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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  October 12, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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ohio ahead of the trump rally there tomorrow night. we got some surprises our sleeves over the next couple of weeks too. if you want to come hang out road tripping, check it out on twitter, snap chat and facebook and i think we are on instagram, too. i got to up my game there. thank you for joining us, i got to turn it over to my colleague, thomas roberts. >> thank you very much. we have seen donald trump today throwing everything at paul ryan. it is good to have you with me, i am thomas roberts. yes, trump is unleashing on clinton in florida saying he's going to do what he needs to do if he gets elected president to her. >> discorruption collision is just one more reason why i will ask my attorney general to appoint a prosecutor.
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[ applause ] >> our country has never been so low. all of that and wikileaks e-mails. we are getting on all the angle of this race. msnbc's halie jackson in florida and kelly o'donell. this is his first stop of the day and he moves onto the next hour where we may see the same thing. how might wikileaks in this new batch of e-mails playing into the next rally. >> we are expecting a national campaign call from people like newt gingrich going on this topic, the wikileaks e-mails
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dumping on and talking about jennif jennifer pomary. she's responding saying she's a catholic and does not recognize the e-mails. that's a story that we'll be following throughout the afternoon. the other notable things, it is not just donald trump going after hillary clinton. he's hitting paul ryan in a public way. we saw it on twitter and national interview on fox news. now, we are seeing at his rally here in florida. >> would you think that paul ryan could call and say, "good going" in front about just the largest audience for the second debate of in the country. so you think, great going, don, lets go and lets beat this crook. lets beat this crook. she's a crook. we got to beat him.
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no, he does not do that. >> reporter: donald trump there speaking in lakeland. again, while we talk about the attacks that trump is pushing against members of his party there, the focus from his campaign clearly, their message today clearly is going to be on wikileaks dumps and this idea about e-mail as and talking abo religion. when you hear about this conference call, they see this is a possible opening trying to get after democrats. >> halie, standby for us, lets go to alex. we have clinton and donald trump holding these campaigns coming up in the next hour. and slamming of her on the latest documents that's coming out. i want to play about what people are saying about those that are made public. take a look. >> the election of hillary clinton would lead in my opinion
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to the almost total destruction of our country as we know it. >> so there is donald trump talking about, i thought it was one of his surrogates but it was from the gop nominee himself. how does the campaign respond to this and the validity as well as jennifer saying she does not remember it. >> really, they're trying to turn the focus on the fact of the e-mails rather than what's inside of them. they're putting out that u.s. intelligence officials have accused russia hacking the officials in order to influence the election. they are accusing donald trump of doing the bidding . the fbi has been in contact with him and they are investigating this. basically, they're saying that every time donald trump gets up there and talk about wikileaks,
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he's channelling the illegal breach by foreign power to influence elections. i have seen incidents of water gate and people working for richard nixon broke in the committee. so they're trying to avoid getting into the messy debatail and focusing on the larger picture. >> kelly o'donell, i know you are following governor mike pence today, three stops on the campaign trail. sta take a listen at the university. >> i did. >> kelly, what is governor pence saying today to this crowd. i know it was an act worship service, getting folks to vote out there for younger folks.
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>> reporter: mike pence is quite comfortable in an environment where students from a christian university are praying and singing a worship type event. these events are also an opportunity for students to hear from national figures, sometimes world's figures. it is a big forum and because of his own faith, he's willing to talk about that. he has had some hard political points to make as well. there so many young voters here who are not warm to donald trump and the issue of the moral lining that many students we talked to raised that question of a moral backbone that they would like to see of donald trump and they were critical of hillary clinton. >> what mike pence were trying to say is that these voters need to make a choice between two candidates and not a third party. on ideas and some of the directions of the country, he
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argued for donald trumpnd himself to go to the white house. what he also said was is this is not a time to flinch in the face of political pressure, acknowledging there are strong currents against donald trump. he gave a lengthy explanation of how he connects his faith, believe in forgiveness to not condoning for what trump had done and walking through the steps of the vulgar comments and understanding there are people that really reject that and trying to find a way and encouraging them what the direction of the country would be would be different under donald trump. one student pointed out that he's unhappy with donald trump but believes if someone, if someone like the character of mike pence is on his side would be happy. another thing that mike pence did was going after the
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wikileaks issue that you were talking about. so saying demanding in a full thrown kind of way, hillary clinton must apologize for this and trying to put pressure on her campaign and the link here is whether it is "basket of deplorabl deplorables." that's something they have tried to get at that hillary clinton has shown a contempt for voters. that's sort of the argument that we are seeing unfold today. >> nbc's kelly o'donell, our halie jackson. thank you both of you. >> tim, it is nice to see you
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and we had donald trump, he's going in florida right now saying so in the last hour. take a listen. >> if i don't win on november 8th, i will consider this the single greatest waste of time energy and money. >> aside from confidence that he demonstrated all along here. gop leadership here, where do you see the trump campaign going from this point if he does not have the support that he needs to get to the oval office. >> donald trump cannot win plain and simple. >> he did not have a pass through victory before the tape. what's incumbent on republican leaders and what you are seeing among every leader is a focus on maintaining the senate and maintaining paul ryan in the house so that we can have a check on hillary clinton. this is a message that resonates with voters and hillary clinton
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is not popular despite trump being much, much more popular. voters want to see congress to check on her. that's the best case we have made in the last month. >> we look at what usa today put out today, they found 26% of elected officials agreed with you with donald trump and the other hand, we got folks of trump's supporters, take a listen. >> we are tired of taking it and tired of being deplorable. we want to be called as americans instead of just steppingstones. we have to take it as it is. we are in the south, we are all second amendment pros. she's not going to give it to us. >> all right, there we have from a trump rally last night. voters there repeating the line, we want the country back.
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>> trump supporters could be really angry if clinton wins. >> well, donald trump is going to lose this election because of donald trump. we warned everybody, i came on your show, thomas ba, back in t spring that donald trump is going to get killed on the landslide because he did not appeal to the demographic groups that he needs to win in 2016. you cannot point fingers as people are raising the alarm on donald trump here. look, i understand the frustration of republican voters, that puts a lot of elected officials in a tough place. i did a column on this for the ringer of six reasons why conservatives should go against donald trump. that's got to be the message. he's not a conservative and we hear your concern. republicans will challenge
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clinton and fighting for the things that these folks cared about. >> so tim, are you saying that you are voting for clinton? >> reporter: i don't thi . >> i don't think i need to tell folks, my vote does not matter. >> every vote counts. are you going to vote for her or not? >> no, i am not going to. i think hillary is far, far better than donald trump. i will go with ed mcmullin or write somebody in. the reality is donald trump is not acceptable and he puts conservatives in a tough position. >> tim miller, thank you. >> coming up next, facts verses fictions. a new line of attack of tax and conspiracy theory. will this new effort of alex jones work? as we head to break, a moment
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from president obama's campaign stop for hillary clinton in north carolina. >> there is a guy on the radio who said me and hillary are demons. is that something? [chains dragging] [eerie music playing] [crickets chirping] [owl hoots]
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when kids like that, adorable young boy over there on his dad's shoulders are grand pa parents. some are believed to be answering calls of a conservative website which is offering money to anybody that's willing to interrupt these campaigns and events. here, we have bill clinton speaking right now in indianola, iowa. all of this has been deemed of the dirtiest campaign in history. is it poise to get worse? donald trump is banning any efforts to reach out to voters outside of his party. instead, he's going to ramp up the personal attacks in an effort to under cut democratic voter turn out.
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joining me now, terry valdell. it is good to have you here. do you think that's going to work or backfire of potential voter turn out. >> he's energizing large swabs of the democratic party base and energizing some independence. he's yet to talk about policies in any meaningful way. his response to every single question is to attack hillary clinton and much of the attacks are based on projection, every time he goes after bill clinton, it reminds the public that there are charges against donald trump for rape and the university charges. every time he brings up anything about bill clinton who's not running, by the way. >> right. >> it is like the clinton would say that the trump's campaign
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won't push back and these are not proven. as we have seen freshly with the shackles being off donald trump and the new ad taking on hillary clinton which is accusing her and the foundation of this play scheme while she was secretary of state. take a look. >> from dead broke to hundreds of millions, how did hillary end up facility rich? staggering amounts of cash poured into the clinton foundation from criminals and dictators, countries that hate america. hillary cut deals and exploited haitians in need. hillary clinton only cares about power, money, and herself. >> do you think this is going of an impact on battleground stakes especially pennsylvania where you are from. >> what she should do is not let these attacks go unanswered. any time someone attack you, you should respond and get the right
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information out there. i don't think she should take these attacks for granted and assume that i won't have an impact. in certain states, he does have a larger support in other states. those are the states he's going there like pennsylvania and he's going to run those ads. for pennsylvania, i don't think this is making much of an impact. the problem for donald trump is people's opinions have been pretty much molded up to this point. yes, there are undecided voters out there. i don't think there is enough to swing the election in donald trump's camps. what he's doing is i am going down in flame, i want to take you with me. >> it seems like everyday there is a surprise. >> not just for donald trump but for hillary clinton, too. this fresh batch of e-mails that came out from wikileaks that we cannot get. they won't validate the authenticity of a lot of these e e-mai
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e-mails. do they need to fire back within the campaign about podesta's hack and disprove of some of the language that were had. hillary clinton is not going from the gut like trump would >> what's interesting to me is this attack on hillary clinton for being prepared and actually coming up with policies and positions on what voters want. i am marketing in a pr firm. >> that's just saying whatever you need to say to win. that's something she's been accused of, say what you want to say and get the votes and do something else later. is that the proof that people have been questioning. >> people are like wow, surprise, she's a politician. i don't think that's the case with this. i think she needs to rebut any information information. i think i would own it if i were
11:22 am
her and am i one that prepares and knows the issues and trying to make sure i am in line with those decisions and my principles. yes, i would not shy away from someone being prepared or focused on the issue. that's an easy perry back on hillary. >> i got to ask. any tapes that gets out when you were contested, was there a moment in time he was demeaned or rude to contestants. >> i heard a ton of rumors. >> the thing that i experienced directly was this push for me to behave in a stereo typical way. and there were people pushing me in that direction on the show. >> these are producers and not donald trump. >> well, you set the culture from the top down >> the executive producer. >> the executive producer and
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donald trump. >> okay. donald trump was heavily involved in "the apprentice." >> great to have you tar tara dowdell. we have breaking news, what has happened and how are the pentagon responding and we'll have it for you next. as we head to break, your pulse question today, 26% of members of congress refused to back trump as big donors. they want those funds back. can they still win in the white house. cast your votes and we'll check in on that coming up at this hour, stay tuned. when i was a little kid, i made a deal with myself that i would never grow up. we met when we were very young... i was 17, he was 18. we made the movie the book of life. we started doing animation. with the surface book, you can do all this stuff. you can actually draw on the screen.
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now, this is the second
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missile attack on the destroyer in the last three days. i want to go to the pentagon with the latest on this. who's responsible for this? >> thomas, asserting or ascertain responsible is a key question here. these are iranian rebel in the state of yemen. that's the area they are coming from. this is the second time in the last 72 hours of the last three days. we don't have the precise timing on this. nbc news learned that they did fire measures. these are measures in this case to try to intercept the in coming missiles. it was two missiles that were fired and neither of them are the ones we know about have been successful hitting their targets. so far, what we have here
11:28 am
appears to antagonizing u.s. destroyer and again, no actual response from the u.s. navy in terms of fighting back in the zone. officials here said that could be expected as a u.s. attack navy ship. >> hans nicoll. thank you. americans have had it. it is corruption, white water and cattle. >> this will finally be the year the american people say enough is enough. today we have donald trump rallying voters in ocala, florida, you will see he will take the stage at 3:00 p.m. today. joining me now from lakeland is nbc's katy tur and ocala, florida is jacob rascon.
11:29 am
tell us of the full-time stretch of the election. are we going to see round two of what jacob is witnessing earlier in lakeland. >> reporter: we'll see donald trump trying to go after hillary clinton hard and trying to accuse her of corruption and not being out for the american voter but rather out for herself. that's what donald trump has been saying all along and now he's trying to reenforce that and saying she's not trust worthy and trying to muddle the water to make her unappeal ing o voters. young voters say she has nothing for change and donald trump's campaign realizing that he's not going to get new support at the moment. talking about locking hillary clinton up and hiring or calling for a special prosecutor and putting her in jail and saying
11:30 am
she was not at ground zero after 9/11. in ideal fuelling anger towards everyone. they're in an arm's race in november pending his base against her base and campaigning hoping that his basis excited enough about donald trump and excited enough to stand in polling lines to come out and put him over the edge and beat out hillary clinton. basically because they made her unappealing to new voters that she needs. >> so jacob, you were in the rally at ocala that just ended there. are trump's supporters reacting to the unshackled trump, the man that's basically having to defend himself by the support of paul ryan and others. >> reporter: every trump supporters seem to have their
11:31 am
most favorite issues. one thing they have in common is hillary clinton and how much they dislike the idea of hillary clinton becoming president. this is mary, you have been a trump's supporter from the start. looking forward, only 30 days left. if you could be his adviser and tell him what you think he should do to win, what would you say? >> i would like him to give everybody a message that we are great country and we have a great constitution, it is a great place to live. we are hardworking people and we have been the pioneers for our country that everyone looks up to. there is no better place to be than america. i would like him to give that message across. we have great fathers, benjamin franklin and thomas edison ford, if he would just tell people, this is who we are and let everyone have hope.
11:32 am
if he could be positive and he can give everybody including the media, people who have left him on his side. i this i he can do that. if people want a positive message. i think he can do that and i think that's what he is to most of us. somebody to believe in. >> reporter: what should he not do? >> i think he's a great speaker and i like the people that came before him. if he would from now on be positive. we heard what everything else is wrong. lets go forward with what is great about this country and our people. >> reporter: okay, mary, thank you very much and thank you for your time. she's not alone. we hear from other trump supporters saying the same. >> jacob. >> thank you very much. >> your guest there is waiting for donald trump in ocala. we'll see if the positive message shines through there in the next stop of florida. we have a note from bernie sanders responding to the latest wikileaks of clinton c's campai
11:33 am
e-mail exchanges. here is a look as we head to break of bill clinton spoking in iowa. >> i got a friend in texas, i asked the other day do give me a fun liner. he's the best one-liner guy. i don't want to be serious all the time. give me a one-liner, well, if you don't want somebody driving the truck off the cliffs, don't give him the keys. this... or this. today, there's a new option. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a tens device with high intensity power at uses technology once only ailable in doctors' offices. its wireless remote lets you control the intensity, and helps you get back to things like... this... this... or this. and back to being yourself. introducing new aleve direct therapy. find yours in the pain relief aisle.
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mother in-law with a glad bag, full of trash. what happens next? nothing. only glad has febreze to neutralize odors for 5 days. guaranteed. even the most perceptive noses won't notice the trash. be happy. it's glad. this big news of wikileaks and their documents drumped of podesta. we have bernie sanders speaking out regarding this. msnbc is following the development in this story.
11:37 am
a lot to cover. again, it is not so much about the content of the e-mail because they don't authenticate them other than saying podesta was hacked. >> i want to mention a little bit of the content. there was not new e-mails out today. on friday, we got those wall street transcripts of the speeches that hillary clinton gave that bernie sanders tried to get during the primary but did not. bernie sanders has been implicated a lot of the strategies that the campaign tried to use. with the new statement that we got in today, essentially bernie sanders tried to bury the hatch and moving forward. the job of the progressive movement is to look forward and not backward. no matter what hillary clinton may have said behind closed doors, what's important is millions of people stand up and demand the party stand up and
11:38 am
implementi am implemented of what's getting done. >> last night, tad devine, a top strategist, he defended the new chairman of the dnc, saying that donna brazil did not give a question to cnn. it was the controversial yesterday. bernie sanders is saying time to look forward and unite together and defeat donald trump. >> they see a consolidation - consolidation -- his policy positions that were adopted by her really being pushed through with this type of release. it gives him kind of what he needs the put on her. >> that's the game that bernie sanders has been playing since the beginning of his presidential campaign when he did not expect to win the
11:39 am
primary was to find a way to influence leverage to the democratic party to hillary clinton if she became president. certainly, that's what he's doing now and he did it in the platform process when he got a lot of his top agenda items implemented and push hillary clinton to adopt a lot of his policy proposals. he's going to be in the senate and influence legislation and influence appointments in the cabinet and other parts of the government if hillary clinton wins the presidency and so he has to play ball in order to do that. >> alex, thank you very much, we appreciate it. >> so that's a big development right there with bernie sanders getting on the record. here we have coming nup juing u 20 minutes. donald trump will appear in that crowd, a rally in lakeland, florida, that's the second event for him in florida. the state of the gop after november the 8th. has trump damaged the party to a
11:40 am
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we have all seen it, trump is at war with the gop. you are either with him or against him. at one point, even fox's bill owe riley calling trump dishonest. >> i don't know what good that does. >> because he was begging for my endorsement. >> his friends are calling and the first sign of a little bit of difficulty, he unendorses. >> my colleague spoke with manager steve smith who
11:44 am
unleashed on donald trump. >> john mccain was navy royalty. he was so badly injured. he was not expected to survive. he was offered early release by the vietnamese which would have given them a significant propaganda victory and mccain said no. the code of conduct requires prisoners of war to be released in the order that they are captured. and what john mccain functionnally did is rather than dishonor himself. the code of conduct, the united states' navy, he made an affirmative decision to die, to die in prison than to break that code. when he said no, he was tortured and abused in ways that are beyond the imagination for the next five and a half years and now donald trump says he would not be in the fox hole with a
11:45 am
guy like john mccain, donald trump said that for him avoiding the clap when he was in studio 54, that's his equivalent of vietnam. john mccain is exactly the person you want to have in a fox hole with you. he's an american hero. >> we know that john mccain enin dorsed donald trump for that matter. joining me is the american conservative union and donald trump's surrogate and a surrogate for george w. bush. great to see you, i want to start with this, do you think that donald trump has gone too far. >> he had several republican lawmakers stepped away from him.
11:46 am
there was a lot of hurt mentality after this tape was released and donald trump would not like it. what happens since this moment, thomas is that senator fisher of nebraska said she would not support donald trump anymore and accepted his apologies and is now supported him again. the senate nominee of the state of colorado has done the same thin. republicans are realizing that the only way we win the presidency and hold onto our majorities in congress is if we work together. my hope is the trump campaign and republicans who are running down ballot start focusing on the democrats who are running against and not each other. >> it seems as if paul ryan has given the word that they have permission, folks that are running in tight race in the house to go home and do what they need to do. today, we have the journal reporting that donald trump's new attack plan is amplifying his no hold par attabar attacks.
11:47 am
now, we are seeing bill clinton rape t-shirts interrupting president obama at rallies. is that the type of thing uconn do condone? >> no, i want to talk about the issues. 70% of voters say this country is on the wrong track. they may not hold barack obama personally responsible for all of this. for whatever reasons and i think the reasons are plentiful. they do believe that hillary clinton is part of the problem. she does not represent change. she represents the status quo. if you have not had a raise for 12 or 15 years and you see your kids graduated from college and you see your kids come back and live in the basement and obamacare is raising up the roof, it is an incredibly earn king to voters.
11:48 am
it is one of those moments where issues favor donald trumps and favor these people running for congress. i want to talk about. >> yes, people want to hear about policies than the personals. i want to ask you something about juliani. he's been making lights of trump's demeaning since 2005 and comments of "access hollywood." >> you need a strong man and an independent man, you need a man that tells it straight. >> sometimes really straight. [ laughs ] [ cheers ] but, boy, it is a heck a lot better than being a liar. >> all right, he also said that hillary clinton did not belong to the 9/11, never forget group and he did not see him there and
11:49 am
the day after she was there on september the 11th. do you think at this point, donald trump is expanding his base and if you are advising him, is he listening to you? >> look, i think donald trump is his own man and he's running this race the way he wants to run it. well, i never quite understand what this out right thing is. i think if donald trump is running -- >> please don't understand my intelligence for those that's watching by saying you don't know what it means. >> what i think donald trump needs to do is to connect with voters. how are we going to defeat isis or radical islamic terrorists and how are we going to change the way washington does
11:50 am
business. i think the scandals that hillary clinton owned for 25 years, of her scandals are completely fair game. but, at the end of the day in this race, voters want to know what you are going to do to help them and families. what's what voters are going to pull that lever on. we'll have the right answer for those voters. >> matt, we shall see donald trump in the next rally coming up in lakeland, matt, good to have you on. >> again, just minutes away from that second trump rally of the day taking place in florida earlier in ocala. . he moves onto lakeland. we'll take you there and i want to give you a look at how you have been swrovoting today for microsoft pulse question. >> can he still win the white hou house? 5% say yes and 95% say no. you still have time to have your
11:51 am
voice heard. check it out on world-changing machines. machines that can talk to each other digitally. hello? they don't talk to each other like that, ricky. shhhh, you'll anger it. he looks a little ticked off now.
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we have early voting starting today in three different states, indiana and ohio. and the clinton campaign is making a big push this time around. take a look at one iowa voter explains why voting today matters to her. >> i want to make sure that i am here on the first day so i can vote for the first woman of the united states of america. i am very proud of that. i want to be the first president to be here and i want to be apart of this experience. i know that ohio matters and i know cuyahoga county matters. >> chris jansing is live at the cuyahoga county, how people are being open and honest telling you who they are voting for.
11:55 am
>> reporter: busier than the folks here expected. they got full staff and plus some temporary higherres. no one has been shot about who they are voting for. this is clinton's country. there were a number of ballots were down. they want to make this up for early voters. why did you get out to vote today? >> i want to make a statement that having the opportunity to vote early was not something that i took lightly. i want to lead by examples and put my money where my mouth is. >> over the past weekend we had 200 members going door-to-door to register people to vote and encourage them to get out to vote. >> reporter: thank you very much. we appreciate that. she's got her sticker on.
11:56 am
her "i heart iowa," her heart. >> in many cases it can make a difference. you remember very well thomas that just a few weeks ago, this seems like it was a state that's out of reach for hillary clinton. they believe this is a stat statstate state -- it is hard to see donald trump win without hiiowa. we shall see, it does look busy there. our chris jansing is live. a quick at our microsoft pulse question here here on whether or not trump can win the white house, 6% say yes and 94% say no. our entrepreneur of the week comes from remote places. the three have traveled here to
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we are waiting for donald
12:00 pm
trump's next big event. i am thomas roberts. don't go anywhere. kate snow is next. >> you know what, they are both running late. we have a lot going on on a busy wednesday. donald trump on the move in florida this hour after delivering another attack on hillary clinton, bringing up more of the unverified staff e-mails released by wikileaks. we are hearing a growing number of trump supporters who won't accept anything less than victory and may have to rise up if clinton wins. >> we have our full team today. lets start off with msnbc's katy tur, she's out at this next trump's event. it is been a full day since donald trump declared his shackles


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