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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  October 14, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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stan -- ari melber is with me. >> these are brand new allegations. she's sharing it for the first time and she's represented by gloria allred who represented several accusers. >> what she just detailed there which you are still seeing some footage of is the idea that she interacted with mr. trump on more than one occasions that she had sexual advances, groping, touching in a hotel room during a period where she was reaching out to him pursuing help either getting a job from his recommendations or getting a job with the trump's organization. a couple of important points from an investigative inspect activi inspect -- if she can
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substantiate or prove that with other testimonies or writings, that can go to her story. donald trump denied all the other accusations. this one is brand new and i know nbc is working to get a response from him. >> this is given in turn of having the trump campaign trying to explain the fact that donald trump does not know any of the women that came forward. >> he did not know any of these women and that is collaboration with the media and collusion of the campaign. this is a woman he knows from the season five "the apprentice." >> you started this with our past hour at 2:00. i am not sure if he's wrapped up yet. he's been talking and doing a campaign event still going on. i am told right now as we are watching this with gloria
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allred. lets check in with katy tur. she's in north carolina as well at the next stop. katy, i imagine that you have not had a chance to get any reactions to this latest allegation. >> reporter: donald trump is on the stage in greensboro did address the allegations in general against him saying that he did not know these women and they're looking for fame. why does anybody come out and accuse president obama of doing these things because they are untrue. anybody could accuse anybody, he said maybe president obama should watch out because somebody could accuse him of that. i got an inaudible gasp from some of the people in the rally. what we could see is a general and blanket denial of these claims. they said they're going to come out with evidence that disproves them. governor mike pence on the
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"morning show" and on the "today" show that evidence will come out and by the end of today which he told cbs. donald trump did get on stage on greensboro and pointed fingers at a mexican billionaire, carlos slim, donated and helped the new york times getting out of bankruptcy, the shareholder of the new york times accusing him being in some way behind these negative stories against him and influencing the paper in some way and also apparently linking him to the clinton's foundationmefoundation. this is what we have been we hearing that there is as vast shadowy conspiracy that's out there trying to take him down. global interest that's trying to protect the status quo and keep
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him out of the office. he's anti-establishment and he is in his words, the only one that could change this. he's trying to deflect essentially from all these allegations and not necessarily addressing the allegations directly and not necessarily trying to go through each one of them and show evidence that proves they are not true and instead talking about this general idea of this generalized a group of people that are all working together behind the scenes to bring it down and that in clues wall street banks and includes the clinton's liberals and now he's involving the media in it. that's quite a bit of outrage of donald trump's supporters. we are getting more and more antagonism from donald trump's
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supporters as he whips up this idea that there is a conspiracy going on behind the scenes that everybody is involved with it including reporters. katy tur has long been covering donald trump. lets turn to our other colleague, jacob rascon, where donald trump is just wrapping up that event. he's still on stage behind you. i want to ask you about the public and the folks behind you, i know you have been talking to them all day. this gloria allred press conference following the report and there is been new developments today, what are voters saying to you. they are saying this is bigger for donald trump. all of them, they would not change their support for donald trump because this is abou abouabout about -- beating corruption and talking about the supreme court.
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going out and talking about them as liars. he talking about his white c conspira conspiracy. >> these are lies that's put on the campaign trying to keep their grip on the country. they are all false and fiction. they're 100% totally and completely fabricated. i never met them. i don't know who they are. think of what's happening in our country. i look on television, i think it is a disgusting thing and it is being pushed. they have no witnesses and there is nobody around. they come out and some are doing it for a little fame.
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it is a total set up. he talked about evidence that he's going to bring out that refutes the claim of these women last night and this morning, mike pence talked about that. during the speech, he talked about carlos slim. he's part of the evidence that there is a big conspiracy against him. a spokesperson for carlos slim has denied this and new york times have also denied this. >> kate >> jacob rascon out of north carolina with donald trump. i mentioned a moment ago that this story that we have been covering out of california with gloria allred and "the apprentice" woman is separate from a story that came, just hours ago. that story, the woman said
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donald trump groped her at a nightclub in the 1990s. >> in the early '90s, i was in new york city and i was in a club with my friends and i am talking to my friends who i'm siting to and across from on my left side, i am very clear on this. this is the vivid part from me. so the person on my right who i am being announced to me at that time was donald trump put their hands up my skirt. >> the trump campaign responded to her allegation specifically, mr. trump strongly denies this phony allegation by someone look to get free publicity, it is totally ridiculous. the campaign responded with that 15 minutes of fame allegation before to other women if that's all they're looking for is fame. during the 1:00 hour on msnbc, the washington post journalist who wrote that story about kristen anderson was asked why
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she decide to come forward right now. >> we were told by someone who knew her story, a third party that she existed that this has happened to her. we have been in contact with her for a number of days and among other things verifying her story. she was not in enthusiastic at the beginning coming out and telling her story publicly. she said i really feel that i have to have these women's backs and that she has to speak out about it. >> ari melber is here with me. we have asked specifically for comments of that. that's the second thing today. the other was the washington post report. separate them out for us. what do we know about each of
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these women's stories. >> what we know of both of these women. neither appeared to be pursuing litigation. they are not seeking money from donald trump or his campaign. one held a press conference so you can speak to the fact that she want s to speak out and givn events to take the lead in his blanket denial of the debate that he did not grope any women and he claims speaking in a way with exaggerations and not admitting to the assaults. this other accuser that you just played. >> kristen anderson reached by the washington post, that means according to them that barring again some fanciful conspiracy -- another important point here for investigation whether they are journalistic
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and any other kind is whether other documentation evidence, people question and in the heat of the presidential campaign, it is understandable. the woman that we are saying right now, number one, she spoke to family and friends about it at the time that donald trump made physical groping and attempted to touch her that was not consensual. she detailed her e-mail that did show that she was seeking for a job. her point was she wrote an e-mail long ago a direct reference of what she says did to her. nbc news trying to confirm this and one of the questions was could she release those e-mails and making other people available. >> was it yesterday is when we
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heard donald trump mentioning in the rally. he has said that we have evidence to show paper trail to show some of these women are essentially making things up and he referenced a woman who had been looking for employment. i don't know if he's talking about summer or not. >> i don't know either. mike pence made that reference this morning and our nbc reports reached out and now, it is this afternoon, if you have this material and what is it and we are happy to process it. when there is a blizzard of accusations and there is not a a lot of time, that put the person who's accused of misconduct at a disadvantage. in time, it is fair to expect that mr. trump and his team and lawyer and advisers to come together with what they have. i don't believe there is in fairness or illegally a deadline of a day or two to resolve this. many of these claims are not
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ajude da adjudica adjudicated. having said all of that. i think it is fair to look at this from an investigator's perspective. there is a difference of one or two isolated individuals where their record is highly challenged and what appears to be potentially emerging, there is the appearance of a pattern of independent women who don't seem to have to our knowledge of connection to each other describing similar conduct which again seems to match something that donald trump once admitted on tape. that does not tell us whether their allegations are true but it does create what looks like a pattern of these possibilities. >> it was the tape that came out to remiend people with billy buh with "access hollywood." he said i never acted that way and i did not do those things and i only talked about it.
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now, we have, at least half a dozen. >> north of seven. >> if you count all publications. >> when we say north of seven. we are counting, i want to be important f close is we are counting over seven allegations. we have people coming out publicly saying and making accusations. there are some with regard to these allegations and an airplane of someone who said look, i did not know him and i had this interaction on the plane or miss anderson that we showed on the air. those are person may or may have not met him. we cannot corroborate that they met. al person that was a person on the prenti"the app she did interact with him. that's not in dispute, the
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disbutte di dispute of their interactions we kn do know they they know each other. >> we have not independently spoken to any of these individual women, at least last i checked with our producers. >> that's right, some of them have chosen to speak out in one w way. i will repeat what you and i reported at the beginning of this for those showing us out of fairness, donald trump categorically denied these allegations of everyone he come across. he's been denying this and that's his stance on these climb claims. ari melber, thank you. coming up, house speaker paul ryan on the trail not for donald trump but for the gop. we are waiting for donald trump to respond to these latest
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accusations of the new accusation from a former "the apprentice" and we'll bring you apprentice" and we'll bring you the response as soon as we get
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. on a busy friday here, hillary clinton is off the trail today, she's fund raising, her surrogates is out there. chris jansing, an event by president obama, chris, talk about the importance of ohio and why president obama is campaigning so hard for hillary clinton. >> reporter: yeah, this is in large part. the president has now less than 100 days left. he knows that there are a lot of things republicans have said they would want to repeal. if there is a president trump or republican congress from
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obamacare to iran nuclear deal, the stakes for him is high and for hillary clinton as well. she has these two surrogates over the last couple of days have given a 1/2 punch to donald trump. on the news today of all the controversies of the comments he has made about women and we heard in a deeply personal way of the first lady last night using words like "disgraceful" and "intolerable." the largest ovation that the president said today was did you hear what michelle obama had to say. here is what he told me, take a listen. >> you are going to see him and the first lady a couple times out. in addition to that -- >> reporter: will we see them together? >> well, i don't know.
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in addition to that, besides aexperienaa appearanc appearances, there will be democratic endorsement for hillary clinton all the way down to the state representatives level. >> reporter: we learned this afternoon that the president is going to go to south florida next week. i am told my both people at the white house and within the clinton campaign that the president and first lady feel strongly about this. this is something that they really want to do. what does it mean by tangible terms because you get a big reaction with a crowd like this. why it is important is, for example, here i just got the number here that hundreds of people signed up to volunteer for the campaign. they already have a commitment for more than 1,000 volunteered hours. those are people who are going
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to knock on doors and making phone calls. that's where you are going to see the president and the first lady at least once or twice a week. thank you very much for more. i want to bring in msnbc, alex, who's covering the campaign today. >> wikileaks has released another batch of e-mails of podesta's e-mails. >> no real bomb shells, we are getting unprecedented look inside the major presidential campaign. for instance, we are seeing how they formulated their talking points responding to the e-mail stories last year and the same thing of how justice scalia died and there is some comments of
12:23 pm
may may mayor deblasio. we are seeing personal information coming out including social security numbers and things like i don't think anyone is considered news worthy and are not being released. number one, this morning, they had a conference call with former cia director, michael morale, he accused donald trump playing directly into vladimir putin. at the same time podesta himself taking a different approach, just this afternoon, he tweeted a series of tweets, one of them
12:24 pm
joking holding up the embassy in london and he says the food is better in ecuadorian embassy. >> thank you for wrapping it up for us. >> paul ryan is speaking in wisconsin on a debate between two political ideolo ideologies. >> this is an opportunity for paul ryan to stage this parallel campaign to talk about ideas and criticize hillary clinton and what he calls the liberal progressive agenda filled with arrogance. he notably avoided any direct conversation about donald trump. he did talk about some of the stresses of this campaign
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environment. he talked about trying to inspire the young people who are here about 100 college republicans to get out and work on behalf of the candidate. to give you a since of this, this is now the speaker of the house who says he will not defend or campaign with donald trump, trying to talk about this election. not an easy thing to do if you want to avoid talking about trump. here is a little bit of what the speaker had to say. >> beneath all the ugliness lies a debate lies in between two of our governments. >> reporter: a lot of what we heard from the speaker were in direct references encouraging the students not to get caught up in personals but making
12:26 pm
intellectual -- things that sounded very wonky and he will embrace that. they avoided talking about donald trump. students were able to write out questions in advance and submit those. none of those questions were about donald trump. we talked to some of the students afterwards including the chair, and the son of alex walker, the students wanted to hear about ideas and talk about issues. they did not twoowant to talk a trump. are they trying to figure out how to navigate this if they are working on a candidate in an environment where donald trump lose so large. well, many of the students themselves included are offended by what trump has said and done. they are trying to focus on races where they can make a
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difference. here in wisconsin, they are talking about ron johnson,johns. >> kelly o'donell, thank you. we'll check in with katy tur after a quick break. but it's a manufacturing job. yeah, well ge is doing a lot of cool things digitally to help machines communicate, might want to at least mention that. i'm building world-changing machines. with my two hands. does that threaten you? no! don't be silly. i'm just, uh, going to go to chop some wood. with that? yeah we don't have an ax. or a fireplace. good to be prepared. could you cut the bread?
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we are back now, i want to play something back half an hour ago before i came on the air. this was a press conference between gloria allred attorney and the woman from ''the apprentice". this happens after she was on ''the apprentice" in season five aired in 2006, she described what happened in a hotel room. >> i waited for 15 minutes until mr. trump emerged. he had his suit on.
12:31 pm
i stood up and he came to me and started kissing me opened mouth as he pulls me towards him. >> e wai walked away and at sow a chair. he asked me to sit next to him. i complied, he then grabbed my shoulder and began kissing me again aggressively and placed his hands on my breast, i pulled back and walked back to another part of the room. he walked up and grabbed my hand and walked me in the bedroom. i walked out. he then turn ed me around and said lets lay down and watch some telly-telly. i said come on man, get real. he repeated my words back to me, "get real" as he began to
12:32 pm
thrusting his genitals. i sa attempting to make it clear, i was not interested. she was the contestant on the show on t''the apprentice". katy, we know that donald trump has said i did not do any of these things that i have been accused of. have we gotten any reactions to her specific story? >> reporter: no, donald trump has just left the stage to greensboro, north carolina, he will be headed here and we'll see if he will address that one. he said moment ago saying their attacks and lies and phony deals that women wanted a little bit
12:33 pm
of fame and he's talking about the conspiracy that he's been pushing forward and mentioning carlos slim, a mexican billionaire, of the largest shareholder of the time is carlos slim and their initiatives. the largest owner of the paper from mexico. he's seeming to say that there is some sort of back room operation going on between this mexican billionaire and between the new york times and the clinton's foundation and keep him out of office. this conspiracy behind the scenes to maintain the status quo and not let donald trump go in and change things. he's often said that he believes that he is the only one that could change things. so far his supporters have completely denied any allegations of wrong doing when it comes to donald trump. instead getting angry with members of the press. a woman right here is angry of the idea of this.
12:34 pm
she believes that it is a media conspiracy against him. that's what we are seeing at rallies now when donald trump supporters come out. they booed in unison and they don't believe the press. donald trump is feeding into the idea saying the media is working in with clinton in order to take him down and not seeing any real validity to any accusers coming forward. when you ask about donald trump's own words, the time where he bragged about sexually assaulting women saying he could grab them by their p's. sfar so far, the atmosphere surrounding donald trump is getting darker as supporters dig in in order to push back against any sort of negative publicity coming out there against their
12:35 pm
chosen candidate. >> katy tur. i know if you get any new statement from the campaign, you will come back to us just as soon as you have that. after a quick break, i will be joined by an adviser and surrogate for the trump campaign, we'll ask about all this. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. here you go.picking up for kyle. you wouldn't put up with part of a pizza.
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team trump now. i am joined by steve cortez. it is nice to see you steve, happy friday. it is a busy news day to say the least. >> thanks for having me, kate. >> we have two women coming out with the washington post and with holding a press conference with attorney allred. most both is making accusations against your campaign, candidate. is it starting to bother you of the number of women coming forward, steve? >> well, it does not bother me
12:39 pm
in my support of donald trump. it bothers me in that, we are not talking about the issues that's most important to america. i don't know anything of these new allegations. in general regarding to these allegations, what i would say is unfortunately, in all these cases and we always have to take accusations of sexual misconduct seriously, in all of these cases where there is no corroborating evidence, i believe donald trump has denied all these allegations. when i look at the totality of his life and career particularly of what he's done empowering women, i simply take him at his words. i understand there is a lot of honest people won't take my side on that. the second thing i will say while you as journalists, you have to cover these stories carefully vigilantly, there is a
12:40 pm
skewed that you are not giving attention of terrible things coming out of wikileaks of the clinton's campaign. >> we did a segment of the wikileaks maybe ten minutes ago. >> it is not getting the same level. your reporter katy tur, she's using a lot of terms, there is a darkness or conspiracy. what i do think happens is, newsrooms are dominated by liberal democrats who do not want to give donald trump of the benefit of the doubt. they don't realize that once you cross, there is a gigantic country -- i think there is
12:41 pm
great anxiety of the country and donald trump has tapped into that. here is the way forward and here is how we can grow again and be safer again. i understand that you had to pursue these stories, also, give equal time to really scandalous things of some things coming out from the clinton's campaign >> you say there is not a lot of corroborating evidence, these women, the woman just spoke with gloria allred, summer says she shared the story with two people back when it happened right when she left "the apprentice," and she said she never intended to come forward prior to hearing mr. trump's words on that tape last week and after wearing those words in the "access hollywood" tape, that's when she
12:42 pm
decided to come forward. anderson saying she did not come forward, the washington post called her and they reached out to her and heard about her story through a third party and reached out to her and she debates it and waits days and days mullying over whether she wants to go over with something so private and decides that she will because your candidate said she nev he never did this on sunday night of the debate. i try very hard to talk about these issues rather than these details. if we are going to go down these roads and say, when i say corroborated evidence, i don't mean you told people c contemporari contemporarily. what she says not just about bill clinton and hillary clinton, intimidating her after she was raped by bill clinton, again, i don't like to go on this. i want to talk about economy.
12:43 pm
>> i understand it is not where you want to go. you are almost forcing me to. telling contemporaries is corroborating evidence, she told her husband and several contemporaries at the time and not just about bill's bad behavior but about hillary's intimidation. i don't want to talk about arkansas in the 1990s or new york city in the 1990s. i i want to talk about where america is today in 2016 and how we can improve it. i believe that's where most americans care about. >> i think you are right. most americans are not rather to talk about what we are talking about today. here it is, these women have made these accusations. i feel like i have to ask you one more time. three of those women appeared on
12:44 pm
fox and they supported donald trump. if you believe them and you want to give them a full benefit of the doubt, why not believe of the women coming forward making accusations against donald trump. >> i am not saying i believe them. i am saying it is the same standard, if that standard applies it, it applies to both. she should be on the front page of new york times and not just the most recent accuser of donald trump. i don't want to focus on any of it frankly. i am not going to say, i believe her or don't believe me. what i am is a business person and lately, i believe in donald trump and believed in him that he did not do anything. most importantly of all, he has a way forward out of the mo
12:45 pm
the -- that's what i am focused on. i don't want to get into -- i am not going to play "us magazine" and get in the details. again, i am just saying she meets the same standard of these current accusers >> does he have a way of a past of victory. our projection has clinton at 287 at the new map. that's if you look at polling. as you know in each of the states and where the polling are showing right now, the snapshot at this moment, does he have a pass? >> i think he does. given the torrent of -- some of it is his fault and clearly, given the torrent of bad publicity, he's still pulling in the right country. hillary clinton is a fundamental flawed candidate.
12:46 pm
she's untrust worthy and not fit given her past and corrupt past. given that, do we have a shot? are we still the under dog? we got weeks left to fight. if donald trump keeps on campaigning as hard as he has been lately, i believe come november, the american people is going to make the decision that the status quo is going to be okay. steve cortes, thank you very much for being with us. president obama signed into law a historic sexual assault survivor's bill of rights, protecting women and men making the difficult decision coming forward of their cases. i will be channelling that bill after the break. is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own? or is it a lifetime of work that blazes the path to your passions?
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# . . . back now with you, survivors of sexually assault have a bill of rights under federal law. president obama signed a
12:50 pm
landmark legislation a week ago. victims have a right to have a rape kit for the entire relevant statue of limitations. they are allowed to be notified in writing 60 days prior to the destruction of that per more i want to bring in the founder and president of rise. she worked on the survivor's bill of rights and we were talking about action, active in getting the bill passed. you worked on go fund me to build up money to help the effort to pass this legislation. this goes back to your own personal story. you were assaulted in massachusetts in 2013. you had a rape evidence kit taken and decided not to press charges right away, but
12:51 pm
requested they not destroy the kid. what happened? >> in some states, they destroy untested kids that's just not right. >> people know what it is. it's part of it, but with medical attention. >> you were talking during the commercial, this was approved by congress. this is bipartisan. >> it voted 399-0. 89-0 in the senate. .016% of the bills in modern u.s. history had this kind of support. that shows you how important the
12:52 pm
ryes are right now and why it is so important to take your civil rights to the state. >> that leads me to the moment we are in. most of this hour take us to allegations being made against donald trump and it started the conversation with the hash tag and why women don't report. that's out there. what do you make of the national conversation we are having on both sides of the isle? they need four organizations and the civil rights that have been passed and need to be passed on the state level. the federal government just passed this week and that's a model that i have to follow. that's why they are taking the fight to the state. >> thank you very much for being with us on business friday. founder and president of rise. thanks so much. coming up, what a week it has
12:53 pm
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>> far you seem to be suggesting with your descriptions and interviews that these women are
12:57 pm
lying. they don't come forward to talk about their stories is they are accused of being liars. are you saying these women are lying? >> that's your characterization. you need to characterize it that way to try to make me the bad guy. >> it's a question. >> stop, stop, stop. >> no, no. it's a simple question. yes or no. do you believe these women are lying or not? nobody is trying to paint you as a bad guy. it's a question. straight talk. >> it doesn't matter whether they are lying or not. >> of course it matters. >> listen. it doesn't matter whether they are lying or not. what matters is that the train is going off the cliff. >> as a media reporter.
12:58 pm
>> things have gotten out of donald trump's control. he brought famously bill clinton's accusers to the debate for that stunning press conference last weekend and since that snowballed and they are in a position to denounce their own accusers. i don't see how they get this back on track. >> trump said these accusations are part of a clinton machine. i want to play a quick clip. >> now we address the slander and liable that was just last night thrown at me by the clinton machine and the "new york times" and other media outlets as part of a concerted coordinated and vicious attack. >> let's take that on directly. it is brought up what we had a short time ago. this idea that the media is taking sides and the media is
12:59 pm
not nonpartisan and we are trying to help trump lose this election. what's the reality check? >> taking a statement first off. i know lots of people at the "new york times" and i have a lot of respect for them. if you talk to these people, they are no fans. it broke a lot of the private server stories. the idea that the times is in the tank for hillary, it is absurd. the idea that the media is taking sides, listen. bill clinton's accusers had their stories reported and told. they are coming forward in trump's tcase are news for stories. >> they are covering the news. what about this charge that the dishonest and again trump has
1:00 pm
made the women and the issue by going after bill clinton's path and saying this should be on the table. he is opening up to his own industry. i think this is just a false equivalency that is not holding up. >> they have a debate next wednesday. it will be interesting. >> what trump said, he is unshackled. we will have to see. >> thanks and have a good weekend. that with respects up this hour for me. see you sunday night, 6:30 eastern for nightly news. up next, steve. >> thanks for that. a busy afternoon and good afternoon. live here in new york, the countdown continues. 25 days away from election day. topping our agenda, more accusations now. two more women coming forward accusing donald trump of inappropriate conduct while trump steps up the campaign against them. >> som


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