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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  October 8, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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i know. can you believe we're getting orders from canada, ireland... this one goingo new zealand. new zealand? psst. ah, false alarm. hey! you guys are gonna scare away t deer! idiots... providing global access for small business. fedex. breaking news here. just before daybreak, new devastation from hurricane matthew. reports at this hour, from north carolina, a category 2 right now. good day to all of you. i'm alex witt at msnbc's world headquarters in new york. more on hurricane matthew, its path, scope, all of its devastating effects felt in many years. that in a moment. first, to the day's other big breaking story -- donald trump apologizes for comments he made on a hot mike
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in 2005. it happened during an off-camera discussion with "access hollywohol hollywo hollywood" host billy bush. you know and i moved on her actually. you know, she was down on palm beach. >> she used to be great. she's still very beautiful. >> i move on her and i failed. i'll admit it. i did try and -- her. she was married. >> that's huge news. >> no, no. nancy. no, this was -- >> and i moved on her very heavily. in fact, i took her out furniture shopping. she wanted to get some furniture. i said, "i'll show you where they have some nice furniture." >> i moved on her like a [ bleep ], but i couldn't get there. and she was married. then all of a sudden i see her. she's now got the big phony [ bleep ] and everything. she's totally changed her look. >> sheesh, your girl's hot -- in the purple. >> i'm a magnet. when you're a star you can do anything. grab them by the [ bleep ]. >> trump released a statement
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shortly after the "washington post" broke this story yesterday afternoon saying, "this was locker room banter, a private conversation that took place long ago. bill clinton has said things to me, even worse." then he posted on his facebook page. here's part of that. >> i've never said i'm a perfect person nor pretended to be someone i'm not. i've said and done things i regret, and the words released today on this decade old video are one of them. anyone who knows me knows these words don't reflect who i am. who are living in the real world. this is nothing more than a distraction from the important issues we're facing today. we are losing our jobs. we are less safe than we were eight years ago, and washington is totally broken. hillary clinton and her kind have run our country into the ground. let's bring in jack kingston, a former georgia congressman now a senior adviser
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to the trump campaign. with a welcome to you on this very difficult day. i know you're from savannah and your own problems dealing with hurricane matthew. i'm going to say, jack, this particular incident with donald trump was likened earlier by a gop strategist on the program like being a category 5 hurricane. does this make you reconsider your support for donald trump? >> well, alex, let me say a number of things. it is disturbing. i'm a father of two daughters, a brother of three sisters and certainly it's haven't disturbing. i do believe that his apology was extremely important, and i think his apology is somewhat of a first step. he needs to continue to show contrition. the video apology that he did last night, i think, does show a different side of donald trump, and i have to say as somebody who's gotten to know him, it's not the donald trump i know. the donald trump i know is far kinder, far broader in his views. i think perhaps ten years ago he may have been not only a
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different man but perhaps going through things. it's kind of a crude hollywood banter. he was in show business at the time. i think probably the conversation got away from him. and, you know, they said some things that he regretted. i'll have to say this -- i've said things particularly ten years ache and even yesterday that i sometimes regret, and so i do think the apology is very, very important. he did make that apology formally last night,ut as i said, i think we're going to see more contrition. not the donald trump i know, but, you know, in terms of where i am on this race, i still deeply am worried about the supreme court. the next president's going to be able to pick at least two members of the court. maybe as high as four. there's already a number of decisions 0 ut there on immigration or on guns or on abortion or whatever, guantanamo
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bay, that have been decided by 5-4 decisions. so i city think it's very important not to have hillary clinton naming those justices. we still have 400,000 dead in syria. we have the largest refugee crisis probably in the histories of the world going on, under her watch. the jobs report that just came out this week was anemic again, and for people back home struggling, i think it's very important for them to have a change in washington, and, you know, if this conversation had happened yesterday or, you know, a year ago, i would say, it would be one thing, but ten years ago, and then the context of hollywood. you know? it doesn't make it right. not at all. but at the same time, putting it in context ten years ago banter in a private conversation is a little different than a public policy statement. >> so do you, then, disagree with those who are retracting
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their support for donald trump and even those who are suggesting he step aside? >> i do disagree with them. i think that he has gone through the process, a very difficult, a very long vetting system. unfortunately sometimes you can't find out everything, but the reality is he won the nominee fair and square, and i think to some degree republicans should take a page away from the democrats, and the democrats are extremely loyal and always able to put aside personal foibles, if you will, and say, but, you know who is going to make the supreme court decision? who's going to make national security and economic decisions? >> jack, that -- that all happened before this tape was released, and chuck todd, of course, moderator of "meet the press" was on my broadcast in the last hour, and he said that a lot of what defines the presidency is an adherence to a moral high ground. and that would stand in contrast with the donald trump that we hear on this tape.
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what do you feel about that? i mean, you've said you've got two daughters. you have three sisters. >> you know, i do think, again, in the context of a hollywood culture and showmanship, which was a big influence on this. i mean, you know, he knew it was being filmed. it wasn't like it was a secret video that was going on, and i think there was some banter that, you know -- let's push the envelope here. doesn't make it right at all. >> but, jack, a hot mike moment. meaning the camera was not on him. so people on-camera will appear a certain way and then when the microphone is, you think it's f, and not that it was intended to be recorded, we shall say, by "access hollywood" logistically somebody's miked up, turn it off for the two minutes between going through camera positions. he was miked up. he was speaking without a camera on him. so -- you can't really make that argument that he was putting on a show at that point. >> well, but he was with a
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hollywood producer, and they were kind of, you know, bantering back and forth, and -- but, again, listen, i think the conversation was very crude, very disturbing. it's not something, though, that represents donald trump. not the one that i know. the donald trump i know has been a good father. his kids are a reflection of that, as mike pence often says, you can't fake good kids. remarkably, his -- his wife, his ex-wife, gets along with him fine. the women who work for him don't say that this is a serial guy that does things like this. so, you know, again, ten years ago, i said things that i wish i hadn't have said. we all do. we all say things in private conversations we later wish we could have grabbed back. the camera, you know, grabbed some of these things for some of us, and some of them they don't. hillary clinton, as you know, has droi destroyed 33,000 e-mails. what was she so ashamed of.
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unfortunately, donald trump doesn't have that option on this video. saying he's sorry -- >> i want to ask about the apology. you say you got to know donald trump really well. the donald trump released on this half-minute video with his apology, some on my broadcast earlier said looked as if he was being forced to read a teleprompter. it did not sound like the natural donald trump? >> i think what he was doing, alex, is reading a teleprompter, words which he had written but did not want to slip, did not want to -- >> do you know that he wrote those or kellyanne conway, or someone else? >> i'm sure he had plenty of input. as you know, donald trump always has the final say-so on things. so he's not reading somebody else's words and not coerced on it. it's just he wanted to read every single word verify baiten. he's not just going to say it's overwith, i apology.
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he gets it. he knows how bad this is. he knows he has to show to the people of america that that moment ten years ago is not representative of him as a human being, and i know having gotten to know him that it's not. again, you've been around the family, alex. you know, his children are very fond of him. his employees have been with him for many years are very fond of him. they don't roll their eyes. you know, ronald reagan's kids, as much as republicans love ronald reagan, he had estranged children. not all of them, but he had a lot of friction within the family. but not the trumps. so i think that speaks volumes of, you know, a bigger volume of who he s. let's look ahead to the debate, and you talk about how important you think issues are to the supreme court, to jobs, to syria. you are absolutely right, but how much do you think those topics could play into this town hall-style debate tomorrow night? or will it be all about this, and should donald trump reiterate his apology to the country for what he said ten years ago?
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>> i think this will inevitably come up and he'll have to deal with it early on and head-on and, again, apologize and speak that ten years ache i w s ago i through a rough spot, hollywood crude culture, i was in show business at the time. i'm a different guy. ten years ago we all did things that we wish we could recall and do over again. but let me talk to you about the supreme court. why this decision is so important on who's going to be the next president. let me talk to you about jobs and the household incomes that have fallen across america and the number of people who are underemployeed and unemployed and 43 million on food stamps, and if you want to have change in washington, you have to have this outsider, who's not bought and paid for by wall street. and special interests. so i do think that he's going to have to meet it, but he's going to have to pivot. if he dwells on it or allows hillary clinton and the audience itself to dwell on it, then he's going to lose. but i think that that's not
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going to happen. i think he's going to not run from it, but not stay there, either. >> i will just take issue with your comment about hillary clinton being bought and paid for by wall street, because donald trump has not released his taxes and there's no indication he will do so before nov 8th. we don't know to whom he owes money around the world as well. leave it at that. a personal note, jack, you came on, you're from savannah. you've had to evacuate. i thank you doubly for being here on this big story. how are you, your constituents? how are things there? >> all and all, fared well. a lot of debris. a mess, not a disaster. elected officials and first responders did an absolutely magnificent job in evacuating everybody. we minimized the damage, and i think the people on the ground should be commended for that. >> all right. jack kingston, commending you for coming on the broadcast on this difficult day in so many ways. >> thank you. > another breaking story, of course, hurricane matthew
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hammering south carolina coastal areas with heavy rained and destructive winds. storm surge a major concern and right now more than 150,000 people in that state are without power. in florida, deadly flooding has killed at least four people, and over 1 million people there remain without power. checking out st. augustine, of course, one of the historic cities in the sunshine state was hit the hardest. heavy rain has destroyed roads and flooded countless homes and cars. right to msnbc meteorologist bill karins with breaking word on matthew's intensity. what do you have for us? >> as far as damage done, about 80% of the damage done with the storm. probably 20% to go. overnight worst of the damage in coastal georgia and in south carolina. where we continue now. we did downgrade it to a category 1, 85 mile-per-hour winds, much of the winds off the coast, anyway. the storm surge and heavy rain that is the danger and threat to lives during the day today. an ongoing six-foot storm surge now in charleston. water still in many of the streets right there near the
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river. it's at low tide and still at six foot storm surge. again, the worst of it overnight. water stayed up all morning long. heavier rains moving into the northern half of south carolina after dropping a foot overnight. a lot of standing water. i-95 closed in both directions. heard reports through georgia because of downed trees and because of high water. the winds are blowing out now in savannah. those water levels are going down quickly on the georgia shoreline. areas from charleston northwards, onshore flow. water levels still coming up at the next high tide cycle, between 1:00 and 2:00 and the highest winds are still down here around the hilton head . 61 mile-per-hour gusts recently. charleston up to 52. enough to get power outages. that should occur in areas of coastal south carolina from the myrtle beach area southwards towards charleston going through the day. if you still have your power. here's the praft path. down to 85 miles per hour and think it will remain a category 1 hurricane going along the beaches near myrtle beach, north myrtle beach, will hmongton and
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the marine base, jacksonville, off the coast just south of the outer banks. we still think the next high tide cycle, five to seven-foot storm surge possible especially georgetown area, up to myrtle beach, wilmington, towards mo moorhead and atlantic beach, alex. the third highest river level in charleston ever on record, of course, highest with hugo hitting there in the late '80s. this water won't be allowed to escape another two to three hours and by this afternoon safe for people to go out of their houses. a foot or two of water throughout the cities close to the river. charleston is prone to flooding. this san event even a lot of locals haven't seen in 20, 30 years. >> thank you for that, bill. mentioning myrtle beach. just a senaignal back. very stormy there. right there in myrtle beach, the
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hurricane force winds are felt, and that eye hasn't even headed your way yet. talk about what it's like there and the flooding and storm surge. >> reporter: yeah. we're working hard to keep a senate for you, alex. the winds have really picked up this morning. we're seeing sustained winds of about 40 miles per hour up here meaning gusts can be even higher. we're along the boardwalk here in myrtle beach, and if you look at the ocean, this is what bill karins has been talking about. potential for storm surge. scene in mind, this is lower tide. getting into the afternoon, high tide, when there's real concern with the five to seven-foot storm surges potentially taking out this boardwalk. bring in wendy and jody. if you want to come over. these are the only two people i've seen out here today, and wendy, you drove four hours from inland to come see this. everyone else is driving the other direction. you're coming out. what made you want to come out? >> we just like storms. i don't know. we just wanted to see it. >> we always have wanted to see it. it just worked out to where we
5:17 am
could this time. >> reporter: now that you're here, what do you think? >> i love it. love it. >> reporter: you said your mother loves storm, but -- she said her mother loves storms, used to um can out here but it was hurricane hugo 1989 that made her not love storms so much anymore. why was that? >> it was just awful. tornadoes and stuff, just scared her to death. she don't really like them anymore. she did want to come today, though, but stayed home to baby-sit. >> reporter: stay safe. in 1989, hurricane hugo tore up this boardwalk with the storm surge so it is fresh in people's minds here in myrtle beach. >> hope we get you next hour, blake. those hurricane forces are wreaking havoc. stay safe yourself. a videotape and apology. now a debate. the impact donald trump's lewd conversation about women could have tomorrow night. you're a smart saver. you find ways to stretch your dollar. so why not compare your medicare part d plan with other options?
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at 20 plus the hour, a live look at charleston, south carolina, getting pounded by hurricane matthew. multiple roads under water, heavy rain and powerful winds could bring about deadly flooding. check in with nbc meteorologist bill karins shortly with that. back to politics and the decade-old recording some say could bring down a presidential candidate. bringing in nbc's katy tur on this story from the very beginning. what is the latest? good morning. >> reporter: the latest, donald trump apologized for the first time we think in his public life for a tape that resurfaced from about 11 years ago that shows him bragging about being able to grope women freely. i'll let the tape speak for itself.
5:22 am
>> they let you do anything, grab them by the [ bleep ]. >> reporter: after outrageous remarks finally a contrite trump. >> i said it. i was wrong, and i apologize. >> reporter: that remorse quickly turning into an attack. >> bill clinton has actually abused women and hillary has bullied, attacked, shamed and intimidated his victims. >> reporter: the nominee's brief apology believed to be unprecedented in his public life came after a 2005 tape surfaced revealing a conversation between trump and then "access hollywood" host billy bush. trump brags about groping women, laughing off an effort to seduce "access hollywood's" nancy o'dell. >> nancy, and i moved on her very heavily. in fact, i took her out furniture shopping. i said i'll show you where they have nice furniture. i moved on her like a [ bleep ]. i couldn't get there, and she was married. all of a sudden i see her, she's now got the big phony [ bleep ] and everything. she's totally changed her look. >> reporter: the comments caught
5:23 am
on a hot mike during a publicity tour. eight months after he married his third wife melania, already pregnant. overnight a deluge of condemnation leaving trump no other choice but to repent. one campaign staffer calls it their very own hurricane. reince priebus saying no woman should everen talked about in this manner, ever. and paul ryan disinviting trump from a scheduled appearance in wisconsin today. saying he is sickened. utah's former and sitting republican governor along with republican congressman jason chaffetz and senator mike lee revoking their support. >> i cannot longer endorse donald trump for president. i just can't do it. >> reporter: swing state operatives are calling this the end and some high-profile voices demanding he drop out, but trump isn't leaving. >> see you at the debate on sunday. >> reporter: this morning, new talks to see how the republican party can go forward and whether they can take trump off the
5:24 am
ticket. already utah senator mike lee saying that trump should drop out. the pressure is mounting from big gop donors as well, but it's a move that is highly unlikely because of ballot issues. alex, early voting has already started in a lot of states. military ballots are already going in. people have already voted for trump. it's unclear what would happen to their votes say if he stepped down and governor pence took over. it's unclear if those votes would still count and unclear they would change any of the ballots going forward. we're only a month until november. >> is it clear in your mind, you've been covering donald trump since the beginning. is it clear he would even consider drping out at this point, do you think? >> i think last night's comment where he ends with, "see you at the debate" makes it abundantly clear he is not going anywhere. this is not a man you've ever seen back down. this is about the most backed down you've seen him from, ever, frankly, and it wasn't that strong. he apologized and then --
5:25 am
>> and then pivoted. >> briefly. and moved on quickly and pivoted to say that bill clinton has done much worse. so i don't think we're going to see him relent or give up on this nomination in any way. the campaign believes that he still has a chance. some saying that they believe it's over, but some say this could be a teachable ment, that he can maintain his level of support. the question's going to be about enthusiasm. does this stop people from voting, and does it stop people from voting altogether or does it push some of those votes -- >> and bring anyone else under his tent? >> i think that's long gone. tear talking about enthusiasm at this point. can he turn out more of his white working class male voters and she can turn out everybody else. >> katy tur, see you later. anchoring at 2:00 p.m. eastern time. >> thanks. and john harwood, joining us
5:26 am
and political writer for the "new york times." all right, guys, bringing you into this conversation, because it is certainly topic a. today. john, fair to say trump has been caught saying inappropriate things in the past. does this feel different, or is it more of the same to you? >> oh, no, it's not more of the same. this is epically bad for donald trump, and i think the republican party is waking up to a realization today, which is that donald trump is going to be their candidate. he's going to lose the election. and the question is, how many people is he going to take down with him? and so the senate is likely to flip to the democrats, but republican senators and donors are trying desperately to save it. the question about this, as we sort of gauge the fallout is, is this big enough to put the house in jeopardy? the house has not been in jeopardy, because there has not been enough competitive seats to generate a potential turnover on the scale that democrats would
5:27 am
need. thieve got to win 30 seats. but this is a potential event that causes everybody to look in the mirror and say, this is our nominee. are we really going to embrace him or run away from him, and you saw barbara comstock last night from northern virginia say, no, i'm not with him. you saw jason chaffetz saying, i'm out. you saw mike kaufman from colorado saying he should step aside. i don't believe he will step aside. i talked to steve bannon by e-mail last night. the ceo of the trump campaign. i said, any chance he'll quit the race? and he said, are you serious? so i think they've got donald trump, and they've got to figure out how to mitigate the damage. >> gaby, house speaker ryan, home state of wisconsin. mentioned those not supporting, chaffetz at this point, the only trump backer to officially retract his endorsement.
5:28 am
how close do you think we are to speaker ryan retracting his endorsement and then why wouldn't more of his supporters back out? >> reporter: you know, it's woerth noting congressman barbara comstock also said donald trump should exit the race. one to endorse him. gary herbert, governor of utah, planned to vote for donald trump urged him to drop out at well. in addition to jason chaffetz, a number of republican lawmakers not only condemned donald trump's, ras as offensive, outrageous and urged him to flip the ticket or get out of the race entirely. but you know, for speaker ryan, i think the decision for him now is to sit on this, wait and see what the reaction is going to be like. especially now that donald trump has issued this apology and considering the fact that mike pence will be in wisconsin today. i imagine house speaker paul ryan will meet with mike pence. i'm sure they will discuss this, and see where to go from this point forward, but this really does bring up a new conversation about trump's toxicity on
5:29 am
down-ballot races and how this may effect rubb enrub republic >> given what we know about mike pence and his moral fortitude, the way he believes, and he has never pivoted on that. >> uh-huh. look, mike pence has to decide as a human being how much humiliation am i willing to take to be the vice presidential candidate. he's got a concern about his political future. he might want to run in 2020. he has been somebody who's been interested in the presidency for some time. he did very well in that debate the other night. a lot of republicans woke up saying, wow. this is a guy who could be our candidate. on the other hand, he's somebody who is a conservative christian. to whom those, both of thos evi.
5:30 am
how am i going to stick with this, praise donald trump, continue with donald trump's the right man to lead the country or turn the volume way down and go out and campaign individually, not defend donald trump. i think this is a very tough moment for mike pence, and so far he's been willing to shrug off, to deny, to minimize everything that donald trump has done that is potentially embarrassing for him, but this is a direct hit to the center of the target of who mike pence is, what he stands for, and this is going to be a challenge for him to deal with. >> yeah. gapi, talk about the apology, whether we should or should see another one at the debate tomorrow night. your interpretation of the apology put out there.
5:31 am
90 seconds long. the tone of it and whether it was very effective, and do you think he needs to do this again at the debate? >> reporter: yeah. i think this is a topic that will come up at the debate and donald trump ho be prepared to issue a lengthier apology and one possibly more sincere. i wonder whether or not he was actually the person wrote that apology issued last night. seemed he was reading off a teleprompter bringing into questions absence sarty and depth of that apology, but this puts donald trump in a tough spot. especially when his campaign is working lard to go after undecided women voters. donald trump, i can't see a single undecided woman looking at this in the aftermath and deciding, i'm going to vote for donald trump. that's not just -- >> can i ask also, how many decided women for donald trump, do you think this may change their minds? >> reporter: it could absolutely change the minds of some women. i don't think they'll necessarily flock to hillary clinton but could decide to sit
5:32 am
this election out and say these comments go beyond the pale and i'm not longer going to support someone who speaks to women this way. >> i agree with gabi and think the sincerity of apology is a big issue. he luked much more angry than contrite in that statement and i must say, former congressman kingston was on with you a few minutes ago and said donald trump gets it. there is no reason to think that donald trump gets it and for him, you know, jack kingston said, he should come on and say i was in the shadow of that hollywood crude culture. that is not going to fly. >> john harwood, gaby. thank you. going back to hurricane matthew with a live look at charleston. take you there in a moment as the situation worsens. stay with us. it's coming your way after a break. woah! you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. hwoah, woah!y! you're not taking that.
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alex witt at msnbc
5:36 am
headquarters in new york. monitoring for you after leaving a path of destruction in coastal florida and georgia. hurricane matthew right now hammering south carolina with strong winds and a very dangerous storm surge. we've got heavy rains, gusty winds and starting to spread inland. we have more than 100,000 people without power in that state alone. hurricane warnings in effect in north carolina. matthew's impact is expected there as well. msnbc meteorologist bill karins will bring us up to speed on the storm's path in a minute. right to nbc's chris jansing right in the heart of it in charleston, south carolina. hurricane matthew is about to make landfall. chris what a difference about hour makes. gotten significantly worse. >> reporter: right. yeah. and it's mostly this rain, although winds do gust up, and a couple of new pieces of information since we talked in the last hour, alex. they've now upped the number of people officially to without power to 160,000, and the conditions here as we get a gust
5:37 am
of wind has gotten so bad ems services are suspended. part of the problem with all of these downed power lines has been it's setting off alarms. burglar alarms. we just lost a light there, blown over by the wind. if you see a little change in that, burglar, fire alarms going off. a lot of what the emergency folks have been responding to are these false alarms. so they have completely suspended service here. they are asking people to stay off the street, and you can see why as i wade in here. i mean, you know, this is an older city, a historic city, as people have come down here, if they don't stay right in the middle of the road where this slopes down it can get pretty dangerous. they're really looking towards, and we talked about this before, 1:00 to 2:00, when they're most concerned about the storm surge, the danger of more flooding continues, alexants ok. >> okay. chris jansing, thank you. we'll check back in. back to politics.
5:38 am
donald trump is off the campaign trail being disinvited from a wisconsin campaign event by house speaker paul ryan. the snub came hours after the "washington post" released tape of trump from 20095 making vulgar comments about women. for more reaction, scott jennings, republican strategist who ran mitt romney's 2012 ohio campaign. scott is a former white house deputy director of political affairs under george w. bush. so scott, welcome to you. first off, your reaction to trump's apology over facebook about 90 seconds last night. is that enough for undecided voters? >> no, it's not enough. the video's not going to cut it. the video did not appear to be sincere to me. mostly because he was reading off a teleprompter. they need to strongly consider putting donald trump in public today or tomorrow before the debate and saying something about this off teleprompter, because right now people need to see that he is speaking some contrition from his own heart and not from someone else's words. so i think the video was a good idea late at night, but it's not going to be enough heading into
5:39 am
the debate on sunday. >> i've got to tell you, scott, i've had a couple people, high-profile followers of politics including chuck todd who say this feels like the end for donald trump. does it feel that way to you, and if so, why does this seem to be more damaging than passing the steps? >> in this case it goes beyond words. he said words terrible on the tape but also actions described in there that he took, you know, pursuing a married woman and other things. that we've all heard him say on the tape. when it goes from words to actual actions that you're bragging about, that makes it seem different. i think he was already trying to slip through the eye of a needle on sunday nicht at debate. remember, already going to have to answer for the machado controversy and the "new york times" tax return story. now you throw this on top of it, i'm not sure how you get out of the debate with a win if you're going to spend half, or more than half the time, litigating controversies which are plaguing your campaign. that's ultimately why i think something may need to happen between now and the debate or
5:40 am
there's virtually no way to get out of it sunday night with anything other than a loss and a loss sunday night may be the end for the campaign. >> scott, we may have a satellite issue in a second. let me ask you this question and hope for the best. will we see more lawmakers distancing themselves? and why haven't we seen more thus march. >> well, i think -- >> there you had it. most unimportant. explain that away. satellite window booked and unfortunately there it ran out. my thanks nonetheless to scott, republican strategist. the late eve on hurricane matthew, bearing down on the carolinas. we've got you covered here on msnbc.
5:41 am
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the search for relief often leads here.s, introducing drug-free eve direct therapy. a high intensity tens device that uses technology once only in doctors' offices. for deep penetrating relief at the source. new aleve direct therapy. hurricane matthew now downgraded to a category 1 hurricane though it remain as threat to the coasts of georgia and the carolinas. matthew's strong winds and storm surge batters the south carolina coast this morning and flooding remains a major concern, a live look at myrtle beach, south
5:44 am
carolina. nbc meteorologist bill karins is following the storm. a category 1. in perspective, nobody should let their guard down. >> no. still damage to be done with the next high tide cycle going from the central south carolina coastline, charleston northward. not much in the way of wind damage. trees hope won't fall into cars or homes. we're not seeing structures destroyed, any roofs ripped off. nothing more like that. much of the winds are down. a risk of tornadoes. one tornado warning here. bands coming in off the coast. usually those it tornadoes are weak, usually with winds about 100 miles per hour our less. they can do a little damage. hopefully won't see many of those. the storm itself in charleston. not a lot on the back side. getting safe to look around, around the savannah area southwards towards brunswick and jacksonville. a day of cleanup in those areas.
5:45 am
charleston, you have to wait a couple hours to get outside. wait until water recedes and safer to get out and inspect damage. if people didn't evacuate in those spots. two hours ig in hilton head, high evidence we saw. charleston, 43. a 30 mile-per-hour range, when you get into the 40 range and 50, that's when you can start to get some of the power outages and we did see peak winds, savannah 71. tybee island highest. a lot of downed tree, from tybee island to hilton head, where a lot of tree damage happened. especially hilton head a lot of trees blocking roads that fell all over the place. looks like match sticks in those areas. the afternoon high tide around 2:00 this afternoon. storm should be close to the georgia towne area at that time. worried about that location on the coast, and end up towards myrtle beach, around a five to seven foot storm surge expected. over top the dunes and cause additional damage in those areas with a lot of water getting into the streets.
5:46 am
outer banks, high tide not an issue. the storm will be far enough to your south. the path takes it along the coast and out to sea going through the next couple of days. alex, people asking, could this come back and hook and get up? people excited seeing this crazy path. very weak like a doctortropical depression, not worried about it at all. >> that's relief. a couple days ago don't think you'd have said that. how will the video play out in the debate? that's next. and fema's fred fugate response to hurricane matthew. strokes could be prevented. and i'm doing all i can to help prevent another one. a bayer aspirin regimen is one of those steps in helping prevent another stroke. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. you're a smart saver. you nd ways to stretch your dollar. so why not compare youmedicare part d plan with other options? call or go online now and see how aetna medicare rx saver
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upgrade your phone system and learn how you could save compare your part d options today. at south carolina governor haley holding a news conference in about an hour from now as that state is getting hammered by hurricane force winds looking at myrtle beach, south carolina. look at those waves and wind and water on the ground. getting a lot closer to shore. 20 miles south of the city of charleston. forecasters worry it could have
5:50 am
a dangerous impact. back to politics now and hillary clinton and donald trump likely needing to rewrite attack lines for tomorrow night's presidential debate right now. the hot mike audio which surfaced yesterday of donald trump making remarks about women in 2005 may become a major vocal point. presidential historian and author of presidential debates "risky business on the campaign trail," alan, wukelcome to you. how significant do you think this hot mike audio will affect tomorrow night's debate? >> bound to come in. how does it come in? that's the question. this is a town hall format. in a way, may give a little hope to donald trump, because this is not like the other one where the moderator is sitting there driving the conversation. these are the people in the audience who are determining what topics will be discussed. so if they don't want to talk about this, then it might not get talked about as much as otherwise it might. but it has to come up in some form. >> well, yes. you're giving it to the folks in the audience.
5:51 am
granted, that's how it's set. the responsibilities of the debate moderators, does that change in a situation like this? do they have a responsibility to press the candidates for answers to not only this question but also policy answers if this debate becomes too focused on personal character attacks? >> yeah. i think they do. the moderators have a tough job and what's unusual this year is that the town hall debate actually has two moderators and so there is a bit more of a presence than on the stage. >> male or female. >> rinchts male and female. >> an important point. what i don't think would happen is that hillary clinton herself would be the one to introduce this. i think she's going to hang back and let somebody else be the first one to talk about it, and another question is, will trump even want to introduce it? is he -- would he maybe be proactive and try to get it off the table at the beginning and hope for the best after that? these are the unknowns at this point. >> donald trump was considered by many to have lost the first debate. he enters this send debate with
5:52 am
an unprecedented pressu eed fir controversy here. can he stage a comeback tomorrow night, an effective one that does what he hopes bringing undecided voters under the tent? >> it's that much harder at this point, really. isn't it? that loss he in the first debate, which, by the way, ironic that he blamed that on a microphone and now another microphone getting him in trouble. >> ooh, hadn't thought about that. yeah. >> yeah. look, under any circumstance, this second follow-up debate would have been different because of what happened the first time out. now an extra added burden here carrying on this back as he enters this arena. so, yeah. that's what he hopes he can do is change the conversation. have a comeback. but i see this as an extremely difficult task for him to accomplish. >> are there historical presidents for overcoming a controversy of this magnitude? >> not like this. i mean, certainly we think of
5:53 am
ronald reagan in the first debate of 1984, questions raised about his age and fit inside for the job, and he did use the subsequent debate to help allay those concerns. but that was pretty mild considering what's out there on the table from donald trump this time, and i don't think this can be swept away with a one-liner like reagan was able to do back in '84. >> given your experience covering these things and looking at the historical perspective, how much do you suspect this controversy, large as it is, will take up the, give me a percentage if you can, the amount of time this will dominate the conversation versus policy? >> well, i don't think this will be the entire focus of the debate, because, again, i think there's people in the audience, and this whole thing in st. louis, st. louis that a very good track record of town hall debate audiences asking really good, tough, incisive, questions. i can't imagine the audience will focus on this.
5:54 am
percentagewise, the first 15, 20 minutes of the debate devoted to this, but it's live tv. you can never really tell. >> true. alan schroeder, thank you so much. good to speak with you. >> thank you. savannah, georgia, dealing with some of its worst flooding in years. we'll check on conditions right after this break. many people clean their dentures
5:55 am
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57 past and new numbers in the aftermath of hurricane matthew. more than 800 people reportedly dead in haiti after the storm first barreled through the caribbean. tens of thousands left homeless. the united nations this is warning more than 300,000 people in desperate need of humanitarian assistance. in a few minutes we take you to charleston, south carolina coming under a rainy assault. i'm alex witt. see you back here tomorrow an 7:00 a.m. chris jansing will have the latest and my colleague picks up coverage at the top of the hour. have a great saturday, everyone. (vo) pro plan brig mind
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