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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  October 20, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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you were criticized for inviting both donald and me here tonight. and you responded by saying, "if i only sat down with those who were saints, i'd be taking all my meals alone." now, just to be clear, i think the cardinal is saying i'm not eligible for sainthood, but getting through these three debates with donald has to count as a miracle. >> hillary clinton at the al smith dinner at the waldorf astoria hotel tonight. we want to bring in our panel to react to just went on in that ballroom. nicole wallace and campaign director during the bush 43 campaign, john heilemann. nicole, this dinner has been
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around longer than any of us and political tradition, as i said earlier, want to see it done right, look up the mccain/obama and romney/obama years. that's how it's supposed to work. not so much tonight. >> not so much. and the success of those nights is that john mccain at least for his part knew he was going to fail, knew he was going to lose. i think it usually falls less than three weeks before election day. and if you know you're going to lose, a lot of people think of it as an opportunity to sort of begin restoring your legacy as the person you were before you ran. so that was the opportunity that john mccain seized. all the jokes were at his own expense. comedy is very difficult, that's why we love the comedians. but the strategy is simple. you make fun of yourself. the jokes are at your own expense. what i heard from sources close to trump is that there are not a lot of funny people at trump's tower. from my point of view, his
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mission of an epic failure. >> john, not a lot of funny people at trump tower, you don't seem surprised? >> no. i was even surprised by her speech, which had a fair number of barbs. the tradition at the al smith dinner is you're not supposed to attack the person you're running against. both of them broke the rules, trump more egregiously than clinton but the rawness and anger and antipathy that now characterizes the race, they were not able to restrain themselves from allowing that stuff to come through during the course of the night. can you take gentle pokes at the other person but these were all barbed and kind of angry. again on both sides. more trump than clinton but on both sides there was a tension in the whole thing.
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>> they hate each other. they hated each other. that's what came through. >> the death stares were incredible to watch on television. let's listen to another part of trump's and we've been kind on the editing of the booing and that's something that's never had at this dinner. >> hillary is so corrupt. she got kicked off the watergate commission. how corrupt do you have to be to get kicked off the watergate commission? pretty corrupt. >> wow. that's kind of how it went tonight. >> there were about five audience members' faces in the shot. >> mandibles dropped to the table. >> i've been a at a few white house correspondent dinners where i've seen the comedian bomb. i've never seen a president bomb at any of them.
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he said -- you cannot not laugh when someone is making fun of themselves. again, it's not easy but it's simple. he failed miserably. she might have come up a little short but she had some funny quips in there. she to me looks like someone who knows with near certainty she's the next president of the united states. >> john, your co-host went out of his way to at least -- saying he had a good debate except for that disqualifying moment in the middle, you were much more severe just saying it's done. >> i thought his debate performance last night -- look, we could have a whole long conversation about the thing that many republicans view as disqualifying, the violation of a sacred democratic norm in saying you're not necessarily going to accept the results of the election.
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if you took that out, trump had a decent first 30 minutes and a horrible last hour in which he, again, was baited by hillary clinton, she proved i think over three debates that they had a an incredibly effective strategy, which was based on a lot of psychological research and observation. they knew how to bait him, get under his skin and they threw the bait in and watched him rise. every time they threw the bait out, he'd fly to it. and at the end he snapped at her and said, "she's a nasty woman." we said this a hundred times now, for donald trump to have any chance to win the election at all, he would need to appeal to women, primarily he did not have that debate at all.
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>> i think there is a hot war going on between hillary clinton and donald trump but i think there is now a cold war going on between the kind of language that donald trump has put out into the ether and women. he's doing her a favor she couldn't have done for herself. she's now going to get women who are going to be drawn to her. her joke about the statue of liberty, oh, donald trump might give her a 4, maybe a 5.
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she's speaking to all women who feel like they've been on the ugly underbelly of some version of misogyny or workplace hostility or something uglier. he's giving her the biggest gift he could give someone who struggles unpopularity and challenges at reaching some parts of the woman's vote, particularly young women. >> we'll hold there. i want to show you the surrogates in chief on the road today for the democrats. a break here. coming up, president and first lady offering a one-two punch to donald trump today.t- this is "the 11th hour." we're back right after this. p?p
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as hillary clinton took part in a campaign tradition with donald trump tonight, at least to treat them with contempt because you don't know them. you can't even see them. maybe that's why this candidate thinks certain immigrants are criminals instead of folks who work their fingers to the bone to give their kids a better life. maybe that's why he demeans and humiliates women as if we're objects meant solely for pleasure and entertainment rather than human beings worthy of love and respect. [ cheers and applause ]
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he just don't understand us. maybe that's why he calls communities like the one where i was raised hell. because he can't see all of the decent, hard working folks like my parents who took those extra shifts, paid their bills on time, folks who were raising amazing families, sending kids to college. >> my question is why would it take this long for republican senators and republican congressmen and republican governors and state reps and stay senators, why would it take you this long to figure out that donald trump shouldn't be president? if you've made -- if you've made a career of idolizing ronald
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reagan, then where were you when your party's nominee for president was kissing up to vladimir putin, the former k.g.b. officer? so i don't give a lot of credit for folks who are just now trying to walk away from trump, although i will say i'm even more confused by republican politicians who still support donald trump. marco rubio is one of those people. how does that work? how can you call him a con artist and dangerous and object to all the controversial things he says and then say but i'm still going to vote for him. come on, man. come on, man.
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>> it's easy to believe that a bipartisan commission would find them, as couples go, better than average communicators. we want to bring back our panel, nicole wallace, john heilemann in our studios and welcome back nbc analyst and radio host hugh hewitt. hugh, to you first. isn't this part of the initial nightmare of the group of people you hung out with called republicans that they would now go down ballot with their attacks, that there would be tying of the top to the bottom and aren't they doing this right now? >> well, that are trying, brian. the president is in florida trying to resurrect i think the doomed candidacy of congressman murphy. marco rubio's got a pretty significant lead there. they're not even trying in ohio where ted strickland's campaign is dead as a door nail and won't be resurrected. and if you you look back, george bush was not invited on the campaign because of the war and
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i'm wondering if this is desperation with the base because while hillary clinton has a clear edge that is significant, she does have an enthusiasm gap. and i don't think the trump people, no matter how flat the notes' al smith dinner and i was looking at the 1960 richard nixon speech, he defended john f. kennedy, he made fun of himself and his beard during the debate as opposed to tonight, which wasn't war being the continuation of politics it was the ultimate debate continued at dinner. >> nicole wallace, you were just indirectly invoked in that last comment, keeping a president off the road.
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>> well, i think that the strategy is that the obamas are very -- michelle obama is very, very popular and president obama i think is at his highest approval rating in his presidency. i said before i think hillary clinton is someone that knows she's probably on her way of being the next president. i don't sense desperation. i talked to somebody today who runs senate and house campaigns, a very sober, measured person, and he said the senate is all but gone and he's really concerned the house will come very close. i don't enjoy watching strategy sort of prosecuted against my party, especially the gop senate members. i think that the senate was sort of our last hope but i don't think it's won out of desperation. i think it's won because the democrats are on the offense. >> john, has there been a communicate like michelle obama in this line of work?
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>> she's obviously become an extraordinary communicator and she's being deployed to full effect. hugh hewitt is wrong. this is not the move of a desperate campaign. this is about a campaign more secure about winning the senate and putting the house in play than any time before. in 2012, pretty much four months leading up to november, they felt they were going to win the campaign. the clinton campaign has not felt like that. everybody now is feeling more like they're going to win the election than the obama campaign did in '12, which is saying something. they're making the use of assets they have in joe biden, president obama, michelle obama, to try the put the noose around
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the neck of trump, kill his candidacy and then move on to winning the wet work in the senate and the house. it's not a panicky, desperate group. rebuttal. >> you don't go to arizona to try to win the senate. you would be in pennsylvania and ohio. i do think they're trying very hard to pretend it's over because that's a great narrative to build, but i would not call this one now and i do believe that trump enthusiasm among himself base is significantly higher than with the first lady and watch the wikileaks, it happened again tonight. huma abedin and the king of morocco. >> and we'll have more to talk about telephonically next week. thank you to our panel.
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what a week it's been. more when we come back. this is "the 11th hour" on nbc.
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welcome back. we keep talking about this al smith dinner here in new york tonight because it got so stress filled, nasty and contentious so quickly, of course fueled by what happened on that debate stage last night in las vegas, which was then referenced by both candidates tonight. >> you know last night i called hillary a nasty woman. but this stuff is all relative. after listening to hillary rattle on and on and on, i don't think so badly of rosie o'donnell anymore. >> donald wanted me drug tested before last night's debate. and, look, i got to tell you, i am so flattered that donald thought i used some sort of
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performance enhancer. now, actually, i did. it's called preparation. >> that was one of the warmer moments from this evening. another break. when we come back, a bit of good news about this 2016 presidential election. we found some. this is the "the 11th hour."
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one last thing before we go here tonight. this 2016 election has been easily the ugliest, nastiest, most divisive of the modern era at least. but here is some good news. for the first time in u.s. history, 200 million of us are now registered to vote, 50 million new americans have registered to vote in just the last eight years. that's astounding. this is what it looked like in raleigh, north carolina. rly voting kicked off, long lines, 90-minute waits were common. it's predicted two-thirds of the electorates in north carolina will vote early. people are paying attention. over 71 million people watched last night's debate, third most watched presidential debate ever and the highest rating for any third in a series debate ever. with 18 days to go a silver lining to this sometimes dark season, which is now truly we'll be live with the al smith dinner
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tonight on "all in." >> what i'm saying is i will tell you at the time. i'll keep you in suspense. >> fired up and ready to go. donald trump now offering terms for a conditional concession. >> if i win. >> tonight, the fallout from the final debate, and the latest republican party chaos. then -- >> such a nasty woman. >> as another accuser comes forward, how donald trump's nasty attack played out with voters. >> nobody has more respect for women than i do. nobody. plus, the obama family fans out across america again for hillary. >> this year, we know it's much closer here in this state. that's why i'm here. and donald trump and hillary clinton just minutes from taking the stage together again.


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