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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  October 8, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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been sent in. it's unclear what would happen to those votes and whether they would immediately go to governor pence or if they would get thrown out altogether. >> look ahead to donald trump's strategy ahead to the debate in the comes days. invoked bill clinton twice. on the golf course saying worse and yesterday in the actual facebook apology. what does that tell us about the strategy trump will employ going forward? >> a lot. tells us he's going into this debate sunday and firing on all cylinders, say it that way. going after hillary clinton, going after bill clinton, trying to paint them as the abusers of women, trying to say they aren't champions of women to deflect the criticism from himself. is this going to work? that's a big question. he needs suburban white women, suburban women, women in general. moderate republicans. can he convince them, or is the strategy to keep them at home and not voting for hillary clinton? >> katy tur, always good to talk to you. >> absolutely.
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bring in political reporter at real clear politics and a c nbc and political writer at the "new york times." good to have you both with us. john, begin with us. working with sources. what's the big question. is it over for trump? >> chances of winning the presidency, i think so. the question, how many other republicans go down with him? and what you saw last night was a strong instinct for self-preservation amongpeople like jason chaffetz and mike kaufman, barbara comstock in virginia all saying, this is enough. jason chaffetz said, i'm out, and the senate is a very competitive battle to see who's going to get the majority. democrats have a pretty good shot at picking up the at least four seats they need. the house has been considered out of reach. democrats need to gain 30 seats. there aren't that many competitive seats, but this event, i think, expands the universe of competitive seats, and that's why you saw
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republicans scrambling to get into a bunker and defend themselves. >> and let me ask you this. a lot of the comments coming out of the democratic side is, disappointed but not necessarily surprised. there have been plenty of allegations before about trump's behavior towards women. why is the reaction to this story so huge? what's different this time? >> yeah. a great question. certainly this feels different given the fallout. i think what is different this time, first you know, we're 31 days away from election day and as you alluded to earlier, voters already are weighing in. this is critical. and seen donald trump numbers among women decline significantly, and i'm sure we'll see more of that here. comes at a time trying to add support to the ticket. and i think one of the more damaging aspects of this caught on tape was the idea that he said he could get away with things, because he was famous. that really raises a question about presidential power and
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what someone does with that kind of leadership position, and so i think this is kind of -- in combination with all of the things that we've seen from donald trump, all of the statements, for many republicans, quite frankly, this is a straw that is kind of breaking the camel's back, so to speak. >> eamon, if i could add, on that tape, at kaitlyn was suggesting, you have not only donald trump boasting about things that are morally repugnant, you also have him boasting about things that are crimes. and this is something that, if you're mike pence, and you are a devout conservative christian running as the vice presidential nominee, you have defended donald trump over and over, diminished things that are embarrassing to you personally to try to stayen 0 the ticket and make it work. this is a lot to take. his reaction's will be
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interesting. >> do you think that means mike pence going forward is not going to necessarily align or associate himself so much with trump, the personality or the person? i mean, he's defended his integrity saying he's a good father, he's tried to paint trump in a good picture. does trump and pence, do they now go on different paths for the rest of this nomination? >> that's a choice that mike pence has to make. remember, tribal loyalties in politics are extremely strong in both parties. so it's difficult, especially if you're on a national ticket, to break with somebody at the top of the ticket, but as kaitlyn was suggesting earlier, this is a bridge so far for mike pence, given who mike pence is, what his values are, that he's got to calibrate what do i do that allows me to preserve my dignity and self-respect and also my political viability. don't know how that will go. >> kaitlyn, you've had several high-ranking republicans, former presidential candidate jon
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huntsman calling on trump to drop out of the race. republicans condemning trump's comments. is there a mechanism by which the party could force him out? is that too late now? is this going to be the trump/pence ticket through november? anything mechanical to change that? >> hearing people saying they wish pence would be on the top of the ticket and you have to wait for after the debate for more fallout, actually, to come, depending how trump does there and how he recalibrates, if he even can, which i don't think he can at this point. the rnc pushed back at the idea of replacing trump at the top of the ticket, waiting to see. there are kind of arcane mechanisms in place. also, you know, people are already starting to vote. trump is on the ballot as katy mentioned in states. early voting starts in ohio soon, for example. it started in iowa already and other states. so it would be very difficult at this point for him to step down
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from the ticket. whether, you know, if he -- if he could convert that power afterwards depends. that remains to be seen, but there are few avenues at this point to remove him, i think. >> interesting. jo do you think voters will show up at the polls, at the same time with anti-trump republicans come back to vote for, say, pence? if there is some political statement made by trump saying this ticket will be run by pence if elected? >> i think donald trump is not likely to lose a lot of the support that he has, because his support has been extremely loyal, but, remember, eamon, he has been stuck right around 40% of the vote. a couple ticks higher, maybe. to me, the question is -- are we now in a situation where whatever undecided vote, whatever wavering vote is out there, it's going to go to hillary clinton or perhaps not
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vote? that is the scenario in which hillary clinton can win a significant victory and significant electoral victory and perhaps pull some shaky democrats across the finish line. >> obviously, the times of this is not lost on anyone. kaitlyn, how do you see this playing out tomorrow night at the debate? do you think it's going to consume a lot of the discussion? >> i think so. well, judging from the video that trump released last night in which he apologized for his actions, he also, then, shifted to talking about former president bill clinton, and saying, kind of suggesting that that's the route he would go in the debate, and that's something that we've talked about before. very few republicans want limb to go down that route. they think that's been litigated already. that they saw actually negative fallout from that in the '90s, and then actually endeared lots of women to hillary clinton's side. it he does decide to go that route in the debate, i think that could backfire and kind of
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push him further and further down into this hole and that's something that he suggested based on that video that he released last night. >> all right. thank you both. good to talk to you on this busy morning. appreciate it. >> you bet. now to the other big, breaking story this hour. hurricane matthew now a category 1 storm that continues to pound south carolina's coastline with some destructive winds and dangerous storm surges. flooding is happening now and more expected at high tide later today. more than 150,000 people are without power in that state. we're starting to see matthew's deadly impact in florida, when it first hit the united states. historic city of st. augustine. one of the hardest hit areas. heavy rain destroyed roads and flooded countless homes and cars. at least four people were killed. more than 1 million people there remain without power, and in haiti, the death toll has risen more than 800 people are reportedly killed after the storm barreled through the caribbean before closing in on the u.s.
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s in n s imsnbc's meteorolog karins is keeping an eye on the storm. a long night for you. are conditions lightening up for people in the southeastern coastal cities? do they see a light at the end of the tunnel? >> from savannah southward, yes. cleanup begins shortly. winds coming down significantly around the savannah area. 75 miles per hour. minimal now category 1 hurricane. yes, still a chance for tropical storm gusts, that could knock down trees and still have power outages. shouldn't see destruction, any more roofs or anything like that. that's good. as far as radar goes, worst is now exiting the charleston area. now winds shifting to the back side. we need the water to blow out of charleston. the water's been up high 12 hours in the city streets. we had a six-foot storm surge in the city. highest ever recorded and that was the case last night overnight. still waiting for pictures fm the coastal communities and beaches between savannah and charleston, where the high tide came in last night at the same
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time at the storm surge and where if we had houses with destruction, that's where they were. we'll get pictures to you as we get them throughout the morning and the rest of the afternoon. for friends now in charleston northward, what's left of the eye just to the northeast here of, closest to the eye starting to fall apart. now barely a minimal category 1 right along the coast. still have yet to get an official landfall, actual center moves over the coast. wind gusts currently still 62, 49. these gusts still strong enough for trees to come down and get power outages. shouldn't see destruction. winds picking um at myrtle beach, 44 miles per hour. the path, again, right along the coast the rest of today. again, hurricane force winds not an issue. the storm surge. the storm was so big, eamon, throughout the overnight hours and yesterday, piling up water, even though it's weakening. five to seven-foot storm surges we're watching. georgetown, the areas of greatest concern. >> thanks, bill. appreciate the update. you heard bill talking about
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the area south of savannah being somewhat in the clear. areas north of savannah including myrtle beach remain under that serious impact of hurricane matthew. go to myrtle beach now. nbc's blake mccoy is standing by there. blake, what are conditions now? i see from behind you not looking too good. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, eamon. you heard fra from bill the storm is weakening. winds are strong and potential to cause damage. keep in mind, the storm hasn't quite reached us yet. it's continuing its march up the coast here to myrtle beach, for those unfamiliar with this part of the country. myrtle beach is about a two-hour drive north of charleston, which has already seen pretty bad flooding. take a look right now, you can see the surf out there is really kicking up with this storm. the concern here as we've been talking about is that storm surge of five to seven-foot storm surge, that's possible. the last time that myrtle beach has seen a storm surge like that was 1989, with hurricane hugo.
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and hugo took out the boardwalk i'm standing on. myrtle beach in particular knows the potential damp that can come with these storm surges. they're keeping a close eye on it. this entire boardwalk area, all the hotels that line the boardwalk, they've all been evacuated. everyone has moved to higher ground and authorities as we drove in herere telling people to stay back, because if there is going to be a storm surge, it could flood a lot of this area and could flood the streets here in the low-lying areas of myrtle beach. eamon? >> blake mccoy, live from myrtle beach, south carolina. stay safe out there. all right. shifting back to politics after this break, and the latest fallout from that 2005 recording of donald trump. how much harm will it do to republicans in a tight re-election race across the country? my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the ark cash ca from capil one. witht, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on
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all right. you're looking at live pictures there of myrtle beach, south carolina. just north of south carolina, you have governor pat mccrory sending a dire warning to residents saying parts of the state could see the worst flooding as well, and as we heard from our correspondent blake mccoy, expecting possibly up to five-foot storm surging. still very much a dangerous situation in the carolinas. now back to the political storm that broke last night. donald trump's comments caught on a hot mike in 2005, women drawing strong reactions and condemnations. what moderator of "meet the press" chuck todd had the to say earlier this morning. >> i don't any he can recover. the question is, is he going to light himself on fire tomorrow night? when i first read this transcript in a car on my way to
6:17 am
a baseball game with my two kids, and my spouse, and i could not have -- i could not talk about why i was gasping. >> hmm. >> and why i could not speak about the presidential race anymore in front of my kids. when you hit a moment like that, that's when you realize it's -- it felt -- it felt different. he's lost any hope of having any kind of moral authority to lead. and that is a part of the presidency, and, you know, it is -- look, this was a -- this -- this is on a level we've not seen before. >> all right. joining me now, former deply campaign manager for carly fiorina, kasie hunt and msnbc political analyst and former national spokesman for the cruz campaign. good to have you all with us this morning. you heard chuck todd talking about, that donald trump lost the moral authority to either
6:18 am
run for office, lead the republican party. is that what is at stake here right knew? has donald trump lost the moral authority to be president of the united states? >> i think a lot of republicans are coming around to that belief. i think he does have a chance in the debate to do something to get that back, but if last night's video is any indication of what the campaign thinks that is, i don't think think conservatives or republicans are accepting last night's video as an acceptable and heartfelt apology. >> almost seemed he was apologizing with one part and saying bill clinton's done worse and we'll talk about that in the coming days, deflecting forward? is that the right tone? >> on tv, he clearly wasn't comfortable. he was reading, it looked -- other people have said this, like a hostage video, yes. >> and compare that to what i think people would expect. this was 11 years ago. fair enough. then be sorry. be embarrassed. this is a horrific video to watch, frankly. >> but not an isolated incident. >> no, it's not. >> part of a pattern emerging
6:19 am
throughout the campaign slowly and now this perhaps because well documented on tape has really pushed everyone beyond the breaking point. >> absolutely. i think you saw something similar happen around the curiel comments and around the gold star parents comments, where you have republicans slowly coming to this realization that he can't represent this party, and he can't represent this country. i think paul ryan is handling this about as well as he possibly can as the de facto leader of the party today but it's tough and donald trump has put all republicans in a very tough position. >> casey, we've heard from some republicans, obviously just hearing there, congressman, speaker ryan, not withdrawing their endorsement from donald trump, condemning his comments, others, congressman chaffetz can no longer endorse him and jon huntsman saying, drop out of the race. what are you hearing on the consensus within the republican party which of those 12345scena will emerge? stay behind donald trump or
6:20 am
enough momentum building up within the party saying, hey, you've got to do something about this and change course? >> i think that the response from speaker ryan has given republicans whatever space they need, if they feel as though they needit, to reject trump at this point, and that's, i think, what's really different about this set of comments than, you know, the previous, sarah mentioned his comments about the judge, really this started back in the summer of 2015 when republicans thought that there was no way he'd survive the comments made about john mccain being a p.o.w. obviously, trump has proven that wrong every step of the way, but i think that you have seen republican leaders react in a way has means this one is different. you've seen a little bit of variation in the strength of these condemnations. obviously, mike lee, senator from utah, a mormon, calling for trump to, you know, saying it's time for trump not to be at the top of the republican ticket. jason chaffetz also from utah
6:21 am
pulling his endorsement of donald trump. there is an element especially i think for religious conservatives that you know, this is -- it's something that should be reacted to beyond simply saying we can't support this guy. they want to do something different. there are questions about whether or not it's actually feasible at this point. i mean, it's possible that you could do some very intense procedural maneuvering around e electoral college to remove him from the top of the ticket but very, very difficult at this point. i have trouble seeing how that's alternately the solution here, but the way congressional leaders responded is given republicans space they need to focus on other races, whether down ballot races. kelly ayotte facing pressure over this. she, of course, said that donald trump was in some way as role model for kids. you know, in that debate, that got her in trouble. her opponent seizing on that. you'll see that ripple effect through all of these races and i think you'll see more republicans than ever really
6:22 am
taking a sharp turn on this, and i mean, this has been the story all the way along. right? we have seen pressure point after pressure point after pressure point, republicans in uncomfortable situation after uncomfortable situation, and they've never fully turned on him. this might be the moment where that happens. >> let me pick up on that point and bring in rick tyler. on the issue, are we going to see the republican party kurn on donald trump? what does he have to do tomorrow night's debate to prevent that from happening? are there any hopes of him salvaging his campaign and keeping the republican party somewhat united? i say somewhat because i know there have been some saying he should step down, but they are not yet the mainstream part of the party, and certainly not the leadership of the party. >> i don't any there's anything he can do. i think donald trump has disqualified himself. look, from the heart, the mouth speaks. he revealed what he thinks about women and with his own words confessed how he treats women. i think that's irrecoverable.
6:23 am
it's unrecoverable. he has apologized, and i don't look at his apology as very genuine, but let's stipulate it is for a minute. he can apologize but still doesn't mean he's qualified for the office. shouldn't select him as our standard bearer. i'm not at all uncomfortable saying donald trump disqualified himself, not to say i support hillary clinton. we can talk about those disqualifications also, but i don't understand how republicans now can go out and continue to defend him and i think they do so at their own peril. >> do you think a knockoff effect if he stays on, or assume he stays on the top of the ticket for the rest of the races in the senate and house? >> you know, i don't see that. i see the presidential race, because the media coverage has been so dominant with the presidential race and in particular donald trump. in a sense you have the presidential race in the middle of the ocean on lunatic island and all the other races have been able to sort of run their own races and republicans are
6:24 am
running good races, good house races, and good senate races. so i think that we'll probably keep the house, we could lose the senate in respe. there could be down problems because people lose heart in donald trump because of lis own disqualifying actions, but i don't see a big transfer now. >> quickly, how significant is the times when this was released, 31 days before elections? >> incredible and more so close to the debate. sunday night was donald trump's last chance to make a positive impression on voters as early voting already is ticking up percentagewise. he now goes into that debate that he so badly needed to be on offense in and win. he now goes in back on his heels at best. >> quickly to you, ahead of tomorrow night's debate, anything donald trump can do to salvage this campaign and salvage the republican party? >> look, i do think that -- if my reporting is any indication here, i've sort of sent out notes to a couple dozen sources that i typically survey
6:25 am
regularly about what's going on battleground states? this is kind of overtaken all of that. but i have had a couple people come back and say, hey, i talked to my relatives in iowa, relatives in north carolina. they've been trump supporters and say this is the way men talk, and the way, what donald trump said is not as bad as the things hillary clinton has done. i think there are core trump supporters who are going to be willing to look past this. i think the question is whether or not trump can capitalize on that and actually come across in a way that people feel is legitimately contrite that goes beyond that video. otherwise, i don't see any real option for him. >> all right. kasie hunt, rick tyler, sarah florez, thanks for joining us. a lot more about this subject in the bottom half of the hour. live pictures of savannah, georgia. the rain finally stopped falling. the cleanup from hurricane matthew as tough as it is, is just getting started. we go there live right after
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this break.
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welcome back, everyone. here at msnbc world hequarters in new york. at the half hour mark here's what we're monitoring for you. hurricane matthew now a category 1 storm. barreling through south carolina's coastline. bringing torrential rain, powerful winds and a storm surge that could trigger catastrophic flooding with it. more than 150,000 people are without power this hour. nbc's chris jansing is in charleston, south carolina for us. chris what is it like on the ground right there? >> reporter: it's getting steadily worse. i've been out here four hours. the rain has been coming down pretty hard for the last couple of hours. the winds have been picking up as matthew makes its way up the coast. you can see a little of what's going on behind me. up on top of that historic house, the roof is literally peeling off. we've been hearing that. we've seen chunks of some of the palm trees coming down, and if you take a look down the street,
6:30 am
i don't know if my photographer can hear me, but the water has really been coming up on some of the businesses, even that one that has been sandbagged. looking down at the flooding, you can see it's gotten a lot deeper. obviously i should have worn higher boots here today. that's the real concern coming up. the storm surge, already at 7:00 this morning it was six feet above what it should normally be, and it's going to -- that was low tide. it's going it reach high tide between 1:00 and 2:00. i think 1:55 is actually the peak of high tide, and you can see how they said the winds were not going to be the problem here. but, again, on some of these historic homes, i'm seeing, you know, things flying down the street. there's a sign that a law firm across the street, that's hanging very precariously, and, of course, the downed power lines. overnight south carolina power said 90,000 homes, businesses, without power. now it's up to 160,000, and it caused a lot of problems for emergency services, eamon.
6:31 am
they were getting false burglary alarms and false fire alarms. now with all the flooding suspended ems services here in charleston. we can show you some still pictures. this is from northwest of here where cars were submerged, and at least two water rescues have had to take place. they brought boats out, actually, to get people stuck in cars. they're telling people, stay home. there's no reason for you to come out. in fact, just about a minute before we went on the air, a car came down the street here. stopped. saw how deep the water is, and it is getting deep. backed up and turned around. people are asked to stay home. smart move, because the worst may be yet to come. eamon? >> all right, chris jansing live in charleston, south carolina. be well and safe, chris. georgia's governor ordered mandatory evacuations for a half million people in six coastal countiness that state.
6:32 am
rehema ellis is in one of the counties evacuated. good to have you with us. give us a sense, did people there follow the governor's orders? are you seeing people, you know, away -- i know georgia was late in the path of the storm. they may have waited to see how bad this was going to turn out before they got those emack wagss undwags wags -- evacuations under way? >> reporter: we'll see what the governor's office says. from the mayor's office in savannah, who urged people to leave the city, we're told 75% of residents evacuated. almost some 200,000 people. one of the reasons they wanted to evacuate, because of the high winds that would create power outages. according to the georgia power company, there have been widespread power outages on. this corner you can see even the traffic lights are not working here, and it is intermittent in terms of, i should say, spotty, where the damage is. you can look along here and a lot of tree, limbs have come
6:33 am
down. even here on this corner. this tree, an old tree it lost one of its limbs overnight. this particular hotel was boarded up. its windows are still intact. as we went up and down the street, we saw a lot of places that, the buildings still seem to be intact, but a lot of places, as i say, lost power. on tybee island, one of the places they wanted people to evacuate. they got wind gusts up to 90-plus miles an hour in terms of the storm surge, we're told, and they may be experiencing real damage as this continues. i should tell you that the weather -- excuse me -- the weather conditions are deteriorating. we were out here earlier. it wasn't so bad, but now we're getting more rain, and even more wind. so your point about how the evacuations were ordered for a half million people in the area, people do seem to have heeded that. diggs, they have said that emergency and first responders were even evacuated from this
6:34 am
area, and they would not be coming back until officials could deem that this would be a safe area for them to be. a lot of evaluations will be going on this morning to determine when it will be okay for folks to start going door-to-door to see if everyone is okay, and for them to determine when it is safe for them to say that residents who evacuated can come back. eamon? >> all right. in savannah, georgia for us. rehema ellis with that live update. thank you. and donald trump supposed to attend an event along side paul ryan. he will not now thaendattend th event. is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own? or is it a lifetime of work that blazes the path to your passis?
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alternative for republican voters. joy has more at the top of the hour. don't want to miss that. they guantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. it's good to be in, good hands.
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flonase changes everything. ♪ all right. following hurricane matthew as it slams into coastal south carolina. conditions getting worse by the minute with rising waters threatening businesses, homes and making roads impassable for rescue workers as well as residents. the worse may be yet to come. assessing damage where cities wereit the hardest. at least four kimmed from floodwaters and more than 1 million without power. joining me, fema administrator craig fugate. thank you for joining us. it's a busy time for you and the agency. first off, give us an update of conditions in florida and up to the carolinas. >> i think florida you're seeing they're going from response operations now into the initial damage assessment, power restoration and cleanup
6:42 am
operations. georgia still trying to get down into some of areas hit but we are actively in response mode in the carolinas. south carolina and north carolina and including rain setting up in the center of the circulation. getting better on the coast. the new concern, the weather service talked about this the last couple of days, potential for heavy rain causing more flash flooding. >> in multiple operations and different stages, what generally concerns you the most out of all the various scenarios unfolding whether it be in florida or now in the carolinas? >> always our focus, life-saving operations. again, the states have been well-positioned to lead that response with their national guard, local responders. we have backup teams from other parts of the country for urban search and rescue if needed, but, again, the first focus is always on people who didn't evacuate. people now in trouble as soon as you can getting in there and doing rescue operations. fortunately, that wasn't needed in florida as much as now we're dealing with power restoration
6:43 am
and initial damage assessments. >> picking up on that point that you raised. did residents there not heed warning calls from state officials? >> in every evacuation you'll have some people that choose to stay behind. and fortunately, if you look in florida, there was not, you know -- we were lucky. if that storm had been even ten miles further to the west i think we'd be talking didn't didn't to a very different story kniss morning about what we would be doing in florida as far as rescue operations. so 0 -- in many cases, the appropriate actions were taken by local and state officials. some people don't heed it, and in many cases we got lucky. >> looking ahead to the next, you know, 24, 48 hours what do you keep an eye out on the most, positive particularly in the states weather and come back around and create more weather for you? >> not worried about what's coming back around. more focused on the next 24, 48 hours. that's the heavy rain setup in
6:44 am
the carolinas, south and north carolina. we're still getting battered by the storm. it's still going to move along that coast the next day or so, but the heavy rains are going to add to the misery and potential for flash flooding. we saw last year heavy damages in south carolina from heavy rainfall that heads inland. many may see rainfall totals acrouching, or exceeding what we saw last year. >> and, sir, given all of the pre-storm advisories that were coming out from state officials, did this storm live up to the billing or to the hype that officials were telling people about from some of the state officials that were warning peoplethey're going to die if they do not evacuate? or did we just dodge a bullet here? >> there's no hype. there was strong language used and sometimes you got to talk strongly to get through to people. the fact the storm stayed a little more offcoast is the difference between significant loss of life, rescue operations having to take place this morning and what is turning out to be a response to getting
6:45 am
power back on and getting communities cleaned up. but you're talking about 10, 15 miles difference in a forecast that can mean the difference between significant loss of live versus unfortunately the four we've lost, but a much different type of picture this morning having to do with a lot of rescue operations. >> very fortunate the weather pattern unfolded the way it did. finally, do you have resources on the federal level and state and local partners, do they have all the resources need the at this stage? >> our challenge is not what we have ready to go but being able to get into areas and the fact this is playing out in the carolinas. as resources have been moved pre-stage for this, if we're not redeploying those, so we don't have a lack of resources. the trouble is with these storms and the rain is getting in the areas as damage sis unfolding. we have to wait for the storm to get out of the way. i think the limiting factor is
6:46 am
the ability to get in behind the storm, as the storm moves through and any damages erodes the bridges. we have a plan with the state partners how to get in the barrier islands if we have bridges out. >> craig fugate, thankou very much for taking the time out o what i'm sure is a busy morning for you and your staff. thank you very much. how this trump tape controversy might play itself out in the polls. chief political analyst joins me next to break it all down. x of you... for when you stretch out. i want you to stay this bright blue forever... that's why you will stay in this drawer... forever. i can't live without you. and that's why i will never, ever wash you. protect ur clothes from the damage of the wash with downy fabric conditioner. it not only softens and freshens... it helps protect clothes... from stretching, fading and fuzz... so your favorite clothes stay your favorite clothes. downy fabric conditioner wash in the wow.
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fallout intensifying over lewd comments made by the presidential commented in 2005. for president clintolitico, stee you. you said gop insiders, it's not a knockout punch. i assume that it's referring to the audio tape that was leaked. why are they saying it's not a
6:50 am
knockout punch? >> i think some look at the accumulation of things donald trump was saying throughout the course of the campaign and others see a candidate on a trajectory to likely lose and 5 points in the polls going to the second debate and see that he has a core group of supporters and over the campaign's length of controversial comments that he's made, that core group has stuck with him and sort of don't expect to see movement from there based on this tape. >> let me go through some of the polls i want to run with you about hillary clinton going in. this was before the audio of trump lewdly talking about women was even released. look at the latest quinnipiac poll. clinton up, 53% men and trump men, 49%. women, 37%. and so what happens in the debate? >> that's a great question. the debate is going to be an
6:51 am
interesting dynamic. undecided voters asking the majority of the questions at the debate. how much will they ask about these issues? regardless of whether or not they ask, donald trump will have to use this opportunity at a large television audience to address them in a more effective way than he did last night in that 90-second video. that's his, it's an opportunity, but it's also carries a lot of risk as it will remind voters about this tape. >> the quinnipiac poll shows a slide for trump among dependent i . lost about 10% of them. was that a big loss. >> it's something to monitor. we've seen this in others as well. hillary clinton winning 89% of democrats. it's kind of a wash when it comes to partisan identification. how much do republicans stick with him?
6:52 am
you're seeing republican office-holders begin to inch away now over the past 12 to 24 hours. do rankin file republican voters start to do the same? that's another thing i'll be watching closely. >> let me ask you on that point quickly. if you're in a heated race in the senate or somewhere in the house, do you begin to distance yourself from donald trump saying he's become a toxic candidate for the party or stay loyal to the party or to the nominee? >> that's a $64,000 question facing candidates like kelly ayotte or pat toomey locked in close senate races in battleground states. i think they want to try to wait to the extent they can avoid the public pressure, wait to see what donald trump shows up tomorrow night in st. louis and then make their decision after that. though, that carries some pitfalls. some voters look for the courage for these candidates to step aside at the same time. a lot can't afford to alienate the core trump supporters who
6:53 am
have stuck with him through the other controversies and see, how bad is this controversy and is this the time to step aside? >> do any people you talk to think donald trump could still win this election, even in the wake of what has happened yesterday and all the comments that have been coming out slowly throughout the course of this campaign? >> you know, that's an interesting question. some folks look at the polls. the two major polls released yesterday, donald trump down 5 points in a quinnipiac poll and down 2 points in the fox news poll and this chain of events. this debate this weekend. this race is still on paper looks winnable. that said, donald trump needs to attract voters who thus far, he's not been able to attract and every time we see these controversies, voters move away from him, but sometimes they do inch back as these things get farther in the rearview mirror. that said, we're only a month out. it's difficult to see how he brings in new voters into his coalition. >> 31 days to go and even 35
6:54 am
hours to go until the debate and see how it plays out. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. that will do it for me this hour. i'm ayman mohyeldin and in a moment on "a.m. joy," word that the rnc officials are scrambling to find an alternative to donald trump. stay with us.
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