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tv   Hillary Clinton It Takes a Country  MSNBC  October 8, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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the political storm picking up strength. we have republicans in this hour as they call on their presidential nominee to step aside following the comments he made about sexual assault. the other storm a serious one for many across the eastern seaboard. hurricane matthew did make landfall in south carolina and left a trail of destruction up the southeastern coast. we updates on the areas feeling the effects we begin with donald trump's presidential campaign in what is clearly i think objectively the greatest crisis it's ever faced. trump vows today to stay in the race. the fact that he has to talk about that in october shows you how dire it is. just last hour, this was the scene outside of trump tower in midtown manhattan, came out to greet supporters who came to gather in an impromptu rally of support. in the upper echelons of the gop, we can tell you there are
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calls coming up and down for trump to step aside, publicly and privately. all of this of course after that infamous audio leaked yesterday of offensive comments that trump originally made about several women back in 2005. it was on a hot mic during a recording for "access hollywood," a show owned by nbc universal, which is the parent company of msnbc. >> i have to use some tic-tacs in case i just start kissing her. i'm automatically attracted to beautiful women. i just start kissing her. when you're a star you can do anything, including grabbing them by the [ bleep ]. >> and mike pence weighing in in
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an unusual statement saying he cannot condone or defend donald trump. and john mccain said he is now withdrawing his support for donald trump. trump did apologize last night in a 90-second video posted on facebook at midnight. >> i've never said i'm a perfect person nor pretended to be someone that i'm not. i've said and done thing i regret and the words released on this more than a decade old video are one of them. anyone who knows me knows these words don't reflect who i am. i said it, i was wrong and i apologize. >> according to an msnbc
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reporter, it is the first time donald trump has apologized. we just got into our newsroom a statement from condoleezza rice saying "enough. donald trump should withdraw. he should withdraw. as a republican i hope to support someone who has the dignity and stature to run for the highest office in the greatest democracy on earth. >> the way you let off is the way i think about a lot of trump controversies. you have republicans and people in the conservative groups responding to trump reacting, mostly negatively, especially on this controversy, there's been the most condemnation and distancing from trump that we've
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seen. and then you also have his supporters. i'm standing outside trump towers with dozens of supporters to cheer him on and rally for him and we talked to a few of them out here. i want to you hear what they have to say. it espouses the kind of reaction we get oftentimes when we hear these controversies. take a look. >> what he said 11 years ago with a bunch of guys in a private conversation means nothing to everybody out here. >> i think what he actually did was nothing. he introduced a young man to this professional woman, he obviously mentioned his wife. he was being a young banter locker room kind of guy, which we've all seen. >> reporter: so when you hear these people rationalizing away these comments, it was only earlier last week that we started talking about the tax returns by the "new york times" and the week before that was it
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the machado comments and the comments about the judge. they still really feel he is the choice. whether it be that they're against hillary clinton that much or they still really like donald trump. we're seeing republicans distancing themselves and withdrawing their support. you have to think of what they endured to get to this point where they final said enough is enough. all of those controversies yielded tons of republicans saying, no, this is not how i feel, lots of condemnations from republicans saying this is not my sentiment but at the same time they stuck with him and remained endorsing him. this is really a telling point for republicans. is this the time they actually say enough is enough? for those of us watching a while, it's amazing to see this
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is actually the straw that broke the camel's back so to speak. >> as you pointed out, ali, that may be something a lot of his core supporters stand by. the party is nervous because he is on path to lose with those core supporters at 44, 45%. so anything between now and november has to build rather than draw from that coalition. ali, thank you for your reporting today. trump was supposed to be with paul ryan but ryan disinvited him yesterday in wake of the story. here's how the speaker tried to address the controversy at the event today. >> let me start off by saying there is a bit of an elephant in the room and it is a troubling situation. i'm serious, it is. i put out a statement about this last night. i meant what i said and it's still how i feel, but that is not what we are here to talk about today. >> nbc's jacob rascon was at that rally in wisconsin.
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i'll give you one response to that paul ryan sound bite there, jacob. that is what everyone was supposed to talk about. but for him disinviting trump, donald trump would have been the star attraction. and what's more political than a politician saying it's troubling but and what's left hanging in the air is paul ryan's support this hour. >> reporter: he didn't mention trump by name today. to see pence until they learned he wouldn't show up either were obviously upset. they were heckling the speakers including ryan, calling out things like what about trump? why did you not invite trump? i think this is going to be an interesting story going forward is these hard core trump supporters that ali talked about. i haven't heard from any of them and i communicate with many by
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text and i expect as we go to other rallies next week, i don't expect that any of them will because of this unendorse. and for people, these 38 or so list of republicans, for some of them to say what about mike pence, i don't think these thousands and thousands of supporters in every city about that we go to would accept that. they voted for donald trump and they fully expect him to go the entire way. so when trump says he getting a lot of support, he may be from them. and these supporters would say things like, well, these 38 people or so condemn being trump or telling him to drop out or reversing their support, they're all part of the establishment and this is what we ran against. i know they're going to say that. some have already said that to me through text. here's one one of them said in response to the video and paul ryan. >> i'm disappointed in paul
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ryan. paul ryan is not with trump and he's with trump and then he's not with trump and i just think we all need to stick together. we've all said stuff. i know i said stuff. >> reporter: but you're not running for president. does that make a difference in his conduct behind closed doors? >> no, no. >> reporter: he's with trump and then he's not with trump. a lot of supporters feeling the same. >> trump made it clear he's not stepping away from this presidential race. we turn to boris ephstein.
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>> i'm going to take a tic-tac in case i just start kissing her. >> he already apologized twice. his wife said this is offensive to her and it's not the man she knows. i think we should talk about the real issues that face america today. >> i guess one of the questions a lot of them are calling on him to answer including republicans is this sexual assault that he's referring to because of nature of the way he describes it? that's how john mccain describes it. >> we condemn all kinds of sexual assault and there's nothing in those statements that you're implying there whatsoever. so mr. trump has apologized to the statement, agreed that they are offensive, so has his wife.
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i'm a father, i'm a son, a grandson very powerful, strong women. those words are not something i like to hear. we've dealt with it now, mr. trump has apologized publicly and it's time to move on and deal with the issues at hand, which are very stark. >> senator john mccain as well as former national security adviser condoleezza rice coming out saying donald trump should withdraw. are you sorry to lose their support? >> we're counting on the support of our every day voters. people writing in saying in barbra streisand's word, we're not voting for a priest, we're voting for a president, people saying we're not rattled, keep going, concentrate on the issues. 14 million people voted for trump in the primaries. tens of millions are voting for him now. mr. trump ran as an
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anti-establishment candidate. >> even by the standards of republican party politics, we're seeing people calling donald trump to withdraw who are not part of the grass roots, people like mike lee, representative mia love calling on him to withdraw, colorado representative mike kauffman, missouri representative ann wagner, rodney davis, senator corey gardner, as well conservative thought leaders like hugh hewitt. in your view are you sorry to lose their support? can donald trump do outreach to get them back or do you look at this basically growing calls and coalition of republicans saying your candidate should get out as their loss, you can't win them back? >> 90% of republicans are behind donald trump. as far as all these individuals, of course we want to gain their vote by november 8th and we hope to do so and will work very hard to do so by concentrating on the
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issues. we haven't had 3% gdp growth in eight years. we need to secure this country. eight stark choice between donald trump, who will secure this country. >> boris, one political question is whether his campaign is equipped to deal with this. his campaign doesn't have close relationships with the party -- >> i never said that on your air. >> you have. the campaign -- take better word than a surrogate. donald trump has repeatedly bragged he does not cozy up to these figures in washington and yet this is a moment today when it would behoove him to -- is
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there anything mr. trump can do to prevent them from jumping ship today? >> the campaign has been working very closely with the rnc throughout this process. don't put words in my mouth, please. i never said we don't work closely with the rnc. i've never said so. we continue to do so and we will up until november 8th. >> donald trump's facebook video ends with him saying he looks forward to discussing these issues and bill clinton tomorrow night. what does that mean? >> we look forward to discussing all issues facing america. there's two parts of a campaign. you have to talk about the esh u -- issues, you have to talk about why your candidate, mr. trump is the one to lead, the simplified tax brackets and securing our country. and you have to also talk about why the other candidate is not
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fit to lead. the wikileaks information that just came out yesterday showing she once again lied to the american people when she said she didn't support the tpp. as we've all known, she did support it. and the information that came out about her saying all bernie sanders supporters are children of the recession and live in their parents' basement. she cannot be allowed to be president. >> is there anything that you've learned in this process, in this campaign about donald trump, including the recent video that's given you pause? >> absolutely not. mr. trump is a wonderful man, a strong man, a determined man and the right person to lead us into the next eight years. >> we have heard from many people in the party, including many critics of donald trump and we wanted to hear directly from the trump campaign.
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>> she's totally changed her look. >> mr. trump, women are going to be the reason you're not going to elected president. >> casey, how is the clinton campaign reacting today? >> ari, the clinton campaign i would say is trying to restrain their glee over what has transpired over the course of the last 24 hours. frankly, they're staying a
3:21 pm
little bit hands off in public. they're telling outside supporters they're free to talk about it if they like but they think it's probably more effective to just let donald trump's words speak for themselves and listen instead to the republicans that have been steadily jumping ship over the course of the last day. now clinton has been in intense debate prep over the course of the last four days. and preparing for new lines of attack for donald trump is part of that, and especially in light of this news and the way trump has been talking more forcefully about bill clinton's indiscretions in the past means they are focusing to a certain degree on how she would respond to that. she said she wants to talk about policy issues and that's where their focus wants to be. look to them to turn to that. clinton herself could get some tough questions in the debate tomorrow night because of the stories that's also broken and hasn't gotten as much attention
3:22 pm
but wikileak releasing what they claim to be john podesta's e-mails. they show among other things notes from some of those speeches that she gave to goldman sachs, other banks, independent groups that in some way paint her as saying different things in private than in public. we'll seep how she answers those questions tomorrow night, ari. >> kasie hunt, thank you. john mccain denouncing trump 's lewd comments about sexual assault in 2005. we'll take a look at what this fallout means with weeks to go until america votes.
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welcome back. just this hour condoleezza rice saying "enough. donald trump should not be president, he should withdraw as a republican i hope to support someone who has the dignity and
3:26 pm
stature to run for the highest office in the greatest democracy on earth." people are voting all this week, making this a hard time to chang anything. viktctori victoria, i want to start big picture. we've been going through the politics of this today and going piece by piece what's happening. one of the terms here that's been raised here is rape culture. i wonder if we can start broadly about what that means and whether you think these comments do fit into that part of this critique that americans are discussing all across the country. >> very much so. and, ari, as a professor at u.t., we see this being a very relevant topic on our college campuses. this is what young women are talking about and young men day in and day out of how do we deal
3:27 pm
with this greater rape culture. one thing i've been thinking about with the donald trump case, he can say racist things, against people's religion and muslims, but when you start talking about sexual assault, that's when the line was drawn. go back to todd akin in 2012 when he made comments about rape and abortion, he was winning that race against claire mccaskill in the senate and he lost it. and in 2008, a comment was made about rape you should sit back, relax and enjoy and that candidate lost to ann richards. when it gets to sexual assault, it becomes very serious and today's day and age when we're really talking about rape culture, it's even more so. >> we just got into our newsroom
3:28 pm
last hour. it doesn't just say i'm withdrawing my support or go through the litany of things that john mccain and donald trump disagree on, it says explicitly, donald trump's behavior this week and the disclosure of his comments about women and his boasts about sexual assault make it impossible to even offer conditional support. rich, this seems to be john mccain's line as well. >> yes, i think that's right. as victoria knows, the next time ann richards ran for governor, she ran against george w. bush and the richards people tried to goad bush into making a mistake and what kasie hunt was reporting earlier in the last segment was that the clinton campaign saying stand back, let the republicans chew themselves you for a while, that's a very smart strategy. as far as senator mccain, i was done with trump when he said he
3:29 pm
didn't think john mccain was a hero, that he thinks that people who didn't get captured were heros. i've been off the trump train for a long time. >> paul ryan, who was supposed to appear with trump today, here's paul ryan today. >> let me start off by saying there is a bit of an elephant in the room and it is a troubling situation and i'm serious, it is. i put out a statement about this last night, i meant what i said and it's still how i feel but that is not what we are here to talk about today. >> victoria, what did you think of that? >> oh, he is in a tough spot. he's trying to balance his role as speaker but also his brand, ari, because he is a wholesome guy, he's a family guy, he's a christian, he's catholic, i believe, so when you see comments like those that trump made and aside from that his larger persona, that's very difficult. so i think -- i don't know what is going to happen but do i think that we're going to see a
3:30 pm
very real distancing by ryan, whether or not it's an official retraction of the endorsement, i don't know. but he is going to walk back and get away from trump as much as he possibly can. >> which is really what all candidates have to do, right? republicans now have to separate themselves, their campaign from donald trump. trump's going to lose. that's done. now you have to say if i'm running for senate or congressman, state rep, how do i adjust to this and make sure i don't get swept under the rug with him. >> you and your old boss newt gingrich disagrees with you. >> we have disagreed over the years, that is not new to us. newt gingrich is a loyal guy, he'll do everything in his power to protect trump's campaign. i don't have any problem with newt doing that. >> everybody makes up their own mind. you talk about republicans looking for space. that's true even of mike pence
3:31 pm
who owes his current role to donald trump. he said "as a husband and father i was offended by the remarks and cannot defend or condone them." >> i'm the only person who thought tim kaine won the debate. mike pence has a very difficult road to hoe and has to get out there and talk about whether trump should get out or not get out. in congress there's something called revise and extend, that once you've spoken on the floor, your staff can go up and fix grammatical errors. i expect mike pence would like to revise and extend just about
3:32 pm
every answer. >> viktoctorivictoria, final wo? >> women, you don't want to offend. he took a bad situation and made it worse. >> thanks for joining our panel today. >> the other story is that hurricane matthew continues to wreak havoc. while the storm has slowed it, is still packing a powerful punch. >> i want to let you know we are prepared, we are ready for it, we are ready for this turn of events. this has the potential for north carolina to see the worst flooding since hurricane floyd. ? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order
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turning now to hurricane matthew, north carolina government pat mccrory announcing three people have
3:36 pm
been killed today. 4.5 people still under flood warnings. we go to myrtle beach for more on hurricane matthew's impact. >> reporter: we are on the back side of hurricane matthew now. you can finally again see some beach here. earlier today the water at high tide was all the way up to these bushes. so it has retreated, which is good news for those b concerned about the storm surge here in south carolina. now the concerns are really three-fold. one, all of this debris that's out and about, a lot of it is still flying around and a lot of loose things hanging on buildings. this is a piece of awning from the hotel next door that flew out and there was a lot of this
3:37 pm
as you drive around, broken awnings, falling off the buildings. power outages, hundreds of thousands of people up and down this coast still without power, crews working now to restore that power. and the third is street flooding. it's still going to be several hours before a lot of that water recedes and governor nikki haley is urging people to acknowledge that just because the storm has passed does not mean the danger is over. she pointed out a lot of death comes after the hurricane is over because as people go outside to inspect the damage, the debris falls on them. they are urging people to still use extreme caution. >> we have reports of the death toll at 11 people now. thank you for that report. >> a growing number of republicans continuing to say donald trump should step down or get out of this race. some basically saying they can't
3:38 pm
support him anymore no matter what he does. how would the republican party as a national political force deal with that? is it even possible to change course this late stage? we have a lot on this with a special panel straight ahead. ♪ using 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the framework... wire... and plants needed to give my shop... a face... no one will forget. see what the power of points can do for your business. learn more at
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it is your job, paul ryan, to endorse the republican nominee and you finally did that after you called him a racist. now you heard him say a couple of controversial things about a woman in a locker room with a bunch of guys. donald trump's an amazing man. the people who do not support donald trump, especially in our party, you support hillary clinton. >> a perspective on this issue. a donald trump supporter there. that was moments ago speaking about the nominee and despite
3:42 pm
the calls for him to step aside, donald trump came out of trump towers to cheers and high fives. for more perspective on all of the developments on an unusual campaign day, i'm joined by my guests. molly, have you ever seen anything like this in a general election? >> no. >> go ahead. >> no, i've nen receiver anything like this. lock, the trump campaign was already in freefall ever since the last debate, it's been one self-infliebd wound after another. but this takes it to another level. we see by the number of republicans abandoning him and you see from that clip of a supporter that you just played and other reports we've gotten
3:43 pm
from different campaign events around the country that trump does have a hard core of supporters and that's what's putting them in a difficult position. they're caught between their base or their general election hopes in some cases and it's really an impossible situation and it's not going to get any better. >> elise, one of the questions has been what is so new here to some of the republicans officials claiming they've learned something about donald trump. it's not new to a lot of women around the country. favorability with women, 64% negative, only 24% positive. among that 64%, it's uniformly extremely negative. this is what pollsters call, quote, very negative if they ask you if you feel just negative or very negative and as you know, you don't usually see that kind of concentration. so women apparently not learning that much new about donald trump. >> he needed to shift the narrative with the group of women who were on the fence about voting for him, women who
3:44 pm
want to vote for him but feel they couldn't do it because of lingering questions. what's amazing is it new information? everyone's known for a long time that donald trump has shown chauvinistic, moisogynyistic trump. it's just been a complete freefall. >> it certainly has been. what's interesting is that the trump campaign had to get independents and moderate republicans. now we heard earlier on your show one of the trump surrogates saying how donald trump has 90% of republicans. he did. after this fiasco, i don't think there's going to be any poll that shows that holding. i think he's going to go back down to about the 75, 80%, which
3:45 pm
is where hillary clinton edges towards 50 when he loses that support. they will go to her or they will choose not to vote. >> the other part, molly, to bring you back in is donald trump has been heralded and criticized for the way he runs his campaign and how much he's on social media and how much is about him. we're seeing the same old pattern in his response to this. here is a controversy about his statements about and treatment of people and so far he has not interacted with a person since all this broke. so we had the first statement released, they put it out. then they had the video posted to facebook, which is just him to camera. so not even dealing with the questioning of any other person about treatment of people and then i'll read you this certainly odd tweet where he writes, quote, certainly has been an interesting 24 hours! whatever that means. mol molly? >> it is something that his supporters like about him is
3:46 pm
that nobody controls donald trump but donald trump. nobody tells him what to say and nobody can coach him or reign him in. that's been clear with the way he's handled this controversy. a lot of people inside the campaign would like to see him handle this differently, certainly a lot of people in the republican party would like to see him handle this differently but nobody has the power over him to convince him to treat it any differently than he has treated anything else, which is to continue to be defiant, to continue to turn the conversation to hillary clinton, which even his aides feel is a mistake and to get on twitter and continue to blast away. this is the unfiltered donald trump, which is the only trump we've known for this entire campaign. >> you brought up a very good point about him not interacting with anybody thus far. the next time he will will be in a debate forum, a town hall setting with all these independent voters, undecided independent voters. and donald trump while he's very good at playing at the mass
3:47 pm
crowd, his connection one-on-one that he's going to have to make is going to be very difficult for him if he decides he wants to also attack hillary clinton at the same time. so that's going to be a very interesting dynamic. >> and at this point donald trump likely thinks he has no other choice than to go straight at hillary clinton about bill's infidelity. and i think it's going to be a mistake if he chooses that tack first. if hillary clinton attacks him -- >> she doesn't have to bring it up. presumably it will come up. >> but it will be much worse for him if he brings up bill clinton first without being attacked. it's going to already be a disaster. >> he's going to already be on the defensive thinking every woman in that audience is already against him. he's going to really start on his heels. it will be very interesting to see how he tackles that problem. >> thank you very much. >> turning back to other breaking news, officials confirm hurricane matthew has now claimed 11 lives.
3:48 pm
we're joined from aboard a coast guard boat off the coast of south carolina. morgan? >> reporter: hey there, guys. we are on the first coast guard rescue boat to leave the city of charleston. just to give you a sense of things, we are facing record storm surge, nine feet, that's the third in the history in the city of charleston. we've even seen record breaking storm surge in the coast an areas. what we're doing on this particular coast guard run is going through some of these overlying areas. i want to introduce you to our lieutenant. lieutenant conscious you explain to our viewers what we're doing on this mission right now. >> we're doing our poststorm recovery assessment, checking for marine debris, any aides to navigation that are off station and critical infrastructure. >> and what the lieutenant was also explaining to me today, i'm going to hold on to this railing here, what he was also explaining to me is that there's no commercial activity coming in
3:49 pm
or out of this port and he's checking to make sure that this port is safe and also the governor, you just heard the governor say we're losing our balance because the water is so high here but we want to explain to you the governor has told people to stay inside torque stay hunkered down and it's precisely because of the aftermath of this hurricane. it's storm surge like this, it's flooding in these areas and there are now 11 confirmed u.s. fatalities and that is precisely because of this hurricane matthew and that's still on u.s. soil. there are tens of thousands people without power and who are in shelters. we're going to continue patrolling to make sure there is no unusual activity and thatais safety. >> thank you.
3:50 pm
>> many calling on donald trump to step aside, though we have new reports this hour that senator bob dole is weighing in as well. we'll bring that to you, an update on the situation right after this break. red 97! set! red 97! did you say 97? yes. you know, that reminds me of geico's 97% customer satisfaction rating. 97%? helped by geico's fast and friendly claims seice. huh... geico's as fast and friendly as it gets. geic expect great savings and a whole lot more.
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and i like that. i guess i am pretty smart. don't let that go to your head, gary. what's in your wallet? welcome back to msnbc. we've been following the big trump story, the fallout from the leaked video. senator bob dole taking a different tact than many republicans. i'll read to you the statement we just got from senator dole saying "i've been a republican forever, the party's been very good for me, i've had many opportunities as a republican and i find it difficult to desert the party after trump received 40% of the vote."
3:54 pm
and in addition to our live coverage, at the top of the next hour, msnbc will air a special called "citizen trump." that special was produced before trump's comments were made public yesterday. >> i got to use some tictacs in case that start kissing me. i automatically start kissing them. it's like a mag nat. and when you're a start, you can do it, can you do anything, grab them by the [ bleep ]. >> it's not the first time trump's public comments have drawn criticism. >> you've called women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals. your twitter account -- >> only rosie o'donnell. >> when he gave the line about
3:55 pm
rosie o'donnell and megyn i think was very surprised that the audience didn't boo but instead they cheered, they laughed, they rallied, they were supportive, that changed everything. >> you once told a contestant on celebrity apprentice it would be a pretty picture to see her on her knees. does that sound to you like the temperament of a man we should elect as president? >> i think a big problem this country has is being politically correct. and honestly, megyn, if you don't like it, i'm sorry. i've been very nice to you, although i could probably not be based on the way you have treated me but i couldn't do that. >> donald trump is obviously the opposite of politically correct. and that resonates with people and that's also what makes him a wild card, too. you don't know where he's going to come from on any given day. >> you can see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. >> that's a history that may look different in the light of
3:56 pm
today's disclosures. i want to turn back to ali vitali from trump power and mark lewis. i'm going to start with you, mark. i've spoken to many people including republicans and many experts who have denounced these comments on their own terms for what they say and what they mean and we've talked about rape culture, we've talked about a lot of the ugly side of this and what it contributes to. having done some of that, i want to turn back to the politics with you and you are our politics guy. walk us through how different this campaign's response is to a situation like this because of the campaign that trump has built. because any normal campaign in either party dealt with the crisis of this magnitude would be calling in favor, calling in chips, working with the national party and we have not seen any of this over the past day.
3:57 pm
>> ari, when it comes to donald trump and the republican base, particularly the prime riary vo that made him the nominee, he can do not wrong and i think that gives him free reign to do whatever he wants to be able to do. whatever the controversy he's able to either survive or thrive. the problem is this isn't a republican primary race anymore. this is a general election where you have still persuadable voters and female voters who have to even see these comments and even if they might consider voting republican have to consider these comments. this is a very difficult situation for donald trump. one difference how he's handled this versus previous ones is he's actually apologized. >> first time. >> donald trump is someone who famously doesn't apologize. he did apologize. melania trump put out a statement saying my husband apologized, please accept that.
3:58 pm
so that is new. what we still see is a devotion by donald trump supporters that here is someone who can't do any wrong and that is still fueling him, even though there are significant parts of the republican party now who want to go a different way and are trying to survive with the races they see ahead of them next month. >> so ali vitali, if this is different, does this show the people around trump, his aides, get it? >> reporter: absolutely. i think the staffers that i spoke to last night and the people in trump's orbit who i spoke to both last night and into today are all saying this feels different. not only are they seeing republican establishment members not only distance themselves but also unendorse trump and say they won't support him but also they're seeing it the way state volunteers have been responding. i spoke to one source and he
3:59 pm
said that they are seeing a shift in the way that volunteers have been responding to the campaign in these states and that's significant because usually what mark was saying holds true and it's something we've seen time and time again on the campaign trail, that these supporters, really do stand firm with donald trump and they tend to see all of these controversies as media-created distractions and that's something donald trump tried to push in his apology last night and he called this a distraction, even though he was apologizing and it is notable. >> he did and that -- >> reporter: it's notable he apologized and he used that word. >> and it cut into a little bit into the apology. mark, briefly, what happens at the debate? >> i think it has to be an absolutely must-watch moment. there are going to be millions of americans tuning in. i think donald trump is expected to bring of bill clinton's past of the 1990s, even before. this is going to be a key and pivotal debate tomorrow night.
4:00 pm
>> after the first debate was billed as the biggest ever, we do hyperbole in this business, but this might actually be bigger. i'm ari melber. straight ahead "citizen trump" with chris matthews. i'm truly honored by your support. >> trump is right and americans know he's right. >> tonight we close one chapter in history and we start another. >> you may not like his policies but you got to like his guts. >> we're at this point in the race and nobody has any idea what his actual policies would be. >> you've given me the honor to lead the republican party to victory this fall. >> the notion that the republican party wasn't ripe


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