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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  October 8, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe ... and sleep. shut youmouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right. we have breaking news at the top of the hour on hurricane matthew. it officially makes landfall southeast of makansan ville, south carolina. i'm kristen welker in new york. hi noon in the east. 9:00 a.m. out west. first to politics. as if the donald trump for president saga is not sensational enough after the past 24 hours, there are new twists to report as we hit the air right now. so first off, there are new calls from some prominent republican voices for trump to step aside, nug new hampshire senator kelley a yot. and "wall street journal" staying, quote, there is zero
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chance i'll quit. and support i'm getting is unbelievable. and another aspect developing in las vegas this hour. mitt romney is set to campaign for gop senate candidate, congressman joe heck. we are monitoring that, and if anyone makes trump remarks, we will take you live to that event. all this comes after a bombshell hot mike incident in 2005 to recap it happened during an off-camera discussion with then "hollywood access" host, billy bush. here are parts of the exchange. take a listen. >> i moved on her, actually. she was out of palm beach. i moved on her and i failed. i'll admit it. i did try and [ bleep ] her. she was married. nancy, i moved on her very heavily. in fact, i took her out furniture shopping. she wanted to get some furniture, i said, i'll show you where there is some nice furniture. i moved on her like a [ bleep ]. i couldn't get there, and she was married. and all of a sudden i see her, she's now got the bill phony
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[ bleep ]. >> trump released a statement. >> started kissing her. i'm automatically attracted to beautiful -- i just start kissing them. it's like a magnet. and when you're a star, they let you do it. you can do anything. >> whatever you want. >> grab them by the [ bleep ]. >> trump released a statement shortly after the partner po "washington post" released the story. saying, quote, this was locker room banter. bill clinton has said far worse to me on the golf course, not even close. i apologize if anyone was offended. then shortly after midnight, trump posted a minute and a half long video on his facebook page. here's part of that. >> i've never said i'm a perfect person, nor pretended to be someone that i'm not. i've said and done things i regret. and the words released today on this more than a decade old video are one of them. anyone who knows me, knows these words don't reflect who i am. we're living in the real world. this is nothing more than a
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distraction from the important issues we're facing today. we are losing our jobs, we're less safe than we were eight years ago. and washington is totally broken. hillary clinton and her kind have run our country that the ground. >> joining me now on the phone, boris epstein, republican strategist and trump campaign senior adviser. thanks so much for being here this afternoon. i appreciate it. and i know you're about to leave for the debate. >> kristen, absolutely. how are you? i'm on the plane so i apologize for any background noise. >> not at all. we appreciate you're here. i want to start with a little bit of breaking news that we're getting at this hour, which is that we're just learning that governor mike pence is no longer going to attend the event in wisconsin with paul ryan. what can you tell us about this? obviously, donald trump was supposed to be at this event, he was disinvited. mike pence was going to go in his stead and now not going. >> it's a scheduling thing. everything is fine with governor pence. we're very happy to have him. a big part of our ticket.
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did great at the debate. so no issues there whatsoever. >> this is just a scheduling thing? because last night the campaign said he was going to attend. so clearly -- >> things are moving around a little bit. but again, like i said. we're feeling good, we're strong, and mr. trump apologized yesterday. but as he said, this is a very bad situation. and that's what we need to concentrate on. jobs, the economy, keeping our country safe. >> and i know you're saying you're feeling good, and donald trump apologized. the reality is, though, at this hour, there are mounting calls for donald trump to drop out, including hugh hewitt, just moments ago, who said this to my colleague, joy reid. >> i'm a never hillary person, i think she would be a disaster for the country and destroy the supreme court for a generation. i don't think donald trump can win. this is a practical impossibility in politics to come back from. moreover, you and i both know
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that opposition research saves their best for last. meaning their worst stuff will dro drop the weekend before the election. so if this -- this is like sixth in line for their drops, first were the new york tax returns. now this. i can only imagine what is in the cannon. >> boris, can he survive this? can trump survive this? >> absolutely. 100%. mr. trump did not get 14 million votes on the primary by catering to the dcle, the establishment of republicans. and these folks saying this, that's their problem. but they're doing it against the votes of 14 million republicans. and tens of millions of americans. that's all we're counseloncentrn and moving forward with, starting today, going through the debate and going through the next 30 days of this election. that's how we're going to win this election, by talking about national security, talking about the economy. they haven't had 3% gdp growth in this country in eight years. and, you know, all this is a distraction. do you think the mothers of the benghazi victims care about this banter from 11 years ago?
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>> let me stop you right there. you're calling is a distraction. donald trump is calling is a distraction. but a lot of people don't see it that way, including a lot of your fellow republicans. and they say that what they hear in that tape is essentially donald trump condoning being very aggressive toward some people saying going so far as to say assault against women. i mean -- >> that's not what it is. absolutely not. mr. trump, again, very clear last night in his statement earlier and then also in the video statement. he apologized for it. and he said he's sorry. he's going to be a better man. and that's a request g thing for all of us to hear, to keep in mind, we should all be better people the next day. everyone has made mistakes, nobody is perfect. and actions are more important than words. if you look at actions. look at hillary clinton's actions actio actio actio actions secretary of state. >> here are the actions we're
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seeing today. an avalanche of republicans, either calling for donald trump to get out of this race, saying they're not going to support him. kelly ayotte saying she is not going to vote. >> with all due respect. >> carley fiorina, jason chaffetz. i'm just naming a few. the list continues to grow by the hour. boris, how does he survive? when we show the list of all of the folks right now. >> this is not an establishment campaign. it never has been. from the very beginning, this was an outsider running for the presidency. and some parts of the establishment now are choosing to turn their backs. that's their decision. they're doing it against the voice of the voters. the voters want change. 70% of people in this country want change. you know, in the later fox poll, other than -- 14% higher than hillary clinton among democrats. we have a strong backing. 90% of republicans behind donald trump and we're moving on from this. he's already apologized.
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we're moving on, we're strong and we're winning this election by focusing on the national security on the economy, making sure this country is safe and prosperous. >> before i let you go, boris, because i know your taken plane is about to take off. you have hugh hewitt saying he should drop out of the race for the good of the country and for his family. what do you make of the argument? >> that's up to hugh. mr. trump and his family are you wanted. 90% of republicans are behind him. the establishment folks, that's their decision, and that's up to them. i will tell you as an american and republican, i am fully behind trump because of his vision and we cannot stand to have four more years of the clinton/obama economy. 700,000 jobs lost to nafta. she is for the tpp. hillary clinton lied to the american people when she said she changed her mind.
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>> i -- you're teeing up some of the arguments i think we're going to hear from donald trump tomorrow. let me -- let me jump in very quickly. i think you're teeing up a number of the arguments we're going to hear tomorrow and i want to ask you about one of them, that mr. trump seemed to float last night in that video, essentially said what i did is nothing compared to what former president bill clinton has done. and i'm wondering if you think that is a smart strategy for him to go after bill clinton when the very people he needs to be winning over right now are suburban women, independent women voters. does that not just ale en nature women voters more? >> clinton's transcrigressions their business. what's key is hillary clinton led the charge to smear these women, to ruin their lives. she wanted to completely
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discredit jennifer flowers. she hired private investigators. but . >> a lot of people see that as blaming secretary clinton for her husbands discretions. doesn't that drive women away? >> she well-publicized what she has done in terms of hiring private investigators. she hired bennett to threaten jones. that's information that the american people need to know about the woman who says we need to protect victims. >> the clinton campaign would probably say there is no proof for a lot of what you're alleging. but my broader point is -- >> it's all documented. >> more women voters, boris. [ no audio ] >> boris, i think we may have lost you. >> i'm here. >> just very quickly. don't you run the risk of driving away more women voters with that strategy? >> listen, the strategy -- talking about national security and the economy. it's the clinton campaign that is so scared of the outside of
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donald trump that's pulling cheap contribution and putting out videos of banter and an entertainment show from 11 years ago. we want to talk about the issues. we want to get america working. we want to talk about our tax plan. but this is what the clinton camp wants to engage in, we're going to make sure we're responding and not letting them fool america as they have for about 40 years. hillary clinton lied about her e-mails, the foundation. she's lied about smearing these women and we're not going to let her continue to do it. >> boris, joining us from a plane about to take off for the next presidential debate in st. louis. we appreciate it. thank you. >> i'll see you in st. louis. thank you so much. joining me now, robert costa, national political reporter for the "washington post" and msnbc political analyst. thank you so much for joining us this afternoon. i know you just spoke with donald trump. he says he's not getting out of this race. tell me what else he told you today. >> where do i start? trump sitting up in trump tower today at his apartment. not on the campaign trail. getting ready for the next
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debate. and i just repeatedly asked him, kristen, about where this campaign goes. i've been covering trump for -- since early 2015, and my sense is this is the most wistful he's been and also most defiant. fully aware as he watches tv in his apartment how the story is unfolding and unfolding in a negative way for him with party defections. at the same time, my conversation with trump revealed trump thinking this is just another instance where he has to come back. he talked about the john mccain incident for 2015 when he disparaged the arizona senator. he said he was able to come back from that. and then he said something kind of broad. he said, you know, in life i've been through life. life is interesting. life is about fighting back. and so i was really pressing him, are you going to quit? and he said, you have my word, i'm not quitting. i don't quit, i have never withdrawn. >> and robert, we have had this conversation so many times over the course of the past 16 months. is this the moment that sinks
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donald trump? what feels different to me is the timing of this. that we are about a month before election day, and you have so many republican defections, what feels like an avalanche. what did he say about that part of this moment, the fact he has so many republicans right now calling for him to get out of the race? >> it's -- the an avalanche, yes, but certainly a number of republicans who are defecting or denouncing him, or retracting their support. he is keeping track of it. i asked him about jason chaffetz. you've been talking about on your program. and he said, look, chaffetz should spend more time going after clinton than going after me. so i thought that was pretty defiant of trump. somewhat apologetic video, not fully apologetic, of course. on friday night. and he said he did meet with republican officials and has been in touch with the party chairman and friends of the party. he said, look, i'm the republican nominee. the party should stick with me.
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he said the republican party too often runs against itself and so he said the republican party really has a problem with running against him. he said the blame should not really be at his feet. it's just a fascinating conversation, kristen. because such a moment for trump to have to make a decision. he's been through so much, does he really want to continue for the next 30 days as many break away from him. one thing he came back to. he said he's gotten thousands and thousands of letters, i guess he meant e-mails, from supporters urging him to stay in. he's creating a narrative at least within his campaign and in our conversation that people want him to stay in. he framed it as kind of -- he's the grass roots favorite. and i asked him why have you survived in the past, and he said, i'm change. and so that's really what this boils down to. he thinks he's change. in spite of all of this controversy and his problems and incendiary statements and vulgarity. he thinks he's changed and this could be a change election. i think that's why he's decided
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not to quit. >> and that is, robert, why he has so many supporters behind him, right? i wonder, because i know you're not just talking to donald trump. i know you're talking to the folks within his campaign, as well. and we have seen at least one staffer decide to leave, because of this. what are they saying to you within his campaign? do his staffers, do his top aides, think this is survivable right now? >> i think the way you've got to think about the trump campaign, is that it's an island. it's an island away from the republican party, institution alley, even politically, when it comes to policy issues. so there is a republican party on a separate continent that trump is linked to, but he's away from it. he's operating on his own political island. he's up in trump tower, he understands people are really unhappy with him in the party. but he doesn't feel connected to the party in a deep way. and so all this consternation in
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gop circles doesn't really bother him, it seems. he thinks he's the nominee of a party, but he's really riding that party's horse as a candidate, rather than embodying republican virtues and values. so the pressure from them means less to him than it may have meant to a candidate like mitt romney or john mccain. >> fascinating, fascinating stuff, and congratulations on getting that interview, robert costa. really appreciate it. >> thank you. i want to bring in my colleague, hallie jackson, who has new information. what do you have? >> reporter: a couple new pieces of information here. one, i can tell you rudy guiliani just walked into trump tower. the trump campaign huddling now, doing a debate prep. clearly also crisis management. he came in through a side door around the building from where we are now and did not answer questions about 45 seconds ago from reporters trying to reach out to him. he has been one of trump's most trusted advisers, as you know, throughout the entire campaign. i also want to note, some new reporting on the clinton campaign's reaction.
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this is from our colleague, alex seitz-wald, the campaign held a conference call with outside allies, reit rating that clinton will not address donald trump's hot mike audio until the debate on sunday when it will almost certainly come up. the reason, according to the source, is that the campaign feels they don't need to put more spit on the ball, is leanings he. the tapes speak for themselves, and this is donald trump's new cycle to essentially languish in. we expect more developments throughout the day. we're watching to see who comes in and out of trump tower as we know the team is huddling now. when you talk about broader republican fallout, kristen that, is so significant. you touched on it at the top of the show, just a bit. kelly ayotte saying she will not vote for donald trump. that is a big deal. she is one of the most vulnerable senators up for re-election in a close race. her competitor has been going after her on her support for donald trump. just, what, a week and a half ago, less than that, kelly ayotte said she believed donald trump was a role model for children before almost immediately saying she misspoke and walking that back. so she could potentially be a
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bellwether for where we could see the rest of the senate. we have seen a number of house members come out and say they now will not support the nominee. not just a lack of support, but actually retracting their prior endorsement. so we do expect more fallout throughout the day. all after trump's 12:01:00 a.m. apology video. let's play 20 seconds of that for you. >> i've never said i'm a perfect person. nor pretended to be someone that i'm not. i've said and done things i regret. and the words released today on this more than a decade-old video are one of them. anyone who knows me, knows these words don't reflect who i am. i said it, i was wrong, and i apologize. >> reporter: and kristen, i'm checking on my e-mails here. my producer is right around the corner from where we are, said he asked guiliani if trump should drop out and he just laughed and walked inside. >> i know you're going to
9:19 am
continue to track all of the developments outside of trump tower. really appreciate that new reporting. we'll check back in with you. so will this 2005 video of trump be the knockout blow to his presidential campaign? what strategists and insiders from both parties are saying, that's when we come right back. stay with us. with the right steps, 80% of recurrent ischemic strokes could be prevented. and i'm doing all i can to help prevent another on a bayer aspirin regimen is one of those steps in helping prevent another stroke. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin gimen.
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and i want to show you a live picture from a republican get out the vote rally in las vegas. that is steve wynn talking. mitt romney is there, along with several other prominent republicans. romney, of course, is vehemently against trump, so we could hear from romney at the rally about the trump audiotape. we will bring that to you live if he does start talking about this latest controversy. and joining me now, rick tyler, msnbc political analyst and former national spokesman for the cruz campaign.
9:23 am
rick, thanks so much for joining me. really appreciate it. >> happy to do it. >> let me get your reaction to a little bit of breaking news. we learned mike pence is now not going to wisconsin. of course, he was supposed to go in donald trump's stead today. what do you make of that? i spoke with boris epstein who said it's just a scheduling glitch. the timing clearly suspicious. >> looks suspicious to me. i have to say that the boris interview was epic. i think it was most orwellian or owe lynn ski interview i've ever seen. they are in such denial of the reality happening. let me walk you through what's going on and the rhetorical trap they're now in. on the one hand, boris was saying that 12 years ago, this was, you know, locker room banter. first of all, i reject that. real men don't talk like that. and real men don't defend that. second is on the other hand, that was 12 years ago. so somehow that doesn't matter. then they want to bring in something that bill clinton did 20 years ago, and that suddenly has got to matter, right?
9:24 am
so on the one hand, 12 years matter and on the other hand, 20 years does matter. and then they say what bill clinton is far worse. by trump's own words on the bus with billy bush, he is saying what he did -- what he does, what his actions are, what his physical actions are toward women. he also revealed how he thinks about women. but he also told billy what he does to women. and for everything i've read about bill clinton and some of it he has admitted, other things he does not. he does exactly the same thing as bill clinton. so he is not worse -- bill clinton is not worse than donald trump or donald trump worse than bill clinton. in my view, they're exactly the same. and i don't know how that argument is going to work for them. >> i think you laid out the conundrum so clearly. that it is a rhetorical trap that they have essentially put themselves in. and i want to ask you about what hugh hewitt is saying. he is saying that more opo is coming and i wonder if you agree with him. if you think he's on the right track there.
9:25 am
>> well, i don't know anything about more or worse opo, but i do tend -- i would agree with hugh. that is the way it happens. you -- you roll out your opo research, and proximity to the election so that people are more and more paying attention as you get closer to the election date. so key pieces of information before they go in changed their mind. that's another thing boris said. he said 14 million people voted for donald trump and if you're against donald trump, you're against those 14 million people. those 14 million people didn't know what donald trump said about women, which was very degrading. and so they have more information meaning different decision-making. >> all right. rick, let me interrupt you very quickly. we're going to go out to joe heck, who is out in las vegas, speaking at this event with mitt romney. let's take a listen to what he has to say. >> my hope is that this will not divide us. and that we can unite behind principles, republican principles. we deserve a candidate that can ask themselves at the end of the
9:26 am
day, did i live my life with honor, and do i deserve to be elected president of the united states. i believe our only option is to formally ask mr. trump to step down. and to allow republicans the opportunity to elect someone who will provide us with the strong leadership so desperately needed and one that americans deserve. today i stand here disappointed in our choices for president. but more committed than ever to bring in the same code of honor, decency and respect to the u.s. senate. thank you for being here this afternoon and this morning. and now i want to turn it over to my good friend, mr. hardy. >> thank you. thank you for being here. i'm grateful for all the youth that have worked so hard to help us get re-elected. continue to -- appreciate their support. thank you for all you do. >> there you have senate candidate, joe heck, calling for
9:27 am
donald trump to get out of the race. i want to go back to rick tyler. let me have you respond. it seems every hour another republican, another republican candidate, coming forward saying this cannot stand. is this survivable? >> i don't think it is survivable. look, there's many reasons i don't think trump was survivable before. i think joe heck did the right thing, and he did the courageous thing. that we cannot have the -- republican party standard bearer be, you know, talk about women in the way he does, among the many other things that he says and does. we shouldn't have recent converts to the republican party representing our party. he has never been in the trenches with us. he's never been a conservative. he's never been a republican. and somehow he ended up being our standard bearer. but now we see that he's just morally unfit to occupy the office. so i applaud joe heck. i know it's not an easy thing to do. you heard the heckles there, the people can be very upset. but, you know, this is donald trump ruining the republican party, and he's certainly ruined the chances for the republican
9:28 am
party to seize the white house in 2016. but we have to look down the road in the future. we may have to go back with hillary clinton to get to the future and have a real -- someone with integrity to represent our party in the white house. >> and i guess the question becomes, you have so many republicans or a number, i should say, saying that mike pence should lead the ticket. is that feasible? i mean a, lot of people are saying we're past the filing deadlines. is there any possible way to make that a reality, for mike pence to be at the top of the ticket? >> i don't know the mechanics of it. but i think trump would have to withdraw, and then there is a rule to replace him. i assume he would be replaced by his running mate, mike pence. that seems to make the most sense. and then he would have to choose a running mate. it's unclear to me in the rules whether trump could be forced out. frankly, i don't think the republican party has the fortitude to ask donald trump to do the right thing, which is to step down. and he said very clearly that robert costa in early reporting,
9:29 am
he's definitely not going to do that. >> when you hear joe heck talk and others, you have to think about the down ballot races. the fact that there's a lot of concern within the republican party that democrats could win this senate. talk to me about what you're hearing and to what extent does this impact those down ballot races, do you think, rick? >> well, on the one hand, and i've said this on this network before, the presidential campaign because of the intense media coverage of the campaign, largely because of donald trump, the down ballot races really haven't gotten a lot of coverage, and people really aren't thinking about them too much. so in a sense, you have the presidential campaign, you know, on an island in the middle of the ocean. we'll call it lunatic island. and then you have everything else. and the republicans have been running very good house races and very good senate races. but now you're saying with is joe heck and the heckling there, that it's -- it could have an effect, because if you -- and it depends. like kelly ayotte in new hampshire, in my opinion, she blew it.
9:30 am
she should have disowned him a long time ago. she's running against a very popular governor, very popular when she was governor. and it's a more moderate state so there is probably less trump voters who are going to be upset with kelly ayotte. now she's trying to get on board the anti trump train to make sure that she gets those votes. but it might be too late for her. but in other states -- it's -- if you lose a donald trump vote, it may hurt your chances. so my suspicion is, we'll either keep the senate by a close margin or lose it by a close margin. in any case, the irony is we'll probably get it back in 2018, because the tables turn and we're defending very few seats and they're defending more than 30. >> speaker paul ryan came out and said he was sickened by these comments, effectively giving republicans in the down ballot races cover to say that they're not going to support donald trump. do you envision any scenario in which paul ryan withdraws his support, his endorsement for
9:31 am
donald trump? >> oh, sure. >> and is rick, let me interrupt you. i'm so sorry to do this again. mitt romney is starting to talk. he might talk politics first. let's listen in, rick. stay with us. >> gosh, what an extraordinary group of people. will you make sure and get these guys elected and had send it back to washington to represent nevada and the country? we need them! and you know, i've been reading the papers over the last several days, and i thought as i read about what's happening around the world and what's happening here at home, i thought about that old line that ronald reagan said. he said, it's not the liberals are ignorant. it's just what they know is wrong. and if you look at the administration of harry reid and barack obama and hillary clinton and all of the democrats, that have a liberal point of view, both in foreign policy and domestic policy, you'll recognize they're policies are just wrong. they haven't worked. i mean, you have in syria, russia saying they would put in place an anti aircraft battery there. they would shoot down an
9:32 am
american plane. russia is talking about -- i read in the paper, putting a base, military base n cuba. an ally like philippines insults the united states of america. north korea tests another nuclear bomb of some kind. this kind of development is not the result of strong foreign policy that conservatives believe in, but instead the kind of liberal approach you have seen from harry reid and barack obama. and then here at home, the president's two key accomplishments. his masterpiece achievements, dodd/frank. what did that do? made it harder for small banks to survive and make loans to new businesses and so it made it harder for our economy to recover. and the other one, how about obamacare? even bill clinton had to say it. he said, it's crazy. it's crazy that hard-working families that are trying to put a meal on the table at the end of the day, that they're having to pay higher and higher premiums for health insurance
9:33 am
and get less and less coverage. the president's policies haven't worked, liberal policies don't work. and i'll tell you, you're watching harry reid pick two people to try and supplant these guys and replace them, and that's wrong. we're not going to let harry reid's picks go into washington and keep this course going towards these liberal policies. we need conservative policies that will put americans to work, good food on the table, get our health care costs down. we need more jobs and better wages. and that's what these guys represent. so i'm here campaigning for crescent and for joe. because i know they will do what america needs. and that is to make this country stronger at home and stronger overseas. to make sure that the american worker can find a good job at a better wage. and that's what we're going to do. that's our agenda. and the other guys, their agenda is to keep on taking america down a course that makes us weaker and weaker at home and abroad. now i know that both crescent
9:34 am
and joe have spoken about the developments of the last day, with the tape where mr. trump has revealed that just offensive language but offensive conduct. and i've ready said something and i don't have anything to add. i want to express on behalf of myself and my party how much we love all of the people in this country, regardless of gender or ethnicity, religion. and i was offended, and dismayed by what was said, and done by mr. trump. i think it's degrading to our women. to our daughters, our grand daughters. to future generations. and i -- dearly hope we will come to together as a nation and stand as firmly as we possibly can for the principles that have made us the shining city on a hill. not just here. we're not just a shining city on the hill for ourselves but for people around the world. i love this great country. i love what it represents. i love the people of america.
9:35 am
i have to tell you, the greatest thrill in my life was being able to go with my family and see this country and meet you here in nevada, but people also across the country. we're a great and noble people. we stand for powerful things. these men who are running for office are men of integrity and character. we need men like that in washington, perhaps more like that than any other time in our history. and so i have a special request for you. one of the reasons i didn't win while i was -- the reason i didn't win -- i remember what stevenson said once -- it was -- gosh, who the heck was it? anyway. i'll pretend it was mad alay stevens. and he said, you know, i always wanted to run for president in the worst way. and that's just what i did. and -- it was fritz monday
9:36 am
detail. so i made some mistakes. one of the things we didn't do as well as we could have. and that was we didn't have as large a force going out and knocking on doors as we needed. in some states, we didn't turn out our voters as well. as the democrats did. and that's up to you. these campaigns, these guys are going to win, but it's going to depend on us going out and making sure that republican voters actually vote. a lot of people have things that come up. they've got work that occurs that calls them into the office or into the factory. they've got kids that have some event that occurs and they forget to vote. we can't let that happen. and so i'm calling on each of you to make a personal commitment, to spend some time knocking on some doors or making some calls in behalf of crescent and joe. and so there are -- interspersed among you people who are part of the staff of these groups, of these campaigns. they have little white badges on. come up to them, tell them
9:37 am
you're going to give them some time. tell them to come into the headquarters and make some calls or knock on some doors in your home because this matters. this is a very -- >> reflecting on his own bid for the presidency, also responding again to that audiotape by donald trump from 2005 saying he was offended, and dismayed and saying that he wants to express how much he respects all the people of the country, regardless of gender, race or religion. i want to bring back in rick tyler, who has been so patient. rick, i apologize for having to interrupt yet again. >> you interrupt more than tim kai kaine. >> for that i apologize. that was a good one. where does this go from here? look, we have a debate coming up on sunday. and donald trump signalling he's going to get personal against bill clinton. i mean, what do you make of that? is that the right strategy, moving forward? >> well, look. there's only one of two donald trumps that are going to show up tomorrow night.
9:38 am
one is named dumb and the other is dumber. he has so humiliated himself and the party. i don't see how he recovers from this. i don't know what he could do in the debate to change enough people's mind. he has just revealed himself. and now he's played exactly -- this is the shame of it all. he has played himself exactly where the clinton camp wanted him. and that is their narrative that he is a miss original inconsistent which apparently turns out to be true. and so they've got the upper hand here. i think they're actually smart not to say anything until the debate, while millions of peo e people -- this may be the most watched town hall in world history, because it will be -- it will be an epic event. everybody has got to watch. it's like waiting for the car crash. so i don't think that he can do anything during this debate to change it. i had said previously he couldn't afford to lose this battle as he did. but now i don't see how he comes out of this a winner. >> all right. rick tyler, thank you for your incredible insights and always.
9:39 am
and today for your incredible patience as well. i really appreciate it. good to talk to you. >> appreciate it. thanks. and coming up, we will be -- we will have much more reaction and the latest on hurricane matthew after a quick break. stay with us. ght by our cusmers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪ one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right.
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and welcome back. we want the to go back to the day's other breaking news. hurricane matthew now a category 1 storm, officially made landfall in south carolina. the state's coastal areas have been slammed with torrential rain since the early hours of the morning. several streets and major intersections are already under water. and over 400,000 people without power there. we're also starting to see matthew's deadly impact in florida. this is in the historic city of st. augustine, one of the hardest hit areas. countless homes and cars. at least four people were killed. more than 1 million people there remain without power. and in haiti, the death toll has risen. just devastating there. more than 800 people reportedly
9:43 am
killed after the storm barrelled through the caribbean before closing in on the u.s. coast. msnbc meteorologist bill karins has the latest. this was downgraded to a category 1. what do we anticipate in the coming hours? >> more significant damage. i just heard from one insurance adjuster that says this is a $6 billion weather disaster. when you talk about the past hurricanes we've had in our country and talk about the inflation rates, this hurricane will now be a top 20. if it had made that turn and hit the west palm beach area, could have been a top ten. but we were spared that damage. we still have the significant damage along the coastal areas and more damage to be done. not so much with the winds. the wind gusts are down a little bit. we still have trees falling, i'm sure, with 60-mile-an-hour gusts in myrtle beach, wilmington at 33. this could knock down big old trees in that area and that will land on homes, cars and knock out power. here's some of the higher gusts at land fall this hour. tybee island at 96 and extensive
9:44 am
damage and hilton head. and the rest of the day we'll watch it going off the coast. the wind damage threat is pretty much over. we're not so much concerned about any more possibility of even that much more storm surge. right now at high tide, as high as it's going to get. from here on out will drop. and here's the story today and rest of tonight. the heavy rain over areas of north carolina, we have 4.5 million people under some sort of flash flood warning or aerial flood warning. this is amazing. this is going to not rival floyd. it's going to be lower than that. but we're already predicting top three, top four all-time river levels in eastern north carolina and wilmington area. that will last until the middle of the week, will go in homes and people will be evacuated. just because the storm is dying doesn't mean the whole story is done. and doesn't mean there is not going to be a lot of suffering. this is about 12 inches of rain, kristen in eastern north carolina and they had a really
9:45 am
soggy september on top of saturated soil and that causes a lot of issues. i would say probably about 80 to 90% of the damage has been done. we still have about 10% to go. >> bill karins, we know you will continue to track all of it. really appreciate that update. thank you. and we'll be back with more politics, more on the fallout of this damaging audiotape from donald trump. including the comings and goings of trump tower when we come right back after a quick break. stay with us. ♪ using 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the framework... wire... and plants needed to give my shop... a face... no one will forget. see what the power of points can do for your business. learn more at
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narrator: it wasn't that long ago. years of devastating cutbacks to our schools. 30,000 teachers laid off. class sizes increased. art and music programs cut.
9:51 am
we can't ever go back. ryan ruelas: so vote yes on proposition 55. reagan duncan: prop 55 prevents 4 billion in new cuts to our schools. letty muñoz-gonzalez: simply by maintaining the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. ryan ruelas: no new education cuts, and no new taxes. reagan duncan: vote yes on 55. sarah morgan: to help our children thrive. there is more fallout today after the "washington post"
9:52 am
releases tape of donald trump from 2005 making vulgar comments about women. nbc news learning this hour that mike pence will not be going to house speaker paul ryan's campaign event in wisconsin. ryan had disinviteded trump to the event when he came out condemning his comments yesterday. for more on how this is playing out, we go to nbc's jacob rascon in we will elkhorn, wisconsin. >> reporter: let me set the stage here. this is a stage where a unity eventuality was supposed to happen, ryan. some people in line were here specifically for trump. i asked one woman what her reaction was knowing that trump was going to come. she said she cried not because of the news story but because she wasn't going to be able to see him and i asked why are you still coming. and she said well whether it's pence or trump, i wanted to support. so i had to break the news that pence was no longer coming and
9:53 am
she was in shock. she said, who is coming. i said paul ryan is here, and she said good, i'll be able to yell some stuff at him. we're about to break news to other supporters here, i think expecting to see trump. that's what it's like here. it's just amazing how this day was supposed to go, of course, again, for the first time trump and ryan ryan on stage together, supposed to be a big moment before the debate. and now maybe the most interesting responses to all of this are those senators and house representatives who had endorsed trump now unendorsing, i believe five of them or so starting with jason chaffetz from utah and kelly ayotte. so it just seems to be coming more and more -- it's very fascinating, though. i will say that trump supporters who do know about the story, they're not fazed at all. >> that is what we expect when one of the controversies unfold. let me ask you very quickly, are
9:54 am
you getting any more indication about why governor pence is not going to be there? i spoke with boris epshteyn earlier today. he said there was a scheduling glitch. are you hearing anything about that? >> reporter: no. and we've asked. we're trying to find out. but we don't know. we just don't know if it was his personal decision, what's going through his mind. we wish we knew. >> jacob rascon. thank you. really appreciate it. joining me now, sara wheaten from politico. thank you for being here. really appreciate it. so a lot of people saying this is, in fact, the final straw. sara, what do you make of this, the timing feels different. because it's so close to election day. >> well, it is worth recalling, however, that in the summertime, senator mitch mcconnell, the leader of the republicans in the senate, warned his caucus that if they felt like they needed to run campaigns against trump, to support their own re-election
9:55 am
bids that they were free to do that. and so this does seem very dramatic to see all these people who are -- who had been supporting trump, who are elected officials now coming out and either unendorsing him or even calling for him to be removed from the ticket. at the same time, there was always a sense that if it looked like trump wasn't doing well by october, if he would be dragging down people, down ballot, that we might start seeing republicans start to cut bait. >> ben, trump has been insistent, he is not getting out of this race. do you think that changes if over the hours, over the course of this day tomorrow morning, more republicans get on board and say it's time for him to step aside? >> it's going to be really tough. i certainly don't want to get into the mind of donald trump. i don't know what he may be thinking. but he's been really resolute on this. he's not leaving, no matter what. and frankly, it's very hard to really get this machination going. for the party who really wanted to replace him, it looks like he
9:56 am
would have to resign. there isn't a good mechanism to knock him out and you have to convene the rnc members. and donald trump's name is on all of these absentee ballots already printed, all the ballots getting ready to be put out in major states. so it's really tough -- it's a tough situation. i'm not really sure what the other option would be, even if donald trump does, you know, start to soften on that resolve. >> and ben and sara, we're just getting a statement from governor mike pence. game to go read it in full, because this is breaking at this hour. he writes, "as a husband and father, i was offended by the words and actions described by donald trump in the 11-year-old video released yesterday. i do not condone his remarks and cannot defend them. i am grateful that he has expressed remorse and apologized to the american people. we pray for his family and look forward to the opportunity he has to show what is in his heart when he goes before the nation tomorrow night." sara, what do you make of that reaction from governor pence, who, by the way, is now not attending that rally in wisconsin?
9:57 am
>> well, we have consistently seen pence take this approach of not condemning trump necessarily, but not defending his comments. it's what we saw during the vice presidential debate earlier this we week. in some cases he just sort of ignored the fact trump said some of the things he said. in other cases, declined to defend them. and we are seeing polls already showing that pence is a top choice for the republican nominee in 2020. he very clearly is responding with his own political future in mind. >> and ben, what do you make of the comments, and just react to what sara just said, responding with his own political future in mind. hugh hewitt earlier today said there was going to be more and worse op coming against donald trump. he's in a tough spot here. >> he really is. and he can't run away from the top of the ticket in the sense that he's there. unless he wants to step down, he really doesn't have any other options. i thought the interesting way he used the world -- i don't have
9:58 am
the to defend -- not wanting to defend it. you can't help but think the clinton campaign -- not even mike pence can defend donald trump. you have to imagine that the clinton campaign is seizing on that term to say not even his running mate can defend him here. >> thanks so much. we will have more on all of this with former rnc chair, michael steele. hurricane matthew made landfall in the south carolinas. live report coming up after a break. stay with us. hey, it's the phillips' lady! there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber. try these delicious phillips' fiber good gummies, a good source of fiber to help support regularity. mmmm. these are great. my work here is done. phillips'. the tasty side of fiber.
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