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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  October 11, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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you know -- >> you're a strong second. >> wow. >> no, not a strong second. i'm more like, who is second behind secretary at the belmont stakes? >> the string thing is your hair leans left. >> constantly look at -- >> sham. was it sham? who was in second place? >> let's just stop. >> phone lines are open now. >> stephanie ruhle picks up the coverage right now. thank god. >> thank you, mika, thank you, joe. i'm stephanie ruhle. this morning, an all out war. donald trump versus the world, doubling down on jailing hillary clinton. >> lock her up is right. >> threatening to dredge up more clinton scandals. >> if they want to release more tapes saying inappropriate things, we'll continue to talk about bill and hillary clinton doing inappropriate things. >> as the gop verges on implosion. house speaker paul ryan writing
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trump off. trump blasting him back, and senator john mccain making it clear, he is out. >> mr. trump attacks women, that is a point where i just have to part company. >> back to the future? the clinton campaign dusting off good old al gore. trotting him out today to woo millennials? >> thank you, al gore. you're super awesome. excelsior. >> super awesome. plus, big and little. this is actually scary. so more fun-ish on the trail. mini trump stealing the show. >> do you want to go back to them or stay with donald trump? >> trump. >> my goodness. we are talking donald trump, not with mini trump. talking about donald and his war with the clintons and with his own party. he just sent out this tweet. despite winning the second debate in a landslide, purengt
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cease, every poll, it's hard to do when paul ryan and others give zero support. i want to point out there is zero scientific evidence, not one single scientific poll that shows donald trump winning the debate. let's make that clear. and even worse for him, in the latest official nbc news/"wall street journal" poll taken after the release of the tape on friday but before the debate, hillary clinton's lead in this election has doubled from 7 to 14 points. our team of kraunlts has it all covered. we're going to start with the trump campaign as the candidate goes scorched earth. take a look. >> there's nothing hillary clinton won't do or say to obtain power. it's about time people started to understand it. >> so if he wants to talk about what we've been doing the last 30 years, bring it on. >> all right. our own peter alexander has much more from trump tower. >> good morning to you. donald trump now facing a
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significant deficit in this race, and he has only four weeks to catch up. he has shown no intention of backing off the pressure he's putting on both hillary and bill clinton. here's some of his toughest jabs from last night in pennsylvania. >> when i said we are going to get a special prosecutor to figure this deal out -- i have never been so ashamed of this country as what's gone on with hillary clinton. bill clinton was the worst abuser of women ever to sit in the oval office. he was a predator. hillary clinton systematically attacked and discredited the victims of bill clinton's sexual harassment and assault. >> thout the course of this campaign, donald trump has repeatedly touted that evangelicals love him. this morning in a powerful and passionate editorial in what's called christianity today, a mainstream evangelical magazine, the magazine calls out trump and calls on evangelicals not to be
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silent in the face of what it describes as trump's, quote, blatant immorality. >> let's turn now to kelly o'donnell, our capitol hill correspondent. can you help me understand, i don't want to be inside baseball. i want to be inside america. paul ryan's decision to top fighting for trump and start focusing on the house. is he in or is he out? >> reporter: well, i would say, steph, he was never really fighting for donald trump. he was reluctant to get behind the nominee of his party in a way that when that first happened, that was the real kind of shockwave within the republican party, that the highest ranking republican official was so uncomfortable with the nominee. because of his responsibility as the speaker of the house and as a leader of the party, he officially has endorsed him, but is not doing any of the things we would normally see in terms of offering support. his focus has been on trying to protect republican house members in their races, to help the senate where he can, and to try
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to hold on to the majority. what you're finding with republican office holders is that if they don't have a personal relationship with donald trump, and very few of them do because he has never really been associated with politics, except as a donor and someone they would interact with in that way, they don't have those long established bonds, where people are willing to kind of go out on a limb to help a friend. there are very few of those scenarios. then you find people who are standing up in sort of respect for the apparatus of the party that has been so much a part of their lives. the where we get to john mccain who was the nominee of his party, served in congress for a long time, and is up for re-election. he's running against ann kirkpatrick, a woman and a member of congress, in a year where these issues are so important and so much a part of the kind of conversation we're having. so you have john mccain, who has a strong wife and daughters, who had up until this point said without ever using trump's name, that he supported the nominee of
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his party, until now. here's a sense of what he said in his own senate re-election debate. >> it's not pleasant for me to renounce the nominee of my party. he won the nomination fair and square. but this is -- i have daughters. i have friends, i have so many wonderful people on my staff. they cannot be degraded and demeaned in that fashion. >> and at this point, only bob dole, the 1996 republican nominee for president, is still officially standing by donald trump as far as those who have been in the similar position of representing their party to run for president. and so you see there's a real divide, and people can imagine it in their own lives, steph. if you have an organization you belong to or friendships you have and you're put into this kind of vice to decide against someone you have worked with or a group you have worked with, it's personally difficult, and different people are finding a point in time where the line is
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too much for them to cross any longer. steph. >> all right, thanks, kelly o'donnell. we have to turn now to the clinton campaign, the democratic side. our own kristen welker is standing by in brooklyn. no surprise, kristen, hillary clinton doubling down on donald trump, excusing himself for his talk in that "access hollywood" tape saying it was locker room talk. >> she absolutely is, steph. she took sharp aim yesterday on the campaign trail. she was in michigan and ohio, encouraging and trying to rally voters to not only register but to get out and vote on election day. but she did slam donald trump again for doing essentially what you said, dismissing what he said as mere locker room talk. she said it doesn't cut it. take a listen to what she said in michigan. >> women and men across america know that is just a really weak excuse. >> secretary clinton really trying to capitalize on the
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momentum that she has gotten in the wake of the release of that 2005 tape, and of course, as our latest poll shows, she now leads donald trump in a head-to-head matchup by 14 points. a lot of that fueled by women voters. steph. >> it's also a big day, if you think about it, on the trail. we're seeing al gore in the mix, in the state of florida. what is the campaign hoping to do here? is this all about millennials and climate change? >> largely about millennials, but the campaign describes al gore as a triple threat. why? because he's done so much work on climate change. they feel as though he's going to energize and win over some of the millennial voters who right now aren't ready to get onboard with secretary clinton. they also think he speaks to voters who are eyeing third party candidates and progressive voters who think climate change is a big issue. and then this, of course, the florida recount. he can speak uniquely about the importance of florida and why their state and so many of our
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recent elections has been pivotal and that is going to be his message today when he takes the podium. and of course, this is their first campaign event together, so there's going to be a lot of eyes when the two of them take the stage. >> thanks, kristen. i want to bring in bloomberg news washington bureau chief megan murphy. i want to start with a treat that donald trump just put out. our weak and ineffective paul ryan had a bad conference call where his members went wild at his disloyaltiy. what is paul ryan doing here? is he in or out? >> he had a chance to get out and get out very publicly in wisconsin, and he chose not to do it. i don't think we can underplay it. he has kept his endorsement of this man going forward. by my count, he's in. unless he says i drop my endorsement, 2005 videos talking about graging women, this sexually aggressive talk about women, is my line. i don't buy the line he's
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private privately in but publicly makes this comment, but to say i'm only going to focus on house races and keep my endorsement and not go out and publicly endorse him, what kind of mix and match is that? i don't think it helps him. >> does this help donald trump? we know donald trump's base stays with him no matter what. many of them are anti-establishment, so they can take the position, screw paul ryan. screw john mccain. >> that is the position they're taking. >> is there enough people, is donald trump actually expanding his base or just playing to those who are attending his rallies who are going to vote for him no matter what? >> it cuts both ways. if you talk to his camp, they will say, we expanded the base. look at the primaries where we had this record turnout of voters. you cannot win ohio with just your base. you certainly can not win pennsylvania with just you base, nevada, colorado, michigan,
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wiscons wisconsin, all those states where he needs to get at least another 5%, 6%, among voters who are independent, looking at third party candidates. a lot of them women who typically decide late in the election anyway. there's no way when you make those kind of comments, you pass it off as locker room talk, and you go on the offensive about scandals that are more than a decade old, which we all know about. do we really think that's going to make -- he's appealing to his base. he's going to go down with the ship if he continues the strategy and makes no effort to bring people to his side and his message that are not already there. >> hard core trumpers would say give me a break. this is false offense that people are taking. oh, donald didn't really say anything offensive. this is locker room talk. now, whether we're talk -- i have spent my life on a trading floor, which is like a locker room with dough, which means you can be nastier. is this argument that it's locker room talk, going to hold. >> i think you have done the same thing i have done, which is to get with both women and men
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and ask them across a rage of ages and ask them, how do you feel about those comments? is it just locker room talk? i would say universally, every person i have spoken to has said it goes beyond that. of course, we know there's comments that are said on trading floors, objectification of women, but when you take it to that level, the aggressive way of how you physically treat women, that's another line. the where we have seen the exodus of support amongst not only the republican party, but senior leaders, in particularly whether the military has had issues of sexual assault and harassment in the militarmilita we'll see high-profile members there drop out as well, but trying to pass this off as comments taken in banter, that is not going to fly. we have children. how do you tell your young germs, your young boys how to explain this to them, how to explain the context this was said in. it's unacceptable. he needs to recognize it. just on a political basis, not
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on a personal basis. >> if you lack at the most recent poll that was done before the debate but after the tape, she's up 14 points. what does trump need to do? >> how can he close the gap? he's clearly -- what he should do and what he's doing to do are two totally different things. he's going to focus on the base. the lock her up statement, that gives him the biggest cheers. it always has. in cleveland, an audience of thousands of people chanting lock her up. that's always been popular. it's core to his base. he revives this conspiracy theories about the clintons that have been around for more than a decade. what he should do is stick to his message, the economy and jobs. that's always people looking at him as someone who can really restart, return america's manufacturing base, who is going to take us to job creation. those are the parts of the message that always do best among voters. that's where he can draw them
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in. guess what he's not talking about? jobs and greth. >> it's amazing. the jobs and economy guy. let's talk about it, sir. up next, inside the gop civil war. donald trump blasting paul ryan again, just minutes ago. can this party keep it together? should they? plus -- ♪ now i >> this is amazing. i laughed my brains out watching this. a danish tv show had fun with the debate last night. maybe it wasn't a debate at night but a duet. who doesn't like a little dirty dancing? ♪ what? is he gone?? finally, i thought he'd never leave...
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it is completely indefensible, and i won't defend it. >> indefensible. that was trump adviser new jersey governor chris christie reacting to donald trump's lewd comments caught on tape in that 2005 video that was leaked last friday. despite that, chris christie is still standing by trump. trump's comments, part of what led house speaker paul ryan to tell his fellow republicans his focus was now on the house, not getting donald trump elected. trump's reaction has been predictably hars. he just tweeted, our very weak and ineffective leader paul ryan had a bad conference call where his members went wild at his disloyalty. chris is a former republican congressman from the state of connecticut. he's currently supporting hillary clinton. congressman, what's happening to the republican party? you talked to members of the gop, current congressmen, every day. >> first, let me say paul ryan is the leader, and donald trump isn't the leader. a leader brings people together. a leader doesn't demagogue. a leader doesn't play to a mob.
6:19 am
that's what donald trump is doing. my problem is, if donald trump wins this election, my wife will be absolutely impossible to live with for the next four years. >> tell me what you know is happening inside the gop. for us, all we get are donald trump's tweets saying everyone on the call went wild. they're so angry with paul ryan's disloyalty. is that the truth? >> let me back up. first off, the civil war began when republicans took over the house in the '90s. democrats didn't know what it was like to be in the minority. then it morphed into, let's get clinton, and let's impeach him. and the party of ideas got into hate clinton. and we are the party of hate clinton. and some republicans want to be the party of ideas, and some want to be the party of hate clinton. >> doesn't paul ryan need to choose a side? i mean, we have seen people like you who are saying i'm supporting hillary clinton. john mccain has said i'm not supporting donald trump. >> wait a second. i'm not speaker of the house.
6:20 am
i mean, he's trying to be respectful of the two factions within his own party. i mean, what a difficult job he has. so he's doing what he should do. he's going to help republicans get elected in the house. and help senators where he can help senators. and not focus on donald trump. that's the respectful thing to do when some of your caucus is for donald trump and some is not supporting him. >> are you trying to convince former colleagues of yours to jump ship, like john mccain has, like kelly ayotte? >> elected officials, i don't want to interfere with their race. they have to do what they have to do. but we've got 30 former members who have stepped forward and said, you know, we're not voting for donald trump. >> what do you think donald trump's plan should be from here? if he does want to win this election, given how fractured the gop is right now. >> it's easy to answer. i mean, he's part of the ann coulter wing of the party, the sean hannity, the rush limbaugh.
6:21 am
he's part of thistreme attack people, don't come up with ideas, demagogue the democrats and clinton in particular, divide our country. it's a really sad thing that we're seeing. and i pray he doesn't win. >> it's a sad thing. but how big is that base? we watched donald trump fire up that ann coulter, sean hannity universe. is it big enough to win an election? >> it's not big enough to win an election, but it's big enough to divide the republican party. and that's the sad thing. you know, the tea party folks are good folks, but they said don't compromise. don't give in. and protect the constitution. the constitution was designed to create compromise, to bring people, diverse people's views together. and then ryan and the republicans in the house are getting blamed for thought getting anything done. they get things done. it goes to the senate. one senator can kill
6:22 am
legislation. i tell you a quick story. i asked a republican who got elected from the house what was it like now to be in the senate. he just got elected to the senate. he said it's terrific. i can kill anything. that's what the senate does. it kills. >> i don't like that story, not one bit. all right. congressman, thank you so much for joining me this morning. >> thank you. >> and having that honest conversation. i appreciate it. >> thank you. coming up, battle of the billionaires. warren buffett response to trump's claim that he takes the same tax write-offs. i'll speak to the man who wrote to book on donald trump about his reaction to the challenge. >> but first, a technical glitch before, and i can't let it go. i have to bring it back because i can't tell you how much i have been laughing over this. a danish tv show had some fun with the debate. bringing a little dirty dancing to the debate stage. ♪ with our passion in our eyes there's no way we could disguise secretly ♪
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welcome back. time now for your morning primer, everything you need to know to start your day. we're going to begin with the latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll which shows hillary clinton with a 14-point average over donald trump in a head-to-head race. >> and rescuers are saving hundreds of people each day from floodwaters in north carolina after hurricane matthew hit over the weekend. 30 people have died in the u.s. from the storm. meanwhile, it is much, much worse in haiti where the death toll is officially 372, but local officials estimate it could be closer to 1,000 people dead. and now new fears that the floods and devastation could cause ancholera. >> and samsung has halted all production sales and exchanges
6:27 am
of galaxy note devices following reports that the replacement devices were catching fire. >> in an interview with yahoo, ruth bader ginsburg called athletes protesting the national anthem, quote, dumb and disrespectful. >> the boston red sox slugger big papi, david ortiz's career came to an end last night when the cleveland indians beat the red sox. eliminating them from the playoffs. ortiz played with the red sox for a total of 13 years, winning three world series. what a career. >> all right, we have to talk about a guy with another big career. a different one, warren buffett. he is now calling donald trump's bluff after this. >> i absolutely used it, and so did warren buffett and so diz george soros, and so did many of the other people that hillary is getting money from. >> you heard it. donald trump claiming warren buffett used the same kind of tax deductions trump did, avoiding paying federal taxes.
6:28 am
well, warren buffett responded by releasing his own tax returns, despite mr. buffett himself being under audit, exactly what donald trump is. he's saying he paid federal income tax every year since 1944. and he reiterated his call for trump to release his taxes. joining me now is someone who knows quite a bit about this, tim o'brien. he's the author of "trump nation, the art of being donald trump." over the summer, warren buffett said, hey, donald trump, release your taxes. clearly, we know donald didn't. anyway shot you think now he will? >> no, there's no way he's going to release his taxes. why would he? it's going to expose how robust his businesses are, how charitable he actually is, what he's doing overseas. and it would give, you know, a window onto what he's about, and that's not what donald is. >> riddle me this, batman, in terms of who donald is. he said over the summer when he's attacked, he hits back. we saw with the gold star
6:29 am
family, that's exactly what he did. >> i don't regret anything. i said nice things about the son. and i feel that very strongly. but of course, i was hit very hard from the stage, and you know, it's just one of those things. >> well, donald trump isn't punching back at warren buffett. over the summer, warren buffett said, hey, donald, you bring your taxes, i'll bring mine. we'll sit in an open arena and let people ask here. he's not hitting back here. does he only punch down? >> of course, he only punches down. buffett is not someone he compared favorably to. warren threw the gondlet down when he released his returns. he said i have been under an audit. it hasn't prevented me from releasing my returns. dawned could if he wanted to, and he truly doesn't. >> how does donald trump headache the argument and have it stick that he is this extraordinary businessman and this is what business people do when you look at someone like the oracle of omaha, who is a business icon, how does donald trump make that argument while
6:30 am
he stands alone? >> well, i mean, he's made the argument for decades. the problem is that the media laps it up. it's not that he makes the argument. it's that people don't hold his feet to the fire in offering proof around it. if you tally up what he owns and how much money he makes from what he owns, it quickly becomes an impossibility that he's worth anything close to what he says he is. >> i want to talk about the "access hollywood" tape. some have argued, listen, this is just donald being donald. given what you know about him, those who are saying it happened 11 years ago, it was a one off. he's sorry, is this a bad approach to take? could there be more videos out there? is this just who donald is? >> donald has always been this guy. this is not an aberration. this is who he is. it's ellie not just locker room talk. i have been in locker rooms. this isn't locker room talk. this is predatory behavior. >> being a bro is one thing. saying i'm going to abuse power to take advantage of people is something completely different.
6:31 am
>> it's very different. i think that it's consistent, not only with how he acts towards women, but the way he rolls in the business world. he's an inquisitive, predatory person. >> is he taken seriously in the business world? i go back to mitt romney. when he ran, his entire business community, for the most part, were his surrogates, raised money for him. in terms of people in the real estate universe, whether they may be giving money to donald quietly or not, i don't see any of his business peers stumping for him. >> no, i mean, look, elite real estate developers in major cities around the united states do not take him seriously. and they never have. he's always been a bit player who is very good at self-promotion. he has not gotten the backing of any fortune 100 ceos, the "wall street journal" did a big story about that. he's not someone who has blue chip credibility in the business community and he never has. he's p.t. barnum, not a major
6:32 am
business force. >> if he's got no blue chip, is his plan here to keep going blue collar? is that his plan for the next 30 days? >> his plan for the next 30 days is scorched earth. and i think after that, i imagine he'll start a media company. and his plan has always been putting himself front and center. that's what he's done in the campaign, what he did in his business career, what he's going to do after the campaign is over. he's having the time of his life right now. >> the time of his life, hence that amazing dirty dancing video. thank yoso much for joining me. great to see you. >> coming up, nancy o'dell, host of entertainment tonight and the target of some of donald trump's lewd comments is speaking out. plus, the female executive who worked by his side, she's also speaking out. and we're going to find out what she says about the way the donald treated women. is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own?
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it's your tv, take it with you. with directv and at&t, watch all your live channels, on your devices, data-free switch to directv and lock in your price for 2 years, glad forceflex.g at $50 a month. extra strong to avoid rips and tes. be happy, it's glad. did you learn how to wake up
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in the morning and say, donald trump, you won every battle you fought, why don't you run for governor, for president? >> people want me to all the time. >> what about you? >> i dont like it. can you imagine how controversial i could be. you think about him with the women. how about me with the women? >> how about me with the women? how about how cute chris matthews looked there. it was donald trump with our own chris matthews back in 1998. seeming to predict his troubles with women. obviously became national news on friday, thanks to the leaked tape of trump in which he talks about trying to sleep with entertainment tonight's nancy o'dell. yesterday, she reacted to the tape for the first time. >> there is no room for objectification of women or anyone for that matter, not even in the locker room. the conversation has got to change because everybody deserves respect, no matter the gender or setting. >> the acquisitions against dt dtd are not new. one woman in particular has gone
6:37 am
out of her way to criticize mr. trump, calling him a sexist and a womanizer, despite working for him for years. barbara oversaw the construction of trump tower. she is now a hillary clinton supporter. barbara, welcome. you saw the "access hollywood" tape. i saw it, i heard what he said about alicia machado. i have seen howard stern clips. i have ben offended by much of it, but donald trump, one of the first things he says is nobody has more respect for women than i do. >> it's interesting. i saw the shock and i was shocked by it, not by his behavior, but his admission to having committed what is an assault. but putting it in perspective, and of course, i didn't know about all the howard stern things when i worked for him, but taking that in and thinking about the way that he talked when i was there, it makes sense. he did talk about women wanting him and chasing after him. and you know, he had to tn
6:38 am
people down, and women calling him all the time, movie stars and wives of friends of his. i can see where this kind of brag a -- >>io would lead to a comment like he made on that bus. >> whether it's talk or action, people want to say this is sexual assault. was it, when you were there, or even when you watched that tape at the very least, a man abusing his power to get things from women? >> yes, i think that's what he was saying, actually. i'm such a star that i can do this. and it didn't surprise me in a sense because i have seen him do that kind of thing in business. not in a sexual way, but in an abuse of power kind of way with contractors and things like that. >> now, you've said, though, you saw a change in donald trump when he went from being strictly real estate developer business guy to being a excellent. >> yes, the change i saw came after he finished trump tower and did the casinos and wrote
6:39 am
his book. he started becoming a very, very big celebrity. and i worked for him on trump tower, and we had a very close relationship. i left after that, and i then i returned a few years later to find a different man. >> a different man how? >> well, for one thing, we didn't have that kind of relationship anymore. he wasn't a regular person. he was a celebrity. and he thought very, very highly of himself. he started not wanting to be taken on or disagreed with. whereas previously, he respected people that took him on. now, he was sort of looking for people that would agree with him. but the biggest change came when he started having his financial problems and his break-up with his wife and i saw a real different man emerge from that. >> now, trump would say, you know, you're sour grapes. you wanted to come back to the trump organization a few years ago. you were turned down. you now support hillary. that's the argument they would make. but for you, when you were
6:40 am
there, what bothered you? especially about how he treated women? because for many, this has been the turning point in where they're saying, you know what, he may be a braggart, a guy who tells it like it is, but this type of behavior is just too much. >> i think this should be a turning point because it really tells you about his character. i can tell you a story that actually occurred while i was still with him. we were riding in a limousine, and we were coming back from having met with the planning commission to talk about the west side yards. it was when he was having his financial problems. out of nowhere, and there were several people in the limo, he started talking about why he had the problems he had. and he blamed it on his brother and his chief executive at the time, and he said he had taken his eye off the ball because he was, i don't know the right word for it, having sex with women. he used a different word, obviously, all the time, and he was being distracted from business. >> in a business setting, talking about having sex with
6:41 am
women all the time, he used the f-word? >> definitely. >> one more question. there's often criticism that donald trump isn't what he seems, especially as it relates to business. if he was in the throws of having financial problems yet you're riding through new york city in a limousine, is it more about image? if you had hard times at work, one would guess you would take a subway or a cab. >> he was a excellent. you wouldn't take the subway, but he never eschewed any of his lifestyle. even when he made this big deal that he made with the banks, they gave him enough money to continue living like a millionaire. >> so image seems to be very important to him even then. >> image is incredibly important to him. >> thank you so much for chairichair sharing your thoughts with me. going inside donald trump. >> when we come back, we're going to talk donald ripping into members of his own party with a new tweet about paul ryan, calling him ineffective.
6:42 am
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republican party is in a state of disarray right now. moments ago, donald trump tweeted this. our very weak and ineffective leader, paul ryan, a bad conference where his members wend wild at his disloyalty. joining me now, tammy baldwin. senator baldwin, what is your take on this? >> you know, after the video was released on friday, there was a big republican rally in paul ryan's district. they uninvited trump to that rally at which scott walker, our governor, and ron johnson, our senator, also appeared. but uninviting someone to a picnic, scolding them, is not enough in the wake of these revelations. i believe that leaders need to
6:46 am
revoke their support as some in their party have. and make it clear that they're americans first, and that this isn't about partisanship. they are keeping the interests of this nation at front and center. >> well, paul ryan is making it pretty clear he's going to focus on down ballot races here. do you actually think the democrats could take the house, the senate? >> you know, i think it's possible. you know, there's lot of polling out there that suggests a generic advantage for democrats in both house races and senate races. i think we have a really good shot at the senate. i am closely watching the house. but generics are generic. there's real names on the ballot, and as we see the republican party sort of spin into chaos, you've got to think about what is it that they're going to do on election day. think about a house race, a
6:47 am
hotly contested house race, and they're doing the get out the vote effort. what does that pamphlet say? does it say vote trump and then the senate candidate and then the republican house candidate? or do the house candidates try to pull clinton and republican house candidates to the polls? they have chaos on their hands. and we're seeing that play out in real time. >> well, the party ain't over. the election hasn't happened yet. and there is this hillary clinton e-mail situation. now, donald trump is going to overplay it. he should. but he talked about wikileaks on monday, and where want you to take a look. >> just came down today. wikileaks, new stuff. some brutal stuff. i mean, i would read it to you, but the thel with it. just trust me. it's real bad stuff. >> it's real bad stuff. hillary clinton is trying to change the subject, trying to focus on tax credits, can she? are these e-mails going to
6:48 am
continue to plague her? she also has a likability problem. >> well, i would say a couple things in response. first of all, hillary clinton has wanted to focus on policy and her plan to help middle-class families, to help children get ahead in america. and we have seen donald trump turn this into -- it was hard to watch the debate, and thank goodness, i could switch back and forth with the packer game on sunday night. that said, what really distressed me about donald trump in the debate performance, if you will, was his denial that the russians have anything to do with these leaks. having just had his national security briefings, where in the last day or so, our intelligence
6:49 am
officials have assured us that they briefed him on these connections. his cozy relationship with putin is very distressing to me. i have not had a chance to review wikileaks documents, but i would be highly suspect of the source of those leaks. >> all right, senator baldwin, thank you so much for joining me this morning. senator baldwin, of course, referring to donald trump at the deba debate, basically pushing aside knowing anything about russian hacking when it has been confirmed he would have received that information in intelligence briefing over the weekend. >> coming up, hillary clinton is heading to florida today where she will try to convince people that voting third party could be dangerous. and who knows better than former vice president al gore. we're going to take you live to florida next. ick. so where are we going for lunch i know a place with a really oh yeah, where's that?eak philly yes! if youant to make some money,
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together, we're building a better california. to vote for hillary. it has crossed my mind.
6:53 am
i think donald trump is so unstable, so dangerous, that it has crossed my mind. >> that, of course, glenn beck saying he considered voting for hillary clinton but ultimately beck says he's going to vote for the constitutional party candidate and that's not donald trump. he's made it clear, not voting for donald. hillary clinton, she's going to be in florida today campaigning with a familiar face from her past, former vice president al gore hitting the trail in florida in an effort to excite young voters. nbc's kasie hunt is live in miami. kasie, at the ripe old age of 68, why is she tapping him? i love two senior citizens, al gore and bernie sanders are the ones to ignite young people. >> reporter: bernie sanders did prove that age is not necessarily a requirement for appealing to millennials. you don't have to be their age but you have to be authentic.
6:54 am
that's what i learned. they're thinking is al gore is closely associated with trying to work on climate change issues and that's something that they think they might be able to tap to get young voters excited. that's it shall hethe issue her. the issue with hillary clinton whereas they were excited to vote for barack obama in 2012 and 2008. >> climate change clearly something al gore has focused on for years. it matters to millennials but also got to be talking his own cautionary tale of what happens with a protest vote for voting for a third party candidate and what that could mean. >> reporter: in al gore's case, it meant everything. especially here in florida because, you know, that vote here in 2000, razor close, obviously. ultimately decided by the supreme court. gore lost the election here and that was potentially due in large part to ralph nader. ralph nader had tens of
6:55 am
thousands of people who voted for him in 2000 and at the time, al gore's people believed that a lot of those people would have voted for al gore and that could have shifted entire outcome of the 2000 election. that's the warning al gore is bringing to these voters. don't throw away your vote, especially in a state where it could be that close that it really does make a difference down to the tens or hundreds of votes. now, of course, i will say because i talked to ralph nader a few weeks ago doing a third party story. he disputes that al gore losing florida was his fault, but i imagine al gore would disagree with that. >> as excited i am about that, no one has ever worn a red sweater better. coming up, 66 million people tuned into sunday's debate and one star emerged. we examine the legend of ken bone next. i wanted to know who i am and where i came from. i did my ancestrydna
6:56 am
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6:59 am
the internet is obsessed with kenneth bone. some say the undecided voter won sunday night's debate when he asked energy policy and now enjoying his 15 minutes of fame. >> did you know your fans are now calling themselves boneheads? >> that's fantastic. i've been calling my family that for years. >> that red sweater now sold out. fashion bite couldn't afford melania's sweater for $1100. people went for ken bone's red sweater. the legend continues here on msnbc today. he'll be joining us at noon. that's going to wrap me up for the hour. i know i'll be watching then and now, my good friend, craig melvin. >> bone heads. all right. >> better than boner, i guess. >> definitely better than that. the family feud on full
7:00 am
display. republican nominee for president going after the popular republican speaker of the house. one-time presidential nominee, conceding that donald trump already lost this thing but trump himself remains undeterred admitting it's a rocky race but confident his die-hard base can get him there. to motivate them? more red meat. >> you have people that can't fix a budget, but then they start talking about their nominee. if they want to release more tapes saying inappropriate things, we'll continue to talk about bill and hillary clinton. lock her up is right. i may be limping across the finish line, but we'll get across the finish line. >> hillary clinton drawing nearly 20,000 people at a rally in ohio state university. our new poll shows the democrat is now expanding her lead among likely voters nationwide. her winning strategy seems simple. eyes head, but


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