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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  October 7, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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the primary apparently maybe should have done some opposition research. maybe they would have found this. on the question of this from donny and i, we say to allegedly coming from the clinton campaign, this actually you, sayonara. came from david fahrenthold, who is an incredible reporter at "hardball" with chris matthews is next. "the washington post." i doubt the clinton campaign had access to audio tapes from "access hollywood," but, obviously, this dogged reporter heard on the bus. let's play "hardball." actually found it. and my last point that i would make to the congresswoman, who's really quickly dismissed these comments and vaulted over to a series of talking points about hillary clinton, you, congresswoman, back on august 30th, of this year, said on a good evening, i'm chris matthews in washington. show called "the brody file," we're following a potential bombshell in the presidential that god had raised up donald race with big implications for sunday's debate, if not the trump. that donald trump has been raised up by god to be the election itself. nbc news obtained audio from republican nominee. and you went on to say that god lifts up who he will and takes 2005 of donald trump making lewd down who he will. comments about women. so it seems to me that just it was during a press tour and based on your own past he was talking to former "access statements, this was either done hollywood" anchor, billy bush. to donald trump by himself, by and by the way, this audio david fahrenthold, by somebody at "access hollywood," or by coming up now includes graphic language and you may well find god. and i'd wonder if you now it offensive. believe that god has taken down in the first clip, trump talks about a woman he tried to have
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who he will? sex with. [ laughs ] >> you don't have to respond to >> i moved on her, actually. that. not about the god part. you know, she was down in palm your religion is your own beach. i moved on her and i failed. personal belief. i'll admit it. but it's -- i think joy's being >> whoa. >> i did try to [ bleep ] her. she was married. rhetorical. but go ahead, respond. no, no, nancy. and i moved on her very heavily. and i'm not comfortable with the theological discussions. in fact, i took her out go ahead. furniture shopping. myself. go ahead. >> well, i think what -- i she wanted to get some furniture. think, quite clearly, what is i said, i'll show you where they have some nice furniture. going to happen on the first i took her out -- i moved on her tuesday in november, people are going to take a really strong like a [ bleep ]. i couldn't get there. look at where america is at and and she was married. and all of a sudden, i see her, where they want america to be. she's now got the big phony [ bleep ] and everything. not just in a broad way, but for she's totally changed her look. them personally. >> in this second clip coming up and we've seen a dramatic drop right now, there's the same in income, we've seen a huge tax conversation, in the same conversation, on that bus, increase in the form of obamacare. it's wildly unpopular. donald trump donald trump talks about how he gets away behaving that's what people are worried with women. about. they're also extremely nervous let's listen. about terrorism. >> i got to use some tic tacs they've seen the failures under hillary clinton with that, with just in case i start kissing her failed russian reset. her. you know, i'm automatically attracted to beautiful -- i just those are the kind of things people are going to be thinking start kissing them. about. she doesn't want people to think it's like a magnet. i don't even -- and when you're about that, mrs. clinton. a star, they let you do it. she wants them to think about you can do anything. the nonsense. >> whatever you want. but when push comes to shove, >> grab them by the [ bleep ]. we've really got to take this >> well, in a statement today, election seriously and i donald trump said, quote, this think -- >> but we call it news.
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was locker room banter, a and everything you just said, private conversation that took congresswoman, we knew two or place many years ago. three hours ago. bill clinton has said far worse to me on the golf course, but everything you've talked about, terrorism, the usual stuff that the republicans talking about, not even close. i apologize if anyone was they talk about the e-mail and offended. they talk about benghazi, well, the clinton campaign is also responding. everybody's been talking about a clinton spokesman said in a that and they knew all of that. statement, quote, this is that's all baked into the cake. horrific. what's new are these tapes. we cannot allow this woman -- this man to become president. here's the rnc chairman, reince priebus, just released a joining me right now is nbc's statement on the trump audiotape. katy tur and andrea mitchell and quote, no woman should ever be "washington post" columnist ruth described in these terms or marcus. all three are joining us at talked about in this manner, ever. once. that's a pretty strong statement, joy, by the leader of let's start with katy tur and your reporting. the party. >> and the leader of the party is in a very awkward position. you've been covering the candidate for a long time. reince priebus is supposed to where does this bring us to? stand on stage with donald trump not long from now along with the >> we've heard a lot an these allegations over the course of speaker of the house of this campaign season. representatives, along with the -- and i hope to bring them i was talking to somebody even today who say they've heard much up again, the evangelical governor of wisconsin. and the only reason i bring it worse from donald trump in up, chris, one of donald trump's private company, when they were with him. the issue is nobody was ever able to authentic this, to hear bulwarks, the manage he's still in the 30s, he's managed to hold proof, frankly, that donald together that three-legend stool trump had said words like this. the campaign in the past has said when he's spoken about of the republican party, includi
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including evangelicals. women, on the howard stern show, and not only the congresswoman, who herself has put trump's saying that it's very hard to be candidacy in evangelical terms, a ten if you're flat chested, that's part of what's holding they've written it off and trump up. donald trump himself has written it off to saying that he used to and comments like this have to be an entertainer and this was be explained in the very all part of his act, part of his churches, in the very show. that he wasn't a politician, evangelical households that are that people understand that there's a separate personality supporting donald trump more than almost anybody else. involved here. this conversation, though, so i'm wondering if you get home chris, is much different. it's a conversation that was into that household, where a captured, that was supposed to husband and a wife and their be a private conversation, that daughters are sitting down and talking about this election, who have been strongly for donald was captured on a hot mike. he didn't think these words would get out there. and they're even more graphic, explicit, lewd than we have heard in the past from donald trump, even though we've heard some pretty outrageous trump, and who have evan je statements from him, when it comes to women in the past. evangelicalized him. >> i like it phrased just that i will say this, there's been a way. not your theological thinking, but how people will react to, number of articles outlining donald trump donald trump's these religious beliefs. go ahead. alleged sexist behavior towards >> well, again, if you go back women, his misogyny towards women, there was the ap article to the '90s, look at what parents had the to talk about dham out last week that with mrs. clinton's husband, interviewed 20 different cast which nobody wanted to talk and crew members from "the about. they'd shut their tvs off, it apprentice" all tubb donald was so bad. >> i agree. >> it wasn't words, it was trump donald trump's sometimes inappropriate language towards actions. and that's not where he want to women that were onset during the
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time of that show. i spoke to somebody on that crew be. i don't think anybody wants to deal with all of that. because quite honestly, that's who confirmed that story. people's personal business. there was also "the new york but what we really do want to times" story earlier this year talk about is what a president will do for us. back from may, talking about donald trump reacting or >> well -- >> or to us. >> okay. interacting with women at >> and i think that's where mrs. clinton actually was recklessly mar-a-lago. at the time, ivanka trump was on dangerous to the united states. she's the one who's unfit to be cbs "this morning" pushing back commander in chief. donald trump is going to rebuild on those allegations that her father groped women. our economy and our military. she said, my father is not a that's more important to me and groper. this certainly is something that i think to a lot of evangelical the campaign does not want to households. >> let's all read the papers hear. it's coming at a bad time for tomorrow morning. i think joy's point of view is going to be in the paper them. 32 days out until the election. tomorrow. i don't think it's going to be about these other issues. of course, joy, i do believe in he has a problem with women, a massive gender gap. he needs to find a way to connect with suburban white god, and i agree with,sort of, women. it's hard to see how this helps. the same line of thinking that >> i'm just wondering about the role of mike pence here. michele bachmann has. because mike pence has been on the trail, i was with him in >> i grew up in church, as well. gettysburg yesterday. >> i think the sectarian thing basically appealing to christian you're after, how people with conservatives or religious conservatives, talking about praying for him, for donald her beliefs, it will affect trump. not just voting for him. their voting. that's comfortable territory for and trying to shape up that both of us. right-wing flank. congresswoman, thanks for coming how's that going to affect his on, it's a tricky night.
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coalition with trump? >> you know, that's a good thank you. we'll continue to get reaction question. today, he came out to ohio, he from tonight's bombshell news. had held his own rally. this was after these comments came out. the audio recording from 2005 in and he said that donald trump is a vulgar conversation about standing stronger than ever. women. the "hardball" roundtable is so pence is clearly standing coming here next. right by his side. this is "hardball," we'll be right back. our customers. but as you mentioned, he is an who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. avowed christian conservative. he has a very conservative i'm in. ♪ ♪ record. he's somebody who has said in the past that he doesn't like name calling on the campaign trail. his wife has defended donald trump, saying that he's been nothing but a gentleman behind the scenes, both to her and her family. i'm not entirely sure how the one, two, - wait, wait. conservative base is going to wait - where's tina? react to this. doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. in the past when donald trump has said outrageous comments or ally. do it right. made lewd comments about women on howard stern, the christian conservatives haven't necessarily pushed back from him. remember, he got a standing ovation at values voter, just a couple of weeks ago. so donald trump's personality has been out there. these sometimes salacious comments, these sometimes outrageous, we want to call them, lewd, sexist, misogynistic
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comments haven't necessarily hurt him among that base. we're going to find out if this is different, though, because this is a private conversation. remember, chris, he's saying that because he's a star, he can basically do anything he wants to a woman. he can take advantage of a woman in any way, he can grab her by her private parts. let's see if this changes the conversation in any way. >> yeah, let me go to ruth marcus here, then andrea mitchell. because it's friday. >> hi. >> it's friday. it's right before the big debate. what everybody called the cliff he could fall out of. in other words, a very precipitous time for donald trump. it's not like he's in solid shape right now. >> and i think that katy ended with what i find to be the most offensive and troubling and damaging to donald trump piece of this. which is, he's not just on je y objectifying women, he's talking about his using his own celebrity and wealth and star
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power in order to be able to sexuality women. he can grab them by their private parts, he says, because he's a star. so his apology, which we're a little surprised to see anything from donald trump that approaches an apology, it is going to have to get a lot better, and i think certainly on [loud techno music playing] sunday, but probably before announcer: if you drive buzzed, sunday. because if any -- he says "if it could cost you around $10,000. anybody was offended," tell me you'll face major legal fees, major fines, who wasn't offended listening to this. >> and i think it's going to and steep insurance penalties. raise questions of the private versus the public. you really discover what you discover for yourself. people will watch these tapes, listen to these tapes. you could lose everythg. they'll do it all night, at parties tonight, at bars along route 40 tonight. guys will be talking about this, buzzed, busted, and broke. on all the tv shows. becae bued driving is drunk dng. and here we have the debate coming up. and the women on that panel in that town hall are going to brick this up. the men will too. >> the time can go not be worse. men and women, offensive language. i can't even describe, you know, the kind of, i guess, barroom language. i can't even -- i don't know men who talk that way. >> actually, i don't even, for a
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long time. i do remember that kind of talk about 40 years ago. but, that is pretty much out of date. >> but you know who has the most immediate political problem, in addition to donald trump, the speaker of the house. paul ryan is making his first public appearance tomorrow in wisconsin with donald trump. on the same stage. and this goes against everything that is this -- this figure of rectitude, paul ryan's family believes in. >> what's mike pence going to n quickly separating himself. >> he has already. >> but he's saying, here proves everything i've said about the guy. >> i think this is going to require much more from trump than we've seen. because if there are men who talk this way, and i don't doubt that there are, here's the difference. welcome back to "hardball." he's a man who is, a, on tape, trump tower has been rocked by and b, on the presidential the news of the leaked ticket. and you cannot let this stand. recordings from 2005 of donald trump making lewd comments about he is going to have to say, this
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women. we want to play this full conversation now so you can make was wrong, i -- this does not your own judgment. we want to warn you as we did reflect who i want to be. and i am not going to behave before that the language uses that way. >> yeah, i don't want to put quite graphic, in other words, words in his mouth, but i think gross, and it may well be this is more -- offensive to you. >> don't you think they'll it takes two minutes, but i attack the media for distributing this? >> i think they will, why not? always say to people, you only know what you discover yourself. you have to attack somebody. and i think this is going to escalate. i expect he will now make good discover. >> the thing is. on his claim that bill clinton she's still very beautiful. >> i moved on her. speaks worse and he's going to go after the clintons again. she was down in palm beach, i he's going to escalate, i moved on her and i failed. assume. >> i guess there's a nuclear . i'll admit it. option, because he's talked i did try to [ bleep ] her. about the power of the explosive and destructive power of going she was married. oh, no, nancy. i moved on her very heavily. nuclear. and i just don't see how that is in fact, i took her out going to help him in this furniture shopping. circumstance. >> well, here's tim kaine, who is a really nice guy, he she wanted to get some furniture. i said, i'll show you where they responded the to the audio have some nice furniture. i took her out furniture. today. let's watch and listen to what i moved on her like a [ bleep ] he has to say. >> it's just -- i mean, it makes but i couldn't get there. and she was married. now all of a sudden i see her me sick to my stomach. i don't like to even say the and she's got the big phony [ bleep ] and she totally changed her look. words that he's used in the past >> she's your girl, the hottie when he calls pigs, dogs, and in the purple. slobs. i didn't like saying it on stage >> whoa! the other night with my mom and >> yes, the donald is good! wife sitting in the front row. >> oh, my! you've got to look at me when
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but this is behavior that's just outrageous. and so that there would be a you get off -- news story that would have more statements like this, of this >> you are a [ bleep ]. >> we've got to get this -- kind, i mean, gosh, i'm sad to >> anybody else off first? >> yeah, let me. say that i'm not surprised. >> very funny. i should be. you and i will walk out. i should be surprised and shocked. i'm sad to say that i'm not. >> oh, my god. >> katy tur, you have more on this. i was wondering along the lines of, will there be an >> maybe it's a different one. >> better not be the publicist. consolidatiescalation no, it's her. >> yeah, that's her, with the now? will he fight fire with more gold. aye got to use some tic tacs fire? >> i know after the first debate, the campaign did not want donald trump to go there just in case i start kissing when talking about bill clinton or bringing up the marriage or her. you know, i'm automatically bringing up any of his started to beautiful -- i just start kissing them. infidelities. they didn't think it was on it's like a magnet. their -- they didn't think it i don't even -- and when you're a star, they let you do it. behooved them to do so. you can do anything. remember, he had a gender gap. >> whatever you want. we keep talking about this. >> grab 'em by the [ bleep ]. he is trying to appeal to suburban women, who could end up you can do anything. deciding this election. >> look at those legs. and finding and blaming hillary all i can see is the legs. clinton for her husband's infidelities was not a route >> no, it looks good. that they wanted to go down. >> come on, shorty. you donate hear him really talk >> oh, nice legs. >> oh, get out of the way, hon. about it during the debate. that's good legs. he sort of staid awyed away fro even though he brought it up a go ahead. little bit at the end. >> it's always good if you don't he was not going to talk about it in the week after that, but fall out of the bus.
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he did bring it up when he felt like ford, jerogerald ford, backed into a corner, when remember. >> down below. clinton's team was hammering him pull the handle. for alicia machado and talking >> hello. how are you? about his tweets in the middle hi. >> mr. trump, how are you? of the night. >> nice seeing you. now kellyanne conway telling cnn terrific. >> nice to meet you. >> you know billy bush. that he certainly could go there >> how are you doing? with the bill clinton stuff. >> i'm doing very well, thank you. are you ready to be a soap star? now trump is saying he's not going to go there with the bill >> we're ready, let's go. clinton stuff. my question is, when he feels >> how about a little hug for backed into a corner, is that the donald. when we see donald trump bring >> melania said this was okay. up the more personal attacks >> i just got off the bus. against the clintons? there we go! excellent. well, you've got a nice co-star yes, usually that is the case. when he feels like he has here. >> yes, absolutely. nowhere else to go. when he feels like he needs to >> after you. defend himself. >> well, that conversation took and you did hear him bring it up place during a press tour and a little bit today, in that trump was talking to former statement that he put out in "access hollywood" anchor billy bush. late today, "access hollywood" told nbc news, as we reported in regards to this new audiotape, saying that he's heard bill our story this evening, "access clinton say much worse on the hollywood" has interviewed golf course. donald trump literally hundreds so he already dipped his toe of times over 20 years, with mr. into that. clearly that is an allegation, a trump's nomination as defense they want to use going presidential candidate, "access forward that i might have said hollywood" reviewed its extensive library of footage and these bad things, but they're discovered these comments.
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not as bad as bill clinton's stuff. and they do have -- and they the comment couldn't come at a worse time during the have used in the past -- hillary presidential candidate, who had only recently regained his clinton, somehow enabling bill footing during a series of clinton and attacking his gaffes. sunday's debate was already a do accusers. whether he goes there during the or die for donald trump, we believe, and his campaign will be able to put on the debate, we're going to have to performance of his life, they wait and see. better. but, again, guys, i would not be for more on this, we're joined by some experts, michael too surprised, because when he feels backed into a corner -- >> yeah. >> -- this is often where he masky, with the daily beast, and goes. >> i thought it was interesting, andrea, friday used to be the perry bacon, nbc senior political reporter. day you dumped the story you night after night here, i feel i have to start the conversation wanted to hide. here we have a story, bombshell with a woman. because these conversations are about gender, they're about behavior in that area. that was broken today by "the what do you think? washington post." and now what do you have? >> it's hard to listen to. >> on west wing, they used to >> politics. >> yeah, it's hard to listen to. call it take out the trash day, on friday afternoon, when the that being said, when you have a campaign that already had a white house would dump out -- >> the real west wing or the 19-point gender gap on average, the low-hanging fruit's already tv -- >> the tv "west wing." >> every day is take out the gone to hillary clinton. trash day now. >> well, this is the download of so you're going to have to get those women who have actually the long-sought-after hillary defended trump through a lot of clinton speech notes from all other comments. so i do think that's twice. those paid wall street speeches, it's twice as large a gender gap as we've already seen in history at least, from what we can tell, already. do i think this could move the that bernie sanders kept demanding during the debates and number s somewhat on that?
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the primaries, and she refused sure. but i think this puts him on his to release. >> these are the walk in the heels for the debate, in a door notes or the notes taken. debate he had to win. >> my hunch, perry, this goes to >> these are notes taken during the speech. >> by somebody there. an area of people that don't >> we're going through them. usually follow politics. i'm not saying -- well, i am they're from, apparently, the lecture agency. but the fact is, this is another saying people who follow politics are better than people hack. who don't. this is a download from one of because i think people are good citizens, do keep up. the hacking organizations that but people who don't keep up are has alleged ties to the all going to hear this. russians. this is going to go over bar in that was definitively described america tonight, every by the administration for the first time, the intelligence interstate or county road where there's chopped steaks and community said definitively, it cocktail sign out front, they'll is the russians at the highest be in there talking about this. level, which means vladimir >> it's not just on tape, it's putin tried to undermine our on video. >> meeting an attractive woman, elections. also, john podesta was hacked but that sort of backs up the today by the same outfit. story line. and these are those speech >> it backs up the story line. these comments are deplorable. notes. we have yet to read through the way he talks about, i'm them. we will. it will all be online. rich, i'm successful, so i can >> has there been a bigger impact in her campaign against bernie sanders than now? how is donald trump going to touch women however i want to. attack hillary clinton for being and donald trump was the one losing. too close to wall street? >> it's hard to say. he's got some core of support, but he needs these debates to but there's the old hypocrisy, move forward to gain support. hillary's winning, and i think sunday is going to be really what you said in private and hard. he's going to come up, defend what you made $250,000 saying. himself, do better than his
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there is a populist way to go apology tonight, is my after her on it. suspicion. >> ruth, you have to surmise in this is hard for him. >> a good number of republicans your columnist writing a couple times a week. i want you to talk about the fiscal conservatives, dynamic between now, within just libertarians, and christian a day or two, it's two days from conservatives. this is a heavy lift for mike now. pence now. they're going to be on the stage i was out in gettysburg together with maybe 100 million people watching now. yesterday, talking about praying and everyone said this is the for the election results to be make or break for donald trump. in the favor of clinton, really if he loses two debates, he's getting into the religiousty of gone. the -- how do they sell that what's this going to do? point of view about trump to the >> well, it sort of -- i've been non-secular people who are going to watch this and say, nope, thinking -- >> all of it. >> rock, paper, scissors. that's not what we want. >> i think that makes this very and the rock, paper, scissors of tough. politics, sex beats are goldman and today was 100 evangelical leaders signed something saying, sachs every time. this is more important about so, that's -- that's one thing that we need to think about. politics, this is about preserving the integrity of our there's going to be a lot of faith or words to that effect. >> in other words, they're not with trump. >> they're not with trump. attention. it's not just all of these andening we'll see more of that. and i'm really interested in the things coming together, the news question of how trump's going to about trump, the news about these speeches, but the deal with this sunday. >> he's apologized to those that uncertainty of town hall audience, where the twists of offends. >> but is he going to -- fate mean that anybody can ask >> what did bill yy bush said. any question. >> no censuring.
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i was young, i can't excuse it. >> no sen scensuring. >> what is kelly ayotte going to >> i wonder if he'll play do? >> she's already pulled off this offense. >> my sense of him, and people guy, pretty much. like katy tur, who know him >> she was still wavering. >> no, tonight, she was pretty better than i do, his reaction will be, i could do better. clear. >> there goes the role model i can hit you harder than you thing. >> but also the party, what is just hit me. reince priebus going to say? >> he can, on the flip side. >> i'm thinking of all those >> all the known information about clinton. but the other question you close races, pennsylvania, no, always ask, what opo does he with toomey and mcginty, very have? >> right. >> what oppo does he have? close races. this kind of thing can blow i don't know what he has, if things apart. i don't know. we're in an era where people who there is any. >> we have all of these leaks that have come out about the are not eithin either campaign n e-mail and so on. but the one thing they have not a very developed campaign staff. opo. we have alicia machado show up i don't think trump has a lot of opo coming. i suspect he would have a from 15 years ago. already used it by now. all of a sudden, coming up, 20 and does he have opo like that. years ago, i'm sorry! these are all -- this is a story a video like that is really which -- this is another story that's old, but they pop up out hard. i don't think he'll have hillary of the past like electronics and clinton speaking that like about people are still alive. anything. it's hard to imagine that trump >> these are kind of known will have something like that unknowns. but the velocity of them is just ready to go. >> bad language? no president ever got impeached remarkable. >> -- paraphrase donald for bad language. your husband was impeached. rumsfeld. >> i know! you can get tough in fact and in this context. the velocity is just rhetorical department. extraordinary. i don't know if it will work.
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>> as joe kennedy used to say, >> what you will see over the nothing happens by accident. next 24 hours is a lot of pressure for the first time, after mike pence's great debate, in his vice presidential debate, thank you. this coming out on the heels of there is somebody who knows it that, trump had a bad debate. you're about the to see a lot of all. how this stuff came out. they know what we're talking about, because they set this up. pressure on reince priebus to katy tur, thank you, as always, make mike pence the republican nominee. >> hillary, that's how she andrea mitchell and ruth marcus, thank you. coming up, much more on these newly unearthed audiotapes of campaigned. she starts the debate, no matter what the question is from the donald trump with the second debate coming sunday. how will tonight's news shake up audience. you know, mr. trump, i noticed the race, and how can trump overcome something like this politically. boy, they are going to think this week in the debate of the hard on this. do they escalate or apologize vice presidents, your guy never bothered to defend you on more? this is "hardball," the place for politics. anything. is he really your running mate? and trump will react, you know what he will do. he's going to get mad. >> and you know she baited him over and over gep and he went for it. and mike pence basically did not offend him a lot this week. and you know trump is jealous, because mike pence did better, he won his debate. so i definitely think hillary knows how to needle him. it's not that challenging. >> and not even your running mate will defend this kind of stuff. but he won't defend it.
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>> and i'm sure they have another alicia machado tucked away, or two or three. >> or the khan family stuff. don't let dust and allergens and they know how to do this. get between you and life's beautiful moments. and i don't think trump can resist it. >> the gold medal family. by choosing flonase, do you think that was a clinton you're choosing more complete allergy relief production? >> that was at the democratic and all the enjoyment that comes along with it. convention, of course, it was. when we breathe in allergens, >> michele bachmann, a former our bodies react by overproducing 6 key inflammatory substances. congressman today saying this was a clinton production, too. >> i think michelle was right most allergy pills only control 1. about that. flonase controls 6. i don't know, but if it was, and six is greater than one. that's what a good campaign with flonase, more complete relief does. >> republican mark kirk of means enjoyment of every beautiful moment. illinois one of the first flonase, six is greater than on republicans to condemn trump's changes everything. candidacy has just tweeted the ♪ following. djt is a malignant clown, unprepared and unfit to be president of the united states. that's the republican candidate for re-election of united states well, join us sunday night senator in illinois. for july day coverage of the the roundtable is staying with second presidential debate, which looks like it's going to us. be hotter than ever. you're watching "hardball," the i'll get things started at 7:00 place for politics p.m. eastern with a special sunday night edition of "hardball" live from washington is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own? university in st. louis, site of the debate. and at 8:00, i'll be joined by
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welcome back to "hardball." newly released audio recordings of donald trump from 2005 have prompted the candidate himself to issue a rare statement, which for the first time in this campaign, included something close to an apology for past remarks. republicans this evening are condemning trump for his words. senator kelly ayotte of new hampshire told nbc news, his comments are totally inappropriate and offensive. senator jeff flake tweeted that america deserves far better than donald trump. and jeb bush just tweeted his reaction to the trump audiotape. he said, as the grandfather of two precious girls, i find that no apology can excuse away . we're back with the donald trump's reprehensible "hardball" round table. comments degrading women. michael, sarah, and perry. well, all of this with just 48 let's go in this order. let's talk about the precarious
4:21 pm
hours to go before the second presidential debate sunday nature. night. i'm joined by joy reid, host of it isn't like the world began today. we saw that pence stopped the "a.m. joy," as well as former hemorrhaging, at least in terms of this whole ticket's a joke. he looks solid. congresswoman michele bachmann but he didn't do much to save of minnesota. trump. it's a difficult night and we 95% of people said their vote on talked about this earlier this evening. how does trump deal with this, trump or hillary clinton hasn't and what will the impact be changed. because of that debate. then we also get the reports from the republican leaders between now and sunday night around the country, who sort of when it will be an issue on national television. filled its way into washington >> well, that's actually the that the general consensus that point. they believe he's on a cliff hillary clinton wanted to make right now. sure that this is what america he's about to walk off the cliff. he is so close to the end of his would be talking about, so they campaign, this sunday night, did their opposition research, that only a stellar performance, this is what they had. but quite honestly, i think that an a-plus performance, a wow when it comes to sunday night, you're going to hear donald will save his campaign. that's how precarious he is. trump talking about the issues, because he's behind in florida, no matter how this comes up, she he's behind in ohio, north carolina, the very states that wants to make sure anderson were going to be his threshold cooper or someone in the audience brings this up. to winning the states he needs. but quite honestly, i think she had a really bad news day so that precarious, what's this herself. going to do? she has a lot of bad news with here's a guidancing a foot from what's coming out about the contents of her speech to wall the cliff and this comes out. >> it's not going to help. street that aren't going to work real well for her base. he still can save himself with a but more importantly, more of debate performance, i guess, but the document dump happened today it really has to be incredible, and we found out, for instance, to an extent that i really can't
4:22 pm
that she kicked off her state imagine that he's capable of doing against her. department, her government security detail off of her >> could houdini do this? get out of this trap. >> she's really a good debater. government plane, and instead put clinton foundation people on >> and he has to defend himself her plane. this doesn't look real well for against an audiotape. her. so she has to change the >> and she doesn't have to attack him. >> i think he has to come out, narrative, and that's what she's trying to do. say there's absolutely no so it's pretty predictable. excuse. i'm universally sorry. but here's the deal, this >> so how do you -- >> and if she wants to talk election is about change. she's more of the same, repeat about scandals, sunday can be what was in these podesta about scandals. but, quite honestly, it's got to e-mails today that no one's going to talk about, be about us, about the american unfortunately. >> which are? >> which are that she advocated people. because this is what we've got for open borders and open trade. to look at, how are we all going which her -- to have better lives? >> no more regulation. and i think that's probably where donald trump is going to >> absolutely. take the debate on sunday night. and then, he's got to go on >> where do you -- where did you offense, which he didn't do in the last debate, obamacare, the get the information -- it may be e-mails, the obama foreign policy that hasn't worked. true -- but where did you get she's got to land some punches. the information, congresswoman, >> you should note, sunday's a that hillary clinton did this op town hall, a little harder to go on offense when you have to talk research. this audio tape, how do you know, how do you know that she to people -- did it? >> it's hard to control the >> experience! >> how do you know? >> experience! discussion. >> and michael's right, most >> what do you mean, experience? people know who they're voting for, but the difference of >> this is how the whole thing works -- >> you're laughing, but how do hillary winning between 6% and 3% is the difference between the
4:23 pm
senate going to the democrats i you know? >> is this like some shock that and the house if if trump wins by 7%, that's when it becomes a on friday afternoon, there's going to be this story to make big deal, where the party can sure this is what anderson lose three all branches. cooper talks about on sunday morning. of course, this is how it's >> in human terms, not that it's done. >> of course? >> it's as predictable as the the most important thing, but in terms of this personality race, day is long. this is her narrative that she's trump doesn't want to get tried to feed the media, because she doesn't want anyone to talk shellacked. the roundtable is staying with us. about, i mean, the honest to up next, these three will tell me something i don't know. goodness fact that in realtime, this is "hardball," the place for politics. g new cars. over a four-year period, she betrayed america's most sensitive national securities to our enemies -- >> okay, you're throwing all that in there now, but you don't know, in other words. just be honest with me, congresswoman, you don't know how this story got to "the washington post"? you don't know. >> well, how would -- how would i know how it got there? >> you just said you knew. >> it's more than -- no, i didn't. it's more than a wink and a nod to know that this clearly came from the opposition research people who were trying to help you're smart. you already knew that. hillary clinton. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. but i think the more important thing is, this woman has proved you'll see what a fair price is, and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. herself absolutely incapable of --
4:24 pm
>> what did you make of trump's now you're en smarter. this is truecar. words on the tapes? >> nobody has ever been a benedict arnold to this country the way she has been. >> okay. let's talk about what we all i spent many years as a nuclear missile lach officer. if t president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, know for sure, which is what donald trump said in that that would be it. audiotape. what do you make of it? i prayed that call would never come. >> well, this is bad boy talk, [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps and of course, that's what she wants everybody to talk about. these missiles from firing. she doesn't want anybody to talk [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] t of them. about her betrayal of america's i want to unpredictable. national security secrets. >> so what was your reaction, as i love war. the thought of donald trump with a voter -- nuclear weapons scares me to death. >> that's like a real issue! >> it's not a problem -- it should scare everyone. i'm hillary clinton andi a. >> that's going to impact every single america. >> if anybody understands bad boy talk, hillary clinton understands bad boy talk. >> so this doesn't affect your voting? >> pardon? my voting? are you kidding? absolutely not. >> okay, great. >> no, i want to make sure there's jobs in this country again and there's only one candidate that will do that, and that's donald trump. >> well, fair enough. you told me what i wanted to hear. let me go to joy reid on this. impact statement, tonight, you can play hardball all
4:25 pm
please. sunday night, we have the week long online. election a month from now. you can get access to what's the impact statement interviews, videos as we cover about this new audiotape information. >> it's hard to believe this the home stretch, it is that, this last month of this wild went come up on sunday. presidential campaign. but to go back on a few things we'll be right back here on that the congresswoman said. television. donald trump started this news so they can detect and repair corrosion day reattacking the central park before it ever becomes a problem. five, something that's gotten because safety is never being satisfied. lost in the news cycle, and claiming again that these five exonerated men who were put in prison when they were teenagers and always working to be better. were guilty, reopening that because safety is never being satisfied. wound. that's sure to come up on sunday. be the you who doesn't cer and you talk, congresswoman, your moderate toevere aque psoriasis. about opposition research miami be the you who shows up in at dress. wondering why the republican who hugs a fend. party didn't do opposition research on donald trump. who is done with treatments that don't give you clearer skin. his fellow 16 candidates during be theou who conols your psoriasis with stelara® just 4oses a year after 2 starter doses. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and may increa your risk of infections and cancer. some serious infections require hospitalization. before treatment, get tested for tuberculosis. before starting stelara® tell your doctor if you think you have an infection or have symptoms such as: fever, sweats, chills, muscle aches or cough. always tell your doctor if you have any signs of infection, have had cancer, if you develop any new skin growths
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from a foodborne illness each year. so, always separate raw meat from vegetables. keep your family safe at we're back with the "hardball" roundtable. by the way, welcome back. >> i miss you too, chris. it's very hard for the democrats to win the house in this cycle because of the way the demographics are and because of gerrymandering. but based on the comments today if hillary won by 6 or 7%, which is on the table now, that's a percentage where you can see a big wave of members of congress who are republicans losing -- >> what's the percentage that hillary has to win -- >> i would say something like 7%. >> here's mine. i'm a fellow this fall at the harvard institute of politics. >> good for you. >> i'm looking forward at the future, i'm talking to these young folks every day.
4:28 pm
a study came out that said only 20% of millennials have ever tried a big mac. if you think politics is new now, wait ten years till these are the majority of voters and they haven't tried big macs, all the things that we use as cultural touchstones. >> what do they eat? >> five guys. >> five guys is pretty good. >> in 'n out. >> every airport has a five guys. >> a week ago people i talked to in ohio were telling me it looks like it's done. things were in trump's column. >> ohio, you're right. >> that's changed in the past week. nate silver turned ohio from pale red to pale blue. >> do you buy that stuff? >> i think he's pretty good at his stuff. i don't know about aficionado. >> i'm sorry. i'm sorry. i don't buy all these numbers. i've learned the culture, figure out the american -- >> i haven't even gotten to my point yet. what i'm trying to tell you,
4:29 pm
next week clinton's making a big push in ohio. she's going to be in columbus on columbus day. obama will be the speaker at the ohio state dinner. it's turning. >> you're right. i was talking the vice president's office. that's happening. despite the buildup, you're absolutely correct. thank you all. when we return my election diary for tonight, october 7th, at a major crossroads in this presidential campaign. don't you know it. we're watching hardball. the place for politics. don't let dust and allergens get between yoand life's beautiful moments.
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election diary friday, september 7th, 2016. late today with the arrival of a hot mike audio recording the 2016 presidential election suffered the political equivalent of a wind shearing. suddenly a campaign flying at 39,000 feet found itself hurtling downward. when i absorbed the shock of this i thought of governor mike pence who has been out in the country convincing conservative religious voters to not only vote for donald trump but to pray for the campaign's success. his lewd comments about women and his position as a celeb toy take advantage of them will hurt this campaign. why? because it will escalate the fight with hillary clinton in a territory that might otherwise have been left unexploited or even unexplored. because if trump is to prevent a net loss of votes he'll have to think up a worse story.
4:34 pm
he'll need to attack his rival with whatever he's got that puts her in a light darker than the one this recording casts on him. fachb your seat belts. this is going to be one nasty weekend for mr. trump, for governor pence, for republicans facing re-election and for others on the other side that now stand in mr. trump's firing line. trump knows i had cannot afford to lose anl certainly not on the issue of personal conduct towards women. that issue is already fraught with all he's said already already written into hillary clint clinton's script. "all in" with chris hayes, starts right now. tonight on "all in." >> i'll admit it. i did try and [ bleep ] her. she was married. >> 32 days until election day. new bombshell audio of donald trump. >> i don't even wait. and when you're a star, they let you do it. you can do anything. >> an extremely lewd conversation in 2005 about women. >> grab them aboby the [ bleep
4:35 pm
>> what it means for the campaign and sunday's debate. >> they said donald trump is going to new hampshire to practice for sunday. like they make you into a child. >> then trump still thinks the central park five are guilty. one of those exonerated men joins me tonight. >> plus the latest impacts from hurricane matthew and the u.s. publicly blames russia
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