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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  October 17, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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the election is rigged. >> it's one big ugly lie. it's one big fix. the press can't write the kind of things they write which are lies, lies, lies. and he's even saying hillary clinton is doping for the debate. >> she's getting pumped up for wednesday night. we were take a drug test, because i don't know what's going on with her. anyway, i'm willing to do it. >> the drip drip drip, as hillary clinton faces a rolling wave of stolen campaign e-mails released by wikileaks, her campaign try toss redirect attention to russia for the hacking. >> not only are they e-mails an effort by wikileaks in russia to try to destabilize our election, but second, you can't assume they're all accurate.
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i don't take all of these at face value. >> and iraq's first stand. iraqi forces and at least 3,000 u.s. support troops launching the campaign. the biggest offensive against isis so far. >> american commanders saying they really don't know how long will it take? just days or even a few much. a lot depends on how many booby traps it's set. and good day, everyone. donald trump today lashing out in the last 24 hours a tweet storm directed at hillary clinton, women accusing him of sexual misconduct, republican house speaker paul ryan, and what he is labeling a rigged electoral process without any proof. tweeting this morning, of course there is large scale voter fraud happening on and before
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selection day. why do republican leaders deny what is going on? so naive. joining me is katy tur in new york, and kristen welker. katie, first to you donald trump unhinged? you have lead stories in the "the washington post," "new york times" describing him as being in an echo chamber, in trump power, not listening to advisers. what's going on? >> he tweeted it this morning, he was talking about it on campaign trail over and over again. this has been going on, but it started again in earnest the past week, given that very fiery speech in west palm beach, saying the banks and media, and that hillary clinton, the government are all out working to take him down so he can't change things in washington. he's going full force with this, completely feeding into this echo chamber, as you just said, as "the washington post" described it, talking about how
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he is the one that is not going to win, and because he's not going to win, the american public is not going to win. so he's basically asking his supporters to rise up, his supporters are responding in kind. they're telling reporters that they believe there should be some sort of some sort of insurrection, some saying a blood counter insurrection. they do not accept or believe it's going to be in any way fair unless donald trump wins. he's talking about polling places saying polls paces are rigged that dead people are voting. he's talking about in pennsylvania saying you know which communities are the ones that there are large-scale cheating going on, pointing on the philadelphia. some people are saying that that is akin to saying that african-american communities are cheating, will ultimately suppress the african-american vote. there are multiple studies that completely refute these claims. the britain encenter said it's more likely you'll get struck by
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lightning, and loyola university doing a study that found within 1 billion votes there were only 31 possible cases of voters fraud. 31 out of 1 bill chron. the trump campaign is trying to say they're going to be looking out for it if it happens, but the candidate himself is saying it already has. >> let me play a bet of sound from robby might be, and telephone conversation we were all just on it. we were asking the campaign manager about the way trump is behaving. >> the campaign is spiraling, he is desperately trying to shift attention from his own disastrous campaign. he knows he's losing, and is trying to blame that on the system. this is what losers do.
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>> kristen welker, the other news off that call is they are expanding the battleground. michelle obama is going to arizona. we've got bernie sanders there tomorrow, and chelsea clinton is going to be there i think on wednesday, michelle obama on thursday. >> a big, big headline. the fact that they are playing in this traditionally red republican-leaning state signifies that not only the secretary is feeling confident, but underscores the new strategy within the clinton campaign. they're still focused to get to 270, but they want to run of up the margin, to have a convincing win so they can blunt this talk of a rigged system. michelle obama will be there. they're pouring $2 million into arizona, another million into indiana and missouri. utah and georgia, if they can expand the map, they say not only would it help if secretary clinton wins in terms of
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bringing some of those folks into the fold on november 9th if she wins, but again it would blunt this talk. by the way based on my conversations with democrats and republican officials, they're really concerned about this talk, and democrats are calls on republican leadership to be very forceful and denouncing it. >> you did hear from paul ryan, that was a statement that there is no rigging of an election, but at the same time he's not disavowing donald trump. he's still walking 24 very narrow path. here's what mike pence had to say on "meet the press "with chuck. >> will you accept the results of the election? >> we will absolutely accept the results of the election. look, the american people will speak in an election that will culminate on november 8th. >> so, katy tur, there's beginning to be speculation that donald trump is not going to go quietly into the night or back to a golf course, should he lose
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as all the polls seems to indicate. it's more than speculation. it's donald trump himself saying those words and tweeting them out. governor pence may say that the campaign will absolutely accept the outcome of the election, but that's a lot different than saying every day on twitter that the election is rigged, and saying it at campaign rallies which is what donald trump is doing. he's making it very clear that nothing. no outcome other than him winning is going to be acceptable to him. >> katy tur, kristen welker, thank you so much, both of you off the trail for at least this hour. the clinton campaign is trying to navigate a daily dose of political headaches, courtesy of wikileaks, including purported excerpts of those paid speech that is bernie sanders and donald trump have been calling for through outthe election year. >> there's a highly paid speaker, clinton appears to have told the bankers, the people that know the industry better
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than anybody are the people who work in the industry. in the e-mails not authenticated by clinton or nbc news, she also said new banks regulation after the crisis would pass for political reasons and the jury is still out on the 2010 dodd/frank law, and the e-mails to john podesta and others reveals that clinton decided to oppose the tpp trade deal she once supported even before seeing the final version, contrary to her later claim, an adviser writing, if she weighs in now without viewing the document, some in labor might wonder why she didn't just say she opposed earlier. donald trump and surrogates pouncing on all this. >> she is get bombarded about i wikileaks, and she needs something to save her. the stuff she says in those e-mails is disqualifying for being president of the united states. joining me is anita dunn,
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and gym messina, campaign manager for president obama's reelection campaign. first to you. there's a lot of talk about coat tails and expanding the map, going into arizona. what are you seeing? because you analyze this stuff daily. what are you seeing in terms of the possibility of not just the senate, which was always going to be in play given the vulnerabilities in the cycle, but what about the house? >> i think what you're seeing is an implosion on donald trump on the national level. that's starting to have a real drag on the ticket. you're starting to see senate races that democrats a month ago didn't think that were very close are now nail biters like in north carolina, missouri, iowa, and those are starting to be what i call ripple effects of the top of the ticket. you can't have donald trump imploding with the women voters like he is and not think it's not going to have a serious play. we do 62,000 simulations every night and we now have the
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democrats wincing the senate 70% of the time. it's starting to move to house races as well. obviously -- you're seeing us on the offense in places where traditionally we have not been able to be competitive. and it's all thanks to this great gift called donald trump. >> there's so much jerry mandering that most of them are safe seats, no matter what happens. >> you're looking at only about 30 of the 435 seats are actually competitive because of gerrymandering, yet in those races you're seeing big movement towards the democrats in some of the seats where we haven't been competitive in a very long time. >> let's look at the polling. in our new poll, an 11-point race. in the abc/"the washington post" poll there's only four points. >> it's a big divergence in terms of the sample. most people would say average them together and you probably
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have about a seven or eight-point race at this point. >> certainly in the battleground states where the clinton campaign has been advertising where they've had key surrogates in there. you're seeing the ballots ground states start to move out of the donald trump's control. what jim was saying is a really good point. a month ago we were not talk about indiana and missouri as states where the clinton campaign would be putting resources into it. it has a ripple effects across the ticket. what donald trump is doing to the republican party is two things. one is he is moving voters out of republican party, particularly college educated women. two, he's depressing republican turnout with those people who say i can't vote for him, i can't vote for her, so i'm not voting. that has a significant effect downballot as well. >> can that also, jim, be depressing democratic turnout with people saying, a pox on both your houses, i've had
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enough of sex, lies and videotape, and it's just a disgusting race overall? >> no, look, what you have seen is real democratic movement in enthusiasm. in 2012 i cared more about the enthusiasm gap against mitt romney than the daily polls, because that said whether or not my voters were going to vote. donald trump is an february i have democratic turnout mechanism for us. people do not want this guy to become president. hartsfield-jackson has a good message on the stump. look at early votes in north carolina, look at early vote in florida. you're seeing democratic explosion in early vote in ways that are really indicative of how we're going to do on election day. >> what you're also seeing at the same time are these embarrassing leaks. they're stolen e-mails, campaign e-mails, they have not been authenticated or verified by the campaign or independently by nbc news. at the same time to those of us
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who know politics, they certainly read authentically. there could be some doctors down the line, because the russians have been known to leak stuff and later on doctor it, and then you get stung, because people have assumed it's real. that said, if during the primary i anita, hillary clint and bernie sanders institutional what she had said to goldman sachs about dodd will frank, about tpp in particular, about all these issues, you're seeing two sides of hillary clinton and also the internal e-mails where they're complaining she's not apologizing for that private server, we have a real problem here. how would chef dealt with that in the primaries. >> you know, andrea, as you know, i was helping the den when the first wikileaks dump was made in july. i finished it outrageous that people aren't more outraged that a foreign government is to
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clearly trying to get involved with an american election, and not very subtly. yes, everyone i think is taking a lesson out of this e-mail thing about what you put on e-mails, and the fact that stuff isn't secure, you need to think about your security. what we're really seeing here is we are seeing a systematic attempt to influence an american election. you know, with very carefully curated we know what we're releasing today kinds of e-mails, to present, you know, to present the clinton campaign with a daily problem at a time when donald trump is imploding. i don't think the timing was a coincidence here. >> not hardly. in fact this could become an issue after the election if she is elected, hillary clinton trying to deal with the progressive win of her party, because it's all written out there. i want to play snl's take on hillary clinton preparing for debate and trying to be relatable and authentic going into a town hall meeting debate. >> hi, patrice t let me start
9:15 am
about by walking over to you just as i practiced. right, left, right, left, right, left, plant, speak. patrice, you're a teacher? >> no. >> you have kids? >> no. >> you like kids? >> no. >> you've seen kids. >> yay. >> okay. great we're bonding already. oh, my friend patrice. patrice, i strive to be a positive role model for all children, children like my data chelsea and my granddaughter chelsea jr. >> i mean, it's too perfectly is a tissual, obviously hyperbole from kate mckinnon, but that's what satirists do. this is an snl creation, but is this the way debate prep work? certainly seems to be from some of the e-mails we have seen. >> look, debate prep is -- anita and i did prep together, and
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it's the sing the worst thing i've done. >> did you play someone? >> no, just the panicking campaign manager in the background. but the truth is -- >> did you play hillary clinton? >> i played candy crowley. >> but hillary clinton has won two presidential debates, so whatever she's doing, it's working. she's increased her margin after every single debate. there's a clear contrast here, and i think going forward to wednesday night you're seeing a real problem for donald trump. he has two very different things. he's got to prove he can be alexanderer in chief, which so far his daily tweet storms are finishing that problem. two, he's got to pick -- so far all you see is this whole donald trump clown show tt there's no debate strategy. if there is, he's certainly not sticking to it, and swing voters walk off these things saying hey, i'm very clear, he can't be president. >> very quickly she also has a challenge.
9:17 am
she doesn't know the last time he's going to do. the last time he trouted out to embarrass her, four women with real stories to tell, and now she's got wikileaks dumping every day. she doesn't know how to prepare. >> she does know how to prepare. the key to bee date preparation, you know your game plan and what you're trying to accomplish. i think that actually the town hall debate i thought played to her strengths, and she showed those strengths. she was a u.s. senator, first lady, she does know how to connect with people. i would prefer the alex baldwin tape next time. >> you've seal it. >> okay. anita and jim messena, two experts who have been there and done that. on ice, the u.s. readies an unprecedented cybercounter-attack against the kremlin in response to those attacks. you're watching msnbc, the
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and it will be at the time of our choosing and under the circumstances that have the greatest impact. >> so a message is going to be sent? will the public know it? >> i hope not. >> joe biden on "meet the press" hinting very certainly that the u.s. may already be retaliating against russia to hacking democratic targets, including hillary clinton's campaign chairman, if it doesn't stop. vladimir putin sunday denying that russia was trying to influence the election in any
9:22 am
way calling the allegations as rhetoric. currently the, an msnbc senior national security analyst. that is a mousseful. >> that's a lot. >> you here, because you know this stuff, you know it cold. >> thank you, an degree contra. >> what could we be doing hypothetically to send a warning shot. >> there's a lot of psychological cat-and-mouse happening. there's a range of thing he we can do, even in the physical do main. in the cybercontest, hacking back to those who are actually hacking into the dnc. these are the same groups that the russians have used to hack into the white house and the state department before, so perhaps some hack back. perhaps a systemic disruption, turn off the lights somewhere in russia. that's possible. you can imagine sapgss as well in the context of those that have taken advantage of this. the brits just today announced
9:23 am
they're freezing the et cetera of the russian broadcaster rt, so you can imagine some actions, and then may arms to the ukrainance at long last, sending messages to the russian that they will understand the russians have crossed the rubicon and we will respond. >> they can then up the ante against us. we're vulnerable, too. >> absolutely right. this is the difficulty. i've seen the administration first of all reticent in attributing the responsibility to the russian. secondly the russians are incredibly sophisticated. they certainty aren't going to be silenced or stop their hybrid war fare, because we simply hack back or do something in response. our response has to keep in mind this send a tit for tat in the context of the election. it's a long-term question in how we influence what russia today
9:24 am
with the cybercapabilities and its conventional capabilities. that is a bigger question about what's our strategy with respect to russia. that's not clear, andrea. in fact, there was an instance last week, on friday i believe, where rt, the russian broadcasters, announced -- broadcast there was this wiki-dump, before wikileaks did, if there's any doubt to the connections. i don't know how subtly the intelligence community is being, because the dni and all announced, homeland announced it was indeed likely russia at the highest levels. that means vladimir putin. >> that's exactly right. you have seen them in the statements from vladimir putin on down is this question of, can you prove it? what it does is that it forces the united states to -- >> show our hands. >> -- show your hand. that's difficult, that's dangerous, we don't want to do that if we're looking at a long-term battle with the russians. we may have some information war fare cards up our sleeps as
9:25 am
well. we may be able to reveal things about, for example, putin's finances, in the wake of the panama papers. he may not like that, it may not be comfortable and may not come from the officials sources. if we to play asymmetric war fare. we don't play it that obviouso that well, frankly, but if we want to push, we can. >> you used to be with the treasu treasury, and we could start revealing some of their offshore bank accounts of the oligarchs. >> we could make it uncomfortable, expand iing them around war crimes in the syrian context. we could reveal the financial holdings of putin in and his inner circle in way that is haven't been revealed and make it very uncomfortable for them
9:26 am
to do business around the world. that's a smart way of using sanctions, and frankly a melding of information war fare and our financial. >> juan zarate, great to talk with you. >> thank you, andrea. unfriendly fire, this time on the speaker's home turf, in wisconsin tonight. two days until the final debate, will it be as contentious as the last? what about the body language? >> insurance companies can't deny you coverage because of a preexisting condition. number two, no lifetime limits, you know, which is a big deal, and numb be three -- soish. i thought i -- and, um, number three, women can't be charged more than -- i thought i -- women can't be charged more than men for health insurance, okay? and numb be four -- ah!
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i think the system is rigged. i think hillary anticipates that the illegal aliens and exconvicts will all vote for her. to this extent it's rigged. >> totally rigged. donald trump supporters buying into the republican nominee claims that the election is somehow rigged. are we about to face a constitutional crisis? if donald trump loses and doesn't concede? joining me is kristal. how have we come to this point? some of the better moments, the peaceful transfer of power, richard nixon not challenging
9:31 am
that kennedy had stolen the election in 1960, which obviously had been stolen in 1960. al gore's concession speech, so we didn't go through more agony after that horrible, you know, recounseled month that we experienced, now donald trump suggesting to his supporters. >> and doing it over and over again. the actual vote will be hacked and changed. bob dole -- well, he said in '96 don't let "new york times" steal the election. and of course dole was a very gracious loser and cared a lot about the legitimacy of democratic elections. i don't think it's a constitutional crisis. i don't think they will follow trump down the road, but it's not healthy for the country. he's got a lot of unhappy voters, who will be more unhappy the day after the election, and
9:32 am
i think every losing candidate thought it was his duty to reconcile his voters to the new president, and at least give the new president a chance if the new president chooses, to try to begin with bipartisan support. trump seems to have no interested in that, to say the least. when paul ryan put out a statement, trump tweeted on paul ryan -- the democrats have a corrupt political machine pushing crooked hillary clinton. we have paul ryan always fighting the republican nominee. paul ryan, a man who doesn't know how to win, including a failed run must start focusing on the budget, military, vets, et cetera. where do you stop? >> i want to come back to ryan in a minute. . maybe this tweet or series of tweets will provoke him to do it. one of the great things about america, in several places over other lifetime, it's a bottom-up electoral system that has some
9:33 am
problems, state by state, county by county, but a major number of citizens volunteer their time to be official election observers and registrars, and on behalf of each party. it's really a terrific thing. it's a very american thing. there's not a huge federal government infrastructure running the election. some worry about that, but for trump, it's very revealing in a way, of course he knows nothing about that. i don't even know if he votes formally. he couldn't care less about that and couldn't care about the civic health of the democracy. it's one of many, many pieces of damage that trump is doing to our general quality of civic life. >> what is the damage to the republican party? >> well, i do think most republicans on this issue have repudiated trump, i think they should do so more vigorously, and if he paul ryan, who i know very well and respect a lot, he certainly has distanced himself
9:34 am
a huge amount from trump, but the nominal position is he still supports many him to trump it's a binary point. i think it would be healthy if he set i'm if paul ryial personally said i'm not going to vote, he would get a huge backlash from trump supporters. there are a lot of trump loyalists out there, and they don't like it in a congressman or senator said i'm not for trump, but i think it would be healthy if trump were to do that. >> there have been angry protesters, with clinton and obama and bill clinton rallies. wearing offensive testify h shirts, but also something really terrible happened in north carolina. the fire bombing of a republican office in north carolina, devastation, and something the
9:35 am
likes of which we have never really seen in this country, at least not since the worst days of the civil rights movement. >> in that period there was a lot of demagoguery, but sort of at the level of third parties or local officials. you did not have presidential candidates feeding that. that's what's distressing about trump. hopefully most of trump's supporters will rise above trump. hillary clinton made a nice statement about the bombing of the republican office. trump made a totally irresponsible statement blaming hillary clinton and her supporters, which she didn't know and doesn't know -- >> fbi is investigating as well as bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearm. >> bill kristol, courage. >> only three more weeks. >> i'm with you. 22 days. coming up next, the battle to retake mosul. richard engel on the front lines, he has the latest from iraq next.
9:36 am
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in northern iraq right now, thousands of iraqi, kurdish and sunni fighters are mobilizing to take back the city of mosul from isis, including 3,000 american support groups. the terrorist group took iraq's largest northern city more than two years ago. civilians are trapped. rich area engle is south, with the mobile forces. this is potential urban fighting. how long could it take? what are the risks? booby traps, the threat to civilians? >> so we're not at the urban fighting face yesterday, but it will get there and cooled extraordinarily dangerous. mosul is a big sit. now there's anywhere between 1
9:40 am
to 1.5 million people still inside the city. as you mentioned before, isis is not allowing them to leave. they are effectively human shields. isis has checkpoints in the city. it does not want people to leave. it doesn't even want its own fighters to leave. that makes the offensive against the city much more complicated. americans could bomb the city, iraqi forces could start shelling it and effectively flatten it, but then you would kill an enormous number of people or make potential a million people refugees. that is a real possibility, and some aid organizations have already started setting up camps around the perimeter of mosul in case that happens. isis has also been accused in the past of user using chemical weapons, in particular chlorine gas. there's the concerns about booby
9:41 am
traps, but at this stage, we're still closing in. that's the phase of the operation that is under way now, and we're talking about tens of thousands of iraqi troops, kurdish troops, militia troops, sunni and shia militia, that are tightening the noose, taking smaller towns on the way to mosul, but what will happen when they reach the city limits when isis really feels that it has its back pressed against the wall? that is an open question. one interesting strategy that's being employed or talked about being employed is leaving ra small corridor open in a part of the city, to allow isis to esca escape, or allow isis to leave the city, so that they could leave so they wouldn't have to resort to some draconian measures if they felt trapped, but we will see, frankly what
9:42 am
happens when this offensive reaches the city limits. >> we were playing some of your footage of this billowing black smoke, which looked to me like the kind of oil well smoke that we had seen in kuwait back in the day. tell me what you're seeing. is that evidence of isis setting oil rigs on fire? under the circumstances exactly that. we drove right into that area. it's call kiara. it was until recently held by isis. iraqi troops took it over about a month and a half ago. there were some battled there, as isis was leaving, in an act of vengeance, the militants said these oil wells on fire, booby-trapped others, and they have in and out created an enorm
9:43 am
owl, when we drove under it today, it was almost apocalyptic. the sun disappeared. we were under this enormous cloud of soot, ash and smoke. when you see the iraqis on their way to fight isis, i kept thinking to myself, this is -- this is perhaps the most troubled place on earth frankly. >> richard engel, the places you go, the things you do. be safe, please, my friend. thank you very much. thank you. we'll turn back to 2016 politics, amy klobucha joins mess next. it may look like a scene from a reality tv show, but this group is actually venture for
9:44 am
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♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. so athletes, they're making more and more, but athletes, they make them take a drug test,
9:47 am
right? i think we should take a drug test prior to the debate. i do. i think -- why don't we do that? we should take a drug test prior, because i don't know what's going on with her. but at the beginning of her last debates she was pumped up, and at the end she was like take me down. she should barely reach her car. >> donald trump floating his latest conspiracy theory just two days before the final debate. joins me is amy clobucha. as far as you know is she doping? that's a facetious question. >> that is an absurd claim when you look at how she's handled the two debates. there is no comparison. as was noted earlier in your show.
9:48 am
after each debate she's gone up and up. gaining support from independent, mott rad republicans. that is because people have seen her perform and seen the repercussions afterwards where he engages in late-nice as i listen to the show today. with our support going into mosul with what happened, with that campaign office. you you want a president that shows that kind of grace. >> well, the access hollywood tape that revealed that behavior on the bus at that moment. he 'deese nighed that's what he does, about you there have been
9:49 am
women who have come out, and he's denied and denied. only 32% of that tape say that should disqualify him. 53% say no, what do you make of that? >> people have different reasons for why they will not vote for him. other people won't forget the fact he hasn't -- or when she said you bet on the housing crisis, and he said that's good business. that resonated with a lot of people who are just working as hard as they can to art to get by in life, and they're paying their taxes, paying for police, paying for the military. i think people will have a number of reasons to not support him, and it's not just one. >> and donald trump treating
9:50 am
about watch joe biden's history, trying to compare the familiarity of joe biden hugging people with what donald trump said out of his own words. >> i think americans have a very high opinion of vice president biden. he is an honorable man. he has literally attacked everyone. whether it's women, judges, reporters, people with disabilities, whether it's veteran with ptsd, and i thought there was no one left until, as you pointed out just this week, he's called for the shutdown of "saturday night live." even comedians are not in the group. there is no one left. >> you don't have any fears, as a former prosecutor, that the election will be rigged? >> listen, i have been through reviewing cases when i was a prosecutor for eight years.
9:51 am
our office in the biggest county in minnesota would look at any questionable vote. if there was some accusation of double voting, if there was some accusation of a felon voting. i know how important that process is. we found very few instances, which is bolstered by that loyola study which showed over a billion votes cast and only 30-some that had voter fraud problems. i'm sure studies vary, but what he is doing right now, and i thought bill kristol pointed out, this is a peaceful transition of power. i saw in one of the closest senate election, when al franken and norm coleman wore going on the it for six months. when the court maid that decision, senator kohlman, republican, said he respected that decision. he was -- he showed that kind of grace when he in defeat, and he understood it was important for our state to move on. that is what al gore did. that is what people have done in the past in this country, because they understand that the
9:52 am
democracy and america is bigger than themselves. >> thanks so much, amy klobuchar. thank you, senator, and we'll be right back. the gutter system creating a leak in the roof. luckily the spider recently had geico help him with homeowners insurance. water completely destroyed his swedish foam mattress. he got full replacement and now owns the sleep number bed. his sleep number setting is 25. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance. start the interview with a firm handshake. ay,no! don't do that! try head & shoulders instant relief. it cools on contact, and also keeps you 100% flake free. try head & shoulders instant relief. for cooling relief in a snap. for the best deals on electronics, travel, even shoes. so why not loans? visit today and get up to five free loan offers from competing lenders in under two minutes.
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together, we're building a better california.
9:55 am
i'd like to begin tonight by having a casual lean. as you know, chris, so far democrats have cast early votes in a whole bunch of battle straits and florida and georgia, noting that more than a million and a half votes ver -- i mean, you can't say how people are
9:56 am
voting, we just know what their party registration is. i do think it's important to know. really in any election. they have a -- will push harder than day of voting. i think that early voting has almost begun will kin on, speaking to -- that donald trump probably -- people are making active decision right now, so i think it matter more -- people say he has time to turn it around. >> lots and lots, million of votes will be cast prior to that, and it's not good to have a period of time like he's having now. >> instead. and more ahead right here. we'll be right back.
9:57 am
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that does it for us. hallie jackson is right here next on msnbc. >> thank so much. i'm hallie jackson. within the last couple minutes donald trump's running mate speaking in ballots ground ohio when a new polls shows trump edging clinton. that's mike pence trying to put a better face in a campaign that's veered into -- in the final few weeks of the campaign. >> remember, it's a rigged system. it's a rigged election. it's being rigged by corrupt media pushing false allegations and outright lies. even the polls are crooked. look, we're in a rigged system, folks. we're in rigged system. >> no evidence, by the way of that voter fraud. i want to go to my colleagues peter alexander and


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