball game, anybody's guess where we could see 120, 125 sustained winds and those are catastrophic obviously. but right now we're getting a little stronger. i would say these are some of the stronger winds we've seen over the past five, six hours and we're still well away from that eye. >> thank you, ron mott out on daytona beach. >> and david, what can you tell
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us about what you're doing now and obviously all of our reporters have shown a lot of empty scenes. is it more preparation for tomorrow at this point? >> ari, right now we're about 70 miles south of where ron mott was here. we have about 10,000 people without power so far. we had evacuations that started at 3 p.m. yesterday and now we're facing the brunt of the hurricane. the eye is just off the eastern coast on the south part of the county we're in in brevard county, florida, a 73-mile-long county, where cape canaveral and co co beach located. most emergency service workers are off the road right now, that includes paramedics, firefighters and people who normally respond to an emergency say it's far too dangerous to be on the roads right now. the wind speeds are too
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dangerous when they get up to 50 miles per hour, those are speeds that can blow the ambulances and fire trucks off the road. they are on a very limited basis responded. we have had some residents sending messages washing they had evacuated from the evacuation zone on the barrier islands but at this point there's no one to get them. >> david, what do you do from here out? is it your hope, then, that it is power loss and those knipe of issues confined to the largest challenges coming out of the storm in your area? >> obviously the biggest hope is that we limit injuries and if a tal -- fatalities. the biggest issues are do you understand power lines, which we're getting many reports of, but there's nobody who can go respond to those because it's a potentially fatal situation to those who can respond.
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so we ask people to stay inside because there's the possibility they'll get electrocuted. and we have storm surge from 9 to 11 feet. it hasn't started just yet but when the eye gets closer to the coast, which will happen oaf the next several hours, we'll see that surge and that could potentially damage and destroy homes and if people are in there, it could potentially kill them. >> those are all important things to keep in mind. david brevard, thank you for joining us by phone. many residents evacuated to get out of the way of matthew. we're going to go to an evacuation center that houses a lot of those families, who are understandably still very nervous tonight. msnbc news continues after a
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every single street looks like this but times ten. there are trees down on top of houses, there are power lines down, there are roads that are completely washed away and we've just gotten word that there are still some pop trapped if their homes. >> that was msnbc's tammy leitner in the bahamas. >> the good news is still the storm surge. more people die of the storm surge of a hurricane than anything else. if you take a look at the state of florida, the first thing i'll
10:18 pm
show you is elevation. almost everything along this eastern coast and where our reporters are centered is at or below sea level. the idea of a storm surge is certainly something authorities, very, very concerned with. there's some really interesting sort of simulations we can run. this is the kennedy space center. what's in blue would be water up to three feet. i'll go ahead and make this a category two. this is now in yellow water that would be over three feet. as we go to a category three, you can see where it starts to get really dangerous. in water, it's up to nine feet high or more and this is a category 4 storm. you can see how the storm surge starts to become a cat stroastr level. we continue to talk about evacuations along the coast of florida and into south carolina, you can see why that area is so
10:19 pm
big and why, for example, governor haley in south carolina wanted to get so many people more than 100 miles off that west coast, it's because of this, it's because of the storm surge. we cannot simulate how quickly that happens. high tide is happening right now and it happens in an instant. this was the story of hurricane katrina. this was how people got stuck in their homes, this is what people are worried about. as we move throughout this night, most of the local sheriff's offices, most of the local authorities along this coastline are keeping their first responders inside for now. once those winds reach 70 miles an hour or higher, they stop sending ambulances out, they stop send being officiaing offi national guard is not there to respond tonight, they're there to respond tomorrow. they stress stay off the road, stay inside and hopefully most
10:20 pm
people are already out of the evacuation zone. >> what about people without power? they're not getting these news report and if they have their phones, presumably they have to safeguard what battery power they have left for tonight and tomorrow. >> hopefully they're already in shelters. the hotels are full. a lot of those have gone to those battery-powered radios. the other thing to be aware of is don't return to your homes until this thing was well passed and authorities have reopened the road. it's just not worth it. >> thank you. we'll be coming back to you i'm sure this evening. i want to turn to our spokesman from the american red cross, he's at the state's biggest shelter. the red cross does important work here. what are you up to? what are you doing and preparing at this late hour? >> well, our preparation is way
10:21 pm
behind but at this time we're in response mode, providing safe shelter, hot meals and a safety to know that people are not alone. we have 1,000 individuals in this shelter. again, part of the 100 plus shelters in the state. we are looking at families that are at this time sleeping. it's a safe place. i'm about to open up the door and you may feel the wind, the power of the wind that's out there. we have tropical wind going on right now at this stage in west palm beach. i believe we're at the tail of the storm. we have ourselves rather sustained winds -- very little water but sustained winds for the last two hours. the families, we have been in close contact with them and we have explained that they are not to leave in the morning. until the authorities just like
10:22 pm
the gentleman before me said that the streets are safe to go back and that the neighborhoods have already been surveyed and that they're safe to go back home, they will stay here and the red cross will stay with them until the duration. we're here to help them until the very last family can go back home. >> and what is the mood in the facilities and the families you are around? >> it is resilient. for the most part hispanic families and i was surprised to see they did prepare. most of them brought in their food, their water and their emergency kits like we tell them throughout the year. many of them brought blankets and pillows and mattresses. and throughout the evening i did see how they gathered around the tv and this were informed. i did not see a lot of worry. i came across a guatemalan
10:23 pm
family and i asked the lady is there something at home you left that worries you the most? she said, "i have it in my arms." her 6 day-old little george was with her. regardless of what happens tomorrow morning, they know they have life and that's the most important this evening at this ti -- thing at this time. >> thank you, robert baltodano. coming up, how many people are bracing for the friday they are expecting. >> back in atlanta at the weather channel headquarters. just get a sense of what this feels like. when i was a little kid, i made a deal with myself
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welcome back. 1:26 a.m. live on the east coast. we have more on our breaking coverage of hurricane matthew as the storm continues to pummel the florida coast. florida governor rick scott has activated more than 3,500 national guard members and ordered at least 1.5 million people to evacuate their home. georgia governor nathan deal ordered an evacuation order for the entire coast and that's more than half a million. president obama has authorized the federal management agency to coordinate all disaster relief efforts. he's urging people to listen to their local authorities. hillary clinton issued a tweet today saying i urge ento follow emergency order and evacuate.
10:28 pm
trump said if your home is in the path of the hurricane and you are being advised to leave, you need to do so right now. nothing is more important than the safety of your family, end quote. we go to daytona beach to jay gray. what's going on there? >> the wind has been picking up, the rain has been coming down in sheets. it's the surf, we're in high tide right now. the storm surge could grow to over six feet. that could awesome serious problems here. the good news, a lot of people listened to the advice, decided to evacuate here. there are those and we talked to them earlier today who said we're going to ride this thing out. the time to get out has passed. those that have stayed locked down in areas that they feel are
10:29 pm
secure and right now just waiting for this storm to make its way up the florida coast, all of the convenience stores, grocery stores, all of the shelves are cleaned out. the thought is as several lose power, that they'll be without electricity for five to seven days. that's going to be a real struggle but they say they are ready for that here. that's the latest right now in daytona beach as this starts to deteriorate. back to you. >> jay gray, thank you very much. we appreciate that. we can see the rain coming down here a lot hard are ther than s the earlier storms. bonnie, we are seeing now several reporters saying what they're feeling, what they're seeing out there is a bit stronger. how does that track with what
10:30 pm
you have? >> ari, the other thing i was talking about was the eye wall replacement has occurred and the outer band observes the inner brand band. and this ring was noted by the weather experts. all that means is that the storm perhaps is weakening but it may get a little stronger as it gets closer to the coastline. you can see the green band here making another circle. it's a really interesting and changing situation. the winds at 130 miles an hour east southeast of vero.
10:31 pm
the movement is to the northwest at 13 miles per hour. here's the track. i've adjusted it it. on friday we're expecting it by later on in the morning right at a category 3 but still close enough to melbourne and florida that we're concerned. there was a positive shift in the track that it's a little further east than it was but we're still in that cone. when we still have the cone covering daytona beach, jacksonville, melbourne, we're still in that wind. the other area we've been talking about is the storm surge. we're expecting that further north so west palm to fort pierce, 6 to 12 feet and the carolina coast, 4 to 6 feet. savannah down through brunswick and south carolina. there's a lot of inlet there is
10:32 pm
and it allows the water to pile in. >> just to be clear, those surge estimates that you're sharing, that's the current thinking. a viewer watching some of this coverage tonight would be forgiven for thinking there's been a lot of good news that things don't look as bad as this hour and the place where this has moved close but you're telling me basically there's a lot of time left and a lot of surge still left to reckon with? >> right. and even if we don't get a landfall and the edge gets right along the coastline, we're still looking at that potential for storm surge because it's close enough and we're going to see that water pile in at least for now. if we get nip advisories to the contrary, i'll let you know. but the storm surge is still dangerous and still holding. >> cape canaveral still facing a major potential challenge here from hurricane matthew. first we have to fit in quick break. you're watching msnbc. i have asthma...
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welcome back. we have some more late breaking news on the storm. it was about an hour ago that president obama signed the emergency declaration for the state of georgia where thousands of evacuees from florida and south carolina are now seeking shelter at this hour. we go to interstate 75 south, heading in the opposite direction south towards florida. what are you seeing, jacob? >> right now, ari, we are not seeing the weather that we obviously know that president obama is anticipating with this emergency declaration for the state of georgia and the georgia coast. but the further south we go, the more likely we are to start to experience the weather we have been seeing all night long in this massive, historic
10:37 pm
hurricane. once we get to jacksonville in about 100 and change miles from where we are right now, we expect to see preparations like we have been seeing, just up and down the coast, florida, jacksonville of course abuts in places the atlantic ocean, especially the third largest naval station in the entire country and the st. john's river throws rig flows right through jacksonville and tonight into florida we have seen even this far north of series of highway closures, highway 16 as it goes east towards savannah georgia, it expects to see a large impact from this hurricane. as we look at the road here, 138 in the morning we had seen a steady stream of traffic heading northbound and you can see it right now in front of me, ari,
10:38 pm
pretty empty road going south for obvious reason. >> does that feel about right to you or it feels emptier than usual? >> frankly, i couldn't tell you. i have not taken this route at this time ever before, but it does feel from talking to folks at the airport, knowing what we're going towards in jacksonville that people have taken this very seriously. we've seen rest stops in the middle of the night that are absolutely jam packed. you can't imagine on a regular weekday evening like this on interstate 75 to see rest stops in the northbound direction absolutely packed with cars, ari. >> jacob soboroff, thank you for joining us. we'll return to you later.
10:39 pm
>> and in miami, florida, tell us about the work that you're doing with meteorologist cangialosi. >> the hurricane hunters are flying into hurricane matthew and we're putting together the latest for for where matthew is expected to head next and how strong it will be on its approach and the issue of the storm surge prediction, rainfall prediction and wind speed prediction. >> so are you in any position to answer, and you may not be, i realize, given that we've seen this hurricane may be less damaging than some had feared, maybe slipping away from the category 4 level over the course of the early morning. can you speak to that at all. >> following the preliminary data from the aircraft, the storm is still at very
10:40 pm
significant strength. the maximum winds are still sampling it, still close to 130 miles per hour. the only change that we have seen is at the center of the system, which is where the core of the strongest winds still offshore, off the florida coast. so following some of the observations along the florida east coast, some of them are starting to gust to pretty high levels. vero beach is gusting to near hurricane force and sustained tropical force for a while and some of those wind are spreading toward the melbourne area and cape canaveral. until those core wind and eye of the hurricane makes it onshore, then the strongest winds will be 50 miles off the florida coast. it's not far away but it's a critical factor.
10:41 pm
>> if we get more good news and there is not a great deal of damage that, would be a result of the location of a very serious hurricane rather than the view that it's not as serious. as you know, being an expert in this, a lot of times when there are a lot of warnings, particularly had local officials, government officials take all these precautions and it doesn't have devastation, what we hear from the day after or two days after, is i guess it wasn't that bad a hurricane. what your data is showing tonight is it's that bad a hurricane but it may never get close to mainland u.s. to cause the damage we've been talking about. >> that's exactly right. this is a major hurricane, category 4 in strength. it's still very, very significant. it has exactly to do with where the score of the strongest wind are. we may see some of those winds come onshore. we seen some that are very close
10:42 pm
and not far away. so the palm beach area didn't see hurricane conditions, the vero beach area is a limb below that criteria but those winds may reach the cape canaveral area and jacksonville, by sunrise and later in the day on friday. >> we are certainly hoping that is not the ways. stay with us. you're watching msnbc.
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this is msnbc's special coverage of hurricane matthew, 1:46 in the morning east coast time. i want to turn now to adrian whitsett, a reporter at wesh.
10:47 pm
what are you seeing at this hour? >> reporter: i'm going step out so you can see what i'm seeing at this hour. we're starting to see major, major impacts from hurricane matthews. >> rotation is bringing -- the wind is blowing that rain from the north to the south. can you see the palm trees swaying down here. fortunately for this life shot, the streetlights and emergency lights for the parking lot are back up so you can see that a little better. the rain is here, the gusts are here. just like we heard greg say in
10:48 pm
flagland, if you need to be buttoned up there, you need to be hunkered down in brevard county. we're not seeing emergency crews for a while. they're saying it's unsafe, partly because of the power lines but also because of the wind and rain here. there's no way they can get across those causeways right now over to the beach side to help anyone who may need it at this point. so it is rapidly deteriorating here just for a place of reference, we are at o'galley and commodore, right next to o'galley high school, which is about three miles north of the melbourne international airport and about four miles from the coast. the last time we're at the coast was hours ago and it was already looking bad out there. it's tough for me to even imagine now that the storm is here at our doorstep four miles away, what it must look like down there in the storm surge
10:49 pm
and even in the indian river lagoon, we've seen breaker inside the river and if you've seen that even during a thunderstorm, it was pretty bad but we were seeing waves crash in. it's starting to pick up for sure. we're going to just continue to be out here, we're going to continue bringing you this shot as best we can from here in melbourne for as long as our live signal comes up because it's starting to be an increasingly dangerous situation. we also mentioned at last check about 11,000 people without power here in brevard county. i imagine here in the next couple of minute or at least the next half hour that number is going to skyrocket because we've seen transformers blowing all behind us. that's something to watch out for, along with those downed power lines and of course just this wind and rain, guys. >> thank you. we're going to turn now to halifax medical center in daytona beach where medical
10:50 pm
contributor and dr. john torres is. what are you seeing and what is the medical challenge at this point? >> ari, we're outside the medical center. behind us you can see the ambulances lined up. they've been dropping patients off all evening here, even though behind that you can see the rain. it's either coming down in buckets or it's torrential. the ambulances are still out, there still delivering patients to the imagine room. one -- emergency room. why this emergency room? why is this one the doctors and staff have come to, sleeping here overnight and taking care of patients overnight? the reason is because it's built to withstand hurricanes. the county went out and surveyed the area and found the part that had the highest altitude, 50 to 75 feet. might not sound that much but in the storm surge, it means everything.
10:51 pm
they built the hospital there. in 2008 they added a couple of other things. this is the emergency room. the glass is rated to sustain 170 mile-an-hour winds, category 5 hurricanes and that's the same glass they have all around the building. the whole building is surrounded with this glass, it's built on a high altitude here, meant to survive the hurricane. that's why they keep it open. it's the trauma center for the area, it got the largest emergency room in all of florida. they're set up ready to take care of patients. they think they're going to start seeing more once of hurricane passes and get outside to repair things and that's when people start getting hurt. they're in there, they're calm right now but they know the storm is coming. >> dr. torres, thank you very much. we appreciate your report. we're going to talk to a reporter in haiti where the death toll has now hit 280 persons.
10:52 pm
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10:56 pm
it hasn't made landfall yet. it still could. right now it's hugging the coast, just far enough offshore that the worst of the winds are staying offshore. >> that was earlier this evening with the weather channel's mike seidel. this storm barrelled through haiti earlier and today we got the first look at widespread damage. the a.p. reports the death toll in eighth as a result of this hurricane is up to 280 people and counting. the numbers will rise as rescue workers do their work. one of the most devastated parts of haiti was toured today. we're joined by phone from port-au-prince haiti. tell us what you saw. >> we've seen a lot of
10:57 pm
devastation in the area of southern haiti, it was cut off and it was only earlier today that people were able to land there. we saw barely a free was standing and if it was still standing, they didn't have any leaves. they were basically snapped in two like pencils. even the residents that we spoke to, they were like this is too much. it was pure devastation and they don't know how the government will even begin to try to help them or even rebuild. >> what is it that accounts for the death toll there. is it just how hard the hurricane hit a direct path or does it also have to do with the infrastructure in the areas affected? >> well, have i to tell you the haitian government is disputing
10:58 pm
that number. various officials have been calling into radio facts and giving numbers but those numbers have not been verified for co confirmed but the government knows those numbers are going to rise because of areas they haven't been able to get to or can't with. people left the coastal areas because of the storm surge and went into the mountains but then the mountains also got hit. the breeze was so powerful with this storm. everyone was concerned about the rain but what was described to me today was just the amount of wind where it literally in those mountain areas trying to get away from the storm surge and this is what happened. >> how would you describe to the extent it's even possible the mood of the country or the reaction there because haiti has obviously seen its share of horrific natural disasters.
10:59 pm
>> well, you know, the one thing about this particular disaster is that it not isolated in just one area like the earthquake in 2010. it is comprised of the entire southern peninsula, which today remains cut off from the rest of the country because a bridge collapsed during the storm. and it just a sense of despair. people just feel completely hopeless in this situation. they lost their livelihood. their farms are gone, their animals are gone. as one person said to me today, look, the only thing that we have is the clothes on our back and the on thing we have to drink out of water. >> so imagine when you're looking at trees without leaves, pure devastation. you know, they just don't know where to begin, you know, what to do. and they're asking for help but they also believe that whatever help that they get, that is not
11:00 pm
going to come to them. so there's a lack of confidence that whatever assistance will arrive, it will not reach them directly. >> that is devastation so close to the united states, although not always that is devastation e to the united states. jacqueline charles reporting from port-au-prince, thank you very much. we're approaching 2:00 a.m. here on our live coverage on the east coast, tracking the progress of hurricane matthew. >> good day to you. 2:00 a.m. on the east coast. hurricane matthew still bearing down on florida with punishing wind and rain that's the story we've been telling all night. this is the strongest storm to hit the united states atlantic coast in over a decade. hurricane matthew is officially a category 4 storm and


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