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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  October 7, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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that he was not speaking publicly, would not speak that way, but from what i understand, he is very concerned about this, very aware of the gravity of this. even lawrence? >> kelly o'donnell, thank you very much, appreciate it. that is the last word for tonight. our msnbc coverage will continue live now in anticipation of a statement by donald trump. that is the statement that kelly o'donnell was just referring to, expected to be released on video, recorded tonight at trump tower. it seems to be the kind of statement that republican senate majority leader mitch mcconnell was demanding earlier tonight from donald trump, his statement said trump needs to apologize directly to women and girls everywhere. and take full responsibility for the utter lack of respect for
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women shown in his comments on that tape. senator mcconnell was the only major republican who demanded specifically that form of apology. the apology is for what you are about to see on this video. this is video from access hollywood that was not used on the show, access hollywood at the time they recorded this in 2005. this is that video. >> i moved on her. and i moved on her very heavily. in fact, i took her out furniture shopping. i said i'll show you where they have nice furniture. i moved on her like a bitch. couldn't get there, and she's
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married. she's totally changed her look. '4
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that possibility was being discussed and the possibility of mike pence possibly being the new nominee was being talked about. no one in the rnc as of now as of my reporting has asked donald trump to step down. no one has said i'm going to make the phone call but they are preparing for the worse. >> is there any expectation among anyone you've talked to tonight that donald trump might not appear at sunday night's debate? >> from my understanding he will definitely be at the debate. part of the discussions happening at the rnc were how
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was he going to deal with the issue at the debate? people were thinking how he was going to spin the issue, how he was going to explain himself. the idea that highs spending tomorrow not in wisconsin but prepping for this debate. debate prep is not just going to be talking about how to make america great and laying out policies. most of the debate will be focused on when hillary clinton throws this at you, what is your response going to be? >> the problem might not be hillary clinton throwing its to donald trump. since it's a town hall forum, it could be someone in the audience. it could be a young woman, an older woman. it could be a young man. you don't know where it might come from in that kind of format. >> that is true. i think that i would imagine that debate tomorrow, the worst thing that could happen top donald trump, they're going to be talking about tomorrow, is whether you have a young woman asking donald trump that question and asking how do you
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convince me that you're going to be a president that respects women, that has women at the fore front of your administration and you're going to respect the women who might work for you as president. how will you do that? i think the idea that there's going to be a town hall, already going to be an issue where people were nervous about who was going to ask donald trump the questions. he does a lot of retail politics, going into coffee shops and shaking hands. he does not answer questions from regular citizens. now this is definitely added pressure. >> do you have any indication in your reporting tonight what was the straw that broke the camels back on this one, meaning i read off a series of objections by republicans, john mccain, ted home run ted cruz, marco rubio and others but they did not
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demand anything from draump. mitch mcconnell specifically demanded a new apology with new wording to it. was that the key to -- that changed this story tonight to where donald trump is preparing that apology? >> i think there was a couple of things going on. i think one, yes, mitch mcconnell asking for that apology is part of the reason why donald trump is likely going to put out this new statement tonight. i should say that i think it also feels different. i think within the are, nc and i want to say also within the trump campaign this is not one he can talk about the fact he was taken out of context or people are trying to paint me as a racest when i'm not a racist. in this you have you have a long audio and video and someone on the bus who has apologized for his behavior and lewd comments. you have all these things going on. i think trump recognizes, the trump campaign recognizes that
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this was not something that was going to go away. also that statement was so short, the idea that he apologizes if he offend you. now a lot of republican women have recoiled from that idea. it's not an apology. i think the trump campaign realize that in four weeks outside of the election that he was going to have to do something much more forceful. >> thank you very ch for joining us tomorrow. i really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> we're joint joined by presidential campaign veterans. your worst program were poll numbers for rand paul in your case, mcnally in 24 case. we sit around and talk about how should they handle this or that. in the trump campaign don't we have to face the reality that we're talking about a set of
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things that have never occurred before? no one has any idea how to respond to this. no one in politics knows how to respond to this. >> when you have just such a fundamentally unprincipled man who lacks so much character that is necessary to hold the nation's highest offers and republicans are embarrassed about him. people who want to volt for him even are embarrassed that they want to vote for him because of all the incendiary things he's said this entire campaign, where do you go from there? he's been unrepentd ent and we're supposed to believe him now? >> it's one of those things where everybody likes to predemd they know what a politician should say next. there's many times i don't. not just with donald trump. if they invited me over there and i had the best of intentions of helping, i couldn't suggest a single word to say about this.
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>> it's funny. we were talking about this before. the only suggestion i would make is, yes, he has to apologize. he needs to say that he deeply regrets these words. they do not reflect his attitude toward women, all that. this is a problem. an apology is not enough. this is not about his words. this is about his character. he is a deeply disturbed and dangerous man who is unfit to be president. and he cannot unscramble the eggs here. the damage has been done. >> how do you apologize for a lifetime pattern? i want to go to something amish brought up. an additional apology has been yishd for what happened on the bus. here's billy bush's written apology tonight. he says "obviously i'm only bares nl and ashamed. it's no excuse but this happened 11 years ago, i was younger,
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less mature, acted foolishly in playing along. i'm very sorry." >> what a contrast. >> those words don't miss in the trump campaign. there's no words in there about if you're offend. he's saying i'm ashamed, i'm embarrassed, there's no excuse. that's the kind of language donald trump has to find here if there's any real sounding apology. >> i think it's going to be difficult for it to come off as sincere even remotely. >> don't look like a hostage reading a note. >> right. tomorrow it's going to be crisis management, discussing how to contain the damage from today's announcement. >> right. >> today when this broke he was actually in debate prep at trump tower and aids were kept being pulled out to -- as this story broke and trying to mitigate and manage this brewing disaster for
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donald trump. that's never a good thing when you're two days away from a major debate and your aides are abandoning you to clean up your mess. >> joining the discussion now, president and ceo of vote latino. donald trump has a big problem when it comes to the first time in his life that apparently he is going to try to issue an apology that actually is written as an ie poly. that is that he's never done it before. worse than that, he has said on video that he's never had anything to apologize for. he's never felt sorry for anything in 70 years of life, never felt it. so what are the chances that he actually feels it now? is there teen slightest possibility that donald trump has even the slightehas the sli contrition for this. >> obviously, i can't channel
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trump, thank goodness. but the fact he's constantly showing his lack of empathy. you had burns on earlier saying that the central park five men were exonerated and served a sentence that they should not have served. he doubled down and it didn't matter, that they were rapists. that was not true. he doesn't seem to show any empathy and the fact you mentioned, in his 70 years of life he's walked around with a silver san antonio in his mouth. all i can think of is conversations we're having within the latino community and the african-american community. any other candidate would not have been able to get as far as they have except for donald trump. >> yeah, and maria teresa, the -- you can't go 70 years -- >> right. >> and never apologize for anything. and then, you know, with
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30-something days left in your presidential campaign decide the night has come for the first time finally in my 70 years there's something i'm sorry for. now let me kwinsz you. >> there's absolutely no contrition whatsoever in anything he's demonstrated. and every sim time he wants to apologize, he says i'll apologize if i offend you. that's not an apology, lawrence. i think the american people are incredibly frustrated. the majority of americans don't want to have conversations about what he said seven years ago or that he admitted he assaulted women. they want to talk about the issues. instead we're talking about this stuff a this at the end of the day you have to have conversations with your children about. it's incredibly disheartening at the end of the day. >> halle jackson, what are you
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learning from the trump campaign? >> here is what we know. we just ran over from trump tower. we were doing kind of a stakeout, the media. is someone going to come out and talk. >> presumably, the video that recorded the first apology in trump's history. >> one can only assume. my colleague has been reporting that this video is going to be coming out. what i am hearing tomorrow in conversations with people close to the campaign, i had one person tell me that sur galgts have been asked to stay off television. >> stay off television? >> yes. because they're trying to figure out how to weather this storm. i've heard real apology. >> so they don't think that she helped tonight? >> we'll leave that to them to decide. i think that you keep hearing this idea that there's a real apology wanted. that people see -- even people who support donald trump even
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see through the idea of "i'm sorry if you're offend." i'm sbreegsd by this report that mike pence is apparently beside himself. that is significant. mike pence, ever since he's join the ticket has been the loyalest of the loyal soldiers. if he's breaking with his candidate at the top of his ticket, a guy he has backed through controversy after controversy and defended. >> well, when we say defended. has 2ke7bd what donald trump has said on video. this time he feels that's not going to work. we're going to mark halpern joining us by telephone. i understand you've been working on the angle of what is being discussed in washington about the possibility of replacing donald trump. >> not just washington, lawrence, but around the country. it would be very difficult to do. you'd have to have basically a sticker campaign, a write-in
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campaign for someone, mike pence or someone else. but in this age of social media and with all the attention that would come with replacing trump on the ticket, given hillary clinton's unfavorable republicans saying given the nature of the remarks, given trump's current standing that some senior republicans would rather take a chance on b a long-shoot r shot write-in campaign than to go through the toughest version of what they've been going through already. he says something outrageous and they try to defend i would. a sitting member of congress to unendorse donald trump tonight. there will be many others. the smartest thing to do, as long shot as it would be, would be to urge donald trump to step down as the nominee. as has been suggested. there's no appetite for that within trump's camp. but there isn't going to be unless they see that as
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inevitable. the key as is often the case in republican politics, donors. some officials are hearing from donors that this is tonight after a string of outrageous statements, controversial statements, this is one they think is not only intolerable from a moral perspective but unsurvivable from a political basis. >> which way do you want to lose, i think this is. if someone is saying we want to remove the person whose name is now actually printed on ballots already, we want to remove him and go through whatever mechanics are necessary, stickers or whatever to try to record votes for someone else. you're basically saying we would rather win this erection without donald trump's name associated -- we'd rather least it without donald trump's name associated with us than lose it by association with donald trump.
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>> for many major donors, male elected officials with female spouses and children, it is -- ice not practical to survive 40 days without condemning this. not just the way paul ryan did this evening but the wach jason chafee said, it is not someone i can support. this could blow over. trump could surprise everybody with a great performance. but the conversations tonight, extraordinary on a friday night, as extraordinary as you being on the air, as my being up reporting, is that this is knots a time republicans, it's friday night, let's see what happens on monday. there's an intensity to the conversations,age urgency to them because they all know that, for many of them, it's not going to be a sustainable position to say this is their candidate. >> mark we're going to take a break right here. if everyone could hold in population. we're awaiting the release of a video from the frump campaign
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that is reportedly a video of donald trump clearly apologizing for what has appeared on other video released today. this would be donald trump's first known public apology in his 70 years of life. we'll be right back. we thought fibers that help you stay regular . not good. then we switched to new mirafiber. only mirafiber supports regularity with dailycomfort fiber and is less likely to cause... unwanted gas. finally. try new mirafiber. from the makers of miralax.
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. she was down in palm beach. i moved on her and i failed. i will admit. she was married. i moved on her very heavily. >> and we are back with our live coverage tonight msnbc nbc on what is expected to be an apology from donald trump over
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what you just heard. that is access hollywood video. they didn't use it on their show when it was recorded in 2005 but it found its way through the washington post into public release today and it has rocked this presidential campaign as nothing else before has rocked this presidential campaign. halle jackson, this presidential campaign has gotten rocked a lot by surprising stuff. but there has never been a night like this. >> it is 11: 23. we'll probably be here another tree hours talking about this. >> don't say -- don't give them any ideas in this control room. >> when you talk to republican strategists and people who support drumpl, what you hear is people say again and again -- tonight i've heard it -- but if i had a dollar -- if i had a dollar for every time i thought this would do donald trump in. dot dot dot. i have heard folks say, listen,
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female voters who are going to be turned off by this are kind of the low-hanging fruit. they've splipd to hillary clinton. there's the argument of controversy after controversy. he's been in this position before. getting in trouble. this is audio. this is people hearing donald trump saying this. they're not hearing it from somebody else saying he said something or from a newspaper article. this is the nominee himself talking like this and there may be a real visceral reaction from voters but not just from women but their hiss. >> what the trump campaign has never understood, especially donald trump, is that every single one of these things has indeed hurt him, from attacking john mccain forward and it did not hurt him with fanatical donald trump supporters. and others who could push him all the way up to about 40% of the vote in a general election. but it has destroyed him for the general election every single
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day that he was doing this in the primaries, and so at least they've been using that old primary model of, well, we left rand paul in the dust saying this stuff and we left scott walker in the dust saying this stuff. never comprehending that getting the nomination is a will completely different exercise and what you must do in the purr suit of the nomination is nothing that hurts you in the general election and he hurt himself in the general election every sim day. >> well, that's exactly what i'm hearing from voters going to wisconsin, north carolina, and virginia over the past three weeks and conducting focus groups with these voters. ashcroft's polling company and that is what the voters are saying. they're saying we want the vote for donald trump. >> right. >> we really don't want to vote for hillary. why does he have to do this after the debate. it was the fact that he just couldn't stop it.
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it's so incredibly difficult to get donald trump off the ballot at this stage of the game. >> we're going to go to -- >> there's a -- >> we're bog to a higher legal authority on this right now. we have mr. ben ginsburg. mr. ben ginsburg is joining us by phone. he has provided legal counsel to the romney, bush presidential campaigns. he knows this stuff. ben, race car we tonight if donald trump decides he cannot cannot to campaign for the presidency? >> well, under the rules of the republican party, lawrence, they -- the republican national committee can reconvene and vote for a new nominee. now, that's the rules. the practical problem is the ballots are printed in most of the states and early voting has started in any number of states. so the practical itseities of t are really, really steep and of
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course we are in uncharted territory. >> talk about printed ballots. we're hearing people saying tonight, well, you can do a sticker campaign where -- what does that mean? that someone's going into a voteling booth with a little sticker they're going to put in their ballot over the name donald trump? what are the actual physical options for voting this way? >> well, look, that's a really challenging question because the voting machines vary so much, not only from state to state but from county to county. within a state. so that some machines, you could do a sticker or a write-in and in other states you're precluded by the ballot design. for example, 2/3 of the counties in pennsylvania have touch machines without any sort of a paper trail. so how requecan you do a write- a touchscreen machine?
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that would require a state-by-state analysis to see where you could do it. now, lisa merkowski did a write-in campaign in alaska with a hundred thousand votes. it was a huge effort that started in the beginning of september. to do that on a larger scale would be unprecedented. >> have no ballot officials in any stays contemplated this possibility? and i don't mean tonight's case, which is about scandal. but there are plenty of ways this could happen, all of them grim, to ksh. candidate could be in a terrible accident and be unable physically to carry on. obviously, a candidate's -- paul wallstone died in a plane crash as a senator he's not the only senator who died that way. >> and torichelli had to drop
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out because of political -- >> that was scandal. i want to leave scandal aside to get out of this particular case at the moment. it seems to me that ballot officials should be thinking about the possibility in this world, when anything can happen at any moment, that a candidate might not be there in a way that you could vote for that candidate on election day. and they would need to leave options each for that. but apparently you're saying they don't really think about that. >> well, the answer is some states have done that and some vice president. >> yeah. >> in our system we practice a fierce federalism and each state has its own procedures and voting equipment. so there is no one national answer. so i think that there are some states where you probably could substitute out a name at this point. but by and large, to do that in a comprehensive way with, what,
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33 days to go is really sort of impractical. >> we're going back to mark halpern who is also joining us by phone. you've been working on the reaction by republicans tonight. is there anything more? >> well, that there's deep skepticism, that i think would be understandable to anybody on set there, that anything donald trump would say in the guise of a apology would be effective, but because as rio de janeiro as this week he was attributing remarks like this to intertaint and not every suggesting that previous things he said that were in the same variety, though not seen as bad, were no big deal. so whatever statement might be coming -- and there's some question in my mind about whether there is a statement coming because of divisions within the trump campaign. i think more broadly the trump-pence campaign about how
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to handle this. whatever statement might be coming, the people i'm in touch with say this is not going to have the desired effect of calming the waters. and you've now got this kind of holding period with trump no longer going to wisconsin tomorrow to appear with paul ryan and pence in theory going to that. you've now got this holding pattern between now and sunday night where if trump puts a statement out or not sequester himself to prepare for the debate, the thinking, both worry within the trump camp and hopefulness on the part of those who would like to find some way to end this is that that vacuum is going to be filled with additional public officials coming out and saying they simply can't support him now. >> mark, i want to go to this point you made. you use the phrase "the guise of an apology." i have to agree. what are the odds of the first apology you've delivered in your
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life, at 70 years old, working, and the other thing, mark, is perhaps -- and i wonder, are you -- might you be talking to anyone tonight who has talked to anyone tonight who has seen the video that donald trump recorded this apology? because presumably, halle jackson's reporting they saw video recording equipment leave trump tower tonight. let's assume for a moment that an apology was recorded at trump tower tonight. if it was, some of those campaign proflsz in trump tower have seen it. >> right. >> some of them may very well have the view, this is tesh, it won't work or this is ok but it still won't work. the words are right but he looks like he's reading a hostage note of some kind. >> yeah. >> you know there's going to be some intelligence coming out of trump tower to republicans in washington and else where saying we think we've got a good solid video here or we don't.
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>> yeah. i mean, 11:30 on a friday night is a good time to speculate. i think they may have had the intention to record this, and -- again, pure speculations -- that you have a video is that maybe isn't judged, perhaps won't do the trick, and then feedback from people who haven't seen the video but who are very unhappy. riens priebus would be at the center of this without a doubt because he'll be hearing tonight from not just paul ryan and contributors, but this is something like an asian dictator would do, put out a statement at 11:30 on friday night. this is not business as usual and the trump campaign has not been business as usual. even if the apology was a virtuoso perform ance, it would
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be seen as odd just based on the timing. >> but, mark, it wld support your point that what they'd be worried about in not releasing it now as soon as possible is the vacuum that it leads and what do other republicans do as they sit in the vacuum? >> as you know in your time on the hill, members of congress when faced with a tough situation relish being at home out of the stiegt of the press corps. they're undoubtedly with their family. they're being pressed by everyone they know, what do you think of this. this is not a safe time for the trump campaign. you're safe when you're at home. this is not a safe 48-hour period now because of the lull leading up to the debate. jason chaf its is a bit of a
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run-off. i think his actions will embolden -- he's never been a huge trump person -- but i think it will embolden -- can't talk about the names right now -- but there are big republicans feel it will come to thataged they don't want the credit for going first but they feel it's the responsible thing to do. >> liz smith, think about democratic senate campaigns, now democratic house kwam pains. they are looking at this and they have a stop watch on this. how long did it take senator so and so to come out and oppose donald trump after this video emerged? >> yeah. i mean, i remember looking at my in box and seeing state parties in missouri getting -- trying to pin down the gubernatorial candidates saying will you still stand with donald trump? and it reminds me a lot of 2012 when todd akin made those comments about forceable rape.
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i was on the obama campaign and we encouraged campaigners to tie romney to it. i have not seen democrats act so quickly as they have on this cycle. it's smart of them to do it. >> tony schwartz, donald trump's co-author on "the art of the deal" meaning that schwarz wrote the book and donald trump put his name on it. he lived with trump for more than a year writing that book. he said trump on groping women? this is exactly the trump i knew. that will never change. that raises the question that i think a lot of people are wondering about. and that is who can convince donald trump about what he has to do next and isn't this the moment when people send ivanka into the room with him?
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>> yes. the kids. right? i mean, that's what we've seen again and again in the campaign. when he makes these decisions his children become the bigger voices around him. this is in addition to the political advisors but you see somebody like ivanka trump. it is striking to me. we put the etd toerl notes to him and one of them is what is her role going to be in cleaning this up. whenever there's an issue, when it comes out, when the comments come out, she talks about her father. i tell you this. i'm talking with undecided voters on the campaign trail. you're out chatting with people. especially in the comments. i had somebody say to me last wreak, look at ivanka. he's got a female campaign manager, kelly anne conway. i am curious, obviously, she and her husband -- what is going to
8:38 pm
happen and how shooez going to take on the roll for after this. >> this is the awkward thing for saronga trump. he is on camera saying my dad is not a groper. now we have him on camera talking about groping in very bad ways. conceivably -- >> there's a limited cleanlyup she can do. would right. >> she's already been out there full-fledged saying, oh, no, he does not grope. can you imagine having to defend your father and say, no earnings he's not a groper? she's already done this. >> the idea that donald trump can find his vose in apology, in con industries for the first time in his life late on a friday night in the 70 year of his life, what are the chances that of all the political apologize we've borne witness to over time than the ones that
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have been recorded on video, what are the chances that donald trump's video recorded apology could be convincing? >> you know, i don't gamble. right now i wish i was in vegas. because the odds are with me. there's very little you can do. right now i have to say god bless the gop in utah. they are not only asking for an apology, they're saying we are withdrawing our endorsements. that's what the republican party needs to do. i understand they're scrambling because they're making the case that they have to hold on to the senate so they're basically going to stand with donald trump and say that the skrortd lies in the mix. do you really wt him appointing the next supreme court justice? let's have honest conversations about someone like donald trump in the overall office. when we come to the point we're able to lose our dessensies as americans, then we can make those bets. >> i want to go back to mark.
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mark, this is another tony schwartz tweet. he has a certain authority about donald trump's character and behavior. and so tony schwartz has tweeted "trump may speak tonight but he will not truly apologize because he is incapable of doing so. he will make it worse." so there's someone who knows him well and whose personal bet is he will make this worse. who knows? he may have a recorded video that in the view of some people on his campaign makes it worse and that may be part of why that video is being delayed in its release tonight or is, as you say, might not be released tonight. >> i'm now hearing that it's more likely than not and that we may be seeing it shortly. but i'm still pretty skeptical that it can turn things around. there's a sense among some
8:41 pm
people that there are so many other fundamental problems with the campaign now that you're going to see a little bit of bla glastnost that even if he survived this, there are others problems, the deterioration of polling that we've seen over the last nine days, that again, would make the challenge of coming back from this even with the performance of a lifetime in a midnight video a bridge too far for some. again, don't want to overstate it. the people around trump is saying this is all silly. this is an overreaction and that trump is going to be there sunday night and fight his way back. but i'll say again, very high levels of the party, that's cancer that this simply not just -- not just the last straw but a bridge too far regarding the statements that he was
8:42 pm
recorded making. >> and there should be high concern that "access hollywood" say they have dozens and dozens of hours more video like this with donald trump. we don't know the content. but it's the kind of video they didn't use in the report. it's that kind of relaxed video we saw today on that bus. and republican congressman jason chaf its has now, as we've said, retracted his endorsement of donald trump. here's what he said to a local news station. >> i'm out. i can no longer in good conscience engorse this person for president. it is some of the most an wbhort and offense comments you can hear. we have a 15 yoerltd daughter. if i can't look her in the eye
8:43 pm
and tell her these 24i7ks, i can't endorse this person. i'm not going to vote for hillary clinton. there's no way, under no scenario. but i cannot offer an endorsement for bhaefr that means, of trump. >> that is very similar statement to what the governor of utah issued tonight also, that he will not vote for donald trump and also will not vote for hillary clinton. we're joined now by john hareward of cnbc. what's the latest that you have on this, john? >> well, i just larry a sense of hopelessness from republicans about the prospects for winning the presidency at this point. everybody's trying to manage the scenario where they lose the presidential race but minimize the damage to house members and senators, and i'm not quite sure how they're going the navigate
8:44 pm
that, but honestly, the idea of a video apology having a significant impact on the situation, i don't believe that's possible. >> and, john, wie never seen anything hike this. we've seen campaign crisis before and we've seen them at different times in different years, but the elements of this are unique. nothing like it, this video, donald trump sighing things that no other presidential candidate has ever been recorded saying. he wants to have sex, was trying to have sex with a married woman, and by the way, this is newlywed donald trump talking in this video. he had just had his third wedding a couple of months before this video was shot. and so this -- politicians don't have a playbook for this. there are no politicians in the republican party who know what
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to do about this. >> absolutely not. and remember, this is a party that of significant -- a significant chunk of its base is conservative cristians, and it is true that our politics have become very tribal, and so people who identify with one party or the other tend to be extremely loyal to that party, but when you have a demonstration as vivid as this, a set of values that would seem to be anti-thet cal to a large chunk of their base, i don't know how you get past that. and first of all, before this ever happened, donald trump was losing substantially in this race. he -- you know, when he woke up this morning, he was trailing in the range of five points nationally and in most of the battle ground states. and so the question isn't, you
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know, does he hold support. he needs more support to win, and i talked to one republican consultant tonight who said that this fore closes the possibility of expanding the support that the republican ticket needs to win. >> we're joined now by phone by robert costa of the washington post. robert, what is your reporting finding tonight? >> reporter: great to join you. this is a serious moment for the republican party. i've been -- i'm here in washington and calling around and actually just met up with some of my sources, and there is not a playbook as your guests have been saying for this. but a lot of congressmen tonight that i've spoken to are actively reconsidering their endorsement of donald trump and rescinding it and there are early talks, though informal, i must say, about what would happen should donald trump decide not to stay on the ticket and these are all
8:47 pm
informal conversations, kind of a round robin of phone calls. >> and robert, street any indication that anyone in the republican party has gotten any reports from trump tower about the quality of the apology that may have been recorded on video tonight, any reports indicating that, on the order of don't worry, when this video gets out, it's a genuine apology or to video won't work, this apology doesn't look real. >> there's been a lot of discussion among top republicans about making sure trump sounds contrite. people going directly to the chairman riens priebus. people talk og the washington post e-mailing me is that they believe the video won't be enough, that the story has legs, it's going to continue.
8:48 pm
>> and robert, there's -- this is a campaign that doesn't really have any experience obviously in trying to do what they are reportedly doing tonight, and that is to get donald trump to apologize in a clear and genuine way. before you even get to convincing, robert, i mean just -- i've been using the conventional language of apology that is absolute, not kj. that is the kind of apology that mitch mcconnell was demanding of trurch, apparently still demanding of donald trump. seems mitch mcconnell made his endorsement conditional on gettings that kind of apology. >> that's exactly right. there's going to be more of these kinds of demands. your point is crucial. the people around trump tonight
8:49 pm
in trump tower, kelly anne con way, the manager, riens priebus, the chairman, rudy guiliani, they all share a common thread and that is behind the scenes and in public but especially behind the scenes they let trump be trump. that's how they put it. they're not about corralling the candidate. they don't have that capital with trump in interpersonal relationships to do so. >> we're joined by mike murphy by phone who is been in the campaign war room of presidential campaigns before. we've never seen anything like this before, mike. i'm going to ask you a question that i'm not sure has an answer. aged that is, in a crisis like this, what would you be recommending the republican nominee do were you in trump tower tonight? >> well, this thing is as big of a bomb as you get in a campaign.
8:50 pm
and the shock gun marriage between donald trump and a lot of the republican establishment that has reluctantly been formed is now torn completely asunder. the only system of politics, to thien own self be true, there's nothing that make people want to stick with him. that means stop the wildfire from exploding. i can tell you the e-mails and phone calls, a huge concern. trump has to give a nonconditional apology incredibly persuasive and follow that up sunday at the debate and persuade people that this horrible inappropriate and piggish behavior was an outliar and that he gets it. the trump we've seen in the last year, i don't believe is capable of that. the canal pain will have to have a tough conversation with their candidate, one that should have happened a long time ago of what
8:51 pm
else is out there. this sounds like a typical trump conversationnd if there is, there will be more tapes, outtakes in television shows, there will be other things. it's almost to the point trump has to understand, at least my opinion is, somebody ought to tell him this that the odds of winning the presidency now -- you've gone from being behind to almost nil. it's time to look in the mirror and decide whether the best thing is to stp aside and not hand hillary clinton the white house. he is in an existential crisis for this campaign tonight. >> in a normal war room, how much more of this is out there? obviously donald trump does not know. it is entirely likely that donald trump had absolutely no memory of that conversation on that bus that was recorded on video. and access hollywood has said
8:52 pm
today they've released a statement saying that they alone has dozens and dozens and dozens of hours of this kind of video behind the scenes video for their segments that they did not use in their seg jmgts with donald trump. so that's just one show that has a mountain of stuff like this. i've talked to contestants on donald trump's only show. "celebrity apprentice" who insist that there's all sorts of horrible video of donald trump saying horrible things that were edited out of "celebrity apprenti apprentice" those are in mark burnett's vault and they are presumably safe there for donald trump's purposes. there are plenty of other shows that have material like this and that are not run or controlled by friends of donald trump. >> yeah. look. i think mark burnett, a wildly
8:53 pm
successful tv producer, is going to be under tremendous pressure not to be the rosemary woods of the election here. this is part of vetting the character of a president and the pressure on burnett as the king of "the apprentice" is to have a little transparency here, if there are concerns about donald trump, are going to be tremendous. there's already other tapes, and while trump may not remember this, he knows this was the norm for his behavior back then. my guess is there's more terrible tapes which means he'll spend the rest of the campaign apology. this is as bads a it gets. it's going to take a good 24 hours of apology to even get back. >> i think the bigger problem here, for all plunrepublicans,
8:54 pm
matter how much they think donald trump can or cannot navigate this particular ice berg that he's crashed into, they have to bet, don't they, that there are more of these out there, possibly even in the vaults of "ak said hollywood? >> yeah. i think trump's behavior both with the gafs in the past and the mistakes he made particularly in the second half of the first debate and whatever potential mistakes could be in front of him at the next debate have all tremendously eroded the confidence, even the most trump-accepting wing of the party. so you no what you've got are lots of electedings whoor on the ballot themselves are now looking at trump in brutal terms as an anchor around their next. we've already seen one drop off of the endorsement and we're going to see others.
8:55 pm
it's going to snow ball now. trump is becoming the worst thing you can be in october as a presidential nominee. a massive liability to the rest of the party. and that is not going to be a position he'll be able to survive as a winning candidate, and i think there's even a chance that he may look at this in another 24, 48 hours and reconsider whether or not he wants to be the nominee. this is a way out for him if he has some doubts of what might have started as a p.r. stunt has drone out of control, if he wants an escape hatch, boy, oh boy, does he have it now. >> i want to do back to halle jackson on the subject of do we have more movement on republicans? >> yes. mike kaufman from colorado, apparently coming out and going farther than jarve chaffets is
8:56 pm
calling on donald trump to step aside. this is a tough thing for him. he's got a lot of female swing voters. he's coming out, though. and what you're starting to see is the dam starting to break a bit when it comes to the house. until this point, the only person in congress who had reversed endorsement of donald tru trump. he said i would encourage others to follow my lead. for months we didn't see that until now. you're seeing chav ets come out and do it. you heard mike talk about the kelly ayops of the world, they're coming out in strong language condemning what donald trump in no uncertain terms. what they have not done is revoke their support of him. >> go ahead. >> mike kaufman was the first to distance himself against donald trump in a campaign commercial.
8:57 pm
i'm not surprised. you were saying it's been a -- he has a long history, a tough race here. i think the level of panic we're seeing among republicans is unlike anything wie seen after the con controversy, after the miss universe controversy. >> least here is what's not happening at midnight tonight with republican congressmen telling the republican presidential nominee to drop out. what is not happening is the republican speaker of the house is not calling up that republican congressman and saying, hey, stop that. stop that. get back in line with us on this. there is month one at midnight tonight in washington trying to discipline house republicans and tell them what to say about this. >> republicans are more concerned about trump stopping his own bleeding and stopping his own self-inflicted wounds than preventing defections.
8:58 pm
another a this point it's not even what he responds about this. it's ability the sunday night debate. he always makes things worse for everyone around him. while 24 video was terrible and clearly i cannot condemn it in strong enough terms. i guarantee that if he is left to operate by his own devices and own whims in the coming day, it will be so much worse for everybody involved. >> also, a former new york governor george pataki, who was one of the lower scoring presidential candidates in the primaries this season, has said he's horrified by did trump tape. he said that trump campaign is a poisonous mix of bigotry and ignoran ignorance. enough. he needs to step down. the call to step down among republicans is out there. and it is a con tajon, liz, that the trump campaign has to keep n
8:59 pm
eye on. swroo i think next we'll hear from tom ridge and christy todd whitman. but when you see people like jason chafetts and the governor of utah doing it. we were talking before about how this hurts trump with women and men, but you know what, it also hurts him with people of faith. i don't think it's a surprise that we're seeing utah leaders come out first against him. they have always been resist ept to him. someone with offensive comments on immigration due to their mormanism. and also with catholic voters in the primaries, underperformed with evangelical voters. i think that's a problem. >> looking back at 20616s, the mormans have held themselves high.
9:00 pm
>> coming in talking about republican reactions, talking about republicans around the country, cot walker tweeting out that this is inexcusable. >> inexcusable. >> but -- walker, walker, ryan, prebus. >> we're waiting the possible release of a video from the donald trump campaign. that video is reported to contain an apology. it is the first apology in donald trump's life, the first public apology that we will have ever witnessed. donald trump issued what he thought was an apology earlier tonight for video released today, found by the washington post. that is video made by access hollywood in 2005 on the nbc lot in burbank where they were shooting an interview and an


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