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tv   With All Due Respect  MSNBC  October 18, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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u.n. general assembly. here are some of the arrivals if they're not in a food coma, gwen stefani is performing. that's all for tonight. chuck will be back tomorrow with a predebate edition of "mtp d daily" starts right now. >> it looks like someone on your team donald trump has you beat. >> he apologized. i accepted. i accepted his apology. >> i accepted his apology. >> he supports women. >> he's kind. he's a gentleman. he's kind, he's a gentleman. and they wrote lies and i will not allow that. that's what i will not allow people saying lies. it's damaging and it's unfair. it's damaging and it's unfair.
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we are here in sin city, usa, on the campus of the university of nevada las vegas in the thomas and mack center behind us, hillary clinton and donald trump will take their places in the final debate. one thing to expect is the classic old misdirection, plenty of attempts to make as many problems, poof, disappear. as donald trump continues to rail about a rigged election more republican voices are speaking up to defend the integrity of their state electoral systems. scott walker insisted it is "easy to vote but hard to cheat" in his state and the secretary of state at ohio john husted told cnn trump's repeated claims
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are "irresponsible" joining democratic officials across the country arguing the same for weeks. today during a white house press conference with the prime minister of italy, president obama offered his own opinion on the matter and made clear his disdain for trump and his rhetoric on rigging. >> if whenever you lose you start blaming somebody else you don't have what it takes to be in this job. there's no serious person out there who would suggest you could even rig america's elections in part because they're so decentralized or the numbers of votes. there are no evidence of that happening or instances in which that will happen this time. i invite mr. trump to stop whining and try to make his case to get votes. if he got the most votes it
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would be my expectation of hillary clinton to offer a gracious concession speech and pledge to work with him in order to make sure that the american people benefit from an effective government. and it would be my job to welcome mr. trump, regardless of what he said about me or my differences with him on my opinions, and escort him over to the capitol, in which there would be a peaceful transfer of power. >> mark, donald trump's running mate mike pence has struggled to defend donald trump's predehe will jat mizing the outcome of the election. are we reaching a point where republicans en masse will feel compelled to say trump's rhetoric is bogus claims about widespread electoral fraud are just that, bogus? >> keep in mind republicans have been talking about election fraud for several cycles. donald trump is not the first to do it. they're worried he's going to
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say the election is illegitimate and they're being responsible stepping up if trump loses he loses. i don't think this will cause him to break en masse. part of the cumulative thing. if he is behind and fallen behind in a way that is spooking some republicans, they're worried he could hurt other candidates, worried he could be blown out in a way to remake the electoral map, this could be an excuse to break from him. this on his own unless he keeps it up as his main message i don't think this will be the breaking point. >> i'll give republicans more credit. it is the case, i'm not giving them credit for the thing i'm about to say but credit for the thing i'm going to say after that. they talked about electoral fraud as a justification for voter i.d. laws but in a general sense. we have to be careful there could be fraud and right thinking people cite statistics and say it hasn't happened very much but they haven't specifically said what trump has been saying in the last few days it's happening on a widespread basis, voter fraud right now in
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the past, the present and the future, and the thing i want to give him credit for, scott walker, the secretary of state in ohio, some of them are like we run sound elections in my state. i'm responsible for the elections in my state. i'm not going to let donald trump trash my ability to run a legitimate, fair electoral process. >> here's what's troubling republicans. this is part of the thing that trump is saying now, which are the words of a desperate person who thinks he's going to lose. >> yes. >> trashing the media, trashing other republicans, blaming them, saying the system is rigged. all of these things would be fine if he were winning. >> he wouldn't be saying we were winning. he it wouldn't be trump against the world if they were five points up. >> the more he sounds desperate the more people think he's not going to win and the harder to enthuse everybody. >> a lot of republicans have come to the same conclusions an lists have come to, trump is almost certain to lose and given they have accepted that on some level they don't want to get in
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a situation where trump burned the whole place down because they are going to have to deal with president hillary clinton, potentially a democratic senate, and maybe even democratic house. aepts n it's not helpful to have taken part or tolerated trump doing the thing he's doing now. >> all right, so while the president was hitting donald trump today, hillary clinton spent yet another new cycle off of the campaign trail as she prepares for tomorrow's debate here in vegas, and yet her campaign is making a lot of noise now about doing something new, expanding their attempts to win republican leaning states, ones most focussed on missouri, indiana and arizona. arizona is getting particular focus, they'll spend 2 million bucks there and sending in supersurrogates including michelle obama, chelsea clinton and bernie sanders to the state. all three of those republican leaning states have got competitive senate races. democrats are hoping they can pick up the seats currently held by republicans so john, is this relatively late attempt to
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expand the map smart? >> well, i want to say first that one of the things that we learned in 2008 and 2012 was that the democratic candidate in that case barack obama, had a better, more sophisticated polling operation internally than any media polls out there. i think the clinton campaign has one that is more sophisticated doing more calls on a daily basis than anybody in the press. this is a side of great competence, that they are looking at numbers that say we are confident enough to be at 270, it's time to spend some of our precious resources to help some of the down bat lot candidates. arizona was the one obama thought about reaching for in '12 and decided not to do. arizona will be first on the list for hillary clinton and looking like that right now. >> one reason they have the sur gapt ga surrogates and moneys, two help the down ballot races and three get a more commanding win with more of a mandate and last
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reason is psychological warfare. if they're playing offense while donald trump is drawing and side straight he has to worry if he ends up iowa, north carolina, and arizona. losing utah. it's smart all around. i don't see a downside to it. >> neither do i. >> they know what we know talking to people rolli inpolli on the ground. arizona is reachable. >> arizona has been the one because of demographic changes people thought in the right circumstances could tip first, georgia most likely second. states like missouri are not changing demographically as much. i think it's super smart and goes back to answering the question we asked for a long time. why are they spending so much time raising money throughout 2016? this is why they could get to this point and have money to burn if they needed to. in an effort to deflect attention from the controversies plaguing him and offer up a more conventional message he might be able to stick donald trump rolled out a new five-point
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ethics reform plan framing himself as a washington outsider who will cleanse the nation's center of power of its indemic corruption. five-year bans on lobbying for former executive branch officials and retifrd members of congress, expand the definition of lobbyists, banning former executive officials for lobbying foreign governments and called for campaign finance changes prevent foreign lobbyists for raising money. today in colorado springs he added a sixth part to his make sheikhup list >> it is indeed time to drain the swamp in washington, d.c. if i'm elected president i will push for a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on all members of congress. they've been talking about that for years. decades of failure in washington, and decades of special interest dealing must and will come to an end.
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>> mark, as we suggested earlier, message of discipline is a foreign concept to donald trump. this is a message he's likely to keep driving atlas veigh gas. do you think it is good policy and second good politics? >> i think it's good policy. i tend to not like restrictions on the first amendment but something has to be done to restore people's faith in the way washington works. i'm generally against stuff like this but i could live with some provisions. i think term limits are silly. but he's not going to have the message discipline to keep driving it. it's too late. so i think it's fine, gives him something to talk about on message in terms of the trump coalition. three weeks to go i don't think this will make a big difference. >> today is october 18th, is that right? october 18th. i disagree with many of the policies, first amendment grants, i think term limits is
3:11 pm
ridiculous and deliterious to having people in office who know what they're doing. as a matter of politics october 178th this is the kind of thing a candidate would have rolled out in may and talked about for six months. >> last year. >> or six months. this could again even though i disagree on policy grants, this could be powerful if he had not started october 18th. >> there's lobbyists all over the clinton campaign and orbit. coming up, senate republican candidates are dancing and tiptoeing around donald trump, and also melania trump tangos with the media. when you have a cold, you just want powerful relief.
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not a lot of new presidential polling but a batch of senate polls race out in florida florida, senator rubio republican with a slight lead
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over challenger patrick murphy. rubio's up within the margin of error 49-47. in pennsylvania pat toomey is ahead of his democratic challenger katie mcginty 49-45. those two races tightened up over the last couple of weeks with republicans still leading in ohio. rob portman who is the star of the cycle so far has expanded his lead over the democrat, former governor ted strickland. portman has an eye-popping 54-41% lead. all republicans have something in common, each been in debate against a democratic challenger this week and each tried some way to distance themselves from the party's presidential nominee. >> there is' no tout there's a lot of things i disagree with the nominee of my party and taken him on on policy and condemned him when he said things aggressive, outrageous and vulgar and imappropriate. the problem is the other party nominated someone who repeatedly
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vie violated federal law. donald trump was not even my first or tenth choice to be the nominee of the republican party. 14 million voters in the republican primaries chose dimple. one of the reasons why i changed my mind and ran for re-election is because i know no matter who wins this election you are going to need people in the united states senate willing to stand up to the next president of states of united states when they're wrong on policy or behavior. >> i made a decision not to support my own party's nominee because i found his words that came out about a week or so ago to be so offensive and wrong. i. voters who take a different position on this. he did win the nomination of my party. i support mike pence, also elected by the delegates at the republican convention. this lx isn't about hillary clinton and donald trump. it's about ted strickland and rob portman. >> i cannot support donald trump because i have concerns about
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his candidacy. i do also acknowledge that gosh, he would sign some legislation that would be constructive so i feel like i'm in the same position as an awful lot of pennsylvanians. we've got two badly flawed candidates. i can't believe in a country of 300 million this is what we've got. >> which parts of that rhetoric seems effective in creating the proper distance between the candidates and trump? >> don't endorse trump, kick the crap out of him when necessary and implicitly he's likely to concede, hillary clinton is likely in the white house and the explicit argument you need to vote for me if you want to keep republicans in control in the senate as a balance against democratic overreach. >> the other reason trump can't wait the senate candidates have to start producing their final tv ads, in the debates. he need a comeback now otherwise they'll continue to distance. you'll see an unprecedented, some states potentially unprecedented number of people
3:17 pm
who vote in the senate race and leave the presidential race blank. >> if they're desperate enough you look at what's happening, rob port lan is clearly going to win election barring something weird happening in the last days. pat toomey and marco rubio race it's not clear they'll effectively outrun trump or not if the polls continue to widen at a national level both guys will be in serious jeopardy and i can imagine them resorting to some desperate measures, anti-trump measures in the closing days if they think that's what's necessary to save their own pie. >> there's a rule i've long believed in, the data supports it if you're an incumbent senator you raise money, stay in touch with your constituents unless you're running against a superstar candidate. >> everyone is talking with the two silence breaking interviews with melania trump that aired
3:18 pm
with cnn and the other with fox news. both interviews have given us a fuller picture of her public response to the "access hollywood" video of donald trump boasting about sexual assault. she was well prepared and stuck to the script more than her husband typically does but in certain respects if you listen closely her words were just as provocative as the donald's often are. >> he throws left wing media and you could see that, and the way it comes out is everything was organized because they want to influence the american people how to vote. the details that they go, did they ever check the background of these women? they don't have any facts. they were kind of a boy talk and he was lead on, like egged on
3:19 pm
from the host to say dirty and bad stuff. >> you feel the host, billy bush, was sort of egging him on? >> yes, it's kind of two teenage boys, actually, they should behave better, right? >> he was 59. >> correct. and sometimes i said i had two boys at home, i have my young son, and i have my husband. >> so mark, there's been some scattered criticism of melania trump for some of the things she said but not as much as you might expect given the loaded nature of some of the claims. why do you think that is? >> i don't know. spouses get something of a pass. she basically said there's a vast left wing conspiracy against her husband, asserted without any proof this had been orchestrated by the democrats. they're asserting that. some of the aulz coupers have given money to hillary clinton support hillary clinton but no assertion of evidence let alone evidence so i think if she wants
3:20 pm
to defend her husband i'm all for it. people should get the campaign to explain what is she talking about. >> there's some amount of implicit sympathy people have for her. she made her own bed and married donald trump. anthropologically, some people are like this woman's been through this horrible thing that's happening, her husband's wronged her in various ways, let's give her a pass. i also think there is slightly patronizing sense that people don't think she maybe fully understands the american electoral system that well. the fact she's foreign born and the way she speaks allows people to patronizingly -- >> the clintons don't want to drive this they don't want to raise the issues. coming up we'll preview tomorrow's dibait. americans are buying more and more of everything online. and so many businesses rely on the united states postal service to get it there.
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we're back here on the campus of the university of nevada las vegas, on the third and final presidential debate. joining us now is msnbc political correspondent kasie hunt. we've been talking about the fact the clinton campaign is moving into the reach or expansion states. georgia, texas, arizona, missouri indiana, some things are happening in all of them. which ones are they really going to play? >> arizona is the one to watch, a, it's potentially winnable. it's not a head faint like some
3:24 pm
of the others, also they can win with a small investment. they don't have to bet the farm on arizona to make a difference. georgia is further out, maybe the next one. i think texas is a real stretch, if we're talking about texas we're probably buying in a little bit too much to their spin. >> i forgot about utah. >> utah is kind of an odd one. with the third party candidate they're hopeful, got their fingers crossed in utah. i don't think it feels in a fundamental way the same as arizona. st >> let's talk about wikileaks. nothing in them massive that changes the race but how are they accommodating to the culture of a daily disclosure? did they read them all, ready to respond? how do they deal with them? >> my sense is they are ready for the next round of disclosures in so much as i think they are probably less surprised by what we are all learning every day as these come out than we maybe thought they
3:25 pm
were. john podesta could give access to his personal emails. they're prepared to deal with what comes out. i think we are operating in a remarkable, new normal that i think their challenge is covering this is very difficult for a lot of people in the press, and i think that that's a hurdle for them because trying to figure out how to explain it, put it in context when it's very easy to write a clicky headline off of a lot of these, it's just new and different territory. >> one senses there's a certain thing going on with them about this, no the that they think there will be bombshells that matter politically but the culture of the campaign, you know, the people worried about there being disclosures about people trashing each other and instead of looking towards victory with great enthusiasm this could be a bad couple weeks if we find out our bosses think we stink. >> it's incredibly awkward to have all of this out there and there are a lot of things people are willing to say in private than public and to have that on
3:26 pm
display and undermines the ability of her staff to do their jobs effectively. how any of us respond if you accidentally email the wrong person, spent an hour apologizing and worrying. don't underestimate how that could impact a campaign in a stretch as intense and final as this one. >> have you done that a lot? >> hmm -- >> third and final debate, i know you've been with the campaign enough to get a sense of their ups and downs. they seem pretty confident right now, not just about the debate but the outcome. >> i think they are pretty qualify department right now, yes, and been careful to approach her prep for this third debate the same say way they did the others. this time they're probably a little bit more ready to take a curveball. they were surprised by the press conference donald trump put together at the last second. they wanted to make sure hillary clinton was not rattled by that, did not appear to be rattled. they'll be more ready if something happens at this event from that perspective going forward. look, we wouldn't be talking about arizona and these other pathle ground states if there
3:27 pm
wasn't a durability to her lead that they felt strongly. >> trump is credit si, has crit her for taking so many days off the election trail. >> the pace will pick up aggressively after this debate. i don't think they're making it up she's taking the time off to focus on the preparation. if anything we saw with the pneumonia issue they've had trouble getting her off the trail. >> we'll be right back with more from here and my favorite city in america, las vegas. >> of course it is. get up to $5,000 customer cash on select 2016 models. see your lexus dealer. coaching means making tough choices. jim! you're in! but when you have high blood pressure and need cold medicine that works fast, the choice is simple. coricidin hbp is the only brand that gives powerful cold symptom relief
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joined now pi our coast to coast strategist on the left coast in san diego, mindy tucker fleischer, worked for george w. bush, arnold schwarzenegger and others and democratic strategist and co-founder of purple strategy, steve mcmahon.
3:31 pm
thanks for joining us. mindy, you are a republican, not for donald trump but give us your sense of the state of the race. what are donald trump's chances of winning this? >> well first of all, these are my people. there are several weeks left in the campaign. it's not looking good. he has of his own volition, i don't care how many years ago it was said something that has shaken the race up and turned off a large group of voters who will not be voting for him now. i think he's in trouble. >> steve mcma han, tick off the things that would have to happen for donald trump to win the race? >> first of all, the international conspiracy that's being waged would have to stop. the media would have to stop doing everything it can to block his path to the white house. >> give me a serious list. >> well listen, what he needs to do is he needs to give people some reason to be for him. he needs to stop attacking paul ryan. he needs to stop frankly attacking hillary clinton, and he needs to get back to a change
3:32 pm
argument that frankly is really, really powerful. if he had stuck to it from the beginning and from his convention and not gotten off on the rabbit holes he might be in a different position. min mindy's right. what he said 11 years ago shook the race to its core. there were people who hadn't decided and still considering him and i believe people are largely turning against him. what you'll see is the erosion will continue, it's going to get worse, more and more republican senators who are in jeopardy. i think the dchlic chances in the house improved dramatically. it's tough but possible and all because of donald trump. >> steve, i'm going to stay with you. we all assume there are going to be more hacked emails that come out between now and election day that wikileaks will continue to be a factor. most of the stuff is not broken through with voters especially compared to the controversies around trump. what would it take in terms of a wikileaks revelation, what kind of revelation would it take to
3:33 pm
finally cut ice and have real political impact on the race? >> first of all, i think it would take a revelation. it would have to be something that goes beyond the normal sort of gossipy stuff you see inside campaigns. what's come out of wikileaks so far is interesting and for those of us on the inside we read it, i think i know that person and this person. to a voter it doesn't make difference. it's not anything interesting newsworthy. in order for something revel latory to occur it has to be something that stops the news cycle in its tracks like donald trump's tape did and ask is this what we want to do? i think she's answered it effectively and i think her campaign has done a good job of mitigating and minimizing the impact of all this noise and it's really all donald trump just stepping all over himself for the last two weeks. >> mindy, we talked earlier on the show about melania trump coming out and doing the two interviews that aired last night
3:34 pm
and today. to me, looking at that, that suggests that the trump campaign recognizes that it still has a problem as a result of the fault "access hollywood" tape and the women who have come forward and continue to, to accuse donald trump. does it look like a situation you send the spouse out because you recognize you're still hemorrhaging voter, support? >> that's exactly what it looked like to me. thought it was going to go away, trotted out all of bill clinton's women problems. it's not going away. it's way bigger than they anticipated it which again just shows us how disjointed he is from reality, that he can say these things and it won't be a big deal, but i think definitely bringing her out and i don't know that it's going to help at this point. it's not big enough to overcome what he said and we're still talking about this a week later. it's just a problem for him. it's not going away. i don't have any great advice for him nor would i give it to him if i did to change this
3:35 pm
around. >> mindy does it matter if hillary clinton starts talking more about her agenda for the country, about bringing the country together, did that make a difference in either her chances of winning over the last few weeks or chances of governing if she does win? >> i think it's helpful, you know, what michelle obama showed us last week is that her surrogates can be powerful. the anger against her and the problems she has haven't changed. they're still there. there's still a lot of people in america angry with her and don't tru trust her. that exists. as others come out with a bigger message about america and the soul of our country and how much this election matters bigger than party, i think that goes a long way to helping hillary clinton. michelle obama knocked it out of the park last week. she really changed the face of this election for a lot of people, especially women, and if they can continue to make moves like that, i this i that would be really helpful to her and very smart. >> so if i could, i think -- grrr go ahead, steve. >> i think mindy's right about
3:36 pm
what michelle obama was able to accomplish but i also think, mark, you were right when you start to talk about this turn that hillary clinton can begin to make toward uniting the country, toward a hopeful future that's a better future for everybody, a willingness to work with republicans when it's appropriate, and to fight them when necessary, because she is, after all, going to be elected president with a pretty substantial electoral college majority. i don't see any harm in reaching out her hand and saying i understand that it's my job to make this country work. i know the republicans control the congress for the moment. and i'm going to work with whoever's there to move this country forward. i think a lot of people would like to hear that, and especially those people who, for a week, until a week ago were on the fence they'd like some reassurance. >> steve -- chris wallace, an aggressive questioner. if you were on hillary clinton's team what topic would you be most worried about his raising in tomorrow night's debate? >> i wouldn't want to be talking about any sort of allegations
3:37 pm
about the clinton foundation, the quid pro quos and those things. you can't really disprove a negative, any time spent talking about that you're off message. i presume chris wallace will ask about that stuff, i think donald trump will press it. i think she should stepped past it. she's going to be the next president of the united states, she'll be the first woman, come to office at a time that's partisan and polarized, her approval numbers not too much better than they are right now and her job to try to bring this country together and she can start that tomorrow night by looking like a grownup and looking past the childish questions. >> mindy, at this moment, do you think you anticipate democrats controlling the senate and/or the house come november 9th? >> i'm sort of on the fence about it. i think there's a chance, just given what's going on and if hillary continues to snowball her lead, and she's going into places like arizona, and who knows a week from now what other
3:38 pm
states we're going to be talking about. but i also am very aware of this anger that still exists out there and the frustration and so i am hopeful that in some way that manifests itself and sort of a bipartisan result where we have checks and balances on in terms of party in washington, but i'm not going to predict. i think if you'd ask me a year ago i would have said donald trump would never be our nominee and here we are. i've given up predicting in this election. it's crazy. we need to be mindful of the sentiment out there and what's going on and how angry people are and the fact we could end up with just about anything in november. >> mindy tucker fletcher, not angry, steve mcmahon not angry, but seeing the anger all around us. thank you both. we'll check in with some reporters who covered the presidential race.
3:39 pm
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i am benedict arnold, the infamous traitor. and i know a thing or two about trading. so i trade with e*trade, where true traders trade on a trademarked trade platform that has all the... get off the computer traitor! i won't. (cannon sound) welcome back to sin city. we are here at the sight of the third and final presidential debate, which will be held on this campus in las vegas tomorrow night, and we're joined now by two bloomberg politics reporters kevin cirilli and sahel kapur. kevin give us a window of donald trump's mind as he arrives in a city that has a big building with his name on it? >> i spoke with a senior trump adviser before i came on the show. he told me we're going to see donald trump continuing to use
3:42 pm
the same strategy that he used at the second debate. he's going to use that same attack, the same line of attack, very aggressive against hillary clinton, being advised now of course by rnc chairman reince priebus as well as governor chris christie. >> will there be a predebate press conference with women alleging wrongdoing by bill clinton? >> we didn't know, we walked into that blind-sided. anything can happen of course in the trump campaign. >> rigging. >> right. >> what do you think about this argument trump is making, as a matter of pure politics. does it make any sense for him to make the argument? >> it makes sense to mobilize the base. he's been making this argument since he lost iowa to ted cruz. he said there was something fishy going on there. when there's talk about a contested convention and stopping him there he made the argument party bosses were rigging the election. after the convention when he was slipping with the con fiasco, it's popular in the pace. 41% of the electorate thinks a
3:43 pm
decent chance the election could be stolen with him, including 73% of republican voters. >> wikileaks, how much is the trump campaign, the rnc relying on some gift from wikileaks to change the race? >> i think that's really where they're at right now, and all of the sources that i've interviewed within the trump campaign are realistic about a narrowing path to victory but they are adamant that things like a rigged election are playing well to the base, things like term limits in congress and of course wikileaks, and they have doubled down and we reported on this yesterday on bloomberg that the media in their minds has not placed enough emphasis on this. i think from a turnout perspective, if you look at that, that is what they feel could give them a boost on election day but david had a good column in "the new yorker" earlier, about how people are not motivated to get to the polls who are independents and they feel that could help them on election day as well.
3:44 pm
>> do you think it's a fair critique of the press that we have not covered the wikileaks revelations enough? >> i think the wikileaks revelations came out i think within an hour or so of the trump tape coming out so sure that's drowned out some of the wikileaks coverage. i think there would have been more wikileaks if not for that. it's a sexier story so i think a lot of press has been focusing on that. >> of all the things that came out since the wikileaks exposure last friday are there any should or will break through with voters? >> i think some of the things she said in the transcripts of her speeches to goldman sachs will be a problem. i think some of that stuff would have been really explosive in the hands of bernie sanders around january or so. the trump campaign is hammering the part where she talks about a public and private position, they're painting her as cozy with big banks and i think this will feed that narrative. it's standard for a lot of politicians to have that public and private view. you negotiate one way and you argue certain thing another way.
3:45 pm
i think it will matter to a point, but they've got to get the stuff out of the headlines, get beyond the women. he can't talk about conspiracies and that sort of thing. i don't think it wins him anybody he doesn't already have. >> i'll start with you and go to you on this question. the news that the clinton campaign is trying to expand the map primarily in arizona, sending michelle obama, talking about hillary clinton going there. there are a bunch of other states doing various things, either small things, what do you make of that strategy at the wisdom of it, and about the potential efficacy of it? >> i think it's partly sy-ops, trying to prepare a swing of confidence that they have the states locked up. the polling average is looking pretty bad for trump. i looked at the polling averages before coming on the show. hillary clinton has a better shot at winning texas, and at winning arizona, than trump has of winning colorado, virginia or pennsylvania. so i think there is an element of yeah we're so far ahead and we're sending one of our best
3:46 pm
surrogate there is. i don't think it's necessarily means she's going to win but she's trying to psych him out. >> the trump campaign sees them they are psyched out or who cares? what's their view. >> like anything in the trump campaign they love to fight and bull doze their way through this. one campaign aide told me any other candidate in the past ten days would be out of this race or even trailing even more significantly than he is right now. he likes to fight. i think you're going to see that tomorrow night but again, i think let's be realistic here. he's down in the polls. >> when they see hillary clinton go to arizona and think ah that's nothing, she has no chance of winning there, specifically on those states. >> i think on arizona, they feel they've mobilized the grassroots community as a result of things like immigration and i think candidly what we're seeing in arizona is that the other side has also mobilized on the issue of immigration, but arizona point blank is all about
3:47 pm
immigration, and sheriff joe arpaio's diminished role with the republican party. >> made a new policy proposal yesterday on ethics and lobbying today on term limits. are they going to continue to unveil new policy? >> yes, specifically with regards to the rigged election. letting be frank, elizabeth warren advocated wall street has been rigged. this isn't a new populist tone. it is new with regards to elections but they are now pivoting using that to talk specifically about term limits which is very popular in the bipartisan way. >> that's kevin cirilli in the green tie and sahel kapur in the black tie, only way to tell them apart. thank you for coming on the show. you're fantastic. we'll head out to colorado for some of donald trump's day on the trail next and if you're watching us, in washington, d.c., listen to us as well on the radio, 99.1 fm. we'll be right back. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything,
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welcome back to veigh was. in colorado, katy tur i'll talk loud you'll listen and talk quiet. what in the campaign are things going right these days? >> reporter: that's a really difficult question. they do think the rallies are going right, they like that and getting large crowds in various places around the country. they're fund-raising is going well. their small donor fund tone o d are coming in hot on the website getting money but certainly the headlines are not going well for donald trump. he's facing these sexual assault allegations, still talking about the 2005 audio leak and frankly,
3:52 pm
they've got this whole rigged election thing they've been speaking about, obviously trying to hit that very hard but the headlines that are coming out of it is donald trump trying to say if he doesn't win, this has got to be a rigged election and now we have president obama telling him to quit whining. the good news of the campaign isn't as dominating as the bad news at the moment. >> katy, donald trump as you pointed out is making this rigged election argument. people around him from kelly ann conway to mike pence tried to say what he means by rigged is that the media is against him. they're rigging the election. he's not talking about electoral fraud and then trump comes out and tweets or says no, i'm talking about electoral fraud. so why is there so much disjuncture between what everyone else is saying on the right side of this issue and trump's continued desire to go off into a much more radical
3:53 pm
critique? >> reporter: that is a good question. we've seen that this entire campaign season. donald trump says one thing and his surrogates or campaign try to clean it up, no, no, what he really meant was this. in this case it's glaring because we've seen a number of surrogates go out and say that donald trump is talking about the media but then on the same day as they're saying that, donald trump will come out and he will tweet something like the polling is rigged. he says this on the campaign trail quite a bit as well talking in pennsylvania we need to watch communities in philadelphia that are known to cheat and he's also talking about how dead people are still on the voting rolls and still voting. it's a message resonating with his base, we heard from everyone they speak with if trump doesn't win in some way the books were cooked against him. but in terms of the disconnect between he and the campaign i think it just goes to show you that donald trump is the
3:54 pm
ultimate advice for his campaign and nobody can tell him what to do. he's got an idea in his head he's going to say it. why we saw cory lisay let trumpe trump. ultimately he'll contradict everybody anyway. >> katy, second event of the day in colorado most polls suggest trump is way behind, still looking for the right inside combination to lead to 270 electoral votes. talking about the event you're out there now the staging of it and the sense of it as compared to an event in florida or ohio or some of the other states where he spent more time. >> reporter: i can tell you donald trump got on stage and the first thing he said was make sure to mail in your votes, which is what you do in colorado. you mail in your votes. they are trying to get on the ground here with the rnc, team up and go door to door, but colorado is a tough state and donald trump hasn't had a great operation here from the start. remember during the primaries that he basically didn't show up
3:55 pm
to the convention. his team didn't show up to the convention here at all but handed it over to ted cruz. donald trump talked about the gop convention here basically being rigged against him back then. this is the home of the never trump movement, so colorado hasn't been easy from the start. he does have vocal supporters here and you can hear them behind me but for the most part the support in this state is not as large as we see in other states, states that they were hoping, this certainly is a state they were hoping to turn red after a few seasons of being in the democratic category, but i will say that it's interesting he's spending so much time in colorado given that he's down eight points in the latest quinnipiac poll especially since a state like arizona which he's hoping to keep red is one that is, could be slipping away from him. hillary clinton is running a very close race down there, we're seeing chelsea clinton there, michelle obama there, bernie sanders going there next week. donald trump it's unclear when he's going to be going back to
3:56 pm
arizona but that is a state that he's clearly going to need to focus a little bit more on, if he wants to maintain that. >> katy, less than 30 seconds to go. any insight into how trump is approaching the debate here tomorrow? >> reporter: they're not telling us exactly what he is doing for debate prep but i can tell you that there will be the mother of somebody who died in benghazi, and we believe she's going to be sitting in the front row, invited by donald trump, the same mother, pat smith, that spoke at the convention, that clearly wants to put hillary clinton in an uncomfortable position like they did in the last deindicate, and try and get some sort of confrontation out of it. >> katy tur in colorado, see you tomorrow. thank you very much. john and i will be right back after this. it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands.
3:57 pm
and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
3:58 pm
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4:00 pm
which more exciting for you? >> pick 'em. >> i'm looking forward to britney more than the debate. sionara. coming up "hardball" with chris matthews. >> last saloon in the desert. let's play "hardball." good evening i'm chris matthews out at unlv in las vegas. the third and final presidential debate here tomorrow night loom as donald trump's last best opportunity with three weeks o-to-go to the election to reverse his downward momentum. today president obama addressed trump's most explosive charge of the week that the election this november will be rigged in clinton's favor. here is the president. >> that is


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