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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  October 19, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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thomas and mack center. their paths won't cross until tonight but both of their campaign planes spotted just yards away from each other on the tarmac yesterday. the debate, 90 minutes, moderated by fox news anchor chris wallace, with six planned topics of discussion. and a new bloomberg poll out just this morning shows secretary clinton with a nine-point lead nationally. 47-48. and a new survey monkey/"washington post" poll of 15 battleground states shows clinton with significant leads in nine of those states. meaning she could get 304 electoral votes, 34 more than needed to be elected. donald trump leads in six states but some of his leads are rai s thin. three in ohio and arizona. trump telling his supports don't believe the polls and continuing to insist the election is rigged without offering any proof.
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>> so many cities are corrupt and voter fraud is all too common. take a look at st. louis. take a look at philadelphia. take a look at chicago. >> hillary clinton has been often the campaign trail, debating, preparing for the debate. but yesterday president obama in the rose garden slammed donald trump for being a, quote, whiner. >> i'd advise mr. trump to stop whining and go try to make his case to get votes. >> nbc's kelly o'donnell is covering the trump campaign for us this morning. she joins us. kelly, some of the developments we've learned right now, brian stelter, the writer of course and television critic, he spoke with steve bannon and that is the manager for donald trump's campaign or adviser. he's now saying that barack obama's half-brother malik obama who is coming to the debate as a
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guest of the trump campaign is just an appetizer. what are you hearing regarding this strategy? >> well, that is a tantalizing crumb dangled in front of us. we don't know what else is planned because i think the trump campaign wants to stretch it over the course of the next several hours to get us talking about this. but steve bannen who is the ceo of the campaign and has long been someone who has worked in conservative media, and been really an architect of a lot of the criticism of hillary clinton oemp the years. so to bring two characters who have been a part of the trump story, real people who have something to tell, and whether that has any effect on hillary clinton or not, it's a part of the discussion today. so to have patricia smith who lost her son at benghazi who has been a longtime critic of hillary clinton because she believes she was not told the truth about what happened to her son, so much of her critics -- she spoke at the republican national convention.
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and also the president's half brother. it's a large extended family in the obama family. and this brother who is an american citizen lives in washington, d.c., has actually endorsed donald trump. so not only is this a way to sort of needle the president of the united states, it's an opportunity for conversation about him and that includes the fact that he thinks donald trump is the better choice for president. now, the fact he would allow himself to be brought in to this is open to interpretation. if that is something he is doing to try to somehow offend his own brother. we don't know what's in his mind. but the trump campaign has invited him. our understanding is he will be hereby. patricia smith has been someone who has been really trying to draw public attention to what she believes is the untold story of benghazi. you know, the clinton campaign has said it's been investigated time and time again and the tragedy of what occurred there, her son, sean smith, was among the four americans who died, has
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been litigated in terms of understanding what took place, but it is still an emotional punch and that is what the trump campaign is trying to do, by bringing these guests tonight. >> all right, thank you very much. now to hillary clinton's final preparations for tonight's debate. nbc's kristen welker is covering the clinton campaign. she joins us live from las vegas. we know of at least two guests invited by the clinton campaign. >> that's right, meg whitman and of course the billionaire mark cuban will be here. he was at the first debate. also aimed at needling donald trump. of course, meg whitman, republican, former ceo of hewlett-packard who endorsed secretary clinton. mark cuban is sort of a trump instigator. he's good at getting under donald trump's skin. but look, tam ron, this comes as i'm being told that secretary clinton is going to do more debate prep today. she has prepared for this debate arizons vigorously as she has t last debates, i'm told.
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last debate, she didn't get down in the mud as it were with donald trump on every single point instead you heard her say a number of times "i refer you to my website." some supporters want her to be aggressive tonight but the campaign thinks that strategy is working and allows her to stay above the fray. this is coming as we get yet another document dump from wikileaks. these are hacked e-mails. u.s. intelligence officials believe hacked by the russians. and e-mails of john po des ta, one of secretary clinton's top aides. nbc news hasn't authenticated these e-mails. this is from neerer tanden in 2015 last year. she asks, why did she call herself a moderate? john podesta writes back, she claims she doesn't remember saying it. he also writes, it worries me more she doesn't seem to know what plan eet we are all livingn
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at the moment. they never mentioned secretary clinton by name. you can infer that is who they're talking about. of course this discussion about how moderate or progressive she was was a big issue during the primary. i have reap ereached out to the clinton campaign. i anticipate what they will say is that this underscores that the russian government is trying to meddle in this election and they have contended that donald trump is cheering this whole thing on by the russians, tamron. >> kristen, going back to this e-mail that was released that was not a part of the wikileaks dump that continues daily, the suggestion of quid pro quo. part of the e-mail server issue in the beginning was hillary clinton not being abe bell to con sidely explain, apologize and move on. do we know any more about how she might answer or how the campaign is preparing her to address this issue? >> you raise such an important point. this is the issue that has overshadowed her campaign from
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the very beginning and has fed into voter's lack of trust of her and her inability to sort of chrisrisply and con sidzely ans. i anticipate a sharp response to that tonight. in talking to the state department, the fbi, throughout the week, they say, bottom line, there was no quid pro quo. that the notes that were released were inaccurate. and so i anticipate you're going to hear secretary clinton say something to that effect tonight. and you heard president obama speaking from the rose garden yesterday echo those very same comments. >> all right, kricsten, thank you. an unusual protest. or different protest to show the power of the latino vote. nevada's powerful culinary union is building what it calls a wall of taco trucks outside trump international hotel about three miles from the debate stage. the union says it wants to remind trump that immigrant workers will be watching the debate and voting next month. the protest stems from
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controversial comments made by a member of the group latinos for trump. to my colleague, joy reid, last month. >> my culture is a very dominant culture. and it's imposing and it's causing problems. if you don't do something about it, you're going to have taco trucks either corner. >> and joining me now, democratic state senator ruinen who will be speaking this afternoon at the taco truck wall. he's running for the fourth congressional district, in what's called the nation's most competitive house race. thank you for joining us. senate senator, you know, we all remember last month when those words -- you're all going to have a taco truck on every corner that went viral. but this is about a larger story. something larger than a hash tag to prove the power of culinaryi. >> i'm the son of a housekeeper here in las vegas. my mother's been working at the
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mgm for the last 23 years as a housekeeper. when you talk about union families, you're talking about my family. when donald trump is talking about rapists and criminals, you're talking about people like my mom working here tirelessly trying to provide for her family. it's interesting donald trump is talking about rapists and criminals when he's the one guilty of sexual assault. today, we're going to send him a very strong message that the latino vote is coming out to get him. >> it's interesting, trump on october 8th tweeted, just leaving las vegas, unbelievable crowd, many hispanics love me and i love them. we sent one of our correspondents to a local radio station, a latino radio station, and many of them articulated they were not concerned with immigration. some of his policy is about jobs and that's why he is polling higher amongst nevada lad contin latinos than anyone else. how do you explain the higher number he's seeing? >> look, i think what we're
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seeing here is we're see aing a very similar effect in 2010 during her election with senator reid where the polls had it all wrong. people were anticipating the latinos were only going to turn out about 16%. 20% of the electorate comprised was latino. they helped senate get re-elected in 2010. it was an historic election here in nevada for latinos. every single day campaigning, all throughout the district, latinos are going to turn out in historic numbers. they're mad, they're disappointed and they're coming out to get donald trump. we're very excited that nevada is in the epicenter of the political world told because we are going to send a strong message to people like donald trump, my opponent, that anti-immigrant, anti-latino rhetoric doesn't work here in 2016. >> your battle is one of the top places democrats are looking at to flip the seat there. if that does happen, in nevada,
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if your seat -- if you are successful and the seat is blue, you would be the first latino from nevada ever elected to the u.s. house. hardy has pulled his support of trump after the "access hollywood" billy bush tape in 2005 was released. do you look at some of the earlier comments before that 2005 and put pressure on him for not pulling out sooner when it was a ban on muslims and other incendiary comments from donald trump? was this a desperate move by him now? >> look, it's a little too late, right. just about two weeks ago, he was videotaped saying he supports donald trump 100%. and that he's willing to do anything and everything that he's asked to do to help him get elected. if all those comments he made against women in the past, against immigrants, against muslims, against african-americans, didn't do it, you know, it's disappointing he waited until these videotapes from 2005 emerged.
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donald trump and cessen hardy are in trouble in nevada. the latino vote here is very ener jitzed. they're going to come out in historic numbers. they're going to help me get elected. they're going to help cortez become the first latino in the umz senate and help hillary win for nevada. >> thank you, we appreciate it, thank you. joining me from las vegas, "new york times" reporter, jeremy peters. politics reporter for politico, annie carney. thank you for joining me. annie, let me start with you because we got this news in. brian stelter from cnn, "new york times," is reporting he ran into the ceo campaign manager for donald trump, steve bannon, and he was explaining that malleak obama, the half brother of barack obama, coming to the debate, just an appetizer. he said they have other surprise guests in store. does it appear again the trump campaign is more focused on the reality tv showman vegas and not these six topics that will be
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discussed today? >> well, tamron, i think that's exactly right. i think the clinton campaign has been a little bit rattled by this. as we reported, the clinton campaign is refusing the ceremonial handshake between the families that kind of photo open that you always see at the beginning these debates because they're nervous donald trump and his campaign are going to throw a similar stunt to what they did last time at the debate with the clinton acusers so they're rattled by that. i think beyond that what you have here is a candidate in donald trump who is feeling increasingly unburdened from the standards, the norms, of traditional campaigning. i known that's been true for a while now. >> sure. >> my sources in the trump campaign say over the next couple of weeks as we get closer to election day, trump is going to hit hillary clinton harder on her health, on issues of her character, and on what they see as -- what they call the clinton
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cartel. that's around the -- that's always exciisted around the family. >> when we say that the clinton campaign is rattled, in go back to the "snl" skit with kate and the accusers of bill clinton and she looks over and goes, hey, girls, hey, ladies, or whatever the line is. there seems to be more proof that donald trump is desperate. unable to face whomever in the audience. >> i think they're just leaving very little to chance. they don't want to take the risk that donald trump is going to somehow humiliate them on national television as tens of millions of people around the world are tuning in to this debate. it's donald trump is perfectly capable of that and from what i understand, as, you know, steve bannon has said, malik obama and this woman who told breitbart this morning that bill clinton raped her decades ago is just a
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taste of what we're going to get. i think that last week's debate, with that whole spectacle, the clinton accusers, is going to look like a dress rehearsal to what we'll see tonight. >> the accusers turned out not to be the headline from that debate. in another world if someone had carted out, you know, these women who say they were victimized by the president of the united states, it would have been a number one story. that was not the case. >> it was not the case. as uncomfortable as it is, the "snl" skit shows hillary clinton saying, i made a steal, hi, girls. it's uncomfortable and awkward and they don't like it and they practice for these kinds of attacks in a smaller group like a closed set on a movie. but ultimately, republicans have tried these attacks on her since she started running for the u.s. senate. and they never worked. they turn often voters. and one of the things is people in focus groups say bill clinton's not running for president, she is, and it backfires. on some level, i think they see
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it as trump continuing to dig into his whole maybe motivated his base but not attracting new voters so it's awkward but i think if he continues to do that, we'll win this election. >> you heard president obama from the rose garden refer to donald trump as a whiner. this morning, the secretary of state of ohio, chief elections officer from ohio, a republican, a trump supporter, insists at least in the ohio it is not a rigged election. here's what he said. >> people have lost faith in their institutions. i don't want them to lose faith in their democracy. our system is not rigged. our system works very well. we make it easy to vote and hard to cheat in ohio and across the country. >> so that is a republican supporter of donald trump shooting down donald trump's theory in ohio. >> yeah, i mean, the rigged election theory talk i think is being interpreted by a lot of
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people as an effort to change the conversation away from whether or not he assaulted or groped women. and i think his own people and his own supporters are -- have even said, you know, if hillary wins on november 8th, they're not going to challenge the election. it seems like a move of desperate. >> and speaking of just quickly jeremy potentially another move of desperation depending on i guess your viewpoint here. breitbart is now up with what it claims is a new bill clinton sexual assault accuser. the person saying they're going public for the first time. breitbart is now touting this exclusive video. they say it's a news reporter telling her story for the first time saying that it happened back in 1980. so jeremy, this is now what breitbart is trying to put out there ahead of the debate. >> i think what this really points to is a belief inside the trump campaign and a believe
8:18 am
among certain conservatives that the republican establishment has failed to take on the clintons on their terms as they would say. they failed to use the kind of brutal hand to hand combat they believe the clintons have been so effective at. now, of course, i haven't seen the clintons go around dredging up old sexual assault stories from 20 years ago. but certainly this is what you see here, kind of this belief on the right that the republicans have been too timid in taking on the clintons and this is what this is. >> we have not con firmed this report as we've not confirmed any of the allegations involving trump that have made the headlines over the past two weeks now. this is, again, something that breitbart is reporting that we've not confirmed. i stress again like the other stories that have come out after that 2005 "access hollywood"
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video involving donald trump. thank you very much for your time, we greatly appreciate it. get ready for a show tonight it seems. thank you both. coming up next, "people" magazine now says it has six people, six,s who can corroborate claims made by a former writer alleging donald trump forced himself on to her. their newest reporting involving this woman, developing now. a russian citizen is reportedly under arest in europe suspected of hacking targets in the u.s. the arrest comes just days after the obama administration publicly accused russia of a series of attacks meant to influence the election. we'll have much more ahead of the final presidential debate. you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt,
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you're looking at a live picture from the final debate site unlv thomas and mack center. one topic not scheduled for discussion are allegations sexual misconduct against donald trump. but fitness to be president is on the list and in the last debate hillary clinton argued his treatment women was proof that donald trump was not felt to serve. and today "people" magazine is standing by its latest story involving former writer natasha stoynoff. coming forward to corroborate her story. she says in 2005 donald trump pushed her against a wall and, quote, forced his tongue down my
8:24 am
throat. one friend says she was with stoynoff when they ran into melania trump a year later, something mrs. trump denied on monday. joining me, the executive editor of people. donald trump obviously on friday -- north carolina reacting to this story. let me play a little bit what he said and get more on how people decided to bring out these other people, let's play it. >> she's a liar. she's a liar. she's writing a story. check out her facebook page, you'll understand. she was on last night, one of the top people, and said no, we were just informed of it. well, did you hear about it 12 years ago? no, no, we just heard about it recently. these people are sick. these people are sick. and the reason she didn't write it 12 years ago is very simple. it never happened. never happened. it's a lie. >> so kate, the magazine spoken with these six people who can
8:25 am
corroborate the story before trump's comments or after? >> it's been an ongoing conversation throughout the past week. but i think essentially one of the main reasons these six people are speaking out in ini because one of the initial comments was, if this happened, why didn't she put it in the story. well, here's the answer, here is six people explaining why it didn't go into the story. here are six people explaining why she was advised by a long-term mentor that speak out would actually have been not a very prudent course. that she would have faced extreme retaliation. there are colleagues saying that at the time she confided in them. sh she was a wreck. she was an absolute mess about it. i think if you look at the number of bye lines that she had covering donald trump and look at how many there are after that incident, which is zero, there's a pretty clear record of the fact what she is saying is true after this incident. she never covered the man again.
8:26 am
he wants to know why it wasn't written about back then. here's why. >> did "people" magazine change the person who covered donald trump to a male reporter for the reason -- >> i didn't work at the magazine at the time, i'm not 100% certain. we actually do have a fairly fluid process of who can cover anybody on a given day. things aren't that rigidly assigned a beat. natasha had developed a history of covering many milestones in donald trump's life, his wedding, his first anniversary. certainly from that point on there was no one that she covered. >> i know you've seen the melania trump interview. let me play her reaction to the witness who corroborates this story, some kind of run-in on fifth avenue, let's play that. >> she wrote in the same story about me, that she saw me on fifth avenue and i said to her, natasha, how can i -- we don't see you anymore. i was never friend with her.
8:27 am
i would in the recognize her. >> who is lisa and what has she told you? >> lisa was with natasha the day natasha ran into melania on fifth avenue. and was there for that interaction. was there to see natasha reach out and say hello to baby baron and for them to have a brief exchange. i will give melania trump the benefit the doubt and say maybe that incident was so inconsequential to her. this is a woman who you're talking about many years ago running into somebody briefly on street. i don't say natasha would ever say she was friends with melania trump. i think it's a very telling fact in and of itself this is the sliver of the story that she is focussing on. >> quickly, is "people" magazine concerned about lawsuits from the trump family? >> lawsuits are not a foreign concept to the trump organization so whatever comes our way we're prepared for. >> thank you for your time. coming up, how will hillary
8:28 am
clinton respond to questions about newly released e-mails including the claim that a state department official tried to get the fbi to mark one of her e-mails as, quote, unclassified? that's next. we're talking with california congressman and clinton certain surrogate adam schiff. we'll be right back. [chains dragging]
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developing now, we're just learning that czech authorities have arrested a russian citizen suspected of hacking u.s. targets. nbc justice correspondent pete williams joins us now live with the latest information. pete, what do you have? >> well, let me give away the surprise ending first and say what we think this arrest is not. what u.s. authorities tell us is that this arrest is not connected to the hacking of political targets in the u.s. this year. as you know, the united states has formally said that it thinks the russian government is behind
8:32 am
hacks and to the democratic national committee and individual e-mail accounts associated with that. they say this arrest has nothing to do with that. that this is a criminal case that's been pending for a couple of years. this is a russian man that czech authorities say was arrested in a prague hotel. that he was actually arrested october 5th. when he was confronted by the czech police, he collapsed and was taken to a hospital but he apparently recovered. he had a court hearing on october 12th. now there's a question the czech authorities have to decide what to do with him. the united states will apparently seek his extradition to come here and face charges in the united states. which is the normal routine that the government here has followed for years in these computer hacking cases. but the russians say no, we want him back. so there's a bit of a fight over that. but it's not believed to be connected to the political hacking, tam ron. >> all right, pete, thank you very much for clearing up that information. thank you.
8:33 am
and wikileaks has released thousands of e-mails just this morning allegedly stolen from the personal account of clinton campaign chairman john podesta. documents have not been independently authenticated by nbc news. today, senator marco rubio weighed in. >> colleagues, some of whom may be disappointed. do we really want to be a country where foreign leaders or foreign intelligence agencies can blackmail our elected officials and say to them that unless you do what we want you to do, we're going to release e-mails from the campaign manager, your wife, your daughter, your concern. we're going to embarrass you. unless you want to be embarrassed, you better do what we want you to do. is that what we want? because i'll tell you, that's what vladimir putin does. plenty of material in which to line up and take on secretary clinton. i think this one is an
8:34 am
invitation for chaos and havoc in the future. >> joining me now, california congressman clinton surrogate, adam schiff from los angeles. thank you for joining us. >> it's good to be with you. >> marco rubio has not been the most popular republican as of late but this larger conversation about these leaks and how they're handled politically and quite honestly how the media also chooses to handle e-mailings ths that we se not been able to authenticate. is there a larger political fallout we may be looking at here? >> well, i think absolutely. and i also agree that it's very important to set the context for this as you have. these are our e-mails as the others likely hacked by the kremlin essentially under their olds with the public of interfering in our election and i think that's the most important information to get out before you even discuss the content of these e-mails. and ton the degree they are successful in influencing our election or interfering with it, we can expect much more of this
8:35 am
in the future. what is most concerning to me in addition to what senator rubio was talking about is the russians have a habit of not only hacking and dumping information but also doctoring it before they dump it. and if in the next couple of weeks they were to do that, it would be virtually impossible to disprove what part of the e-mails were fabricated. so that's a grave concern. i do think that to the degree that people seize on these e-mails to use them for political advantage, they may find themselves on the receiving end of similar hacks in the future. >> what ta sahat said, we stillw it's presented the clinton campaign with another dilemma that pivots back to the server, that pivots back to these e-mails if they are, in fact, from john podesta's account. because the way they're being leaked out. wikileaks dumped an additional 4,300 e-mails, that's today alone. they say they have around 21,000. while there's a larger question
8:36 am
about the influence of russia and the responsibility of those reporting this information, are you concerned that it only takes one of these e-mails to potentially derail this campaign? >> well, i am concerned for the reason predominantly i mentioned that one e-mail you mentioned might be one that is completely fabricated or perhaps even more pernicious partially fabricated. so that is a very considerable worry for me. i will say this, and i think this has been a benefit to the clinton campaign, the sheer valium of this day after day, gleefully dumped by julian assange and wikileaks, which are sort of acting at the behest of the russians, has now become so numerous and overwhelming, it's become background noise. it's almost a wealth of too many of these e-mails i think than to be seized upon with great
8:37 am
effect. add to that donald trump's unfailing ability to change the topic to himself and to essentially double down on a lot of the problems that he's had, has really i think benefited the clinton campaign. i do worry about it a great deal. particularly given that history i mentioned of the russian doctors of information. >> let's set aside the leaks and talk about, before i let you go, this e-mail. republicans are now pressuring the state department to remove undersecretary patrick kennedy. these e-mails were released as a result of the freedom of information act. they accuse kennedy of offering quid pro quo with federal authorities to change the classification of e-mails as part of this investigation. this is not a leak this is information obtained through the legal process. what does hillary clinton need to say or do tonight? she is not on this e-mail chain, but it gives the appearance, again, for those who are doubtful of her level of trust, that there is something going on
8:38 am
behind the scenes. >> as i understand it from these documents, you have the state department raise an issue with the fbi over a document that originally wasn't marked classified. but the fbi had upgraded to classified to prevent at least part of its release during the process. as you have in all these cases of foia releases to the public, you have an interagency dialogue, this case, between the state department and the fbi, as to what the proper classification ought to be. i think that's the conversation that went on. there was a simultaneous conversation about how many fbi billlets -- >> you don't see this as horse trading with kennedy and the fbi -- you don't see this as any type of negotiating? >> well, you know, i can only go on what the parties themselves have said in both the state department and fbi. have said there was no horse trading, there was no agreement. conversations that took place at the same time.
8:39 am
so it looks to me like sound and fury signifying nothing but i'm sure it will come up in the debate tonight and the secretary will have a chance to give her own reaction to it. but honestly looking at the documents themselves and hearing what state and fbi have said about it, there doesn't appear to be a lot of there, there. >> congressman schiff, thank you. coming up, national polls indicate latinos support hillary clinton over donald trump by 50 points but in nevada home state of tonight's debate her lead is not as large. ♪ at walgreens, you're free- free to seize the savings on medicare part d.
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final presidential debate tonight in las vegas. hillary clinton is currently up seven points in the state where the latino vote is proving to be a key voting bloc. about 17% of nevada's eligible voters are hispanic. i'm joined now by msnbc contributor maria. so great to see you. what do you see is the state of the race in nevada with the latino vote? obviously not a monolith but nevertheless we look at groups in this way in this political world. >> in this political environment, absolutely. in nevada what you see is two groups of latinos more or less. the older generation of latinos 100% behind hillary clinton and a lot of millennials becoming part of the hillary clinton bandwagon because of what's happening now on the ground with donald trump. you have the congressional member that's running for office there. he said it best there is so much fervor right now in the latino
8:44 am
community because they're being reminded of when sharon engel was running against senator reid and basically started to criminalize their parents and their family members so that basically was the silent minority that came out and voted in droves for senator reid. that folks had not detected because we didn't have traditional voting methods -- polling methods that were actually talking to these individuals on the ground. >> interesting, because the debate tenure that changed greatly from the first one. don't think we've heard a conclusive description of donald trump's immigration plan. remember, he left for mexico, saying one thing, and then gave the speech in arizona. so we were never -- we never got the end of the story on whether or not there will be task forces. his campaign pivoted to they will use i.c.e. but that was not the original statement. does he plan to deport 11 million people. it is still very unclear. i want toly little of what jaco got in las vegas, speaking with donald trump supporters, this
8:45 am
was september 29th. let's play that please. >> i just, you know, saw that he's going to be helping us as small businesses. so of course i'm going to be voting for him. he's a person that speaks his mind. >> i'm tired of the normal politician that goes out there and gets polished. >> illegal immigration is not a big issue for me. my big issue is jobs and creating and having a better economy. >> so have the democrats done enough? have the clinton campaign done notch to talk about jobs and not view latino vote as exclusive to immigration? >> tamron, you hit the nail on the head, this is actually an opportunity for both the republican party and the democratic party to have expanded their base during this political season. nevada was one of the states hardest hit by the home crisis. unfortunately, never actually addressed this idea of how do you recover from that. and for the democratic party and the republican party, instead of just talking about immigration, they should be talking about these issues. however, that was a sound bite that came out september 29th.
8:46 am
the game has changed because of these new allegations of sexual assault potentially from donald trump. this is something that plays incredibly harshly within the latino community because the majority of the people that go out and vote on november 8th are latina specifically. they actually outvote by their male counterparts close to 15%. so this idea and this notion of these allegations are very serious. i think a lot of folks are at home tonight and in nevada are going to be paying attention to not only is his tone of immigration changed but how is he inclusive in talking about women. >> maria teresa komar, always fantastic to get your insight, thank you. up next, we go inside the debate hall. the last-minute preparations and preview of what we can see tonight. the final presidential debate of this general election. we'll be right back. hey look, it's those guys.
8:47 am
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nbc's chris jansing is live inside the debate hall with what we can expect in las vegas tonight. hi there, chris. >> chris. >> reporter: no pressure. only 60 million plus people could be watching at home if past the prologue. last couple of debates got those numbers. the set is probably familiar to you, tamron. this is the same one used in the other two debates. similar set-up to the first one. you will have hillary clinton on the right which means that her family is going to be sitting here in line of sight. donald trump on the left. this is where he will be sitting about ten minutes from now they will do a check rehearsal. these are the folks who have been playing donald trump, hillary clinton and the moderator. they will check the lighting, sound. less than 300 people actually get tickets for these seats. this is the biggest live audience they have had. look up there. folks watching the rebels play basketball normally.
8:51 am
they have seats up there about a third of them going to the democrats, a third to the republicans, a third to students. when you think about this is the largest audience the candidates will have between now and election day, no pressure at all. >> alec baldwin, where is he sitting so he can run up on stage? >> got to laugh. got to laugh. he's good. thank you very much. up next, the five things to watch at the debate tonight. is e as possible for you. you can go ahead and stick with that complicated credit card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or... you can get the quicksilver card from capital one. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on ev-e-ry purchase, ev-e-ry-where. i shouldn't have to ask.
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welcome back. let's get straight to the man in las vegas, nevada. mark murray joins us with five things we need to know before this debate. go ahead. >> reporter: as my colleagues said the question is which hillary clinton shows up tonight? the hillary clinton from the first debate almost from the
8:55 am
knock out blow or the hillary clinton from the second focused on chatting with town hall -- the audience. i think the answer is probably going to be more the hillary from the first night rather than the second debate. >> we hear chants out back. i don't know the history of third debates and the consequences of them. we watch the mitt romney and barack obama going back to back, battling it out. the consequences are the after shocks of the third and final debate here. hype or reality? >> it's more hype. fewer people tune in for the third debate but the moments are big. it's important for donald trump trailing in the polls. he needs a game changing type of performance. debates can allow you to do that. given the talk of the stunts tonight from the trump campaign inviting president obama's half brother to the debate i think we'll end up seeing the same trump and the same type of
8:56 am
issues we saw in the first two debates. >> thank you very much. you can watch hillary clinton and donald trump in the third and final debate tonight at 9:00 eastern here on msnbc. we'll be right back. ♪ eyes open? good. because it's here. cue the confetti. say hi to xiidra, lifitegrast ophthalmic solution. xiidra is the first prescription eye drop solution approved to treat the signs and symptoms of dry eye. so give your eye doctor a ring, and your eyes just might thank you. one drop in each eye, twice a day. the most common side effects of xiidra include eye irritation, discomfort or blurred vision when the drops are applied to the eyes, and an unusual taste sensation. to help avoid eye injury or contamination of the solution,
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>> thanks for watching this hour. we'll show you an image from last night's state dinner, the final one of the obama administration. yes, that's me. i was invited. a huge honor to be invited. my date for the night jonathan capehart, washington post, one of my best friends and a great gentleman. there you have it. the dress from laura smalls in collaboration with andre leon tally. one of the best moments of this little country girl's life. i'm embarrassed.
9:00 am
i'm tamron hall. here on msnbc next "andrea mitchell reports" live from las vegas. andrea? >> tamron, the gown is beautiful. you are more so. wow! tamron hall right now on this special edition of "andrea mitchell reports" live from the campus of the university of nevada. you can hear the cheering in las vegas, the site of tonight's final face-off. tonight, the third debate between hillary clinton and donald trump. republican nominee in need of a game change. >> they even want to try to rig the election at the polling booths. take a look at philadelphia, what's going on. take a look at st. louis. take a look at these cities. where you see things happening that are horrendous. >> grudge match. the clinton team wants no predebate


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