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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  October 13, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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donald trump of tv ad this is election cycle. is that true or false? [ buzzer sounding ] false. interesting story. now, the rnc did run ads for mccain in '08 and romney in 2012 but their decision this year had nothing to do with donald trump because they announced they wouldn't run ads three years ago in 2013. so, yes, trump supporters are calling this no ads thing shameful evidence that the republican party hates donald trump. it might hate donald trump. but if you're looking for evidence of that, this story about the rnc not spending any money on tv ads for trump, this is not that evidence. they weren't going to run tv ads for their nominee this year no matter who their nominee was. i swear. i know you don't believe me, but i swear. that does it for us tonight. see you again tomorrow, now time for "the last word" with lawrence o'donnell, i'm sorry i took 34 of your seconds. of course, rachel, then there's the challenge of how do you write a tv ad for donald trump?
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[ laughter ] what does that say, exactly? >> i suggest rhyme. >> yes. thank you, rachel. >> thanks, lawrence. melania trump has responded tonight to one of the women who has charged donald trump with sexual assault, the one who reported her story in "people" magazine and donald trump has been challenging us to read that woman's story closely. we accept that challenge and we will be joined in our discussion again tonight by the same women who were with me last night when that "people" magazine story broke at the end of the day where the accusations of sexual assault by donald trump just kept coming. >> a candidate for president of the united states has bragged possibility sexually assaulting women. >> several women have stepped forward. >> i never knew it would be this vile, this vicious. >> this is absolutely outrageous behavior. >> a sexist, a racist, a
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xenophobe. >> strong men, men who are truly role models don't need to put down women to make themselves feel powerful. [ cheers and applause ] >> there's a big trump and little trump, the little trump is frankly pathetic. >> i'll be honest with you. i will not lie to you, believe me. >> his campaign is promising more scorched earth attacks. >> going forward, is he listening to you? >> no, i can't make sense out of it. >> the whole world has heard trump brag about how he mistreats women. >> no decent person would even think, much less say, much less brag about, much less laugh about or joke about much less act on -- >> enough is enough. [ cheers and applause ] >> donald trump's third wife melania has been publicly silent since she read her plagiarized speech at the republican
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national convention, a speech plagiarized from michelle obama's speech at the 2008 democratic convention. tonight, she responded to new accusations of sexual assault by her husband with a tweet. it is a wordless treat from her directed at "people" magazine and natasha stoynoff, the woman who told the story. attached to the tweet is a letter from a beverly hills lawyer, the same lawyer who represents hulk hogan in his libel lawsuit against gawker. the letter demands an attraction of only three sentences in the "people" magazine article and an apology. "people" magazine has rejected the demand. the three sentences have absolutely nothing to do with the sexual assault described in the article. the three sentences are about an encounter between melania trump
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and natasha stoynoff several months after the assault. here are the sentences that melania trump's lawyer is disputing in the "people" magazine article. "that winter i bumped into melania on fifth avenue in front of trump tower as she walked into the building carrying baby barron." "natasha, why don't you ask anymore, giving me a hug." "i was quiet telling her i missed her and i squeezed little barron's foot." the lawyer's letter says mrs. trump did not encounter ms. stoynoff on the street nor have any conversation with her. the two are not friends and were never friends or even friendly. the lawyer's letter does not explain why natasha stoynoff was invited to and attended, did attend melania trump's wedding if they were never friendly. i tweeted a reply question to
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melania trump's tweeting a that since she is only disputing her encounter with natasha stoynoff several months after the assault does that mean melania trump thinks everything else in the "people" magazine article is true. i am patiently awaiting her reply. joining us now, ana marie cox, senior political correspondent more mtv news and maria theresa kumar and nancy jiles, contributor to cbs sunday morning. ana marie, melania trump could have tweeted "i know donald trump, donald trump would never do that." but that's not what she tweeted. she just tweeted the lawyer's letter wanting three sentences removed from the article that have absolutely nothing to do with the assault. >> it's a little suspicious, although, you know, i think now would be a good time for her to plagiarize michelle obama if she so chose. [ laughter ] i would love to hear that coming out of melania trump's mouth. she probably has some feelings
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about this we shouldn't surmise too much and i hate to project into her relationship that it's their relationship, right? but it is odd that this is -- this would be the things that she disputes as though she, like you said, tacitly does not dispute the rest of it. i think melania -- i wish we could leave her out of this. in fact, i have to say, since she has taken herself out of the public eye, this is an odd way for her to insert -- reinsert herself back into this dialogue. i gather from what other people have reported, she is not eager to be a part of this discussion. >> the "new york times" lawyers have replied to donald trump's lawyer letter to the "times" that we read on the program last night and the "times" lawyer noted that a libel claim, of course, is for the protection of one's reputation, a very, very important point as the lawyer then went on to point out "mr.
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trump has bragged about his non-consensual touching of women. he has bragged about intruding on beauty pageant contestants in their dressing rooms. he let a radio show host refer to his daughter as a piece of ass, nothing in our article has the slightest effect on the reputation that mr. trump, through his own words, and actions have already created for himself." maria teresa, he is libel proof. >> if thinking they say are you like to intimidate the little guy and we won't be intimidated because we have the big lawyers behind us and we know what we can and cannot do. as you stated last night on your show, both people and "new york times," they're not going to make mistakes when it comes to trying to go after someone and he's been very clear of the type
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of person that he is and you have documentation so for him to come back and say, look -- to cry foul is not only insincere but it also makes you kind of cringe for him. at least take responsibility for your words. but i do want to talk about melania. i think melania is trying to basically insert herself in this way because she wants people to actually start casting doubt on natasha's account, the reporter's account and the best way to do that is she pretends like she doesn't know this person, it never happened and that way it creates a section of doubt of whether or not the sexual encounter ever did happen. >> but nancy, i have to say, if you read the article and if you read melania trump's lawyer's letter, it's irrelevant to the article. it's -- that episode, if you take that out of the article, donald trump still stands accused of sexual assault. >> exactly. that's what's so weird. i sort of disagree with maria teresa. i almost feel like -- for any of us who try to figure out what's on melania's mind and i agree
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with ana marie, i don't want to bring her in but in a way it's her way of excising herself from the entire story, like i don't know, i wasn't there, i'm not part of the story. let's remember, this is another woman that's been humiliated and i just feel like maybe it's her way of backing out on the whole thing, like i was not there, i see nothing like sergeant schultz on "hogan's heroes." i see nothing, i hear nothing, i'm not part of it. >> donald trump issued a challenge today about this "people" magazine article and the woman's story in this article. let's listen to what he said about it today. >> think of it, she's doing a story on melania who's pregnant at the time and donald trump, our one year anniversary, and she said i made inappropriate advances. and by the way, the area was a public area, people all over the place. take a look. you take a look, look at her, look at her words, you tell me what you think.
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i don't think so. i don't think so. >> well, all right. we will accept donald trump's challenge and we will now look at her words, as he put it. we will take a closer look than we were able to take last night when this article was handed to us right in the middle of a live television show so here is the closer look at natasha stoynoff's words that donald trump asked us to do. this includes much more detail than we were able to read to you last night. it begins "we walked into the room alone and trump shut the door behind us, i turned around and within seconds he was pushing me against the wall and forcing his tongue down my throat. he was fast, taking me by surprise and throwing me off balance. i was stunned and i was grateful when trump's long-time butler burst into the room a minute later. as i tried to unpin myself, the butler informed us melania would be down momentarily and it was time to resume the interview. i was still in shock and
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remained speechless as we both followed him to an outdoor patio overlooking the grounds. in those few minutes alone with trump, my self-esteem crashed to zero. how could the actions of one man make me feel so utterly violated? i'd been interviewing a-list celebrities for over 20 years but what he'd done was a first. did he think i'd be flattered? i tried to act normal. i had a job to do and i was determined to do it. i sat in the chair that faced trump who waited for his wife on a love seat. the butler left us and i fumbled with my tape recorder. trump smiled and leaned forward. "you know we're going to have an affair, don't you?" he declared in the same confident tone he uses when he says he's going to make america great again. we're going to have an affair, i'm telling you. he also referenced the infamous cover of the "new york post" during his affair with marla maples. "you remember, he said, best sex
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i ever had." melania walked in just then, serene and glowing, donald instantly reverted back to doting husband as if nothing happened." ana marie, that's what donald trump wants us to take a closer look at and there is so much to look at. i leave it to you, your reaction to it. >> well, i steeled myself a little bit for this conversation tonight. i want to address a few things, one is this idea like did he think i would be flattered. i think that some common misperceptions but on both sides that this kind of behavior is flattery, it's not flattery, it's possession, it's predatory, it's not about flattering a woman, it's about telling a woman "you are mine and i can do whatever i want with you." and we've talked before that there is a through line in trump's behavior towards women, towards people of color, towards disabled, towards poor people, towards small businessmen.
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he is a person of nihilistic selfishness. he is a person who believes he is allowed to do whatever he wants to do. i think that is really -- i want to echo michelle obama. that is why it's very, very important that america reject him on election day. he feels like he's never been elected, like he can just get away with this stuff and we need to send a strong message for the sake of our entire country, really. for women, children, boys, girls, men who don't want to be associated with him. this needs to be done in a way that he can't ignore. because he's so good at gaslighting us. he's so good at denying anything untoward has happened. we need to make it undeniable that he has failed. >> the next line i just want to read, she says "an hour later i was back at my hotel, my shock began to wear off and was replaced by anger. i kept thinking why didn't i slug him, why couldn't i say
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anything?" nancy giles, what does that feel like for a woman. >> well, you're dealing with somebody that's very powerful, off job you're trying to do, you're trying to complete the job, who will be believed more, the person of power or you? you try to continue on and as ana marie said it is like living in the twilight zone, it's like being gas lit. if we're to believe what she says -- and she sounds credible to me -- he made a move on her, leaned back and was doting to melania seconds later and made that turn, it's a terrifying, crazy-making such a difficult position to be in to also try to act like a professional and not get fired, not harm your own career it's just god awful. it's awful. >> and he basically is playing on this understanding of if he understands his position of power and the predator of it and he's feeding into it. he recognizes that vulnerability. lawrence i read this after i got off the show, i read in the
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detail, i read it this morning, i read it before i came on air, i'm hearing you read it again and i have the same reaction and my heart starts palpitating and i get nervous. i think it feeds into what donald trump thrives in and he thrives in creating chaos and fear and uncomfortableness and that is the belly of his campaign. when people feel fear they run towards him because he then says "i am the one of law and order." and that is what we should be sounding off alarms on. it's not true of who we are as americans and the fact again that after last night when we got off the show i had mentioned this stress that school children are feeling as a result of donald trump. has created a whole educational list for teachers to start talking about sexual harassment about kids, about muslim americans and put racial profiling on what it means to be an immigrant in this country because of the result of the terrible rhetoric coming out of donald trump. we are seeing real societal consequences right now, not just with what happened ten years ago but what we're seeing in the present. that's what michelle obama was
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talking about. we have to look at our better selves, what kind of example are we setting for families and what is the future we are setting for them to be future leaders as well. >> i have to say, i share this feeling that it doesn't matter how many times you read this it never gets easy to read but donald trump issued the challenge today. he wants us to look at it. look at it closely. there's a little more here. significantly more in here i want us to take a deeper look at. let's take a break here, everyone, and we'll catch our breath and when we come back, i'm sorry, but we're going to have to do more reading of this "people" magazine article that donald trump has challenged us to read again. we do that when we come right back.
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donald, seriously, you know about sexual predators and things like that. >> you are one. >> i wasn't going to say that but it's true. >> that was trump on the howard stern show sitting beside his daughter joking about sexual assault a year after he sexually
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assaulted natasha stoynoff according to her report in "people" magazine. we'll be right back with our panel for more from that "people" magazine report. [ cough ] shh. i have a cold with this annoying runny nose. better take something. dayquil liquid gels doesn't treat a runny nose. it doesn't? alka-seltzer plus cold and cough liquid gels fight your worst cold symptoms including your runny nose. oh, what a relief it is! le. that no one would ever notice me.
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but i knew i could be more. that one day, i would make people smile. [woman speaking indistinctly] >> the claims are preposterous, ludicrous, and defy common sense and logic. we already have substantial evidence to dispute these lies and it will be made public in an appropriate way and at an appropriate time very soon. >> and if you believe that, donald trump has tax returns to
10:21 pm
show you. >> you stole my line. >> the idea that a politician with 20 something days left in a presidential campaign has the evidence to prove his innocence but it will wait for some time in the future. >> why not now? it's crazy. >> yeah. let me go back into -- so we can complete this challenge that donald trump issued us that we look more closely at this article. i want to read a final passage of natasha stoynoff's account in "people" magazine of what happened with donald trump. she writes "back in my manhattan office the next day, i went to a colleague and told her everything. we need to go to the managing editor, she said, we should kill this story. it's a lie. tell me what you want to do. but like many women i was ashamed and blamed myself for his transgression, i minimized it, it's not like he raped me, i doubted my recollection and reaction. i was afraid that a famous, powerful, wealthy man could and would discredit and destroy me, especially if i got his coveted
10:22 pm
"people" feature killed. i asked to be taken off the trump beat and i never interviewed him again. i tried to make myself believe it was no big deal, only it was. the only day i listened to him talk about how he treats women on "access hollywood" tape, i felt a strong mix of emotions but shock wasn't one of them. i was relieved, i finally understood for sure that i was not to blame for his inappropriate behavior, i had not been singled out as he explained to billy bush, it was his usual modus operandi with women. i felt deep regret for not speaking out at the time. i felt violated and muzzled all over again. i wasn't in a locker room when he pushed me against a wall --" she goes on from there and ana marie, i'd like to get your reaction to that part of the passage.
10:23 pm
>> um -- well, it's hard to hear. it's hard to hear because i think as i mentioned last night i've been through something like that and i know that feeling of not wanting to cause trouble. i know that feeling of thinking maybe it's my fault. i know that feeling of minimizing what you've been through. to sort of just separate this entirely from violent physical assault of rape, there is this thing that happens where it isn't that where you feel like well, if it isn't that, then maybe it's my fault. maybe i should have done something. maybe i could have done something differently. maybe it was the way i was dressed. maybe it was what i said. or maybe it didn't happen at all. there is this sort of weird shock that i think she describes where, you know, his behavior changes on a dime and you're left thinking did that really just happen? you have a total kind of -- your realities kind of clash and that is what i think donald trump is doing to all of us. i think that he is creating two different realities, he's
10:24 pm
creating chaos, he's asking us to believe him and only him. i think this idea that he has evidence to the contrary is just preposterous. he probably -- i guess he's keeping it in his file with his plan to defeat isis. >> maybe he'll bring it out on november 29 after the election is over. >> we're talking about a man who is running for president of the united states. when i was on here a couple weeks ago, i talked about what does he have to do to prove he's unfit to serve in the oval office. now i wonder what does he have to do to show he can be safely left with your daughters? this is a man who's running for president who i think a lot of men would not leave alone with their children. and i just want to -- >> go ahead, please go ahead. take your time. >> i think it's amazing that -- it's amazing to me that there are people that are still going to vote for him. it speaks to the amount of anger and distrust and fear that people have, they know this
10:25 pm
country will need a lot of healing after this is over. >> and i think one of the things that -- when you hear the letter, i think what it brings to focus, particularly for women, there's one sense of that physicality but the other sense that basically he takes away what is most powerful to her and as a reporter that is her voice and to share stories and suddenly her voice, the instrument of how she makes a profession of who she is the and suddenly she can't express it there. that is the hardest position for any woman where it's one thing the physicality but the other thing you feel completely vulnerable where you cannot say out loud what happened and i think what trump has been able to do and say trust me is really feeding into this narrative that he not only knows what's best for the country but at the same time people that are speaking their truths, whether it is a sexual assault victim, whether it's a businessman that basically lost his fortunes with trump because he decided not to make good on his business, whether it's a muslim american family who lost their family,
10:26 pm
that doesn't seem to be enough because we should trust a man who basically dishonors everything we consider incredibly instrumental to who we are as a country. >> nancy, i'm so struck by many of the protective psychological notes she strikes in this story. she says "i minimized it" which is such a self-protecting exercise and that's years ago. and this week when she says the "access hollywood" tape you can feel her relief when she says "i had not been singled out." the puzzle took its full shape finally for her. >> it's like i'm not crazy, this happened. i hear him and see the evidence that this is who this guy is. i hear another man laughing. i know that dynamic. it fis mill war to me, like putting a name on it. it turns my stomach and i'm with anna marie and with both women,
10:27 pm
i don't understand even though i know all women do not think a like, i don't understand the women and the men and basically the people that could still support someone with that disregard for more than half of our population. >> and you know what was interesting is that she was not the only one that had that visceral reaction. the woman that spoke to the "new york times" also came forward because when he was speaking, which you heard the tape, when he was speaking at the debate, she said wait a second, this is way too much of a coincidence. and at the end when you watched her interview she said the same thing, she was like it was almost cathartic, she said see, i wasn't crazy, he did assault me. >> i know the audience hates commercials and i hate commercials when i'm in the audience but you know what? tonight we need a little break and we're going to take one right now and we're going to come back and listen to michelle obama's response to donald trump today. when i was a little kid, i made a deal with myself that i would never grow up. we met when we were very young... i was 17, he was 18.
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we're back with our panel and we'll take a look at first lady michelle obama's reaction today to donald trump bragging about sexual assault and reports by women this week that he actually did commit sexual assault. >> i listen to all of this and i feel it so certainly and i'm sure that many of you do, too, particularly the women, the shameful comments about our bodies, the disrespect of our ambitions and intellect, the
10:32 pm
belief that you can do anything you want to a woman. it is cruel. it's frightening. and the truth is, it hurts. it hurts. it's like that sick, sinking feeling you get when you're walking down the street minding your own business and some guy yells out vulgar words about your body. or when you see that guy at work that stands just a little too close, stares a little too long and makes you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. it's that feeling of terror and violation that too many women have felt when someone has grabbed them or forced themselves on them but they said no and he didn't listen. something we know happens on college campuses in countless other places every single day.
10:33 pm
it reminds us of stories we've heard from our mothers and grandmothers about how back in their day the boss could say and do whatever he pleased to the women in the office and even though they worked so hard, jumped over every hurdle to prove themselves it was never enough. we thought all of that was ancient history, didn't we? and so many have worked for so many years to end this kind of violence and abuse and disrespect but here we are it's 2016 and we're hearing these exact same things on the campaign trail. we are drowning in it. and all of us are doing what women have always done -- we're trying to keep our heads above water, just trying to get through it, trying to pretend like this doesn't really bother us. maybe because we think that admitting how much it hurts
10:34 pm
makes us as women look weak. maybe we're afraid to be that vulnerable. maybe we've grown accustom to swallowing these emotions and staying quiet because we've seen that people often won't take our word over his. or maybe we don't want believe there are still people out there who think so little of us as women. too many are treating this as just another day's headline. as if our outrage is over blown or unwarranted. as if this is normal, just politics as usual. but new hampshire, yeah, be clear, this is not normal. this is not politics as usual. [ cheers and applause ] >> a quick break and we'll be right back with reaction from our panel.
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i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer. if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, that would be it. i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
10:38 pm
>> if you want to hear the best case for hillary clinton, if you want to hear the very real stakes in this election, i would advise you to link up to michelle's speech from earlier today in new hampshire. [ cheers and applause ] >> that was the president tonight in columbus, ohio. ana marie cox i wanted to get your reaction to what michelle obama had to say. >> well, i think it's one of the most important political speeches maybe -- certainly in the modern era because she's talking about something that's unprecedented in the modern era which is we have this person who may be a sexual predator, possibly becoming the next president of the united states. and we need an articulate and passionate argument for why that shouldn't be so. i was struck, as i'm sure everyone was, by the amount of emotion in michelle obama's voice. i think it's a level of emotion that's, you know, right there for a lot of us, right there
10:39 pm
underneath the surface for a lot of us. and i found it incredibly moving where she talked about why we don't talk about these things. she mentioned because we're afraid of feeling vulnerable and i just want to say that that fear of appearing vulnerable can keep us broken. it's when we reach out that we begin to heal. it's when rereach out and talk about what happened to us that we make the world a little bit safer for the next woman to speak as well. and there is a silver lining here. i hate to give trump credit for anything, but this conversation is being had and this conversation is being had in a way that will make it easier for other women. i see everyday -- i saw last night the amount of people who reached out to me on twitter and facebook and on social media to tell me that they, too, went through what i had gone through. each person that did that is going to make it easier for the next person. >> that's right.
10:40 pm
>> the next woman or the next man. >> that's right. >> nancy, clarence thomas' confirmation hearings brought a subject to america that had never been focused on before, it changed the american workplace. that's now a long time ago and these are the kinds of things that america needs big reminders on. >> that's absolutely. to start with, women's rights are human rights and one of the things that was so incredible about what michelle obama did was how she walked anybody that hasn't experienced what women go through everyday, she so beautifully walked us through the daily indignities that we have to deal with to kind of steel ourselves. i grew up in new york city and there was a time when construction workers and guys on the streets as she described, they would say things. they still do, not as much and i'm so happy. but just to give a window of what it's like to be a working woman, what it's like to be afraid to emote and what it's like to have to go along to get along and the kind of things we
10:41 pm
deal with and how imperative it is that we not let someone of donald trump's ilk -- and i love the fact she doesn't mention his name -- into the white house. i love that. >> the passage that ana marie isolated has a sequence of sentences that begin with "maybe we, maybe question". >> right. >> and it's a look inside women's minds. maybe we're afraid to be that vulnerable. maybe we're accustomed to swallowing these emotions. and when we hear it that way we men might instinctively grab some of these things but not to this degree. >> she brings to mind what women fear. i don't think there's ever a time a woman doesn't leave an office and make sure she's going to walk down a well lit area. there's not a moment of apprehension and that is the world we live in because we
10:42 pm
recognize there is vulnerability and for her to walk through that and explain it in a way that's so clear, not only is important but it also lends, i think, empathy for the -- from the other sex to understand the world we are navigating constantly but i do also commend the fact that she brought in -- men into the conversation and commended the men that were out -- as outraged at what donald trump is doing and what he signifies and symbolizes because i think often times we forget we are partner this is the journey. also the fact that she reset us and said this is not normal. in an election of the last 16 months where everything has been normalized, where racism has been normalize, when racial profiling has been normalized, when cheating people out of their money and being a con has been normalized and lying has been normalized she said we are not living this. and i think for me, at least, it reset me and made us realize that we had to take a step back
10:43 pm
and say outloud what we've been thinking and more importantly say, look, this is not a normal campaign, this is an asymmetrical candidacy for presidency and we have to figure out how are we going to define ourselves as americans and donald trump is the antithesis of who we are. >> we'll take a quick break here. when we come back, donald trump's kids had something to say about this. ivanka trump and donald trump jr. when you hear this, you'll have a lot of trouble trying to remember why all those pundits during the republican convention thought donald trump's kids were such great kids. we'll be right back. [chains dragging]
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10:47 pm
that poll also asked this question. "do you think donald trump respects women?" 38% said yes, 60% said no. liz, we can clearly see the effects of the news cycle since friday in this polling. >> uh-huh. yeah. there's not a lot to add to that, right? it is what it is. i i have this that he's had a very, very bad couple of days and i think for many of us who have spent the last year or so investigating donald trump, compiling opposition research on donald trump, talking to the media about donald trump and digging into his record and history, the sad fact is that people are only just cottoning on to this when those of us who are in the privileged position, this is completely predictable and exactly what we expected to see come out and emblematic of who we think he is as a person
10:48 pm
and the rest of the country is just now figuring that out. >> this is when you'd like to have your most honored campaign spokespeople and surrogates speaking for you. trump's favorite is his daughter ivanka trump. let's listen to what she said about this today. >> i would say that nothing prepares you for having your parent run for president of the united states but especially if you've never been in politics before. so the whole thing is bizarre and vicious. vicious. i thought that i was -- had cut my teeth in new york real estate and can take some punches but this is a blood sport, politics. >> so ana marie, that's it. that's her whole comment about all of these accusations coming out from these women about her father. >> yeah.
10:49 pm
i think she has a working women brand, am i right about that? >> yes. >> yeah. so i wanted to add something on that fox poll, the number of people, 60% of those polled say trump doesn't respect women. i don't think trump respects anyone. >> i agree. >> i think he doesn't respect anybody except maybe other people who have the name trump and i wanted to add from the last segment, men suffer sexual abuse as well and i think that they sometimes suffer -- obviously there is a lot of shame that they bring to this, too, and when i say i think it's important to bring them into this conversation, it's part of that possible group that could be triggered and should be having the same reaction to trump as any woman. >> it's interesting ana marie says that. there haven't been a lot of men jumping to trump's defense. >> well, we've got one. >> oh, perfect.
10:50 pm
>> this is only 15 seconds. donald trump jr. on the radio talking to the charlotte morning news on tape. he's talking about what he heard his father saying on the "access hollywood" bus. let's listen to this defender of donald trump. >> i know plenty of people, i've had conversations like that with plenty of people where people use language off color, they're talking two guys amongst themselves, they're talking -- i've seen it time and time again and so, you know, i think it makes him a human, a normal person not a political robot. >> so, liz, donald trump jr.'s friends all boast about sexual assault. >> well, that's cool. like father like son, right? i will say as a woman who has relatively few female friends and whose circle of friends is overwhelmingly male, one of the things that i find astonishing about that is i don't know anybody, maybe it's a generational thing partly but i don't know anybody who talks like this. the friends i have that who when they first heard the remarks were appalled by them.
10:51 pm
in some cases i think more appalled by them than i was. perhaps that's because after reading through reams and reams of opposition research on donald trump you become immunized to this but the reality is this is not how people talk. it's not how people talk. people may make slightly off color jokes. people don't go around and talk about how they like violently sexually assaulting women they're attracted to. that's foal craziness, everybody knows it. if his kids want to defend that, that's fine. i understand the emotional urge to defend your family member if they're under siege but the reality is very, very few people in america are going to share that opinion and when we get down to it this is going to cost him a lot of votes, he was already set to lose the election, in my opinion, but this is just -- this is going to create a lot of collateral damage for other republicans, we're already seeing that and it is indefensible and it doesn't matter how you try to describe it. it's beyond the bounds. >> a quick break and we will be right back.
10:52 pm
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>> when finally the guy that they nominated and they endorsed and they supported is caught on tape saying things that no decent person -- [ applause ] -- would even think, much less say, much less brag about, much less laugh about or joke about, much less act on, you can't wait until that finally happens and then say "oh, that's too much. that's enough" and think that somehow you are showing any kind of leadership and deserve to be elected to the united states senate. [ cheers and applause ] you don't get points far. >> we're back with our panel. ana marie cox, i'm torn about that. i'm not sure. do you welcome people who are finally seeing the light or do
10:55 pm
you say what took you so long? what about this, this, and this over the last year? >> maybe there's, like, a half hug. i don't know. i want to say one thing before we go which is that throughout all of this hillary clinton has continued to put out serious policy proposals, i'm sure you know about them but she recently put out an anti-poverty proposal and we need to acknowledge that is everything about what is wrong with this situation writ large because we are having this discussion about sexual assault, meanwhile the woman continues to do her work and she continues to do it well. >> it reminds me of the same dynamic we faced in school with the worker bees, we would do this extra stuff, extra credit reports and occasionally there would be, like a guy whoa talked big but didn't have the goods and -- blech. >> i think one of the things -- i agree and i think at the end of the day what the president was bringing back home is that the folks that are basically now denouncing trump, it's not because they want to denounce
10:56 pm
him but suddenly they're trying to save their job in the senate and you can't get points for that, you have to have risen up and recognized who this kharkerer the was long before and say this is not part of who i am. i have to give a lot of kudos to senator flake in arizona. the moment trump came out and said those terrible things about the immigrant community he said this is not someone fit to be president so kudos to him for standing up to that. >> liz mair, you've been going through this all year with your remember friends where you've been against trump from the start and slowly your friends start coming your way. >> well, i don't know, most of my friends saw something that they didn't really like in him immediately but then i suppose a lot of my republican friends are what you call higher information voters who are capable of googling around about this guy before he got on the national stage and saw other problems with him like his consistent decades long advocacy for socialized health care schemes and things like that that conservatives generally don't
10:57 pm
like. but clearly the people that will come out of this looking the best in my opinion will be ben sasse, mike lee, jeff flake, mark kirk, people like that who stood up early and were like, dude, no chance, not getting on board with this guy and have been willing to criticize him. flake stood out. this is a guy who walked into a meeting with donald trump and needled him directly when he was speaking face to face with him about he was the other senator from arizona, not like the loser stuck in the p.o.w. camp. and jeff flake has a lot of cojones that people in politics are lacking at this point. but i would also say one of the things we're also grappling with here is that i know remembers who will publicly say they are voting for trump and privately be like" no way that's happening." >> we'll see. >> we'll leave it there for tonight. anna marie cox, liz mair, nancy giles and maria teresa kumar, thank you so much.
10:58 pm
>> lawrence, thank you for holding this segment. >> thank you, we'll be back. >> look, let me just say about trump who i admire and i've i'm anne. i'm a scientist.
10:59 pm
why don't you let me... and me... help you out? ♪ you're gonna hear what i say... ♪ i love taking stuff apart and building new things out of it. anne: pal's my most advanced annedroid. [gasps] this is awesome. ♪ oh anne: you haven't seen anything yet. announcer: give your cardboard box another life. >> look, let me just say about trump who i admire and i've tried to help as much as i can, there's a big trump and a little trump. the little trump is frankly pathetic. >> pathetic. that is our last word for tonight. the 11th hour with brian williams is live and it is next.
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