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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  October 17, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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the race taking yet another ugly turn. right now, donald trump continues his weekend tirade alleging the election the rigged, tweeting about it again this morning. the gop nominee offering no evidence but blaming the media for coverage of the recently publicized claims of sexual misconduct against him. >> hillary is running for president in what looks like a rigged election. the whole thing is one big fix. the election is being rigged by corrupt media pushing completely false allegations and outright lies in an effort to elect her president. the election is rigged. it's rigged like you've never seen before. they're rigging the system. >> many of trump's closest advisors, even his own running mate contradicting the man at the top of the ticket. >> we will absolutely accept the results of the election.
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the american people are tired of the obvious bias in the national media. that's where the sense of a rigged election goes here. >> our new poll numbers show a larger national lead for hillary clinton but what about in the handful of swing states that will decide the election? let's get right to the political team. nbc's hallie jackson and kelly o'donnell along with msnbc chief legal correspondent ari melber. thank you all for being here. hallie, i want to start with you. we spent yesterday trying to sort through all of these comments from donald trump and his surrogates and mike pence. they're not on the same page. i've been talking to republicans who say, they're concerned about the fact he's trying to set up this as a rigged election. any sense they'll get on the same page today. >> a lot of the concern echoed in my conversations, kristen. i think people, especially in the republican side, members of the elected officials, people who support these folks say this is dangerous. what donald trump saying without evidence and continuing to push this could be hugely problematic come november 9th if he ends up losing.
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so i think there's a concern and it's evidenced by what you just played. that montage there. donald trump pushing this line that he said it's a rigged election. voters say he's not talking about voter fraud at polling places but that's exactly what donald trump is talking about. there's a disconnect with what donald trump is saying and what his advisors say he's saying. >> i want to pick up on the point hallie makes that this is unprecedented and there's also no proof it. there's been studies done about voter fraud, in fact. there's just no evidence that modern elections have been rigged. so break this down for us. how unprecedented is a claim like this and any sense it's possible or that there are any examples of it in recent history? >> it's very unusual this far out of the election to start making these kind of claims and election experts say it does undermine the confidence in our peaceful transfer of power. that's why it's concerning so many people and republicans are speaking out. as for the actual legal
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practical question, no, it's virtually impossible to swing the national election with the mechanisms that donald trump is presenting. the idea that there would be that kind of coordinated in-person voter fraud and one study found basically over a decade, over a billion ballots cast and 31 allegations of in-person voter fraud. the kind of thing that he is saying he tweeted in the last hour that massive voter fraud would swing, the presidential race effectively practically impossible. >> any mechanisms actually in place to challenge a large national election? we go back to 2000, right? and the florida recount but al gore ultimately accepted the results of the election. what would happen in this case if donald trump doesn't in fact challenge the results? >> i think that's the question people have to take it seriously. we saw a preview of what could happen in chuck todd's interview with mike pence. we could wake up the day after this election, if there is a clear mandate or victory for hillary clinton and see a
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situation where donald trump won't concede while his running mate mike pence and others honor what has typically been the result which is, if you concede, there's a clear victory, you concede. we could see that take a split and see donald trump have the attempt to go to court. there's mechanisms for that. multiple states, he could challenge the outcome and try to litigate that. the doomsday scenario is taking it to the supreme court. we have a 4-4 tie on the court. we don't know. maybe it would come out and be 8-0 if it was a clear legal case, but i'm not sure that that is a great thing for the country especially if there isn't a real reason to do it and then the follow-up answer would be is if the court deadlock, you could always end up back to resolve an endlessly contested election. i'm not sure america wants to go through all of that or feeling as civically strong as we did in 2000 where at least you had two
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nominees who agreed to abide by the result whether they liked it or not. >> that would be a nightmare scenario for the clinton campaign, ari. there's no doubt about that and to that, i want to go out there kelly o'donnell. kelly, what is the clinton campaign doing to try to counter this narrative of a rigged election? they were infuriated. i talked to them throughout the weekend. they're trying to run up the electoral map, right? >> margins may be one of the issues that's the best case for saying that this is a proper result because of the overwhelming numbers. in some of the blue states, you would expect hillary clinton to do well but by targeting a place like arizona, that is really a key thing to look at because donald trump, if you look at an average of polling is still up by just a fraction. in some polls, hillary clinton is up by just a fraction and when we look back in 2012, mitt romney beat president obama by 10 points. of course, if you go back another psycycle, it's john mcc
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winning his home state. arizona is a state with a changing demographic, more and more hispanic americans are living there and there is also a more, i think, open idea to some of the democratic candidates in very select places. overwhelmingly republican. the governor, both members of congress. and plus 16 against ann kirkpatrick, currently a member of congress, and so it shows you that if hillary clinton can do well in a place that republicans traditionally have done well and john mccain way outperforming donald trump, that could help to make their case that the results are valid. it will depend in many cases on secretary of state to certify the results at a time after the election. there's always an opportunity for recount. there's reelection kind of automatic recounts if there's tight results.
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so it will be a tale of the numbers and by looking in places where democrats typically do not do as well. that's how the clinton team is hoping to sort of arm themselves against any questions about the voracity and the validity of this election. >> be also looking at utah and georgia, kelly. good points there. hallie, let me turn back to you. donald trump over the weekend seemed to be raging against just about everyone and making some claims that raised a lot of eyebrows including calling for hillary clinton to get a drug test ahead of this next debate. he's going to be out in wisconsin today. paul ryan's not going to be there with him. do you get the sense there's a strategy right now within the trump campaign or are we just watching a campaign in crisis? >> it's an interesting question because i think this is what we are seeing is intentional, the idea that donald trump is taking the fight wherever he wants to take the fight in a way to rally the people who support him. right? and the people that support him aren't big fans of house speaker paul ryan. so donald trump going after paul
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ryan saying he doesn't know how to win or focus on the budget, that doesn't hurt him with the people who are surrounding him. him going after -- none of that matters. and if the strategy is to fire up the the base and depress turnout for other groups who might go after hillary clinton, for example, and shimmy the numbers there, then i think the thinking in the trump campaign, at least a source close to the campaign who i've been in touch with says, why not? the thinking seems to be they haven't done anything to help donald trump, so why should donald trump do anything to help the republican establishment and there are members who still do vigorously back donald trump because of their own backyard and see that support. >> hallie, kelly, and ari, thank you for your reporting. appreciate it. claiming the election is rigged isn't the only baseless claim donald trump made over the weekend. he also alleged hillary clinton, as i just alluded to, is on drugs and wants her to take a
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drug test before the next debate. take a listen. >> we should take a drug test because i don't know what's going on with her. but the beginning of her last debate, she was all pumped up at the beginning, and at the end, it was like, take me down. >> and with that, i want to bring in linda chavez, the president of the center for equal opportunity and former director of the u.s. civil rights commission under president reagan. thank you so much for joining me. i really appreciate it. >> great to be with you. >> i just want to get your reaction to more broadly, all of that rhetoric that we heard from donald trump that hillary clinton should take a drug test and to the point that the election might be rigged. are you concerned that this is toxic to our political system? >> absolutely. it's certainly toxic to our political system and it could spell the end of the republican party. what i fear is that you have a man who has absolutely no ideological identification with
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republican issues. he's been a registered democrat for much of his life. he's given to democratic candidates, and, you know, he is basically now, because he's going down in flames, he's going to burn down the senate, and he may even burn down the house and it is a very, very dangerous moment for the republican party and even more broadly, for the country. >> well, given that, was speaker ryan strong enough over the weekend and forceful enough? he came out almost immediately and said, i have faith in our electoral process and in our states to carry out this election in good faith. does speaker ryan, do other republican leaders, need to come out more forcefully s? do we need to hear from mitch mcconnell and say, this election is not going to be rigged? >> i think the fear is on the wrong side of the trump voters, the trump voters will go to the
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polls and they will vote for trump but not vote down ticket for the republican nominees for the senate and the house and state legislatures. and i think that's their fear. they don't want to alienate these people. but frankly, if they don't pull together, if they don't make a forceful stand to stand up for democracy, to stand up for the fact that we have a system that relies on people believing the results of our election and frankly, there is some evidence of tampering going on in the election from the russian government, from donald trump's friend, vladimir putin. he has, in fact, as we know from the intelligence briefings that have now become, information has now become public, they have hacked into the democratic national committee. they've even tried to hack into some electoral systems in states. we have got the fbi working on it. if there's any shenanigans going
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on, it's by the pro-trump russian friends. it's not going on by the democratic party and that's truly troubling. >> and linda, you've been very clear. you're not supporting donald trump even though you are a republican. have you determined who you're going to vote for on election day? are you going to write in a candidate? what will you do? >> it's very hard for me to vote for hillary clinton, i don't agree with hillary clinton's policies on almost anything. i mean, we are at opposite ends of the spectrum. i am a conservative republican. but i will watch the election. i'm not going to mail my ballot in early. i'm going to go on the polling day and vote on election day and i'll have to make up my mind then, if i thought that trump somehow was going to have an upset victory, i might be more tempted to vote one way than another. certainly never going to vote for trump and hope i don't have to vote for hillary clinton. >> i hear you not ruling out a
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vote for hillary clinton and secretary clinton is now leading donald trump by about 50 points among latinos. that's a larger margin than president obama beat mitt romney by. are you concerned that donald trump could lose latinos or cause republicans to lose latinos for the next several election cycles to come? >> absolutely. and what is surprising to me is there are even 17% or 18% of latinos voting for donald trump. it sort of speaks to the assimilation of hispanics into the mainstream, but this is a death mail for the republican party in the future if we don't win back these voters. >> linda chavez. thank you for joining me this morning. >> thank you. 22 day game plan coming up. the clinton campaign braces for week two of wikileaks document dubs. plus, could a lack of interest keep young voters and
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african-americans home on election day? and a dangerous new step forward in the fight against isis. what you need to know about a bold new push to topple the terror group's in iraq. explosives are launched into a north carolina county republican office. we'll have details about all of those stories after a quick break. stay with us. i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80%
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a disturbing development in a north carolina county gop office. the republican party's orange county office in hillsborough, north carolina, was fire bombed early sunday. according to party officials, an explosive device was thrown through the window and threatening words were painted nearby. donald trump blamed the attack on, quote, animals representing hillary clinton. hillary clinton, for her part, condemned the attack. nbc digital editor cal perry
7:18 am
with details. >> reporter: the atf is involved as well as the fbi. you saw the video there. luckily, just property damage. nobody in the office at the time or injured or killed. there is an escalation of violence. we haven't seen anything at this level in this campaign season. the worst of it really was this weekend with 20 cars vandalized in maine. that outside of a trump rally. but this is worse than anything we've seen. about $10,000 worth of damage. everybody wanting to distance themselves from this, especially democrats in north carolina. as you know better than anyone else, north carolina, a swing state. we've heard from people in north carolina, especially democrats who started a go fund me campaign that they've already raised $13,000 to try to replace that office to try to fix the damage there. that coming from democrats, kristen. >> certainly bipartisan outrage about that. cal perry, thank you so much for that. really appreciate it. coming up, what wikileaks'
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get to breaking news in iraq where iraqi forces have begun the long awaited offensive on the city of mosul. kurdish fighters backed by u.s. air support began the heavily coordinated attack early this morning. it remains unclear when troops will enter the city itself. more than a million civilians are trapped inside the city and there are concerns isis could use them as human shields. nbc's matt bradley in iraq this morning. joins me on the phone. thank you so much for taking the time. i know this is a fast-moving story. this is the country's largest fight against islamic state militants so far. what is the significance and could this, in fact, deal a crippling blow to isis?
7:23 am
>> reporter: thanks, kristen. not just significant for iraq and the cohesiveness that's been embattled for much of the last decade. it's important for isis. the whole raise is having geography. their ideology and geography go hand in hand, unlike al qaeda, the predecessor and main rival, islamic state has land, a caliphate. that plays largely to the appeal, especially to foreign fighters, and to those who really believe that there is a religious mission to have an islamic state on earth and that's what distinguishes it from other groups like al qaeda which are essentially just a terrorist organization with an ideology. so we're moving to cities like mosul from islamic state's hands which would be a major blow because it's the second largest city in iraq and by far under islamic state control and so it would kind of sew some seeds of doubt among followers of islamic state and the legions of foreign
7:24 am
fighters who moved to syria and iraq to join the group, if it actually starts to lose territory and again, this is not just about ideology. this is about geography. >> matt, if you could, put the u.s. role into context for us. we know that they have been playing a supportive role. what do we expect of u.s. troops? will they be on the front lines? what are you anticipating here? >> reporter: well, kristen, it's important to note that it's already three u.s. soldiers have been killed in iraq since u.s. soldiers left iraq in 2011 and all of this, all killed, all three of them during operations against islamic state. the notion that these united states troops are only there just to advise and assist is true and not true at the same time. we're talking about a force that is here to try and guide the situation, but the u.s. troops are getting uncomfortably close to the front lines. you speak to u.s. generals, u.s. military officials, they
7:25 am
acknowledge that, in fact, the u.s. troops are trying to advise and assist. trying to train or retrain some of the iraqi military forces but it's very difficult because they can't actually execute that operation with any real efficiency unless they move somewhat close to the front lines. a lot of the operations the u.s. have done in the past, you know, year or two have been essentially special operations and trying to free captives, attack sites under islamic state control and so this is a continuing effort by special forces that is separate from the mission that's brought as many as 6,000 u.s. troops into iraq, again, since the u.s. left iraq in 2011. >> are you hearing anything about whether more troops could be deployed at this point or needed? >> reporte and i think we may have, i think we may have lost matt but great
7:26 am
reporting there. we appreciate that from matt bradley. coming up, clinton war room. the make or break battleground strategy hashing over now. and the last time the peach state went blue was for bill clinton back in '92. which way will the southern states swing in 2016? chris jansing takes her battleground america tour to the polls in macon. that's next. stay with us. ut them on a rack. but the specialists at ford like to show off their strengths: 13 name brands. all backed by our low price tire guarantee. yeah, we're strong when it comes to tires. right now during the big tire event, get a $140 rebate by mail on four select tires. ♪ i am proud of you, my man. making simple, smart cash back choices...
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the polls now open in georgia and early voting began a few hours ago. let's go to macon and the board of elections when my friend and colleague chris jansing continuing her battleground america tour. chris, what is the turnout looking like at this point? >> reporter: well, if early registration the any indication this is going to be a high interest election and certainly is here in the center of georgia, take a look over here. can you see the line of people
7:30 am
coming here? what's interesting is that we have not seen georgia go for a republican president, a democrat for president since 1992. that was bill clinton. but there's a change. a demographic change about 25% of voters in this state are african-american by about 80 points, they've been going for hillary clinton. and many women are going to hillary clinton as well. so if he's going, if donald trump is going to win here, he's going to have to hold on to people like my two guests here actually at a trump event back in december. todd miles and jean, thank you for coming. you weren't convinced when you came. >> he was novel today. i thought more presidential, but given what's happened since then, there's no choice. >> reporter: what specifically? >> well, i think, of course, he's the nominee, and there's no choice against hillary. supreme court, military
7:31 am
preparedness, economy, immigration, all of those things are on trump's side. >> reporter: and yet, for the first time in decades, a democrat is challenging here. why do you think hillary clinton may be gaining? i'asking you as a trump supporter. >> if they're going to vote, they're going to vote. >> reporter: you think it's rigged? where's the indication? >> all over. looking at the polls as far as where the republican side stands, of course, when you look at democratic polls, they're all going to say they're ahead but the republican polls, it says they're ahead. it's a fact. if she's going to cheat anything, she's going to cheat. >> reporter: do you think it's rigged? >> unfair coverage from the mainstream media in favor of hillary. they're not impartial anymore and that's a travesty. >> reporter: thank you both for being with us. it's a message you can hear resonating even in a place like georgia which clearly has some of the strictest voter id laws
7:32 am
in the country and talking to most of the people here in line, most people think that this cannot be rigged but watch very closely over the next week, kristen. because you know what the signs are, whether or not the clinton campaign thinks they can win here and decides they can win here. will they put ad money in? they've done one ad by a station. will there be ad money and start moving in some bodies? will they have actually some dedicated staff who comes here if they think based on the early turnout, they could take georgia. >> it's all about following the money. thank you, chris jansing, so much for bringing it today. hillary clinton preparing for the third and final presidential debate. the republican mom knnominee cod to question the integrity of the election as you heard chris jansing talking about. >> it's a rigged system, and they take these lies and they put them on front pages. this is a rigged system, folks
7:33 am
but we're not going to let it happen. >> and we can't underscore this point enough. there is no evidence that the system is rigged. trump will campaign tonight in green bay, wisconsin. with that, i want to bring in wisconsin democrat tammy baldwin. thank you for being here. i really appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. >> i want to start right there. chris jansing just interviewed two people in macon, georgia, who believe the system could be rigged. clearly, trump's message is resonating. what do you make of that? does that concern you for november 9th and what happens after election day? >> i think his statements are delusional if he thinks that the american electoral system is rigged and i think dangerous statements also because we've got to have faith in our electoral process. now, to the degree that his remarks have been targeted at the media, you know, a lot of the media is simply reporting his own words and his own deeds.
7:34 am
and so it's ridiculous. and i think it continues to be a time when responsible republican leaders need to stand up and revoke their support, rescind their endorsements and ensure the american people that our election system has integrity and our democracy depends upon that. >> we know that paul ryan did come out over the weekend. he issued a very strong statement saying that he does have faith in our electoral process and in the states to carry out this electoral process in good faith. what do you think the clinton campaign should do? they also came out with a statement over the weekend trying to win as many states as possible to blunt that argument, but is that enough? >> well, first of all, i would go beyond paul ryan, a wiscon n wisconsinite, as you know, and
7:35 am
call on our governor, scott walker, who, as governor, has presided over the tightening of a number of election laws that have been quite controversial in our state, but he needs to stand up and revoke his support of donald trump to rescind his endorsement and shoassure the people of our state that the election process has integrity. and ron johnson, the u.s. senator who's in a contest for reelection with russ feingold running against him. he too needs to disavow and go beyond this disavowing donald trump's delusional words and revoke his support. that is what leadership is, and that is what it meenz mians to e american people in front of your loyalty to party or a particular presidential candidate. >> i hear you. you want to see a more forceful response. an issue overshadowing the
7:36 am
campaign and breaking news, we learn that the fbi is going to release as many as 100 pages more of secretary clinton's e-mails. separately, wikileaks has been doing these daily document dumps of hacked e-mails and u.s. officials say the russians are behind this. but problems for the clinton campaign. one e-mail, seemed to imply that taking action against wall street was a political move. let me read you this e-mail. actually, this is a speech she gave to goldman sachs. said in the speech, if you're an elected member of congress and people were losing jobs and everybody in the press is saying it's all the fault of wall street, you can't sit idly by and do nothing. do you worry that that type of revelation could further erode the trust that voters have in her or the lack of trust? >> you know, here's what such a remarkable thing about covering this story of hacked e-mails where our government believes it's actually the russian
7:37 am
government who has hacked these e-mails and allowed them to be released on wikileaks. you know, i think back to the analog world where we had documents. if russian spies had a broken into campaign headquarters and stolen a campaign playbook or various documents and those had been exposed and circulated, would we be having the same conversation? >> but the deal with the argument, i understand your argument there, but, and i understand your argument. i understand your argument, but we do have this content which we should say nbc news has not authenticat authenticated. >> right. >> and however, it is out there. does it not concern you it could fuel some of the high numbers that secretary clinton has when it comes to voters not trusting her? >> well, clearly, these leaks and hacks and stolen material have indeed done exactly that
7:38 am
and that's why i think we have to scrutinize them and question them because people are making conclusionsdocuments. they're digital, not the old analog world we used to live in, but we have to question that. i will say in my own case, and i don't even know, well, i haven't had time over the weekend to read through wikileaks and read through this particular speech that you're asking me about, but let me just say that, you know, i gave two speeches in the last week. i had some written notice that i had in front of me, but i went offscript half the time i was speaking because i was making points brought out by the interchange. so i don't know anything about the documents you're asking me. but i do know hillary clinton. i do know what her life's work has been focused on. i do know her positions on the issues that americans care most deeply about. how, in these difficult times, can we get ahead, open doors of
7:39 am
opportunity, allow each child to develop their full potential, and be strong in the world? and i have confidence that hillary clinton is going to lead our country and that donald trump, frankly, is sick and delusional, in my mind as he's revealing himself every day. >> all right. senator tammy baldwin, thank you so much for joining me this morning. i really appreciate it. >> thank you. early voting is under way today. which party is turning out the vote in the most critical swing states? our polling experts here to dig down into the latest head to head polls. you don't want to miss this conversation. stay with us. death. for partners in health, time is life. we have 18,000 people around the world. the microsoft cloud helps our entire staff stay connected and work together in real time to help those that need it.
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she is much more aware. she wants to learn things. (vo) purina pro plan bright mind. nutrition that performs. early voting is under way. more than 1.5 million. more democrats cast early ballots in the battleground states of arizona, colorado, iowa, michigan, ohio, virginia,
7:43 am
and wisconsin. more republican voters in georgia. senior political mark murray and peter for the "wall street journal" poll. thanks to both of you for being here. mark, i want to start with you. what do you make of these numbers and the breakdown by the states? >> it's important to note. there's two types of early voting. when you end up having is people going in person to polls right now and i mentioned, iowa, for example, and ohio. democrats end up having an advantage in the states where you have in-person early voting but where republicans have an advantage are places with absentee ballots so florida and north carolina right now. the one problem for republicans going forward is those states later end up having in-person voting and democrats think this is going to give them a big advantage and the clinton campaign is counting on the early vote, kristen.
7:44 am
so let's go into the other numbers from our brand new nbc "wall street journal" poll that's out. hillary clinton has an 11 point lead right now, kristen, among likely voters. 10 points in a two way and 11 points in the four-way match-up. >> it's incredible that she has expanded her lead by that much, peter, and i want to turn to you because you've been tracking these types of numbers over several election cycles. not to date you, but you know what you're talking about. is her lead insurmountable at this point? >> i believe in yogi berra. it isn't over until it's over. >> that's my dad's favorite saying. >> your dad and i agree. the answer is, it isn't over, but at the same time, donald trump has dug himself into a deep, deep hole. >> and when you look at those early voting figures, what are the things that me was pennsylvania because
7:45 am
pennsylvania was a state hillary clinton has a sizable lead and very competitive between toomey and mcginty there. what do you make of pennsylvania there? >> pennsylvania is obviously critical to donald trump but in reality, we see hillary clinton in a much better position there and in everything that we looked at, the numbers for donald trump are going down and hillary clinton are increasing just a little. >> mark, let me turn to you. joined us at the desk. thank you for the great breakdown. this is a part of the early voting strategy for the clinton campaign. what do you mean and what does she need to do? this was what barack obama deployed in 2012. >> what's happening and ohio is a good example of this where they're having in-person balloting and president barack obama held a big rally in cleveland there just late last week. you end up having a big rally and the organizers from the clinton campaign getting every single one of the attendees to
7:46 am
early vote and what you end up doing is banking votes. people who you might not know or 100% slam dunk people but the people to see president obama speak. you go bank those and then work on the people who haven't voted yet and this was the model the obama campaign used in 2012 and the clinton campaign also used to their advantage in the primaries against bernie sanders. >> let me pick up on that point with you. you talked about the fact the clinton campaign studied what the obama campaign did closely. >> they definitely have and they've done it well. they've organized themselves. the problem is trump has gone with the rally strategy, which is great for media. but it isn't great for voting. and so you have to give a 1 or 2 point advantage to hillary clinton at the end of the day because she's done the homework. >> mark, one of the caveats is that just because you have more republicans affiliated voters in one state or more, democrats, doesn't necessarily mean they're voting for trump or clinton.
7:47 am
that's the thing to remember. >> when i look at the iowa numbers on early voting, the unaffiliated are people down the middle, the independent voters, usually end up the way they end up breaking is the way the state ends up going but i look back at what is going on in florida right now and in north carolina where republicans have always had a very big advantage when it comes to mail-in early absentee ballots and the advantage not as big as we've seen and expecting a very big early vote which is why i think that the trump campaign is in some trouble in those two states of north carolina and florida. >> fascinating stuff. mark murray, peter, thank you so much. great conversation. coming up, one of the highest honors in donald trump's twitter verse. the retweet. jacob soboroff with the proud users who received the social media stamp of approval. we'll show you next. this is my retirement. retiring retired tires. and i never get tired of it. are you entirely prepared to retire?
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a new flurry of tweets and
7:51 am
retweets from donald trump this morning. no surprise there. he again renewed his charge about voter fraud and called republican leaders naive and shared some new articles tweeted by others including this one. trump accuser praised him in an e-mail as recently as april. this is all yet another hoax, terrible. jacob soboroff looking into the trump twitter traffic. jacob, you, and this is an incredible feat, by the way, you track down two of the thousands of people that donald trump has retweeted since the start of his campaign. tell us what they're saying. >> reporter: i've wanted to do this the entire campaign season, chris. these are the new tweets today. he has retweeted other people 2500 times since the start of the campaign as if he has nothing else to do while running for president. i hit the road to find some of the people and check out what i found. i found someone retweeted by donald trump in las vegas. this is you, huh? my green hippo.
7:52 am
ben carson leading in iowa. too much monsanto. gop. >> i felt very inspired that morning. that was me. >> reporter: he was a bernie sanders supporter about a year ago. then what happened? >> i put my phone on the sofa and a minute later, it beeped. it was donald trump retweeted me. my reaction was a reaction of being very surprised that someone was running for the president of the united states not only has time to read my tweet but retweet it. >> reporter: it was defensive to the iowa voters he was courting and a year later, another nevadan caught trump's eye. at 11:00 p.m., tweeted i can see @tonyschwartz, the ghostwriter of "art of the
7:53 am
deal." might leave for canada. and tagged @rldonald trump. he retweeted your message to his followers. he frequently tweets from mcdonald's. >> what was it like? >> incredible. you know it immediately when you turn your computer on in the morning you have hundreds and hundreds of notifications. >> you think that's a good thing? >> i think it's great. he said he's the voice of us. he wants to do right by us, so why not from time to time retweet a little guy like me? >> reporter: "the new york times" said he's insulted 274 people and here are some of them on twitter since the campaign began but retweets are not endorsements. if you include those numbers, i have a feeling it would be much higher. >> i love that voter says, he knew it immediately. as soon as he woke up, he'd been
7:54 am
retweeted by donald trump. i imagine there's no mistaking that moment. great reporting, as always. thanks so much. >> thanks. coming up, the trump effect. the surprising impact donald trump insulting rhetoric about hispanics is not having on voter registration. we'll explain. t how you're a digital company, yet here you are building a jet engine. well, ge is digital and industrial. like peanut butter and jelly. yeah. ham and cheese. cops and robbers. yeah. nachos and karate. ahh. not that one so much. the rest were really good. socks and shoes. ok, ricky...
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7:58 am
espoused with the border wall, how to handle undocumented immigrants and so now, i think the democratic party and hillary clinton specifically is doing very well this year with hispanic voters sfwl t. >> the numbers are high and many attributed this increase in voter registration among latinos to donald trump and his comments and his policies. everything you're just talking about. however, you reported the games simply mirrored the growth in the hispanic population and did not represent a trump effect. the rush who plan to vote against as some democratic and hispanic groups had expected. so what's going on here? >> we went into this expecting to find the trump effect. we dug into the numbers of hispanic voter registration in 10 swing states and looked at the most hispanic counties in the swing states and absolutely, the numbers are increasing but not increasing any different from previous years.
7:59 am
3.8% voter registration increases in 2016. 3.5% in 2012. and those small increases are attributed just to the overall population growth. hispanics grown by 10% over that time. so we're finding that yes, they're growing but it's basically just the function of the population. we would have seen those increases whether or not trump was running. and that was a pretty surprising finding. we expect to see a big surge of people coming out to oppose trump but really, it's just really hard to, it's difficult to inspire, to get people mobilized to vote against somebody rather than to support a candidate they're inspired by. >> the stunning numbers should send a powerful message to any politician seeking higher office. en gom allen gomez, thank you so much. that wraps up this hour of "msnbc live." i'm kristen welker in washington. tamron hall picks up our coverage now. thank you. >> hope you had a great weekend. thank you so much. and right now on msnbc -- unprecedented territory,
8:00 am
ladies and gentlemen. donald trump intensifying his claims that the election is rigged. lashing out at the media, hillary clinton, and even republican house speaker paul ryan. all of this is sparking strong concerns about the dark tone his campaign is taking. plus, america's bully. that's how hillary clinton is describing trump in a new ad out just this morning. but she too is facing new questions about wikileaks releasing what they claim are transcripts of her wall street speeches. will it have an effect as she tries to close the deal with voters. important breaking news this hour. iraqi fighters backed by the u.s. have started an attack to retake the city of mosul from isis. why this could be the biggest offensive against the islamic state yet. good morning, everyone, i'm tamron hall coming to you live from msnbc headquarters in new york. 22 days to go until the election and donald trump is escalating his claim


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