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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  October 10, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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know you got a lot of news. >> i am going to come find it, halie, good afternoon everybody. donald trump firing on house speaker paul ryan after ryan told republicans that he won't defend the gop and will not campaign to him over the next 29 days. trump's vp pick speaking in north carolina minutes ago. >> i don't condone what was said. last night, my running mate, he showed the american people at heart. he fought back and turn the focus to the choice that we face and i am proud to stand with donald trump. [ cheers ] >> we have the new nbc's wall street journal showing that donald trump's -- this hour,
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we'll hear from clinton and her first post debate stop and that happens in detroit. our road warriors are covering all the ankle agle, joining me s kasie hunt and kelly o'donell and live for us in charlotte carolina. halie, let me start with you because we got this new tweet came in at your hour. so paul ryan is essentially telling house members they need to distance themselves from the gop and doing so is okay. how is the trump team reacting to what's perceiving to this gop civil war in october. >> how is the campaign reacting? what i have heard and seen, for example, aids to donald trump online is this idea that hey, it is the grass roots verses washington just like it is been
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for the past 16 months or so and this just continues to play into that. i would note this. there is some sense that paul ryan is not doing anything differently than he's done other than being more explicit that he won't campaign or defend donald trump. that's what's been going on for this last stretch of time anyway. third, i want to talk about this call with paul ryan. hade a chan i had a chance to talk about it. i want you to listen to a portion of that. >> how you talk about yuunity wn the house speaker is not defending. how is that unity? >> again, this is an unusual year and paul ryan is trying to make the best of a difficult situation that he's in. >> perhaps, the award for under statement of 2016 goes to congressman king there, thomas with the unusual year line.
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>> yes, very unusual to say the least. lets go to kelly o'donell. you are with mike pence in north carolina and he just said that he believes in forgiveness. >> reporter: well, there is a town hall meeting going on. i am trying to listen to the question, voters have not asked about this issue. mike pence addressed it right off the top talking about his expectations on donald trump and he saw humility in his running mate and for him, it was a significant step. he also said he does not condone what was said and we heard here of a strong response when mike pence were in north carolina, when mike pence said his faith tells him to also believe in grace and forgiveness. it was a strong response here about that issue. so he's trying to sort of write the shift and going back to some of the core issues.
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one thing i would notice is whwe gave a strong supportive series of comments about donald trump, having been with mike pence many times, he would refer to donald trump as this good man. he did not do that today. he calls him a fighter and does not quit. but, it was something i often heard pence talk about that he did not do that today but believes that donald trump has made up some grounds. voters will make the judgment on that. and there is been a very strong response by those waited in line to come to see him. mike pence sort of petition at this ticket has enlarged. he had a chance to help his running mate in way where the second person on the ticket does not get to do. he calls it a high wire act of politics.
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he's trying to address it without kind of giving back anything that might suggest that it is okay with him but also trying to say there is reasons to say republicans could stick with this ticket. that's kind of the sense we are getting so far. >> thomas, yeah, he's displaying the loyalty here that some people have questions over ted or not he will believing the ticket. kristen, let me go to you because the clinton campaign is seizing pretty quickly on in fighting in the gop. is there concern from inside the clinton camp why they have these different headlines. did clinton fail to deliver a knock out performance on that stage last night >> i don't think there is a concern about that. i spoke to a long time democratic strategist, the goal last night was for secretary
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clinton to essentially do no harm to try to look presidential and to try to stay above the fray and that was really her goal and a lot of democrats and clinton campaign officials felt that she achieved that. >> when t whhe pressed her she an enabler of her husband's and she quoted michelle obama "when they go low, we go high." >> this insighting of the gop, just last hour, the clinton campaign releasing new ads which are testimonials. we do have one of those ads. lets take a look. >> when i see him bullying people and trying to divide us, that's not the kind of country i
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want my kids to grow up in, i am putting party aside and voting for hillary clinton. i don't agree on hillary on everything but i know she has the judgment and experience and she knows to bring people together to get things done. >> focusing on the in fighting within the gop trying to stay above the fray and trying to look presidential really aimed at trying to win over some of those undecided voters, thomas. right now, that's the goal because secretary clinton coming off of a strong first debate as she headed into last night. she did not feel as though she needed to pull a lot of punches. she felt as though she had to hold ground. donald trump has been counted out so many times before. they still see this as a competitive race. >> we expect to see her first polls debate event there.
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kasie hunt is traveling with the clinton campaign today. kristen mentioned that we have donald trump appearing before women who claimed to be victimized by bill and hillary clinton holding this news conference with them on facebook and inviting them inside the town hall. >> donald trump had to respond when he was asked about those 2005 comments caught on an opened mic. >> this was locker room talk. i am not proud of it, this is locker room talk, i hate it but it is locker room talk and it is one of those things that it was locker room talk >> everyone can draw their own conclusions about this point about whether or not of the man in this video or the man on stage respects women. he never apologizes for anything to anyone. >> casey, the caveat of locker-room talk is having an impact on the polling, negatively on trump.
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>> reporter: that's right, our wall street journal polls show difficult numbers here for donald trump. 41% toll us his words were completely unacceptable. while 31% it was inappropriate but that's just how men talk, of course, that was donald trump's stance on the debate stage. 67% of republicans still support him as the nominee. 9% no longer support him and 14% want him to drop out. so that, of course, is the problem that republicans are dealing with publicly today. even though there is something of a sense that trump manage to stop the bleeding a little bit on this issue. you are starting to see this ever more public and that's what the clinton officials are focusing on today. we have this in who is traveling on the plane with clinton and she spoke with some of the reporters on their way here. she says the republicans have a
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lot of soul searching to do if hillary clinton wins. she talks a little bit about how clinton approached this and this is of course what hillary clinton's adviser is saying. he follow load through on his thread and it was designed to intimidate hillary clinton. mary said it did not intimidate or rattle her. >> she went into this of the ground she already had. that's the strategy that the clinton campaign has used throughout this race. sometimes it backfired on them and made them seen complacent. the shift seems to be so dramatic of the way people are approaching it and talking about it. it seems difficult for donald trump to be able to recover from it. we see mike pence and paul ryan
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is handling it. >> kasie hunt, thanks so much. also, kelly o'donell, thank you, thank you. >> katie is joining me now, an nbc contributor and campaign manager for mitt romney. >> katie, let me ask you today from the tweet that we got from donald trump, it seems to be this big gop divide. paul ryan feel that is the party has a lot of soul searching. you know paul ryan really well and you helped him in the 2012 are his actions enough and do you think he should avoid unendorsing trump at this point? >> i think paul is a good man and he's con atlanticed over this because of the fact that this was a candidate that was dominated by the people. he feels an obligation to support the will of the people.
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but, at some point, it does get to be kind of a enough is enough. and, i think basically what he's saying is this is a situation now for this nominee has a potential to be such a huge drag on the ticket that all of you could be in jeopardy so it is kind of an every person is for themselves and every man and woman is for themselves. you do what you need to do but don't feel like you need to do one thing or another of support of me. em fr i am freeing you. >> if paul ryan is saying that he wants to abide by the will of the people, does that mean that paul ryan does not have a temperature check on who the people are that can pry the gop because now he's going to send all the people home with their down ballot races, do what you need to do. does that send a signal of more chaos of what the gop is after this election? i think what they are concern about is holding onto a majority so that there is some level of
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check and balance on hillary clinton. i don't think there is very many people who know about politics and are watching of the data that's rolling in and believe that hillary clinton is going to be the next president. that's the bed the republican party have made itself by nominating a weak candidate as donald trump. what he is saying is we need to do what we can do in order to try to hold on of the republican majority so that the congress is the last stance against hillary clint clinton's agenda. mike pence is standing by. i want to play a portion of the interview that i have with my colleague, take a look. >> what do you say of my mom of a suburban republican woman who can no longer vote for him because he does not believe in her daughter. >> what i would tell your mom or anybody else is that there are two human beings running in this election and nobody's perfect. i can think one person in human
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history beyond that and non of us are. at the end of the day, this is an election that is a choice between not just people but policies. so, katie, what do you make of that response, is it enough to demonstrate the loyalty that he has or believe in trump. >> this was not news that donald trump was a racist or sexist and all the things that's been said about him. it was a difficult for him, i am sure he had to look at his wife and daughter and it was a difficult time over the weekend. he made this bet and he's going to have to rely on it. i do think he will stick with tw trump through the election. >> 29 days to go, katie packer. great to have you on today. >> thank you. >> our microsoft pulse question. >> paul ryan says he's not going
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to defend trump on his campaign. so far, 96% of you say yes and 4% say no. let your voice be heard. next, donald trump confronting hillary clinton of bill clinton's assaults. we'll ask our wendy davis next. >> bill clinton was abusive to women and hillary clinton attacked them viciously. >> when i hear something like that, i am reminded of what my friend, michelle obama, advised us all. "when they go low, you go high."
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so with this campaign in crisis mode, donald trump came out swinging in last night's debate. >> the thing that you should be apologizing for are the 33,000 e-mails that you deleted. their lives have been destroyed for doing one fifth of what you have done. now, she's blaming on the late abraham lincoln. she's been there for 30 years and been doing this stuff, she never changed and never will change. >> hillary clinton attempted to stay above the fray in the town hall, did she miss the opportunity. hillary clinton's supporter and joining us now, it is nice to have you with us, we all watched last night collectively trying to see how this all cracked down. we saw clinton quoting michelle
11:20 am
obama last night "when they go low, we go high." did you think she defended her record and delivered a knock out blow. >> hillary clinton went into this debate last night understanding that donald trump is at an all timeow in polling and he's struggling. what she needed to do was to connect with questions from the moderator and the audience and continuing to demonstrate her competency and qualifications and plans to be president. it was not part of her plan going into try to deliver a knock out blow to a candidate who quite honestly has delivered that blow to himself. >> wendy, it seems as time that is there were two different debates that were happening in this country. we have donald trump bringing in three women who accused bill clinton of sexually assaults. hillary clinton is not
11:21 am
acknowledging that's happening even with them in that audience, should she address that? >> she handled that very well. she refused in this debate to get into the gutter where donald trump was trying to poll her. he's obviously been struggling in the gutter himself right now. and i thought her answer early on in the debate set the tone for what she intended to do of her strategy in the debate. she talked about the fact that this was not a conversation of someone of a caliber or john mccain or mitt romney, someone that she could have a real debate and different issues that this candidate can offer, instead, she said i find myself on stage with someone clearly unfit to be president. >> this is the will of the people from the republican
11:22 am
party, wendy, there is a respect that has to go with the fact that he won the primary and he was sent to this debate stage because there are republicans that want to see him the next commander in chief. >> we have a new poll journal today, do you think all those people are wrong? >> well, they have their opinion and entitled to their opinions. this is a group of people that's been with donald trump in the beginning and they're going to stick with him all the way through the end. it was not hillary clinton's job last night to convince those people that they need to support her. instead her job was to hold onto the strong base to support that she already has to continue to build her support with independence and moderate republicans who find donald trump completely distasteful.
11:23 am
she showed last night that she was willing to respect wholeheartedly and the sincere of the moderators and the audience. he has shown such disrespect to so many people in this country. that's clearly what she went on the stage and intend on doing and i think she did a good job of making sure she delivered on her strategy. >> former texas, state senator, wade davi wendy davis, thank you. >> thank you. >> could that be a preview of trump's strategy and the reporter of the bomb shell video. join me on this thought of how trump address that
11:24 am
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a new threat of bill clinton. donald trump is taking a new tone in this campaign, we'll see what we can expect from him coming up in these final weeks. we have 29 days to go. jacob rascon is following trump campaign. how does true believers there. trump supporters, what do they
11:28 am
expect to see from him as we ram up to november. >> reporter: this is the donald trump they hope to show up at the first debate. >> he did not take the opportunity to talk about benghazi and talk about so many other things. this was the combatted trump that they want to show up and who did show up. supporters could not be happier. there are some supporters and maybe one out of ten who did point out he was doing the best of the polls when he was more disciplined. for about a month, he went up and up in a lot of state polls and he was more disciplined and not picking any fights and not doing some of the thing he did last night. that's what he need to do going forward. most, his crowd seems to be so
11:29 am
happy that the combative trump showed off. his favorite line of the night was his clip that hillary clinton should be in jail. >> we have new press coming in. hillary clinton's plane arriving in detroit. we'll see her in her first appearance coming up. >> joining me is the reporter who broke friday's story about that 2005 tape showing donald trump and those sexually suggested comments that he had to respond to last night in front of millions of people. david, what was your reaction how he handled the question last night and how he explained himself? >> it was interesting how he expressed it as words. he was saying word that is were lewd or offensive which was part of the problem.
11:30 am
there was another dimension that he only address and anderson cooper battered him about it. he was describing his own action, he was saying here is what i do and here is what i will do and about the do. >> he said, no i have it. >> the camera broke away right at that second. we'll have more on that in a moment. as you pointed out, anderson pressed him on that conversation and asked him if you have done that and he said no, i have not. >> based on your reporting, are you getting tips or any type of fresh information that you are working on that would contradict how he's describing himself and mike pence is defending him saying these are just words. >> i have nothing new today but certainly very new stories coming out of various women accusing of trump of various behaviors. i think people are looking at
11:31 am
evidence of that action that match the description that trump made. there is a lot of things that they did not get through last night. if trump has not done those things, he's bragging to billy bush having done these sort of things that apparently he never had done. i would like to see somebody asking him about that. >> let megge get to the new polling. now, it demonstrates that the clinton has double dinlt lead. what are you hearing from readers though about the story that you broke and if it is resonating with them. we have 42% of votes in the same poll they don't think this is disqualifying moment for him to be in the oval office. people are interested in the story and a lot of people descri subscribe to the paper because
11:32 am
they want to read stories like this. >> i think a lot of readers thought it was interesting as well. >> i don't know if it will move the election or not. >> for 39 bucks is a deal. david, thank you very much. bill clint donald trump threaten to put hillary clinton in jail. this was a question on everyone's mind about the impact of the candidate's sometimes hard rhetoric and children, for kids that's all watching. >> our town hall guest will be joining me live coming up in missouri. ugh. heartburn.
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get a special prosecutor to look into your case because there is never been so many lies and you get a subpoena, you get a subpoena and after getting the subpoena, you delete 33,000 e-mails. so there we have one of the most talked about moments of that debate. donald trump vowing to jail. when asked about this comment on msnbc, his running mate double down. >> he said if he became president, he would apoint a special prosecutor to investigate her and put her in jail. this is not a congo, that sounds like a third world dictator. >> i heard official fbi wanted to do a special prosecutor and
11:37 am
begin investigation into the clinton foundation into the obama administration and shut them down. >> if fbi and doj already cleared clinton of any wrong doing in this case, is it appropriate for a new president to reopen any type of investigation? >> it is not appropriate, tom. it violates the court of rule of law that we have for centuries. we both know there are plenty of areas of linegitimate debate in this campaign. the line that crossed in the campaign is not a legitimate area. it violate the ambassador obligati the core obligation that the president has.
11:38 am
>> i will read from this. this was article two that was passed in 1974. he knowingly misused the executive power by interfering with agencies of the executive branch. th >> again, as you point out, this is illegal. >> our ari melber. it is great to have you on today. >> we got two live events we are watching. on your left is detroit with
11:39 am
clinton and on your right, that's pennsylvania, that's where donald trump is going to be coming up later this afternoon. their first campaign appearances since that debate last night. let me take a look at our pulse. house speaker paul ryan says he won't defend trump or campaign for him the next 30 days. should paul ryan withdraw his endorsement of the nominee. 9 96% of you say yes and 4% say no. the pulse is live, cast your votes on we'll be back after this. king simple, smart cash back choices... with quicksilver from capital one. you're earning unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. like on that new laptop. quicksilver keeps things simple, gary. and smart, like you! and i like that. i guess i am pretty smart. don't let that go to your head, gary.
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because no one kills gms better than clorox. she's very happy of how she did on the debate. she wanted to use that time to talk to voters that decided they
11:43 am
cannot support him. that's our reality of dealing him as our opponent. >> there we have clinton's campaign from the clinton campaign, jennifer palmeiri. we see the crowd there that's gathered in detroit. this is an early voting event where hillary clinton will be appearing. this is the first event taking the stage for the town hall event last night. we'll take you there to see how she talks about last night. there are only nine days left before the next final presidential debate that happens in vegas. we have 29 days until november election day. >> donald trump is signaling a new defiant energy to win in the white house, he's ready to cross every line. joining me is howard dean, sir, it is good to have you with me. there were no handshake off the
11:44 am
top. >> i think this race is defining itself as something incredibly out of the order. i don't make a big deal out of that. i think the content of trump's remarks is pretty appalling as it always is. the notion of putting your opponent in jail -- >> so sir, you did not not tweet last night, how did you hold yourself back? >> i held myself back. so many people were tweeting about it. i didn't think it was necessary. >> i think sniffle was trending the hashtag. >> we had donald trump putting accusers of bill clinton in that audience. >> when asked, it did not ratter
11:45 am
hillary clinton, do you think it did alter her performance having those pre-debate and putting those folks in the crowd. >> trump has threadenthreatenede issues of bill clinton and he did raise that issue. i don't think it helps. first of all, trump made a mistake by -- she won handedly for the u.s. senate race in new york. you know trump should learn something about history before he engages in these kinds of stuff. >> the optics were different. this was a town hall and they were expected to have the opportunity to move around the crowd and address the folks that actually had questions and the debate you are talking about, he
11:46 am
crossed over her podium and it was a little different. >> except that he was sort of -- that's what it looks like around the other people at the debate and talk to me this morning. i am not a women, obviously, women did not like that and they thought that was threatening baf behavior. >> trump solidifies his base but his basis not that big. he did nothing to help women who are concerned o f his behavior and his extraordinary sexist remarks and his in ability to recognize that he's a creature out of the 14th century and not the 21st century >> howard dean, thank you very much. our msnbc contributor, chairman, appreciate it, sir. we have been asking about hillary clinton and donald trump and the undecided voter. this was all about the undecided voter and the question you heard last night from audience members. they were all undecided.
11:47 am
our jacob soboroff talked to some of the folks. we had the teacher who asked the first question in last night's debate. she joins me next. >> do you feel you are modelling appropriate and positive behavior for today's youth. ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. [ clearing throat ]w turthe new golf alltrack.k. with 4motion all-wheel drive. soon to be...everywhere.
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i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer. if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, that would be it. i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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it takes a big man to know when he's wrong and admit it and have the humility to apologize and be transparent and be vulnerable to people. donald trump showed that he was a big man last night. >> governor mike pence in a rally in north carolina talking about his running mate's performance, joining me now by boone, carolina is msnbc's jacob soboroff who's remaining on the trail. what's the reaction that you are hearing from voters about this performance, this debate and
11:51 am
also, how they are incorporating pence in the last hour? >> reporter: what an incredible experience to watch the debate. this is one of the only counties in north carolina, left folks in the debate watch party that i was at almost speechless, take a look at this. >> if you guys could explain to people outside of the united states that are watching this debate tonight, what's going on? what's going on in our country. what would you say to them? >> i am so sorry. >> reporter: why? >> it is a circus, this is probably the strangest presidential debate i have seen in my life. >> reporter: how about you? >> i think it makes us look ridiculous as these are two options to be our president and we don't have an option, i guess that so i don't know -- trying
11:52 am
to choose the best of the worse two. >> reporter: why do you feel that way about hillary clinton if you are going to vote for her. >> um -- i don't feel she's the worse personally. i think that's more just, i think that's something that's been point into popular opinion but substantiated much. i would rather be with bernie sanders but i am going to vote for her. >> reporter: music to hillary clinton's ears hearing a bernie sanders say after watching a debate like that, she's coming over from bernie to hillary, it happens here in boone, north carolina. >> is she going to inspire other people that felt the burn before to do the same thing. that's a big question. >> thank you, jacob. our next guest was the first of
11:53 am
last night's town hall to ask the questions of the candidates. >> the last presidential debate could have been rated as ma, mature audiences. knowing that educators view tg presidential debate as a student's homework, do you feel you are modelling good behaviors for our today's youth. >> i began this campaign because i was so tired of seeing foolish things happening to our country. this is a great country. >> joining me now, the undecided voter from missouri, patricia, not a teacher but you did provide a teachable moment there with your question. we had a lot of pre-debate drama with teen trump of the press conference before this. and you questioned of the
11:54 am
allegations that's being whirled around by nominees and supporters. was last night's debate appro h approachable for kids to watch? >> it was a lot of lack of maturity of the debate with the cutting off and just gaining up on each other and a little bit of bullying going on. while it did not have the under tone of the other one did where there were some threats of exposing sexual situations, i thought that it still needed a lot of improvement on what we are looking for as voters when we look at the presidential debate. >> did you feel that donald trump or hillary clinton answered your question for your satisfaction. no, i am still waiting for them to give me a response really of what i asked. >> how are you grading this performance since you are a witness of the history of 90 minutes last night, how would you grade it?
11:55 am
>> i would give them d's, because i did not address their projects. you know if you are given an assignment and it is on a certain topic and you write it on another one, i guess you can get a few points for writing a paper but not adhere to the topics. >> so you would give them both d's. does that mean you are undecided and no one provided. they did not fail so they did not get f's. no one provided the substance that you needed to earn your vote last night. they both gave good points but there was so much drama around it, it was hard to hear what they were trying to portray to the american people. they did not give us a chance. the whole point of the town hall was we were able to ask questions and get responses. same with the people who submitted questions online. i feel like they did not give us that opportunity and they stole that from us. you all did a great job and i am
11:56 am
sure you got positive feedbacks from millions of folks watched last night. patrice brock. thank you very much. >> our speaker saying he won't defend donald trump, as what paul ryan said. 96% of you say yes and 4% of you say no. the pulse is live on our entrepreneur of the week comes from some very remote places. the three have traveled here to sell their handmade home product to the american product and they are killing it. what do they know about our marketplace that either many of us who live here don't. find out your secret when you watch "your business" on sunday morning on msnbc at 7:30 a.m. wi your business be ready when growth presents itself?
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i usand it's the #1 brand. one can beat ifor regularity. it's also ... secret weapon. because metamucil gives you more health benefits than the competition. no wonder it's the #1 doctor recommended fiber brand. we've been hearing so much about how you're a digital company,
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so you c see our confusion. ge is an industrial company that actually builds world-changing machines. machines that can also communicate digitally. like robots. did you build that robot? th's not a robot, that's my coworker earl. he builds jet engis with his human hands. what about that robot? thats a vending machine, ricky. john, give him a dollar. that's going to wrap up our show today. i am thomas roberts, kate snow is going to pick up. we have patrice brock on. >> i was not on and i was not
12:00 pm
sure what was going to happen so we did not want my 11-year-old to watch. >> everything right now is difficult. >> have a great hour. >> have a great conversation saturday morning, parents know what i am talking about out there. good afternoon, we are waiting for hillary clinton here in her rally in detroit. this hour, we expect to see trump in ingrid, pennsylvania. house speaker paul ryan, the highest ranking, not defending trump. he's still not retracking. trump is down by 11 point in a four way match up of 14 points down in a head to head match up and now almost


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