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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  October 11, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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record downpours and just in the last year, we have seen in 1,000 year downpours in louisiana. west virginia, texas, maryland. >> that's former vice president al gore there. he is in miami speaking right now on climate change at a rally for hillary clinton. you heard hillary clinton speaking. a lot of history that goes into this and we have been keeping an eye on this team. al gore back in florida. a state where 16 years ago he came within 537 votes of victory. this was a disputed result. it went all the way to the u.s. supreme court and a recount that lasted for more than a month after the election. the supreme court stepping in and ending the recount making george w. bush president with a change of 537 votes officially. al gore would have become the
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president of the united states. al gore said in this speech your vote really, really, really counts. and you can consider me exhibit a. in this room we will check in. casey, the message officially here, we heard hillary's speech about climate change. the message is about climate change, but also there is a lot of history with al gore in florida. a lot of history with al gore and the clintons. >> gore was just talking about the first time he campaigned with the clintons in florida back in 1992. referencing return andrew. the relationship evolved over the following eight years. it wasn't necessarily a warm one
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between hillary clinton and al gore. and as you know, it's an unusual incident when you have the nominee of a major party. and they are chanting back at him, you won. saying he won florida, really. they have tens of thousands of votes. that raised for young people who might be leaning to voting for gary johnson, i have to tell you in theory one of the millennials with high school. the classes were canceled at my
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school because of the disputed presidential election. casey hunt where al gore continued to speak. they were the chief consultant in 2000. at the risk of bringing up what we imagine are complicated memories for you, seeing al gore on the stage in florida at the ight of a presidential election, this has to be having a lot of memories run through your head. >> oh, sure. i worked with carter in that election. that's a close friend of al gore's. he is great to see them out there. he is a kind of prophet, i think. he has enormous credibility and is not seen in the normal political way. he can really help with millennials. they care about climate change and they will respond to this
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message and respond to this kind of appearance. there are lots of memories. for one thing, if there was not a butterfly ballot, they are boy 10,000 votes and we wouldn't have to worry about hanging chats or stopping the recount. i adnir man so much. it's one thing to lose the presidency and resign yourself to it and another thing to know that you won and it got taken away. he got over that and he went out and had an i normous impact on the world and he wants to have an impact on the election and thinks donald trump would be a disaster for the country and the world. >> he is right now in prime time in the presidential election and he is on stage with hillary clinton. he got away from electoral politics. this was a guy whose whole career until the 2000 election and the house of representatives, he ran for president when she was 39 years old initially in 1988.
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ran again in 2000. talk about that adjustment after the 2000 election for al gore. he thought about running again in 2004. how close he has gotten to getting back into politics. if you looked at the polls, he had a lead for the nomination. he would have been the democratic nominee. he decided that he was going to take a different crack. that has been with him and he sdded it and carried it through his time. we would work on the state of the union message and he hadda list of things centered around
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the environment. he wanted to take up a cause to make a profound difference. >> al gore and the clinton, 1992 and bill clinton put al gore on the ticket and became vice president. by the end of the presidency, they were running in new york. they face a strategic decision there about how to use bill clinton and how not to. it was a bit of a complicated happy there at the end. >> it was more complicated with the president than with hillary clinton. i head this stuff about the gore campaign and gore being mad that she was running if for the sena in new york. what hurt us was not that she took money away. we raised all the money woo we
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could and what hurt us is that we were in federal spending and we would give up a state like in ohio. the conflict is that president clinton wanted al gore to run for a third term. he had very good job approval ratings and he had dismal favorable and unfavorable ratings with soft and undecided voters in the swing states. he was not a help if you set him out there and said this is about a third term. now we write a new chapter. we argue their case in a phrase that became famous and we stand for the people and not the powerful. he won the election and he didn't get inaugurated and he made something out of his life. today he is making a difference in this election. >> hillary clinton said if you are younger than 25, your memory may not be too fresh.
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i'm in the old are than 25 category. i remember it well. you remember it as well and i thank you for taking a few minutes. >> thanks a lot. al gore campaigning with hillary clinton in miami. new polling numbers just hot off the presses this afternoon on where this presidential race stands after probably the most traumatic weekend certainly that donald trump's campaign has seen and politically traumatic weekends that any campaign has seen. nbc news "wall street journal" poll numbers and the first major look at the race since sunday night's debate. we have a bunch of numbers to get you through here. the bottom line on this is there is a filmer and i stress glimmer of hope maybe for donald trump. this is a very fluid situation. look at this. this is a number we showed you
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yesterday. our poll looked at the race this weekend in the 48 hours between the release of that videotape where donald trump's comments from 2005 were revealed until sunday just before the debate. what you see here, donald trump's support cratered this weekend. he fell 11 points behind hillary clinton. now we have a lock at the initial reaction of voters to the second presidential debate on sunday night and we can show you just in the day after sunday night's debate, this same matchup instead of an 11-point clint origin advantage, that is points. this is a one-day sample. a small sample. take it with a grain of salt. this is the data we have right now. we are sharing it. if you mix the two dates together so you get a poll that includes the predebate and the post debate, it is a nine-point lead. you take the two-way race and let's not think about them for a
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minute and look at the two main contestan contestants. it was a 14-point lead for hillary clinton when we checked it over the weekend. in that 48 hour window, all the world was talking about donald trump in that video. a 14-point lead there. just yesterday, just that one day after the debate, look at that. 14 goes down to seven. 49-42, clinton. a-day sample. take it with a grape of salt. add them together and basically you put them in one poll. 50-40, clinton in the two-way. a couple of things we can tell you. obviously, severe damage to donald trump over the weekend. some sort of recovery for him in the wake of that debate sunday night. the question is, is this the start of a trend. are we seeing the start of a trend that will bring him back to a more competitive position in the race or is this it?
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did he get a small recovery from that debate and is this going to level off where he is down high single digits? if that's the case, it is very bad news for donald trump. he needs this to be a start of a recovery. we poll it again in a few days. we will have more numbers out later this week. more numbers from all over the place. this is our first look at what the post debate did. we know the predebate. we can show you one other important number in terms of the impact. these are republicans. over the second, 67% said they were with trump. they seemed to reassure the republicans. some say they are with him. the recovery to the republican voters. speaking of shoring up the republican base, this week the other big news, that feud, that civil war, donald trump against the republican speaker of the house, paul ri skpan that
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distance between them may have widened. we have been at odds since the audio tape surfaced and ryan all but dumped trump and he stresses he is still voting for donald trump. releasing the full force of his twitter account and the lack of support for the campaign. these are all donald trump tweets and directed at the speaker of the house. he called him weak. ineffective and disloyal. here's what donald trump did. the shackles have been taken off and i can fight for america the way i want to. this is donald trump's response to what paul ryan said. for more now, we will bring in robert costa with "the washington post." that's his full time job. you have donald trump here going after paul ryan after he said two things. i'm not going to campaign with donald trump and not going to defend what donald trump said from this point forward. he said he is voting for donald
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trump. now donald trump said he feels unshackled. does that mean we will see any different donald trump than we have been seeing or is that status quo? >> there is a dwight within the republican party, but it's striking how it's playing out. at capitol hill, you have them growing skiddish and reflective of the nerves a month before the election. at the same time as we discussed before, you have the republican national committee for the chairman working closely with the trump campaign. they are at war and the organizational is still with trump. >> you have a good window speaking of goinging on in trump world. what is the sense of what is to be gained politically by fighting back this aggressively. it's not like paul ryan said i'm endorsing hillary clinton. he said i'm not.
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he said he is voting for him and trump unleashes this kind of attack. what is gained by that? >> i'm not sure there is a grand strategy being played out. a lot of this is driven by the candidate himself. his behavior is reflective of his experience and oers who have betrayed him and packed away in an appropriate way and they talked about the historic nominee. someone who won millions of votes and that means keeping the republican leadership with him. the issue of republican convention. ted cruz said vote your conscious.
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>> i am supporting the republican nominee because i think hillary clinton is an absolute disaster. my differences with donald, i have articulated at great length during the campaign and tried with all my might. it was an amazing journey. >> for ted who has a long future and would like to have a long future in republican and national politics. how has his brain been affected by how he positioned himself on this? >> it has been a difficult path for many who have national ambitions. they do not want to distance themselves too much from trump's own voters. the base that they need and they want to start heading to iowa in 2017 and 2018. at the same time the national repication and those who do not like trump and it's a gamble, where is the party going to go.
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is it going to tilt and go back now to the paul ryan wing. >> i want to show speaking of the trump strategy here, new ad out today going after hillary clinton bluntly and brings up the issue and what the trump campaign thinks is an issue of healthment take a look at what they are doing. >> hillary clinton failed every time as secretary of state. now she wants to be president. hillary clinton doesn't have the fortitude, strength, or stamina to lead in our world. she failed as secretary of state. don't let her fail us again. >> i'm donald trump and i approved this message. >> footage from ground where hillary clinton seemed to collapse there. her campaign or doctor said it was pneumonia. it doesn't seem like polling advantage as a result. >> perhaps talking to trump officials and talking to
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republicans, and the health of secretary clinton is an unprecedented major party nominee to have this kind of ad using this footage and they talk about the age issue and health issues come up for candidates before. to be used in such an aggressive way is different. >> it is different. we said that once or twice when it comes to the presidential campaign. thanks for the time as always. appreciate it. republican leaders scrambling as they try to shore up the majority and survive a potential trump loss. we will big in and look at the race for senate control. florida senator marco rubio's challenger. he was just on stage there with al gore and hillary clinton. he will join me and we will talk to him about rubio's statement about donald trump.
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plus -- >> i'm very disappointed that it has come to this level. >> i'm amazed it got to this stage where they are having conversations like they are having. >> a lot of british people has. >> the record audiences watch the presidential race. that is true across the world too. we check in with people from around the globe and what they think about the presidential campaign this this country. this is me, using a wrench to build a jet engine. well we thought ge prograed machines to talk.
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is. >> i have daughters.
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i have friends and so many wonderful people on my staff. they cannot be degraded in that fashion. i had to withdraw my support as i cannot support hillary clinton. i might write in lindsay graham. an old friend of mine and a lot of people like him. >> playing defense in an arizona senate debate trying to explain why he split from his party and decided not to support donald trump in the election. trump responding to mccain taking to twitter. here's what donald trump had to say. the very foul mouthed senator mccain begged for my support and dropped me in his remarks. >> as october wears on, the debate is gearing up across the country in many republican candidates and every candidate is going to be asked about donald trump. you can be sure it will be a
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major issue in every senate race across the country. with that in mind, let's look for the race for control. three sets of votes in the and the democrats need to have 50. they can get hill cree clinton elected president for a gain of four republican senate seats. where could that come from? here's the good news for democrats. only one democratic-held seat that is in jeopardy. harry reid is retiring in nevada and the race to succeed and the bad news for democrats, the republican seems to be slightly ahead. if you believe the polling, the republican seems slightly ahead and a lot of volatility and a
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winnable race and the path to 50 right away gets very complicated if they can't hold the seat. that would be a net gain for republicans. no other turf here that the democrats are defending in competitive races. they have a chance of taking options. >> that are have options. if you area i democrat and you need four, if you can hold on to nevada and pick off four of these, wisconsin looks good for them. illinois looks good for them. then you need two more after that. it's doable for democrats. the other thing to keep in mind if you are a democrat, you want 50. you want the majority, but you are thinking ahead to that 20-18
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mid-term. mid-terms are not supposed to be good for the incumbent party. you might want to get above 50. the way the races are going, democrats will be happy if they can get to 50 and get hillary clinton elected. that's a look at the battle ground. a more specific race. florida, senator marco rubio. a republican-held seat. rubio is in danger and continuing to support donald trump. this is the news. rubio releasing this statement that said i have consistently rejected his offensive rhetoric and behavior and i disagree with him on many things and i disagree with his opponent on virtually everything. i wish we had better choices, but i do not want hillary clinton is to be the next president. my position has not changed. reaffirming in the wake of the tape that he supports his party's nominee, donald trump. congressman patrick murphy is
1:26 pm
the challenger for senate. the backdrop looks familiar, we were just looking at it where al gore, hillary clinton was at a rally in miami. you spoke before that. let me get your reaction. we read the statement from him and he is standing behind donald trump as the party's candidate for president. what do you say to that? >> frank low it's shocking. we had a moment of truth in this campaign and we have seen over 16 u.s. senators not only disavow donald trump, but unendorse him. marco rubio decided to double down on his endorsement of donald trump, showing that he will continue to put his own political ambitions. he should look in the mirror and say this is the best thing to do for the future of florida. he is putting his own ambition first. >> the bottom line question, can we put the polling here in your senate race. again, this is a close race.
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our latest "wall street journal" poll, 46 for murphy and close in the presidential race. if donald trump is able to carry florida in the race do you have a chance of wins in the senate race? >> absolutely. don't forget donald trump pete marco rubio boy tent points. sarah rubio is not like in his hometown or home state. he has been an ab tent see senator. he had one foot out the door. he has the worst voting record of anything from florida. when asked to commit to serving a full six-year term, he wouldn't agree to do it. he doesn't care about florida. he has his mind on running for the white house. they want to make sure they know who i am and i care about redoing the little class. we discussed today with
1:28 pm
secretary clinton and vice president gore. make sure they know where i stand. >> some people don't like it and money matters especially a state as big as yours where it costs a lot of money to get exposure throughout the state. and they give money to the democratic candidates campaign kroogs the country and they are pulling reservations for television ads on your behalf and they will not air at a time they will not be purchasing. what does it say if your party awe national campaign committee is not investing down the stretch. >> we are still confident we will have the resources to make sure they know who i am. with that poll, this race is at a dead heat. s enner to marco rubio is not liked by the people of florida and despite the koch brothers
1:29 pm
and other special interest groups, spending millions of dollars and trying to smear my record, they cannot change the fact that marco rubio doesn't like the job and he has been an absentee senator. we have to do what we have to do and get the rallies and making sure we are traveling the state to key west and making sure people know who i am. as we continue to do this and we start to tune into the race. not only will we have the resources. a democratic from florida and challenger. thanks for the time. >> thank you. >> coming up, mike pence, there are 28 days left in this election. he too is sticking with the top of the ticket. donald trump is on that ticket. he talks with kelly o'donnell. ? is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own?
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welcome back and time for a check of the headlines. hillary clinton and ol gore
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making their first campaign appearance together down in florida, wrapping up just a few minutes ago. clinton and gore wrapping up the environment and climate change and gore reminding the sud yens that every vote counts making a reference to his razor thin and disputed 2000 loss in the state of florida. it made george w. bush president of the united states by the slimmest of margins. house attacking paul ryan and other republicans who abandoned his campaign. he said he is a weak and ineffective leader. rescuers are back at work in
1:34 pm
eastern north carolina. me a expected to crest later this week. the world health organization is sending one million doses of the cholera vaccine to haiti to prevent a spike in cases from the wake of the week's deadly hurricane. matthew devastated parts of haiti and blamed for more than 1,000 deaths in haiti. samsung is pulling the clug. donald trump's running mate is out campaigning in iowa and as that civil war intensifies among leaders of the republican party. pence spoke with kelly o'donnell about republicans who are walking back support from the trump campaign and kelly, i imagine the name paul ryan
1:35 pm
featured in your conversation. >> we had an exclusive interview with governor make pence of indiana. his interpreter in chief and i spoke with governor pence in the party by leaders who are withdrawing support and in particular it is notable because paul ryan is a friend of mike pence and pence has personally spent part of his time while on the ticket to talk to republican establishment figures to try to bring them along. as we have seen in the wake of the audio cape of donald trump, there has been a disintegration among many who are in leadership positions in the party with their support. governor pence said they are disappointed and paul ryan remains a friend and he had given him a heads up that this was coming and paul ryan could not defend trump. mike pence said they should join the millions of americans who voted for donald trump to
1:36 pm
support their nom me. here's part of the conversation with mike pence. >> i am very moved by the support we are receiving from all across the country. republican leaders here in iowa and all across america are standing with the trump-pence team and we are honored by that. republican leaders should join millions of americans and support the nominee for president. >> do you feel let down? >> we are disappointed. donald trump has sought to support republican candidates and competitive primaries that we continue to. i will support all of our republican nom nos and this election is just that important. really and truly. this is not a choice between one candidate that the take us this far and another that will take us a little less far down the
1:37 pm
road. this is a choice between up and down and whether we will continue to go down the hill to a weaker america home and abroad and walking away from the principals and the supreme court. whether we are going to turn around and march back up the hill to a stronger america at home and abroad and the supreme court that respects our constitution. >> i was able to ask governor pence as well tweeting about john mccain calling him foul-mouthed and said he was unhappy about the withdrawal of the mccain support. i asked him about that and he said john mccain is a friend and american hero, but again disappointed after trump supported mccain and gave an endorsement that he would pull that back. i also asked about that moment during the debate because the governor was referring to the points in the debate. when donald trump was saying to hillary clinton when he becomes president, she will be in jail. many people said that's the kind of thing that is not appropriate
1:38 pm
in american politics. opponents are not jailed in the united states. i asked governor pence about that and he said it was just a quip and part of the sparring that is the debate. we had a long conversation and he wants to shine a light on the wikileaks disclosure and talking about suggestions that hillary clinton may have talked about the bin laden raid with classified information during a paid speech to canada. that's what the governor was saying. they are trying to turn this on offense and trying to bring republicans back and to try to smooth some of the out right kind of war within the party and that's a challenging thing to do and it has been a task for governor pence because of that. >> mike pence, he disappeared over the weekend when that cape clearly very much back in the mix now. in iowa, very interesting. thanks for that, kelly.
1:39 pm
coming up, we sawhillry clinton and al gore on the same stage. starting to feel sentimental with al gore in the news. >> we will project an important win for vice president al gore. they project he wins the 25 electoral votes in the state of florida. george bush is the president-elect of the idea. 25 electoral votes. nbc news projects that george bush -- we are saying that florida is too close to call because of a recall.
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monkey: don't even. narrator: and explore a world of possibilities. kubo: come on, this way. narratvisit to find thclosest forest opark to yoyo >> your vote really, really really, really counts a lot. >> you can consider me as an exhibit a of that group. >> if you are my age or older,
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you know exactly what al gore was talking about. if you need a refresher course. maybe you are one of the young ones that was not that old in the year 2000, it will give you one right now. it's the most important number of the day. 537 and 537 was if i could get this to move, the margin of victory for george w. bush, the official margin of victory over al gore in florida in 2000. al gore and george w. bush came down to 537 votes. there were disputed ballots. look up a hanging chat chad if you haven't heard of one. pat buchanan gets votes that should have been going to al gore. there were lawsuits and ended up at 537 votes. 537-vote victory for george w. bush in florida in 2000. again, if i could get this to move, that is the difference. george w. bush does not cross
1:44 pm
270 electoral votes. does not become president. al gore would. if you are wondering what adds up r up, with that message for voters, why are democrats worried about history repeating itself? hillary clinton with a healthy lead with millennials and young voters. 20% of millennial voters are opting for a third party choice. that's one of the reason al gore lost florida. the green party candidate was on the ballot and got 90,000 voter. without him, gore probably wins florida. do young voter who is would otherwise take clinton over trump opt for a third party candidate? that is why they have al gore sounding the alarm. sounding a warning bell for voters. they do not make the same decision you made 16 years ago
1:45 pm
that cost al gore the pedestrian. more reaction for "wall street journal" poll. the so-called civil war in the republican party. they will break it down with the panel. what it means for the election that is four weeks away. coming up -- >> as a british person watching that, america as a whole -- >> donald trump is not being taken seriously to be honestly in germany. >>. >> what do we look like? what do the presidential candidates look like to the rest of the world. we will go live for reaction coming up. ♪ tomorrow's the day we'll play something besides video games. every day is a gift especially for people with heart failure. but today there's entresto®- a breakthrough medicine that can help make more
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and so when i saw that, that wa kids to flap their hands. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger thanarty. my son max can't live in trump world. so i crossing party lines and voting for hillary. don't always aee with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered. e to solve problems. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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donald trump fighting an uphill battle leading up to the election. how uphill? politics reporter at the daily beast with the yashl p national reporter and i say how uphill and here's what we know about the state of the race going into the end of last week. hillary clinton was ahead and donald trump support dropped like a rock. that creative number on the left that is just saturday and sunday and that's what all anyone was talking about. that video was from thousand 5 and that recording for donald trump.
1:50 pm
you can see. i know this is a lot of numbers and just yesterday, just one day after the debate, just people responding that day, cut that 14-point lead in half. down to seven. read into the numbers what you will. that's a small sample size. that does suggest he could be recovering a bit after the second debate. even if he recovers to where he was before, still behind in the race. >> he is still in a bad place. trying to catch up with the situation that was already really troubling. the important conduct sibelieve all the polls taken after the debate asking people who they thought won show that they thought hillary clinton won the poll. all the scientific polls showed that clinton won. that's the permanent ground.
1:51 pm
>> one thing in my mind is watching all the republican leaders. this is a big if. this could stabilize at 10 points and trump can be down 10 at every poll. if this thing stabilizes closer to a five or six-point lead, something like that which is roughly what we were seeing before all of this happened last week. there is this core group with trump that is never going to leave. >> we have seen this play out over and over again and they put a focus on a way they have never seen before. we learned that the main divide is not as we thought moderate versus conservative. the anti-immigration and anti-trade conservatism is the limited government and people who like trade and like immigration and want to reduce
1:52 pm
the size of government in the pluralist category. trump improved his margins with republican voters after the debate. he went to 89% in the poll after the debate. that's a remarkable thing. you see republican leaders abandoning him and voters that say no, we support him. even if trump maintains that with republicans, she still in a deep dish and was slipping and sliding into the debates and at this point he is going to lose and hillary clinton is on course to win every state that president obama won in 2008 except indiana. he has a steep hill to climb. >> the numbers seem like there is two conversations here. the battle for donald trump to shore up the party and even if he does that, he is still not necessarily in a position to win the election. he wouldn't be. the republican party from the weekend, it does seem those have stopped and the debate
1:53 pm
performance had something do with it. >> mike pence has an important advantage on this. trump said i wish i had not said that stuff, it was not contrite in the debate performance. and after the debate they are proud to be out of this guy's team. it got the desired result which was pence back on board and he is going in the right direction. yeah, i think the republicans have defected over the weekend and they made a slightly poor bet and they cut themselves off from what is now the mainstream of the republican party rather than shifting the party with them. >> it is an interesting contrast. that 48 hour window and one was coming every 20 minutes. you are not hearing that right now and you have been shoring up the republican base and donald trump has to do more than that. the poll right now only showing he may be making strides towards
1:54 pm
party unity. thank you both for joining us. here's dierdra with the market wrap. >> stongs had their worst day in about a month. the dow dropping some 200 points and earnings season is about to get under way over the last week or so. alcoa had disappointing results. going forward and all eyes are on the fed. investors want to know how likely is a rate hike before the year is over. investors in the markets will be combing over the minutes for any hints. back over to you. somethg new♪has arrived. uniquely designed for the driven. ♪ introducing the first-ever infiniti qx30 crossover. infiniti. empower the drive.
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>> certainly as a british person, america as a whole. >> it's not just us. >> we are not the only one transfixed, people are keeping a close eye on the battle between donald trump and hillary clinton. for more on what they are seeing, i want to bring in matt bradley in london. how do they look at the campaign? >> you know, steve, a lot of people that we spoke with admire the system in america, but they were disappointed with how low the definitely of political discourse has sunk and that was seen in the last debate. britain is famous for boisterous politics and the building behind me, politicians heckling each other and what they don't do is impugn the motives or drudge up personal behavior and that's the kind of talk they were
1:59 pm
disappointed in. take a look. >> i lived in america before. a number of years. i am impressed with president obama. i thought that was a step forward. this is two steps back. >> it should be about ordinary people and how they are going to be addressed and the character of the people you are seeking to address that for you. this is a personal contest. >> if he becomes president, to be a world leader and represent america, he is not the right person for that. >> the latest research poll said that donald trump only enjoys about a 9% favorability rating here in europe and hillary clinton has 59%. people are not necessarily enthusiastic about hillary, but definitely prefer her to donald trump. >> over there in london, that favorability and unfavorability gap is more pronounced than it is here. that will do it for this hour.
2:00 pm
mtp daily starts right now. if it's tuesday, we will take you in the trump campaign as the nominee launches a series of attacks against fellow republicans. tonight donald trump strikes back in the gop civil war with swift retaliation against speaker paul ryan. plus new details on the drip, drip, drip e-mail scandal and why republicans have noplace to hide. this is mtp daily and it starts right now. good tuesday evening. i'm peter alexander in washington, d.c. for my friend, chuck todd. donald trump said the shackle ares off as he targets his party


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