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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  October 7, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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i bought all the framework... wire... and plants needed to give my shop... face... no one will forget. see whathe power of ints can do for your business. learn more at i'm lawrence o'connell in new york. this sour continuing live coverage of campaign crisis tonight in donald trump's campaign. access hollywood video of material recording donald trump saying things that was not used in the access hollywood show when this material was recorded back in 2005 was released today. david fahrenthold of the washington post obtained that video, he released it. it showed donald trump saying things about women and his own involvement with women that we have never heard from a presidential candidate.
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and things that we've never heard donald trump say before on tape on video. here is some of that video. you know and i moved on her actually. you know, she was down on palm beach. and i failed. i'll admit the. i did try to [ bleep ] her. she was married. >> that's huge news. >> no, no. nancy. no, this was -- >> and i moved on her very heavily. in fact, i took her out furniture shopping. she wanted to get some furniture. i said, "i'll show you where they have some nice furniture." >> i moved on her like a bitch but i couldn't get there. and she was married. then all of a sudden i see her. she's now got the big phony [ bleep ] and everything. she's totally changed her look. >> sheesh, your girl's hot -- in the purple. whoa, the donald is good. whoa, my man. >> look at you. you are a --
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>> maybe it's a different one. >> very funny. you and i will walk out. >> maybe it's a different one. >> it better not be the publicist. no, it's her. it's her. >> yeah, that's her, with the gold. >> i've gotta use some tic tacs just in case i start kissing her. you know, i'm automatically attracted to beautiful -- i just start kissing them. it's like a magnet. just kiss. i don't even wait. and when you're a star, they let you do it. you can do anything. >> whatever you want. >> grab them by the [ bleep ]. you can do anything. >> those legs, all i can see is the legs. >> looks good. >> come on, shorty. >> nice legs. >> get out of the way. that's good legs. go ahead. >> it's always good if you don't fall out of the bus. like ford, gerald ford, remember? >> down below. pull the handle.
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>> hello. how are you? >> hi, mr. trump. how are you? >> pleasure to meet you. >> nice seeing you. terrific, terrific. you know billy bush? >> hello, nice to see you. how are you doing, arianne? >> i'm doing very well. thank you. are you ready to be a soap star? >> we're ready. let's go. make me a soap star. >> how about a little hug for the donald? he just got off the bus. >> would you like a little hug, darling? >> absolutely. melania said this was okay. >> how about a little hug for the bushy? >> the trump campaign's fus refirst reaction was to say it was locker room banter. then there was a written apology by donald trump in which he said he apologized if anyone was offended. that apology was not accepted by anyone in republican politics anywhere in this country. and donald trump realized at some point today that he and the trump campaign staff were going to have to work to release the recorded video apology. that took the trump campaign hours to produce and then finally minutes after midnight they released this recorded
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video. >> i've never said i'm a perfect person nor pretended to be someone i'm not. i've said and done things i regret and the words released today on this decade old video are one of them. anyone who knows me knows these words don't reflect who i am. i said it, i was wrong and i apologize. i've traveled the country talking about change for america, but my travels have also changed me. i've spent time with grieving mothers who've lost their children, laid-off workers whose jobs have gone to other countries and people from all walks of life who just want a better future. i have gotten to know the great people of our country and i've been humbled by the faith they placed in me. i pledge to be a better man tomorrow and will never, ever let you down. let's be honest. we're living in the real world. this is nothing more than a distraction from the important
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issues we're facing today. we're losing our jobs. we're less safe than we were eight years ago and washington is totally broken. hillary clinton and her kind have run our country into the ground. i've said some foolish things but there's a big difference between the words and actions of other people. bill clinton has actually abused women and hillary has bullied, attacked, shamed and intimidated his victims. we will discuss this more in the coming days. see you at the debate on sunday. >> we're joined by chris matthews. chris, you mentioned earlier tonight to watch utah. you have experience working in utah politics. it hasn't really changed that much. you said to watch utah. utah republics are now in open revolt against donald trump. the governor has koum out, mike lee, we had jason chaffetz,
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congressman from utah on this program, you heard him retracting his endorsement of donald trump. what next in. >> well that's a start. and i think all politics, that reflects the community out there in salt lake and the rest of utah. this is not our kind of guy. long before the tape donald trump is a big shot, he throws his weight around. he's not the personality that they like out there. then to find out this is how he behaves when the cameras aren't on and he thinks the mike is off. i was thinking this tape is going to survive all of our conversations. this tape will be around for years. it will be around to explain the results of this campaign. it will outlive us. it will be by yo nondegradable. imagine if hillary clinton had been the one on that bus.
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imagine -- it is unimaginable that she would talk as she was presenting herself like he said to billy bush, let's walk out together. he's core graphing the whole thing. then he makes a reference to gerald ford. he's thinking big picture, how he's presenting himself. but there he is talking about how he would grab someone. imagine if hillary clinton said i'm a big shot, whenever i want to i can grab a guy that way. it's absurd to think that way. anyway, robert costa, one fabulous reporter with the washington post and he somehow maintains his independence and judgment in covering donald trump all of these months. he joins us by phone. i do respect your reporting. objectively i was going back tonight with lawrence looking at the a.p. reports, it's so objective and it's an objective fact, the situation that mr. trump finds himself in.
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after being caught on tape making shockingly lewd comments about a married woman, donald trump declared in a midnight video, i was wrong and i apologize. yet, that's the key word, he claimed the astonishing revelations amounted to nothing more than a distraction. we're wrong to be talking about it. the conservatives like those in utah and the others, the leadership of the republican party are wrong to be distracted by this. and then argued his words were not nearly as egregious as president clinton's marital affairs in the '90s. what do you make that trump is going through right new. he's probably watching this and he sees the progressive piling on but he's seeing objective reporters like you and saying my god this is a bombshell >> chris, great to join you tonight. it's not just about what donald trump is going through tonight. it's what the republican party is going through. and these are two different
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circles that have been linked for the last six to 12 months and they are really at odds tonight behind the scenes. trump has been reluctant to apologize. that's why the video was late to get him to this point. but because of speaker paul ryan and rnc chairman reince priebus, there's immense pressure. your point about utah is so on the money because utah is the tip of the iceberg tonight. jason chaffetz, the chairman in the house, you have senator mike lee now calling on donald trump to step aside, conservatives in utah and you got a utah in the mormon group of the republican party, they're reflecting a lot of the rumblings within the evangelical community. tomorrow morning you'll see more elected officials beyond utah
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ask trump to step aside or fully denounce him. >> what do you think the chances are -- maybe this is hard question for a strait reporter. is there any chance that he'll throw it back to the national committee to pick someone else? >> i've heard tonight from several top republicans that they themselves are thinking about it. for example, i spoke to spencer swik who is the top fundraiser for the speaker, a long time confident of mitt romney. between 11:00 p.m. and now, they're on the phone thinking through what are the options. what happens if pence could get the ticket. could he be the presidential nominee. in trump tower it's a different scene. trump tower on 5th avenue you have donald trump in a combative mood. many people who have spoken with m, he's not if the mood to step aside. >> thank you very much. robert, from the washington post covering this guy for all of
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this months. >> this was a 248-word apology that donald trump released on video tonight, exactly six of those words were apology. he said i was wrong and i apologize. we are joined now by brian williams. brian, i know you've been talking to some sources out there on the republican side of the world about where things stand tonight. what are you hearing? >> well, robert costa and i may indeed be making the same phone calls to is same people. he is so right that there are two communities here, to constituencies. there is a force inside trump tower and there is what we used to call the republican party. i think a lot of republicans have gotten on board with calling this the party of donald trump. since the convention. there is a, there is a wisconsin
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element to this story that itself is multipronged and as you know, as you've been discussing, as you guests have been discussing very powerful. it includes but is not limited to the speaker of the house, and everyone in his camp. it includes reince priebus who has had a remarkable public metamorphosis that's been dictated and be pace and time og f this race and scott walker is never far from all political things wisconsin. chris matthews correctly points out utah as a conservative indicator. kind of unique but also a mover. there's reason to believe the traveling pence campaign was anxious for air cover. anyone who has been around politics ten minutes saw the discomfort as they were trying
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to get the candidate and the press out separately tonight, and we all know how mike pence has run in this race, the constituencies that are important to him, the community that he came out of. this is a pivotal weekend we are going into. let's not forget that it's book ended sunday night by a primetime audience that may well now exceed the first debate and a town hall far format, it favors the tactile, it favors the retail politician. and finally lawrence, i'll appeal to your sense of history and in plain english, the guy at the top often doesn't know if and when it's time to go. 1974 hugh scott of pennsylvania,
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barely goldwater of arizona, congressman john rhodes of arizona made a long walk down the white house driveway and they were the three who told richard nixon his time was up and had to convince richard nixon his time was up. i am drawing no parallel here expect to say the guy is often the last guy to know and this is going to be a real weekend of taking temperature, looking for defections and again will we see the -- we've been talking about this storm for two days. will we see the reformation of an eye wall within a reconstituted of what used to be a republican party. will there be a power structure enough to see if they want to make a go with it some other way. an absolutely pift l weekend in
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politics. >> you point about that nixon moment i think is so important. not even necessarily to the specific issue of getting donald trump to step down but simply getting donald trump to behave and conduct himself in the way that the republican leadership wants him to. even if that were ultimately to include stepdown. one of the problems in that scenario is that as troubled as richard nixon was at that time, he was a far more sensible politician on his worst day than donald trump seems to be on his best day. and richard nixon understood who those people were who were coming to see him. and we've heard donald trump to not understand the powers of the speaker of the house. we've heard donald trump at different times in the history of the campaign mock paul ryan as if paul ryan wasn't somebody who could completely control
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donald trump's legislative outcomes if he were to ever get to the white house. in that scenario that you reminded us of that moment where richard nixon had to face his real fate, in that scene richard nixon fully respected and understood those people who had come to see him. is there anyone that we've seen in this campaign who could have that kind of moment with donald trump? >> wow, that's a great question. all those things you just listed, all of those office holders and names, some of this, if not all of that, has been just fine with donald trump's core base of support around this country. they have been loyal and they have been vehement. and the outsider appeal. people like you and me talk about the corollary. and that is you don't pick a
10:17 pm
commercial airline pilot by going up to somebody in the airport and saying are you an o outsider. you didn't pick a heart surgeon that way. this has been the appeal because of the politics widely seen as broken and two parties widely seen as not doing the people's business anymore. if there is a wisened type, a gray beard in the gop, there are plenty, there are plenty of statesmen and women who proudly wear the republican label. i just don't know who that soul is, even who that committee or subcommittee would be that would make a visit to try to stabilize, to try to talk some sense into him. i just don't know. >> brian williams, thank you very much for joining us tonight. we're going to take a break. we'll be right back. for lower back pain sufferers, the search for relief often leads to places like... this...
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the fact is we've been asked to settle. time and time again with the government and we've been asked to settle on matters of great principle with our candidate for president of the united states. this can't continue. it's time for us not to settle. with all due respect, sir, you sir are the distraction. your conduct, sir is the distraction. it's a distraction from the principles that will help us win in november. you've stated that the objective has got to be to defeat hillary clinton in november. i couldn't agree more. it's for precisely that reason, mr. trump, that i respectfully ask you with all due respect to step aside. >> you sir are the distraction. that was republican senator mike lee from utah.
10:21 pm
we've joined from chris matthews who told us to watch utah. if there is going to be a revolt that's where it will begin. it's fully under way. >> it sure is. it's a state that has been rejecting of the establishment. that gentleman we just saw there, mike lee, lawrence, knocked off a long term senator to win that seat. wit as whole tradition he knocked apart there. orrin hatch had to fight very hard out there. it's not just a religious base, it's a tea party base, very much a tea party man, mike lee, associated with the politics of mike pence, of course ted cruz. so that party, that right ward flank of the party which mike pence has been out this week trying to form up and to keep on trump's side. we're not even near the suburbs in terms of trump's appeal.
10:22 pm
he's getting killed in the philly suburbs right now by a 36% moargin. there you see these people who are appalled by this behavior. they don't see it as secular. they see it as raunchy. i think we all do. and so, you know, right now we're going to see this republican party come apart from the right and the left of the party or center of the party has moved against him. i think you're going to see a shrinking of his electoral base over the weekend, any polling, focus groups, any interviews by the reporters is going to show it. he's lost his lead in ohio a state you must win if you're a republican. he's lost his lead in florida, a state he needed to win his 270. and he's already in the process of losing north carolina. he's nowhere near winning pennsylvania or virginia. he can't win the presidency as it looks right now.
10:23 pm
i'm beginning to think his electoral count is going to shrink rather low. it's going to get really bad. and i got back to what i said earlier tonight when i brought over in the midnight run of paul revere here, i'll tell you, it's not going to happen. he was already on the cliff. this will probably take him over. and again that tape of him with that attract tiive actor from t soaps is going to be played over and over and over again. it's going to show a guy he didn't want to show us in the campaign. >> let me underline what you just said. did i hear you say that you think this video is fatal for the trump campaign? >> as it stands, yes. his apology wasn't enough because it wasn't an apology. it would have taken a jimmy swaggart moment.
10:24 pm
we've all said things by accident but this is a full portrait. a video of a long conversation in which we talked about trying to so deuce a married woman when he himself was just married. it talks about women in a physical sense the way he's been able to use his celebrity. not just as it was said not just abusive but probably a criminal matter, if you get into the as sect of sexual abuse and sexual assault. don't see how he can outlive this video right now -- i'm always open to the future. sunday night is going to be one of the great moments in american political history, not necessarily for the good but we're going to see what the guy does. his character is on display now. it's not what he did 11 years ago. it's how he deals with it now and the way he's dealing with it now is not sufficient to erase what we see on that tape. >> hallie jackson, mild mannered mike lee and anyone who has
10:25 pm
spent time in utah knows that mild manners describes many people in utah. mild mannered mike lee was angry in that facebook video. >> yes. >> you could see him getting angry as he was hearing himself say what he had to say about donald trump. >> i spent some time with mike lee out on the campaign trail during the primaries. he never endorsed donald trump. he's ted cruz's best buddy in the senate. when you look from this 30,000 foot view, the character story is fascinating. mike lee is a guy who never backed donald trump. he was one of the few holdouts. he was put on the scotus list that donald trump put out two weeks ago as an olive branch to try to get ted cruz's endorsement who by the way must have been looking at this going why didn't i wait two weeks. and then yaw eou've got the uta
10:26 pm
factor, the wisconsin factor. reince priebus started the festival that tomorrow mike physicians will go to along with paul ryan and mike johnson but not donald trump because of this. there's some reporting out there that ryan personally called trump tonight to disinvite him. i'm told that is not the case. it is to watch is happening, it's interesting. i don't know if it's the death. i've gotten texts saying it's over, he's dead. this is it. i've also gotten texts saying how many times have we seen something like this before and trump has survived and gotten through it. but regardless, what it is doing to the gop we're going to have to watch it over the next 24 hours. man you thought two weeks ago was a big deal, my goodness. >> it is the most difficult thing to imagine right now or to
10:27 pm
predict right now is what happens sunday night. anybody who thinks they had a handle on that prior to today no longer does. working a quick break right here. we'll be right back. i'm one unlucky guy. the chance of being involved in a robbery is 1 n 757. the chances of beingtruck by lightning... [thunder] [coughs] 1 in 750,000. [ding] woman on p.a.: please fasten your seatbelts for unexpecd turbulence. announcer: the ances of being a victim in an airline crash, 1 in 29 million. hey could i get some peanuts?
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the chances of being involved in a car crash are far greater than lightning strikes and plane crashes. anif youre texting while driving, your risk of crash increas 23 times. now, i may be an unlucky guy, but i don't have to be part of tt statistic, and neither do you. drive responsibly. we are back with our live breaking news coverage of the crisis in the trump campaign tonight. we're rejoined by jonathan allen. we're all sitting here trying to imagine sunday night at this debate. hillary clinton gets to watch this news continue to break over the course of the weekend. she gets to watch presumably
10:29 pm
more angry statements by republicans on saturday to and about donald trump. and she goes into that debate on sunday night. what would you expect from hillary clinton on that stage sunday night? >> lawrence, first of all, she'll also get to watch "saturday night live" on nbc, about 22 hours from now. i hope everybody is up and watching that. but in terms of the debate itself, you know, i think her team has been preparing for donald trump to throw every possible attack at her. you name the woman that bill clinton has been linked to, whether fairly or unfairly, that has been tossed to her in debate prep. i don't think she's going to be unready for that. my guess is that she will try to use that to pivot back to policy. there's absolutely no reason for her to get donald trump off the hook with this by getting in the trenches with him. i think they know what they're doing. we saw her handle donald trump pretty firmly in the first
10:30 pm
debate. i don't anticipate she'll have a problem doing that in the second debate. >> will you expectation will be hillary clinton goes in there relying on the moderator to bring this up or questions from the audience to bring it up and let donald trump sink himself in his answers that she doesn't need to jump on this in any way? >> there's an old reporter rule which is if you let your source talk long enough they'll hang themselves. and i think we saw that with donald trump in the first debate. her strategy is going to be let the moderators bring it up. if trump wants to fire about her with bill clinton, she'll have one line to come back with on that and try to get out of that and pivot back to policy. >> thank you for joining us tonight. and thank you very much for reminding us about what kind of panic is going on in this building right now when the "saturday night live" writing staff trying to come up with something for tomorrow. we're going to try to get a
10:31 pm
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we're back in our live breaking news coverage of the crisis in the trump presidential cam pa campaign. liz smith we were just talking to jonathan allen how does hillary clinton handle this.
10:35 pm
isn't it just go out there on the debate stage and watch it happen? >> i do think that is how it happens. you know what, i love john and john is brilliant. a hillary clinton expert. where i disagree with him is on this. i think that if donald trump goes in the direction of raising bill clinton's past infidelities, that hillary clinton will use it as a moment to show her humanity, her vulnerability and talk about the personal pain it caused her. she's not the only person in america who's gone through that. and some of her best moment, whether in 2008 or 2012 has been when she's let down her guard and shown that he's a vulnerable person and she's gone through pum bling experiences. i think she'll take a different tack there. >> what we've seen on the basis of one debate and including the primary debates, is that the clinton debate prep system
10:36 pm
works. and whoever she has working on that with her, as well as her own ideas about what to do -- because as you know, you can do all of the debate prep in the world. you're never going to anticipate the exact sequence of language that lands on your candidate. and your candidate on her feet in the instance or sitting down in the town hall, has to make the decision of exact hi how to respond, what tone, what amount, what facts do i use here and now. they've just been great at this. they have plenty of time. they've got all day saturday, all day sunday to map out what they want to do. >> they've already done the basis of the work because she has been so consistently well-prepared that the beauty of gog into the second debate is if you did it right for the first debate, it's so much easier. over these past two weeks it
10:37 pm
hasn't been what it was going into the first debate. donald trump never did the legwork. he needed to do some of it because what i've heard is that his lack of seriously really hurt him. the bar was so low. but if he would have come in with a little bit of knowledge it would have helped him. hillary clinton has been practicing for these attacks from donald trump. they're going to hone and refine it. but she's there. she already has her play book. >> let's talk about what we already now know thanks to donald trump and howie carr thursday night, during the storm coverage they were doing a little town hall sort of thing in new hampshire. and howie carr, local boston radio talk show host, the biggest fan boy of donald trump in new england, just sits there in adoration of them. he was the moderator and helping out donald and offering him lines and things. when you watch it, donald trump
10:38 pm
couldn't even keep his concentration in that no pressure forum. >> so there is -- that was an interesting optical moment that we were covering when there's a hurricane breaking on the east coast. you watch that. we were told by sources around the campaign, that was for donald trump to develop some muscle memory, to get back in the town hall setting, to remember what it was like because he's never done a town hall debate. kind of get back in the swing a little bit. the insinstence that it wasn't practice. there was a two-minute clock. the audience told not to clap. call a spade a spade. the prep has changed since the first debate. chris christie and reince priebus are involved. both men were with him when this story broke today at 4:00 in the afternoon doing this prep session. so everybody is very aware of
10:39 pm
what the stakes are on sunday night. there was a lot of talk before the first debate, what we were going to see, gracious trump or the other trump. there is a question mark now. what i think is very clear, what donald trump himself came out and said at 12:01 was i'm going after bill clinton. watch he sunday go after bill clinton. we don't need to guess. he told us. >> it's going to be cam ka zi trump. it is not going to be pretty. >> even at the town hall it was so awkward, you're supposed to be interacting with people and you know, putting yourself in their shoes and every answer of his, again it was like he got distracted but somehow brought it back to some anecdote about himself. they were building up expectations that this would be a great format for him but if that was any indication i do not
10:40 pm
have high expectations. >> and there wasn't a single tough question. >> yeah. >> we're going to squeeze in another break right here. we'll be right back. my business was built with passion... but i keep it owing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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i moved on her actually. you know, she was down on palm beach. >> she used to be great. she's still very beautiful. >> i move on her and i failed. i'll admit it. i did try and [ bleep ] her. she was married. >> that's huge news. >> no, no. nancy. no, this was -- >> and i moved on her very heavily. in fact, i took her out furniture shopping. she wanted to get some furniture. i said, "i'll show you where they have some nice furniture." >> i moved on her like a bitch. >> this is the video that's changed the course of the campaign. we show different pieces of it at times sometimes we run the whole thing. america may be less than 24 hours away from being able to quote passages of this video word for word in ways that
10:44 pm
people can't forget. >> you're so right. the durability of this vehicle is going to be greater than anybody who writes about it, talks about it, defends it, apologizes it. it's going to be around. you're catching private conversations. i was thinking what snl will be doing about it tomorrow night. you'll be hearing voices from inside the bus. they were be hyperbolic. >> let's remember something. on "saturday night live" broadcast by nbc, they cannot say the words that donald trump said inside that bus. >> that's true. >> that's how astounding this is. >> i think we ought to talk about this the way he called it locker room conversation. first of all, i'm not sure what that means in the 21st century. and i'm not saying i haven't
10:45 pm
heard these words before. i'm not going to be a fraud about it. men don't talk like this generally. women wonder how we talk when we're alone. and generally the guys i hang out with love their wives and respect them and this is real. they don't talk about them in the negative way. they just don't. this is not the normal conversation. and i think women would be proud of most men the way they talk about women when they're not there. they talk about them with respect and love. it's their spouse in life for life. people ought to know that. this is unusually unpleasant to hear because he's talking about his physical behavior toward married women, toward other women. he's just trying to pick up, if you will, in a way that's really unbelievable. i don't think this is going to go away. and answer your question, i know you, trying to pin me before, that's what we do around here,
10:46 pm
try to pin each other in terms of getting a fact out of each other. if this stands, it is a killer. if this stands. and i don't have the imagination to think of what could happen sunday night which would turn the tables in his direction. we have been saying -- at least on my program we've been saying all week he had to get a a-plus, a wow on this sunday night to win this election. he needed to make up for a weak performance in his first debate, he had to do something really superior. now i think he has to do a a-plus performance, a wow performance to get out of the ditch he's in right now. that is starting your march down the field on the 1 yard line and you have to pick up 99 yards. this is going to be very tough. there aren't many downs. this is all going to happen pretty fast now. tomorrow the newspapers will come out with all of this in it tomorrow. everybody will read it tomorrow. it will be the huge story on
10:47 pm
sunday morning. there will be an interim accounting for this with all of the best minds of the republican party being invited to the morning shows on sunday morning and they're all going to be asked on "meet the press" where do you stand now. and there's going to be an accounting, a roll call. and i don't think they want to say they're with him right now. they're taking french leave op the wisconsin event tells you which direction they're heading on sunday morning which is not to show up for donald trump and that's going to be the first big sign. i don't think it's hugh scottmenting to see the president but i don't think he can hide. they're coming for him. >> elise jordan, they're coming for him says chris matthews. you live inside the republican party. what are you hearing? is that the sense that the people are feeling right now >> i think everyone is overestimating how much impact many this is going to have. people are pulling away but
10:48 pm
there haven't been -- >> you mean impact on professional republicans. >> i don't see that many people unendorsing him. there will be some. people are going to try to keep the status quo, keep everything calm. >> what if it gets worse sunday night? what if she does something worse sunday night? >> i doubt if he does anything that is so much worse on sunday night. it will be another sub par performance. and if he gets really nasty with hillary clinton, which i think is completely possible, and if he gets blatantly sexual on stage with allegations of bill clinton and if he has the kind of performance like he had on the republican primary stage with mayor corubio when he referenced his anatomy, i think the timing would be particularly poor. another thing is going to happened on sunday. i'm wondering how the evangelicals are going to grapple with this being the
10:49 pm
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we're back with our live continues coverage. we're joined by chris matthews in washington. hallie, you've been out there talking to trump supporters all year of all different stripes. where do you expect there to be any cracks in trump supporters, if any -- you're nodding your head no before u finish the question. >> here's the thing. throughout these moments -- it's funny because we talk about october surprises and then there's this one. so just in being in contact with a lot of different supporters in swing states that we've met on the trail, you want to check in with them regularly. when the tax issue happened, they didn't care. every controversy they defend him. these people who show up at his
10:53 pm
rallies. a and that's something that folks miss in new york and washington. you can get in a bubble when you go out in the country. these are people who truly hate hillary clinton and they want donald trump. and it's not because they love donald trump necessarily, some do with a passion that is intense as we've discovered out on the campaign trail. but a lot of it is driven by how much they dislike hillary clinton. was struck by jason chaffetz saying he's not going to vote for hillary clinton either. this person was a lit concern saying, don't get me wrong, i don't like hillary clinton at all. like i am on team trump basically because i don't like hillary clinton and i think sometimes that gets missed. i don't expect that trump supporters -- i don't know yet. it's 1:53 in the morning. i don't any if they're going to change. i grew up in bucks county,
10:54 pm
pennsylvania, that's where it matters, with the swing voters. >> does this move the undeciders off the fence? >> i think it has a go chance to. i agree with a lot of what chris said. we're going to be seeing this video for a very long time and this video will be replayed much more than that apology video. and it doesn't get better the more you see it. it gets even worse. it can have that effect. >> and if you want to play the apology video, it's only six words. the other 242 words you can ignore. >> the extraneous language you can throw in the trash. howie made an important point talking about the issue that we as media have been obsessed over. there are huge stories happening that are have minimal impact with the voters. the tax story, that trump's losses were the equivalent of 2% of all reported losses in one year ahat doesn't matter to voters. but undecided women care about
10:55 pm
these h these. >> and the last word tonight goes to chris matthews. >> i think we'll know if i'm right and the others are wrong. women who run for office run as women. it's a break through, a glass ceiling issue. you've got to justify. we need women and women run and make the case. how does a woman run for office, like barbara comestock or kelly ayotte hold on to her seat. i'm looking at these women who are republicans and have to run as a republican woman. what is that, you're a woman and you're a republican and you expected to be loyal to the top of the ticket. but you're running as a republican and a woman. they're going to stand on those two legs of their stool and skip the other one. i really do believe -- this is what i felt when i first heard the story when it was breaking. my first reaction was oh my god, this is a private matter. this is going to kill somebody politically. why are we dragging out a
10:56 pm
private mat per. everybody around me said this has got to come out, it's going to be all other the place. so my opposition to bringing it out was moot. it's something that was already out there. the post is going to run it. it's a fact. the implications were going to be huge. my only question is it fair. it's the old argument what's private, what's public. the hot mike i guess in the tools we live by, anything that's said into a hot mike is public and that's just a fact and we're going to learn once again that's true. good night to everybody. it's late. >> thank you chris matthews, really appreciate it. thank you to hallie jackson, liz smith and elise jordan. everyone else who joined us tonight. really appreciate it through our live coverage. msnbc's live coverage continues after this.
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