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tv   First Look  MSNBC  October 19, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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so that's your plan for tomorrow night, it will be very exciting. it's the last debate of the year, the last debate of this election. you must be there. see you tomorrow night. "first look" is up next. wednesday, witness the shocking finale, trump, clinton, the most dramatic debate yet. threats. >> you'd be in jail. >> portrayal. >> president obama was not born in the united states. >> a forbidden love. the return of an old friend. and the results of the pre-debate drug test. the 2016 presidential debate season finale. only on abc, cbs, fox, fox
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business number, msnbc, and b m boomerang. >> let's hope it doesn't get renewed for another season. >> oh, thank you, jimmy. tonight, everyone, it is the final showdown between donald trump and hillary clinton, with millions of people watching. the candidates will have one more chance to appeal to undecided voters. plus, president obama tells the republican nominee to stop whining. and in the battle against isis, an american commander says iraqi forces have momentum on their side. they've advanced on mosul and the operation to liberate the city is making slow but steady progress. good morning, everyone, it is wednesday, october 19th. i'm alex witt alongside louis burgdorf. the third and final presidential debate of the 2016 season takes
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place tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern in las vegas. this moderated by chris wallace of fox news. tonight could be more policy focused as the topics are the national debt, entitlements, immigration, and the economy, the supreme court, foreign hot spots, and fitness to be president. but it is once again personality politics grabbing the pre-debate spotlight with the new york times reporting that the clinton campaign has requested that the spouses of the candidates proceed directly to their seats and not cross paths. this comes after the trump campaign attempted to have former president bill clinton come face to face with women who accused him of sexual assault at the last debate in st. louis. the trump campaign revealed some of its special guests, including president obama's half-brother malik, and pat smith, who made a tearful smith at the republican national convention, blaming clinton for the death of her son, shaun smith, a state department communications specialist, who was killed in the benghazi terror attack.
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hillary clinton's debate guests include meg whitman and mark cuban. 20 days before the election and despite state level republican officials assurance against vote rigging during dual appearances in colorado, donald trump continued to cast doubt. >> the media, you have to remember, is an extension of the hillary clinton campaign. it's an extension. and without that, she would be nowhere. the press has created a rigged system and poisoned the minds of the voters. i think the media's trying to discourage our people from getting out and voting. they even want to try and rig the election at the polling booths, where so many cities are corrupt, and you see that. and voter fraud is all too common. and then they criticize us for saying that. and we have even republicans, oh, that's such a terrible thing
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to say. well, take a look at philadelphia what's been going on. take a look at chicago, take a look at st. louis. take a look at some of these cities where you see things happening that are horrendous. and if you talk about them, they say bad things about you. they call you a racist. >> "new york times" reports this morning in spite of trump's calls to monitor polling places, there are no signs of trump poll watchers building. like much else about his campaign, his call to get everybody out to watch the polls seems to be an effort with little or no organization behind it. and president obama took on donald trump again yesterday at the rose garden at a news conference with the prime minister of italy. the president rebuked trump's claims that the election is rigged, telling the republican nominee to, quote, stop whining. >> seen in my lifetime or modern political history any
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presidential candidate trying to discredit the elections and the election process before votes have even taken place. it's unprecedented. that is both irresponsible, and, by the way, doesn't really show the kind of leadership and toughness that you'd want out of a president. you start whining before the game's even over. and if he got the most votes, then it would be my expectation of hillary clinton to offer a gracious concession speech and pledge to work with him in order to make sure that the american people benefit from an effective government. and it would be my job to welcome mr. trump, regardless of what he said about me or my differences with him on my
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opinions, and escort him over to the capitol, in which there would be a peaceful transfer of power. >> we are getting a look at the democratic presidential ticket that might have been with the wikileaks latest release of e-mails allegedly hacked from the personal account of john podesta. those documents show that in march podesta reportedly floated a list of 39 names to hillary clinton to consider as her running mate. the documents have not been independently authenticated by nbc news and the clinton campaign and u.s. intelligence officials have blamed russia for hacking the e-mails. the list features leaders in the business world, including michael bloomberg, general motors ceo mary berra, apple ceo tim cook, bill and melinda gates, also has many of the leaders rumored to be on clinton's short list, including her actual running mate, senator tim kaine, elizabeth warren, cory booker, tom vilsack, and eric holder. last on the list, former rival
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senator bernie sanders. >> a separate alleged e-mail from december shows podesta mocking sanders, can you believe that doofus bernie attacked it, podesta reportedly wrote. meanwhi meanwhile, a separate exchange suggests tensions between the clinton camp and the white house over her private e-mail server. a harsh word to suggest that the obama administration was coming down harshly on clinton, adding she needs to speak publicly tomorrow. i don't care if it ruins this women's event. bigger fish to fry these days. it's unclear what she may have been referencing, louis. half a dozen people have come forward to corroborate a former writer's claim that donald trump forced himself on her in 2005. six colleagues and friends are quoted in the article saying
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stoynoff told them about the incident after it occurred. her former journalism professor called him in tears the very night of the encounter, but he cautioned her to remain quiet in fear of how trump may retaliate. another published article, she tells the magazine, i didn't tell my story for politics, i told it for women. her claim of sexual misconduct by donald trump has not been verified by nbc news and the candidate has denied the accusations. a new poll out just this morning shows in the three and a half weeks of general election debates, hillary clinton has begun pulling away from donald trump. the bloomberg politics poll gives clinton a nine-point lead, 47% to trump's 38%, up six points before the first debate with trump dropping five points to 38%. this is a new fox news poll, gives clinton a six-point advantage nationally, with donald trump gaining one point since last week. and with the polls closing in
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less than three weeks now, a survey monkey poll shows hillary clinton with leads of at least four points in states totally 304 electoral votes, that's 34 more than the needed 270 to win the presidency. in four-way matchups, clinton has 11-point leads in new hampshire and virginia, eight-point leads in michigan and new mexico. up seven points in colorado. six points in north carolina and pennsylvania, and four points in georgia, while donald trump is ahead in five, by five, rather, in iowa, four points in nevada, three in arizona, three points in florida and texas. and a more extensive poll of texas from the university of houston also shows a very tight race in the lone star state. trump ahead of clinton by three points there, 41% to clinton's 38%. that includes the comments of 2005 were revealed. in wisconsin, a poll puts clinton ahead by eight points, 47% to trump's 39% and at 3%,
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jill stein pulls ahead of gary johnson, who's down to 1%. finally in nevada, clinton jumped to a seven-point lead in the monmouth poll, 47% to 40%. louis? >> seems the recent round of polling has shaken donald trump's confidence in polls. once a staple of his campaign rallies, trump did not read the polls to his audiences in colorado yesterday because he says they are no longer accurate. >> even though we're doing pretty good in the polls, i don't believe the polls anymore. i don't believe them. i don't believe them. if there's one or two bad ones, that's the only one they show. believe me, folks, we're doing great. now they say we're tied in colorado. i don't think so. i'll be honest. something's going on here. i don't believe the polls, i see the polls, they are not terrible. they are sort of good. actually, if the people come out and vote, they are very nervous.
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i have a feeling this is another brexit. >> donald trump's path to 270 may have to take a detour around colorado and virginia, at least according to one election forecaster. a political report now says those two states look out of reach for the republican nominee. that analysis, which teamed up with roll call, shifted those two battleground ratings from lean democratic to democrat favored. we're going to talk with senator mark warner of virginia coming up on "morning joe." still ahead, iraqi forces are advancing towards the isis stronghold. we'll have a report from the area. plus, could former boston red sox pitcher curt schilling have a future in politics? he wants to run against senator elizabeth warren, but might be one thing standing in the way. those stories and a check on weather when we come right back.
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welcome back, everyone. the american supported operation to retake the city of mosul from isis is making slow but steady progress. commanders overseas say the mission is so far going according to plan but are warning about possible isis attacks in the west in retaliation. nbc's richard engel is in iraq south of mosul and he spoke exclusively with the major general in charge of the american effort. >> how's it going? >> it's going well. >> reporter: in his first interview since the offensive to push isis out of mosul began, major general gary valeski said his troops are providing air support and heavy artillery, but not leading this charge. >> the iraqis have the momentum, they know it, and they want to get there as quickly as they can. >> reporter: we followed iraqi troops to the front line south of mosul to see for ourselves. we made our way to the newly
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liberated village of hud. she's happy, said a man pushing his 80-year-old grandmother. she's happy to see the soldiers. then why were these people carrying white flags and leaving their village? because iraqi troops in their rush to get to mosul have moved on, even though villagers say there are still isis fighters here. and what we saw next was a war planner's worst nightmare. entering this sunni village were shiite militias. in a country that's seen civil war between these two sects of islam, it's a dangerous mix. but what happens here could have international consequences, as well. general valeski is concerned in retaliation for losing mosul, isis could launch terror attacks on targets in the west. >> that's what we're worried about, you know, from my perspective back at home, when mosul falls, how are they going
2:17 am
to try to deflect the attention? >> reporter: but for now, valeski's troops are focused at the task at hand. mosul is where the so-called islamic state, or caliphate, was born, and it's here that the general believes it will die. >> there's not going to be a caliphate. >> reporter: no mosul, no more caliphate? >> not in iraq, clearly. >> reporter: this battle is just beginning, and these are just the first of what aid agencies warn could be more than a million people driven from their homes. they suffered under isis, now they are paying the price for yet another fight for mosul. >> richard engel reporting there. let's get a check on your weather now with nbc meteorologist bill karins. another day of indian summer, it's been nice. >> alex, for the record, indian summer is typically defined as warm temperatures after the first freeze of the year, so typically haven't had the first freeze yet. >> i stand corrected. >> i know. got to put you in your place every now and then. >> i get it. >> let's talk about the very warm, incredibly warm temperatures. again, the humidity was what
2:18 am
really made it feel amazingly warm for this time of year. you can get hot days in october, but the humidity was high all the way up through the east, so today, another 10 to 20 degrees above average, record highs are possible, if not likely. philadelphia, baltimore, new york city will be close again, central park wasn't there yesterday. hartford will be a little short of that today. there are a few showers and sprinkles. this is a cold front trying to sink down from the north, so this will be a focusing method over the next couple days. here's how it's going to look today, wet weather, worst weather, st. louis could have showers and thunderstorms, umbrella weather, same for indianapolis. this is throughout the day, slow moving cold front through the next couple days. as we progress this thing even into thursday and friday, we're going to focus on really heavy rains here. ohio, western pennsylvania, buffalo, syracuse, areas of upstate new york. some of these areas have been very dry in a drought, they need the rainfall. i'm not thinking too much
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flooding, but soaking rain is possible in those areas. here's the rainfall forecast. again, this is going to be over the next couple days. this blue is one inch. the areas of purple and the red, that's a possibility of two to three inches of rain. today's forecast, very warm, if not record breaking, all the way up here to southern new england. the cool stuff is areas out west, alex. not quite the indian summer yet, but a few spots it will be, though, because we already had our first freeze in areas of upstate new york and new england. so i'll give you that. >> okay, thank you for that. still ahead, they were undefeated until last yiegt. the indians fall after winning nine straight and the dodgers shutting out the cubs last night. sorry, not sorry. we're going to have all the highlights in sports next. now that fedex has helped us simplify our e-commerce, we could focus on bigger issues, like our passive aggressive environment. we're not passive aggressive. hey, hey, hey, there are no bad suggestions here... no matter how lame they are. well said, ann. i've always admired how you just say what's in your head, without thinking. very brave. good point ted.
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boost. it's not just nutrition, it's intelligent nutrition. with 26 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. all in 3 delicious flavors. it's choosing to go in one direction... up. boost. be up for it. welcome back. time now for sports. and game three of the nlcs, dodgers hosting the cubs in los angeles and the cubs' bats have gone cold. hill pitching six solid innings, using his signature curveball to strikeout six, while only allowing two hits and two walks. l.a. shuts out chicago for the second straight game, taking this 6-0. it was the first time the cubs had been shut out in consecutive games in over two years. the 18 straight innings without a run is the largest postseason drought in franchise history for chicago. they are now batting an abysmal .155 for the series.
2:23 am
the dodgers take a 2-1 series lead. game four is tonight in los angeles. all right, to toronto, blue jays looking to fend off elimination against the indians down 3-0 in the alcs and the reigning american league mvp josh donaldson doing his part here, crushing a 400-foot solo shot in the top of the third, giving the jays their first lead of the series. in the fifth, donaldson flashing the leather with a tremendous diving stop to preserve the one-run lead. toronto would tack on four more and hold them to two hits, winning 5-1 and giving cleveland their first loss of the postseason. cleveland will have another shot to clinch the series in toronto this afternoon. nba preseason and scary moments in new orleans, lankston galloway completely takes out the hawks' coach. had his arm in a sling, is already recovering from surgery on a broken finger and is clearly in pain. luckily an assistant said after
2:24 am
he is doing great. looks like tough, tough hit there. let's go to the ice. marian hossa scored his 500th career goal in a win over the flyers. the 37 year old in his 19th nhl season is only the 44th player of all time to hit that mark. hossa said after the game it feels great and he couldn't be happier doing it in front of his home crowd. and let's go to some politics in sports here. former red sox pitcher curt schilling is looking for a career change, revealing his plan to challenge elizabeth warren in a 2018 senate race. though never before a candidate, he hinted over the summer he might run and noted yesterday he hasn't talked to his wife yet and it will ultimately be a family decision. shilling has been no stranger to controversy, including last april when he was let go from espn after sharing a controversial meme on facebook. while warren is popular in the democratic state, republican charlie baker was elected as
2:25 am
governor back in 2014 and republican scott brown won a special senate election in 2010 before losing to warren two years later. we'll see if he actually runs there, alex. interesting. >> it would be interesting, but the thing about it is, look at william weld, he's a republican former governor of massachusetts. in that red state. now, of course, the libertarian candidate, but you think it's all kennedy all the time, right, in massachusetts. who knows. crazier things have happened. okay. speaking of the libertarian party, presidential candidate gary johnson gives a brutally honest answer when asked why he's not receiving the same intelligence briefings hillary clinton and donald trump are. plus, a look at president obama's farewell state dinner hosting the italian prime minister. we're back after this. >> but in the immortal words of a great italian-american, yogi berra, it ain't over till it's over. this is me, using a wrench to build a jet engine.
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if whenever things are going badly for you and you lose, you start blaming somebody else, then you don't have what it takes to be in this job. because there are a lot of times when things don't go our way, or my way. i'd advise mr. trump to stop whining and go try to make his case to get votes. >> another harsh rebuke of donald trump from president obama. we'll have more about the rivalry he savored in the rose garden yesterday. plus, the third and final presidential debate is tonight in vegas. will it be more about policy, personality, or the candidates' personal lives?
2:30 am
tonight, all bets are off. and ecuador has been protecting julian assange since 2012, but this morning it seems the country has just about had it with wikileaks, cutting off his internet. good morning, everyone. it is wednesday, october 19th, i'm alex witt alongside louis burgdorf. we're just 20 days away from the election and the third and final presidential debate is tonight in las vegas, moderated by chris wallace of fox news. tonight could be more policy focused. "the new york times" reports that the clinton campaign has requested that the spouses of the candidates proceed directly to their seats and not cross paths. this comes after the trump campaign attempted to have former president bill clinton come face to face with women who have accused him of sexual assault at the last debate in st. louis. the trump campaign revealed some
2:31 am
of its special guests in the debate audience tonight, including president obama's half brother malik and pat smith, who made a tearful speech blaming the death of her son, shaun smith, a state communications specialist killed in the benghazi terror attack. hillary clinton's debate guests including hewlett packard ceo meg whitman and mark cuban. hillary clinton has spent the past few days preparing for tonight's presidential debate. she's expect the to arrive in las vegas today, but her campaign is already looking ahead to what's next. following the debate, clinton is scheduled to hold rallies in several battleground states including ohio, pennsylvania, new hampshire, and florida. and while hillary clinton prepped, trump once more questioned her fitness and energy to serve as president. >> tomorrow night's going to be interesting. she's home sleeping and i'm working, so that's the way it's
2:32 am
going to be in the white house, too. she'd be sleeping, i'd be working. sort of funny, she's been doing this for 30 years, now she has to do debate prep for five days. you know what the debate prep is? it's resting. it's lying down, going to sleep. >> a top house republican is demanding an investigation into the allegation of a proposed quid pro quo between the state department and the fbi during the trove of hillary clinton's private e-mail server. a retired fbi official tells "the washington post" he and under secretary of state briefly spoke about doing a favor for each other. he had been trying to get the state department to approve two fbi employees going back into baghdad. kennedy wanted the classification changed on the e-mails of the private server. the conversation lasted just a few minutes and maybe two conversations and both agencies say the alleged quid pro quo never happened. in a statement, kennedy, who is
2:33 am
a career foreign service officer said in part he wanted to better understand a proposal the fbi had made to upgrade one of former secretary clinton's e-mails prior to its public release, and that the two matters were not linked. there was no quid pro quo, nor was there any bargaining. the republican chairman of the house judiciary committee, bob goodlot called attorney general loretta lynch to investigate, writing, in an attempt to barter security interests for political purposes is appalling and may rise to the level of a federal crime." last night at his final state dinner president obama hosted italian prime minister matteo renzi, and neither heads of state could resist getting in digs at the 2016 election when it became time for the toasts. >> tonight we're reminded that american democracy has been graced by the touch of italy. our declaration that all men are created equal was penned by thomas jefferson, and it was a
2:34 am
concept shared by his friend, also from florence, filipo. then again, some days our presidential campaigns can seem like dante's inferno. >> i know michelle, you're great, but after the last weeks, let me be very frank, your speech are better than your tomatoes. thank you so much as prime minister, but thank you so much as father as a young daughter. >> well, earlier in the day president obama took on donald trump more directly during a rose garden news conference with italy's prime minister. the president rebuked trump's claims that the election is rigged, telling the republican nominee to, quote, stop whining. >> no serious person out there who would suggest somehow that you could even -- you could even rig america's elections, in part because they are so decentralized, and the numbers
2:35 am
of votes involved. there's no evidence that that has happened in the past or that there are instances that will happen this time. and so i'd advise mr. trump to stop whining and go try to make his case to get votes. >> senator bernie sanders was back on the trail campaigning for hillary clinton and going after donald trump. sanders drew big crowds as he crisscrossed new mexico and arizona. at events, sanders didn't go back when going on the attack against the republican nominee. >> i am going to do everything that i can to make certain that donald trump does not become the next president of the united states. >> in three weeks, we are going to be having an election of enormous consequence. in my view, electing donald trump as president would be a disaster for this country and something we must not elect.
2:36 am
in fact, i would suggest that mr. trump is the least qualified -- the least qualified candidate in the history of this country to ever run for president. >> while campaigning in north carolina yesterday, republican vice presidential nominee mike pence also stopped by the republican party office that was fire bombed over the weekend. governor pence condemned the attack on the orange county republican party headquarters, calling it a cowardly act. >> i'm here to call attention to an act of political terrorism on the orange county republican headquarters in north carolina. this has gotten very little national media attention, and i can't help but feel that had this been the other way around, had it been an attack in this county on the other political party's headquarters, that the level of media coverage and discussion would be significantly different, and i
2:37 am
think most of the american people know that. i wanted to come by to call attention to this cowardly attack on our supporters in north carolina and to no less extent an attack on the american political system. this was an act of political terrorism. and i have to tell you how inspired i am to see the way this community has come together and the people have come together to continue to move forward, undeterred, unintimidated, by this senseless act of violence. >> unlike hillary clinton and donald trump, libertarian candidate gary johnson has not been receiving national security briefings. he was asked about the matter last night during an interview with cnn. >> i don't want to misspeak, but when they talked last debate about creating these safe zones, oh, my gosh, i can see that coming from a national security
2:38 am
briefing, but i've got about six or seven questions that i would want to ask regarding a safe zone and how is that going to actually end up being safe. me being the skeptic at the table. >> as a candidate for president, i'm assuming you've asked for those intelligence briefings. >> i have, and i've been denied those security briefings. >> what was the reason they gave you? >> well, i'm just not relevant, really. that's what it boils down to. 10%, i guess, doesn't qualify you to receive those national security briefings. the clinton campaign has begun planning to how to reassure allies, according to report in politico, the clinton team is looking at how to, quote, repair the damage to america's reputation caused by donald trump and notes how trump's antimuslim and antitrade stances have rattled even the most trusted u.s. allies. it also notes discontent stemming from foreign policy decisions made by president barack obama. and the biggest question at the
2:39 am
outset, which country clinton should call first. quote, everybody wants to be the first call, everybody wants to be an early call. a top campaign adviser told politico. people are curious what her first foreign trip is going to be. louis? to business now, asian markets are getting a boost this morning after china reportedly had a positive gdp report in the third quarter rlt joining us live from london, good morning. >> hi, louis. yeah, the asian markets in the overnight session were higher for the second day running on the back of this 6.7% growth for the third quarter. in line with estimates, a big sigh of relief, although here in europe we're seeing mixed markets with most of our mainland european equities under a little bit of water, but there are issues whether or not the chinese are too reliant on government spending, whether or not the housing market is hotting up, and the worries of ballooning debt levels, too. so by and large, a sigh of relief, but at the same time still ongoing issues. let me talk to you about
2:40 am
snapchat for a moment, because they don't want to share their ad revenue any longer with their media partners. they are changing strategy, they want to change the way they are working with these companies to get content for their discover section. the model now is, we pay you up front and then we keep all of the ad money, basically. there are a number of other big players doing the same thing, like facebook, apple, for example, offering similar structure to publishers who offer content and benefit from the likes of snapchat is they get full control over their ad inventory, so they get full control of that, they are getting ready for their public offering, that might be a good thing to have, the benefit for the publishers, they have a guaranteed payday, which is also a good thing, so they are not reliant whether or not the particular app works, they know they are getting paid up front and that's the end of it. so we're looking at snapchat, though, changing their ad structure. that could be a good thing. louis? >> sounds like a smart move for snapchat, thanks so much.
2:41 am
still ahead, he's the only musician to be awarded the nobel prize for literature, but this morning there's a big question whether the rock star will even accept it. plus, more from president obama's final white house state dinner. and in case you're wondering, the first lady is wearing versace. we're back in a moment. every day we get another revelation about clinton from wikileaks. any more and wooee're going to d wiki depends. a list of the vice presidents hillary clinton was consideration. it was just released and it includes political superstars like minnesota senator amy klobuchar, and secretary of agriculture tom vilsack. the vilsack attack! also in this wikileaks released list are business leaders like apple ceo tim cook and starbucks ceo howard schultz, but apparently hillary decided against schultz because the race already had one pumpkin spice candidate. before taking his team to state for the first time...
2:42 am
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tomorrow will be a week since bob dylan was awarded the nobel prize in literature, but the rock star still hasn't said a word about it. they haven't been able to reach him since he made history as the first musician to get the honor. they'll continue to wait for word, when announcing the honor last thursday, the academy credited the 75-year-old music legend for having, quote, created new poetic expressions within the great american song tradition. stephen colbert had a suggestion last night about one way to track him down. >> this is great for bob, and it finally proves someone can understand what he's saying. he could be anywhere, but if i were looking for him tonight, i might try the kiva auditorium in albuquerque, new mexico, because that's where he is.
2:46 am
>> nothing gets by stephen colbert, right? anyway, it's always controversial about this year and the rock n roll hall of fame nominees are out and among the 19 possible inductees, pearl jam, tupac, janet jackson, and chaka khan. fans will have the opportunity to vote along 800 industry insiders who make up the voting body. and fans can vote now on inductees will be announced if a ceremony in the barclays center in brooklyn. >> i'd like to see pearl jam, tupac would be cool. >> juourney, journey. >> that's my high school senior ball song. that has to be in there. >> what's up for weather? >> pictures, actually, santa ana winds are a problem in southern california. there's a fire that started last night because of the strong santa ana winds, they are trying to knock this down as fast as possible. when firefighters arrived, it
2:47 am
was only three acres, quickly grew to 40 acres and continues to expand because the winds are gusting 40 miles per hour. the embers fly up in the air, fall somewhere else, and the new blaze starts. you can see helicopters trying to put out the flames early this morning. this is the red flag warning, santa ana winds occur when the warm air rushes down the mountain, especially over areas of nevada. all this red is red flag warnings and today should be in the 90s, windy, still very dry in southern california this time of year, so the fire danger is very high. when you get a fire that starts, it can quickly spread. they are going to have their hands full all day long. the other story, of course, record breaking heat. yesterday we had dozens of records broken from dulles airport, hartford was a record high, record highs in newark, laguardia, and today will be similar. ten to 20 degrees above average, and it almost feels like an august morning because the humidity is up there pretty high, too. near record if not records today, baltimore, philly, new
2:48 am
york, and hartford. for the northeast and southern new england, northern midatlantic region, this is it for you today. probably the warmest until late spring, early summer. in the south, two more days. nashville, little rock, montgomery, savannah, charlotte. not only today, probably tomorrow, too, for you. near 90 in montgomery and charlotte. possible record heat tomorrow. as far as the rain goes, the change will happen and we've been very dry. the drought has been prevalent the summer and the fall. this is welcome rain from western new york to pennsylvania. unfortunately it looks to linger until saturday for some of these areas. it's horrible timing because the leaves are near peak. this is the big tourist weekend and we're talking about one to two inches of rain. after the rain is done, the winds are going to howl and temperatures will plummet. not exactly the best for the peak weekend. the rain, unfortunately, looks to avoid much of the new york area, new jersey, and eastern pennsylvania. the heavier rains will be to the
2:49 am
north and west. i say unfortunately, because reservoirs are low in this region and they could use the rainfall over there, too. so louis, we'll have to watch that fire over there in california. that will be one of the ones we'll be watching today. >> definitely keep an eye on that. 80s in late october. come on. >> plant something outdoors. before we go to break, let's look at stories we're not covering today. first, m&ms is putting out a version filled with caramel. i'm a conservative when it comes to them, so we're not covering that today. to the visit of matteo renzi for president obama's final state dinner and a lot of bad italian jokes. we covered a bit earlier, but there's plenty to go past, including john kerry's welcome to him in washington. >> friends of italian history, of the italian culture, art, more than a few lovers of the italian wine. you'll see statues of dante,
2:50 am
marconi, st. christopher, st. francis. you visit almost any college campus on a friday night, and you'll see a toga party. it's a difficult derivative, i know, but it's fun. it's an element of fun. >> and on hand for the dinner itself, chance the rapper, who brought his father as a guest, roberto banini, mario andretti, and dr. anthony fauci, the reporters made sure to ask important questions of the dignitaries, like asking jerry seinfeld, do you have any italian material for tonight? >> i have some pizza stuff, couple of cannoli one liners. >> you're not italian. why do you think you're here? >> we identify as italian. >> we're jews, but we identify as italian. >> looked like a fun dinner. we're not going to cover any of those stories today. instead when we come back, another diplomatic mess in the
2:51 am
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so no matter where you go, you are here. join or link accounts today.
2:53 am
ecuador has admitted to temporarily restricting the internet access for wikileaks founder julian assange at the embassy in london where assange has lived the last four years. now assange says secretary of state john kerry is to blame for it. keir simmons, i've got to tell you, this has got to be tough on
2:54 am
julian assange. the state department, we know, is categorically denying that allegation. >> yeah, tough for julian assange, somebody who, obviously, thrives on the internet, not to have access to the internet. you're right, the state department saying that they did not put direct diplomatic pressure on the ecuadorians to restrict julian assange's internet service. it happened over the weekend after the latest leak of hillary clinton's e-mails. i guess it depends on who you believe. of course, the state department ulwod say that they didn't ask for this, they didn't apply pressure for this. a spokesman saying while our concerns about wikileaks were longstanding, any suggestion that secretary kerry or the state department were involved in shutting down wikileaks is false. again, of course, the ecuadorians would say we acted independently, didn't act after pressure from the u.s., because that leftist government wouldn't want to be seen to be acquiescing to a u.s. demand, if
2:55 am
you like. that said, it is possible that they are doing what they say they are doing, which is simply while they are giving julian assange asylum of a sort in london, they don't want him to be involved in influencing u.s. elections. >> yeah, well, say what you will, but the timing is the reason for this report. thank you very much, keir simmons, appreciate it. over in the philippines, things turned violent after about 1,000 protesters gathered outside a u.s. embassy demanding an end to u.s. troops in the country. we must warn you, the video may be disturbing to some viewers. at least three people were injured after a police van ran over several protesters. you may recall, philippine president rodrigo duterte had some harsh words for president obama, recently telling him, among other things, to go to hell. a spokeswoman in manila said the situation has ended and normal embassy operations have continued.
2:56 am
this morning the u.s. is calling for the release of citizens who were hit with sentences by an iranian court. an american businessman was detained by iran's revolutionary guard while visiting his family in tehran in 2015. this past february iran arrested his father, a former iranian provincial governor and unicef official. both men are accused of spying and cooperating with the u.s. government. this is the latest in a series of crackdowns on dual nationals with western ties to iran. when we come back, a look at the stories that are happening in the day ahead. yeah. >>uh, hello!? a meeting? it's a big one. too bad. we are double booked: diarrhea and abdominal pain. why don't you start without me? oh. yeah. if you're living with frequent, unpredictable diarrhea and abdominal pain, you may have irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea, or ibs-d. a condition that can be really frustrating. talk to your doctor about viberzi, a different way to treat ibs-d. viberzi is a prescription medication you take every day
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welcome back, everyone. the big story in the aday head, of course, tonight's third and final presidential debate in las vegas airing tonight at 9:00 p.m. right here on msnbc. >> no sleep. >> no sleep whatsoever. we'll be tired tomorrow, heads-up. also a major protest planned there in vegas tonight. donald trump supporters are planning to put up a wall of taco trucks. taco trucks became part of the election after a trump supporter was warning that expansion of latino culture here in the u.s.
3:00 am
will lead to, quote, taco trucks on every corner. >> it's about the running mates and surrogates on the campaign trail today. tim kaine makes two stops in >> things are going badly for you, and you lose, you start blaming somebody else? then you don't have what it takes to be in this job. there is no serious person out there who would suggest somehow that you could even -- you could even rig america's elections. i would advise mr. trump to stop whining and go try to make health insurance case to get votes. and if he got the most votes, then it would be my expectation of hillary clinton to have a


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