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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  October 10, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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another. it was a shining moment in the midst of this dark campaign season. with that, this is our broadcast tonight. "hardball with chris matthews" begins right now. to the bitter end. let's play hardball. good evening, i'm chris matthews in washington. with 29 days to go, donald trump is clearly going to tough it out, facing a lot of defections and his campaign taking a negative turn just an hour before a debate with hillary clinton's former accusers. they also started a confrontation with the former president which was diverted by the officials in the debate
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itself. in the debate itself, clinton called him a liar. he called her the devil at one point, saying if he had his way, she would be in jail. we know all that. a new poll shows the people know that, too. it shows that the bottom could be falling out of the trump campaign. catch these numbers. the latest nbc wall street journal poll finds that clinton has jumped to an 11-point lead, double digits over trump, likely voters in a four-way race. clinton with 46, trump with 35. johnson with just 9%. but trump today doubled down on his attacks of former president bill clinton, threatened to go even further if more damaging tapes on him are made public. let's watch. >> bill clinton sexually assaulted innocent women, and hillary clinton attacked those women viciously.
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one of them said more viciously than he attacked them. if they want to release more tapes saying inappropriate things, we'll continue to talk about bill and hillary clinton doing inappropriate things. there are so many of them, folks. you probably saw yesterday we brought four wonderful women to st. louis. [ cheers ] >> and honestly, it was both very beautiful and very sad. >> wow. he's poetic. in a conference call with republican lawmakers today, house speaker paul ryan said he would no longer defend nor campaign for donald trump. a republican, instead ryan said he wants to focus on the republicans being the majority. trump today tweeted, paul ryan should spend more time on balancing the budget, jobs and illegal immigration and not
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waste his time on fighting the republican nominee. well, the message for the trump campaign to the republican party itself today couldn't be clearer. you're either with us or against us, every man for himself. chairman of the american conservative union, and carl belcher is author of a new book "a black man in the white house." can you tell if these numbers are outlyers? an 11-point spread for hillary. that's hard to come up with. >> if you look at it, chris, she's got the big advantage among women, but his lead among men is shrinking. he's always made this thing that he's the leader among men. his lead among men is now only two or three points. it's continuing to slide and head in the other direction. >> just to go by gender here because of the sexual nature of
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all this stuff that's come out, is he doing even as well as mitt romney or john mccain? >> she's within two or three points with men. i'll tell you right now, if obama was within two or three points with men, it would have been a landslide. this is a problem for john kerry. right now the majority of voters say they're voting against her, not necessarily against him. they're voting for her. >> keep trashing the clintons is his strategy. keep trashing them through this rough patch if he's going to make it. >> yeah, the republicans have been trying to warn him all along, though, the one thing he had to do if he wanted to expand off that base, he had one goal, and that goal was to come in in light of this videotape and show total contrition. he didn't do it. >> do you think that would have worked?
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>> i'm skeptical that it would have worked but it was the only way it would work. >> just apologize again, rudy giuliani is always apologizing in this business. but the bottom line the people he would have responded to, the suburbanites, should he have apologized for that video? >> he apologized for the tape before, he reiterated at the debate and he moved on. >> how do you do this? >> it's totally below the belt. >> did you actually hear him apologize? the sentiment. did you sense a sentiment of shame with him? or was it like the p.o.w. saying, okay, i've got my fingers crossed. >> he said he needs to be a better man, and i think that's the right way to take it. look, both these campaigns are doing the same thing. they're both attacking the other because their negatives are so high.
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we can go through all these polls. the polls are going to be bad for trump for a while here. >> i'm not a huge believer in black and white in all these things, you're not going to get me on that one because i agree with you. in a rally today, hillary clinton slammed trump for things he said in that tape. she's not putting this all behind him. what did he say, move on? during lewinsky. totally ridiculous slip of the tongue. you're here. let's go. let's watch this thing. >> now, i tell you what. donald trump spent his time attacking when he should have been apologizing! last night when he was pressed about how he behaves, he just doubled down on his excuse that it's just locker room banter. well, i'll tell you what, women
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and men across america know that is just a really weak excuse for behaving badly and mistreating people. >> well, in turn donald trump blamed the media, of course, for ignoring bill clinton's accusers, comparing clinton to ted and chappa. >> they don't want to talk about what they've done to these other victims. they don't want to talk about what other political heroes have done to other innocent girls and women. people like kennedy, chappaquidick, driving his car into a pond instead of calling the police. possibly saving a life, most definitely saving a life. he went home and went to sleep, did not report the incident to the police for 10 hours, yet he was hailed as a hero.
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>> that's about as far back and as deep as you can go in the cutting world, isn't it, matt? going back to 1969? >> yeah. i'm amazed how many people i talked to younger than me didn't even know bill clinton was impeached. >> how did it happen that bill clinton gets impeached, the only president besides andrews to get impeached? >> it's called employment and growing wages. >> we're not going to have a conversation about him abusing women when -- >> yeah, we are. that's what we're talking about. >> -- when we're moving away from what trump was doing. >> i'm not sure what you meant there, and i believe it has to be very carefully stated for decency and respect for women and misbehavior when you see it, either party. i think people judge
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presidents -- watergate, for example, that was not necessarily a political misbehavior, which there was, breaking in and covering it up, that's gone on before. it was because it was terrible economic times and people were so angry, they wanted to blame nixon a lot. >> it was also mitigated. he won an election around some of that. so the voters made a decision about this. >> they thought the republicans overdid it, that's right. if they had just moved on -- >> he did something serious, whether you're impeached or censored or whatnot. like paula jones. >> why is it okay to go along with some of the things that donald trump has said when what bill clinton did was so offensive that it even led to the investigation and led to his impeachment? i just think there is a certain
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reckoning that people in the party -- >> first of all, i believe that every time hillary clinton gets attacked for this, and i've been through this in so many ways. every time hillary clinton gets attacked on that stuff, it's very hard to assign blame to her. you can argue that she helped in some way to cover it up, but you have to prove that, and nobody has ever proved that. nobody proved she had something to do with covering up bill clinton's behavior. >> the women said she called them and talked to them. >> i believe that she called juanita and said thank you for your support. i don't believe she threatened her. >> juanita said she threatened her. >> with what? >> the fact that if she went after her husband, there would be repercussions. >> it's the fact she made an allegation. it's the fact she made an allegation just like there is a lot of allegations against trump. bottom line is bill clinton is not on the ballot. >> i don't know how you win with this.
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look, with all due respect to you, how do you win with this? how do you win talking about bill clinton over a decade ago -- >> this does not help, we've been through this before. in 1998 republicans threw the book at bill clinton and they went through fantastic advantages in the election of '98. hillary clinton goes into the senate in 1998 and she won. >> your party spent hundreds of thousands of dollars doing this research on hillary clinton before, because they knew she was going to run. and the thing they learned from the hundreds of thousands of dollars of research is the one thing you didn't want to go after her on was this bill clinton stuff because it brought out great -- i don't understand that this is where we are in the campaign. >> it's the right kind of debate. let each person talk. let's give an example to all debate moderators now. right?
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is this going to be the issue that brings donald trump back to life? >> no. donald trump can only win if he talks about the economy, defeating terrorism and ending up in washington. >> heidi, is this within the bounds of reasonable discussion? >> not within a few weeks of -- i think the american voters would think this is not what they want to hear, the discussion before the election, on either side. >> you can't resist, can you? >> no. listen, there is not a white woman college educated in the philadelphia suburbs who is going to say, you know what? you're right on this. i'm going to vote for you because of this. >> just explain to me because i think you're right, but why are you right? >> they voted for bill clinton. they're concerned about their pocketbook issues and they're concerned about gender equity issues. they're not concerned about mitigating bill clinton. >> bill clinton is one of the most popular people in the world.
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james carville kept saying it over and over again that he's a popular man, but he is. i've been to places like ireland with him, and he's loved. why is he loved despite his public behavior. something is there. why does that not hurt bill clinton? >> it's partly because of who bill clinton is as a person which donald trump and hillary clinton couldn't do last night on the debate stage which is make a real connection with voters. bill clinton is the american dream. he came from nothing to become the highest office in the land, and i think also, secondly, people have fond memories of a better time in terms of the economy as well. the 1990s were undoubtedly -- in disputably a growth era for blue collar voters. >> he kept coming back. this idea that we all sin, we
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all fail, we all keep asking for forgiveness and we all keep coming back. he's catholic, too. the one thing that got to me last night, i'm a complete sentimentalist about politics when something nice happens. i thought what she said about his kids was very nice. and donald trump called her a fighter. i don't think he could have said something nicer. it's almost like something you say when you've lost. when you say something so profoundly good about your opponent after you've been pottymouth over the last few days, and out of that comes this wonderful accolade. >> bill clinton makes that mistake, but that mistake doesn't define bill clinton for millions of americans when he got impeached.
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that's not all that sort of defines him. there is very little other than sort of scandal and demagaugery that defines donald trump. >> you just can't have it that way. >> when they've done stupid things and done terrible things to women, it's everything. >> i don't think it's anywhere equal to what bill clinton has done and done with his life than what donald trump has done with his life. >> everybody answer the same question. yes or no answer. when we like our president, we don't just like the head of government like a prime minister. we like the president because they represent the person of the country. you're not just there. that's why we give them a white house. that's why we respect the first family and the kids because it represents our country. does everything matter or just their public policy positions? so what happened on the bus matters? >> it played into the equation. >> does it play into the trump matter inside and outside his marriage? >> it matters what they'll do for you.
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>> everything matters when you're running for president. >> that's what i think. i think it's unlike being a senator or a congressman. that's why the inspection and the terrible digging and the research is so intense, and we're getting to the end of this show. trump should have known this was coming, he should have known somebody knew about that tape, he should have made more friends on his way up. you know, don't you, what i'm saying? if you're not nice to people on the way up, they're going to kill you on the way down. heidi, interesting positions you're taking here. cornell, you're the pro. matt, you're to the bitter end, till the last dog died. a new poll has bad news for republicans hoping to hold onto the congress. and later, my election diary for .
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well, today's nbc new york wall street journal poll shows that more americans now say they would prefer congress to be controlled by democrats. look at that number there. more than at any time since 2013 and the government shut down back then. that's 49% who favor democratic control to 42% who prefer republicans remain in control. more numbers from inside our new nbc wall street journal poll. on the question of favorability, half the country says they have a negative opinion of hillary clinton. two in five says they have positive feelings toward her. but look at trump's numbers on the same question. 63%, nearly two-thirds, have a negative opinion of him versus 29% who have positive feelings toward him. we'll be right back.
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election diary monday, october 10, 2016. with the election of president just a month from tomorrow, it's impossible to ignore the shattering power of the new poll numbers.
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hillary clinton holds a lead at 46%, donald trump is down to 35% to hardly third of the voters. if that number holds until election day, trump will finish worst than barry goldwater in 1964. the greatest disasters in modern american history, trump isn't losing because of his ideas. negotiations and war deals are doing fine. it's he that finds himself in a freefall. what is obvious is the tape. didn't trump notice that the archives, the one that's chiseled for all to see, the past is prologue. didn't he know that elections are won and lost with personal research? didn't he know he needed to have someone amine himself to know what people would see when the election got close.
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didn't trump see it coming? "hardball" in 1998 in the heat of the clinton scandal,. didn't he know that this would be part of the bitter end? this is hard ball for now and it really is hardball. thanks for being with us. join me tomorrow night at 7:00 eastern. see you then. new tideurclean is the first
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eco-friend product in your cupboard that won't wait to be discovered. some may claim some labels are een but only one has thepowern new tide purclean, % bio-based, 100% cleaning power of tide tonight on "all in" -- gop panic. new polling shows donald trump in free fall following the "access hollywood tape". >> if they want to release more tapes, we'll continue to talk about bill and hillary clinton doing inappropriate things. >> as down ballot republicans try to stop the bleeding, did trump do anything last night to help his standing with women? >> donald trump last night showed that he's a big man. >> then, words versus actions. >> i have tremendous respect for women. >> have you ever done those things? >> and women have respect for me. >> i will tell you, no, i have


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