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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  October 20, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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thank you so much. that does it for this hour of "msnbc live." thank you for watching. i'm turning it over to "andrea mitchell reports." >> thanks, tamron. right now on "andrea mitchell reports," donald trump stunning the political world by refusing to accept the election results if he loses. >> i will look at it at the time. i'm not looking at anything now. i'll look at it at the time. what i've seen is so bad. >> there is a tradition in this country -- in fact, one of the prides of this country is the peaceful transition of power. are you saying you're not prepared now to -- >> what i'm saying is that i will tell you at the time. i'll keep you in suspense. >> damage control. today, team trump trying to spin their candidate's comments by linking it to al gore. >> you remember al gore in 2000? nobody says ahead of time that
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they are going to contest the election but al gore did. >> he said he would not give in if he didn't feel it was a fair margin. >> it only matters if it's a very small margin and al gore did kpooktly thaexactly that. >> and hillary clinton trying to close the door on the election. >> it's horrifying what he said on the stage. one of our hallmarks is we accept the outcomes of our elections. we do our best to have free and fair elections, which we do and somebody wins and somebody loses. >> good day, everyone. i'm andrea mitchell back in knew wro york. donald trump and hillary clinton will be facing off against each
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other at a politically themed charity dinner 24 hours after the debate, the al smith dinner in new york city. the debate, somewhat overshadowed by donald trump's refusal to say that he would -- the refusal to say that he would honor the results of the election. we'll hear from donald trump at this hour. ears holding a rally in ohio. he's tweeted, "why didn't hillary clinton announce that she was inappropriately given the debate questions, that she secretly used them. crooked hillary." well, joining me now, katy tur in ohio ahead of a trump rally, the trump rally this afternoon and kasie hunt covering the clinton campaign in las vegas and national correspondent peter alexander. welcome all. katy tur, already a tweet from donald trump challenging the questions, that the questions were the moderator's own and we know the integrity of the debate
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commission. what's going on there? >> reporter: yeah. there's no indication that anyone was given the questions beforehand for this last debate. donald trump seems to be referring to i guess the first debate. it's unclear exactly what he means by this and whether there is any concrete evidence to support this idea that hillary clinton might have gotten the questions beforehand. it's another except of donald trump trying to say that the election is rigged against him. the campaign seems to be setting up a fight on november 9th to say that whatever happens, it is not fair to donald trump and there must have been some sort of widespread conspiracy going on. now kellyanne conway saying that donald trump will accept the results of the election once the votes are certified and that could be in december, as you said, andrea. they are even bringing al gore into this. it's important to remember that al gore never said that the system was rigged before the
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vote happened. this is unprecedented for a major party nominee who won the primaries by quite a bit, to go in and say suddenly that this is not fair, that the media is out to get me but not only that, the meeting is colluding what the clinton campaign -- to in effect change the polls and go into the ballot box and change the ballots of trump voters. this is resonating with trump supporters who say that they believe the election is rigged and that there should be some sort of insurrection, that they won't accept the results of the election. the trump campaign is saying on the record that they disavow any violent but their candidate themselves is not pushing back on the idea on stage and it's putting his supporters into more a more of a frenzy to believe that if anything happens without donald trump in the white house, there must have been something nefarious going on. >> and kasie hunt, the nasty
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woman comment is becoming quite a meme, a hash tag. let's listen to hillary clinton responding to that on the plane last night. >> my social security contribution payroll will go up as will donald, assuming he doesn't know how to get out of it. >> such a nasty woman. >> reporter: how did you deal with the fact that he said you're a nasty woman and you're a puppet? >> i just didn't pay any attention to that. >> kasie, this is becoming quite a subject with women, with democratic women. we've already seen the democratic leader nancy pelosi, #nancy telling hillary clinton how well she did in these tweets. what are you hearing there? >> reporter: well, andrea, i
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think the fact that the debate ultimately -- the clinton campaign would say it devolved into that kind of a rhetoric is evidence that hillary clinton succeeded at getting under donald trump's skin. the feeling is that the first 15, 20 minutes of this debate were relatively, i guess for this election season, could be called mild. it felt like a normal presidential debate. and then she delivered that line, she accused him of choking in his meeting with the mexican government and he seems to respond to that and that was something that they worked very hard on in debate prep and i think the nasty woman comment was a culmination of donald trump switching back to the donald trump that we've seen on the campaign trail for all this time and i think it's something that they feel generates sympathy with women voters and that's been the focus all along. often republican voting suburban
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women have turned against donald trump and i think the clinton campaign views this as another example or another way for them to continue to speak to that group of people. i have to say, andrea, both republicans and democrats i've talked to over the last 24 hours, both before and after the debate, they are starting to talk about whether or not this is going to be a wave election for democrats. they are not talking any more about what swing states could donald trump win to get to 270. i think particularly for republicans who are working to try and keep republicans in the senate and in other places, there's a lot more finger nail biting because of the way that this race has taken a turn and i think for the clinton campaign, they went into these three debates in a relatively strong position but a close race, a tightening race out of the summer. they feel the preparation she put in has paid off. the preparation, the detail that
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phillip put in, buying a trump watch, a cuff link, putting lifts in his shoe so he's 9 feet tall, that gives you a sense of the detail and specificity with what they prepared for this and they feel like it paid off. >> we were teasing the team on the plane coming back overnight when they were describing how philipe tried to inhabit the space. clearly he is now costumed himself up and he did really get into trump's head. >> suit tailored and everything. >> and a trump watch. peter, what does hillary do with trump really i think going off theress ser rags because mike pence right before the debate was saying something completely
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different. >> and his daughter and his campaign manager. yeah, you're exactly right. what's been striking to me, andrea, is the sort of noticeable silence from the republican leaders. talk about another political headache for republicans right now who are scrambling to once again distance themselves from the republican nominee. last time around, it was the "access hollywood" tape and this time it's being forced to answer questions about whether or not they believe that he should or that they will accept the results of the election. so this is going to have a particularly big impact on vulnerable republicans. take the senate, places like pennsylvania, pat toomey, richard burr in north carolina and new hampshire, that is kelly ayotte. she was asked about this earlier and be clear, her democratic challenger has been accusing her of bearing some responsibility for donald trump's own reckless actions. here's how senator ayotte responded to the questions. >> i believe that, first of all,
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as a former attorney general, that he should except the outcome and that this is important. you know, i don't believe that there's a rigged election system. if there are allegations that need to be investigated, they will be investigated. i used to do that as attorney general. but really the voters are going to decide this. >> we've been hearing from republican senators, those that are friendly and those that are more critical of donald trump. senator corker saying it's imperative that trump clearly state that he'll accept the results. and one of trump's biggest critics is jeff flake. he tweeted "donald trump saying that he might not accept election results is beyond the pale." so this is really a challenge not just for the top of the ticket but increasingly for all of the down ballot candidates, not just the senate at stake but also the house at stake. andrea? >> i want to go back to katy
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tur. what is your reporting saying about what donald trump tweeted today and the aftermath of a really bad debate performance once he went there after a strong start, i should say? is your reporting that he was not tweeting about the questions being in the moderate having been given to hillary clinton last night? >> reporter: listen, i want to be very clear that there's absolutely no evidence to support any idea that anyone was given the questions beforehand at any of the three presidential debates. what it seems that donald trump is referring to is a primary town hall with cnn, something that was revealed in wikileaks where a question that cnn had planned was very much like a question that donald trump actually -- or that hillary clinton actually received in the debate or in the town hall at that time. cnn denied any collusion. >> that was completely knocked
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down. she was a panelist and -- >> reporter: yes. there's just no evidence to support this whatsoever, is the point i want to make. but donald trump is going forward regardless. but let's be clear about something else, oftentimes there is no evidence to support many of donald trump's claims that he makes on the campaign trail, that he tweets about, even in the debates. a number of occasions last night, even, where he said he never said something but there is video showing that he said that exact thing. so this is just -- it seems to be at this point another example of it and the campaign can produce concrete evidence of this happening, it has no factual basis behind it. >> you're there at ground zero for today's political event. it will be interesting to see what tact he takes. is he going to stick to what he said last night, ignore it, blame others?
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we will stay tuned and, of course, carry it live as soon as it starts there. katy, thank you very much. and to peter and to kasie. joining me now, chair of the american conservative union and trump surrogate and sarah flores, deputy campaign manager to carly fiorina's campaign. welcome, both. matt, first to you. were you taken back by what donald trump said about the election results right after his daughter, mike pence, others in the campaign made it clear that he would abide by the election results? >> well, and donald trump himself said in the spin room, which is so unusual to have a candidate for president come to the spin room after the first debate and said that he would abide by the results and i thought it was also just breathtaking that the clinton campaign actually negotiated a no handshake. that's too bad, too. i think they ought to be able to look each other in the eyes and
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shake each other's hands. we're going to have an election in 19 days and one of them will be president and that person will be commander in chief and the nation after this has to heal. after these 19 days are done, if donald loses the race, he will concede and accept the results. hillary clinton didn't answer the question on the stage which i think she should have. >> at the same point, can you understand why they would not want a handshake? >> no. >> to -- let me finish. >> no. >> why they would not want a handshake and the reason is the stunt with the four women being brought out and the fact that they nt waed those women to sit in the family box right on the stage with her. that is when they decided not to do the normal civility, because he had crossed a line. >> but i think the debate commission also didn't allow that to happen and when we get to this point in our politics, in america, where two people
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running against each other won't even shake each other's hands, i think it's petty by the clinton team and they should be able to rise above it. yes, i'm sure they feel they have taken low blows. guess what, donald trump feels the same way. every person who has run for president feels like they have taken some low blows. there should be some civility to it all. >> i could not agree with you more about that. i think what the argument would be on their part, where did the civility breakdown and it was with, they believe, some of the things that preceded coming out on that stage. let's go to sarah for a moment. john mccain has put out a statement now as a former contender and former nominee and someone who lost, "i don't know who will win the presidential election. i do know in every previous election, the loser congratulates them and calls them my president. it's the american way. this election must not be any
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different." that's a pretty stern rebuke from john mccain. sarah? >> you can see john mccain is running about 16 points above donald trump in arizona as well. i think donald trump did everything he could to hand hillary clinton this election over the last three weeks. it's stunning. it's hard to imagine if he were a democrat what he would have done different. that being said, he landed some real blows against hillary clinton and while this election for the white house is pretty much done at this point, she will be inaugurated as one of the most untrusted and discredited presidents to come into the white house because she won only because donald trump was her opponent and that will be especially clear if the republicans hold the senate or a tie in the senate because so many of the senate candidates are running so far ahead of donald trump showing that hillary clinton doesn't have the coat tails. it's not really a pro-hillary result. it's a disgusting election with two candidates that nobody
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likes. >> sarah, what about the impact on women? i was thinking very much about carly fiorina in that debate when she countered donald trump, his comments about her face and said i think every woman knows what you meant. and that's kind of what hillary clinton was channelling, it seemed to me last night, by coating what donald trump had said about some of the women -- the appearance of some of the women who had accused him in the last week and a half of sexual advances and using the language of donald trump, well, i don't think so, she wouldn't have the right appearance. >> she wouldn't be my first choice. >> thank you for bailing me out on that. and hillary clinton then said, i think every woman knows what it feels like to be demeaned this way. >> well, obviously i wish that carly fiorina were on that debate stage instead of donald trump for so many reasons. and a real debate about how to
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most voters attribute that to the republican party. donald trump has attacked the republican party, paul ryan, john mccain, mitt romney. the list is too long to go through right now. and so i think republicans will need to do some soul searching on november 9th. that being said, though, donald trump isn't a republican. he happens to be the republican nominee, unfortunately. and i think that women will turn out for the senate candidates down ballot and that will be the difference. >> matt schlapp and sarah, thank you. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc, the place for politics. ntaneously, ntaneously, so why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready
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you know who the big winner in mosul is going to be after we eventually get it and the only reason they did it is because she's running for the office of president, they want to look tough, they want to look good. but she wanted to look good for the election so they are going in. but who's going to get mosul? we'll take mosul eventually. by the way, if you look at what's happening, much tougher than they thought. much more tougher and more dangerous and more deaths than they thought. >> donald trump blaming hillary clinton for the timing of retaking mosul from isis. joining me from erbil, iraq, richard engel. we have a slight delay but you've been embedded with the u.s. forces. tell us what you are seeing. >> reporter: well, i've been mostly embedded with the iraqi troops. we've spent a little bit of time with the americans who are deliberately trying to stay in their shadows and stay on their bases, offer advice and
9:23 am
intelligence and guidance to the ir iraqis. it's not americans driving the tanks here. it's the iraqis. actually, the offensive is going much more quickly than anticipated. i was with iraqi forces a few hours ago, in fact, and they have advanced almost to the doorstep of mosul. it's still early days in this campaign but these early indications don't match up with what donald trump was saying. he was saying it's been bloodier, more time consuming, much harder than anyone thought. so far, it's been easier than everyone thought but there's a huge caveat. troops have not yet made it to mosul and things could very badly turn around once they do. it could be that the isis fighters are not holding their ground very much right now because they are keeping their powder dry for mosul. the other thing, on the timing, frankly, you'd be naive, i'd
9:24 am
say, that political motivations or calculations in washington don't affect wartime decisions. i saw them many times in the iraq war, in the -- under the bush administration, pivotal events, midterm elections. we did sometimes see moves on the battlefield that did appear to give the bush administration and his allies some advantages. whether that's happening here this time, i think what we're seeing more is an attempt by the obama administration to tie up this very nasty, loose end. isis was born under president obama. i don't think he created it. it was still the legacy of the bush failed war in iraq but the obama administration saw this group flourish under his watch and there's desire by this administration to show at least some progress, driving isis from
9:25 am
its capital city in iraq, the city of mosul, before he leaves office. >> richard, you were tweeting last night about one of the key areas where hillary has did i verged from the syria policy, and you tweeted it could trigger a conflict with russia but the alternative is watching the slaughter, #debate. your point there is that it clearly would put us nose to nose, you know, fighter jet to fighter jet up against the russians conceivably? >> reporter: well, russia has taken a very aggressive stance. russia and president assad are working hand in hand. the iranians are also working very closely with those two countries. and if the united states decided that it wanted to impose a no fly zone, that would mean having to keep russian jets and syrian fighter jets and syrian
9:26 am
helicopters out of that air space. how do you do that? well, you do that by force. the russians have just put in advanced anti-aircraft systems into syria. they put them on a hilltop that can see for a very large area. so with that russian anti-aircraft system in place, with syrian and russian aircraft flying at will over syria right now, if there is to be a no fly zone in place, that would be a serious military equipment. it would have to mean running the gauntlet, running the risk of the anti-aircraft systems and risking a dogfight with the russians and syrians. >> no good solutions at all. >> reporter: the alternative is what has been happening now, which is, you know, half a million people dead in that country and no end in sight. >> and the children that we see in all of your reporting. thank you so much, richard.
9:27 am
richard engel in erbil. vladimir putin once again was the third wheel in last night's presidential debate. >> i actually think the most important question of this evening, chris, is finally will donald trump admit and condemn that the russians are doing this and make it clear that he will not have the help of putin in this election, that he rejects russian espionage against americans which he actually encouraged in the past. >> i don't know putin. he said nice things about me. if we got along well, that would be good. if russia and the united states got along well and went after isis, that would be good. he has no respect for her. he has no respect for our president. >> well, that's because he'd rather have a puppet as president in the united states. >> no puppet. no puppet. you're the puppet. >> it's pretty clear you won't admit -- >> no, you're the puppet. >> and you're the puppet. well, joining me now is chief
9:28 am
foreign affairs columnist for "the washington post," david ignatius. david, it was an extraordinary debate on these subjects alone and i wanted to add to the conversation what the head of national intelligence, the dni clapper said today about the role of russia and the hacking. he made it as clear as can be. when hillary clinton said 17 intelligence agencies had confirmed that russia is behind this at the highest levels, in fact, this is what clapper had to say today. >> if you read the statement which we issued, which is -- i think you would agree it's pretty unusual, we wouldn't have made it unless we were very confident. that's one of the reasons we waited for as long as we did to make a statement, was tone sure that we had sufficient evidence both forensic and otherwise to lead us to the conclusions we reached as articulated in the
9:29 am
statement. in spy speak, that is as declare tif of a sentence as you can get, david. >> well, it was interesting that clapper basically endorsed what secretary clinton had said last night. she made difference to the 17 intelligence agencies, which meant clapper, the person who oversees them. and here's clapper saying, yeah, it's true. we did find that there was high level russian involvement in the hacking of these american political targets. it was an unusual statement, especially following up a debate. i think that it's important for your viewers to understand that the reason that clapper has said this is because they think that may be the only way to deter further russian action before our election on november 8th by publicly stating we know what you're doing, we have evidence we're not disclosing that makes us commit to that.
9:30 am
that's a way of pushing back russian actions. >> and there was also a lot of conversation about nuclear weapons and what trump has said in the past about nuclear weapons for our allies. a little fact check here. let's play what they said last night against what donald trump himself said with chuck -- with chris wallace on fox on april 3rd. >> i find it ironic that he's raising nuclear weapons. this is a person who has been very cavalier, even casual about the use of nuclear weapons. >> wrong. >> he's advocated more countries getting them. japan, korea, even saudi arabia. he said, well, if we have them, why don't we use them which i think is terrifying. >> look, she's been proven to be a liar on so many different ways. this is just another lie. >> well, i'm just quoting you. >> there's no quote. you're not going to find a quote from me.
9:31 am
>> nuclear -- nuclear competition in asia, you said, you know, go ahead, enjoy yourselves, folks. that kind of -- >> and defend yourselves. and defend yourselves. i didn't say nuclear -- >> so north korea has nuclears. japan has a problem with that. they have a big problem with that. maybe they would in fact be better off if they defend themselves. maybe it would be better off -- >> including with nukes? >> including with nukes. >> south korea is right next door, just so you understand. >> but that's a nuclear arms race. >> you already have it, chris. you already have a nuclear arms race. >> donald trump saying that you already have a nuclear arms race in the peninsula. the whole point is to try to prevent the peninsula from going nuclear. >> that was a -- i thought a bad moment for trump. it would have been nice if chris wallace had corrected the record
9:32 am
because it was his own interview in which trump made the comment that was up in the air. trump has been very cavalier about the proliferation. he seems to -- he implies that they should consider getting their own nuclear deterrent, japan, south korea, saudi arabia. it's an important point and scares people overseas. it's one that should have gotten more attention in the debate. i found in all of trump's comments last night a kind of realism in the sense of sort of ruthless per supursuit that you rarely see. this was the most extreme kind of interest-based, realist view that i've ever seen. it basically said winning is what matters, putin doesn't respect clinton because clinton doesn't win and i'm going to win
9:33 am
and -- he almost said i don't care how i'm going to get there but we're going to start winning again, crossing a lot of the lines as on weapons proliferation as it existed. >> david ignatius, thank you. joining me now is democratic senator joaquin castro, on the house intelligence committee. you're a hillary clinton supporter. we know that. but if you could take it a look at it from the intelligence perspective, what donald trump is saying about weapons and russia. >> first, andrea, i was just astounded by his comments about not accepting the outcome of the election or potentially not accepting the outcome of the election. specifically to your question, we spent many days for him to be very cavalier about which country may or may not get nuclear weapons is also
9:34 am
incredible. i also think -- and i've said it before, that either intelligently or negligently, it is dangerous to the country that he's questioning fundamentally nefarious of democracy and essentially almost working in cahoots with the russian trying to undermine our democracy by hacking our political institutions. so his candidacy keeps descending to a place we've never seen. >> at the same time, the wikileaks investigation certainly exposed the clinton campaign to a lot of embarrassment. so far, what we've seen is the usual internal conversations during a campaign and usually it's historians years later trying to dig this up.
9:35 am
acknowledging that things are stolen e-mails and you heard her say the russians did it. >> they have not been authenticated and there's too many for them to go through, for the campaign to spend three weeks before the election going through these e-mails. assume that some of them are correct for a second and not doctored. what you're seeing is private conversations back and forth in a campaign if any of us, if you, myself or anybody else, if our e-mails were out there and we had conversations among co-workers and friends, you would see a lot of the same stuff. i don't think there's been anything that's come out that has been nearly as controversial or as meaningful as to what donald trump said himself said publicly about the election and the kind of candidate he has become. >> and we're seeing on one half of the screen donald trump is in delaware, ohio, today. his first rally since obviously the debate and we'll be going to
9:36 am
that when he starts talking and what he's saying. i also want to point one of the leaked or hacked e-mails that was hacked by wikileaks which spoke to immigration policy and the president's enforcement -- his executive actions on immigration. this one came out yesterday. it's a speechwriter who works for hillary clinton writing to podesta. i think she -- hillary, clearly -- finds the situation too uncertain to weigh in at this point despite the urging of some of our hispanic friends. the speechwriter writes. podesta replies, she should just be for it. so she ends up embracing it. so it shows you the internal machinations as hillary clinton tried to avoid controversy during the primary campaign. >> you're right. you're seeing a conversation and a decision essentially in realtime if that's a correct e-mail.
9:37 am
every single official is going to go through the rounds of making a decision whether it's on immigration, health care, on education and if you put all these e-mails out there, you're going to get, you're going to see that process. >> and i hate to interrupt congressman, thanks so much for being with us. just now, trying to fix what happened last night, donald trump is saying he would honor the results of the election. let's go there. >> all right. seriously, the debate last night was amazing. and everybody said i won. [ cheers ] including every single online poll and some had it at 90 and close to 90%. so that's critical. the question of voter fraud came
9:38 am
up during the debate we want fairness in the election this is having nothing to do with me. but having to do with the future in our country. we have to have fairness. john podesta, clinton's campaign chairman, was quoted in wikileaks as saying, illegal immigrants could vote as long as they have their driver's license. what i'm saying is, don't be naive, folks. don't be naive. one of the big issues that came up last night was the fact that the clinton campaign has paid people to disrupt violently our rallies and to incite absolute, total bedlum.
9:39 am
it's so bad. it's so bad. and you know, i've had occasions where we've had rallies and it was so incredibly violent i said, what's going on over here? these were paid people by the clinton campaign and it just came out and i give a lot of credit to the people that brought this out. believe me. this is criminal behavior that violates centuries of tradition of peaceful, democratic elections. a campaign like clinton's that will incite violence is truly a campaign that will do anything to win. and a candidate like crooked hillary clinton who will lie to congress, lie to the fbi,
9:40 am
destroy 33,000 e-mails, put her office up for sale and put our confidential information in the reach of our enemies is a candidate who is truly capable of anything, including voter fraud. in addition, it was just learned that hillary clinton was given the exact questions to a previous debate word for word by don donna brazile who is now under tremendous pressure to resign from the dnc, as she should be. she should resign. how can a woman do that? that is cheating at the highest level. but i'm asking you, why
9:41 am
shouldn't hillary clinton resign from the race? she was given -- thank you. she was given these questions. she used these questions, studied the questions, got the perfect answer for the questions and never said that she did something that was totally wrong and inappropriate, hence the name crooked hillary. years ago, there was a show called the $64,000 question. a contestant got the questions in advance and his life was ruined. they found out about it, remember? anybody remember his name? come on.
9:42 am
vandoran. charles vandoran was his name. he got the questions and his life was ruined but hillary clinton got -- think about it, forget donna brazile, she should resign. she looked like such a fool last night on television trying to say, well, she didn't know what was going on. she had no idea. she said, get me out of here. she got the questions. she gave them to hillary clinton. hillary clinton didn't say i'd like to announce that a mistake was made and i can't take these -- look, how many questions are there, right? can you imagine if i got the questions? they would call for the re-establishment of the electric chair. do you agree with that? she got the questions and didn't report it. she went out there knowing the
9:43 am
questions. she didn't report it. that is very dishonest. she's a very dishonest person. this is even bigger because we are going for the presidency of the united states. so this is very important. hillary clinton is the most corrupt and dishonest person ever to deceive the office of the president. so it's in that context that i was asked a question about whether i would agree in advance to concede the results on election night if for some reason we should lose, which we're not going to lose. and it was sort of an unprecedented question. if al gore or george bush agreed three weeks before the election to concede the results and wave
9:44 am
their right to a recount, there would be no supreme court case and no gore versus bush or bush versus gore and there have been numerous other cases. in effect, i'm being asked to wave centuries of legal precedent designed to protect the voters. but listen to this. according to pew, they are invalid or significantly inaccurate. i think the people in this room understands more than our leaders. although, maybe our leaders understand more than we think they understand. listen to this. 1.8 million people are dead.
9:45 am
but they are registered to vote, some of who vote even though they are dead, which is really a hard thing to do. but it's easy if fraud is involved. right? so you have 1.8 million people who are dead who are registered to vote and some of them vote. one was a republican and after death became a democrat. it's true. 2.8 million people are registered in more than one state so you've got 2.8 million people who can vote in ohio and someplace else. and 14% of noncitizens are registered to vote. and then i hear we have such a beautiful, everything's so wonderful, you'll understand where i'm coming from, right?
9:46 am
i am not a politician so i can say it like it is. but those are terrible and frightening statistics. america is a constitutional republic with a system of laws. these laws are triggered in the case of fraud or in the event of a recount where it's needed. of course, i would accept a clear election result but i would also reserve my right to contest or file a legal challenge in the case of a questionable result. right? [cheers and applause ] and always i will follow and abide by all of the rules and t traditions of all of the many candidates who have come before me. bottom line, we are going to
9:47 am
inwith. we're going to win so big. we're going to win so big. november 8th, we're going to win. together, we are going to deliver real change that puts, again, america first. it's going to be america first. >> usa! usa! usa! >> thank you. boy, do you people have spirit so early. beautiful. it's a beautiful thing to see. all over the country, it's the same. the spirit, it's a movement like they've never seen, the dishonest media, they've never seen anything like it. they've never seen anything like it. they've never seen anything like it. we are going to renegotiate our terrible trade deals and illegal
9:48 am
immigration, stop the massive inflow of refugees, reduce surging crime, cut taxes and regulation, unleash job-producing energy, american energy, rebuild our military and take care of our vets. now, our vets -- our great veterans have not been taken care of the way they should be taken care of. that i can tell you. our vets are treated oftentimes not as well as illegal immigrants and we're going to change that very fast. our vets are going to be treated with great respect. that's not happening now. and we are going to repeal and replace obamacare.
9:49 am
just in case you haven't noticed, rates are going up 60, 70, 80%. next year is going to be worse. it's a catastrophe but we're going to repeal it, replace it. you're going to have great health care at a fraction of the costs. okay? your jobs will come back under a trump administration. >> let's get some reaction to donald trump today. our daily fix has editorial page editor here ruth and monica. let's go through some of the points that he has made. he is saying that he will abide by the results if he wins. he's reserving his right to a legal challenge and he has accused -- he said hillary clinton is a candidate who is truly capable of anything, including voter fraud, no evidence of that. he's repeating about the level of fraud which has been disputed
9:50 am
by every think tank and expert nonpartisan in the business. he's saying that hillary is a dishonest person, she is a corrupt person, a person not fit to seek the presidency and suggested don't be naive, the clinton campaign has paid people to disrupt our rally. his evidence is the completely discredited james o'keefe, eviden edited -- selectively edited videos. i'm trying to go through the list. also, claiming that there was disruption, as i say, of those rallies that were prompted by the clinton campaign. ruth, have i missed anything here? >> which is also completely disapproved because it was a panel where donna brazile as a cnn paid panelist before she
9:51 am
became dnc acting chair and people in the clinton campaign, the subject matters that she was going to bring up in cnn post town hall meetings and their coverage. both sides. >> yeah. and it's actually kind of ironic because donald trump is addressing this question about the rigged election and somewhat cleaning up after the mess he made for his campaign last night on the basis of a question that he knew he was going to get. nobody needed to leak it to him. he was very clear how he should have answered it because his daughter answered it, his vice presidential nominee had answered it and he just doesn't want to -- didn't want to say flatly or even with caveat, yes, unless there's obvious evidence of fraud, i'll accept the results of the election. so all the stuff he's doing today is a little bit
9:52 am
unnecessary and, honestly, it's not motivated by a sense of patriotic duty. he's still wanting to rev everybody up to believe that it's crooked hillary running a crooked election. >> and, in fact, he said it was an unprecedented question. it's the same question lester holt asked him in the first debate and answered it by saying -- >> i agree he's cleaning up his answer from last night and doing it in a way that he's saying, i'm doing it for you, my voters. he's putting it right on the establishment. he's the change agent. so he's cleaning it up in a way that is playing to his base. the reason i think he was willing to say at the first debate, andrea, i will abide by the election results is because when he went into the first debate, he and hillary were tied in the polls. remember? and it's been a precipitous drop since then.
9:53 am
since the third debate, he's slid in the polls and moreover, he's come off of two weeks when he believes he's been unfairly attacked by the allegations about women who said they have groped him, et cetera, and as he said last night at the debate, he believes these attacks are inaccurate and has not apologized to his wife about the attacks of the other women. the only thing he apologized to his wife is the evidence presented in the bus video with billy bush. >> now, about the subject of the women and the way he handled all of that, ruth, what do you think the impact is on women by all of the interruptions and how contentious the debate was? >> well, and in particular, that when hillary clinton was pretty effective at getting under his skin last night and at one of those moments when she was talking about getting away without paying his proposed increase in social security
9:54 am
taxes, he said, "such a nasty woman" and i think women shuddered at that because it's not really the kind of comment that i think he would have made about a man and hillary clinton seemed to me to be pretty effective last night in talking about the way donald trump talks about women and how all women out there watching sort of understand what he's up to. >> monica, without evidence of voter fraud, what is the effect of the people at these rallies, his passionate supporters, about all of his charges of a rigged election? >> they actually believe him. i mean, i have talked to lots of voters. i've been to rallies and they believe not only that the election could be rigged but they believe that the country is rigged to hurt them and that the
9:55 am
clintons came out and were dead broke and made millions of dollars and i talked to a couple of trump advisers and ivanka has said in the past, his daughter, he's an equal opportunity attacker. he does it -- he says mean things to ted cruz. so they believe he's a truth teller, he's not a skilled politician and said nasty woman and we know as women he shouldn't say anything like that but he's an equal opportunity critic, they say. >> yeah, because when he talks about men, he talks about their face or when he talks about men being harassed, he suggests they wouldn't be attractive enough to harass. let's be serious, he may be rude and i'll use his word, nasty to both genders but he is nasty
9:56 am
about one gender in a very particular way. sorry to interrupt. >> ruth and monica, we'll have to leave it there for now. thank you both. donald trump, as you know, is continuing to speak in the battle ground state of ohio, the day after the third presidential debate last night. more to come ahead on msnbc. stay with us. i'm beowulf boritt and i'm a broadway set designer.
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well, that does it for "andrea mitchell reports." hallie jackson is up next live from the hoover dam. hallie? >> hi, there. we are here at the hoover dam. we decided to take the road show out on the road. donald trump hits another in front of a crowd in ohio where a new poll has him tied with
10:00 am
hillary clinton. he's doubling down on whether he will respect the final election results. here's what he said. >> i would like to promise and pledge to all of my voters and supporters and to all of the people of the united states that i will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election if i win. >> there he is in ohio. we're also looking ahead at a bunch of other events happening in the next 60 minutes here. ivanka trump and vice president joe biden are set to speak for their candidates. let's talk about the fallout after the debate from both campaigns. just 19 days until election day. let's start with


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