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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  October 9, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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she's something else as hillary clinton. if you missed it, do your self a favor and watch the rest of the show's cold open online. there is some language we can't really air on tv at 5:00 p.m., but you won't be disappointed. lucky for us tonight's debate should provide "snl" writers perhaps way too much fresh material. anyway, that's all for tonight. we'll be back tomorrow with morning tv daily. keep it here for full coverage leading up to the big live telecast of the single most unusual debate night perhaps in american history at 9:00 eastern. now to st. louis, gateway to the west. >> all right, chuck. good evening from washington university in st. louis. the presidential debate that kicks off on msnbc just three hours from now. i am chris hayes. the past8 hours or so have
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been legitimately unprecedented in american politics as numerous republicans who stood by donald trump and looked past his lack of service, racism, sexism, insults and ignorance, after all that, election day 30 days away, they have finally decided enough is enough. the catalyst, a tape released friday in which trump is heard using crude language to, among other things, to boast about his ability to sexually assault women. because, quote, when you're a star, they let you do it. friday night trump issued this video in response. >> i've never said i'm a perfect person nor pretended to be someone that i'm not. i've said and done things i regret. the words released today on this more than a decade old video are one of them. anyone who knows me knows these words don't reflect who i am. i said it. i was wrong, and i apologize. >> trump goes on in that video
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to claim hillary clinton intimidated women after they were allegedly adequately assaulted by bill clinton in a likely preview of trump's debate strategy. shortly trump's quasic apology didn't make anyone feel better about his quasi comments. his running mate ignoring statements entering church said he was offended by trump's remarks and couldn't defend them. ryan said he was sickened, disinvited him, causing trump followers to heck emhim at the event. john mccain announcing he would not vote for him and more than 25 more republicans calling on trump to get out. he's vowing to stay in the race. in the tweet today he said to his critics, so many self-righteous hypocrites, watch their poll numbers and elections go down.
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more fallout this weekend newly uncovered audio of donald trump speaking to howard stern making comments about women, including his daughter ivanka. discussing how during beauty contests he would go back stage while contestants were naked. >> i'll tell you the funniest is that i'll go back stage before a show. >> yes. >> everyone is getting dressed and ready and everything else. no men are anywhere. i'm allowed to go in because i'm the owner of the pageant and therefore i'm inspecting it. i'm inspecting. is everyone okay? standing there with no clothes. is everyone okay? you see these incredible looking women. so i sort of get away with things like that. >> chuck todd played that exert yesterday for rudy giuliani appearing in lou of kellyanne conway who canceled appearances after the tape dropped. insisted rumors she was considering leaving the campaign are, quote, a crock. here is giuliani in his interview with chuck todd
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yesterday trying to minimize the damage. >> he's bragging about making unwanted sexual advances. >> words. >> how about the actions? >> the actions would be worse if they were actions. talk and actions are two different things. >> rumors worse recordings may be yet to come publicly. a source tells nbc chairman reince priebus is telling staffers fretting about long-standing damage to their reputation to do what's best for themselves as priebus tries to keep from dragging the party with him. a critical debate where trump will be forced not only to defend his reputation but turn around a campaign that has frankly turned into disaster. joining me political analyst michael steele, former chairman, political reporter for the guardian and robert cost ark,
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national political reporter at the "washington post." robert, you've been working the phon phones. i guess my question is, what is the conversation in trump world about the last 36 hours? >> there's a lot of uncertainty. trump was on the plane. there's a sense he could go hard after secretary clinton tonight by reviving elements of president clinton's past. there's also the thought if maybe his better angels are speaking to him he would have a populous message on trade. no one is really sure where trump's head is at. >> there's no game -- us there a game plan? sounds like everybody is crossing his fingers and going to watch him walk up to the podium and see what happens. >> the breitbartification, steve bannon, now trump's campaign's chairman going after secretary clinton's speeches to wall street wall street that have been leaked, her ties to the
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business community, stray away from harsher elements. >> that's what's happening outside the bunker. inside the bunker you've been reporting on. ve never seen anything like this. just to be clear, nothing like this has ever happened, what's going on in republican circles? >> there's been a mass exodus, many members of congress, vulnerable congressman facing delicate races. they have been doing this delicate dance. they feel this is a bridge too far. the case made now, opponents saying you backed him when he denigrated immigrants, prisoners of law, why 30 days benefactor election are you breaking free? this speaks to the pressure on rnc to shift resources and try to focus on down ballot races and salvage republican majorities in dock? >> why now? i was thinking about this, why now? you think about what the guy
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said over the course of this campaign, you think about the things that have come out, a lot of the stuff -- howard stern tapes out there that are pretty gross for a long time. what is your understanding of why the avalanche, the absolute tidal wave. >> in many respects something this vulgar, disgusting. before it was always hearsay, someone else heard him say that. now you have the tape of him saying that. it's his voice, his language, it's him. that was just such a personal moment for a lot of folks out there, both those who support trump and those that don't. >> so the devil's advocate argument. >> sure. >> entirely political calculation. the worst two weeks. feels like he's ambled electoral, to quote benjamin franklin, we should hang together or we hang separately. now they are beating retreat because they are trying to save their lives politically.
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>> that's right. for a lot of senators and congressmen out there, whether in a swing district or solid red district, this is something palpable for their voters. voters are responding in a very negative way to it. everybody is now taking a step back saying tonight is the night, you need to clean this up and clean it up right or we're done. rnc put everybody on notice, congressional leadership put on notice it's going to be every man for himself after this. >> one of the challenges they face, they still need turnout among the base to be sufficient enough to be re-elected. they have this predicament where they don't want to turn off trump supporters, for whom nothing is disqualifying, operating under illusion they will see a different donald trump tonight. if anything, the more they rit size him, the more he's unhinged, the more inclined he is to go after him specifically. >> that ryan event, you talk about a small little window into the conflict inside the party,
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here is paul ryan, the speaker of the house, hero of conservatism comes out, who played this hamlet act the whole time, finally endorses him. he's getting screamed at by the people at his own event. you're a traitor. you're stabbing us in the back. >> this idea, this expectation trump wants to clean up tonight for the party, trump when i spoke to him on saturday at length, he was in no mood to talk about the republican party. he said the republican party has lost because of people who are defecting, because of people in the establishment. he wants to run not ideological campaign, not partisan campaign but outsider combative anti-establishment. >> the thinking by trump himself if not some of those closest to him is that that will still work. that will resonate with enough voters. the numbers are going all over the place. they aren't buying the numbers. they are looking at the fact what they are seeing and hearing.
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he walked out of trump tower. there were people booing and throwing things at him. >> i know. >> in terms of feeding that side of the ego that pushes him further down the road to go tonight and blow everything up, that's the problem the party faces. >> in terms of blowing things up, to me if you're the republican party, the worst case scenario isn't necessarily he comes out and says horrible things about hillary clinton or bill clinton. the worst case scenario he just spends a lot of time, we know he's capable of this, just going in on republicans. he will fire at the target in front of him. if you start with him, he's going to come to you. you can imagine 90 minutes today of just beating the crap out of paul ryan. >> he tweeted today the republicans abandoning him are self-righteous hypocrites. that tells you where his thinking is going into this. think about the reaction he had when the party was overall criticizing his attack on gold star parents of iraq war hero the khan, he went after john
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mccain, forced by reince priebus to walk back and endorse him. these days, 30 days left to go, nothing is on the table. >> no prompter, no guardrails, no one telling him not to say things or go in a certain direction, for 90 minutes tonight it's going to be him and the anger and resentment that i think is welling up inside him frankly. >> we're watching tonight a defining evening for the republican party. perhaps a historic night. there are 30 days left in this campaign. if it does not go well tonight for trump, we could see a domino effect in the gop, mass defections not only party leadership but major donors pulling out. >> the whole thing comes to a stop. >> what does that mean, though? >> the presidential campaign will be forfeited, you're on your own. >> logistical matter.
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>> don't ask us for signs, don't ask us for money. we are looking at the senate, we are looking at the house. >> what do you make of reince priebus, he's with trump. >> 50 independent state parties trying to protect u.s. senators and congressmen. that's going to trump anything those two work out. >> not only now, no independent trump campaign organization anyway. they had to depend on them. thank you all very much. we have so much more to talk about as we prepare for second presidential debate. we'll get a reaction from the trump campaign as more republicans abandon the ticket plus historical precedent of extreme chaos unfolding so close to general election and what we can expect from the two nominees as they take the stage after such an explosive weekend. that and much more ahead. stick around.
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i have serious doubts now about mr. trump's ability to defeat hillary clinton. in fact, i don't think he can. there is a way here for mr. trump to have a legacy in this election cycle, to have a lasting legacy that could mean something here. that is for donald trump to step aside. >> amid increasing calls from republican lawmakers to drop out of the presidential race, donald trump spent some time on twitter this morning predicting his defectors electoral defeat and retweeting some of his supporters. republican leadership should have only one job, help elect the nominee we voted for donald trump. politicians don't count, it's the people we're behind. trump all the way to the white house. gop traitors not supporting you is voting for her destroying america. according to brand-new poll from "politico," the vast majority agree 70% saying gop leaders should continue to support their partied current nominee for
3:17 pm
president. joining me senior adviser to the trump campaign. so you guys, people are calling this is a civil war in the republican party. it doesn't strike me as a civil war. >> no. >> it's a cadre of leadership of the party that turned against trump. the overwhelming majority of the base of the republican party is still with him. >> this is a nothing burger. we've seen this all year, the gop establishment and those who are sour grapes was they wanted nomination and didn't get is, a jeb bush or mike lee who never endorsed trump to begin with. >> what about john mccain? >> he was never really on the trump bandwagon, let's be honest. it's not really news when they suddenly say mr. trump should drop out. of course, he was never really on board. 74% thinks they are at odds. >> say jean-marc is a perfect example. one is this is a principled reaction to the content of the tape that was made public on
3:18 pm
friday. the other is this is a cynical political maneuver in which they want to save their own hide by insulating themselves against donald trump. >> a third option, they were never really on board. the crack in the gop establishment which tends to be pro-amne pro-amnessty, pro war. these are individuals probably never really on the trump train and are using this as an opportunity to say, no, this is a principled stand we're making. no it's not. base doesn't care about your opinion. you're being booed like paul ryan was, i'm not going to support mr. trump or whatever it is he said, they are literally booing him at his own events. >> they are. does donald trump owe the republican party anything?
3:19 pm
>> owes mr. trump a great deal for salvaging conservatism. this is somebody who drew out more voters than anybody in gop history. >> you're saying in the primary? >> absolutely. a record number of votes, more than has ever been passed in gop primary. he's galvanized america to conservatism, back to roots. they owe him a debt. he owes the gop establishment nothing. the more that wants to stay with us, the better. we are all about unity. those that don't feel comfortable supporting mr. trump you probably never did because your policy positions don't align with america and the base. that's fine. more power to you. >> at this point i think you and i would agree based on where the polling is at, donald trump needs to, if he's going to be victorious in 30 days, add more voters. he needs more people to come over to him. what's the -- are we going to see him today hammer home the themes of immigration? is that the additive process?
3:20 pm
where do extra votes come from. >> hillary will hemorrhage them. you were right saying bernie sanders was the better candidate. i feel for them. what was in goldman sachs or wall street speeches she gave was horrific, horrifying, to say we should have open borders. to say a candidate should have a public position and private position, i think that's going to cost a good chunk of votes if the media is willing to talk about it. >> public position or private position, that is precisely what people found unnerve about the donald trump tape, right? here is my theory of why that tape has exploded the way other things didn't. when donald trump said i like people who didn't get captured, he wasn't saying it behind closed doors. he was saying it in front of a group of people. there was no shame. that was his position. there's a sense of what you see is what you get. here you have an example of acting one way behind closed doors and then he comes outside and he's totally diffent. >> no, he was talking to a reporter. >> you think that was for public
3:21 pm
consumption. >> i think he was using hyperbole, guy talk, however you want to couch it. it wasn't a hidden conversation. it was with a reporter. >> you don't think this sort of reveal of what he's like behind closed doors eats into that fundamental thing people have been drawn to him about, that he's just the same all the time. >> not at all. what you have to worry about is hillary clinton's complete flip flopping record and her outright admission she's going to have one position in public and one in private. how does that concern you? >> thank you. >> you have to think about it, chris. let's go to kristen welker who covers the clinton campaign. let me start on what a.j. was talking about. there's a variety of documents that came from a hack, john podesta. they say they believe russia is
3:22 pm
behind generally hacks of the system and campaigns. what is clinton's campaign response? so far they have played this somewhat odd game, they don't deny they are theirs but won't say they are authentic. is that the line they will take tonight when donald trump raises some of the same issues that a.j. did. >> i think so. i think you'll see secretary clinton say i'm not going to verify whether those documents are authentic but it underscores the problem with the fact that russia is hacking into our e-mails and trying to influence the electoral process. it's the argument you'll hear from him. this afternoon some of her aides were responding in that very way when we asked them about this issue. atmosphe it is a concern for secretary clinton supporters that she's different in private than in public. i think it's critical she answer that is part of what those documents expose or at least what republicans are arguing
3:23 pm
they expose. i've also been talking to top aides who say they are bracing for an all out attack from donald trump tonight. she's prepared for him to get very personal. if he does, she's prepared to essentially pivot again and focus on the work she has done for women and the work she's done for families to try to counter what might be an assault against bill clinton's past and the way she responded to them. >> what do you say if donald trump stands a few feet away from you and essentially says your husband is a rapist, which is a totally plausible thing he may say tonight. he's retweeting, juanita broaderick made this allegation over the course of many decades. she's recently made herself more public. how does the clinton campaign think about how hillary clinton responds to that? >> well, i think one of her arguments may be, if trump does
3:24 pm
bring up juanita broaderick, the claims were never substantiated, he was never charged with anything. one top aide stress thanksgiving word, unsubstantiated, then you'll see her pivot quickly. this is obviously something she doesn't want to be talking about. the clinton campaign thinks it's a backfire that will backfire. a lot of republicans are urging donald trump not to go down this path. a, it's something that's already been litigated. if you're going to hold bill clinton responsible for something that happened in the past, then donald trump needs to be held responsible for these audiotapes. so i think you're going to see her make some variation of those points. again, though, you're going to hear her stress a lot of work she's done with women and children and families, including the fact she went to china's first lady and declared that women's rights are human rights. that is something she takes great pride in. i think she's armed with a lot of those talking points. in terps of the audiotape, chris, this is the first time
3:25 pm
we're really going to hear from her, so it's going to be striking to hear what she has to say. i'm told she's going to paint those comments as part of a broader pattern and then try to argue there are certain qualities required of a president and that that audiotape shows once again donald trump doesn't have those qualities. that's the preview we're getting from within the campaign. one more point, chris, i asked one campaign official if this race was over, they said, absolutely not. donald trump has been counted out so many times before. they said this race is not over until it's over. >> nbc's kristen welker, thank you very much for that. still to come, has there ever been anything close to the campaign meltdown we are currently witnessing unfold. more right after this break. (vo) pro plan bright mind
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one of the most disturbing things about this election is just the unbelievable rhetoric coming at the top of the republican ticket. i don't need to repeat it. there are children in the room. demeaning women, degrading women but also minorities, immigrants, people of other faiths, mocking the disabled, insulting our troops, insulting our veterans. it tells you he's insecure enough that he pumps himself up by putting other people down. >> we are back here in st. louis, which is the site of the second presidential debate where one of the presidential candidates taking the stage does so after an extraordinary 48
3:30 pm
hours. the question i keep asking myself is has this ever happened before. joining me now to answer precisely that question, presidential historian. have we ever seen anything like this, michael? >> nothing even close, chris. to have that video come out with that content, republican leaders bailing, the possibility the party apparatus disowning donald trump on the eve of this debate, a month benefactor election, nothing even close to this. >> the thing that struck me as this was rolling in and keeping a tally of other people's tally of who was unendorsing him, there's never been a situation like that, in which the standard bearer for party is being unendorsed by people up for re-election in his own party, members of senate, united states congress, governors and the like. >> yeah. it sort of testifies to how
3:31 pm
unusual the trump campaign has been. usually the history the nominee has been a senator or governor or someone with national experience with relationships with all these senators and republican leaders. he has been very proud of the fact that he's had so few relationships with anyone in the party establishment or otherwise. now it's coming back to bite him. >> not only that, in some ways it seems to me part of the original sin here is something that's so easy to lose sight of in the day to day campaign but equally historic, which is that no party he has ever nominated someone with no public service experience. >> exactly right. >> generally what happens through the course of a political career, something comes out about you. you're not unwrapping the black box 30 days before the election. >> that's exactly right. franklin roosevelt 1932 had been governor of new york, assistant secretary of the navy. he had been for decades working
3:32 pm
alongside all sorts of democratic officials and party activi activists. they had seen him give speeches but also saw him behind the scenes. they knew the way he talked and behaved. so the chances are under the old system nothing like this ever would have happened. >> so let me ask you this. when you think about how we'll remember this race, if, in fact, hillary clinton were to win, which as of today looks the more likely outcome, though obviously things can change. >> of course. >> how do you think people remember this year, this race 30 years from now? >> i think they will remember it probably as an outlying variable because the chance that someone without national experience, political or military like donald trump being able to get nominated and this was at least close to being a competitive race for a good part of this campaign, getting that far, probably the alignment of forces that caused that has too happen in 2016 unlikely to happen
3:33 pm
again. plus if trump loses and loses badly, then for republicans, you know, for someone to be called another trump is only going to be an epithet and they will try very hard to make sure this never happens again. >> that's my final question to you is if -- again, if this current trend continues, and even if it doesn't, actually, i think a trump victory is probably more did he instructive to gop than a loss, how the party reconstitutes it's self after the election. >> it depends very much how it interprets what happened this year, sort of like goldwater 1964. one of the biggest landslides against goldwater by lyndon johnson in history 1964, what republicans basically said was we'd love to have another conservative but hard to get him elected. therefore, even though richard nixon may be too moderate for some of us, may not be exciting, better to nominate a nixon and
3:34 pm
get the white house than try with another goldwater and lose. >> all right. michael, thank you for your time. appreciate it. >> pleasure. >> when we come back, down ballot panic as some republicans struggle to distance themselves and political complications for those sticking with trump. that's next. don't go anywhere.
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it's every person for themselves, the republican down ballot terror of donald trump grows by the hour. at least 20 republican lawmakers announced they will not vote for donald trump. others are backing, like two points ahead of patrick murphy in a poll taken before release of the "access hollywood" tape. rubio denounced his comments but hasn't withdrawn his support. in pennsylvania senator pat toomey, who has also denounced his remarks but hasn't ruled out endorsing trump. tying the senators to trump and the tape. here is part of the anti-toomey ad. >> when you're a star they let you do it. you can do anything. >> whatever you want. >> grab them by the --
3:39 pm
>> you can do anything. >> and joining me now to talk about all this, writer for esquire, national politics, "writer for "daily beast" and politics editor at the root. welcome to you all. here is the dilemma for all these down ballot people is -- there's a bunch. one of them is, really, now? that's the hardest thing, yeah, he did say to ban an entire religion of people, 1.2 people. yes, he said mexico was sending rapist. he said he liked people who weren't captured. a bazillion things. this is where i will get off the train. >> who would know mitt romney would be a profile in courage. he said this is the problem all along. this is the danger. if you're at the national level, run away from donald trump. i know ohio, central georgia, these are places where he's
3:40 pm
still incredibly popular. if you back away from him, you're going to lose your seat. >> that's the problem is you get caught in no man's land, which is if you distance your self you're going to lose and depress turbout from the base but you have to do some distancing because there's some group of voters who are going to be so disgusted by this. you can end up managing to simultaneously alienate both. >> this is what they have been warning about from the beginning, these candidates would find themselves in this position, caught between a rock and a hard place. we heard from paul ryan last night how he was shouted down by trump fans to try and take what he felt was a courage fan against -- >> bragging against sexual assault. >> yes. all in the same position and it's very well impossible for them. >> charlie, there is a little bit this, you built this
3:41 pm
schadenfreude to watch this develop. >> there's a lot of you built this schadenfreude and it's well deserved. i go back to the 1970s, run by dolan, against frank church, absolutely vicious, now look like tea parties, if you will forgive the expression compared to what we have now. this has been a long time coming. they are now being chased across the ice flows by their own monster. >> here is my question, betsy. i've been thinking a lot about the why now question. when this tape came out friday afternoon, we're sitting in the office thinking oh, my lord. you watch it, you're sort of horrified, your jaw drops. the next thing you think, the guy did call to ban muslims. >> he's not exactly a boy scout. >> what is your theory for why now? >> i think it's the last chance for a lot of these guys to finally distance themselves from trump. the polls are so bad, there's a very narrow path at best for him
3:42 pm
to presidency. these folks realize they are not going to be in trouble with the white house because the odds are very slim. this is their last chance to jump off the trump train, save face. >> the worry is that you end up screwing your self because you crossed the future pleasanton of the united states. from a game theory perspective, the two weeks post debate were so miserable they can make that calculation. >> everybody knows it's safe right now. they know trump is less likely to win. i also think there's a racial component. let's be clear here. donald trump has been insulting women for years. i know some people saying it's purely racial. no. he went from insulting women to talking about assaulting women. there's a certain segment of men who say, wait a minute, women, you can dog megyn kelly, dog -- but the moment you talk about sexual assault we have to come in and protected, which is deserving. >> statement after statement, bizarre and cringe producing
3:43 pm
from every male as a husband and father -- >> grandfather. >> like what is with that? why? why does that have to be the first cause of all these statements? >> look, it's actually scientifically proven when men have daughters they do become more compassionate to women. that is the lens -- i, too, think women are people. it's a process. the way that a lot of men process this and relate to it is by the women they love in their lives. so i don't have that much of an issue with that, but i do think a lot of these guys never liked trump to begin with. >> opportunistic. >> not just that. they felt like they had to stick with the voters of their own party and be accountable to them. once something like this comes out and on tape it becomes impossible to pretend he's anything else. >> it feels like omni directional cowardice.
3:44 pm
not only that but the other day before this thing broke, i wrote entire blog post on what he said from central park five with rotten tomatoes. that lasted about six hours. >> i worked hard to get it in the show that night. >> that to me was absolutely astonishing, i don't believe in dna testing. so much modern republicans -- >> let's also remember, though, this entire conversation gets to a larger existential problem in the republican party, as far as we know at least half or 80% of republican voters aren't bothered by this. they aren't bothered by central park five, grabbing women, they are worried about trade, saying that -- >> let's be clear, the one uniting strand for the entirety of the unruly coalition of the republican party is that hillary clinton is a special and unique evil threat. she is especially duplicitous
3:45 pm
figure. that right now, that's why tonight that's what we see. >> i have said this from the beginning, when trump was bragging i'm going after bill clinton. you don't want to do that. the moment you start talking about bill clinton everyone will gasp. looking forward to the republican party you can't say getting together working class voters. john kasich and rick santorum talked about it. this is a race problem. this man has been screaming racist invective for 18 months and the party putting up with it. this is the line they have to cross. they need serious reflection. >> great to have you here. thank you so much. charlie and betsy going to stick with me and you stick with us, too. what to expect tonight coming up. is it a professor who never stops being a student?
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two weeks ago the candidates walked on stable at hofstra and shook hands for the first time, this campaign was already like none we had ever seen before. the release of the "access hollywood" tape, trump tape, has taken it beyond what could even have been imagined. just two hours here in st. louis, the candidates will walk out on stable again. even that standard handshake greeting is not a sure thing. still with me molly pierce, john harwood cnbc whington correspondent and a man who has moderated debates. first question, will they shake hands at the top of the debate. >> i think they would. i don't see how they avoid that. let me say one thing, how i see the stakes. i think the stakes are fairly low for donald trump in this debate because i think we know now he has lost the ability to
3:50 pm
win the presidency, his political career is going to end in a few weeks. >> you really think that? you think it's that definitive? >> yes. look, anything can happen. that's how i see it and how most people i talk to see it. i think the stakes for the republican party are very high. if he behaves in a way that causes republicans to cascade away from him, that makes it more uncomfortable to stick with him, then you have potentially catastrophic infighting that depresses turnout and puts the house in jeopardy as well as the senate. >> you're saying there's david bossy and steve bannon, in his circle they really do genuinely down to their blood cells believe hillary clinton is an especially terrible person, vile and duplicitous, a menace that threatens the republic, if only someone would really come out and say it the american people would see how horrible she is. those are the people he's
3:51 pm
listening to and that's what we'll see. >> lewinsky, bill clinton's sexual mishaps. leave it the heck alone, no longer an issue. focus on jobs and economy. second thought overrepresented in trump's inner circle, if only we can bring up these quotes hillary clinton said in 1992 and if only we can resurrect this stuff people will turn on her en masse and only lilly lizard establishment rhinos keeping us from going for the jugular. that's what i'm confidence he's hearing, the folks he's listening to. >> there's possibility of the terrain of this getting pretty gnarly. one thing mitigating against that, it is a town hall debate. people are going to stand up and ask questions. if someone asks you about i got locked out of a v.a. appointment for six months, you can't pivot to -- you can, i guess, but i just feel like there's a certain degree to which you're going to have to come back to people in
3:52 pm
front of you asking questions. that could provide a substantive anchor to a night that could be completely off the wall. >> it could or could provide a contrast to the conversation they are having on earth b, where all they care about is what happened in the 1990s and fighting over whether hillary clinton is a murderer not to mention rape enabler. like bets y is saying, we've seen all the breadcrumbs we've been given over the last several days, this is -- trump is the only man left on the island. he's sort of totally off the leash. he's just going to go out there and fight. and i never -- i try never to predict what donald trump is going to do because we literally never know and i think those around him don't know but he's in a desperate situation and that's when he tends to lash out. >> what do you think, charlie? you covered the clinton years, and you covered the whole
3:53 pm
architecture built around pursuing them. what do you think their perspective is on how she handles tonight? >> i don't know. first of all, i'm not shaking hands with donald trump unless in a hazmat glove, knowing what we know now. i'm an optimist, i think it would be really swell if two things happened. number one, donald trump completely burns down the party. just decides -- secretary clinton says what about all these guys distancing themselves from you and then kind of sits back and lights up a big cubano and says take them on. the other thing that would be interesting, i don't think it can happen because he can't discipline himself enough. the leaks to wall street are rich territory. if you're looking for a policy-based reason, which he never does, to attack hillary clinton, those are brand-new, too. >> he will bring those up. he will bring up the sort of dream -- the utopian dream of a
3:54 pm
hemisphere with open borders and open trade of the question about republicans, that to me if you're the clinton camp, they are going to wave that red flag. >> absolutely. >> they have said these people repudiated you, your own party. the question is does he spend a lashlg part of the night laying into the republican party. >> well, the tweet that he sent out thork about his morning aboe people's polls would go down, self righteous hypocrite, not retrained by party unity. stakes being low for trump, high for others. the question is does he care about those people, the republican party. not much indication he does. >> i don't think that's necessarily a question. i think everything we know about trump this cycle, he sees it as trump party. unless you're all in for trump, he could give a rip. >> more strongly, he does care about screwing them. it's possible he wants to defend them. that's one position.
3:55 pm
he is neutral with respect to their faces and other. the other is he actively bears malice. >> i actually think it's like every one of his business deals, people went into the agreement with him thought it was mutual and he would hold up his side. come to find out he doesn't care about holding up his side and they are left holding will bag. >> having crushed a field of reputedly very strong republican bench, why wouldn't he think they are losers. >> remember, paul ryan central figure, steve bannon one of trump's top advisers loets him, described him as goliath, all but endorsed his primary challenger who wanted to deport all muslims. steve bannon couldn't despise him more. >> it's going to be bananas. thank you all very, very, very much.
3:56 pm
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we'll be back at our normal time tomorrow, tune in 8:00 p&l eastern msnbc's coverage of second presidential debate starts now. tonight, a campaign in crisis. >> i said it, i was wrong, and i apologize. >> republicans jumping ship. >> mr. trump needs to step aside. >> i cannot vote for donald trump. >> what can donald trump do to save his candidacy. hillary clinton makes her first public comments tonight in the debate. tonight on msnbc, the place for politics, theecond presidential debate. >> good evening and welcome. this is now the most critical moment in the race for the white house. the time has arrived for, as the nice announcer sa


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