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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  October 12, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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so we're still following this breaking news tonight. two women telling the "new york times" that donald trump groped them without their consent years ago. robert costa just reporting tonight that the trump campaign is going to sue the times over that story there is also another woman, a third woman telling the palm beach post tonight that she too was groped by donald trump in 2003. the trump campaign is denying all of these allegations, but oh, wait, there is more coming out. tonight a former contestant in the miss usa pageant is telling her story about donald trump. part of an interview with her is going to air with brian williams tonight at 11:00 p.m. eastern here on msnbc. it will then air in full tomorrow morning on the "today" show. and just ahead right now, lawrence o'donnell is going to talk with an investigative reporter who has covered trump for 40 years, who knows about
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donald trump more than maybe anyone not named trump. this continuing story continues. that does it for us tonight, though. we will see you again tomorrow. now it's time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell. good evening. >> we have wayne barrett tonight. we've been trying to get him for a while. he has been on this case since he was writing for the village voice decades ago. he has a lot to tell us. >> he does not talk on television very often. good job on getting him. >> thanks, rah. our breaking news coverage will continue now. friday night were in breaking news mode for four hours covering the release of the "access hollywood" video that showed donald trump bragging about sexual assault. and then sunday night in the debate he was asked if he really did do the things that he was bragging about on that "access hollywood" video. and in the debate he said he did not. which brings us to tonight and today where women have come forward saying that he has done exactly those things. that is tonight's breaking news.
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>> can't be any worse, could it? >> "the new york times" have reported that two women have come forward to say that donald trump inappropriately touched them. >> ay-yay-yay. >> these women were infuriated by the fact that donald trump is continuing to say he did not do these things. >> the whole world has heard how donald trump treats women and what he thinks of women. >> they make us sound like such jerks. it's unbelievable. >> we've got 27 days. anybody thinks that we've seen everything we're going to see i think are kidding themselves. >> i may be limping over the finish line, but we're going to get that sucker. >> that's just not right. i'm sorry. it's not right at work. it's not right in the locker room. it's wrong, period, the end. that's all. >> this is the last word on campaign 2016. >> these things used to be called the october surprise. the big bombshell that rocks the presidential campaign in october. but what if you have one every day in october? and what if you have more than one every day in october?
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and what if they're not surprising? if that happens, then you have a campaign out of control, and that's where we are now. we began october 12th with the surprise that would have destroyed any other presidential campaign. but when it comes to donald trump, the october surprises are simply not that surprising. today's first surprise, so-called surprise was the report of contestants in the miss teen -- i said teen usa beauty pageant complaining that donald trump deliberately walked in on those teenaged girls when they were partially or completely naked in the middle of costume changes. that he knew that they were in the middle of. one of the contestants quoted donald trump as saying don't worry, ladies, i've seen it all before. and now the day has ended with "the new york times" posting a report of two women who say that donald trump did what he was caught describing in that
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"access hollywood" video. jessica leeds told the times she was assigned the seat next to donald trump in first class on an airplane 35 years ago when donald trump was still flying on commercial airplanes. she said he politely introduced himself. but then after the meal was served and the trays were taken away, donald trump started putting his hands all over her and grabbing her. here is some of her video interview with "the new york times." >> if he had stuck with the upper part of the body, i might not have gotten -- i might not have gotten that upset. but it's when he started putting his hand up my skirt, and that was it. that was it. i -- i was out of there. >> the other woman in tonight's "new york times" report is rachel crooks, who is 22 years old in 2005 when she was working as a receptionist in a company
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located in trump tower. here is how the times describes what happened the first time she saw donald trump in the building and introduced herself. they shook hands, but mr. trump would not let go, she said. instead he began kissing her cheeks. then he kissed me directly on the mouth. both women said that watching the presidential debate on sunday was infuriating, especially this moment. >> just for the record, though, you saying that what you said on that bus 11 years ago, that you did not actually kiss women without consent or grope women without consent? >> i great respect for women. nobody has more respect for women than i do. >> so for the record you're saying you never did that? >> frankly, you hear these things said. and i was embarrassed by it. but i have tremendous respect for women. >> have you ever done those things? >> and women have respect for me. and i will tell you, no, i have not. >> in a telephone interview with "the new york times," donald trump said none of this ever took place. shouting at the times reporter who was questioning him.
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he said that the times was making up the allegations to hurt him, and that he would the news organization if it reported them. you are a disgusting human being, he told the reporter, as she questioned him about the women's claims. asked whether he had ever done any of the kissing or groping that he had described on the "access hollywood" video, mr. trump was once again insistent, i don't do it, i don't do it. it was locker room talk. rachel crooks started working for the company in trump tower shortly after donald trump married his third and current wife. there are a few more so-called surprises in this category today. mindy mcgillvray told the post all of the sudden i felt a little nudge. i turned around and there is donald. he sort of looked away quickly. i quickly turned back, facing ray charles, and i'm stunned. she was describing an event at
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mar el lago in florida where she was working as a photographer's assistant. ray charles was performing. tasha dixon, a contestant in the 2001 miss teen, let me say that again, miss teen usa pageant said this today about donald trump. >> he just came strolling right in. there was no second to put a robe on or any sort of clothing or something. some girls were topless. other girls were naked. to have the owner come waltzing in when we're naked or half naked in a very physically vulnerable position, and then to have the pressure of the people that work for him telling us to go fawn all over him. >> and tonight robert costa is reporting from "washington post" that donald trump intends to make good on his threat to "the new york times." he says that donald trump's lawyers are drafting a lawsuit against "the new york times" that could be announced at any moment. and nancy giles, a lawsuit that
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i assure you is 100% frivolous, having read "the new york times" report. this is litigious donald trump threatening lawsuits. he has threatened to sue me. he threatens to sue anybody who says anybody about him. he splay to do the lawsuit this time as a campaign stunt to get him through the next 30 days. >> absolutely. >> to pretend there is something to actually contest here. >> it's not that weird that there is so much talk that is out there that is attributed to him, whether it's the tape that was released, the big bombshell last week, or even listening to his howard stern interviews and how he describes the exact same thing as these poor kids, these teenaged girls describe. it's not even -- i don't know how you deny something that they have tape of you saying, except i sort of watched that candidate doing that repeatedly. as if you're not seeing what you have seen and you haven't heard what you heard. it's like seinfeld's bizarro world. i don't get it. >> we're also joined tonight by
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maria teresa kumar and ana marie cox. anna marie, donald trump told a lie in the middle of his response to anderson cooper when he said no, i don't actually do these things. he felt compelled to tell the lie, no one respects women more than i do. so there is a pathological liar publicly laying down a lie right in the middle of his answer. >> yeah, you know, i -- the term gas lighting has come up a lot in this campaign to describe what trump does when he just directly contradicts something that we have evidence for him doing. i'd like to point out that's something that abusers do a lot. i'm not saying he is one necessarily. but that technique of just saying, no no, no, that didn't happen is something that people do when they're trying to psychologically abuse somebody. and i feel a little bit, i can say that i feel like the nation feel a little bit psychologically abused by trump. i mean, i think this is pretty incredible stuff. i know that we're, you know, it
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still sort of seems like a he said-she said in a way. but these women did tell people contemporaneously what happened. we also have a pattern of behavior from trump that is pretty clear. the thing about these october surprise series that they're not surprising at all. >> right. donald trump issued a statement tonight in which he said the campaign anyway said to reach back decades -- this, by the way, please listen to every word of this. this is so ironic in light of what the trump campaign has been up to. to reach back decades in an attempt to smear mr. trump trivialized sexual assault. and it sets a new low for where the media is willing to go in its efforts to determine this election. maria teresa, that's the guy who reached back decades sunday night to invite women from decades ago in bill clinton's life to the debate. tonight the trump campaign says you must never, ever reach back decades. >> well, and he did it purposely
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to intimidate and humiliate his opponent in the most grossest of ways. because she could not control what happened 30 years ago that had nothing to do with her but her husband. that's what is absolutely obscene. but what donald trump has, his hardest part is actually taking ownership of when he does something wrong. the fact that we have types of him, decades long tapes of him going on howard stern, degrading women constantly, even making fun of how he actually can interact with his own daughter can make us feel uncomfortable. this is a pattern. this is who he is. if americans want to vote for him, let's be clear. this is the person who he there. is no plan b and there is no other donald trump. this is the person that we are seeing every single day. and most recently, lawrence, i think you saw he was at a pennsylvania rally, and he said look, you know that i'm a snake. you voted me in. you nominated me. so he knows who he is. and now he realizes that it's women who are going to get him to the white house. i said this before. it's going to be ironic that now
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we have muslim american military family that is going bring him down. we have a latina beauty queen that is going to bring him down and women are going to bring him down. >> i want to read another piece of the statement because it is just breathtaking. he says it is absurd to think that one of the most recognizable business leaders on the planet with a strong record of empowering women in his companies would do the things alleged in this story. and nancy giles, this is the campaign that firmly believes catherine willie's story about bill clinton in the white house when he was rather recognizable as president of the united states. >> oh, yeah. >> if you're going with the unrecognizable guy won't do this theory, how do you explain what they're saying about bill clinton every day? >> you don't. because it doesn't make sense and it doesn't follow any kind of logic. i guess roger ailes could say the same thing about his network where he employees a lot of women and he is also -- you know, it brings up a couple of things for me. and i want to echo something maria teresa said.
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and that's how gross it is he tries to conflate his action was bill clinton's. i am in no way condoning anything bill clinton did. but hillary is the candidate. and there is something kind of sexist about him kind of bypassing her and going to bill as if there is anything going there that can balance his reckless actions. anybody that watches "law & order" knows that if you're a defense attorney, you're going to defend even people that have done horrible things. so what is he trying to say about hillary? he's got nothing to say about her, and any kind of actions she might have done that are equating to what he did. >> everyone should be reading this "new york times" piece tonight or tomorrow. but i want to read one passage of it. because it takes you into the life of someone who has this kind of thing happen to them. this is rachel crooks. and it's her boyfriend at the time who is describing what he came home to that night. he said i asked how was your day, mr. hackenberg recalled. she paused for a second and then
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started hysterically crying. after ms. crooks described her experience with mr. trump, she and mr. hackenberg discussed what to do. i think that what was more upsetting than him kissing her is she felt she couldn't do anything to him because of his position, he said. she was 22. she was a secretary. it was her first job out of college. i remember her saying i can't do anything to this guy because he's donald trump. and anna marie, that is one of the looks inside one of these horrible stories. >> i mean, i don't know where to begin. you brought me back, quite honestly. i mean, i have to say, i am very concerned for a lot of women out there. because i was brought back by that statement by something that happened to me when i was a young woman. i would be so shocked if the other two women you're speaking to haven't had something similar happen to them. something like that happened to me when i was young and i couldn't do anything about it. that is what happens to women. that is why this is so
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preposterous that if donald trump wants to go to war on this, this is such a different animal than what happened with bill clinton. for one thing, as we are saying, bill clinton is not running for office. for the other thing, donald trump is a predator. he is a predator who thinks that his so-called celebrity can allow him to do anything. there are women that want to show that's not possible there are women that want to say, no it doesn't allow you to do anything, and i'm going to show you by voting against you. >> what -- >> i just want to follow up one thing with anna marie, and then i'll come to you. i want to hear you all on this particular point that i'm about to ask. i want to go, anna marie, to this perception that mr. hackenberg, that her boyfriend had at the time. it was his perception in the passage i just read that he felt that she was more upset, more upset by the feeling of powerlessness after the fact than the actual moment in his company. >> i think that describes
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perfectly what happens for woman when this happens. in the moment, you actually have some physical agency unless it's somebody a lot bigger than you, which does happen. but you can kind of turn away run away. it's afterwards when you realize you can't do anything about it and if it happens again you also can't do anything about it. this is toxic. this is completely toxic for trump's campaign. he will not recover from this. >> maria teresa, please go ahead. >> this is the silver lining. people across the country are having these conversations with their husbands, with their spourks with their sons. these are the limitation. this is when you have to have consent. this is the only thing i think will actually bring to the top how pervasive this is in our culture, and the fact that no one is going to be getting away with it is i think fantastic. i have to applaud the athletes. the athletes have come out and said this is not wanter in the locker room. this is not acceptable. you actually see men coming forward and saying we have to stop this and making sure that women feel safe in their own
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agency. >> i have appreciated that so much, hearing the athletes saying what we talk about in the locker rooms are stocks and bonds. >> right. >> what the traffic was like on the way to work. and i also have to say how much i really hate that part of what is being said by his campaign is these aren't matters that interest women. this isn't what is important. women want jobs. yeah, they want jobs, but they want to feel safe in the workplace. they want equal pay, and they don't want to feel like someone in authority can bully them or sexual assault or harass them. so this is one of the most important things i think, one of the most important issues facing this country and facing the world, frankly. so i'm glad that it's getting out there and getting some steam. >> we have a lot of video to get to tonight, and a lot of ground to cover. so we're going to have to go to a break in a moment. i just want to -- nancy has made the point that on howard stern, donald trump, and we don't have the time to play this right now. we're going to play it later in the show. donald trump bragged about the fact that he owns the beauty pageants and the teenage girl beauty pageants allows him to
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walk into the dressing room whenever he wants, to and he picks the time to walk in there that is most exploitive. and ana marie, we have that on video. that's another donald trump confession on video that he is joking about with howard stern, that he never thought was going to come back to him in his life. but there is the confession already on video for what he is accused of tonight. >> yeah, there it is. this is a pattern for him not just in the way he talks about women, but the way he talks about almost everyone. i know you have been very observant about this. probably the other women on this panel have been observant. he exploits whoever he can when he can. he thinks less of people who are not as powerful as him. that means women, minorities, people who are disabled. he manipulates and controls whoever he can. and he thinks he can get away with it. i think the stern stuff is just another sign of him thinking he get away with it. he was so open with stern because he thought it didn't matter. he thought his power and his celebrity and his money would
7:19 pm
allow him to say whatever he wanted. >> go ahead, maria. >> he also -- and it's not just women and minorities and people of color. it's also small businessmen. >> right. >> anybody he feels that he can trample with and basically get away with it. there was a piece where a man who sold him $100,000 worth of pianos and came back and said sorry, i'm just going to give you 70,000. the idea that he is above the law. he understands tax code enough to write these things off is really -- it's not only unappealing. wait a second, you have learned how to play the system so well that you feel you don't have to be accountable to anybody. i think that this 18-month cathartic exercise we've been doing with donald trump is actually very good. because we actually now can have conversations on when people talk about white male privilege, he is the epitome of that. nobody else would be able to get away with what he is doing. >> hillary clinton is taking the stage in las vegas. we will go to her as she gets into that speech. but i just want the make the
7:20 pm
point, nancy, that donald trump has always thought this is funny. that's what you see on the tape with billy bush. it's funny. he thought it was funny with howard stern. >> and it's not funny. to echo what ana marie just said, not only it is not funny, but it's rude. it's disgusting. and he has gotten away with it. that's the thing. he continues to get away with it. so i think it encourages him to exhibit the same behavior as he gets way with it again and again and again. and it is not locker room talk. as if even if it was just talk, it wasn't a painful, horrible thing to lobby at someone. but locker rooms across the country have said nah-ah, we don't talk about that. >> i was in a lot of sports. i have never heard anybody, and i know a bunch of crude guys. and i have never heard anybody brag about sexual assault, ever, nothing like what that guy was talking about on that bus.
7:21 pm
and the -- rush limbaugh today discovered that the problem -- and he really did discover this today. he said the problem is consent. ana marie, he said the only thing liberals care about in terms of sexual behavior is consent, that liberals are okay with everything else, as long as it's consenting adults. and rush limbaugh didn't realize that yes, that is correct that is precisely the position. as rush is thinking there are all these other things that should be condemned like homosexuality and all these other things, the only things they seem to care about is sent. >> and he was offended. i. >> i think and there is a silver lining here. i remember i actually heard rush
7:22 pm
limbaugh say that live. i happened to be somewhere where he was on. he did say this in this astonished voice. another person could read that same statement much as you did and it's a statement. whereas he was shocked by it. >> it's really stunning. nancy giles, maria teresa kumar and ana marie cox, thank you all for joining us. i appreciate it. >> thank you, lawrence. >> we're going to continue monitor hillary clinton at that speech in las vegas, and continue with more of our guests joining us. i think he is a very dangerous man for the next three or four weeks. those interest words of the reporter who has been covering donald trump longer than anyone else. wayne barrett was the first reporter to take on the myth of donald trump in "the village voice" way back in the 1970s. donald trump tried to stop wayne barrett every way he could think of, including trying to bribe him and threaten him. but wayne barrett stayed on the trump beat and paved the way for so much of the investigative journalism that has been done on
7:23 pm
donald trump since then. we're joined now exclusively by wayne barrett, the author of "trump: the greatest show on earth, the deals, the down fall, the reinvention." also joining us david corn and msnbc political analyst. wayne, i've been wanting to talk to you about this for a long time. and just the simple question. as donald trump said or done anything in the last year of this campaign that has surprised you? >> grabbing the pussy surprised me. even those words come out of his mouth. and i was a little stunned by that, lawrence. it's great to be here with you. certainly the stories of today do not surprise me. this ability to roam the earth looking for someone to grab is not surprising at all, but saying i grabbed them by the pussy, that surprised me.
7:24 pm
>> and wayne, you knew him and were covering him before his big rise to fame, and certainly before he had his own tv show. do you sense that giving donald trump his own tv show, that was a kind of heroin for him, that it took all of his worst traits and amplified them? >> yes. i think his worst trait obviously he objectifies women. but what he really has done is objectify himself. that's why he talks about himself like trump. trump did this, trump did that. the process of objectifying yourself is totally connected to the camera. because that's his -- that's his lifeline. and i really think that one of the reasons he tweets at 3:00 a.m. is because there is no camera around to talk to. so the camera has become -- the camera has become his lifeline.
7:25 pm
and he has turned himself into an object, which is basically the great story of his life. d it's -- it's as if he is so disconnected from human emotion other than anger, he is so disconnected from human any form, including the children. i mean "art of the deal" he mentions them once in his first memoir. tony schwartz who wrote it said they were never around and he never talked about them and never interacted with them. of course they didn't live with them. ivanka was 8 when they moved out. and yet he gets great credit for raising these kids. but they haven't been close to until they could make money in his company. and so i think that the disconnect between him and the
7:26 pm
life most of us live is really profound and deep. >> and i want to bring david corn in for a second. david, i just wanted to read a report from bloomberg today that says bannon, steve bannon told trump staffers according to advisers who are present, this has nothing to do with consensual sexual affairs and infidelity. this is bill clinton. we're going turn bill clinton into bill cosby, meaning that's why they're not using any of the women who were allegedly involved in consensual affairs with bill clinton. they are simply using the ones who say that bill clinton behaved with them the way donald trump admits to behaving on that "access hollywood" video. >> you know, i was talking to some trump people over the weekend before the new allegations emerged. and we were just talking about the video. and they said trump has only one play, to go nuclear.
7:27 pm
and the interesting thing to me is the only nuclear play that they saw was attacking bill clinton for behavior from 20, 30, 40 years ago that had been reported, litigated, that, you know, only marginally is connected to anything you can say about hillary clinton when you had to know, this is not a surprise that donald trump was as vulnerable or somewhat is vulnerable on this front. even before these women came out. there have been already cases that had been published in the guardian, the "new york times" and elsewhere where these allegations against donald trump. and i think wayne makes a great point about trump objectifying himself. trump is a commodity. he is a brand. he is not a human being in a lot of ways it seems. and that's how he has been selling himself. and he seems oblivious to anything that goes on in the world outside of his own concern with his own brand, his own
7:28 pm
commoditification. and therefore i could easily see him running to wage the very type of attack that he would be vulnerable. to one last point. i wrote a story a couple of months ago that he -- that people around him in the start of his campaign wanted to have a vetting of him. have opposition research conducted on trump, which is kind of common for most national campaigns. he said no. now we know why. >> wayne, i have to say, you know -- sorry. we're going go live to hillary clinton now, her speech. >> well, he has doubled down. he doubled down on his excuse that it's just locker room talk, and i got to tell you, after he said that in the last debate, the most amazing thing happened. athletes and coaches started speaking out. from the nba, from major league
7:29 pm
baseball, from the nfl. they're coming forward and saying hey, not in our locker rooms. that's not what happens. but he is not just insulted women. he is an equal opportunity insulter. he has insulted everybody. he insulted a distinguished federal judge who was born in indiana, and he said well, he couldn't be trusted to be a judge because his parents came from mexico. he has targeted immigrants, african americans, latinos, people with disabilities. he has targeted p.o.w.s and muslims. he has also targeted our military. he has called our military a disaster. now how can you be the commander in chief if you don't respect the men and women who serve in the united states military? i think he has shown us who he is.
7:30 pm
now the question for all of us is who we are, right? what are we going to do to show -- >> i want to go back to wayne barrett as hillary clinton continues her speech there in las vegas. wayne, a point i wanted to make is i had consistently predicted that donald trump would not run for president. and i was right every time, except the last time. and the reason i was saying that is that i had been reading your reporting of back i guess when i just got out of high school. and all the reporting about donald trump in the meantime. and i saw what was there. and just your reporting alone is an opposition file unlike we've ever seen on a presidential candidate. and i just -- i know donald trump knows that it's out there. i just couldn't imagine him leaping into this. were you surprised that he decided to run for president finally? >> yes, i was. but keep in mind even when this video emerged, part of the trump defense has been well, he wasn't
7:31 pm
running for president. >> yeah, yeah. >> and so he said and did reckless things. in fact, he ran for president for four months in 2000. roger stone ran that campaign. he tried to get the reform party line. he pulled out. and as i wrote in the book in 1988, he was flirting with it. he referred to marla as his southern strategy. he didn't think ivana would be presentable in a national campaign. and he thought that marla maples could help him carry the south. patiently he doesn't need marla to carry the south now. race will do it for him. but he has been talking about this, thinking about this. roger stone, who has been with him for 30 some years the night he was nominated, posted that this was a celebration of over 30 years of work together. and so they've been thinking
7:32 pm
about this. and yet he would still behave while he was considering being a presidential candidate most of his adult life, he would still behave in this totally reckless way. >> wayne barrett, thank you very much for joining us tonight. i really appreciate it. really appreciate your perspective on donald trump. and david corn, thank you for joining us also. >> sure. >> really appreciate it. we're going to stay monitoring hillary clinton's speech. i think we're going to squeeze in a break here. and we'll be right back. ces in y life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthmcontrol medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rese inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose
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we're continuing to monitor hillary clinton's speech in las vegas. these are her first public remarks since the new allegations have come up tonight against donald trump. the behavior that donald trump admitted to on the "access hollywood" video that appeared on friday is tonight being corroborated by several home with have come forward today to say that he did indeed touch them and kiss them without their consent. let's take a look at what donald trump admitted to in that "access hollywood" video. >> use tic tacs in case i start kissing her. i'm automatically attracted to beautiful. i just start kissing them. it's like a magnet. you just kiss. and when you're a star, they let you do it. you can do anything. >> whatever you want. >> grab them by the [ bleep ]. do anything.
7:37 pm
>> joining us now, michael steele, former chairman of the republican national committee and an msnbc analyst. also with us tim miller, a member of the never trump movement and a former communications director for jeb bush's 2016 campaign. gentlemen, i'd like to listen to what is now a more relevant tape than it was even yesterday. and that is we're going to hear donald trump with howard stern admitting that he does indeed when he owned those beauty pageants and the teenaged beauty pageants, he would indeed walk in deliberately on the girls when he knew they were undressed. let's listen to this. >> well, i'll tell you the funniest is that i'll go backstage before a show and everyone is getting dressed and ready and everywhere else. and you know, no men are anywhere. i'm allowed to go because i'm the own over the pageant. i'm inspecting it. is everyone okay? they're standing there with no clothes. is everybody okay? and you see these incredible
7:38 pm
looking women. and so i sort of get away with things like that. >> michael steele, it's only october 12th. >> yeah. >> which means we don't yet know what the october 13th surprises are or the 14th or the 15th. >> yeah. no, there is clearly a lot more to come. there as you noted earlier, lawrence, a long history here that has been reported on. and now in light of these new accusations as well as what we got from last friday, i think this funnel opens up. and it's a huge, huge problem for the party. it is a huge problem for the campaign. there is no walking around this gingerly. there is no putting a good face on it. this has been dealt with, confronted directly. and i don't know how this party or the campaign does that. >> i just want to play something john boehner said earlier this evening where he basically was
7:39 pm
on fox news saying he didn't see how this could get worse. let's listen to this. >> what more could be said? in this election cycle than has already been said? >> so you seem to think that we kind of already know what donald trump is all about, and that nothing further could come out that would make any difference? >> it can't be any worse, could it? >> well, that's a good question. what do you think? >> i don't think so. >> and tim miller, that was minutes before "the new york times" posted this story tonight of these two women coming forward saying yes, he did to us what he says he did on that "access hollywood" video. >> i love speaker boehner, but this line of thinking was way, way too common within the party. and donald trump told us all we needed to know last year. the very first question of the very first debate was megyn kelly to donald trump going through all of the nasty,
7:40 pm
demeaning, harsh, cruel comments he had said about women over the course of his life. and obviously worse and lower comments have come to light since then. but we knew that. and a lot of washington leaders, including speaker boehner unfortunately said oh, ted cruz is the devil. he can't be that much worse than ted cruz. now we're stuck with this guy. and it's a major, major problem for our party. and it's going to be something we have to rebuild from for years to come. >> gentlemen, if you can bear with me, we want to try to fix our break structure here. so we're going work in a quick break here. we went quite a distance without a commercial earlier. a quick break here. we're going to continue to monitor hillary clinton's speech in las vegas. we will come back to that if she responds to in any way to the news about donald trump tonight. we'll be back with michael steele and a tim miller after this break. mom,
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tonight, this time from "people" magazine. "people" magazine has a report on a december 2005 incident involving a "people" magazine writer natasha stoinoff. she is driving what it was like for her when she was working on a story in 2005 that brought her to mar el lago and donald trump. there came a moment where she found herself alone in a room with donald trump. "people" magazine carries this account from natasha stoinoff breaking what happened. she said we walked into that room alone and trump shut the front door behind us. i turned around and within seconds he was pushing me against the wall and forcing his tongue down my throat. i was stunned and i was grateful when trump's long-time butler burst into the room a minute
7:45 pm
later as i tried to unpin myself. the butler informed us that melania would be down momentarily. and it was time to resume the interview. we're back now with maria teresa kumar who has rejoinedteresa, w the october 12th surprises continue almost by the minute. here is "people" magazine, obviously this has been a legally vetted, carefully legally vetted report. they would not publish it without that. reporting that this reporter alone with donald trump at mar el lago with melania his wife upstairs, and donald trump shut the door behind us. i turned around, and within seconds he was pushing me against the wall and forcing his tongue down my throat. that is precisely what he said
7:46 pm
to billy bush was his modus operandi. >> it's what he tried to do with the woman on the airplane and the receptionist. this is clearly a pattern. but your just reading that statement, lawrence was gut-wrenching. i can't imagine any viewer right now not even in tears or feeling uncomfortable. he is taking us to a very dark place. and the fact that these women are sharing their bravery with us of sexual assault, i have to applaud them. because it's something that cannot be easy. and it's finally giving voice to so many people out there that feel that they have been alone for so long. and i feel that this is we're on october 12. but not only is this a pattern, but i can expect more. and hopefully things that are not more ruthless on his ability to prey on women. >> and i just want to read another passage in this. it's a long report. i just want to stress, this is
7:47 pm
"people" magazine. that means this has been vetted by very high powered corporate lawyers who know exactly where the libel laws protect them and where they don't. they are lawyers completely unwilling to take the slightest risk with this kind of report. she says that an hour later, i was back at my hotel. my shock began to wear off and was replaced by anger. i kept thinking why didn't i slug him? >> ana marie was saying the same things. when women get into places where they're vulnerable, you end up feeling that you did something wrong. and that is precisely what a predator wants you to do. that's about what someone that basically practices sexual assault wants you to do. but again, i cannot put my arms around any republican that can possibly stand by his side. this is not leadership if they continue feeding this monster
7:48 pm
and saying he is okay and fit to be president. the fact that he preys on the most vulnerable, that he encounters, you can only imagine what he would do not only to the rest of the country, but now the world. there was -- j.r.rowling said a tweety she did want his hand on the nuclear weapons and someone said but you're not an american. >> but i'm the world. a country which is incredibly diverse, which thrives on entrepreneurship and thought and differences. >> a loug someone who has clearly shown his stripes to us from the very beginning to come in and try to basically distort and destroy our balance of power. he has been a ruthless going more recently as you mentioned earlier, threatening "the new york times" for suing him on a story that is clearly increasingly validated, being a predator towards women. the fact that he went after a
7:49 pm
federal judge saying that once he is in office, he would basically strip him from his judgeship, and going after hillary clinton saying if he wins that she is basically going to be put in prison for a political opponent. this is not america. this is much more closely tactics that you see in russia. and something of a dictator such as putin that many folks in russia would agree than something that is done by a person running a country that has checks and balances, that has a judicial branch, that has a congressional branch, and that has the oval office. >> and anna ma marie, there is here about this reporter's reaction to this natasha stoinov is her name. and i just wanted to read some of it. it's too difficult to read some of it. she said why didn't i slug him. why couldn't i say anything? the next morning anger became fear. i had been up all night worrying about this.
7:50 pm
and ana marie cox, the pain that's being expressed in the aftermath of these incidents is so deep. and it's hard to read. oh, we don't have ana marie cox. nancy giles here with news the studio. this is the part where you've seen me trying to read this. it isn't easy. >> it's awful, it's awful. as woman who has grown up in new york and has lived through kind of rude things that guys can sometimes say in the street, construction workers, being on a packed subway and feeling somebody pressing up against you, they're bad enough. what these women are describing is just god awful. and, you know, i can only repeat and agree with what the other two women on the panel have said. it almost doesn't seem like america. you wonder how somebody that started his campaign with such horrible things said about mexicans and the accusations, the claims that all black people are dodging bullets and living
7:51 pm
in hell and taking a judge, with his own ego and his own remarks kind of coming back to choke him, it's almost shakespearean because his ego in the end and his need to be on tv and on the radio and throughout and publicized, and a big important person, those are the exact words that are going to come back. and actions i think will haunt him. >> we're to be take a break. we're waiting for donald trump's threat to sue "people" magazine over this report. he has already threatened to sue "the new york times." "the times" article, the "people" article, those articles are vetted by the very best lawyers that exist in this country. the likelihood of there being an opening for a libel suit against either one of these articles is very unlikely. we'll be right back.
7:52 pm
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tonight's breaking news, the latest breaking news. the scathing report from "people" magazine about donald trump's conduct with a "people" reporter in 2005 includes this
7:55 pm
statement from an unnamed spokesperson of the trump campaign saying, quote, this never happened. there is no merit or veracity to this fictional story. why wasn't this reported at the time? mr. trump was the biggest star on television, and surely this would have been a far bigger scoop for "people" magazine. she alleges this took place in a public space with people around. this is nothing but politically motivated pile-on fiction. of course there is a lie in the trump statement. she does not say it took place in a public place. she specifically describes the door being closed. and no spokesperson at the trump campaign has any authoritative capacity to say, nancy giles, this never happened. >> how do you know? you weren't there. you know what i think has really brought it out is there he was at the debate, asked specifically about this. and at the debate, with millions of people watching on
7:56 pm
television, he said he never did it. and i think for anyone who was in a situation where he did grab or grope or anything like that, it must have been like a slap in the face. like the whole thing being experienced again. and i think that's why you're going to have more and more people coming out saying this happened to me. >> tim miller still with us, republican campaign professional. tim, is there anything they won't do for money over there at trump tower? is there anyone on that payroll of the trump campaign that when they read a story like this refuses to say this never happened? is there anyone there who knows none of them have the moral authority to make that statement? >> no. look, with the exception of one or two people, all these folks were hired after the convention this summer. kellyanne conway is the third campaign manager. she saw all of the op about donald trump over the last year. she saw all the nasty comments he made about women. she saw all the nasty comments he made about the disableded and hispanics and veterans.
7:57 pm
all of these people are completely, you know, in league with him and enabling him. so now they're going to have to spend the next 27 days either in hiding or continuing to put out statements like the one that you just read that lies and defends him. i don't understand what they get out of it at this point. >> michael steele, i guess there is just a template over there for this never happened press release to put out for whatever the next accusation is that comes out. >> well, yeah. they're kind of used to it by now. kind of roll it off the desk and put it out there. you know, that statement i suspect probably came probably from trump himself to say it, even though it was anonymously given. that's how they can say that. but the fact of the matter is this is just the beginning of the floodgates. you put it i think very aptly, lawrence. you know, what is tomorrow, the 13th going to offer us?
7:58 pm
what is going to be the surprise on the 14th? this is not a good space for anybody in the country. it's particularly the party in this campaign. someone is going to have to put an end to it. and the only person who can do that is donald trump. >> and david corn, any other women out there who had been thinking about maybe telling their stories when they see other women coming out, that can only be possibly an encouragement or possibly give them the sensation that, well, at least they're not alone if they do tell this story? >> every reporter who has worked on the trump beat the last year has gotten tips and leads about women and this sort of treatment. it's not a secret. and as we've seen in the bill cosby case, the once people start coming forward, there tends to be more, not less of that. but i got to say for all those republicans out there, anybody who may be surprised, this guy for years has shown his
7:59 pm
misogynistic, racist, bullying, bigoted side. so a person like that engaging in this sort of behavior really comes as nothing other than in keeping with everything we know about him for years. and so all those conservatives who are still on the trump train and the people in congress, you guys knew. you gals knew. and there is absolutely no excuse. i salute people like tim miller. i disagree with him on almost everything else for knowing that character counts and you can see what type of guy trump was from a mile away. >> maria teresa, let me get a quick last word from you on this. >> i think it's exactly what david corn is saying. how can we as americans actually stand by and allow this person basically a free pass? every single woman that is coming out, if you notice, it's the exact same pattern. and my hope is that those women keep coming out and that they're brave and they keep having these conversations. but also we recently did a -- posted something on voto latino
8:00 pm
on the stress that donald trump is causing school children. and that is a very real sense that he is not just toxic for adults, but he is definitely basically creating bullies in the schoolroom, in the classroom as well. ste michael steele, david corn, thank you all for joining us, msnbc's breaking news coverage continues with brian williams, brian williams is live and it is next. we have breaking news at the 11th hour, donald trump now facing more inaappropriate contact with women and also hearing from a former miss usa contestant and how hillary clinton campaigning tonight in las vegas will handle


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