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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  October 7, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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listens to the warning and sexually left the west coast, we are now seeing hee tolls vallecito laking advantage of people. all over the state, you did not see dramatic increases of the kaus of bottled water. >> it is apram when you are praying four men as a rule herbal and we are encouraging everyone to report is this. >> you are cracking down. >> it is interesting because last night one of our photographer of $6 for a lol on of as. from miami. >> that's right. >> ast grouching, it is illegal in our state and we are in a time of emergency. it is sickening that i are taking ang of our season
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self-defensings. >> governor rick scott decided not to ex pend it and it ends on tuesday. good call, bad call. >> you know, that's governor's call, i am focused ongoing after the bad guys and the skouching. $6 for a gal on of gas is ridiculous when we are under a mandatory evacuations and telling people to get out of self florida chld how could anyone perform 60 dallas al gone of gas that's kbromonday me. >> what's the price in florida? >> it is a 1 thois dollars for some complaint. we are going to put your name out there and business name out there and where you are ska skouching and steling very facility. >> give us an exact location and
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not just a three shot or call 1844-no-stand." you are a trump supporter, what do you need to see from your guy? >> once again, we are not going to be talking about politics today. >> we are out in my office, this is all closed together. my entire staff is working, they are in the office, we are out and and going out to another bad hotel right now. with e are all staying away from politics and helping floridians >> all right, standby for me on the phone for attorney general. thank you miss bomb. >> thank you for making floridian safe by taulking all about this. i am craig melvin, give from
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florida. my friend skate is picking things up right now in new york. kate. we got new video of storm surge flooding? jacksonville. the other big story, 32 days until election day. we are teaming up round two of clinton verses trump. the second presidential debate if you can believe it. it is this sunday. we begin with hurricane matthew. all eyes are on the jacksonville area where we face the potentially devastated storm surge. the latest forecast from the national hurricane center has charleston, south carolina very nervous and turning towards that city. now, under a hurricane warning
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there. or te our team is in place up and down the storm, lets begin with jacob soboroff, he's in jacksonville. we just showed new videos of jacksonville, flooding looks like surge is coming in there. what's the latest where you are? >> reporter: we are in downtown jacksonville about mass extensive storm surge that's coming in along jacksonville beach. about 23 miles from where we are along the atlantic ocean coast. the story in downtown jacksonville, all that way in land is equally but in a different way, very, very dangerous. the st. john river runs through the middle of the jacksonville. if that river comes up and over its banks, all of this low lying area, the streets i am standing on right now, the evacuated streets called flood as well. it will be a horrible thing for business and see the people and working downtown area all day long, we have been hearing warnings from the governor and
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the mayor of the city and the president of the united states of what it will mean if jacksonville was hit. we are starting to pick up the wind and the rain of this area of 50 miles per hour gusts and winds. it affects 200,000 people at this moment, 53 schools and four different hospitals. as i look around, people are heathen the warning and staying off the road. the big question and the question here in downtown jacksonville, three blocks that way, down the road from where i am standing right now and floods the streets of downtown jacksonville. i will know a lot more of the coming hours and minutes as the storm continues through jacksonville area. >> jacob, i want to show something that came in from kerry sanders. he's out near you but not where
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you are, downtown. take a look at what he just experienced from the storm surge. >> reporter: this is a storm surge, it is broken through this area right here where there is the dune. we are not staying too long, clearly, the storm surge is coming in and high tides is right about now. you got the combination of hurricane forced winds coming and the high tides and you have the winds that are coming in perfectly time for all of this. >> that was kerry sanders not too far from you. this can happen very quickly, is this what officials are worried about? >> reporter: a direct ramification of what's happening here. st. john river, coming in off
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the atlantic ocean. it is 300 miles river that stretches the entire length of florida. it starts down the everglades and flow north was north ward. the entire downtown jacksonville area could be flooded, kate, the mayor has evacuated three distinct zones where they call a, b, c level of above c lefvel. i am standing now at level a. it is not necessarily the wind or the rain, although those do see dangers in themselves. but, it is what happens when that storm surge and affects the water wave and comes to the downtown jacksonville area and that's where it can get dangerous here. >> jacob soboroff downtown in
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jacksonville. you were looking at that storm surge. lets get to sarah rosario in daytona beach, we are seeing river rising in that area as well. what are you seeing in there in. >> reporter: yeah, as almost if these roads have opened up. local official haves been telling people to stay off the road. there is still mandatory curfew in effect. it went in place up until midnight and until 7:00 this morning. we see wind gusts here up to 60 miles per hour. the hurricane is northeast of us. take a look at the damage here just across the street from where i am standing. if you look at the building here, the roof was blown off this morning, parts of it is still laying on the streets. you can see other debris that fe. it was rattling up and down the
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streets. windows still boarded up. those police officers have been patrolling the streets for most of the mornings keeping people away because there was a lot of debris flying around today. that's what they do, they wanted to keep people safe and people risking their lives by driving up and down the road. >> sarah in daytona beach, thanks so much. >> a lot of relief in southern florida today. lets not forget this is far from over. rehema ellis is in savannah georgia where they are under a curfew tonight. rehema, how much concern is there about storm surge? >> reporter: there is a lot of concerns that the mayor of the city had ordered an evacuation and trying to press on people how important it is that they don't just hunker down, if you get in trouble and you dial 911,
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no one is coming. first responders have been ordered out of the city and that's ordered in order to make sure they stay safe so what are people doing? here in the savannah area, we can tell you there is been several shelters set up and more than 900 people who are long-term patients in hospitals have been moved to safer grounds or higher grounds. the red cross is participating and sponsoring bus loads of people leaving the savannah area. some folks we talked to in shelter said that they could replace their items but not lives. they have been moved out to the danger zones and others have attempted to stay saying they have been through storms before. the governor insisted they have not been through this storm and they don't want anyone to take for granted of the potential danger of this storm. high tides is expected again
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late tonight about 1:00 or 2:00 on saturday, between that, the high tides and the high wind and the rain, they think that could lead to some deadly flooding in the area, also to down trees and power lines. this could be a real messy place to be over night. kate. >> rehema ellis, thank you. >> stay safe out there, really appreciate it. homeland security chief, jeh johnson today briefed hillary clinton and donald trump on the hurricane expected impact and response efforts, this is coming as we are two days away from the second debate airing in st. louis on sunday night. let me bring in halie jackson. we have been rightfully conce concerned of this hurricane that we have not been paying ail tension to politics but it is creeping up on us. we got two days until this debat debate. >> that's exactly right, there
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is a lot of impacts and you talk about the voter's registration which is tuesday. there is some question marks how that's going to play out. for us political folks, the political nerds who are watching this, what happens for the debate on sunday night. donald trump had a town hall last night. >> i saw some of it. >> he kept on saying it was not practiced. >> not practicing for sunday. >> it was a two-minute timer or a moderator. >> they told people not to applaud. >> call whatever you call it. it was a dry run and it was for donald trump. what i have been told for people that this was intended to get his muscle memory going where he felt comfortable in a town hall and how has this debate prep changed in the last debate, his group is smaller, the people that he's sitting around and
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chris christie and along with reince priebus and mike pence and paul ryan, donald trump, all sharing the stage together. it is the first time we'll see the two together. >> that's a big deal. that's tomorrow you said? >> right. >> in terms of sunday's debate. donald trump is telling the new york post page six that he will not bring up bill clinton of his past and marriage troubles. do we police chief thbelieve th? lets see how it goes. that's what trump say and his adviser say as well. he's a candidate at times does what he want to do. >> at times. >> but, if there is a moem where he feels it is appropriate, i would not be surprised to hear him.
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he does not need to bring it up. he needs to talk about the economy and goes after whatever he can on her e-mails and controversies. that's what it should be on sunday night. we have much more. for now, we are going to switch back, up next to the hurricane, al roker will join me with the latest on the path of matthew and the devastating storm surge that we keep on talking about, all headed for georgia and the carolinas, next. the itsy bitsy spider went up the waterspout. down came the rain... ...and clogged the gutter system ting a leak in the roof. lucky the spider rectl had geico helpim wi homeoers insurance. water complelely destroyed his swedish foam mattress. he gotull replacement and now owns the sleep numb bed. his sleepcall geicotting is 25. and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance.
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this is what storm surge looks like, it is a fast moving and fast rising and flash flood with the power of the atlantic ocean behind it. our own kerry sanders last hour as the storm surge just began
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there. that's a 140 miles stretch and maybe beyond that into the carolinas. lets bring in our meteorologist, al roker, now, it seems like a worse case scenario for a lot of these coastal communities. what's the latest storm track? >> we are talking about this latest thing this morning on today. a lot of people are low into this sense of oh, we missed it because the southern florida communities did not see a lot of damage in west palm beach and places like that. >> as the system moved up and closer to shore, you can see this precipitation making its way in here and so it is just kind of interesting and we are now seeing a lot of surge activities. matthew is a category three storm, it is 35 miles per hour
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northeast daytona beach. we may see it downgraded again in the next update which comes at 5:00. right now, north, northwest for regard motion at 12 miles per hour. that's bringing it closer to shore. here is the latest of what we are seeing oen tn the tracks. daytona beach is here and by saturday morning, we are up around charleston and comes very close or makes land fall. this thing has not made land fall just yet and pushes out and continues to weaken as a category one storm. we take it out into the weekend and into sunday. monday and on wednesday, it start to deteriorate but it comes back to the bahamas as a tropical low and could again re-affect southern florida. in the meantime, here is what we are looking at. this is the big issue. the thing that kills the most
12:20 pm
people and does the the most damage is the storm surge. from palm coast and brunswick, six to nine feet. down past savannah, another six to nine feet on top of what we'll see for high tides. we are moving to charleston and wilmington and north carolina and myrtle beach and hilton head and five to seven feet. again, a lot of damage can be done as we continue to watch this. as we got flash flood watches and warnings through sunday, travel is strongly discouraged and going to be a lot of beach aroe erosion along this area. rainfall, we got flash flood watches and from florida all the way to virginia and 7.7 million people are at risk. we are talking generally five to 10 inches but locally between
12:21 pm
jacksonville and wiltmington, w could be talking about a foot and a half of rainfall. that seems pretty rough. these areas are -- there is nowhere for the water to go. i cannot stress how dangerous and deadly it is. that's what people have to worry about over the next 24 or 36 hours. >> al, can i take you back to basics again. you did this on the "today" show so well this morning. i want our audience to share on the storm surge. i was confused of where that water is coming from. that's not rainfall, right? >> no, it is not, anthony, can you get back on the radar. he here you go. this is all rain pushing in but there is also wind underneath this as well. the wind is driving the waves and the ocean onto the shore,
12:22 pm
that energy is all coming onto the shore and as you get high tides, you get that normal, natural rise, that water is being pushed by the wind and the waves rise up on top of that tie hi tide and makes its way in land. it could be moving about five to six or eight miles an hour, at two feet, that could flow a car. at 10 feet, it does major structural damage to a home. at six inches it could knock you off your feet. that's where we see the death and destruction of the storm. >> as i happens, is it one event that we just saw or it continues for a while? >> it can continue. usually what happens is it keeps coming and if we have have -- anthony, we have that an nation about the storm surge, can you get that up? >> perhaps there is an an any
12:23 pm
mitigati animation that we have. more water keeps oncoming in and pushing on top of that and it continues to move further and further in land so this is something that we'll be ongoing. so you got a typical coastline and you will start to see the waves pushing in and it keeps oncoming. as long as those winds moving in that fetch and that direction, it will just continue to push that in and push that water in land. it has no natural barriers to stop it. some of these places you got, you got the ocean and you got bays on the sore sidother side keeps ongoing. you add wind to that and it is a destructive force. >> al, thank you very much, it helps to get those visuals. appreciate it.
12:24 pm
joining me is the mayor of may harvey, thank you very much for joining us. i know storm surge is your big concern. >> yes, it is, we are right here on the coast, we are really concerned about that as we have many islands. >> i have been to those islands, they are beautiful, cumberland island and those are gorgeous places. how concern are you that they'll get just, they'll be over run by water? >> well, we are concerned but we have our mandatory evacuation and i think 99% of our people evacuated. we have taken our emergency personnels where they are out of
12:25 pm
harm's way. we have to ride this one out. >> could you lose the bridges or the cause ways that go out to those islands? i don't think we'll lose the bridge. the bridge is probably under water. we did not close any bridges because we want to make sure anybody trying to get across there either way. i make sure they are safe. >> what are you seeing right now, i imagine it is starting to rain where you are, in terms of your city and downtown brunswick, have it emptied it out or heathen your warnings? >> yes. >> we got to word out and the community efforts here with the chairman of our county commission and we have really come together and we have gotten our words out to our people and provided transportations for
12:26 pm
them to evacuate as well. hopefully, they are on high ground so it won't be so much. >> we are really hunkering down and seeing a lot of winds and rain now. we are getting gusts that's 35 or 40 miles per hour right now. we expect it to last for at least 15 or 20 hours from the storm. >> that's a long time to be dealing with this. >> mayor harvey of brunswick, we wish you the very best, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you, we'll be all right. balancing two big stories today. just two days to go before the next presidential debate. what are we wehearing from the campaign and that storm batters florida east coast.
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as we continue to monitor hurricane matthew, i am going to switch over to politics. we are two days away until this big debate. how is hillary clinton preparing. i know she's been off the trail a couple of days. >> right, she had a couple of fundraisers the last couple of days. she's really taken the time to prep. we know her to be the dedicated prepper, that's what she's doing, up near a hotel near her home working with her team and playing the role of trump with her adviser. they are ready for a different format and this format is
12:31 pm
tricky, it is the town hall format as you know. it will be two candidates there and a couple of journalists helping to moderate. most questions are coming from voters who are sharing the questions they have as perhaps what the voters will ask. they are undecided voters that are going to ask things that's affecting their lives and they want to hear from these candidates. >> a poll today, clinton five points. she's ahead of a week or two. >> yes, after the debate with l lester holt, things have been moving her direction. that's really about where this race may stay for a while. it is unlikely that she's going to go back to historic margins that we are seeing from her in august where she was winning by double digits. that's not the way it works in
12:32 pm
this country and the country is so polarized and it is going to be closer than that. she's doing very well and this is a good place for her to be and a much better place where donald trump is now. >> just to bring viewers up to date on one of the bit of news that we learn that julianna's daughter is breaking ranks and going to hillary clinton >> yes, people love to rebel against here parents. we know that rudy giuliani did support hillary clinton. it was going to be the clash of the entitititans. he ended up dropping out of that race because of health problems and personal problems and he never got to have that race, we
12:33 pm
are seeing him trying to have that race against her now of this big sur gate frogate for t. >> beth fuowy. >> thank you. >> this is the white house blaming president obama. >> it is the director of national intelligence and secretary jeh johnson. the community is confident that the russian government directed the recent compromises of e-mails from americans and u.s. institutions including u.s. political organizations. they're talking about hacked e-mails that showed on the site of dc and
12:34 pm
these are in connection of using russian direct efforts. they are intended to interfere with the u.s. election. this is not something new the moscow that the russians have used similar tactic to influence public opinion there. let me read one statement verbatim. "we believe based on the scope and sensitivity of the efforts that only russia's senior most officials could have authorized these activities." now the statement goes onto say that they're not attributing the hacks and the attempt to probe into some state's voter registrations and databases. there is been several of these, 20 or so reported across the country. and although they do say that in most cases, these probes origin
12:35 pm
gn nated from prober that's operated by -- >> we have been waiting to see how the government is going to publicly do what many members of congress have been urging it to do. dine they have been briefed that russia was doing this and they called on the u.s. to do something. the question here is what was the response going to be where charges are going to be filed or was this going to be a behind the scenes diplomatic efforts and now we know the answer. it is an essence to shame the russians to publicly call them out to say that we know they're doing this and we know you are trying to influence the election. this is two and a half months since the first attack that we know of of an american political
12:36 pm
source. and hacking into personal e-mails of a who us aid who was arranging travels and notably general colin powell, those are the ones that's attributed to the russians. the statements say they believe this could be carried out with authorities of the highest level of the government. >> pete, as you say, they have to choose how to respond and they chosen to respond with this joint statement. this is to push russia on notice as you say to senator sort of a warning shot that this cannot stand. it cannot continue. >> yes, my senses based on this that we gotten from officials over the last several weeks, maybe this is going on privately only. maybe the u.s. was saying to the russia privately, we know what you are doing and you should knock it off and the government is in essence decided to go public with it and it is been a
12:37 pm
bit of an open secret that the u.s. has assumed that was the you russians doing this. one question has been, when we say "the russians," what russian s s? >> some element of the russian government or entity? and now the answer is the u.s. believe that it is sanctioned by and aprovproved by or directed the highest level of the russian government. >> pete williams, thank you very much, after the break, we head back down to florida as hurricane matthew barrels up the coast. the storm surge and flooding streets already and tearing roofs off of buildings. this is live pictures now in florida. we'll be right back. people would ask me in different countries that we traveled, what is your nationality and i would always answer hispanic. so when i got my ancestry dna
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this is one of those fridays where we are covering several stories today. the first one it is a busy day in the political world. two days out from the second presidential debate. we had that news out of the obama administration about the hacks. we'll get back to that. the second story is the enormous storm on the south eastern of the united states. hurricane matthew strtriggering storm surges and floods. msnbc's mariana is in daytona beach. >> reporter: hey, kate, i am in volusia county. i am standing on a bridge, the water has risen to a point where i cannot get to the end. we just want to give you the
12:42 pm
best information from the affected areas. now, kate as you can see the rain has tampered off a little bit. now as our camera man is panning over there, i can see some folks already starting to come out, ane assessing the damage and trying to find their neighbors and homes. i am going to get out and talk to these locals to see what they have seen. you have been driving around for a little bit. what have you seen around volusia county here in daytona? >> well, i have seen many flooded areas and i have seen a lot of branches and trees down and roofs that were ripped. >> why are you guys out here right now? >> we are searching the place and seeing the damage and see what the hurricane has done and
12:43 pm
what damage, yeah. >> reporter: if you can just come here, you told me before you were trying to help somebody that ran out of power, if you can tell me more about that. >> yeah, my cousin was out of power so we were able to make communication through texts and i said i will come here and pick you up. >> reporter: that's what we are seeing is more than a million people without power and here in volusia county, we are seeing neighbors helping neighbors as this hurricane is passing through the florida coast. >> they are not really supposed to be out there right now, right? >> reporter: they are not. but it is still evacuated, the rain has tampered off a little bit. it is best that people stay home for thefection couple of hour, kate. >> all right, mariana, in daytona beach, thank you very much. back to politics now. i am joined from david at the
12:44 pm
atlantic and former president george bush's speech writer, nice to see you. a lot to talk about. >> thank you. >> did you hear the breaking news that we had before the last break? were you able to hear that out of the obama administration saying officially they believe that the russian government is behind the recent path of having to do the dnc and the triple c and they are trying to influence this election, your reaction to that news publicly scolding russia. >> i did hear that and i just returned last week from the center of a major, the most important russian attack on any foreign country back in 2007 where the russians shut down the entire service. a country that bothered them and not standing successfully.
12:45 pm
>> and do you think this has any impact on the election? there is been so much talk about donald trump and his coziness and he's not co-- >> they sent a new load of capable missiles to tnext door o germany and poland. it is probably a gesture for a lack of respect for the obama administration. they feel like they got a winning hand in syrian and iran and a lot of places. >> you have written an article of "how to rebuild." you write about what happens after that for the parties.
12:46 pm
the parties have embrace for the folks of donald trump. he confirmed that a majority of republican voters want a message that secures health coverage and raises middle class income. what does the republican party looked like a year from now. we are going to have a huge debate in the republican world, lets just pretend none of this happening and one of these unfortunate events and we can go back to the politics that did not work for us in 2012 and did not work for us throughout the obama years. i was arguing of this article that donald trump was successful because he perceive things. this is not to endorse his personalities or obnoxious views. he saw opportunities and grieve
12:47 pm
ya grieve yenss. >> republicans should think about how they can work harmoniously, is that possible? a lot of people are concerned the party will have a hard time because there will be that. >> there is this huge appetite for crimination, no doubt about that. one of the questions, and it is one of the tests where we think our way out of this or do we have to go through this kind of mistake? it is obviously a mistake that'll tear you apart. >> pro-trump will blame those resisting to trump and a lot of people resisting to trump that the pro-trump people have not inflicted on the republican party, they should have win a blow election. >> david frum, i will link your article on my twitter so people can find that. >> thank you. >> thank you very much for being with us on a busy day. >> we are getting new video of
12:48 pm
flooding following hurricane matthew. i want to turn to saint augustine. we talked to the mayor yesterday. kevin, that does not look good where you are. kevin, can you hear? >> clearly, kevin is having a hard time hearing us. if you can hear us, go ahead. >> reporter: we are being pounded right now, i cannot tell you what the winds are at right now but i can tell you -- i can hear you just fine. we are being absolutely pounded right now. i cannot tell you what the wind is. yeah, i can hear you just fine if you can hear me. you can probably see this is the
12:49 pm
main street that leads down to the ocean here in saint augustine. we know they call this place the oldest city in america because this spanish settles thd thisla in the 1500. take a look at this town today praying that it will exist. no one here and they say for about 100 years, no one here has experienced anything like this storm. this is happening in the last our or so the water is coming up and cars flooded out on the other side of the street there. if you want to go around, you can see cars in the water and on the slide over there. we are basically here on the only high ground that's left in saint augustine. over that way is the cause way and that goes in the older part
12:50 pm
of town, the tourist part of town, we basically left that area for two reasons. one is the police said that everyone had to get out of there and they have. the second is that it is this is really part of the surge that everyone has been talking about. the water is coming straight up from the atlantic and i hope you heard some of that. >> i heard all of it. my goodness. what a scene. what a visual you are showing us. we had no idea it was that bad and glad warp able to get that shot up and we have a major delay, but we will check back with you in a bit. we will take a brief break. back with you with much more. (vo) stank face.
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donald trump and hillary clinton will face off in the second presidential debate. it will have a different format and that could have an impact on how they perform. the dean of villanova university, school of law. he was a senior adviser to president obama's 2008 campaign and a debate guru. you helped a lot of people prepare for debates. you played the role of moderator with then senator obama in 2008. we have a town hall format and how do you think that plays into the dynamics on sunday night and what each needs to do? >> there is a different dynamic where you are anchor and when there is a town hall, you can move around and engage. that gives an opportunity to show a different side. for secretary clinton to show a warm side. she is solid at the podium, but
12:55 pm
this gives a different dimension of who she is. donald trump gets the opportunity instead of his answers that are rambling, he can try to say i can connect with you. he likes to move around and engage with people and ad lib. he didn't make enough points that he needed to make and steer the conversation. >> he needs to be more on message. part of that is because secretary clinton asked him questions that took him off message. part seemed to be an imagine that is lagging for him. he has to be ready to go for an hour that gets his message out over and over again. >> you were advising hillary clinton, what would you tell her to do? >> to make sure she is herself
12:56 pm
and make sure she finds her own message and not worry about donald trump was saying. set him up for a couple of lines to take him off the message. she has the ability to show a connection with people. >> mark alexander, senior adviser, thanks for being with us. we'll be right back after this. you are looking at hurricane matthew at daytona beach, florida. i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
12:57 pm
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1:00 pm
hour, hurricane matthew very much still ongoing. right now still very much a threat to parts of the east coast. keeping a very close eye on that plus we will preview the next presidential debate that is now just two days away and very high stakes in that. we will begin with hurricane matthew bearing down on jacksonville, florida on the northern coast. very slowly, but steadily moving up along the atlantic coast. a live look at jacksonville, a city not accustomed to dealing with hurricanes like this. president obama declaring an emergency in north carolina and he declared emergencies in florida, georgia and south carolina. and president obama warning that the threat from matthew is far from


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