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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  October 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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contestant and how hillary clinton campaigning tonight in las vegas will handle these new allegations. the 11th hour begins now. >> good evening from our headquarters here in new york with 26 days remaining until the election again tonight we come on the air with breaking news and again tonight it pertains to are republican nominee donald trump, "the new york times" comes out with two more women who claim they were kissed or groped by donald trump. his comments like with howard stern and allegations coming from allegedly three miss usa contestants, the accounts appear
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to be a he said she said, we have david rascone who is covering the tramp campaign in florida. >> reporter: the latest in a flurry of accusations about donald trump. bombshells that appear to contradict really happened. one woman claims she sat next to him on an airplane in the 1980s. >> it was like he was an octopus, when he started putting his hand up my skirt, that was it. that was it. >> reporter: the second woman rachel crook says she met him in 2005.
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they took hands but mr. trump would not let go. instead he kissed me and the cheek and then kissed me directly on the mouth. it felt like a violation. >> the trump campaign is firing back and the attempt to smear mr. trump trivializes sexual assault and determines a new low for this direction. and contradictions to what he said sunday night. >> are you saying 11 years ago that you did not actually kiss women without consent or grope women without consent. >> i have great respect for women. >> so for the record you never did that?
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>> frankly, you hear these things, i said i was embarrassed by it but i have tremendous respect for women and women have tremendous respect for me. >> have you ever done it? >> no, i have not. >> a former miss utah in the pageant donald trump owned. she says he kissed her but that it didn't feel like an assault but did catch her off guard. >> my dad was really confident and he introduced himself first and then introduced me and it's at that time that he turned to me and embraced me and gave me a kiss on the lips and i would have thought i would have shook somebody's hand and i remember feeling embarrassed and like turn my mouth like what just happened. when i first heard the leach tape it's very unsettling and i
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have a daughter now and i don't want to get emotional because yeah, it's really hard because you think of sending your little daughter out there with men that think like that and i'm sorry i'm getting emotional, but yeah, you look at your sweet little innocent daughter and you just think this is the world i'm raising her in and this is the type of men that exist out there and you think if this is somebody that -- sorry -- if this is somebody that could potentially become president of the united states -- >> reporter: she's not the only woman from the trump's pageant world is speaking out. tasha dixon told a los angeles television station she thinks he owned pageants to be close to beautiful women. >> we were half naked changing
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into our bikinis when we're naked or half naked in a very vulnerable position and then have the people that work for him to fondle all over him go up to him talk to him. >> reporter: he referenced himself in 2005 on "the howard stern show." >> everyone is getting dressed and ready and everything else and no men are anywhere and i'm allowed to go in because i'm the owner of the pageant. i'm inspecting it. >> you're like a doctor. >> yeah, is everyone okay? is everybody okay? and you see these incredible looking women, and so i sort of get away with things like that. >> reporter: and four from 1997 miss teen usa, they spoke to 15 women, 11 of them don't remember
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trump coming into the changing room. also today two more women former miss washington and one from florida say trump groped them too, the trump campaign has not specifically addressed these allegations but -- this kind of behavior. >> that was jacob rascon. donald trump just responded to one woman you just heard speak, temple ta gert saying "i don't know anything about her, i don't even know who she is, she claims this took place in a public area, i emphatically deny thisry -- this ridiculous story." with us by telephone this evening a reporter who has done
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essential work this cycle, robert costa national political reporter with the washington post, both of course are msnbc political analysts and robert we'll start with you with the kind of blanket warning to cover our conversation tonight that the standard in this country is innocent until proven guilty. what was the reaction when you were able to reach inside the trump campaign tonight. >> reporter: it's a chaotic moment. he is in miami. most of his inner circle is in new york. trump right now is actively considering filing a lawsuit against "the new york times" considering further litigation against other news organizations. nothing yet has been filed but the discussions are on going late tonight. trump has said per two people close to him i've spoken with to be furious behind the scenes --
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furious behind the scenes and steve bannon want to "go to war "with the media and the republicans. but the one who remains very close to him republican national chair committee reince priebus he is working with him as the whole scene unfolds. >> speaking of that wider gop, robert, as you know there were some republican politicians today who leaned back in p having previously said they unendorse, they don't support anymore, today was the day and this was reflected in several publications some of them came back to the trump campaign. is this going to mean a second unendorsement? >> reporter: we're seeing a flurry of these reversions,
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mostly because there's been a blowback for those who have unendorsed trump because trump still has as a lot of hold on them. and paul ryan he had a conference call with donors at 9:00 tonight to talk to them and hear some of their frustrations at the highest level of the donor class, so you're seeing it from some donors and goes all the way down to grassroots. >> all right. stay with us, nicole, you're reaction? >> you know, i talked to two folks inside the trump inner circle, both of them in new york trying to figure out how to respond and i think it's more than likely that he is going to war with "the new york times," right now he's in a hot war against hillary clinton, against bill clinton and his trespasses of the 90s, against all of the media and against the republican
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party, so you know it's an interesting reaction. i'm not sure that he has as a lot of other options. i would say that our culture, our media culture is different as a result of the cosby case and the way the cosby accusers were -- our legal system is that you are innocent until proven guilty but when you have to pick a president in 27 days, the reality is you're making a character judgment about these candidates. i think when someone confesses -- if you put donald trump's statement to billy bush confessing to you can call it sexual aggression, and then half a dozen women coming out describing a very aggressive sexual behavior it's hard to call all of them liars. >> when do we reach toxicity? >> we are already there. we are choking on it. i think it's ludicrous that people are almost like speed
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dating i'm in i'm in and out. this is not about the harm on the republican party, this is about the harm on the republican party on the women voters, this is someone who brags about being a sexual aggressor, i think the damage and stain on the gop is lost and long. the notion of suing "the new york times," their editor put out a statement saying it was a work of journalism, lawsuits are launched in the absolute of proving innocence and sometimes launched in anger, do you have anything more on that? >> reporter: yes, trump has often threatened lawsuits and
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not actually followed through with lawsuits so tonight we're hearing about the threat of lawsuits and it's important to know that trump told "the new york times" that he would sue them, but what's happening in trump tower and down in miami is do they actually pull the trigger not just with the lawyers but with the party leader reince priebus. filing for tomorrow, robert costa the washington post. thank you so much. since we have arrived in the studio, there has been another story that dropped in news parlance in people magazine authored by a writer for people magazine who speaks about a 2005 incident at mar-a-largo, her name is natasha stoynoff, during
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the tour of the home "we walked into the room alone, trump closed the door and within seconds he was pushing me against the wall and forcing his tongue down my throat. i was stunned and i was grateful when trump's long-time butler burst into the room a minute later as i tried to unpin myself. this writer ends her piece with for the record, mr. trump, i did not consent." >> on the website site of people magazine by one of its journalist, we want to bring in a.j. delgado. a.j. you have the task of issuing the first defense and what is your reaction and defense to these varied charges we've laid out tonight? >> i'm quite angry to read about
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them. not only do i find them credible i'll explain why but angry on a personal level having to been around mr. trump gotten to know mr. trump, somebody who has experienced racism, i was drawn to his candidacy in elevating women in the work place, that really touched me but having gotten to know him knowing there are women smearing him with these false allegations is something that angers me on a personal level. as a woman sexual assault having experienced it myself is a very, very serious matter and to trivialize it it is downright sickening, for america, not just mr. trump, but america when we are trivializing sexual assault in this way.
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>> is his answer to anderson cooper, does that still hold tonight in light of these new allegations? >> absolutely it is. i do not find these allegations credible whatsoever. i understand that women may not always come forward when sexual assault occurs however i find it a bit odd for instance "the new york times" story this woman that said he had fondled her in a very aggressive horrible manner in the middle of a flight an she did not even report to the authorities but even to the airline itself, that simply boggles the mind that's just not an instance of coming from well maybe she didn't feel comfortable reporting that and also you notice at the piece "the new york times" at the bottom happens to mention both of the women cited are hillary clinton supporters and hillary
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clinton donors so forgive me if i find that a little bit dubious, i grew up with juanita broaddrick stories and the media taught me these are just words, allegations, he said, she said and i'm wondering why the media who never believes juanita and not believe hillary clinton victims or bill clinton's victims, i wish somebody could explain that to me growing up being told well, it's just allegations. >> well, part of -- i also want to alert folks we'll be going an hour because of this but part of your conversation will be about ken star and those years and those women and those allegations. a.j., are you worried about such as it is the support from the gop even though you're candidate this week has said it's only so
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important to him? >> no. i think the gop knows that the american voter, especially the working women voter, is looking at mr. trump's record and policy platform, i known when i cast my vote i'm voting for who is best for my family and put more money in my pocketbook and not be caught up in the tabloid stories. listen, you might not like these stories, you might have a doubt as to whether they could possibly be true, i don't, i can understand how some might, but that shouldn't really make a difference at the end of the day and affect you with the candidate with the right policy, because voters in america are smarter than that and better than that including women like myself. >> the control room is going to kill me, are you saying all these women are wrong or make k it up?
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>> i'm saying i do not find it credible. >> all right. thank you very much for coming on your broadcast tonight. coming up we'll go live to las vegas where hillary clinton has just concluded a rally part of a west coast swing. we'll hear what she said about donald trump and this issue with women. that is on if next hour of "the 11th hour" on nbc.
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welcome back, to the 11th hour, we heard before the break that we were going to go to las vegas, hillary clinton just wrapped up a rally in las vegas,
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part of a west coast swing for that campaign, kristen welker is traveling with the candidate tonight. kristen, good evening. >> reporter: brian, good evening to you, we were all operating whether secretary clinton was going to address these controversies head on, she didn't directly address them but instead took sharp aim at him over what she described in his treatment of women in that 2005 audio tape that he said it's just talk, she said it's more than just talk, so she was very firm on that point. but the campaign responded. it says this disturbing story sadly fits everything we know about the way donald trump has treated women. these reports suggests that he lied on the debate stage and the disgusting behavior he bragged about in the tape were more than just words."
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secretary clinton sort of allowing her campaign to go with the statement. the reason she likes these to play themselves out and allow donald trump to fester in what have been very difficult news cycles, in fact there were protesters that interrupted her event and she said you can't blame them they have had a rough couple of days. but again, she's leaving the responses to her campaign director. one bit of what she said to that rally, we will listen to. >> we don't know. we've heard for months what he thinks about people, how he treats people. you know, this latest incident about how he treats women -- well, he doubled down, he
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doubled down on his excuse and it's just locker room talk, but he's not just insulted women, he's an quality opportunity insulter, he's insulted everybody. that's what kristen was alluding too, first of all, it's hard to believe we have another presidential debate in a matter of days from now, but second i'm curious as to how the trump controversy is affecting by extension your travels and the candidate's schedule, because it is said a bunch of states are violently dramatically on the move? >> reporter: that's right. look, i think all of these controversies taken together are helping to fuel a belief within the clinton campaign that traditionally republican leaning states are now more in place states like georgia, utah and arizona today the salt lake tribune endorsed hillary clinton.
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are we going to see secretary clinton campaigning these states, no report yet, bottom line is we have to focus on getting to 270 at the same time winning more states and it would not only send a convincing message and it would allow her to get her message out who often don't get to hear from the candidate because they're in these battleground states. >> working 21 out of 24 hours a day, thank you so much, kristen. coming up, what does this all mean for these campaigns? each of them preceding a pace of 26 days left.
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this is "the 11th hour" on nbc.
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we are stretching the 11th hour to 12:00 tonight because of the press of breaking news to nights. we welcome back nicole wallace and mark mckennen, truly a pleasure to have you back, i'm going to give you an unlikely job posting, ceo of the trump campaign starting tonight or tomorrow morning, what do you do? >> i just heard your wife gasp. [ laughter ] >> well, the notion of filing a lawsuit against "the new york times" is completely misguided because are you filing a lawsuit against every magazine, every newspaper? >> palm beach post? >> that seems completely miss directed. the double down, triple down, all they're saying is we're going to war with everybody, i'm just saying what they're doing,


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