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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  October 7, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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hour, hurricane matthew very much still ongoing. right now still very much a threat to parts of the east coast. keeping a very close eye on that plus we will preview the next presidential debate that is now just two days away and very high stakes in that. we will begin with hurricane matthew bearing down on jacksonville, florida on the northern coast. very slowly, but steadily moving up along the atlantic coast. a live look at jacksonville, a city not accustomed to dealing with hurricanes like this. president obama declaring an emergency in north carolina and he declared emergencies in florida, georgia and south carolina. and president obama warning that the threat from matthew is far from over.
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they thought this doesn't make us as bad as we thought and suddenly have you massive storm surge that has a lot of people who were severely affected. i want to emphasize to everybody that this is still a really dangerous hurricane. >> the president is warning coming at the death toll stands at nearly 300 and could reach into the thousands in the coming days and weeks. for the latest on matthew, we will go to kerry sanders live in jacksonville beach, florida. the issue of the storm and the issue of the storm surge. set the scene for us if you would. >> let me tell you, we moved ourselves about two blocks back from the beach here on jacksonville beach because of that. the storm surge.
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the hurricane is still south of us and it's tracking along the coast at 55 miles southeast of us and it's making its way on the coast. with that storm surge comes the rotation of the wind. it brings the wind from the north and coming out towards the water to the east. that wind pushes the water. going down, we have a lot of water here with the high tide and a lot of wind pushing the water and it's like a flash flood almost.
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all sorts of debris. 300 or 400 pounds. it comes crashing through. most of the debris and most of the devastation is because the wind is not causing as much damage as the storm surge. that's how it ties into the storm surge. people don't quite understand until they see it like we showed it to you there, steve. >> kerry sanders in jacksonville beach. making the point there. you have high tide and the wind and the storm surge. that is the real concern right now with matthew in this video from palm coast, florida. the waves are pounding into the
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homes. for the latest on the path of hurricane matthew, we will head over to al roker. what can you tell us? >> here's the latest, steve. if we can start the sequence again please. right now one of the things we have to worry about, we haven't talked about it when you have a vigorous system like this, tornados. we have a tornado watch now associated with hurricane matthew. stretching from north eastern georgia on into and including the city of charleston. this includes savannah and charleston until midnight because of the system and the nature of the system. 35 miles east-northeast.
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12 miles per hour. we may see landfall around 8:00 a.m. as a category two storm. over the weekend and moving into the beginning of next week, it gets caught in a loop and heads back for nassau and the bahamas. we will have to watch that closely. in the meantime, look at the winds. the areas in pink and white, the pinks are the strongest winds and you can see through tonight and tomorrow, look at the winds pushing all that ocean water up against the shoreline. that's how most people die and how the damage happens. the surge on top of high tides. six to nine feet. we move ahead to hilton head.
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to nine feet and could be higher upwards as much as 11 feet. here's a depiction of that surge. all the waves and the wind pushing all that water onshore. it just keeps coming. there is nowhere for it to go but on to the land. that's why you see so much destruction and death and injury as well. torrential rainfall. we look at rainfall amounts anywhere from about 5 to 7 inches of rain. & 234r50d warpings from brunswick to norfolk through sunday. and we could be looking at 15
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inches of rain from jacksonville to wilmington. the flooding will be a big problem. i want to show that storm surge and they are just really getting -- if we can go to the radar, we were having a problem. we can't do it according to this. this is the northern eyewall here. pushing in all that rain and wind. jacksonville to savannah over the next 12 hours. the storm surge will be a big, big problem. these folks have not seen anything like that in this century. i'm very, very concerned for this area up to savannah. >> just getting started in terms of the atlantic coast. thank you very much for that. we will have much more reporting
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throughout the hour on hurricane matthew and all of the issues al was talking about. coming up, craig is also going to join me and go back live to more coastal areas that are bracing for that storm surge potentially historic. we will keep a close eye on this and also juggling big news out of the world of politics this afternoon coming from washington where the obama administration is taking aim at russia saying that russia is interfering in the presidential election in this country. justice correspondent pete williams is here with the details. what's the proof they have? >> for the longest time, we have known who was doing it. the question was what are we going to do about it? now we know the answer. a public joint statement from the department of homeland security and director of national intelligence saying that the russians, the highest levels of the russian government
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has authorized cyber attacks on political targets and individuals in the u.s. and they bear all the hallmarks of russian attacks elsewhere in europe and eurasia and the ukraine. this can only happen if the senior most officials authorize it and they sbebded to interfere with the election process. they don't believe or can't say yet that the russian government authorized the probes and attempts to get into databases. we knew about the ones in arizona and illinois. there have been a dozen or so other states that have reported that people have been trying to get into the databases. they can't attribute those to the russian government, but they do say that many of them came from computer servers that were operated by a russian company. they don't say it's the same company that did the other attacks. it's a public effort to maim and
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shame the russians are doing this and it's the same thing you have been doing and you need to knock it off. they also say they have confidence in the integrity of the election system. they don't believe that has been affected, but it is an interesting development that of all the options the u.s. had to respond, this is the one they chose. >> thank you for that and breaking news this coming in just in the last few seconds. nbc news has become aware of a video capturing donald trump making bolder comments about women in 2005. the video has audio of trump. this is from a press tour at the time with billy bush at the time billy bush was with "access hollywood." she joins us now and what do you
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know? >> we obtained this audio at access holly wood and talking about sexual advances towards women. trump and bush are on a bus on the way to an anniversary party in 2005, months after trump married his third wife, milania. you can hear trump talk about a married woman he tried to have sex with and how he behaves with women that he's attracted to. he claims he can do whatever he wants because he is famous. i want to warn you the language this this video is graphic and may be offensive. >> i moved on her and i failed. i will admit it. i tried to [ bleep ]. she was married. i moved on her very heavily, but i took her out furniture shopping. she wanted furniture and i said i will show you where we have nice furniture. i moved on her like [ bleep ] and i couldn't get there. she was married. all of a sudden she has the big phony [ bleep ] and she totally
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changed her look. >> nbc news reached out to the campaign for comment and has not heard back. he did give a comment to "the washington post" saying this was locker room banter, a private conversation that took place many years ago. bill clinton said far worse on the golf course. this is not the first time trump has been accused of mi soj me in. he pushed back on the accusation saying he used to be an entertainer. during numerous interviews over the years, he talked bluntly about women's bodies and sexual preferences and it's hard for a woman to be a 10 if she is flat chested. this comes on the heels of inappropriate behavior towards women during his time shooting the apprentice. they spoke with more than 20 cast and crew members who said trump was often lewd and derock
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tori about the women on set. in that 2005 video we showed you, he talks about the woman who greets him saying he needs tic-tacs in case he starts kissing her. >> i need tic-tacs in case i start kissing her. i'm automatically attracted to beautiful women. i start kissing them automatically. like a magnet. you can do anything you want. >> again, nbc news obtained this recording from "access hollywood." "access hollywood" is a program on nbc universal. as you are well aware, donald trump faces a striking gender gap that they have been trying to mitigate and trying to get him on script and take him away from the more outrageous statements. the clinton campaign try capitalize and they put out ads trying to use his own words
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super imposing them over a young girl looking at themselves. he had an issue with alicia machado who she said called a fat pig after she gained a bit of weight after winning that contest. he went on the news the day after the clinton campaign brought it up and said she gained a massive amount of weight and it was a real problem. this was from the clinton campaign and they are trying to capitalize on it. something that the donald trump campaign does not need at this point. we are 33 days out until the election and again it looks as of now that suburban women could be the deciding vote in the election. >> we will have much more. this is something we are just learning and just in the last few minutes. that audio from 2005 featuring donald trump. any more reaction we will bring it to you as it comes in. we are going to squeeze a quick
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break in. we are juggling a lot. the storm and preparations for the debate two days away. much more to get to. stay with us. back after this.
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back with more on the breaking news we were just starting to tell you about. we have just become away of a bolder comment about women in 2005. this has audio of trump with a tour of billy bush who has "access hollywood" at the time. the video shows trump and bush on a bus on the way to an anniversary party eight months
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after trump married his third wife, milania. you can hear him talk about a married woman he tried to have sex with and how he behaves with women she attracted to. he claims he can do whatever he wants because he is fame us. the language is graphic and may be offensive. take a listen. >> i moved on her. she was in palm beach and i moved on her. i failed. i will admit it. i tried to [ bleep ] her. she was married. i moved on her very heavily. i took her out furniture shopping. i said i will show you where they have nice furniture. i moved on her like a [ bleep ]. i couldn't get there. she was married. i see her and she has the big phony [ bleep ] and she totally changed her look. i have to use tic-tacs in case i start kissing her. i am automobiatically attracted like a magnet.
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when you are famous they let you. anything you want. >> that's a recording from 2005 from a press tour from "access hollywood." nbc news obtained it from "access hollywood" and they released the following statement in the last few minutes. they said this was locker room banter ai private conversation that took place many years ago. bill clinton said far worse to me on the golf course, not even close. i apologize if anyone was offended. that is donald trump just in the last few minutes. just in the last few minutes. now aing it three storm and pounding this the southeastern coast. very much in matthew's path and the government warning to take the storm seriously. >> i have not been one to overreact, but we want to imply
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to everyone that it is serious and we stand ready to help and people have to help themselves first. >> we will head back to florida to get an update on the situation. joining us from holly hill, florida. >> i have breaking news for you. the emergency management confirmed one woman has died when she went to feet her animals. a woman hit by a fallen tree. i was trying to head over to the barrier island and many trees are here that a delicate situation. some neighbors behind me were trying to chain saw parts of this tree to make the road accessible to people. i am being careful and standing away from trees to my left. i want to talk to the folks over
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here to see how they rode the storm last night. how are you? i understand you were here for the storm. can you let me know real quick? how was it? there was a lot of tree damage. >> i want to talk to you and show people your house if you walk with me. and shawn did creative things and duct taped his roof and i wonder if the camera man can pan over here. >> tie downs. the ratchet tie downs. the anchors into the five-foot stakes in the ground. they are not coming off. >> for shawn over here, that strategy might have worked. we are in the middle of the street so i want to get out of the road here.
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very delegate situation for people to get off the road. that confirmed fatality. we will try to give you a status on what the damage is over there. >> in holly till, florida. thank you for that. we are going to turn back to the breaking news we have been telling you about. the audio video with donald trump's voice from back in 2005 making vulgar comments on a press tour. from "the washington post," we have david on the phone write being this story in "the washington post" within the last hour. we have played the audio. we can hear trump's voice and we don't actually see him, but we tried to get the comments in 2005. what more context can you tell us about what we are seeing and hearing here? >> what you are seeing is
1:24 pm
basically this is trump was appearing on days of our lives, the soap opera for a cameo. "access hollywood" went along with him to the studio to get ready. what you are hearing is trump and billy bush, the host at the time was miked up on the bus as they drive up. you are hearing the talk on the bus as they approach. that's where it moves to the lewd comments. all the lewd comments are made in that context. >> the statement again in the last few minutes. this was locker room bander that took place many years ago. he said bill clinton said far worse many years ago and this is not even close. they had language like this on some occasion. that seems to be the strategy
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that the trump campaign will go with, david. >> i'm not sure they will do anything to detract from the audio. the interesting thing for me is trump recently said in an interview with the nevada tv station when he talked about women and making his way for entertainment purposes. that was not entertaining anybody beyond a few guys on the bus with him. that makes it a pretty interesting view in a private moment. >> this is a breaking story we are finding out about. anybody just joining us, we will play the audio for you again so you can understand what we are talking about from 2005. this is video obtained by nbc from "access hollywood." donald trump's voice here on a bus with billy bush that was at "access hollywood" making the comments. take a listen again. >> i moved on her actually. she was in palm beach and i moved on her and i failed.
1:26 pm
i will admit it. i tried to [ bleep ] her. she was married. i moved on her very heavily. i took her furniture shopping. she wanted to get some if you wereture. i said i will show you where they have nice furniture. i moved on her like a [ bleep ] and couldn't get there. she was married. she now has the big phony [ bleep ] and totally changed her look. i have to use tic-tacs in case i start kissing her. i'm automatically attracted to beautiful -- like a magnet. and when you are a star, they let you do it. you have them by the [ bleep ]. >> that video from 11 years ago. donald trump's voice and still on the phone with us from "the washington post," david, again on that statement from donald trump bringing bill clinton into it, i'm thinking ahead to sunday night's debate at the end of the first debate when hillary clinton brought up
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returning to coning coverage of the hurricane matthew. the storm is battering the florida and georgia coast and moves north. hurricane matthew lashing the area with driving rain and winds up to 115 miles per hour. they could see a surge of up to
1:29 pm
ten feet. they are blamed for two deaths and one million customers in the sunshine state without power. they are forecast tomorrow as a category two storm. they are forecasting to leave coastal areas. >> this is nothing about what's getting ready to happen. this is the last time you will hear my voice when i am asking you to evacuate. we need everybody to consider evacuating and really take this very seriously. >> president obama has all right declared a state of emergency in south carolina as well as florida and georgia. receiving an update from homeland security jay johnson and from fema administrator. >> so pay attention to what your local officials are telling you. if they tell you to evacuate,
1:30 pm
get out of there and move to higher ground. >> craig met with the president this morning. thanks for taking a few minutes. what was your message to the president when you sat down with him? >> people were looking at south floater and saying hey, this storm is not that bad and it's weakening. i remind the president that today was when we expected the brunt of the storm. our big threat and the continued threat is storm surge and heavy rain. we have also today the president added north caroline and we are looking at heavy rainfall in addition to the storm surge as they move up in the carolinas. >> we said that the storm is expected to make landfall around charleston in south carolina. category two at that point and a storm that was four yesterday and three now and two then. to residents saying it's only two and it's weakening and i
1:31 pm
don't have to worry much. what would you say? >> worry. don't focus on the category. we know because of the storm and the way it's approaching the coast, the storm surge values can be greater than what you expect from the wind speeds and again wind speeds cause power outages and structural damage, but the thing that is the most dangerous part of the storm is the water. it may be a lesser storm when you talk about categories, but as far as storm surge goes, that really has not changed in the forecast period and it's the one they think that the hurricane center has been emphasizing that is the biggest risk from the storm along the coastal areas as it moves along the florida and georgia and now forecast to go into the carolinas and the impact later on in the forecast period. >> you talk about the areas moving north. you are saying dire warnings still very much north. is it fair to say the areas this storm has passed through in florida and we are hearing dire
1:32 pm
warnings that they have largely dodged a bullet relative to the predictions. >> they are able to get out and start doing the assessments of recovery. we knew from the forecast track that it was going to be 40 to 50 miles either side and they would tell the difference from heavy damage or lighter damage. if that is further out, it did not hit the southern part as hard, but as it was approaching, that started to change and the further north it goes, the more damage we are seeing. it is still occurring. we dodged much of anything, but the southern part of the state is doing better in the impact so far in the storm. >> fema administrator, thanks for the time. appreciate it. obviously we will have much more on hurricane matthew as it makes its way along the atlantic coast from florida to georgia, south carolina and north carolina. it is still moving. coming up next as donald trump and hillary clinton get ready
1:33 pm
for the next debate. new poll numbers out today. we will set the stakes and break down the new numbers. stay with us. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day toeel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel aliv♪
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we are going to turn back to politics. 32 daysa, way from election day and more importantly two days from the next debate. this will be a town hall stale debate between donald trump and hillary clinton, less formal than at the first debate where they were at podiums. this time there will be two moderators and audience members will get a chance to question the candidates and that was used in 1992 when bill clinton and his campaign demanded it. clinton excelled in a town hall setting getting a chance to interact with voters. whether it will suit hillary clinton or donald trump, we will have to find out. the setting into the debate is
1:37 pm
high. the poll out this afternoon shows hillary clinton is expanding her lead nationally to five points over trump. last month in the same poll that was a statistical tie. this is the latest signed that clinton received a major boost from the first debate. it also shows that with one group of voters she made inroads. millennials under the age of 35. clinton leading trump in this poll by 21 points there. in early september that was just five points. this is not movement from trump to clinton. instead this is movement from the third party candidates from gary johnson and jill stein. their combined support falling by more than 20 points in the last month. that could be because neither of the candidates made the debate stage making it seem more like a two-candidate race. that is something that the clinton campaign has been hoping for. they believe the biggest threat is not donald trump.
1:38 pm
they believe the threat is gary johnson and jill stein. the question for trump is will we see a different performance on sunday night. did you learn lessons from round one and will he be more prepared? last night a dress rehearsal and a town hall effect and the trump campaign added at the last minute and trump refusing he was trying to get in a practice session before the main event. >> and it's so disconcerting. effect tonight they said donald trump is going to new hampshire to practice for sunday. this has nothing to do with sunday. forget that. give me a break. do you think hillary clinton is debate prepping? hillary clinton is resting. she wants to build up her energy for sunday night. that's fine. >> and i want to bring in former republican congressman from virginia and former democratic congressman from texas. thank you both for joining us. tom, let me start with you.
1:39 pm
publicly what we heard from donald trump is playing off the idea of preparing for this and hillary clinton off the campaign trail or getting ready for this. do you think privately donald trump is approaching this any differently than the first? >> he better be. time is running out for him at this point. this should be a change election. he has to reach a level where people are comfortable with him being the change. he didn't meet that bar and it showed a lack of preparation and a lack of restraint and temperament and discipline. the stakes are too high for him to walk in cavalierly. >> from hillary's standpoint, they make no secret about it. they wanted hillary clinton to lay traps for donald trump where he would say something inflammatory and get distracted
1:40 pm
when she brought up alicia machado at the end of the day. do you think they could pull that off again? >> let me speak to tom's point. it is important to practice for a debate. i was in office for 26 years and i did a lot of candidate debates. i'm sure tom did. you have to get comfortable with the format and anticipate the questions you will be asked so you don't wander into space like he is apt to do. i assume he has been practicing whether he acknowledges that or not. the important thing is for hillary to give a steady reasoned approach the way she did in the first and to answer the questions and if she wants to add things, but to answer them as directly as she can. trump has a lack of focus and a short attention span. that's clear. we will see if he can change that. >> we ran through the national poll number and battle ground
1:41 pm
state polls we can you about. two of them in new hampshire. this is potentially progress for donald trump. a two-point gap for him and hillary clinton. there have been more recent polls showing a wider margin and maybe something for donald trump to worry about in arizona. this was a red state in 2012 and his lead with hillary clinton there. the emerson college poll has hillary ahead by two points there. i see the recent polls that had trump up by two points. tom davis, those poll numbers for donald trump from the stand point of the path to 270, trump faces a steep climb. >> he has a narrow path and very little margin for error. this is doable for him. the national polls are irrelevant, but not meaningless. it shows movement in states at this point, but look, he's got to take florida and ohio.
1:42 pm
he can't lose a state like arizona. he's got to perform well in the debate. you have too many educated voters that are looking for change and you don't see that change in the way he presented himself. he has a chance sunday night. >> it has been a busy news day and the news about donald trump we just shared. here's what might be making more headlines. joe biden out on the stump for hillary clinton and here's what he had to say about her. >> i know some of you and some of the people you are trying to convince aren't crazy about hillary. i know that. okay? i think she has gotten around unfair deal, but the truth of the matter is -- [ applause ] don't wake up on november 9th and find out we lost pennsylvania by 2,000 votes and say if i had only taken my name
1:43 pm
and only gone. if i had only. if i had only. >> he got a point going through his likability numbers. what does is say in terms of a challenge for a democrat. you may not be excited about the nominee, but you have to stop the other candidate. >> clearly that's a motivating factor for a lot of democrats. look at the hispanic community which is the largest, fastest growing part of the electorate. trump insulted them time and time again. i think you will see a significant turn out from hispanics and college educated voters and women. there is a big gap and normally they do well with college educated voters. romney carried college educated women. hillary is way ahead with college educated women. i think it's motivating the
1:44 pm
people who see there is a difference between the two and getting the loophole. that's what the elections are all about. >> just quickly, the real question is, is this an obama centric or democratic centric? he has been president and not been in the ballot. the republicans have had massive gains. that's her problem. with biden and obama on the stump to close that gap, they are seeing if they can. >> thanks to both of you. we will go back live to jacksonville, florida where officials are warning that storm surge flooding will be the biggest issue. in an area where the water is rapidly rising. regir determined to take care of her own? or is it a lifetime of work that blas e path to your passions? your personal success takes a financial partr
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>> jacob is live in jacksonville outside ever bankfield where the nfl jacksonville jaguars play. you are right in the thick of that storm surge. set the scene for us. >> reporter: so steve, it's been an extraordinary day because the city of jacksonville is in the downtown proper is 23 miles from
1:49 pm
the coast where we saw that incredible foodage of the storm surge into the communities earlier today. that doesn't mean that area is out of hot water in any sense of the term. you can see number one, the amount of rain that came down created flooding in areas like the one i'm in right now. we are able to come out here safely and see how much rain has fallen down today. the big issue is not the rain or the wind that we are being hit with. it's the storm surge and how it affectless the river that runs through the center of jacksonville as you know well. it is strange to see the area as it has been here several times. it is jam packed with people, both business people and residents and people like us who come in from out of town. it is independent here and that's a good thing. record levels in many places. why is that a problem?
1:50 pm
downtown area is very low-lying and very susceptible to flooding and not only the residents of downtown jacksonville and not only the businesses, but the mayor and the governor and the president of the united states have said today is something everyone has to be careful about. >> jacob outside ever banks field. thank you for that. we will take a quick break with be back after this. marie knows that a hearty turkey pot pie gives you a warm way to cozy up on a chilly day. so she seasons and roasts tender turkey breast to perfection. and prepares a golden flaky crust from scratch.
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♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. >> more on the breaking news we have been telling you about. nbc news becomes aware of a video that captured donald trump
1:54 pm
making vulgar comments about women. that's during a press with billy bush and "access hollywood." they show trump and bush on a bus on the way to an anniversary party eight months after trump married his third wife, melania. what can you tell us? >> the trump campaign said that bill clinton has said much worse on the golf course. he even came out and said he apologizes if anybody was offended. that's the first time we have heard him say anything like that in a statement during this campaign. that is a remarkable turn during this campaign, but the issue is what does it mean for the last 33 days of the election? he has a real gender gap and the ma are jority of women view him
1:55 pm
unfavorably because of past statements fors women. he was not necessarily a champion of women. he objectifies women and saying those sores of things. >> this is a 2005 video between donald trump and billy bush on an "access hollywood" bus on the way to the set of days of our lives. take a listen. >> he was in pausch beach and moved on her and i failed. i will admit it. she was married. moved on her very heavily. she wanted to get some furniture and i said i will show you where they have nice furniture. i couldn't get there. and she was married.
1:56 pm
when you are a star, you can do anything. you have them by the [ bleep ]. >> he appears to be speaking about a woman, an actress from days of our lives and they are escorting donald trump where he is making a cameo. we are 33 days out until the election. they need to find a way to connect to female voters. suburban women especially. they might decide this election. so many of them view him unfavorably. or do they write them off as the campaign is hoping they will? he used to be an entertainer and he was not a politician and saying these things when he spoke about his past comments on the howard stern show when he said it's hard for a woman to be a 10 if she is flat chested. he said that was a different
1:57 pm
time in his life and he was trying to be outrageous and funny because it was an entertainment show. these comments are different and they were said in a private conversation during a hot mike. is that going to change the perception of donald trump or solidify women where they are which is not in his favor. saying about this recording, this was locker room bander and a private conversation that took place many years ago. bill clinton said far worse to me on the golf course. not even close. i apologize if anyone was offended. that will do it for this hour. next we will pick up continuing coverage of hurricane matthew.
1:58 pm
welcome to our continuing breaking coverage of hurricane matthew. the sterm up the southeast coast after leaving severe damage across the caribbean. there are two confirmed


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