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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  October 15, 2016 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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when you translate the serbian article on gioogle, trump shows up as tramp. i did not do. it blame google. it's funny, but we didn't make it funny. "msnbc live" is next. good morning, everyone, i'm dara brown in new york. 7:00 a.m. in the east, 4:00 in the west. here's what's happening -- >> i am a victim of one of the great political smear campaigns in the history of our country. >> embattled gop candidate donald trump lashes out as the number of women speaking out against him grows. who are the accusers? you'll hear some of their stories and new response from the trump campaign this morning. on the campaign trail, the clinton camp gets a boost from the president and first lady. how critical might this become in swing states? the clinton strategy, off the campaign trail until the next debate. we'll look at what's behind that and the latest wikileaks news
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all here on the place for politics. new reaction from donald trump and the latest allegations of sexually inappropriate behavior. at one of the rallies last night in north carolina, he told supporters allt claims are 1 -- all of the claims are 100% false and pointed to a series of possible motives. >> it's not hard to find a small handful of people willing to make false smears for personal fame, who knows, maybe for financial reasons, political purposes, or for the simple reason they want to stop our movement, they want to stop our campaign. very simple. >> trump's running mate, mike pence, didn't explicitly address the allegations as he came to his defense at a rally in florida yesterday. >> despite the willful ignorance in the media about all things
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clinton, okay, and despite the constant, the constant attacks leveled at my running mate in the national press, we continue to see momentum across the country because neighbors are talking to neighbors, co-workers are talking to co-workers, if you're wearing one of those red hats, don't take it off for 25 days. sleep in that thing. >> just a day after praising first lady michelle obama, her emotional speech against trump, hillary clinton weighed in on the controversy at a fundraiser in seattle last night. >> the whole world has heard how donald trump brags about mistreating women and the disturbing stories keep coming. i take no satisfaction in seeing what trump does and says because it hurts, it hurts me, and it
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hurts our country. it hurts all of us. >> clinton is off the campaign trail today as trump travels to the northeast for two rallies. the first in new hampshire at noon followed by the other in maine. one of donald trump's acc e accusers is a former contestant on "the apprentice." >> reporter: crying and emotional, summer zervos became the latest donald trump accuser. >> he grabbed my shoulder and began kissing me again aggressively and placed his hands on my breast. >> reporter: in 2007, she said she was looking for a job after competing in season five of "the apprentice." she first met with trump in new york. >> as i was about to leave, he again kissed me on the lips. this made me feel nervous and embarrassed. >> reporter: they met again in california. >> he put me in an embrace, and tried to push him away. i pushed his chest to put space between us, and i said, "come on, man, get real."
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he repeated my words back to me, "get real." as he began thrusting his genitals. >> reporter: the former reality tv contestant says she felt she had to come forward after hearing tmp on that hot mic from 2005. also why kristin anderson says she told the "washington post" her story. she says she was groped by trump in the early '90s in a new york city club. >> the person on my right who unbeknownst to me at that time was donald trump put their hand up my skirt. he did touch my vagina through my underwear. >> reporter: campaign spokesperson hope hicks responded. "mr. trump strongly denies this phony allegation by someone looking to get some free publicity. it is totally ridiculous." nbc news has not been able to independently verify either accusation. trump responded to zervos saying, "i never met her at a hotel or greeted her inappropriately a decade ago. in fact, ms. zervos continued to
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contact me for help. e-mailing my office on april 14th of this year asking that i visit her restaurant in california." >> that was stephanie gosk reporting. the trump campaign released a statement from zervos' first cousin, it hereads, "for almost decade my cousin would talk about how much she looked up to mr. trump and viewed him as an inspiration. a success story she wanted to copy. summer would also talk about how kind and caring mr. trump was on the show." that statement written on behalf of the trump campaign in an foer effort to refute one of his accusers. danny freeman from our d.c. bure bureau, good morning to you. is clinton staying off the campaign trail before the debate, is that part of the distinct strategy to stay out of the way as trump deals with his controversy? >> reporter: well, good morning. while it's true we may not seen
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much of clinton -- may not see much of clinton before the third and final debate, i don't think they would say she's explicitly trying to lay low. yesterday the communications director said that -- argued that they had an aggressive schedule post the most recent debate going into the weekend. last night you saw that, last night hillary clinton was in seattle at a fundraiser with artist mclemore and pearl jam, several members of pearl jam, greeted hillary clinton. also hillary clinton did some rounds on l.a. tv, most notably doing "ellen" yesterday. let's look at what she said in her reaction post the last debate. i'm hearing we don't have it note. hillary clinton was saying she was feeling the presence of donald trump as we saw in st. louis, stalking her basically in her words as he stood behind her, closely as hillary clinton would answer questions and take questions from the audience. now moving forward, hillary clinton arrived from seattle to west chester, new york, last
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night. and she is going to be probably most likely off the trail, as i said, until the next debate. but what's nice is that she has an army of supporters and surrogates, high profiled, who will be on the trial likely as she lays low for debate prep. bee saw bill clinton, michelle obama gaving her speech, and we learned that president obama will be hitting the trail again for her next week. >> thank you. wednesday's debate is fast approaching. danny freeman in d.c. joining me,'s jane timm, roll call column alan martin, and bog rea of avenue are of "hrc." jane, donald trump is digging in, denying all of the latest accusations, blaming the media and the establishment as he defends himself. is this campaign strategy or is this donald trump on his just going rogue? >> this is a little bit of each. we know the campaign wasn't ready because they weren't allowed to do the research that
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campaigns typically do called self appo, researching into your own candidate to see where his likely weaknesses maybe and to prepare for this kind of sand lawsuit outbreak in october. they should have had the opposition research they're releasing on their accusers piecemeal, that should have been done, they should have had it ready if anything came out. they weren't ready, and they're not ready to handle this. we do see donald trump going rogue in his condemnation of denials. these were supported -- scripted by the campaign. when donald trump criticizes one of his accusers' looks and says she wouldn't be my first choice, that doesn't sound like it's coming from the campaign. that's where you see him going rogue. >> the trump campaign said it would send proof that the accusations are false. i know we saw that earlier from one of the accuser's cousins, do we expect to see anything else, or has anything else surfaced? >> i think the campaign is doing
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research into the accusers the same time the media is doing it, as well. i think we may see things come out piecemeal. the kind of stuff that gives fodder to people who want to believe donald trump, supporters who cheer him on when says they're all 100% false. i say the goal trump has now, saying this man's word refutes this woman's word doesn't always sit well with them. >> jonathan, do we expect more accusers as this comes forward center. >> if i had accusers coming to me, i'd be reporting it. i think there are expectations because we've seen in print before from the outlets that have "new york times" that they put more stories in what they had in print. who knows. this is happening in mid act. we've got a few weeks -- mid-october. we've got a few weeks left. my guess is there are probably
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more accusations to come. >> and jonathan, we are 24 days out from the election. how much more can the trump campaign withstand, and when would this need to stop for him to actually have a chance of winning? >> i'm not sure that it can stop. you know, the whole trump argument that they're going to put out irrefutable evidence that these things didn't happen, it's hard to prove the negative. so my guess is that this will continue to go on through the end of the campaign. most of the political analysts i know think this campaign is essentially over. that short of -- short of the earth being consumed by fire that donald trump is pretty much over. this having a partisanship thing. democrats thinkthat, republicans, too. that's why you hear republicans focus on down-ball at races at this point. i think donald trump will continue to deal with this issue, not only through the end. the campaign but probably after it. >> and obviously this is a talking point. jane, is there any sense of how donald trump is going to be able to handle the next debate by wednesday? i mean, who knows what will
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unfold. >> yeah. i think what we're not going to see him do is bring forward bill clinton's accusers. that puts him in a bad spot when his campaign is saying every accuser of sexual misconduct should be believed because he has his own accusers. i think you'll see him try and get off the topic, try and talk about clinton's -- what we've learned from the clinton wikileaks hack of john podesta's e-mail. that's an obvious thing for him to go after. we've seen him digging into this. on the campaign trail, focusing as much on her as possible. that's the only attack line he has at this point. >> and jonathan, i want to turn to the clinton campaign now. on ellen degeneres' show, she was saying it's not over, don't get complacent. she has no events scheduled for the week or for the beginning of the week. what is the strategy behind this? >> politics 101. get out of the way of an imploding adversary. there's no reason for her to take up time now. donald trump is literally going out every day and -- jane talked
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about how it's best for him to get off of his subject. he's going out there and talking about these accusers. he's giving this issue more attention at his campaign events he's going out there, commenting on hillary clinton's body. he's going out there with these crazy conspiracy theories about how -- how the world is essentially rigged against him, you know, involving the media and banks and things. the man's coming unhinged. there's no reason for hillary clinton to see anything and admit the third debate should happen and not 100% sure it will. should that debate, third debate happen, i think the best advice hillary clinton will get from anyone is to keep your answers short and let donald trump try to talk his way out of his problems. >> jane, we know that trump is seizing upon because clinton is off the campaign trail. in one of his speeches, he was talking about it. what is he saying, and what does he hope to gain? >> he likes to allege that clinton is napping, that she's resting during these -- this relentless debate prep that she does before every debate.
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we see her down for three, four days, and a minimum going after and preparing. see that does mock debates, she worked with top advisers. reporters who are staked out will tell you she is doing this until the we have hours of the morning. that she -- wee hours of the morning. that she does long days of debate prep. this is hard lee napping. no -- hardly napping. there's no evidence that we see her resting up for the campaign trail. he likes to sort of say that he is, you know, doing more than she is doing. but this was one of our latest fact checks on there's no evidence that she's taking a nap now. >> i'm sure she's not. and jonathan, wikileaks released a new batch of these emails. is there anything else in there that could stand out to you? i mean, have they garnered more attention? would they have garnered more attention if clinton was running against maybe another candidate? >> absolutely. it's amazing. these wikileaks documents from john pod estapodesta's emails, ill gotten, would be devastating to a campaign were it not for what's going on with donald
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trump now. the idea that she's got public and private positions, that's not surprising to anybody in washington, maybe not to voters. to see it in print is another thing entirely. thers a lot of embarrassing stuff here. and there are things that could be potentially politically damaging if she wasn't running against donald trump. >> right. and all to be overshadowed. we'll see what happens wednesday. jonathan allen, jane timm, thank you very much for being here. >> take care. well, he claims he's a top-notch businessman, but is donald trump's presidential campaign taking a toll on his brand? that discussion up next. for lower back pain sufferers,
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welcome back. now the intersection of business
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and politics and the apparent toll donald trump's presidential run is taking on his brand. hipmonk crunched the numbers and found the bookings at trump hotels are down 58% from last year. this as the newest addition to the trump empire, the trump international hotel in washington, d.c., which opened last month, was found by "new york" magazine to be discounting rooms days before the annual world bank imf meetings when other five-star hotels in the kwl area were sold out. ri ricknewman is a alcoholism -- rick new -- rick newman is a columnist for "new york" magazine. the take on "the donald trump campaign is over," what's your take? >> i'm not buying it. one of the things he's good at is changing his brand as circumstances warrant. i think if you look at what we think of as donald trump's brand from the past, five-star hotels, a sign of luxury and everything, i think maybe that part is going to be trouble.
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i think what trump is going to do, i think he's going to find a way out of this with an even stronger brand than he had before. i think it's going to be a very different brand. but if you think about it this way, donald trump used to be a well-known guy, sort of known for luxury. he's now more famous than ever. and you have to factor in this new course element to his personality. i think he will work it into his brand and profit from it. this is assuming he doesn't win in investigator. >> he's no stranger to reinventing himself. what steps could the brand be taking to cut the potential losses? >> well, i mean, promotions. but you know, they -- they're in a difficult position for the next few weeks leading up to the election. i would assume that, yeah, say that part of his -- that part of his portfolio, the branded hotels, will take a hit. i think we're not seeing the same hit at the -- the commercial real state for sure.
4:20 am
he's got a lot of properties that are condos, you know, where people are not -- not many are going to sell their condo just because they disapprove of donald trump. i think we should take seriously this idea that donald trump could form an alliance with people like roger ailes after the mpaign assuming he loses again, and form either the new donald trump show or the donald trump network. there is a market for the sort of mention he's peddlinpeddling. see that hillary clinton wins as the prediction sites are suggesting, guess who's going to be most vocal, prominent critic of hillary clinton -- donald trump. and it's probably not just going to be him callinging in to sean hannity's show. it's easy to see him with his own show or a bigger platform than that. >> some are drawing parallels between this and other branding situation that's have been caused by founders' names being linked to their businesses. we know donald trump has his name on all those businesses. so does history tell us anything about how this could possibly ♪ >> yeah. i just don't see that the trump
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name is going to dwindle and become irrelevant. and let's think about -- think about overseas markets. donald trump tried for years to develop real state projects in russia. i think his prosprekects are ber in russia after f he loses. he's popular. there's a new course element that's become part of who he is and how we understand this guy. like it or not, there's a market for this kind of thing. remember, donald trump associated himself with pro-wrestling, and you know, and a lot of showmanship at his casinos in atlantic city when he had them. ing there nothing that's going to prevent him from drifting back in that direction, and he has always found a way to meld these two things together, you know, this -- the showier element of things he's interested in. and the luxury. i mean, a lot of us don't get it. like what's so luxurious about this guy, and what he peddles. he has found a way to make it work. i think he's going to have to
4:22 am
change that. i think he's clearly turned some people off. i think he's going to find a new audience that's going to work out just fine for his brand. >> and rick, you touched on the hotels and then the foreign investment. what would be the smartest business move for trump to take after the election? when he wins or loses? >> i think to capitalize on more fame than he's ever had. marketers will tell you when you have high negatives, that's not necessarily the worst news for the brantd. there are -- you know, in some ways, very high negatives mean more people than ever know who you are. i don't buy the idea that there's bad publicity. i think donald trump has definitely gotten battle publicity. negatives show that so many people know about this guy who didn't before. and when you go that wide, you'll find a core consumer base that's going to support your products. i think that's what's going to happen. >> rick newman, thank you very much for your time. appreciate it.
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the first lady's speech about the growing accusations against donald trump, how much did it help hillary clinton? some reaction next. and we leave you with what's on the minds of voters in ohio with 24 days to go before election day. >> i think it's going to be a difference, people want prosperity and a good leader. and they want someone that can show us how to get together and get something done in congress. ! it added this other level of clean to it. 6x cleaning* my teeth are glowing. they are so white. 6x whitening*á i actually really like the 2 steps. step 1, cleans. step 2, whitens. every time i used this together, it felt like leaving the dentist office. crest hd. 6x cleaning*, 6x whiteningá* i would switch to crest hd over what i was using before. crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life.
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winds, heavy winds and tornadoes. the national weather service in portland, oregon, is urging people to stay off the roads. many are flooded and impassable. later in the hour, we'll have a live report from seattle with the latest. now politics and a busy day of campaigning ahead for donald trump. let's bring in jacob rascon from bangor, maine, where the republican nominee will hold a rally later this afternoon. good morning. how is trump handling the latest allegations against him? >> reporter: you know, he's on defense. i mean, accusation after accusation, he just keeps lashing out. he calls them liars, horrible people, he says he has evidence to refute them. so far he's produced some evidence of some witnesses that say that one or two of them may be exaggerating, but that's it. and so far he's really behind it all blaming it on a left-wing conspiracy. >> the whole system is rigged. >> reporter: his campaign on the
4:31 am
ropes, his teleprompters broken. >> and i actually like my speech better without teleprompters. >> reporter: donald trump lashing out in north carolina. >> false smears for personal fame, who knows, maybe for financial reasons, political purposes. >> reporter: implying his accusers are unattractive. >> she would not be my first choice, that i can tell you. >> reporter: trump is the real victim, he insists. >> the political sfaebment is trying to stop us because they -- establishment is trying to stop us because they know we're a threat to their corrupt control. >> reporter: after denying kissing and groping women without their consent -- >> women have respect for me, i will tell you -- >> have you done those things? >> no, i have not. >> reporter: eight women have come forward to say yes, he did. one woman said he groped her at his club in 2003. >> it was like lifting -- this was almost like a lift of my butt cheek to feel it. >> reporter: season five
4:32 am
"apprentice" contestant summer zervos. >> i pushed his chest to get room between us, and i said, "come oman, get real." he thrusted his genitals. >> reporter: and kristin anderson said it happened at a nightclub in the early 1990's. >> the person on my right who at that time was unknown to me was donald trump put their hand up my skirt. he did touch my vagina through my underwear. >> reporter: nbc news has not confirmed the saelgallegations, the trump campaign says evidence will refute them. they thought an interview with a british man who claims to have a photographic memory and insists that 30 years ago he witnessed one of the accuser's, jessica leeds, coming on to trump. other women who have worked with trump will have come forward to defend his character. >> and behind the scenes, we're all furious because we know donald trump is such an incredible and outstanding man.
4:33 am
>> reporter: more trouble for mr. trump on friday as new york city's comptroller found trump may have lied about a $10,000 donation to the 9/11 fund. no such donation was ever found. hillary clinton's campaign also on defense after wikileaks released another round of embarrassing emails. one from clinton campaign manager robby muck asking bill clinton to cancel a speech to a wall street investment firm, eventually convincing bill and hillary clinton the speech would be "a very consequential unforced error just before she announced her white house bid." nbc news has not authenticated those wikileaks documents, and just this morning, trump is tweeting that all of these are 100% fabricated, all part of the left wing conspiracy which will poison the american voters' mind. today, he's in new hampshire and here in main where the latest poll has him behind by nine. >> jacob rascon live from maine.
4:34 am
thank you very much. joining me now, rick tyler, msnbc political analyst, and former communications director for ted cruz, jo watkins, republican strategist and former aide to president george h.w. pleasure to, and republican strategist formerly of the carly fiorina campaign. sar sarah, as a kpran strategy -- campaign strategy, we heard the issue about donald trump. is the controversy working? is trump -- is this controversy working for him? >> it might be working for his base. hillary clinton hasn't had a great week either. that being said, in the political rock, paper, scissors, sex scandal beats e-mail scandal every time. when it's working for his base or not, donald trump went into the week behind. he needed to build in order to overcome this, and i don't see how this is helping that at all. it is certainl think degrading his support, not building it. >> well, he's calling it a conspiracy and then called himself a victim of that. is that helping him?
4:35 am
>> no. >> no? >> no. we're 24 days out from an election. this is the last thing you want to be dealing with. if you look at how arnold schwarzenegger handled similar allegations when he was originally in that recall effort, this is the exact opposite of how he handled that and weathered it. we've never seen a candidate choose to go this route and have it work. that being said, it also undermines his effort against hillary clinton attacking bill clinton's accusers. he had used that line of attack for a long time. that in fact hillary clinton was anti-woman because she attacked bill clinton's accusers. now he has his own accusers, he's attacking them in a similar fashion. so it undermines that argument against hillary clinton, as well. so it's a double whammy. >> talk about double whammies, rick. let's talk about this. we had in order the "access hollywood" video, the news conference with the bill clinton accusers, the second presidential debate, and then more female accusers against trump. trump denies the allegations, but does a week like this one energize voters, or does it
4:36 am
demoralize them to the point where they're just going to stay home and not vote? >> it may demoralize some voters and probably voters who are undecided. i don't see donald trump supporters being demoralized. i think they're fired up and ready to go. i talked to a lot of them. they can't wait to vote for donald trump. i also think there's -- an element of people who want to vote against donald trump. so those people are fired up, as well. and there are a lot of people who want to vote against hillary. those arehe dominant two, who want to vote against the other person. the campaign is sort of devolved into i've assembled more people who hate you than you've assembled people who hate me. and right now, that looks like advantage hillary. >> and i want to bring you into the conversation because is there a point where the accusations that keep piling up with the accusers, they keep coming out, that the voters become desensitized, or maybe they're going to want to turn it off? who is this going to help? >> i think people are itching to vote. a lot of people have already voted. i think all this does, it
4:37 am
reinforces the narrative that there's a problem. and you know, no matter what anybody says, most people think that wherever there's smoke there must be fire. so to have this as the central theme of the campaign for donald trump in the final weeks of the campaign is not good for him. and i think a lot of people -- i agree with rick that a lot of his supporters are itching to vote for him, to send a message. but i think that that number of people is dwindling. i think -- i think likewise that a lot of people who may have been on the fence before will vote for hillary clinton now because they'll say, you know, we just can't have this person leading our country. >> and take into account, sarah, we had president obama and the first lady talking about this controversy, and here's -- let's listen to some of michelle obama's speech. >> because this wasn't just rude conversation. this wasn't just locker room banter. this was a powerful individual speaking freely and openly about
4:38 am
sexually predatory behavior. >> how much does that help hillary clinton's campaign? >> well, michelle obama is for sure the breakout star surrogate of the campaign cycle. what i think it does, we had seen going into this month that donald trump supporters were more enthusiastic about donald trump than hillary clinton supporters were about hillary clinton. that's a big problem when it comes to a turnout operation which can be a two or three-point difference in some states. what i think michelle obama's speech did is it really ginned up hillary clinton supporters, upping her base, after a huge problem this month and heading into early voting. i think you're in the clinton camp, you're hoping to get every hillary voter who's already voting for her to think, yeah, now i really want to vote for her. not just against donald trump. although i agree with rick that the animating principle i think for both bases when you have the two most unpopular presidential candidates in history is still voting against the other person.
4:39 am
>> now you've got a president obama also, you know, speaking out for hillary clinton. and how much does it help to have a sitting president actually out there campaigning for you? is it going to be very effective with the undecided voters? >> well, if the president happens to be popular, it is. this president happens to be popular. he's got 55% approval rating. he's going to have a huge sway with democrats. he's still hugely popular among democrats. and he's going to have huge sway among undecideds. him getting out on the campaign trail for hillary clinton is big for her. >> and rick, we have donald trump because he has no similar surrogates and there's no one on the stump for trump, though, who's relevant in this way. how much does that matter for his campaign? >> it matters a great deal in this sense. hillary clinton is not that knighting on the stump. i -- not that exciting on the stump. i watched president obama's speech and have to say as a practitioner in the business, it was masterful. he is so comfortable on the campaign trail behind the microphone. his message was very clear, not
4:40 am
just about being positive with hillary clinton, i don't think he left anything on the table with respect to donald trump and knocking donald trump and completely dismantling him. and he did it in a way that is dangerous to politicians. that is mead them the source of scorn and ridicule. by the end of the speech, donald trump was reduced to a pathetic figure. that was a masterful performance, and he did it with humor. it was funny, and it was very effective. and there's nobody on the trump side that's even close to barack obama or dare i say michelle or joe biden. and they're going to be effective being surrogates out on the campaign trail while hillary continues to raise money. >> well, we have mike pence. he's on the campaign trail preparing evidence, saying that the campaign is preparing evidence, that trump never assaulted his accusers. here's what he had to say yesterday. >> i think it's coming. and it's coming in -- in -- frankly probably in a matter of
4:41 am
hours. i know that melania trump through her toerps has reached out -- attorneys has reached out to one of the publications, "people" magazine, to call for a retraction -- >> that's different from showing us evidence. >> just -- you know, stay tuned. there's more information coming forward. >> this seems to be a he said/she said kind of case. what evidence, rick, do they need to produce to help trump? what do you think? >> his evidence is slim. and i'm referring to carlos slim. after all this, he picks out a mexican billionaire to blame this out and conspiracy with "the new york times." and although again there's no concrete evidence that donald trump did all these things, we have his own words on the bus with billy bush. and he was describing exactly what these women are saying was done to them. that's -- that doesn't look very good for donald trump. >> joe, your take on that? >> you know, this is -- this is bad for donald trump. this is all we're talking about 24 days before the election.
4:42 am
you know, i don't think anybody thinks that anybody's worried at the last minute he's going to refute all the testimony of all these women. you hear the same thing from women, don't know each other from different points in their meetings with donald trump. it's very bad. very, very bad narrative. if that continues to be the narrative, hillary clinton has a lot to win in a landslide. >> thank you very much for being here. stick around, guys. we're going to talk about the fallout in the polls because it has been a rough week for donald trump and now wikileaks. what to expect from the next debate. it is just a few days from now. then up in the next hour, questions about evangelicals standing by donald trump and where they will draw the line. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain...
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shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you. more on the fallout following a very bad week for
4:46 am
donald trump. rick tyler, msnbc political analyst and former communications director for ted cruz, joining joining us. joe watkins, republican strategist and former aide to president george h.w. bush, and sarah florez, republican strategist formerly of the carly fiorina campaign. joe, let's talk about the polls. we see clinton pulling ahead in swing states, north carolina, florida, your home state. what about the down ballot voting? >> there's a lot of worry. a lot of people know that this presidential race could and likely will affect the number of the down ballot races. certainly in pennsylvania, we've got a hotly contested u.s. senate race going on. the incumbent, of course, is a friend of mine. and -- and a very good person. and in pennsylvania, by the way, you've got a slightly more -- about a million more diabetic voters than republican voters. and so in order for a republican to win or to retain his or her seat, they've got to win democrat votes, as well this makes it tough in the year when you have a woman running against pat toomey, the incumbent senator, and hillary
4:47 am
clinton leading the ticket in a year where donald trump is losing ground in pennsylvania. >> well, sarah, let's talk about the wikileaks hacking, it brings up hillary clinton. is there one specific thing from this latest batch that stands out? >> i actually think it's the overall picture that it paints of hillary clinton. it feeds into the narrative that she is sclefb, not -- secretive, not authentic, private. her positions that she's telling are you calculated, machinations of the clinton way. one thing after another. it's of the last thing she needs. i do think it affects the down ballots quite a bit. you have two problems if you're a democrat senate candidate right now. one is that hillary clinton has no coattails. she's an extraordinarily unpopular candidate who is benefitting from an even more unpopular republican at the top of the ticket. a lot of republican candidates are running five, ten points ahead of donald trump. too, because so many thought it would be a bad year for
4:48 am
democrats, barack obama's numbers were much lower heading into this season, their recruitment wasn't very good. mcdidn'ty in pennsylvania is a -- mcdidn't didn'ty in pennsylvan-- mcginty in pennsylvania is a terrible candidate. there's regret they didn't do a better job. >> on the wikileaks, it seems to be the same old, but is anything that's come out is damaging to her campaign that's going to come out later? >> i think after the speeches at goldman that she wouldn't release and emails of her saying no, bill clinton is going to give there speech through days after my announcement, we need the money. you know, it feeds into this idea that, you know, she thought she was dead broke coming out of the white house. and they needed $20 million a year in speaking fees. it's -- it's a lack of reality from inside the clinton team. and it also paints her as a very insolar candidate which is scary in a president. you want them to have a sense of what's going on in the world. she doesn't seem to understand how bad that looks. >> and i want to talk about this
4:49 am
op-ed from the hill that was out on friday. not only will trump lose the election, so will every other republican presidential candidate in the decades to come if the republican base in the future consists only of the shrinking demographic of non-collegiate educated white americans with minimum appeal to any other grew up oup. it will relose control of congress and won't regain it for a long time to come. how bad is the fallout going to be? >> since college is so unafford animal, i suspect there -- unaffordable, i suspect there will be a lot of uneducated people. i'm joking a bit. it's really bad. look, if you read the -- what they call the autopsy in the rnc last cycle, donald trump is essentially the antithesis or would be antithetical the type of candidate that they wanted to recruit to be the nominee. but look, i think donald trump is a little bit isolated from the republican party. he is causing damage to the republican party, and that damage can be lasting.
4:50 am
but usually what happens is one story replaces another story. i don't know what the replacement story is yet. i do know that there will be a brawl within the republican party between the conservatives bright wing and the establishment. >> that could thb debate. what about the debate coming up on wednesday? >> i think you'll see donald trump as aggressive as ever. he'll throw the kitchen sink at hillary clinton. i think she'll be as aggressive as ever. i think this debate will be as lively, full of fireworks and accusations and back and forth as the american public has ever seen. and let's hope they exhaust their appetite for this and have a sane election cycle in 2020. >> and joe, what is your take on the debate for wednesday? >> bare knuckle brawl, really. that's what it's going to be. >> i don't think he shows up. >> that's interesting. >> i don't think he'll come. >> he has to show up. >> oh, you're saying he has to show up to win. there is no winning left here.
4:51 am
and also worth noting though by the way, m.i.t. ritt romney outperformed donald trump among noncollege educated voters right now. that is donald trump's base. mitt romney did three points better among noneducated white voters. >> that says more about donald trump than romney. >> fair. >> this is so farfetched this campaign. there are really serious issues. thank you so much. rick, always a pleasure to have you here. >> you bet. dangerous weather is higt the northwest. how bad could this get? and the trouble that we've already seen. anything meant to stand needs a stable foundation. a body without proper foot support can mean pain. the dr. scholl's kiosk maps your feet
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pacific north southwest
4:55 am
bracing for more strong winds and heavy rain after a nist floods and power outages. this is from coastal oregon. a pair of tornadoes touchdown. forecasters are warning things could get worse today. joe fryar is in seattle where hundreds have lost power. what are the conditions out there like? >> good morning. right now this is sort of the calm between the storms. the pacific northwest is bracing for a strong blast with very destructive winds that are expected to come later on today. this is really the second round of a one-two punch and expected to be the stronger of the storm. still, that first round which hit on thursday and friday left a lot of destruction especially in oregon where there was a good deal of flooding and also a number of downed trees and power outages up and down the coast, tens of thousands lost power. still near western washington, up to 10,000 people without power although they're quickly restoring. that there were two confirmed
4:56 am
tornadoes in oregon. one of them caught on video, started as a water spout on the pacific ocean and moved on to land cause something damage in a tourist town along the oregon coast. but no one there was injured. tornadoes are a rarety, especially in oregon. that, of course, was just a dress rehearsal. now comes this second storm which is powered by the remnants of a typhoon. this could be one of the top ten most powerful wind storms in the history of this region. they're especially concerned about a storm that is powered by the remnants of a typhoon. history shows those can be some of the strongest storms to hit this region. they're urging folks to stay inside once the winds pick up later to day. one of the biggest concerns is falling trees and falling limbs. already a 4-year-old boy in west seattle was injured by a falling limb. >> joe, thank you so much for that. those pictures are devastating. stay safe. that will do it for me this hour. thanks for watching.
4:57 am
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could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at good morning, everyone. it is 8:00 in the east, 5:00 out west. here what is happening now. we begin with politics. new reaction from donald trump amid the latest allegations of sexually inappropriate behavior. within last hour, he tweeted 100% fabricated and made up charges pushed strongly by the media and the clinton campaign, may poison the minds of the american voter. fix! it follows the swing through north carolina yesterday where he pushed the same argument. take a listen. >> after many, many years without complaint, the media and the clinton campaign have brought forward false allegations less than a month before the most


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